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  • whatchique
    25.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Blood Moon MC

    My MC for the interactive fiction Blood Moon by @barbwritesstuff

    "I no longer know if I want to drown myself in love, vodka or the sea."

    Name: Lux Andrews

    Gender: Female

    Conviction: Protect the pack

    Personality Traits: Lux is responsible, protective, outspoken and ambitious.

    Physical Attributes: Lux is of average height with a leand build. She has waist length red hair, bright blue eyes and tan skin. Her body is littered with scars of wolf attack variety and she claims they make her look cool and edgy. Her personal style is a combination of punk and 90's. She has a tattoo of her mom's name behind her ear that she got shortly after joining the pack.

    Relationships: Marco -> 51%, Vicky -> 22%, Ed -> 64%, Carrie -> 88%, Shawnie -> 58%, Roe -> 49%, Farro -> 37%

    Fun facts: Her favourite movie of all time is Kill Bill, she takes her tea blond, she taught herself French, she hates the feeling of velvet and she enjoys knitting (though she'd never tell anyone in the pack as much).

    #i love werewolves #i love drama and action #what more could i possibly need #blood moon#interactive fiction #blood moon if #whatchique moodboards
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  • incorrectsmashbrosquotes
    25.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    My favorite Aesthetic: Gothic Horror meets High Fantasy

    Elves and Vampires: 

    Sun meets Moon aesthetic

    Elf: “Oh, I’ve never seen you get up this early!” Vampire: “I’m getting ready for bed.”

    Vampires bundle up in layers of clothing so they can frolic with their elf friends during the day.

    Elves drink gallons of caffeine so they can spend time with their nocturnal counterparts.

    Goth meets Prep

    Elves go on for hours complimenting the aesthetics and décor of the #spooky vampire castle.

    Both are doomed to eternity, one in the day and one in the night.

    Together, they just might make eternity bearable.

    Dwarves and Werewolves

    Dwarves make werewolves indestructible chew toys that they manage to destroy anyway.

    Dwarf: “Look at this flawless gemstone!” Werewolf” “HOLY SHIT SHINY THING! I MUST EAT IT!”

    Werewolves drag their dwarf friends into the woods to play and the dwarves decide that, hey, may be the outdoors are okay.

    ENDLESSLY complaining about elves/vampires together.

    Werewolves listen patiently to dwarves talk endlessly about their interests and work.

    Dwarves find the energy to play all through the night with their werewolf buddies

    Jocks and Shop Kids

    Werewolves are the only ones who can endure more than a single mug of Dwarven ale before passing out drunk.

    Feel free to expand on this yourselves!

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  • chipcookies
    25.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    im finally starting on dat short story!! lol keep an eye out B) 

    #its about. werewolves and rockstars and senseless violence
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  • iwhumpyou
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    in bocca al lupo

    What?  Original whumpfic?  From me?  Yes, I know it’s been ages, but I’ve gotten new inspiration!  I’ll be posting snippets here, but most of it will be going up on my AO3, under a new pseud.



    Jaime shivered on his knees and tried to remember how to breathe.

    Wolves prowled around them, bared teeth and sharp claws, low huffs whenever one of them flinched back. Only five of them were left, five of the nearly thirty hunters at the camp, the last remnants of this moonlit massacre.  Jaime stayed where he was, numb and cold, hands folded in his lap, and focused on breathing.

    The hunters were dead. All of them were dead.  Including the five of them grouped together at the front of the camp as the wolves ransacked the rest of it, making sure they didn’t miss a single thing.  Determined to destroy every last vestige of the camp.

    Jaime couldn’t blame them. He just wished they’d ripped out his throat when they found him half-collapsed in Eskender’s tent, instead of dragging him out to group him with the other survivors.

    There had been a half-second, between his magic returning and deciding to break open the cages and stumbling as soon as he ripped through his own locks, that he’d dared to believe he could be free.  Throw up an invisibility spell, conceal his scent, sneak out for the woods—he could’ve ran.

    Been free, truly free, for the first time in years.

    Gone home.

    And the opportunity vanished like a blink of an eye, and Jaime was on his knees in the dirt as wolves skulked around them, warm breaths against the edges of his sleeveless shirt as paws stepped too close, neck bare but still trapped.

