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  • guys i did a third (!!!) part to my berlermo fic, it’s called “To bathe you in the light of day”

    it’s super fluffy and I apologise in advance for blindsiding people with an until now unexplored palermo ship that seems to make people just keysmash at me

    Words: 10334

    Read it on AO3

    Martín wakes to find almost the entire contents of Andrés’ closet on top of him. He sits up with a yawn, careful not to wrinkle the linen trousers that are piled on his chest.

    “Good you’re awake,” Andrés says, when he turns to look at Martín from where he is crouched over his suitcase in nothing but his underwear. “Quick, which do you think is better, the light blue shirt or the lavender?”

    He pulls the two shirts off the bed somewhere by Martín’s feet.

    “Um,” Martín blinks, still half asleep. “I like you in the lavender one.”

    Andrés nods and starts folding the lavender shirt into his suitcase.

    “Andrés, mi amor, why are you packing at,” Martín glances at the clock on his nightstand. “half past six in the morning?”

    Andrés frowns at him as if he’d just asked whether the Pope is a catholic. “For our trip. That farce you insist on calling a reunion.”

    Martín nods. “No, I know that we’re going to the reunion, but it’s not for another three days.”

    “I just want to be prepared,” Andrés scowls. “No doubt everyone will be dressed like the farmers and low-lifes they are, but I for one do not intend to be mistaken for some polyester-wearing tourist.”

    “Okay,” Martín says slowly. “And this has nothing to do with the fact that this is the first time you’ll be seeing everyone in over a year?” Martín sighs when Andrés just shoots him a filthy look. “Okay, well, I’m going back to sleep. If and when you decide to dig me out of the pile of clothes you’ve buried me under, feel free to join.”

    He hears Andrés muttering under his breath, but it really is far too early for this so Martín just rolls onto his side and pulls the duvet over his head.

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  • Covid-19 Elopement Special

    Have your wedding plans been negatively impacted by the current global pandemic? Weddings are stressful enough to plan under normal circumstances, not to mention planning around the uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus. We are all trying our best to find a semblance of normalcy. Don’t let covid-19 ruin your wedding.

    Have you thought about eloping?

    As we see tiny glimpses of life going back to “normal” it’s clear that the standard large weddings we have grown used to are going to have to change—and smaller weddings will be the new normal for at least a while. So with that said, what does it mean to elope?

    To “Elope” means having an intentionally intimate wedding experience where the focus of the day is about the two of you—but that doesn’t mean others can’t be there to witness and support your union. Couples who elope aren’t running away, trying to hide, or worried about not having approval—they are instead choosing to set aside the pressure, anxiety, and expectations that can go hand-in-hand with the traditional wedding route. Eloping means choosing a wedding day for YOU, not putting on a show for everyone else.

    When you choose to elope, you’re choosing not to compromise. You’re making the bold decision to have a meaningful wedding packed with intentional moments that actually reflects your real relationship.

    The reality is that the last-minute plan changing, embracing the moment, and the spontaneous things that never could have been planned are what make a wedding day perfect, because that’s life.

    We know for some people these times are less than perfect, and we are struggling more than usual. Since we want everyone to be able to have a perfect day, we are offering a reduced rate for our elopement package, starting at $300 (a 40% discount). We are also offering the option to bundle with a portrait/lifestyle session for a reduced cost.


    **During this pandemic we are taking all necessary precautions, observing all recommended social distancing procedures.

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  • Gold Hearts Face Shield
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  • Chris Evans HC


    Originally posted by luvinchris

    Chris Evans Headcanons

    Dating/Marrying Chris Evans as an actress/actor would include:

    • The first time you two met was at the Oscars 
    • He wore his red velvet suit
    • You bumped into his brother but you didn’t realize it was the Scott Evans so technically you talked about Chris who looked breathtaking in his suit to his brother
    • You happened to be in the next row in front of Chris.
    • You were nominated for Best Actress and you won the award
    • Chris came out beside you and helped you up the stairs like a gentleman he was
    • The after party, you ran into Scott and Chris
    • You apologized to the Evans bros when you commented on Chris
    • He didn’t mind it as he grinned at you and cheers to your Oscars
    • He follows your twitter
    • Doesn’t like them but he either retweets or replies to your opinions or thoughts
    • Chris asked you out after a few months of talking and hanging around LA
    • You joined Marvel
    • Playing a cool character that happened to take part in Steve Roger’s life
    • Fans using scenes in the movie for edits
    • You two take interviews together
    • People asking how you two met
    • “How did you guys meet?”
    • “I just accidentally told Scott that his brother was hot.”
    • Chris laughing
    • The Marvel Cast shipping you two all the way
    • You two are the party animals on set
    • Scarlett and Robert complaining about it
    • “Who’s most annoying or fun on set with you guys?” Jimmy asks.
    • “It’s very annoying when these two are in a room together. It’s like two toddlers who have sugar rush.”
    • You and Chris happen to leave Marvel
    • Chris happened to propose to you after a few years of dating, maybe just a few days after Knives Out was released
    • Fans expecting a film of you two together
    • Let’s just say they do get it
    • You and Chris take parts in a movie
    • Chris, of course already filmed Defending Jacob so you two took another movie
    • Doing a full 180
    • You two were set as a couple in the film
    • Intimate scenes (You might’ve gotten a few laughs out of them)
    • Chris was so reassuring during those things
    • “Is this okay?”
    • “Just put your hands wherever, bud, I don’t care! This is acting!”
    • “I don’t have to act how much I love you.”
    • Outside of your career let’s talk about you two alone
    • “I love you’s” all the way
    • Mostly every hour
    • Dog walks with Dodger
    • Dodger taking the middle of the bed, separating you and Chris.
    • “Hey, Bud, let Y/N move in more.”
    • Dodger doesn’t budge
    • “He hates me.”
    • But Dodger doesn’t
    • He just loves to be between you two
    • You and Chris began to plan the wedding
    • Your mother and aunts there to pick out a dress
    • Chris finding a suit
    • You planned the theme with Chris
    • You two maybe stayed up till 3 because of planning
    • You find the perfect dress
    • Your theme happened to be a secret by Chris because he had a surprise
    • Your bachelorette party was fun
    • Chris’ was just him and his friends
    • Oh! Your maid of honor was Scarlet because she supported you very well
    • The bride’s maids were some of the Marvel cast (You choose who) along with your sister (If you have one) and Chris’ sisters as well
    • Chris chosen his brother to be his best man. 
    • Dodger was the ring bearer
    • Lexi Rabe was your flower girl, who was happy to be there.
    • Robert, Anthony, Sebastian, Jeremy, Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd and Chris Hemsworth etc. were Chris’ groomsmen.
    • The wedding was huge
    • It happened to take place in Boston
    • You wore a beautiful dress, it was long at the back
    • Your mother cried, including your dad
    • Chris had gotten nervous so his cast men all encouraged him and gathered in a circle, making small jokes to cheer him up
    • The wedding was beginning
    • Your father held your hand
    • His hand gently grips yours
    • “Chris is a good man. I’m proud of you.”
    • You tried not to cry
    • “You’re gonna ruin my makeup, stop it.”
    • You two chuckling
    • After the bridesmaids go out with the groomsmen, you go out next.
    • Once you took a step out, you spot Chris at the end
    • Chris’ hand goes to his mouth as he watches you walk up
    • Scott’s hand gently lands on his shoulder
    • Chris tearing up
    • Reaching the end, your father gives your hand to Chris
    • He takes it into his and helps you up the stairs
    • Just like he did at the Oscars
    • You both saying your vowels
    • Blah blah blah
    • You both take the rings from your best man and bride’s maid of honor.
    • Slipping on those damn gorgeous rings
    • You slip on his first, seeing the diamonds on the top of it shimmer. They were blue and they matched his eyes
    • He took out yours, repeating the words you didn’t even listen to because he was so breathtaking
    • Every girl’s dream to be married
    • Your thoughts go away when he stares deeply into yours and raises your knuckles up to his lips as he gently kisses them
    • Small awes in the crowd
    • “I now pronounce you husband and wife. Chris, you may kiss your bride.”
    • Those damn hands reaching up to your cheeks as he leans in.
    • Pulling you in, his lips crash onto yours
    • The family and cast all clapping and shouting
    • His cast men cheering louder causing Chris to chuckle on your lips
    • You and Chris leave the church to take wedding photos
    • Then after that, you two change for the party
    • You walk out first
    • Then Chris walks in
    • You would’ve cried right there because he was wearing the same tux you first saw him in at the Oscars
    • You two got your slow dance
    • Your family giving cheers and toasts
    • Robert being the comedian throughout his whole toast, making you and Chris laugh on how hard it was for Robert to work with them
    • Your mom slightly embarrassing you with childhood memories
    • You and Chris cut the beautiful cake
    • You two cut a piece and kind of make a mess on each other’s faces
    • “Hey, you got it on my boob!”
    • “Want me to get it off?” He smirks
    • You cleaned it off with a napkin
    • Chris holding Dodger in his arms as you dance with them on the floor
    • Posts everywhere
    • Happy content
    • Fans freaking out and sending out congrats!



    Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

    Well that’s it folks, finished painting my bedroom so now it needs to be put back together with furniture.

    Thank you guys!

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  • Weddings by MrCheyl

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