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    harry potter preference ⌁ they find you crying

    hermione: - she probably wouldn't know what to do at first - would ask if you wanted/needed anything - would listen to you vent forever until you had nothing left to say - has the best advice for you no matter what the problem is

    ginny: - she'd be at your sideinstantly - she'd make sure that you're comfortable and would offer to get you water and tissues - classes and her plans officially no longer matter until you feel better - she'd defend you and assure you that everything would be okay

    luna: - she'd say odd but comforting things in typical luna fashion - she'd take you for a walk around the school or outside for a little while and just talk to you until you felt better

    harry: - confused at why he found you randomly crying, but is quick tosit next to you and put his arm around your shoulders and just hold you like that - he might be a little awkward at first, but he'd do his best to help anyway - depending on the reason you were crying, he might invite you to go see hagrid with him, because hagrid is always a delight

    ron: - he would want to know what he could do to help - he might not be great with advice and making you feel better through words, but if it came down to it he'd throw hands with anyone to make you feel better - he'd wanna know who (if it was a person) made you cry - he'd be in a bit of a bad mood until the situation was resolved or until you felt better

    draco: - he would probably be terrified and apologize for walking in on you - panicking trying to think of something to say while also trying not to show how nervous the situation makes him - he'd start shutting the door to leave but would tell you he was there if you wanted/needed him because even though vulnerability and comforting people is intimidating to him, he'd still do his best for you

    fred: - would ask if you were alright, even though you very clearly are not - after all is said and done, he'd definitely team up with george to very mean spiritedly prank whoever made you upset - might take you for a ride on his broomstick (no, that is not a euphemism)

    george: - after you started feeling better he'd make a few jokes, but he definitely wouldn't start off joking around - you'd be surprised at how good he is at making you feel better - he'd give you a pep talk of sorts, and he'd find a way to put your mind on something else

    percy: - if anyone else was around he'd put on his "Prefect Voice" and clear everybody out so you and him could be alone - he would want to hear what happened, and would listen to every detail - might even get some snacks or drinks for the two of you to make you feel better

    charlie: - he'd try to do things that he knows would cheer you up - after talking things out for a while he'd try to remind you of your inside jokes and fun memories to take your mind off of things

    bill: - he's really mature, so he'd be really good at soothing you and saying all of the right stuff to make you feel heard and loved - after talking for a while you'd forget why you were even upset in the first place

    cedric: - he'd attempt to make you laugh, not really sure of what else to do - would offer to take you to the great hall or outside for a while

    oliver: - he's actually not good in these types of situations - he does his absolute best for you though - he listens to every word and gets genuinely invested in what's going on

    neville: - he'd only stay with you if you wanted him to - he wants to comfort you but doesn't want to overstep anything or make you uncomfortable - he'd be nervous as hell, probably stuttering and mixing up his words a little - his nervousness would make you laugh, and that would unintentionally help make you feel better - he'd feel really proud of himself for helping you

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    #romoine#ron weasley#hermoine granger #ron weasley x hermione granger #ron weasley smut #pregnant!hermoine
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    Fred Weasley and George Weasley (Harry Potter) - Credit if using

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    Minnie absentmindedly read through the ledger that documents the birth of magical children and she saw Fred and George on April 1st. She made it her mission to demand a hefty pay raise by the time the reincarnations of Gideon and Fabian made it through the doors of Hogwarts.

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    Things my friends said as HP characters pt.8


    Fred and George: THE FURRR


    Fred and George: SHE HIT THE FLOOR


    #fred and george #ginny weasley#fed weasley#george weasley #incorrect hp quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes
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    y/n entering Ron's room in the burrow for the first time without Harry....


    Y/n: Ron... Ron, are you here?

    Sleepy Ron: Huh? I'm trying to sleep, Go away...

    Y/n: Wow, I didn't know you own a big fluffy teddy bear, Do you cuddle it at night? Or did you give them a name?!

    *Ron now wide awake throwing the teddy bear to the other side of the room*

    Ron: *Blushing* That's not mine, it's Ginny's...

    Y/n: No need to be shy, I have LOADS too!!!