    “Mage,” someone hissed.  Two people over, after Dilip who had his eyes closed and his breathing slow, and Clem who was crumpled on the ground, breathing wetly.  Emelina, her eyes sharp and her face narrowed.  “Mage, your collar’s off.  You can get us out.”

    Jaime gave her a look that could’ve frozen water.

    Get them out?  Oh no. They deserved to die here, deserved to be torn apart by the wolf pack for what they’d done to all the wolves they captured, and Jaime wouldn’t magick a single spark in their defense.  That they even had the nerve to ask, after everything they did to him— 

    “Mage!” Emelina whispered, louder, and Jaime ignored her.  She snarled, but a wolf growled from in front of them, and she broke off.

    “Leave it, Em,” Tulio said on her other side, low and melodious, “He was always a coward.”

    Jaime closed his eyes for a moment.  It was true. He was a coward.  He knew the consequences would be pain, and he was so, so afraid of being hurt.  He wouldn’t help even if he could, and his head was almost too heavy to lift. Undoing his magic had taken a lot out of him, and his magic reserves had never gotten a chance to really recover, not in all the years he’d spent with hunters.

    A dark grey wolf plodded past them and seamlessly shifted back to human.  “We’ve searched the rest of the camp,” the dark-skinned, dark-haired woman said, casting a stray glance at the five of them on the ground, “Those are the only survivors.” 

    The solid black wolf—the alpha, judging by the way they all defer to her—moved out of the shadows, stalking in front of them before shifting to human.  Her hair was as dark as her fur, skin light in the moonlight, and something in the shadows of her expression made her seem just as dangerous without claws and sharp teeth.

    Jaime lowered his head before he could meet her gaze.  Before he wouldn’t have cared.  Now, he knew that power was a tool, and a sharp one, and his best bet was going unnoticed.

    A wolf snarl, right next to his ear.  Not much hope of that.

    “Hunters,” the alpha said, her voice quiet and made of razors, “You seem to enjoy running down wolves like animals, and caging them like dogs.”

    “You are dogs,” Emelina spat out, and Jaime cringed despite himself.  The wolves growled louder, but they didn’t attack.  “You come here and savage us like creatures and then have the audacity to—”

    The alpha stepped forward, and Emelina couldn’t suppress the flinch back.

    “You have fire left,” she said, and it didn’t sound like a good thing.  “It’s always more entertaining when they fight.”

    Oh gods.  Jaime recognized that tone of voice.  That was the tone of someone who was going to play with their meal.  Someone who wanted a game.

    This wasn’t going to be quick.  Jaime should’ve found a knife and slit his own throat.

    “I’ll rip your fucking head off, you damn mutt—”

    “Would you?” the alpha asked, tone eerily level, “Or would you rather take the chance to leave?”

    Emelina stilled. Jaime was startled enough to raise his head.  There was no way the wolves would let them go, not unless they were being used as bait, but this was still a chance. If Jaime could find someplace to hide, to recover his magic long enough to disappear, if he could just run—

    The alpha stepped to the side, and the wolves followed her lead.  The space between the edge of camp and the forest was wide, wide open.  “You get a five minute head start,” the alpha said, the faintest smile playing on her face.

    Tulio sucked in a sharp breath.  No one moved.

    “It’s already started,” the alpha informed them, and Emelina was the first person to burst into motion. She surged up to her feet, and the wolves backed away, the alpha staying where she was.  Emelina half looked like she wanted to run at the closest wolf, lack of weapons be damned, but rationality reasserted itself.

    “Come on,” she said harshly, yanking Tulio up and reaching for Clem, “Come on, get up!”  Between her and Tulio, they managed to get Clem upright and on his feet, hissing against the pain.  “Let’s go!”  Dilip jerked upright as well, but the bleakness on his face was obvious.  He knew they weren’t going to escape.

    None of them made a single backwards glance at him.  Jaime stretched up to his feet slowly—he felt like he was walking in a costume, like everything was one layer removed from his skin, like the oppressive weight of wolf glares was a pillow smothering his head.

