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  • quiet-but-not-blind
    28.11.2021 - 5 minutes ago


    ✨Craft fair season✨

    #my posts #technically it started last weekend #but the big ones kicked off today #got some homemade pickles #and some little handmade bags #and a wooden toy for my cousin
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  • im-only-joking
    28.11.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #hockey shit #top 3 teams #boston bruins #toronto maple leafs #edmonton oilers #send me asks #sleepover weekend
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  • atots4ever-nevergonnagiveyouup
    28.11.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Personally attacked that there is no new ep of inspector koo this weekend.

    #every day the universe conspires against me to drop my bad buddy moratorium and actually start letting me be consumed by a new otp #blah blah blah #this long ass weekend stuck at home isn't helping either
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  • bohemianrhapsody86
    28.11.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Birthday/Thanksgiving Vacatiin Week

    Thursday, November 25, 2021 through Saturday, November 27, 2021

    I missed a few days but they were busy.

    Thursday, I spent the day with my mom, brother, and sister in law before heading to my boyfriends to spend the weekend together.

    Friday was spent hanging with the boyfriend, playing video games. Same goes for tonight.

    Tomorrow is my last day of vacation and I am spending it with my best friend. Lord knows what we’ll be getting into. I know we’re going to watch the Jonas Brothers Roast.

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  • crazyw3irdo
    28.11.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    lmao the difference between the hermitcraft blogs and dsmp blogs rn

    #hermitcraft blogs: scar appreciation weekend :D he’s so good!! #dsmp blogs: *sobbing* #and mcc fans are hype and empires fans are making frozen references #all is right in the mcytblr world #it’s returned back to normal after last life ended :’)
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  • torontoschampions
    28.11.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    noooo like I am so tired of my own existence yknow I don’t do anything but work or worry abt work or watch sports like damn binch u live like this ? Anyway ✋🏽 bye

    #personal #kshsjksks weekends just make me reflect too much. bad. very bad
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  • frickshitfuck
    28.11.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    watching baking shows baked as fuck

    thinking about pinkbox donuts

    hate it here

    #high thoughts #mm.txt #a boston cremepie donut #or a mf chocolate whipped filling donut #A CHOCOLATE BAR #going to get my donut fix next weekend
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  • wayfares
    28.11.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    some nurse: tells my brother to come into the ER if his oxygen levels get below 90 again

    some other nurse, who doesn’t like our mom, upon she and my brother calling them back after his oxygen levels do indeed go below 90 again: damn that’s crazy. anyway

    #out. #medical // #ask to tag #covid // #sorry for the vent esque post i wan to punch this person #she even said like. even if it WAS a problem that they couldn't do anything to treat it anyway #as if a different nurse who conveniently Didn't have some petty dislike of my mom literally said to come into the ER if it happens again lol #like??? i'll kill you <3 #i hate small towns !!!!!! evil #anyway #i might. get one draft out tonight before crashing #one more day of work and i finally get a day off #then it's more work til the weekend i think. but at least til saturday #i'm so ready for the holiday season to be over and i hate saying that because i''m obsessed w crimus #i just need everything to slow back down please <3 i am not fast #p.s. to new followers i promise i see you!! #i'm just very slow with going through my followers list to follow back but i promise i see y'all and plan on getting to them soon!! <3
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  • lovetorn
    28.11.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    #roommate!dream #roommate!dream weekend #ann asks #dream x reader
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  • regalkacangijo
    28.11.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    hari minggu gini di rumah doang ngga ngapa-ngapain, asli dah seneng banget. mungkin karena saking seringnya weekend sabtu minggu masih ngamen atau ada acara. berasa "woah melewati weekend sesantai ini gini toh rasanya!"

    jam 9 pagi bingung mau bangun terus sarapan atau lanjut tidur bangun siang. apalagi suasananya mendung gerimis syahdu. asli! jarang-jarang gw melewati minggu selengang ini 🤣

    —Ahad, 28.11.2021

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  • 9mon-baseball
    28.11.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    One of the band kids is trying to get tutoring from me for horn but like, bestie, I work full time during the week and the only time I have is on weekends 😭