    #ron weasley x reader #ron weasley#ronald weasley #ron weasley incorrect quotes #ron weasley imagine #harry potter #harry potter incorrect quotes #harry potter x reader #harry potter imagine #harry potter fluff #harry potter angst #ginny weasley#mia's chats #harry potter fanfic #harry potter fanfiction #weasley family#fred weasley#george weasley
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    Cinnamon Masterlist

    CHARACTERS: Francesca ‘Franny’ Dursley, Fallon ‘Mafe’ Mayfield, Lorena ‘Aura’ Kilton, Dudley Dursley, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, Harry Potter, Lily Potter [Mentioned], James Potter [Mentioned], Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Ginerva Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ronald Weasley, William Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore
    GENRES FOR THE SERIES: Fluff, Angst, Jealousy, Comfort, Hurt, Coming of age, Fan-fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Loss, Family Bonding, Adventure, Comedy, Betrayal
    WARNINGS FOR THE SERIES: Jealousy, Toxic Households, death, Unresolved Anger, Philophobia, Harsh Language, Use of the slur ‘mudblood’ from Draco, Blood, Cheating,
    PAIRINGS: Francesca Dursley x Fred Weasley, Fallon Mayfield x Draco Malfoy, Lorena Kilton x George Weasley, Ginerva Weasley x Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley x Hermione Granger, Molly Weasley x Arthur Weasley, Petunia Dursley x Vernon Dursley, James Potter x Lily Potter,

    Adm Note: The main part of the series is currently on hold but I will be writing side projects!


    —•Yesterday Love Was Such an Easy Game to Play

    Prologue: She’s a wizard?!

    #harry potter imagine #fred weasley x oc #fred weasley imagines #george weasley imagines #George Weasley x oc #Draco Malfoy x oc #Draco Malfoy imagines #hpoc#hp ocs#hp imagines #harry potter oc #harry potter ocs #harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban #Harry Potter and the goblet of fire #harry potter and the order of the phoenix #Harry Potter and the half blood prince #harry potter and the deathly hallows
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    hello lovelies, I posted a new chapter finally! Please please read and comment your thoughts, so I’m more motivated :) Excerpt below.


    September 1, 1991

    The wind blew through Calliope's hair as she walked through the crowded tunnels of King's Cross Train Station. She hugged her father's side when large groups of people passed, but Severus helped her calm down. They continued to walk for several minutes, until they found the engravings that read "PLATFORM 9 ¾". Severus placed his hand on Calliope's shoulder and guided her through the brick wall.

    As they passed through to the correct train station, multiple smells blew through Calliope's nose. She first smelled strong whiffs of coal and smoke. She then could smell faint scents of pastries, which she assumed were coming from the train in front of them. Her father ushered her forward, just as the parents around them did with their children.

    Callie looked around the train platform and examined the other children waiting patiently to board the train. Nerves shot through her body as she became more and more anxious.

    "What is the matter child?" Her father spoke softly, noticing her anxious gestures.

    Callie looked up at her father and took a deep breath "I'm just a little nervous."

    Severus squeezed her shoulder and knelt down to her view.

    "I assure you that it will be perfectly okay."

    Callie's nerves slowly eased as she prepared herself mentally. She grabbed her bags and began inching closer to the other children who were impatiently waiting.

    As more minutes went by, the children were instructed to begin boarding the train. Callie watched as the children's parents hugged them goodbye with tears in their eyes and then made their way through the train car doors. Callie turned to her father who did not share the same reaction of the other parents.

    "I will see you when you arrive. Behave." Severus spoke as he squeezed Callie's shoulder for the final time.

    Callie gave him a half smile and then began walking towards the open doors of the train. She climbed the steps of the enormous steam engine and turned once more to make eye contact with her father. They remained eye contact for a few seconds, and then Callie turned around and made her way down the tight aisles to find a seat. As she walked, she passed multiple train cabins that were already full of children. She continued to walk until she passed a cabin with only two boys that looked to be her age. She poked half of her body through the door to get the boys' attention.

    "Excuse me, do you mind if I join you? All the other cabins are full." She asked kindly.

    They both nodded and motioned for her to sit down. She sat on the bench across from them and examined their features. One of the boys had very bright red hair with a few patches of freckles on his skin. His clothes looked worn, but comfortable. The other boy had dark brown shaggy hair. He was quite thin and wore round wire glasses that looked to be broken in the middle.

