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  • harrypotter-imaginees
    07.12.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Cute things George does

    He holds your face with both hands when he kisses you

    He’ll sometimes sneak to your dorm late at night to spy on teachers with the marauders map with you.

    He’ll sometimes sneak to your dorm late at night to run with you around the castle

    He will sneak up behind you to hug you

    If someone hurts you he’s not afraid to breaker their jaw.

    He always saves a seat for you at class next to him and Fred

    He constantly tells you he loves you

    Always making you laugh

    He’s such a gentleman

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  • wonderlandhatter
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If anybody has fic recs for Baker librarian or barrista reader x either of the twins (I'm a George girl so maybe more so so him lol) I will gladly take them with open arm.

    Pls send me your recs I'm in desperate need of this. I'd ont mind if it's smut or fluff I do want some fluff but I'll gladly do smut too lol

    #weasly twins x reader #weasley twins #george weasley x reader #george weasley#fred weasley #fred weasley x reader
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    07.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


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  • disastercomingfaster
    07.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I am so beyond done with people saying Ron was abused, and usually it’s saying the twins did. Male siblings do dumb shit to each other, it’s a thing. Fuck, all siblings do but I’ve noticed it’s especially bad with male siblings. And people usually bring up the spider incident and I’m like “really?”. You are saying two five years olds maliciously abused a three year old? Guys. Hang out with someone with siblings because I’m positive you were a pampered only child if you think that.

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  • jannieka394
    06.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    All collaborative playlists:

    Harry potter: weasley twins

    Anne with an E:

    Marvel: Loki


    Arcane, league of legends: Viktor


    • you can add any song you think fits with the theme!

    • No spamming songs from the same album or artist. (a handfull of songs isn't considered spamming. If you want to add more spread them through the playlist so the same artist/album isn't back to back)

    • No deleting other peoples songs unless it's from a spam account!

    Happy listening!♡

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  • vioevans
    06.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Querido Harry:

    Hoy te vi en el comedor y te vi mirandola ..... otra vez, o enserió cuanto deseo ser ella.

    Ares Black.

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  • wands-n-roses
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Twins and Lee trying to start a movement

    Fred and George: *modeling in skirts and crop tops*

    Lee: See here, folks, all clothes are gender-neutral if you stop being a bitch about it 😃

    McGonagall, gasping: Lee!!... no cussing

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  • helloweasleytwinsimphere
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Just friends chapter 11

    (I added these to wattpad too love you guys!)

    Me and George got in the train having a whole Capartment to ourselves we kissed hugged and cuddled "I love you George" "I love you too" George said kissing my forehead "So will you come to the burrow" He said "Yeah I would love to" I said and kissed him "And will you be my girlfriend?" He said I smiled "I thought you'd never ask yes yes George I would love to" I said kissing him "I love you" He said "Mhm I love you too" I said the compartment door opened to reveal Layla "Sorry!" She said and again closed the door George's head was on my lap we both laughed at her reaction I straitened out the nods in his hair and he kept staring at me "What?" I asked "I didn't say anything" George said "Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked "Because you're beautiful" George said I rolled my eyes "Oh my god" I said "I enjoy looking at beautiful people" He said and I kissed his forehead "Why are you so cute?" I said he stood up "So you admit I'm the more beautiful twin" He said I nodded "Yes,I knew I was the more handsome twin" He said and I laughed

    Y/n and George dated then got married

    (The end)

    (I know this whole story was really small just 11 chapters but this was my first so I thought to make it small)

    #george weasley#weasley twins #george weasley x reader #george weasley x you #george wealsey imagine
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  • georgeandiareinparis111
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    GUYYYYSSSAAAAAAA!!! You should leave some requests😏

    Idk wtf to write

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  • realitybitesyouknowit
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Fanfic: Who Dares Wins Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction


    A Harry Potter who grew up studying military tactics and strategy uses the attack on the Ministry as an opportunity to lay an ambush of his own - only to learn that his parents are still alive, as well as a twin brother whom Dumbledore calls the true boy-who-lived. And then, things get complicated. Military!Harry. A subversion of DZ2's Prodigal Son Challenge.

