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  • I love the little names RWBY has for their combined attacks.

    Ice Flower: Ruby and Weiss (red and white)

    Bumblebee: Blake and Yang (Black and yellow)

    Checkmate: Weiss and Blake (white and black)

    Freezer Burn: Yang and Weiss (yellow and white).

    And JNPR?

    Flower Power: Lei Ren and Nora (a literal lotus flower (Ren) and Nora)

    Pomegranade: Nora and Pyrrha (a play on words with pomegranate). After Pyrrha died, Jaune had to take her place.

    Arkos: Pyrrha and Jaune, with their shields. Yo, is this their ship name? It’s a literal play on Arc and Nikos. And I love it.

    Unfortunately, unlike RWBY, JNPR didn’t get a chance to try much fighting techniques like RWBY did, especially since someone decided to kill off Pyrrha in volume 3. Yeah, I’m still salty over that. Thanks.

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  • Weiss tapped her pencil across her notebook as she stared at the blank page in front of her. While usually she was okay with working with the background of her roommate, Ruby Rose, today she had been unable to focus. Instead of blowing up at Ruby, she closed the notebook that had an outline and a few other notes as well as a few books with her and placed them in a bag. Standing up and grabbing the bag, she said that she was going out for a bit. Seeing Ruby nod in response to that, she opened the door and headed out.

     It wasn’t that she didn’t like her roommate at Beacon Academy, anything but that. It’s just that certain times Ruby could be…a bit much. And sometimes she called Ruby out on it. Then again, Ruby Rose was something of a particular genius when it came to mathematics and physical education. In fact, she had been told by Ruby that she was only here because of a scholarship or something along those lines.

     “Unsufferable dolt…” she muttered as she made her way towards one of the quieter places on the college grounds: the library. Once she made her way to the building, she opened the door and headed inside, giving a light nod to the Head Librarian, Glynda Goodwitch. Once that was accomplished, she headed towards the table that she usually frequented in the back…but as she did so, she noticed that someone was already there. Curious, she moved with a little more pep in her step.

     “Um…excuse me?” she asked softly as she noticed the other student deep in thought as she was biting the end of her pen. She didn’t want to disturb the raven-haired youth but knew that she had to. She would have never forgiven anyone who had done that to her after all. ‘She is a beauty though…’ she silently admitted, hoping that the girl wouldn’t be able to see the blush on her face. Seeing the girl had looked towards her with a question on her face.

    “Um…yes?” she asked, staring up at the person in front of her.

     “Do you mind if I sit here?” she asked, noticing how the girl’s feline ears were twitching lightly.

    “Not at all…though I might be distracted just a little with a beautiful girl next to me,” she said with a light tease, causing Weiss to scowl at that. “But before you sit down, can you tell me your name?” the ravenette asked.

    “It’s Weiss. Yours?” she asked trying to not sound too annoyed as she sat down across from her.

    “Blake. Blake Belladonna,” she replied as Weiss sat down and got her books out of her bag as Weiss got to work after acknowledging that she had heard Blake’s name. Staring at the blank page in front of her, Weiss tried to think of how to start the essay, but the words weren’t coming to her and she sighed lightly. She was still also a little annoyed at what Blake had done and wondered if it would just be better to move to another table instead. However…something stopped her from doing that. Maybe it was the girl’s beauty, or her work ethic, but something about Blake Belladonna was causing Weiss to stay seated.

    “Having trouble?” Blake asked after a few minutes of seeing Weiss copying the same tick she had when contemplating something. She also half-expected Weiss to just brush her off. However, after a few minutes of silence…she put her pen down next to the notebook and nodded.

    “If you don’t mind…” she admitted before Blake nodded and shifted chairs so that she was next to the white-haired girl, noticing that Weiss’s cheeks were a light crimson as of now, but chose not to comment about it. After being asked about the assignment, Blake let out a small smile before nodding lightly.

    “Well…if it’s for your Shakesperian Literature class…then you came to the right girl,” Blake said with a smile. “And since the topic is related to one of my favorite plays…” she commented before writing the first line. “You don’t have to keep that line, but I find that just staring at a blank page is only going to make you think and think about what you want to write. If you write something…anything really, then that’s when the writing stops and your brain stops thinking as it puts words on the paper, or screen,” she said before noticing the time. “Anyways…I have another class to get to, but…maybe I can see you around more often?” she asked.

    “Sure. Besides…I think I can get a lot more work done here than I can in my dorm room. My roommate…she sometimes can’t take a hint when I need her to be quiet,” she admitted as Blake laughed at that. ‘What a beautiful laugh…’ she thought to herself but didn’t say anything as she returned Blake’s wave of goodbye and saw the black-haired female walk out of the library before getting back to her assignment.