    Callie's attention was turned toward the window as the train began to take off. She watched as the children in the surround cabins stuck their heads out of the window to say one last goodbye to their parents. Callie's eyes scanned the platform for her father's face, but knew there was no way he stuck around like the other parents. Callie loved her father dearly, but she sometimes wished he could did things that other parents did, so that she did not feel left out. She watched the red haired boy wave goodbye to his fairly large family, and then noticed the brunette haired boy was not waving goodbye to anyway either. She watched the platform slowly disappear and then gazed her attention back towards the two strangers in front of her.


    #snape#severus snape #professor snape imagine #professor snape #snape x reader #snape x lily #snape x oc #severus snape x oc #severus snape canon #snape headcanon#snape imagine #goodnight my angel #Hermione Granger#fred weasley#george weasley#Ron Weasley #ron x hermione #Harry Potter#hogwarts #harry potter fanfiction #Draco Malfoy #severus x calliope #snape x calliope #severus snape fanfiction #snape fanfic#Snape fanart#Pro Snape #pro severus snape
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    This is a fic I posted asges ago on my now deleted writblr. It's also posted on my wattpad and I'm taking it from there.

    A short linny fic! All fluff.

    Ginny yawned a she rolled over in her bed. It was almost nine am and if she didn't get up soon, she would miss breakfast. Ginny hadn't returned to her dorm untill well past 1 am last night from her secret meet up with Luna. The two girls had spent the night stargazing in the astronomy tower. Luna pointing out all the constellations while Ginny lay beside her, falling ever more in love with the beautiful blond haired girl. It was almost ridiculous how much the pair cared for eachother.

    Still riding high from last night Ginny rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and climbed out of bed. To Ginny's relief, the dorm was empty, everyone was already at breakfast, she could avoid the awkward questions about where she was last night for now. Still half asleep Ginny grabbed her jumper from a heap beside her bad and pulled it on before making her way down to breakfast.

    The hallways were relatively quiet, most people already at the great hall or back in their dorms. When Ginny finally reached the hall, she scanned the gryffindor bench for her friends. She found them quick enough, seated with their backs to the raven ravenclaws, laughing about god knows what. She made her way up the rows of benches to where harry Ron and Hermione sat and dropped herself onto the bench.

    "Morning" she yawned, reaching for a piece of toast.

    The others fell silent.

    "What?" Ginny mumbled, a piece of toast shoved in her mouth.

    "Um?" Ron said, nodding towards her chest, "care to explain?"

    Ginny glanced down to her sweatshirt, her eyes were met with stripes of blue and grey.

    "Shit" she whispered, not loud enough for anyone else to hear.

    Suddenly it rushed back to her. Last night, up on the astronomy tower Ginny had been cold, so luna gave her her sweatshirt. When Ginny got back to her dorm, tired, she had pulled it off leaving it beside her gryffindor one. When she woke up this morning she must have grabbed the wrong one.

    Panicking, Ginny decided to play dumb

    "What?" She asked, calmly.

    "I couldn't help but notice its blue?" Harry said, confused.

    Ginny glanced between the three people infront of her. Ron looked confused and surprised, Harry's right eyebrow was raised in a questioning manner and Hermione was smirking.

    "Is it? I hadn't noticed, thanks Harry." Ginny replied, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

    "Who's is it?" Ron asked, a protective tone to his voice.

    Hermione still remained silent. Ginny subtlety glances over the others heads to the ravenclaws table, looking at Luna who was staring at the group, a smile plastered across her face.

    "None of your business" Ginny remarked, piling her plate with food.

    "Come on Ginny, tell us!" Ron pleaded.

    Hermione much to Ginny's confusion, was still sitting in utter silence, that sly grin on her face.

    "Guys, leave her alone" Hermione laughed shaking her head.

    "Thank your Hermione" Ginny said matter of factly. Before eating her last bite of food and getting up from the table.

    She glanced at luna over shoulder, who was now in fits of laughter, clutching her stomach.

    Hermione caught up with her just as she was reaching the doors to the hallway. The two boys weren't far behind her.

    "You know, you are good together" hermione said, slyly, before bouncing off into corridor.

