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  • Today’s food log :)


    • Black coffee ☕️ - 4 cals

    Sub Total: 4 cals


    • Bread Thins x2 🍞 - 198 cals

    Sub Total: 198 cals


    • vegetarian sausages x2 🌭 - 208 cals
    • Diet lemonade 🥤 - 2 cals

    Sub Total: 210 cals


    • Chocolate cake bar 🍫 - 88 cals
    • Chocolate cookie 🍪 - 88 cals
    • Wholemeal wrap 🌯 - 203

    Sub Total: 379 cals


    • I was at work all day :(


    • Not as bad as yesterday but still kinda disappointed in myself ://

    Total intake: 791 cals

    Cw: 72.2kg (159 lbs)

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  • Weighed myself this morning and I’m back at 47 kg. Wish me luck that I stay strong on the weekend and don’t eat more calories than I’m burning throughout the day. Only had a coffee with oat milk so far (87 cals). That’s not too bad so far. I’m a little afraid of lunch since I’m staying at my boyfriend’s family this weekend. But I’m so excited that I may reach my goal weight next week, that I think I’m able to control what and how much I eat. My ugw is 46 kg on Halloween, and I want to achieve it soooo badly. Wish me luck! 🤞

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  • sometimes i even hate water cause it makes me feel full

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  • 10.23.20

    Yet another day of being 165lbs. I am considering doing alternate day fasting, or 60hrs once a week. I’ve seen some YouTube videos and this seems to work much better for people. I’m going to order some electrolyte powder do drink during my fasting days as it’s highly recommended.

    On a lighter note, after today I have two more dental appointments then my deep cleaning will be complete! My mouth already feels so much cleaner! Also, my acne is really clearing up! Wearing masks all the time really did some damage to my face, but now that I’m eating healthier, taking vitamins, and with the weather getting better my face is happy. 😌

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  • Craving tip!

    For a sweet craving have fruit tea

    For a savory craving have some broth

    🚫this is only for use with a healthy diet and when you have emotional cravings! Make sure you are eating enough calories!🚫

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  • There’s an annoying fly hovering around me,think it’s trynna tell me I STINK OF FAT😔

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  • I know I keep saying it, but I really do need to start some kind of regular exercise again, and be more mindful of what I’m eating.

    What makes it hard is the lack of energy, which I know I can counter by eating. Like, my muscles literally don’t produce the energy my body needs the way they’re supposed to. And sometimes eating the “proper” amount leaves me with an empty, acid-y stomach because I’ve burned through all my food just trying to have a day where I get some housework done. It’s beyond frustrating.

    I’ve been super tired lately, quite possibly because of the mould we were unaware of in the kitchen wall cavities, so my body has been craving sweet things for fast energy, and that’s just not good.

    The other problem with super tiredness is the inability to plan without getting discouraged.


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  • If I’m not sub 150 by Halloween, I’m gonna throw a hissy fit.

    Not even kidding holy god.

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  • 10.23.20

    Since I started losing weight I’ve lost 44.2 lbs and I’m like halfway to my absolutely ideal goal weight and I just wanted to share it with someone because I’m honestly so happy right now. 44.2 lbs is not a small amount T.T and I lost that, I really really did. Imma go cry a bit.

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  • The benefits of dancing to lose weight


    The benefits of dancing to lose weight is that it is one of the most complete exercises that exist, since it provides many advantages for physical and mental health. Dancing is a healthy and healthy method to lose weight progressively. Because it is an aerobic exercise. helps the expenditure of calories and the strengthening of our muscular system, since thanks to its multiple steps and movements, we exercise a great diversity of muscle groups.

    When you decide to lose weight , it is important that you do it out of your own conviction, and never because your friends, family, partner or society want to impose it on you. There are people who are overweight and thus they are happy and have achieved many or all of their dreams; and there are other overweight people who want to lose weight because they want to, others because they hate themselves and that is not the solution either,

    It all starts with yourself

    Love yourself first as you are, with chubby, without chubby, love yourself first, if you love and respect yourself, people will too, never disqualify yourself because you are overweight , nor do you give yourself away or offer yourself for being overweight that is the worst decision you can make.