    Harry Potter, M, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 30, words: 172k+, favs: 7k+, follows: 10k+, updated: Nov 7 published: Jan 19, 2019, [Harry P., Susan B.] OC

    Last chapter read 30

    #harry potter#fanfiction#military harry#potter twins#longbottom twins#potters live #longbottom's live in hiding #mark ramsey is a bamf #harry/susan #Jamie and Trevor are naive as fuck #the light is so far up Dumblefucks ass its ridiculous #ron/hannah #a shit ton of death eaters die #House Potter calls Blood feud on house Gaunt and all that follow him #harry is lord Potter #James is a colossal dick #adults demanding respect undeservedly #good weasleys #ron is a good friend #hermione is a good friend #ginny is a good friend #the twins aren't bad just haven't had a chance to create their own opinions
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  • skylarhopeherondalepotter
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #harry potter #harry potter world #harry james potter #harry and ginny #fred weasley#ginny weasley#george weasley#ron weasley #ronald bilius weasley #fred and goerge weasley #weasley twins #ron and harry #order of the phoenix #dumbledore's army #harry potter order of the phoenix
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  • helloweasleytwinsimphere
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Love (Fred weasley x reader)

    Pairing- Fred weasley x reader

    Warnings- smut, swearing,naughty nicknames

    A/n- guys this is gonna have a little english problems hope you understand

    Summary- y/n and Fred have been friends since first year after all that y/n came for another Christmas holiday at the burrow

    I appeared in another fire place seeing the particular 2 red heads I immediately wrapped my arms around Fred "hey love" He said "Hey Freddie" I said "I think I don't exist now" George said "Oh sorry George" I said giving him a gentle hug as I saw Mr and Mrs weasley "Oh hello y/n dear" Mrs weasley said hugging me and kissing my forehead "how have you been?" Mrs weasley asked "I've been amazing Mrs weasley" I said "Molly" Mrs weasley said "Molly" I said giving her a smile Mr weasley came and hugged me ginny came downstairs her eyes widened seeing me "Y/N!" Ginny said giving me a big hug After that ron came "HELLO Y/N!" ron said giving me a hug "Hey" I said "Where's percy?" I said "in his room studying" Mrs weasley said "Oh I'll go meet him" I said going upstairs I opened the door "Y/N!" Percy said jumping from his bed and running towards me "Hey percy" I said giving him a hug I got downstairs seeing just Fred and George were there I sat down beside Fred on the couch it was so cold that I had a blanket around me "Can I get in the blanket too?" Fred said "Mhm" I said and nodded he got in the blanket he put his hand on my thigh just where my skirt ended I blushed at the touch Fred was talking to George he put his hand under my skirt my eyes widened I took his hand out "I think I'm gonna go" George said yawning "Mhm" Fred and I said "You're not coming y/n" George asked I shook my head "okay suit yourself" George said and stood up "Nighty night guys" With that George was gone Fred turned around me "So love why did you take my hand out" Fred said "Fred!" I said he laughed "I was just kidding" Fred said laughter coming from me too "I'm gonna go I'm sleepy" I said standing up "Do I not get a good night kiss" He said I laughed I kissed his cheek he smiled brightly "Good night love" He said "Good night" I said

    I woke up in the morning by none other than ginny "Y/n" She said "Yeah" I said rubbing my eyes "Wake up" Ginny said I woke up to see the time