    ‘Maybe I should do homework here more often…’ she thought as the image of Blake came to her mind, causing her to blush lightly at how beautiful she looked.


    Blake Belladonna had been sitting at the table in the back for the past ten minutes staring at what she had last wrote for her book and was deciding on to how to go about it. And while she loved her roommate, Yang Xiao Long, like the sister she never had…it was the times when Yang had gotten drunk was when it was nearly impossible for her to work. And seeing how Yang was tipsy when she entered the room, Blake had quickly, and quietly, exited the room after stuffing her writing book, a few pens and pencils, and other small nick knacks into her bag before leaving. At least it wasn’t as bad as the last time…which caused the feline faunus to outright ban any alcoholic beverage from ever coming into their dorm room.

    Blinking lightly as she found herself in front of the library building, she was surprised that she had been lost in thought as she walked here. Mentally shrugging lightly at that, she headed towards the door and opened it before heading on through, nodding her head at Ms. Goodwitch once the blonde-haired staff member came into view.

    “Ah, Miss Belladonna, so nice to see you. Take it you need a place to write in peace?” she asked as Blake nodded. Glynda then told Blake about the table in the back, where she would most likely not be disturbed by anyone. Getting a verbal thanks at the advice, Blake had made her way towards the aforementioned table and sat down before starting to work in peace. She wasn’t sure how long it was until she was finished with what she had already written and was just about to write down some words. “What to do next…?” she muttered to herself before placing the end tip of the pen in her mouth, lightly biting into the cap as she pondered on it. That is, until a voice broke through her resolve.

    “Um…excuse me. Do you mind if I sit here?” a beautiful white-haired girl had asked, causing her to silently wonder why she was asking instead of just sitting down like most other people did. Regardless of her reason, she was actually a little glad that the young woman had asked…mentally adding a plus to the girl.

    “Not at all…though I might be distracted just a little with a beautiful girl next to me. But before you sit down, can you tell me your name?” Blake asked. After the words came out of her mouth, she was mentally appalled. ‘Why would I say something like that?! Sure I think she’s beautiful, but I really shouldn’t have told a complete stranger that…and now she’ll probably think I’m some weirdo or something…’ Blake thought, mentally berating herself as she did so.

    “It’s Weiss. Yours?”

    “Blake. Blake Belladonna,” she replied as she saw Weiss sit down and get a few books out before starting to work on something, which she did the same. Starting to write a few paragraphs after the exchange, she noticed that Weiss was having trouble with whatever she was here for with and decided to ask if she wanted help. “Having trouble?” she decided to use as her words for asking for help, hoping that the white-haired female didn’t take it the wrong way. And after hearing nothing but silence for a few moments…she had a feeling that she was right. However…a few minutes later and she heard Weiss asking for some help. Deciding it would be better to be next to the girl rather than across from her, she listened intently as Weiss explained her assignment as Blake desperately hoped that the girl didn’t hear the loud and fast beats that her heart was giving out due to the proximity of her.

    “Alright then…mind if I…?” she asked as Weiss shook her head. With permission granted, Blake took the notebook and pen into her hand before writing a few sentences. Once she was done, she passed the two back to their respective owner.  “You don’t have to keep that line, but I find that just staring at a blank page is only going to make you think and think about what you want to write. If you write something…anything really, then that’s when the writing stops and your brain stops thinking as it puts words on the paper, or screen.” she said before thinking about telling her about how she came to that philosophy but ultimately decided against it. “Anyways…I need to get going since I have a late class. But maybe I’ll see you around Weiss” she commented before leaving the library, a soft smile on her face as she did so.

     ‘Weiss huh? Maybe I should start doing my writing exclusively at the library from now on…especially if it means I can bump into her more often. She was definitely cute…I just hope that she doesn’t see me as a complete weirdo…

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  • Everything would have been better if they keep lying to Ironwood. Just think of it.

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  • image

    I posted this on my IG before I fixed the hand 👉👈 but uh, Weiss’s V7 outfit with a modern twist!!

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  • #rwby#Ruby Rose#Weiss Schnee#whiterose#weissrose#college au#werewolf au#floof au#wlw#wlw fic #also there's background bees #i promise they'll get more 'screen'time as we progress #please enjoy! -R #lena's post
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  • White Knight: 1st proposal


    Source: here

    #RWBY#Ruby Rose#Weiss Schnee#Jaune Arc #RWBY White Knight #Weiss Schnee x Jaune Arc #Jaune Arc x Weiss Schnee
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  • please enjoy my weiss/nora edits,

    #nordic winter #weiss x nora #nora x weiss #rwby#thundersnow#crushed ice #whatever their ship name is #weiss schnee#nora valkyrie #please don't bring up shipping discourse #let me enjoy my rarepairs
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  • Weiss: Ugh, Jaune keeps asking me out. Yang, I’ll give you a 100 lien if you take him off my hands.