    Ginny stood, shocked for a moment a smile crawling across her face.


    I'm actually really proud of this :) I hope you enjoyed it.

    #friday’s chaos#linny fanfiction#linny#linny fanfic#linny fic #ginny x luna #luna x ginny #luna lovegood#ginny weasley#harry potter #harry potter fanfic #harry potter fanfiction #harry potter fic #friday is writing
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    Rebel, Rebel

    Day 6 is a second submission from @starlingflight, Read it on AO3 here 

    Title: Rebel, Rebel

    Author: StarlingFlight

    Pairing: Gen - Ginny and Sirius 

    Warnings: None

    Prompt: Blue Christmas 

    A/N: This is a prequel to my fic All Right Now on AO3

    Most people, Sirius supposed, found sanctuary and peace in solitude but he found only misery. He had been alone for months, with only the occasional visiting Order member for company and it had been a nightmare. Nothing but endless time in which to reflect on how everything had gone so horribly wrong. It was almost as bad as being back in Azkaban – at least in Azkaban he had the dementors for company, rather than his mother’s shrieking portrait and Kreacher’s endless lamentations.

    For that reason alone, it had been a relief for Sirius to learn he would be playing host to the Weasley’s for Christmas. He had been overjoyed to discover Harry would be joining them as well.

    All the things that had seemed unendurably terrible – the fact that he was now locked in a house he’d sworn to never set foot in again, that Voldemort was on the rise once more, that Harry had endured unimaginable trauma and was obviously struggling to cope with it – suddenly seemed much more manageable now that Sirius was no longer facing the prospect of a fourteenth Christmas alone.

    The mood in Grimmauld Place had only improved since then. The Weasleys had returned from their trip to St. Mungo’s yesterday looking extremely relieved and pleased with their father’s condition. Sirius had wasted no time capitalising on everyone’s good mood and had eagerly retrieved the old tree and Christmas decorations from the attic.  The house was still rather dusty but the addition of tinsel and baubles had gone a long way to providing some festive cheer.

    If only Harry would come out of his room, Sirius thought as he used his wand to guide a garland of holly and ivy around the second floor bannister, it would be the perfect Christmas.

    “Er, Sirius?” A voice asked from the landing below.

     Sirius turned, hopeful that he would find Harry staring up at him. It was only with a slight pang of disappointment that he saw Ron leaning awkwardly against the wall, holding a rolled piece of parchment in his hand.

    “Everything alright?” Sirius asked.

    “Yeah,” Ron said, though he didn’t sound entirely convincing. He waved the piece of parchment in Sirius’ direction. “Is it alright if Hermione comes for Christmas? She’s going to get the Knight Bus if it’s okay with you?”

    “Of course!” Sirius said at once. He did not try and hide his enthusiasm at the prospect of another houseguest. The more the merrier had never been a truer statement. “Tell her I’d be delighted to have her!”

    Ron grinned sheepishly. Sirius very much doubted any letter written by him would be that effusive, though he was quite sure that Sirius’ joy at the prospect of having Hermione join them was only eclipsed by Ron’s.

    “Alright,” Ron said. Sirius noted the faint hint of pink at the tips of his ears. “She’ll be here this evening.”

    Without awaiting a response, Ron turned and headed back down the stairs. Sirius returned to his task of decorating the bannisters. He finished the second floor staircase and moved to the third, humming God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs as he worked.

    The noise reached him as he stepped onto the third floor landing. Loud bass pulsed down the hallway, strongly reminding Sirius of the muggle nightclubs he and James used to sneak into during the summer after their sixth year at Hogwarts.

    The bannisters were completely forgotten as curiosity got the better of him and Sirius started walking in the direction of the music. Coming to a stop when he reached the closed doorway of the bedroom which was currently being used by Ginny and soon, Hermione.

    Sirius frowned at the door. The music was so clearly muggle, he couldn’t imagine how Ginny had got hold of it. Without thinking, he knocked loudly on the door.

    Almost instantly, the music quietened to what he was sure Molly Weasley would call an ‘acceptable’ volume. Footsteps sounded on the other side of the door before it was swiftly wrenched open. Ginny stood framed in the doorway, her face flushed as red as her hair. Perhaps Sirius might have thought the new pallor of her complexion was from dancing if not the puffiness surrounding her red-rimmed eyes.