    #she keeps telling me she needs help asap but like; do I have to keep repeating myself? #i already told her im free on the weekends and that I try and go iver to her house or something to help but I don't know if she'd be okay #with that #and I also do not have a French horn; so I'll have to see if the director would let me borrow one #Bestie really decided to play horn on a whim and didn't even get anything prepared it seems; not even a book 😭 #She's the only one too and my white boy bestie is too busy to help her ig #I remember having to learn horn by myself with only a lesson book lol
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  • ficbrish
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #wip word game #wip ask game #shenko#mass effect #mass effect fanfic #current wip #f!shepard #f!shenko #aftermath fic#weekend fic#estrella shepard
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  • lemon-laney
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    In Good Hands

    Gens//hin Imp//act

    Ft. Albedo, Sucrose, Timaeus, Klee

    @lesnezboi thanks for the suggestion!

    🔞 DNI. Please 🚫 reblog to vanilla blogs, thank you!

    Shuffling soles signaled the exit of Mondstadt's final patrons. The homely shops & taverns were boarding up for the approaching night.. closed signs hung from wooden panes & glowing embers flickered dimly on cooling stoves. It was quiet, save for the sounds from a certain trio huddled beneath a green canopy. An occasional rustle of paper.. a smothered yawn.. & of course-


    Timaeus rubbed the back of his neck with an uncomfortable sigh. He squinted across the crafting table, locking worried eyes with his equally fidgety peer.

    "..snf!.. h'hih!.."

    Sucrose gnawed her bottom lip, fluffed ears perking at the sound to her left. Her gloved hand tugged anxiously at a strand of hair as she watched her mentor succumb to yet another-


    Broken, raspy.. unrelieving release of air. To call it a sneeze would be too generous. Her gaze followed the chief alchemist's pale fingers as they uncurled from his reddened nose & lowered to the base of his neck. A small grimace tugged the corners of his mouth before vanishing just as quickly as it came.

    That was the recurring theme for this late afternoon meeting. The three clench-lipped for every soft sniffle.. every hoarse fit of coughs..

    "..Sir, we really could push our meeting to tomorrow. I haven't made that much progress on my study, & I'd hate to hold everyone up so-"

    Albedo's teal eyes flickered up from the notebook splayed across his palm. The fingers at his neck raised to fist against his lips before he gave a crackly throat clearing.. one that made the trio wince in unison.

    "..-on'dt discredit yourself, Timaeus."

    The same grimace followed the low, gravelly, whispered sentence. A splutter of a cough followed on its heels.. & then Albedo's watery gaze returned to his apprentice's notebook. Like nothing was wrong. Like the three had made some sort of secret agreement to ignore his absolutely shredded voice & worsening symptoms. Like clockwork.

    Timaeus shot Sucrose a pleading glance- his attempt having been shot down with a single broken statement. The latter fiddled with the bridge of her glasses before drawing a quick breath of courage, squeezing her eyes shut, & unleashing the torrent of words she'd been withholding the entire afternoon.

    "Albedo, sir, you don't sound well at all. I think it would be best if w-"

    "Hih'--HR'SH'huh!.. he'H!--K'Shuh!!.. h-h'ISH--'huh!!"

    With a swiftness only the chief could muster, Albedo had snapped the notebook closed with one hand & had somehow procured a handkerchief in the other to catch the abrupt fit. The sneezes sounded painful.. muddled with hoarseness & audibly breaking as they ripped past his tender, inflamed throat.

    The alchemist spared an apologetic squint atop the white folds before grasping the cloth more firmly against his face- a chesty coughing fit overtaking him as his body rebelled. He turned away from the two, ears flushing alongside his scarlet cheeks as barking coughs echoed throughout the emptying alleys of Mondstadt's shopping strip.

    Sucrose & Timaeus watched with sympathetic frowns.. though both were undeniably laced with frustration. Getting their superior to recognize his limits was mounting up to be an undoable task. There were few who could match his stubbornness.. & not many would even attempt the feat-

    "Mister Albedo!"

    The childish voice rang loudly from adjacent steps. A small being skidded to a stop in front of the alchemy tent.. hands firmly resting atop both sides of her crimson-dressed hips. A fierce pout adorned the young face before them, & she fixed a stern look on the recovering chief. Albedo gave one final clear of his throat before swiping the linen across his ruddy nose.


    The pig-tailed girl outstretched an accusing finger towards her brother- rosy cheeks puffing in earnest.

