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  • always-a-slut-4-ghouls
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I’m demisexual and biromantic but it is so much easier to tell people I’m bi (with extra steps)

    #that's not exactly how it works #but people ask fewer questions if you just say bi #and it's not really a lie #I know this isn't how it works for everyone #I never even tell anyone about my gender because being demigender means no big change to pronouns for me #I can't understand what gender is but would feel weird if someone suddenly started calling me a man #like bro I JUST got used to these pronouns #I mean I used them as a kid but every once in awhile I would think #why should I care if I'm called anything? #but it's been 24 years of girl so it would feel weird to be called a man now #kid me was just built different #and I say that with affection #but I don't know what the fuck was happening #Emma posts
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  • hotsharkgirl2000
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    guys my mans will always be my sexy accessory like that’s the bottom line regardless of whatever he’s got going on he is my shiny piece of jewellery I make him look sexy he makes me look sexy because of me looking sexy you know??

    #vibrating thinking about the idea or towering over my mans skenddmdnrnen #I just have weird short girl syndrome brain even tho I’m not short at all #like I hate men looking down at me it makes me so upset like it’s a very weird thing #but also I think it makes me feel like I have no power or control which freaks me out
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  • estroniaid
    26.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    . idk how to add read more on mobile so tw for mental ill and sui talk in the tags xoxo

    #GIRL. i was doing so well for so long and then i hit a bump #and now its like #anything goes wrong or anything hurts or minor sting whether its social or otherwise #my immediate thought is just . wanna kms #look yeah ostracising myself cause i feel hated is weird and unhealthh but whst abt ending it all 🎤 what abt that #babes im tired of living w this brain #gotta stick around cause of love and other cheesy shit but oooooh. OOOOH #delete later #ayo if idk u and u touch this post ill cry outside ur window
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  • petecochrans
    26.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    connor roy enjoyers are where its at everyone else are losers sorry you cant have fun

    #people who hate him outright or say hes a terrible sibling or that all his siblings hate him #like okay what did this man do to you????? hes just being weird and endearing for our enjoyment. what is there to hate #hes literally my favorite weird girl he brings me joy and succession improves the more hes in it im right
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  • maningning
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #just saw someone mocking people who identify as cis nonbinary girls and boys #and my first instinct was to side on the mocker #like yeah [asshole voice] how can you be cis AND nonbinary AND a part of the gender binary #but also #like if you ask me what my gender is i will describe myself as #trans AND nonbinary AND a boy #so like. idk. idk where im going with this #the nonbinary label has always been weird to me bcos i feel like #it’s a cop out i use so people dont feel too uncomfortable #abt the gender and looks disparity that i have #and also bcos now that im ore everything i do feel like i will never be a quote real man #but trans and nonbinary and a boy is how i understand my gender NOW #so like whats stopping people for doing the genderbent cus version of that? #and no matter how stupid i think other people are for combining the words cis and nonbinary and then a binary gender classification #like i shud give these ppl the benefit of the doubt. that their gender is as complex #maybe even more complex #than mine
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  • jacqueling35
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Cute pumpkin patch Halloween photos dressed up with my best friend with our iPhone 13 pro max’s not in my room alone taking bathroom selfies constantly…


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  • dreadfulcalendarwoman
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i miss writing jenny’s cousin nora who i made up. there’s definitely a fic i wanna write where jenny runs into nora at a farmers’ market because donovan is selling produce in sunnydale, and jenny is there with GILES, and there then proceeds to be this horrific dramatic comedy of errors where jenny simultaneously (badly) attempts to pretend she’s not dating giles AND that she has no idea who nora is despite nora looking exactly fucking like her. nora thinks this is deeply stupid. giles, who has never at any point in time assumed that anyone but jenny was holding the reins and doesn’t at all expect to learn anything about jenny’s family from this interaction if she doesn’t want to tell him, just kinda watches with delighted interest like <3 that’s my wife being stupid <3 as though this is some kind of spectator sport

    #musings#jenny calendar#nora kovacs #fun fact about nora: in every timeline she is horrible to buffy for extremely petty reasons #she is genuinely the worst!!!!!!!!!!! #even with jenny she communicates in like weird passive aggressive jabs about jenny's fashion sense and life choices #that said jenny speaks Mean Smart Girl and receives this criticism as affectionately as it is actually intended
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  • williamshamspeare
    26.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked

    #warioware #this is about the guy who just posted those weird fuckin' muscular Warioware girls in the aforementioned Warioware tag #hop on in and block him too
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  • coldsublimecollection
    26.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    ... I think I don't like girls

    #i'm attracted but I don't like them ya know? #they're pretty but I don't want to date/have sex with them #in fact I have no idea how I'd go about having sex with a girl. regardless of parts #it's just weird because my jumping off point into the queer world was 'omg i'm girl who like girl' #and now I'm a gay man #aint that just the way
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  • strangelittlevixen
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Nothing funnier 2 me than being a CNA + nursing student at the doctor’s office and seeing a nurse try to poker face and hide their reaction from me like bicth…. I be making the same face to MY patients just tell me what’s wrong with me