    “Sorry,” She said breathlessly upon seeing Sirius in front of her. “I’ll keep it down.“

    “It’s quite alright,” Sirius said easily. “I’ve no problem with the volume. Your choice in music, however, needs work.”

    Ginny smiled shyly up at him. “Hermione gave it to me. She said it helps her feel better.” 

    “Need some cheering up, do you?” Sirius regretted the question immediately. Cheering people up was not his forte in the slightest. He had proven himself rather more skilled at failing everyone he loved and being entirely useless. 

    He needn’t have worried, however, as Ginny’s response was to fold her arms across her chest and narrow her eyes in defiance. “No,” she said. “I’m fine.”

    “There’s no shame in it,” Sirius said in what he hoped was a reassuring manner. “I imagine if you like your family, it’s quite difficult when one of them is ill.”

    Ginny looked down at the ground. Her arms crossed tighter around herself as though she was trying to physically hold herself together. “The healers say he’s going to be alright.”

    “Nothing to worry about then,” Sirius said, his voice brimming with forced cheer. “Well, aside from your awful choice in music.”

    To his immense relief Ginny laughed in response to this. “I liked it!” she argued.

    “No,” Sirius shook his head vehemently from side to side. “This is terrible. We must work on your musical education.” He removed his wand from his pocket and gestured to the room behind Ginny. “May I?”

    Ginny nodded and stepped further inside, making room for Sirius to enter. He flicked his wand and a pile of records appeared in the small amount of floorspace between the twin beds pushed against the walls. Sirius stepped carefully over the records and lowered himself on to the far bed.

    “You don’t have to,” Ginny said, looking curiously between Sirius and the records. “I’m sure you have better things to do.”

    Sirius couldn’t contain his laughter at the absurdity of her suggestion. “I assure you I have nothing better to do. Shouldn’t you be off making merry mischief with the other kids though?”

    Ginny shrugged and flopped down onto what he assumed was her, rather untidy, bed. “Fred and George are busy working on their Wheezes. Ron and Harry are probably together – if Harry’s finished avoiding everyone.”

    Sirius forced his face to remain neutral. His suspicions that Harry was indeed avoiding him – and everyone else, apparently were now confirmed.

    “You don’t want to be with them?” he asked curiously.

    He remembered being a teenager locked up in this grim house at Christmas. He would have given anything to have a group of other kids to hand around with. There had been Regulus, of course, but he had always been too busy doing his best impression of a perfect young pureblood to be any fun.

    Ginny shrugged again, her head bopping along to the overly saccharine crooning of the muggle singer declaring rather circuitously that she wanted to dance with somebody. “They didn’t ask me to join them,” she said. Sirius couldn’t help but note the hint of bitterness in her voice. “It never occurred to them that I might be able to help. That I might have experienced things they never hav-“

    Ginny stopped talking abruptly. Her cheeks – which had returned to their usual pale, freckled complexion – tinged pink.

    Sirius was struck by a memory from months ago.

    A chilly night not long after Harry had returned to Hogwarts. The clock had just struck midnight and he’d had trouble sleeping. He’d come downstairs just in time to run into Bill, returning from his watch at the Department of Mysteries.

    Bill nodded his head in silent acknowledgement as he unfastened his cloak and hung it, carefully on the peg by the door.

    Sirius nodded back. He crept past his mother’s portrait – currently silent behind the thick hangings which concealed her – and pointed wordlessly towards the stairs to the kitchen.

    Bill followed him down, neither of them making a sound until they had entered the basement kitchen and Sirius had closed the door behind him.

    “Firewhiskey?” Sirius asked. He removed his wand from the pocket of his velvet dressing gown and conjured a half-full bottle of amber liquid and two glasses without awaiting a response.

    Bill smiled gratefully as he sank into a chair in front of the fireplace, lighting it with a flick of his wand.

    “Thanks,” he said, plucking a glass and the bottle from the air and pouring a healthy measure.

    “Long night?” Sirius asked.

    Bill didn’t answer immediately, choosing to take a long pull from his drink first. Sirius took the seat across from him and poured himself a glass. He savoured the way the heat from the fire crept over him, the way he’d once imagined it doing whilst locked in a frigid stone cell in the middle of the harsh North Sea in winter.