    I slept for too late I got up and brushed my teeth showered and put on my favorite gown I got downstairs to see just Ginny,Mrs weasley,Mr weasley and percy awake "Good morning y/n dear" Mrs weasley said "Good morning molly" I said giving her a tight hug "Good morning y/n" Mr weasley said I gave him a hug too "Can you go wake Fred and George up?" Ginny said "Sure" I said I got upstairs to their room I opened the door to hear Fred loud snores I laughed to myself first I waked up Fred "Fred!"I said he turned around in the blankets so he was facing me "What!?" He said rubbing his eyes "Wake up" I said "Okay Okay" He said and woke up he was just in his boxers my eyes widened at his body he looked at me then down at him "Enjoying the view?" He said giving me a wink yeah I was enjoying the view but I am not gonna tell him that I rolled my eyes I got to George "George!" I said "Yeah y/n" "wake up" I said he stood up thank god he wore some clothes to bed

    We all got downstairs "Good morning sleepyheads" Ginny said the twins looked at each other then at Ginny and rolled there eyes "So today Me and Arthur are going to go shopping" "Behave nicely" Mr Weasley said "And y/n dear tell us if they do anything bad" Mrs Weasley said and kissed my forehead "Yes I will molly" I said giving her a hug "lovely" Mrs Weasley said they both exited the house "Yes whole day alone" George said "Yup this is going to be fun" Fred said and winked at me a chuckle came from everybody but not me "I'm gonna go to my room" I said and stood up "Love wait" Fred said "what?" I said "We wanted to do something today" George said "We're going to make amortentia" Fred said "What?" Percy said "Yes it's going to be amazing" Ginny said I rolled my eyes "okay what do I have to do?" I said "Just accio the ingredients" George said "Simple enough love" Fred said "Okay" I said

    I accioed all the materials and everybody did their work now it was time to make it

    We made it I smelt a strong smell of Marshmellow fireside? "So what do you smell?" Fred asked me "I don't know Marshmellow fireside and your Cologne" I said "I smell you too" He said we both looked at each other in shock

    We're soulmates

    A smile appeared on his "y/n we're soulmates" "Yeah" I said smiling at him we both hugged each other "it's okay... Love" I said we both kissed "Get a room" George said we both rolled our eyes and smiled "What do you smell then?" I said "I don't know it smells alot like......... Angelina" George said "Angelina, Angelina Johnson" I said "Mhm" George hummed "Cool" I said and chuckled "What are you laughing about?" George said "Nothing,Nothing" I said Fred took my wrist "Fred" I said "Love come with me" He said and practically dragged me to a room a big room with a double bed alot of space "Where are we?" I said "Charlie's old room" He said and pinned me to the wall and smirked at me "Fred" I said "Shhh" He said and kissed me passionately he was going to take my gown off but I stopped him "What!?" He said "Door" I said he locked the door and got his wand out "muffioto" He said proudly "Go on" I said he took my gown off leaving me in my bra and panties "beautiful" He said and kissed me again he pulled out to kiss my jaw my neck to my bra "Can I?" He said I nodded he uncliped my bra to kiss and suck on my nipple pinching the other one by his hand "F-Fred......don't stop" I moaned softly "Whatever you say princess" He said now giving attention to the other one kissing and sucking on it like before "F-Fred" I moaned "I can stop princess if you want" He said smirking up at me "N-No keep going" I said "okay" He said and bit the nipple I moaned "Fuck Fred" I moaned he kissed my jaw till my panties he gave my clit a kiss through the panties and took it out he kissed my clit licking it "Fred O-Oh my god that feels so good" I said moaning His tongue swirling around on the clit kissing it and licking it made me feel amazing I put my hand in his hair griping it he started sucking I moaned loudly he stood up "Princess-" Before he could finish his sentence I turned him around so now he was the one on the wall "My turn prince" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek I took his pants off then his boxers I kissed the tip before licking it he moaned "prince just from a small gesture" I said giving his tip another kiss "Sorry...... Mommy" He said I smirked at the nickname "Good now mommy wants you to be quiet" I said another kiss on the tip "yes mommy" I looked at him took the cock in my mouth my tongue licking the sides not breaking eye contact "Mommy t-that feels so good" He said I took the cock in my throat still licking the sides "Mommy I'm gonna cum" He said between moans I shook my head indicating him not right now "Mommy.....please" I again shook my head "mommy please I'm so close" He whined I nodded he did it I took it out after he was complete a line of saliva between his cock and my mouth "mommy you're amazing" He said "Tell me something I don't know" I said we both chuckled

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  • chasegrangerkingdom
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Bill, to Fred and George: Are you making fun of me?

