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  • Constant handouts keeps you stagnant.

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  • Great strain for #PTSD by breeder @MZJillgrower also helps with pain and rest. Our #Vets dig the relaxation flavors and smells all medicinal in application.

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You #Natural only #Events and #Peace be upon You (at The Clouds)

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  • This 4th of July Weekend. Members come for free food, camping, a fireworks show and #goodtimes at #thebarn or Redbarn Compassion Club. To be a member must have a valid WA State #medicalcannabis #patient.

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You #Natural only #Events #PatientFun #GreatFood #BoomBooms #Roy #OpenSource #cannabisclub #club (at Roy, Washington)

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  • RMR got the voice of an angel

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  • A black mother on welfare is the problem but little white Jeffrey whose been living in his parents garage for 30+ years isn’t!!! Fuck outta here

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  • You wanna talk about “systemic racism”? How about the welfare system which encouraged black fathers not to raise their kids, creating a cycle of poverty, crime, and further dependence on said system.

    How about the for profit prison system, which lobbies for stricter drug, gun, and parole laws, which disproportionately affect non white people, ensuring a steady stream of prisoners, and cheap labor.

    How about Planned Parenthood, originally The Birth Control League, a eugenics organization founded by high ranking members of the KKK, and eventual supporters of the nazi regime, who kill more black babies every year than all other forms of death combined, more than the klan did with all their lynchings.

    How about CIA drug running, which sells and runs the majority of their product through black neighborhoods, creating even more poverty and petty crime.

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  • Masks. We wear them in order to protect ourselves and, moreso, others. We, personally, might be low-risk and mostly unaffected, but they serve to protect those that are at risk, and would do the same if we were at risk. They may not be 100% effective, but they do help, and they make it easy for us all to do our small part to help. Yes, in the past, people have tried to use masks in order to rob, injure, and kill without getting in trouble. This is still happening and will still continue to happen. But that doesn’t mean we should all stop wearing masks. They may not be completely effective, they may be abused by some, and they may cause us all a slight inconvenience, but we still wear them, even if we personally don’t need to, because we know that they protect those who need it the most.

    This post isn’t about masks. It’s about the welfare system.

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  • #VegasGotLove

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You #Natural only #Events and #Peace be upon You #VegasGotLove #compassionaterelease (at Las Vegas Nevada)

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  • “Silent Other” EP by WELFARE

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  • Woahhh!

    RMR is up next. Mark my words. He gonna hit the side of ya head like a barber 💈

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  • AR Lite when you don’t agree with them: YoU mUsT tHiNk AbuSe Is oK eDucAtE yOuRsElF.

    Nah. I just don’t like “woke” morons like you who actually don’t know shit *telling* me how I have to care for my animals. Time and temperature restrictions make it more difficult to responsibly own dogs. Heavy chains are not bad. More length/space isn’t always better. Cables are not always superior to chains, both should be an option. Large doghouses actually aren’t good in cold weather, and plastic barrels are just fine to use. Food constantly available is stupid. Water goes green/freezes quickly in some environments. Fences are not always feasible or affordable. Some dogs are not safe in kennels.

    It’s not a “one size fits all” deal, what works for me and my dogs might not be ideal for you and yours. Stop taking away the ability to tailor our care to ourselves and our dogs. You claim to support welfare but you’re actually supporting AR nonsense. If you still feel like you have some sort of authority to dictate, pay my fucking bills. Until then, keep your opinion out of the legislature and up your ass where it belongs.

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  • RMR - WELFARE (feat. Westside Gunn) [Official Audio]

    #RMR#WELFARE#westside gunn #drug dealing is a lost art #new music
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  • As per the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, Universal Basic Services (UBS) “[is] proposed as a policy for tackling poverty, reducing inequalities and improving wellbeing for all.”

    The idea is to provide to every member of society a set of adequate essential services that facilitate a suitable standard of living for the individual and their family, as well as enhancing the overall wellbeing of society by reducing the social ills that come from inequality and poverty. 

    UBS is often framed as an alternative to or complement of Universal Basic Income, as it follows that same principle of universality. Everyone whether they are unemployed or a multimillionaire gets to benefit from UBS. I think UBS is perhaps an easier sell than UBI as the services included in UBS are inarguably essential to a basic but modern standard of living and since it provides services rather than money, it removes the unfounded but prevalent criticism that UBI will encourage laziness. 

    An important note for implementing UBS is that all the providers of services should be publicly owned. The government and public would want to make sure that in providing these services, we are not lining the pockets of wealthy shareholders. Public ownership also allows the state to direct efforts to ensure universal coverage. In some cases (education and health) public ownership and universal access is already largely a given, however in other areas (utilities and communications) nationalisations and infrastructure expansions would be necessary. This presents an upfront cost in implementing UBS, but not one I’ll be calculating right now. 