    #I’m not dying I just had a temp of 99.9 #she checked mine twice #checked herself then checked me again #and then DIDNT COMMENT ON IT #like girl I know you saw something weird what was it #had to go into my charts to see what it was lol
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  • nsfwitchy2
    25.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I love when I find antis into the same shows as me cause all the shows I like rn are like

    Super gory and gross and involve graphic death and murder and sex, including with underage characters or relatives

    Like these literally go against your core values but ok go off I guess

    #nsfwitchytalks #I’m JUST saying #got/ham literally has a character who assaults his sister and then steals her body #it’s implied Theo and Tabitha fucked #99% of the cast is villains who commit like graphic acts of murder #Jerome and Jeremiah are both adults and Bruce is a minor through most of the series if not all of it minus the last episode #meanwhile in metal/ocalypse there’s graphic death in every single episode #doctor rock/so literally has sex with a 14 year old #and while it’s not made a good thing they don’t outwardly shame him either???? #they literally bring the girl back as an adult to meet him again which is WEIRD #skwis/gaar straight up impregnates and abandons every woman he meets #the show is ripe for gore kinks piss kinks vomit kinks etc #like why are y’all here 😭
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  • nedsseveredhead
    25.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Im bored at work someone ‘traumadump’ some dumb inane friend drama on me i fucking love mess

    #lets be gossip girls xoxo #ill spill mine first; i got asked to leave a patreon server once because the artists friend and i had quote unquote beef #and then they blocked me lmao #which like… i asked ahead of time if they wanted me to not be in the server bevause of this situation #and they said ‘nah its fine’ #then changed their mind a few days later djxjx #like the didnt kick me from being a patron just from like… interacting with anything that had to do with it #so i pullled out cause like ??? felt weird lmao #and then they blocked me rip 😔✌️
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  • incomingalbatross
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Il Pecarone

    There are many ancient legends and folk-tales from around the world in which a bargain is struck with a bond of human flesh as security. One version of the story is told by the Italian, Ser Giovanni Fiorentino, in his collection of tales, Il Pecorone (which means 'the big sheep' or 'the simpleton'). He wrote this in the late fourteenth century and it was printed in 1558. This Italian (and untranslated) version is Shakespeare's main source for his play.
    According to Ser Giovanni, the story begins with a wealthy merchant, Ansaldo, equipping his god-son with a richly laden ship to trade abroad. The young man, Giannetto, finds himself in the port of Belmont where he tries to win the hand of the Lady. Success can only be won if the wooer manages to spend a whole night with her; failure is punished with the loss of all possessions. Twice Giannetto tries and fails, each time calling on his god-father to provide again for him. Only at the third attempt does he have the help of a young woman who confides that the wine offered to him is drugged. With this knowledge, Giannetto is able to win the lady and live at his ease in Belmont, forgetting that his newfound happiness has been bought by his god-father's generosity. Ansaldo could only afford to help Giannetto make his third voyage to Belmont by borrowing from a Jew, promising a pound of his flesh if he fails to repay the money.
    When the unpaid debt falls due, Giannetto hurries back to Venice with money from his wife but the Jew refuses to be bought off. It is only when the Lady appears in court, in the disguise of a male lawyer, that the Jew is confounded. As she points out to him, if he takes more or less than a pound or drops any blood, his own life is forfeit. The Jew tears up the bond in frustration and Giannetto reluctantly responds to the lawyer's request of the ring given to him by his wife as a reward for his victory. Giannetto and Ansaldo go to Belmont where the Lady is very angry at her husband's loss of her ring. Finally she reveals the truth and Ansaldo is matched in marriage with the young woman who helped Giannetto avoid the drugged wine and win his own wife.

    – Dates and Sources for The Merchant of Venice, provided by the Royal Shakespeare Company

    #my main takeaway is that antonio as the neglected benefactor/faithful servant type who suffers to get the hero the girl #gives me a MUCH better handle on him #and explains the 'i'd give up my wife for him!' bit--it evokes the Faithful John (or Iron John?) stories #where the hero has to be willing to sacrifice his kids in order to save the faithful servant he owes everything to #(which is still a weird trope but it's nice to tie together precedents) #...and the anti-jewish sentiment appears to be an original part of this trope unfortunately #english classes
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  • mumintroll
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    im so lonely i fwel like shit

    #this is just me for the next year. probably more i dont think ill make friends at uni #nobodys ever going tonlove me im going to be the weird girl forever. i definitelt peaked at 15 thats so fucking horrible
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  • livefast-dieclown
    25.10.2021 - 19 hours ago
    supergirl/team luthor special #1
    #out of context comic panel #dc comics#dc#lex luthor#matrix #matrix as princess leia #not the weirdest thing she shapeshifted into! a few panels later she changed into his mom #well…not actually his mom but his fake mom #supergirl #matrix as super girl #matrix as supergirl as leia #look this was a weird time in the supes books
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  • sushidoucheydudes
    25.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Diversity win! Local woman about to go into annual performance review is so fucking autistic.

    #ya girl#im sweating #i am actually autistic i can make this joke #apparently weird girls grow into weird adults and i am feeling extremely weird rn #that post that was like were all gonna be 40 blogging about 401ks? yeah that
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