    Bill: It's ok if you are, I'd just like to know.

    #source: king of the hill #bill weasley#fred weasley#george weasley#weasley twins#hp#incorrect quotes #incorrect hp quotes #hp incorrect quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #harry potter incorrect quotes
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  • moonlightdancer26
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #george weasley#fred weasley #fred and george #weasley twins #fred and goerge weasley #the weasley family #weasley family#harry potter#hp
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  • george-weasleys-lover
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    George Weasley:)

    "Bloody hell. What's the ministry of magic doing here?"


    Short Stories:


    Being Trelawney's Child and dating George Weasley would include...

    #george weasley #george wealsey x reader #george wealsey imagine #fred and george #weasley twins#George Weasley #harry potter series #harry potter
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  • george-weasleys-lover
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Being Trelawneys Child and dating George Weasley would include...

    I feel like you would be friends with Neville, Luna, and Colin

    You would obviously be the oldest being in the twin's year

    They were your only friends because everyone thought you were just as 'crazy' as your mother

    Speaking of your mother, you two get along well

    You don't look at her like she is crazy, you actually believe in most of the things she teaches

    You grew up learning everything about divination

    It was your last year at Hogwarts sadly

    Soon you would have to be saying goodbye to your only friends

    Parvati and Lavender would so look up to you

    You had noticed a certain red head hanging around the same places you were at

    Only by himself though, which was weird to you because you've never seen them apart

    One day on your weekly library sit in, the twin finally got enough courage to talk to you

    "Hi, I'm George. We have divination together, right?" He asked

    George has never be this scared to talk to a person

    He fell hard when he first saw you

    "Who is that, Freddie?" George tugged on Fred's sweater, nodding over to where you were standing talking to Luna

    "Y\n. Trelawney's daughter." Fred said before going back to the third year who was giving him some change for one of their products

    Your name sounded like music to his ears

    If your name was a song, it would be George's favorite song forever

    He was curious about you, and wanted to know more about you without actually talking to you

    What better way to do that then follow you around??

    During your weekly visits to the library, George finally gathered enough courage to talk to you

    "I believe we do." You responded

    "You're professor Trelawney's daughter, correct?" George asked

    You eyed him suspiciously, fearing that he was going to call you crazy or something

    "Yes." You answered slowly

    "What's she like? As a mother, you know?" George sat down in the chair beside you as he asked this question

    You spent the rest of your morning chatting with George

    It was only when you realized it was lunch that you two left the library

    The next few weeks were spent with George

    You two learned a lot about each other

    You told George that you also believed in everything your mother taught about

    To your surprise he took it especially well

    In fact, he wanted to learn more about divination

    Fred had picked up on his brothers liking towards you, and told George to go for it

    "Just ask them out! It's simple." Fred exclaimed one night before bed

    "You really think they like me?" George asked

    "Dear brother, are you blind? Of course, they like you!" Fred put a hand on George's shoulder

    The next week would be spent with Fred nagging George to ask you out

    And he finally did

    You of course chose the obvious answer and said yes

    Over the past month, you began to grow a romantic liking towards George

    Your mother had given you a prediction over the summer that you would be finding love

    You didn't realize it would happen so soon

    Your relationship consisted of picnics on the school grounds, sneaking into the kitchens after curfew, helping to plan pranks, testing out products for the twins (which you learned was a big mistake after you nearly choked to death from one of their pastries), footsie under the table during divination, being told to pay attention during divination, stealing kisses in the hallways when Umbitch Umbridge isn't around, steamy sessions in empty classrooms, telling your mother all about George, Fred never hearing the end of George talking about you, all your friends supporting your relationship, Molly getting letter after letter about you from George, her also getting a letter from Fred complaining that his brother never shuts up about you, George willing to beat up anyone you calls you or your mother crazy, George having a good relationship with your mother