    “Long few months,” Bill said eventually, looking not at Sirius but into the fire.

    “Try a long decade or so,” Sirius replied dryly.

    Bill laughed humourlessly. The firelight danced in his brown eyes. “It’s not the life either of us had planned.”

    “Definitely not,” Sirius agreed. He tilted his head back and took a long sip of his drink. The firewhiskey seared as it travelled down his throat, burning away the pain and regret that attempted to surface at the mere suggestion of how terribly wrong his life had gone. “Of course, you can go back to your life at any time. Egypt hasn’t gone anywhere.”

    Most people would, Sirius thought. Most people would not uproot their whole career – their whole life – to come back to England and face down the threat of a dark wizard on the say-so of only their little brother’s best mate.

    Bill shook his head, finally looking up from the fireplace and fixing Sirius with a hard look. “I can’t go back,” he said. “Not until we finish this.”

    “Why?” Sirius asked before he could stop himself, curiosity getting the better of him.

    “Ginny,” Bill responded. Sirius raised his eyebrows, it was not the answer he’d been expecting at all.

    He had been impressed with Ginny over the summer. The spirit she’d shown when her mother had refused her request to learn about the order. The good natured way she helped the twins with their pranks. He’d also been unable to miss the way Harry’s eyes followed her around a room, the way he always seemed to know where she was, though he didn’t think his godson had noticed this himself yet. It had reminded Sirius starkly of Lily long before she’d become aware of her own feelings for James.

    Bill sighed heavily before pouring another drink and downing it in one, fluid movement.

    “Her first year at Hogwarts,” he said once he’d finished his drink. “You heard about the basilisk attacks? They were in The Prophet?”

    Sirius nodded. He’d not been aware of the attacks at the time - newspapers had been a rare luxury in Azkaban – but he’d spent a good deal of time since he’d escaped catching up on what he’d missed. He’d read about the basilisk attacks in some old editions of the paper Arthur had given to him.

    “Ginny was behind them,” Bill said. Sirius frowned in confusion. He could not believe that Ginny Weasley was capable of such horrors.

    “Not intentionally,” Bill explained. “She was possessed by a diary – Voldemort’s diary – he’d been inside her head for months, forcing her to do things she’d never dream of doing normally.”

    “Merlin,” Sirius exclaimed. He felt sick at the thought of it.

    “In the end he sent her down to the Chamber of Secrets to die. She went. Harry got to her just in time – used the sword of Gryffindor to kill the Basilisk and almost died in the process.”

    Sirius suppressed a shiver despite the warmth of the fire he had been enjoying just moments before. Guilt coursed through him to know that Harry had been in such terrible danger and he had not been there to help. As James would have expected him to be.

    “Well, Harry got her out of the chamber,” Bill continued, pulling Sirius from his morose thoughts. “But that wasn’t the end for Ginny. She came to visit me in Egypt that summer. I’d never seen her like that before. She woke me up every night with the nightmares, during the daytime she was withdrawn and quiet. She never talks about it, but I know she still thinks about it now.”

    Sirius knew what that was like. Some things would haunt you until the day you died and the only thing you could do was keep pushing forwards.

    “So, you’ve come home to get revenge for your little sister?” Sirius asked. It was a worthy goal in his opinion.

    “Partly, I suppose,” Bill agreed. “I’ve seen the damage just the memory of Voldemort can do. I can’t turn my back and let him rise to power again without doing anything to try and stop it. Besides, I figure I owe Harry a debt.”

    In lieu of responding, Sirius poured them both fresh servings of Firewhiskey. He lifted his glass and inclined it towards Bill. The clink of Bill’s glass hitting his reverberated around the old kitchen. “I’ll drink to that.”

    “Sirius?” Ginny said loudly.

    The incessantly upbeat pop music had come to an end whilst Sirius had been lost to his ruminations. Ginny was laid across the bad opposite, her head propped up on her arm. She was looking at him searchingly.

    “Sorry,” Sirius muttered. Shaking his head and erasing a horrifying imagining of Ginny laid, lifeless in a cold, dank chamber far below the foundations of Hogwarts.

