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  • A humble figure

    The bringing of bones

    A lonesome gift

    A plea for help

    I will follow for one night


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  • I really love it in fiction when lycanthrope characters are referred to by the epithet “the werewolf” to differentiate them from other people in a scene.  Intellectually I know a werewolf is still a werewolf in human form but I inevitably picture a big tail-wagging wolf hanging out in a coffee shop or wherever

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    Alpha Vampire!Dean/Omega Werewolf!Castiel:

    The Winchester Coven and Novak Pack are separated by a boundary line sealed with a contract. That contract, which has been in place for about fifty years, has now been broken when one of the Novak’s crossed the line to test the limits. In order to restore peace and avoid war, the werewolf pack offers up Castiel, the only Omega, as a beacon in hopes of putting everything back in order. Feeling betrayed by his family, Cas takes his bag of clothes and walks into Winchester territory, what with their medieval style castle and small patch of woods. It most certainly was not that impressive compared to the forest and cave he was so used to living in. The Omega wolf would have to show these bloodsuckers he’s not one to be messed with. One vampire in particular seemed to be the least impressed with him and Castiel would definitely give him the most trouble on purpose…


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  • “ I count the heads of those unborn
    The accursed ones I’ll find them all
    And if you die by your own hand
    As a suicide you shall be damned
    And if you try to save your soul
    I will torment you, you shall not grow old
    With every second and passing breath
    You’ll be so alone your soul will bleed to death “ 


    Moonchild, Iron Maiden

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    ‪whats gonna happen?‬

    ‪check out up to date pages and more on my patreon!‬


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    My scanner doesn’t like this painting (I suspect it is because of the pastel background) so I had to take a photo of it instead. It’s my werewolf character, who I finally have a name for, he’s called Lutz! Anyway, believe it or not this is my spring holiday themed painting for the year. As in my story, (I say story but I mean vague collection of events in my head that I draw pictures of sometimes) it is customary for werewolves to hunt other monsters in spring, and Lutz is admiring the remains of one he just killed. It’s a weird concept I know, but hey, most of my drawings are!

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  • ♣ The Heir ♣

    Crime-organization: Gregsons
    Race: Werewolf

    First name: UTP
    Last name: Gregson
    Gender & Pronouns: UTP
    Age: UTP

    Suggested FCs: Zendaya, Santiago Cabrera, Zazie Beetz
    (note: this is a character of color, and a relative to the Peacemaker)

    Despite all the crime families in the city long ago having become organizations no longer run completely by those of the same family name or those having connections to said family, both the Gregsons and the Servines are still run by the families that founded them. The Heir has known from the moment they were able to think that they would become the next leader of the organization if they showed enough focus and leadership skills. They were taught to be forthright, strong, capable, with organizational skills beyond measure, and all the knowledge needed to run the business. They were the first and only choice to be the heir to the family fortune and the next in line to oversea operations. Yet, being charming, cold, calculating, and extremely focused on the future, something in their present caught their attention more decisively than they had anticipated. They were kind, charming, and incredibly confident, and the Heir felt incredibly smitten by them.


    The Lover - They saw them at a party once, and have not been able to set them out of their minds. Everywhere they turn there is something that reminds them of this beauty. However, they are not aware of their status just yet. They only know their first name, their hobbies, their interests, their likes and dislikes, but that seems to be enough. They feel like they know them more truly than they would knowing their history. It allows for them to live in the present, and the present is where they want to be. 

    The Loyalist - Their father was clear on it, the Loyalist had to teach them the ropes. It sounded strange at first, because all the Heir knew about the other was the story of their parents. But after a session or two, it became apparent why. They were extremely loyal, they had spent all their time trying to make others see that, and they used to bother their father relentlessly, but now they had the option to throw their ideas only at a single person. Their father was using them. Yet, what their father had not realized, was that the Loyalist actually had some good ideas, and the Heir was listening. 

    The Anti-Hero - The Heir is not the first, nor the last, to find their friendship with the Anti-hero ruined by past mistakes. They blamed it on the other’s bad decisions at first, since their friendship had seemed so radiant that the Heir wished not for it to end, but their next meeting made it clear that this wasn’t a mistake, if anything, the Anti-hero had given up on them on purpose. But given their loyalties to different organizations, the Heir began to see the other more as a rival than just their enemy, trying to thwart the other’s efforts whenever they can, prone to destroying them in particular when they get to power. And they hate that the Anti-hero turned them into someone who wishes for the destruction of another. 

    The Peacemaker - They’ve grown up side by side, always playing and joking, working together in the environment they had to grow up in. But they haven’t been close for a long time, and the Heir misses their company. They’ve kept it to themselves, afraid of the other’s rebuke, or perhaps more afraid that the Peacemaker has only one wish for their relationship: to make sure the Heir lives up to their expectations. 

    Values & Strengths:

    Strength: Advanced
    Agility: Sufficient

    OPEN for applications

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    I kept thinking about The Wolf Among Us and at the same time Shrek and thus this AU was born :’)

    #please 4give me #twau #the wolf among us #bigby wolf#werewolf#bigby#shrek#twau au #stay out of his apartment
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  • Undoubtedly the greatest sin of D&D is its treatment of skills. It’s actually pretty funny just how poorly they’re handled, to the point at which it’s genuinely sad that for so many people it’s the only RPG they’ll ever play, because there are much, much better ones out there. (Also, assume when I say D&D that I am referring to the fifth edition of that game.)