    Your relationship would be the definition of the song A Heart Like Hers by Mac DeMarco

    You would probably have your first kiss by the Black Lake

    George would tell you about the Order

    You immediately wanted to join

    You two getting into your first argument because George didn't think it was safe for you to join

    Him apologising the next day because he couldn't stand having you mad at him

    George would be there to comfort you after your mother almost got fired by Umbridge

    You two joining Dumbledore's army along with your friends

    I don't know why, but I feel like you and Fred would be platonic soulmates

    You and George had gotten into a disagreement, nothing too big it's really silly to be honest

    Today was the day you would be practicing your patronus spells during your Dumbledore's Army meeting

    Fred and George were on the other side of the room while you talked with Luna and Colin

    You, Colin, and Luna watched as George failed again to produce his patronus

    George smirked as he caught your eye, seeing that you were staring at him

    You turned your head back to your friends as they continued your conversation

    Out of the corner of your eye you could see the ginger walking closer to you

    You looked at him as he reached your side

    "Can I help you?" You asked

    "You can't avoid me forever, love?" George asked

    "I know." You mumbled

    Before you could apologize, George pulled you into a passionate kiss that swept you off your feet

    You blushed after he pulled away, noticing everyone staring at you two

    George held his wand up and said, "Expecto Patronum!"

    A magpie flew his way around the room as people applauded George's success

    He looked at you with a smile while his patronus disappeared

    "Your turn." He stated

    You held up your wand nervously, closing your eyes

    You focused on the kiss before shouting, "Expecto Patronum!"

    A pathetic white light poured out of your wand, disappearing after a few seconds, but no patronus

    You tried to find something else to focus on


    He called you love

    You focused on the nickname he gave you, saying the incantation

    A Platysmurus soared out of your wand and around the room

    Claps were heard around the room, but you could only focus on George's wide smile that was just for you

    Hope you enjoyed!! I might make a part 2:))
    #george x reader #george wealsey imagine #george wealsey x reader #george weasley#weasley twins #fred and george #fred and goerge weasley #harry potter series #harry potter
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  • venetia-writes
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Summary: You seduce George into fulfilling one of your greatest fantasies—being railed in an office.

    Trigger Warning(s): smut, unprotected sex, sex in a public place (slightly?), teasing, seduction, language(?)

    Word Count: 1.6k

    A/N: Inspired by that steamy sex scene in the House of Gucci 😊

    Bringing lunch to George had become a regular habit of yours. When you had started dating, George would often times skip his lunch and lose himself in his work. You couldn’t have that, though. You needed your boyfriend to be healthy and energized, not tired and on the verge of malnutrition. You had come up with the amazing idea to bring him homemade lunches. He would eat, and you would get to see him. It was a win-win situation.

    You tucked the picnic basket under your arm and wrapped your scarf tighter around your neck. Winter this year was by far the harshest you had ever experienced. Even your thick wool lined coat did nothing to brace against the chilling wind. You thought of murmuring a spell, but as the orange building of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes came into view, the thought seemed in vain. You hurriedly crossed the street, gripping your skirt to your thigh as a strong gust of wind threatened to lift the fabric. You entered the building and immediately relished the warmth surrounding you.

    As usual, the shop was teeming with customers. Children of all ages perused the shop and chattered noisily with one another. You smiled to yourself as you ascended the orange steps to George and Fred’s office. You remembered fondly of your time in Hogwarts, though the last few years had been plagued by He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and a very gruesome battle. You were thankful to be alive, and even more thankful George and Fred had survived.

    You heard a cheeky whistle as you enter the spacious office and rolled your eyes. George walked from around his desk and gave you a warm kiss to the cheek.