    “Here,” he said, leaning forward and snatching up the nearest record. “Put this on, it’s about time you listened to some proper music.”

    Ginny sat up and took the record from him. She studied the cover cautiously as she leaned over and set about switching the record in the record player.

    The opening riff of My Generation filled the room. For a moment, Sirius was transported to another Christmas sixteen years ago. The same music had filled the living room of a much smaller but infinitely more welcoming home in Godric’s Hollow.

    “I like this,” Ginny declared, cheerfully and Sirius was recalled to the present once again.

    “I thought you might,” he said happily. He lowered himself to the ground and began to sort through the huge pile of cardboard sleeves, carefully removing any he thought Ginny might like.

    They continued for some time, Sirius choosing the records and handing them to Ginny. She, listening carefully before judging them good or bad. Sirius was pleased to see a particular affinity for David Bowie.

    “Ah, this one didn’t used to be a favourite,” he said, pulling out a copy of I Fought the Law. “But I have a new appreciation for it now.

    Ginny took it from him. She giggled as she read the title before moving to place it in the record player.

    “Sirius!” a voice called from downstairs.

    “That’s Mum,” Ginny said without missing a beat.

    “Sirius!” Molly shouted again.

    “I suppose I’d better go,” Sirius said, pulling himself into a standing position. "She’s running Christmas dinner like it’s an urgent Order mission.”

    Ginny nodded. Sirius couldn’t miss how her face fell in disappointment. She must be lonely, thought Sirius, to be disappointed at losing his company.

    “Hermione’s coming later,” he told Ginny as he reached the doorway. The news seemed to cheer her in an instant. “And I think you should go and find Harry and Ron,” The thought of another person lonely and miserable in this house brought him no pleasure.

    “You do?” Ginny asked doubtfully.

    “I do,” Sirius agreed. “You said you can help them, then I think you should. It’s Christmas, after all!”

    “They won’t listen to me,” she said, though Sirius thought some of the hesitancy had disappeared from her face, replaced with something more akin to determination.

    He grinned down at her. “Something tells me you’re more than capable of making them listen.”

    Ginny’s face split into a smile.

    “Sirius!” This time Molly’s voice was accompanied by the sound of footsteps and the distant creak of the stairs. “I need to speak to you about the turkey!”

    “Coming, Molly!”

    Sirius waved his wand a final time, sending most of the records back to his bedroom. A small pile remained beside the record player. “You can borrow those ones,” Sirius said. “I’d consider it your Christmas present to me if you’d educate your friends on what good music sounds like.”

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  • ashtynscity
    07.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Yesterday love was such an easy game to play.

    PAIRINGS: Francesca Dursley x Fred Weasley, Fred Weasley x Angelina Johnson
    REQUESTED? Yes • [No]
    WORD COUNT: 289
    SUMMARY| Francesca experiences jealousy for the first time since her crush on Fred has formed.

    Adm Note: Yes, I know that in canon Fred and Angelina never dated and only went to the yule ball as friends, but I'm not going to pay attention to that at the moment. Also, I would 100% recommend listening to the song: Dancing With Your Ghost by Sasha Alex Sloan.

    Francesca's brown eyes were glowing with jealousy as she glanced at the pair of Gryffindors from the corner of her eyes; who was she looking at you may ask? Angelina Johnson and Fred Weasley. They sat with their group in the maroon and gold-colored common room, the only reason Francesca was even there was to help Ginny study for the upcoming potions test, but her eyes followed every movement from the pair.

    His arm lazily draped across her shoulders, her subconsciously moving closer to the warmth he radiated, She was jealous; jealous of how he would lean down and whisper honey-covered words into her ears, of how she would giggle at his dumb puns and stupid jokes.

    She knows she shouldn’t be jealous, He probably wouldn’t even acknowledge her existence if she wasn’t Harry’s cousin, but she couldn’t control her emotions when it came to him.

    She closed her book and haphazardly put it in her bookbag, not caring for the scrolls of parchment that were crushed under the weight of the book. She slipped the strap of the bag over her shoulder, her ginger hair in a tight, high, ponytail, a few waves of hair falling out of the hairstyle and moving to cradle the Ravenclaws freckled face.