    Ok, but why? What’s wrong with D&D’s skills? For a start, they’re almost meaningless. They’re presented as closer to specific appliccations of an ability score than they are as their own indepentent abilities. Ultimately, this comes down to the way proficiency works, as a one size fits all single modifier. You use your ability score and your proficiency bonus, the latter of which means very little at the levels at which 90% of play takes place. For example, the character I play in one of my games has been educated extensively in the internal workings of the multiverse, and has proficiency in Arcana and Religion to reflect this. Except… their intelligence isn’t particularl high. It’s respectable, sitting at 14, the second highest in the party, but when one of the other players, who hasn’t had the canonic education that mine has, has only one point of modifier to those skills lower than mine because their intelligence is 18… it doesn’t really make any sense, does it? How did they come by that esotric knowledge, introspection into the nature of reality and their own being? Yeah, no. I’m not buying that.

    3.5, which I played for many years before 5e, got around this issue by allowing curated skill progression. Each level up, you assigned skill points, which you were given a number of according to your class and intelligence (I also seem to remember that humans got a few more per level). (Intelligence, by the way, has dropped from being an absolutely crucial ability score to (ironically) the no brainer dump stat for most characters, which while not inherently a bad thing doesn’t do great things for balancing wizards and artificers.) There were certain skills that it was harder to level up, as you had to invest two points to increase that skill’s modifier by one, which was dictated by your class. This led to enormous modifiers only a few levels in, but the game got around this by just inflating DCs as players progressed in level (which was incidentally an incredibly good tool for DMs to indicate that the player’s shouldn’t be attempting a certain challege too early on - they simply could not reach the DCs required at the level they were at. This also appied for AC, by the way). The end result of this was that in the late levels, the actual roll barely mattered, but at those levels, where characters are expected to be consistently good at things, that made sense!

    Recently, I’ve started prepping for a game of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, a game that I absolutely adore, but haven’t really been able to play for a while because I haven’t been able to find a group until now. Anyway, while going through the rulebook, I was amazed at how much better skills are dealt with than in D&D (I’m not claiming that Werewolf is perfect, but Gaia is it a breath of fresh air after playing nothing but D&D for so long). For one thing, the rulebook is much more concerned with the concept of failing forward than that of D&D, and provides the Storyteller with help on how to do this effectively, but this isn’t as relevant. They can’t be compared as directly as with 3.5, because the die rolling system in World Of Darkness games is completely different, but the nice thing about them is that they aren’t tied to any one ability score (they’re not called that, but the equivalent of them). In D&D, if I, a lawyer, make a bulletproof case to a jury as to why my client is innocent, including indisputable evidence and flawless logic, I am asked to make a Persuasion check. In D&D, Persuasion is a Charisma based skill. This very plainly doesn’t make sense in context, my Intelligence should be the driving ability here, but it’s not. In Werewolf, however, the Storyteller (me in this case) asks the player to roll Intelligence + Expression, combining the Persuasion equivalent with the character’s mental acuity. Much better.

    My final gripe with the skill system is just how of them there are. Look at this. Compare these, representing the numbers of skills in each of these game lines.

    Call of Cthulhu: 59

    Werewolf: The Apocalypse: 30x9 (As there are 9 different Traits (Ability Scores) with which to combine Abilities (Skills))

    3.5: 36

    D&D 5e: 18

    By the way, in 3.5 the number is actually a lot higher than that because you can add other skills like Engineering, Law, and Economics based on what your character knows about or knows how to make. D&D falls massively short by comparison, with a lot of things left out entirely. I understand the motivation behind combining things like Run, Jump, and Swim into Atheltics, and Listen and Spot into Perception, but there are entire, and pretty useful, skills like Appraise and Craft which are completely done away with.

    Ultimately, this doesn’t really matter, but it is the driving factor in why I am becoming less and less interested in D&D on the whole. I do completely understand why people like it, it’s simple and it has a larger fanbase than most other games, making it perfect to start out with in the hobby, but I just can’t help but feel that it could be doing something so much better. I’ll get back to planning Werewolf stuff now. Play whatever you want to play.

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    April’s full Moon rises on the night of Tuesday, April 7. Traditionally called the Pink Moon, this full Moon will also be a spectacular supermoon!

    Yesterday April 7 was the first super moon

    To everyone who likes to watch the moon and werewolves and lycans then this is perfect day for you

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  • Sooo tonight is supermoon and i’m on period




    I’ll werewolfing so hard tonight

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  • 3 out of the 5 challenges I’ve done thanks to a friend giving me some prompts to work with-

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    Not a fan of how it look :”(

    But here are some vampire and werewolf boyfs

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  • We could still support each other,

    All we gotta do is avoid each other

    Werewolf (The Idler Wheel, 2012)

    My queen Fiona Apple giving us the perfect advice about the Corona virus years before it happened, she really is wise beyond her years

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    Happy… #WerewolfWednesday

    #Werewolf #Wednesday

    #PinkMoon #FullMoon #supermoon


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  • #PinkMoon ?💖
    “Soldier of #Love and Justice…”
    - #SailorMoon 🌙
    #goodnight #pinkmoonbabes #werewolf #witness #vibes #mood #energy #l4l #f4l #likes4likes #lawsofattraction #rise #wise #saga #anime #70s #abba #disco #fever #hunkofburninglove #peace #hope #faith #joy #iloveyou #takeout #nightsky *Song by: ABBA✨ “Lay All Your Love On Me"🎶🎶
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