    "Klee has been looking everywhere for you! Klee & Dodo-King are in charge of taking care of you today, remember?"

    Slow pairs of hands timidly wormed their way to both Sucrose & Timaeus' mouths. Untamed smiles breaching their faces in light of the child's scolding.

    "You disappeared! & then Klee had to ask Mister Kaeya..then Mister Weird Grown-up.. then Miss Jean.. & she told me you'd be here because you have no self pre-..no self p-prevel-ations..!"

    Timaeus choked suddenly behind his fist. Mirth blooming in his brown eyes as he shakily questioned the youngster.

    "..No self-preservation?"

    Klee nodded her head vigorously, golden hair bobbing with the motion.

    "M'hm, that too!"

    Both apprentices cascaded into a volley of giggles. However, the sound of a stunted sniffle & one look at their mentor's raised eyebrow had them both cutting their fits off into forced, unassuming grunts.

    Albedo softened his gaze.. eyes drifting back to Klee & closing in brief thought. They remained that way until a soft exhale preceded a crackly mess of a chuckle.. & then a hitch.. or three.. he folded the cloth against his red nose once more.


    "May Barbatos bless you! See, Mister Albedo is still sick because he didn't listen to Klee. We have to go home right now so Klee can make you all better again! I made special fish toast, too!"

    Her small foot stomped with the statement. Utmost seriousness emanating from the determined child, causing the two witnesses to coo quietly at the tender sight.

    Tired, watery eyes opened a smidge to settle on Klee. The Kreideprinz snuffled softly before heaving a soft sigh.. pale hand outstretching to Timaeus to return the worn notebook. Albedo's gaze flittered between the two alchemists in doing so.. expression difficult to read as always, yet the two were certain it was the closest thing to sheepish that they would probably ever be graced with.

    "..'t appears we'll ..-'ve to postpone."

    The raspy voice petered out as Sucrose & Timaeus stood dumbfounded.. unwilling to believe what was happening. That it was truly this easy. Albedo circled around the crafting table to approach the small bundle before them. He lowered an arm to his side- fingers splayed slightly as he carded a gentle hand across the top of Klee's head.

    Klee's former pout quickly dispersed to don a wide, loving grin. She reached for his hand- clasping her small fingers within his before tugging him gently towards the direction of headquarters.

    "Klee will take extra, extra good care of him, don't worry!"

    The little girl called back to the two alchemists, still determinedly pulling the elder along. Albedo spared a glance over his shoulder, locking eyes with Timaeus as he was dragged further down the street.

    "..Good work.. we'll discuss it further t-..'mborrow."

    & with that, the two siblings continued up the stone steps, with Klee's continued scolding echoing off the walls & Albedo's soft acknowledgements interspersed. Sucrose & Timaeus had held their positions, watching the scene in a trance. Only when the pair had rounded the corner did the two students glance back at each other.. & subsequently erupt into volley of unmuted laughter.

    It was appropriate, they'd muse later on, that stubbornness would meet its match with an equal competitor. One that could ground the chief alchemist & settle his overworking tendencies.. & invite a few Dodo-King snuggles in the process.


    The two thought as they folded their scrolls into sacks & headed down the bare streets of Mondstadt for their own, much-needed rest.

    'Albedo was certainly in good hands.'

    #lane fic#gens//hin impact#snzfic#snz#sickfic #ty for the ask! #i'm sorry for such a small blurb #still trying to work around this schedule urgh #hopefully more in the future! #ty for reading & have a good weekend!
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  • queenoftherodeoo
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @ everyone trying to sell tickets for Rina’s sold out gig in my city for 300+ bucks….let’s brawl!!! Let’s fight!!!

    #its not until spring so I hope they drop prices but gOD #I want to go so bad #she is the maximalist pop girl of my dreams I need to seeeeee heeeer with my fellow lgbtqs #if I go I will also be seeing her and charli during the same weekend 🤯
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  • imaharrie
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    we dancin 💃🏻

    #i didn’t go out last weekend and i’m so hyped now lmao
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  • drabblewithfrannybarnes
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #thank you sweet Navy ❤️ #being sick over a holiday weekend sucks #stay well my friends
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  • sharkinaberet
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    feeling like the most pathetic person in the world rn lads <3

    #allowing myself this weekend to mope #and oh boy am I making the most of it
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  • madu-gif-nutrition
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

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