    Yang: * Scoffs* Do you think I can be bought with just a bit of money?

    Weiss: Yes

    Yang: *Putting the 100Lien down her cleavage* You’re damn right I can be. I’m gonna rock that blond noodle’s world~

    #rwby#weiss schnee #yang xiao long
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  • weiss schnee icons

    free to use with credit

    #mine#rwby#weiss schnee#ult#sister #ILY!!!!!!!!! #i'm doing blake icons next >:)
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  • #i was training hand and perspective actually #lack of color bc i got sad and unmotived but whatever #maybe I'll color later idk #gloria x marnie #cosplay#ish ig#whiterose #rwby white rose #white rose#rwby fanart#rwby#rwby au#ruby weiss#weiss schnee #ruby rose rwby #ruby rose#wolfbyul#wolfy asks#pokemon#requests#ig
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  • there are so many mistakes but this took way too long so I’m posting anyway yeehaw

    #i remembered weiss's scar for once wow !! #rwby#ruby rose#weiss schnee#blake belladonna #yang xiao long #team rwby
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  • When will you love me?


    (Weiss remembered the last time she’d spoken to her brother, the last time she’d heard about him. She remembered the moment where he was damning her, could see it in her mind, could still feel and smell and remember everything that had led up to the moment his face screwed up in distaste, when he decided to condemn her to the man who had ruined the both of them in very different ways.

    When Weiss was young, she had a bad habit of looking at her family and thinking:

    When will you love me?

    But no matter how hard she thought the question, no matter how desperately her heart sang for someone to take notice, for someone to truly love her—no one had ever bothered to answer her. It had been a dark mark on her soul, a blemish that she had never been able to heal, a scar much like the one carved into her face. Whitley though, Whitley must have answered that question the second he told her father what she had done. The second he convinced her to run off somewhere only to be taken away, only to be hurt.

    When will you love me? She had breathed, her question heavy on her tongue, unspoken but heard all the same.

    Not today. He had said back.)

    read on ao3

    #whiterose#iceflower#weiss schnee#ruby rose#fanfiction#fanfic#rwby#rwby fanfiction#gen writes#my work#my fic #sun and weiss are brotp u can't change my mind #anyway the opera carmen is mentioned #y'all have listened to the first couple seconds of habanera even if u hadn't realized it #ruby is here! we love a fluffy and anxious child #anyway the chapter title is from carmen #'when will u love me?' #'maybe never maybe tomorrow but certainly not today #opera house au
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  • Fight my f/os (actually, don’t)

    I got tagged by @nadineselfships to do this!! I’m a bit unsure who to tag ( @love-birds-stuff maybe? Or @lovestuck ?) So tbh if you wanna do this and havent been tagged by anybody, just say I tagged you!! Anyways!!

    Booker: I wouldn’t suggest it. He’d beat the shit out of you, and besides, hes already beaten himself up too much. 3/10 wouldnt reccomend

    Audrey: Physically, yes, you could fight her. But emotionally? Imagine the Toll. Don’t do it. 0/10 I’ll kill you

    Gwen: She’s just trying to do her job! Give her a break! 2/10 please don’t

    Roman and Ironwood: You should absolutely fight Roman. He deserves a good punch. Ironwood, however, would demolish you. Dont fight Ironwood. 8/10 and 3/10. Good luck

    Munkustrap: Why would you fight him? He’s just trying to throw a party and please his father. Plus, he’s the protector, he knows how to fight. 1/10 he’ll kick your ass if you give him a reason to

    Perry: Don’t. 0/10 just don’t

    Weiss: She’s gotten a lot better over the years, so no, don’t fight her. Plus she can summon now, so you’ll be up against her and her knight. Do you want to fight a knight? No. 1/10 you’ll be impaled

    Bluebeard: Do it! Oh my god please just fucking fight him I’ll pay you to beat his ass. 11/10 please

    Lee: Ehhhh no, he’s been through enough. Let him rest in peace. 3/10 don’t fight Lee, just be nice

    Dallas: Okay maybe fight him a little bit. Just a bit. He needs to learn to respect women before you can stop fighting him. 4/10 lend him a hand or two

    #self insert community #self insert #self shipping community #self ship community #self shipping#self ship#booker dewitt#audrey fulquard #camp camp gwen #roman torchwick#james ironwood#weiss schnee#bluebeard#dallas smuth #perry the human #lee everett #little shop of horrors #(for blacklist)
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  • image

    If you can see the line that defines the bottom of the jar from the inside it means I’m not a fan at all

    If you can’t it means I love this character and I how much I filled the jar is not a reflection of dislike only of rank of my love

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    credits: @faguettenoodles

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