    She waved ‘goodbye’ to Ginny who sent a smile in return before she whirled around on the heel of her shoes. She started making her way out of the warm-colored common room, ignoring Fred's voice that called out for her to wait a minute.

    She hurriedly made her way down the staircase, they say they are just friends, and even if they aren't, she knew she shouldn't be jealous; For Fred was never hers, to begin with.

    #harry potter imagine #fred weasley imagines #fred weasley x oc #harry potter x oc #hpoc#hp imagines#Fred weasley#angelina johnson
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  • ace-aussie-asshole
    07.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    James Sirius Potter: HELP!!!

    Fred Weasley II: What did you do this time?

    James Sirius Potter: Nothing … too bad…

    Fred Weasley II: Then why are you running like your life depends on it?

    James Sirius Potter: Because it probably does.

    Fred Weasley II: Why?


    James Sirius Potter: Shit! *starts running*

    Fred Weasley II:

    Fred Weasley II:

    Fred Weasley II: I guess James can’t scream when I tell him I’m dating Daisy now.

    #james sirius potter #fred weasley ii #frank longbottom ii #alice longbottom ii #daisy dursley#ccsquad #harry potter next generation #james sirius x alice ii #fred ii x daisy #humour#humor#hp fandom #hp incorrect quotes #hpcc
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    My newest Postcards. One of my favorite things is to collect Postcards and Movie Cards.

    Official art

    Sorcerer's Stone

    Chamber of Secrets

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  • hadu-world-100
    07.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Molly: So what's it like working with Sirius, Tonks, Bill, and Charlie?

    Kingsley: Imagine working with four responsible, civilized, mature adults.

    Molly: Okay.

    Kingsley: Now throw that idea out the effing window!

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  • hadu-world-100
    07.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Neville: Guys! Lets play two truths and a lie!

    Ginny: Can I go first?

    Neville: No, I was-

    *proceeds to go first anyways*

    Ginny: I'm a Slytherin, Hermione's cat once shat on that pillow case that belongs to Ron, and my dorms at Hogwarts house a baby dragon.

    Hermione: You should make it harder than that

    Ron: So... that wasn’t chocolate on my pillow!?!

    Neville: Guys, she's a Gryffindor.

    Hermione: YOU HAVE A DRAGON!?!

    Harry: *sips juice box, observing quietly as more fighting erupts amongst the now feuding friends*

    #harry james potter #harry potter#ron weasley #ronald bilius weasley #hermione granger #hermione jean granger #ginny weasley#ginerva weasley#neville longbottom #incorrect harry potter quotes
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  • hadu-world-100
    07.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Hermione: Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruits, but wisdom is not putting them in a bloody fruit salad Ronald!

    Ron: Wasn’t my idea 'Mione!

    Harry: Philosophy is wondering whether tomato sauce is actually a tomato smoothie.

    Ginny: And common decency is knowing that tomato sauce isn't a smoothie!

    #hermione jean granger #hermione granger #harry james potter #harry potter #ronald bilius weasley #ron weasley#ginny weasley#ginerva weasley #incorrect harry potter quotes
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  • hadu-world-100
    07.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Ron: A tiny body can only hold so much rage and so there must be a release every so often, there is no other plausible way to explain that hellhound of a chihuahuas reaction to me. All small things must be that way.

    Hermione: MAYBE that's just your unpleasant personality. Name one other small thing that's got enough rage to try to bite your nose off.

    Neville: Crookshanks.

    Luna: A dedicated budgie.

    Harry: Ginny if you pissed her off enough.

    *Loud thump of book hitting face*

    Harry: *rubbing his face* Case in point.

    #harry james potter #harry potter#ron weasley #ronald bilius weasley #hermione jean granger #hermione granger#ginny weasley#ginerva weasley#luna lovegood#neville longbottom #incorrect harry potter quotes
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  • hadu-world-100
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    Molly: Bye now, don't forget to eat the lunch I packed for you.

    Kingsley: Don't talk to strangers.

    Sirius: If anything happens, just call and we'll come picking you up.

    Remus: Don't get lost, be careful, ok?

    Mad-eye: Don't do anything rash.

    Tonks: Be safe alright?

    Harry: … I'm literally just going to the garden.

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