    “You look beautiful,” George said, taking the basket from you. “Absolutely stunning.”

    You blushed slightly, though you doubt he noticed with how flushed your face was from the weather. “Thank you,” you responded

    You discarded of your coat and placed it on the nearby coat rack. George whistles again, and as you turned around you noticed where his eyes had been.

    “Did you wear that skirt for me, love?” George asked, a smirk tugging at his lips.

    He leaned against his desk with his arms crossed, his eyes trailing up your body slowly. You couldn’t help but chuckle softly at his antics and twirled slowly.

    “It looks wonderful doesn’t it? I recently had it tailored,” you stated, slightly avoiding the question.

    The truth is, you had chosen to wear that skirt specifically for this occasion. You had even gotten it tailored, all for this very moment. It was all part of an elaborate ploy to play out one of your biggest fantasies—getting railed by some big shot in his office. Thankfully, that big shot happened to be the owner of this business and your wonderful boyfriend. You had even worn his favorite lingerie set in hopes your fantasy came true.

    George nodded. “It looks great on you,” he admitted.

    You walked passed George to the other side of his desk, making sure to slightly exaggerate the sway of your hips. You busied yourself with unpacking the lunch at a nearby table, arching your back slightly. You might have been teetering on the verge of desperation, your antics boldly screaming ‘fuck me,’ but you didn’t care. By now, your core was practically throbbing in anticipation for a fantasy that may or may not could happen. You passed George again, walking into the small connected break room to look for cups and practically whimpered as George grabbed your ass. You looked back at him with a smile and fought the urge to turn back to him and take him yourself.

    George smirked back at you and waited for you to resume your quest for the cups. You could feel his eyes racking your body as you continued on to the break room and came back. He took the cups from your hands and placed them on his desk.

    “Fred?” he called out.

    Your furrowed your brows, wondering why he was calling for his brother. Realization hit you with butterflies in your abdomen.

    “Fred?” you imitated, smiling and walking closer to Fred.

    George waited a beat, the silence pounding in your ears and then pounced at you. His hands found rest on your bottom, squeezing hard and lifting the fabric of your dress. You moaned into the kiss, your fingers flying for his belt buckle. Your fingers fumbled on the buckle and you groaned with frustration. George pulled out his wand and closed the shutters with his magic, then pushed you up against the wall. Instinctively, your legs wrapped around his waist. Your lips attacked his as you sucked and nibbled at the flesh. It was George’s turn to moan, his sweet breath pushing passed you lips. The buckle forgotten, your hands tangled in his hair and tugged softly. Another soft moan from George.

    He gripped both of your thighs tightly and moved to lay you on the desk. The cold wood bit into your skin, making you arch your back. George pushed your legs further apart, your skirt hiking up to your waist in the process. He sucked in a sharp breath as your sheer panties were exposed. You watched as he hit his lip and quickly undid the buttons to your shirt.

    “My favorite set?” he asked, raising a brow and tracing a finger over the sheet material of the bra.

    You nodded, shivering at his touch. A whine pushed pass your lips as he pinched your nipple through the lingerie.

    “Did you plan this, love?” he questioned.

    You nodded once again and whimpered as he rolled the sensitive bud between his fingers. He dipped his head level to your breasts and captured your other nipple with his teeth. He sucked at you through the fabric, lapping and swirling his tongue in circles.

    You threw your head back and moaned softly. You bucked your hips, needing George to cause some friction within your core and let out a frustrated grunt as he just pushed you down with his free hand. You moved your own hand down to your core and slipped it underneath the lace. Your middle finger swirled around your clit softly, collecting your juices as your finger explored.

    George pulled away abruptly and gripped your wrist. “No,” he demanded, pulling your hand away.

    He pulled your fingers to his lips and sucked off the juices. He maintained eye contact with you as his tongue worked and smirked slightly.

    “George,” you breathed, your eyes flickering from his tongue to his eyes. “Don’t tease me.”