    Whoever loves you must do it as you are. Unfortunately, there are people who are not overweight who think that those who are overweight are because they are lazy, disorderly or irresponsible; and they don’t think that they can be a little more complex problems than just eating for the sake of eating. There are overweight people who eat very little compared to those who are not overweight, but those who are overweight are almost always seen.

    Among the benefits of dancing to lose weight , is the fact of helping you feel happy, in dynamism and in harmony with your being, which will lead you to improve many aspects of your health, physically, emotionally and mentally.


    To start losing weight

    After all of the above, you made the decision to lose weight because you want to look sexier than you already are. Well, it’s time to do it. If this is your case, perhaps it has happened to you that if you look back, you most likely do not remember when was the last time you did some type of exercise.

    If you open your fridge, you will surely find that half of the foods that fill it are not the most recommended for a balanced diet, and that many are actually snacks that you could not contain yourself (it happens to all of us). You can even check on the calendar how long you have been eating and acting in the same way, and surely you will realize that you have been like this for several weeks or months. Some people discover that they have been like this for years, and one way to start generating progressive changes is to start dancing whatever you want like salsa, merengue or reggaeton in your living room.

    There are no magic solutions

    Don’t pretend to find an extra quick fix to your overweight , be it through extreme diets, “detox” regimens, magic products, or beauty treatments.

    First of all, these solutions do not always guarantee you lose weight . And second, even if you lose weight, the effects are rarely long-lasting, basically because they don’t help you change your habits.

    Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that this change is only for a time while you lose weight , and then that you can return to the life you currently have.

    To really work, you need a permanent change in your eating habits and in your daily activities, a change that goes far beyond going on a temporary diet or killing yourself by exercising only for a while, so dancing becomes a form great for losing weight without pressure.

    At first it may cost you a bit of work, but little by little your mind and body will get so used to this new lifestyle that later you will not want to change it or return to the one you had before. This way you will be able to lose your ideal weight and maintain it.

    You can lose weight

    If you think big, changing your lifestyle can be even more beneficial, because it is not only about losing weight , but also that you can maintain your ideal weight for longer, improve your health conditions and, therefore , your quality of life.

    That is, by eating better and moving more, you will not only like it, but you will look better if you want, you will be able to enjoy life much more! There are no quick fixes, no magic pills: a long-term plan based on healthy lifestyles is essential

    Many people do not realize that some of their day-to-day activities are boycotting their weight loss process from within.

    Losing weight is not easy but you can do it, loving yourself, respecting yourself and above all always projecting security and good vibes. Successes !!.

    “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Change your body shape by losing weight…

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  • image


    Calories: 1,532

    Breakfast: cinnamon apple oatmeal, halo oranges, and kiwi

    Lunch: no lunch

    Dinner: broccoli & ramen with corn and eggs

    Snacks: dark chocolate with almonds

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  • I binged last night and was up a pound and a half. I didn’t eat at all today and now I’m up 2.5 pounds. Make it make sense what did I do wrong

    #weight loss#thinspo#proana #not pro just using tags
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  • So I’ve now eaten probably about 600 calories since I’ve gotten off my fast. That’s kinda a lot for me cause I’m usually around 400 a day. A user recommended I go to 1000 a day for my metabolism but I think I’m gonna try for 850 unless I feel like I’m gaining too much. I wanna try to keep those 5 pounds off now. I feel so heavy already ugh

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  • Weekly Weigh In:

    Starting weight: 345.7 lbs

    Last week weight: 298.3 lbs

    Weekly weigh in: 298.1 lbs

    Weekly weight lost:.2 lbs

    Total weight lost: 47.6 lbs

    I honestly don’t know why there is virtually no change in my weight this week. I’m pretty disappointed but I’m just gonna keep moving forward. Like I have been eating out more so there has been an increase in salt for sure but I’ve been within my calorie range. The only day I didn’t count calories before I weighed in my sister’s wedding and honestly I don’t think I ate that poorly that day. Huhhhhhhhhh, I just gotta keep pushing forward.

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  • image


    1616 calories today

    Finally, relief. Seems the antibiotics have kicked in; I went all day without pain killers and actually got some stuff done. Still not well, but better than I was.

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  • Going to try and fast tomorrow (aside from toast for breakfast so I can take my medicine without getting sick) since I’ll be out and about all day with my husband doing clothes shopping and seeing a movie. Wish me luck 🤞🏻

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