    Instead, I’ll be looking at the operating cost of a fairly comprehensive UBS package. What services to include would be one of the important discussions to have prior to implementing UBS. Some proposals such as that of the Institute of Global Prosperity include shelter and food, but don’t account for expanded health and education provision. 

    In my proposal I’m including:

    • Utilities: Basic monthly allowance for water, electricity and heating based upon number of regular household occupants
    • Healthcare: Cradle-to-grave healthcare, including: mental health, dental, aged care and allied health
    • Education: Comprehensive education: early childhood, primary, secondary, post-secondary, retraining and adult learning
    • Childcare: Professional childcare for zero to three year olds, as well as before & after school care
    • Communications: Unlimited high-speed broadband to every household, including home phone line rental with unlimited domestic calls
    • Public transport: zero restrictions use nationwide

    This is not to say that food and shelter shouldn’t be provided for – they should be, they’re just each more complex and deserve a whole article of their own. 


    Utilities, especially electricity & heating, are a significant source of inequality in New Zealand, especially with the poor, damp and cold state of our housing stock. Providing a basic monthly allowance for utilities usage would provide big savings to lower-income households, and provide for healthier living environments. It would hopefully also help UBS get buy-in from middle and higher income households, as electricity costs are a pressure point across the country. As New Zealand gets the vast majority of its electricity from renewable sources, I’m proposing an allowance equal to the average household use of 7,000 kWh.

    Considering the vitality of water to life’s continuance, it seems natural to include it in this package as well. However, unlike electricity, there are supply issues with water – especially in drier months. While for the purposes of this proposal I’ve set the allowance at mean New Zealand usage per person (82,855 litres per year) , it is likely that a lower threshold would be desirable to prevent unsustainably high water use.


    New Zealand already has a public cradle-to-grave healthcare system, however there remain cost barriers at several points (GPs, dental, mental health). I’m proposing zero out of pocket costs for end users and a general funding boost. Currently public healthcare spending from Vote Health and the ACC is about $3,788 per person. Under UBS we’d eliminate the further $915 spent per person each year out of pocket or through private insurance. A further 7% boost in funding would bring us to $5,032 per person. 


    Much like healthcare, there is an existing public education network, but with various holes. Childcare is not fully funded nor universal, adult education opportunities like night school are limited, and the majority of post-secondary education incurs substantial fees. For UBS to be most effective, these holes must be plugged. NZ currently spends about 5.2% of GDP publicly funding education, however a further 1.8% is spent privately by households. UBS would take on this cost, allowing for a completely free education system, including tertiary student living costs and universal childcare. This brings total expenditure to 7%, comparable to but still slightly below Scandinavian countries. 


    Communications have become a vital part of 21st century living, with the internet being necessary to participate fully in society. The universal provision of broadband will reduce inequalities and improve access to social, economic, educational and health resources for all. To calculate the cost of this, I have taken the wholesale cost of using Chorus’ standard high-speed fibre infrastructure for each household.

    Public Transport

    Finally, public transport. The previous National government hobbled the development of public transport by setting an arbitrary fare-box recovery ratio of 50%. Removing this requirement by eliminating fares and fully funding public transport is not only the equitable solution but also an environmentally sound one. However, fares are not the primary deterrent of public transport use – rather it is frequency and reliability of service that are preeminent. So, an overall funding boost (25%) to public transport is also required to truly make public transport a feasible alternative for the majority of Kiwis.

    Total Cost

    As shown in the table below, UBS would have a total cost of $57.7b per year, however once existing funding is taken into account the increase is only $20.7b. Implementing UBS would be equivalent to 6.7% of GDP. With existing government spending being the equivalent of 37% of GDP, an increase of 6.7 percentage points would bring government spending to almost 43.7% of GDP. This is comparable to Germany or the Netherlands and still much lower than Scandinavian countries (49-56%) or the likes of France (57%). It is slightly higher than the UK or Iceland (42%). 


    Paying for $20.7b in additional spending each year would require significant new revenue raising measures. This could be done by cracking down on corporate tax avoidance, implementing a wealth tax and creating a more progressive income tax system. I’ll probably explore more of these in another article. 

    There are significant advantages to UBS in creating a more equitable society and one with a greater general wellbeing, but it does come at a cost, and it will be a challenge to politicians to see if they can win the public over on committing to that cost.

    #universal basic services #socialism#economics#welfare#policy#politics #universal basic income
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  • Video av ender i Finnsnesvatnet den 7. Juni 2020. Finnsnes i Senja kommune. #finnsnes #senja #nrktroms #nrktromsogfinnmark #nordlys #water #vann #ducks #ender #animals #welfare #norge #wildlife #norwegianwildlife #toppand (ved Finnsnes, Norway)

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