    The smirk on his face only grew more wicked. “I don’t believe I have any condoms on me,” he stated nonchalantly.

    “Fuck me raw—I don’t care—just get your cock inside me,” you pleaded, moving towards his belt buckle.

    He removed your hands and pushed you down on the desk. “No foreplay?” he teased.

    You watched as George unbuckled his belt slowly, watched as he unbuttoned his pants with the same speed.

    “I don’t need it,” you ground out.

    George chuckled and pulled his cock from his underwear. “Beg for it.”

    You glared at George. “You know I don’t—” A loud moan cut you off as George pushed your panties to the side and rammed himself inside you.

    He groaned and moved fast, his balls slapping against you with a slick noise. You had no time to adjust to his size as he thrust into you roughly again and again. Your hips bucked to meet his and you cried out in pleasure. If you weren’t mindful, the people in the shop would hear you, but you didn’t particularly care. The patrons were loud and too busy with their own chatter to hear your cries and pleas of pleasure.

    You slid your hand back down to your clit and circled harshly at the bundle. Bliss was creeping up at you, the edges of your vision turning a hot white. Your chest rose and fell with your ragged breaths, your throat growing raw with your pleasurable screams.

    George maintained his pace, his groans and moans growing louder. Your legs wrapped around his waist, your hips still bucking your meet his. You screwed your eyes shut as your abdomen tightened, then released. You walls clamped and fluttered around his cock, your orgasm racking through your whole body. George held on to your legs tight as they shook and snapped his hips against yours one more time. He moaned loudly as he came within you, his hips flush against yours. You remained in the same positions breathing hard and trying to regain composure.

    You smiles lazily up at George. “I should wear this skirt more often,” You said breathlessly.

    George chuckled and pulled out of you. He tightened his boxers and buckled his pants as he looked over you.

    “If you wanted a proper fucking, all you had to do was ask,” George said playfully.

    You rolled off the desk and fixed your own clothes. “What’s the fun in that?” you asked, sliding your soaked underwear to its appropriate spot.

    By now both of your clothes were back to normal, save for your soaked underwear. You would have to go home and change them. In fact, the both of you would have to go home to shower and change.

    George pulled you close to him, an arm draping around your waist lazily. He gave you a sweet kiss and rest his forehead against yours.

    The door to the office opened abruptly, his twin walking in the room. You looked over at Fred and smiled your greeting.

    “Hello, Y/N,” Fred greeted. “Did you bring some extra—Why is my desk a mess?”

    You snorted and laughed along with George. Fred’s face blanched and his nose scrunched up.

    “You both are sick.

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  • anxioussweasley
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    (Another) Helpless Update

    So I’m a big fat liar and did not post the next chapter of Helpless on Wednesday. I’m so sorry I got caught up in life and have it some unexpected writers block. Next chapter is coming soon!

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  • hogwartschronicles
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    FOURT YEAR, 1992 - 1993

    Nice and quiet evening in the Weasley Burrow, everyone relaxing and doing their thing. Fred and George entering the room.

    Fred: George and me have been thinking ...

    Bill exactly knowing what's gonna happen: Boys and girls the show is starting in ten, nine ...

    Ginny: Mom they are doing it again!

    Charlie waking up from his nap: Seriously? What now?

    Bill: Six, seven ...

    Arthur curiously: Oh what is going on, let me see. Ahm, I mean Molly, sweetheart, we have a situation!

    Bill: Four, three ...

    Me: What is happening?

    Molly storming in the room with wet hair, just with a towel around her holding it with her left hand, having her wand in her right: Fred and George Weasley don't you dare! Stop!!!

    Bill: One!

    Nothing. Everyone looking confused.

    Molly: Well that was quite embarrassing. I'm sorry everyone. Boys.

    Bill winking at the twins: Zero.

    Percy screaming in his room: Mommy help me my books are attacking me!

    Molly red in face of anger: You two ...

    Bill to me: Popcorn?

    Note: based on my shifting experience

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