    Five minutes.  Jaime’s magic was nearly drained dry, he ached, inside and out, and the night breeze bit painfully at his exposed arms.  He couldn’t get free in five minutes.

    The wolves stayed inside the camp as he walked out, stuttering, stumbling steps over the uneven terrain.  He didn’t even have shoes.  He’d never been far from camp, no one wanted to chance that risk, and the trees stretching in the distance looked like freedom.

    Looked like a lie.

    Jaime stopped walking.

    What was the point? No matter how fast he ran, the wolves would catch up.  This was just a game, and Jaime was so very tired of playing games.  He just wanted it to be over. 

    He slowly, silently folded to his knees, arms wrapped around himself, head bent, his face stretched oddly. He didn’t even have the energy to cry.

    He just waited.

    After a stretching eternity of silence, the wolves began to howl.

    Jaime squeezed his eyes shut.


    Continued on AO3.

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  • comradepatroclus
    25.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i love the concept of werewolves and vampires mainly bc of the concept of packs and covens like hvsjsfrzb the found family potential of being accepted into one or starting one with friends is just the best

    #but anyway werewolves are literally so cool #om*gaverse people dni i will kill you on sight #kader rambles
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  • hogwartsreviews
    25.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    📚 Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

    I think I am officially out of my Twilight phase. I still like the movies, which are actually the only movies that are better than the books, in my opinion. I thought I was excited about this book, but as I read it I just realized how weird everything is. I mean, I knew it was when I read the series, but I guess reading this just reiterated it to me. Twilight will always hold a special place in my heart, but I’m glad I’ve moved on.

    Rating: 7/10

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  • slytherinsnekxvii
    25.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    question: does the reanimated corpse of a werewolf still have to undergo the transformation during full moons? or does the fact that it's a corpse somehow prevent that from being the case? or does it like,,, put the lycanthropy into sleep mode to be activated at the reanimator's will? because i've been thinking about this for like a month and i still can't settle on an answer.

    like,, lycanthropy is a disease that persists in the blood,, but most diseases that are transmitted via bodily fluids tend to die after a certain period of time depending on circumstances. so, does the disease die? or does it stick around bc the magic used to reanimate the corpse preserves everything including the lycanthropy? bc everything is stagnant, does the lycanthropy remain unaffected by the moon since the cells involved are sort of "stuck" in human mode? or do they not switch between human and wolf cells and just merge into one set of werewolf cells that are sort of permanently in human werewolf form?

    how does the moon even make werewolves transform, it's just,, a rock in space reflecting sunlight,,, it's literally not even a magic rock


    #i have no idea how werewolves work #i have a vague idea of how corpses work #what happens to werewolf corpses and can i plausibly use this to make zombie severus a weapon #i've literally been thinking about this for so long and i keep going in circles i need outside opinions please #can someone explain #how any of these things would work #like it doesn't even matter werewolves literally turn into werewolves bc of a rock in space and i shouldn't be rationalising this #but still#pls help#werewolves#harry potter
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  • joemerl
    25.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Julycanthropy 2021, Day 24: “Trapped”

    Summary: A random snippet from the rough draft of my novel, about three brothers in a family cursed with lycanthropy.

    Bisclavret is a poem written by Marie de France, who has the most generic “French woman” name that I can imagine, but whatever. The main character is a baron who has to go into the woods every week, take off his clothes, and then transform into a wolf for three days. He has his normal human mind and thus acts perfectly tame, without any of “accidentally murder your loved ones” problems that you see in the movies. (He bites off his wife’s nose, but she deserved it.) After that he can put his clothes back on and turn back into a human, but without them he would be stuck as a wolf forever. (pg. 8-9)

    Notes: A weird story to base my werewolves off of, but there ya go.

    #Julycanthropy #The OTHER novel that I'm supposedly writing #Werewolf#Werewolves#Bisclavret
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  • ahsokatano-thetogruta
    24.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    The Werewolves Of The Canadian Wilderness

    Chapter One


    Warnings: Death, blood, mentions of childbirth, transformation, crying baby, mention of hunting/killing of animals, derogatory language, swearing, body horror. 

    A/N: Hi guys, this is a modern au of the Bad Batch. They are all werewolves and live in Canada. Both myself and @writer1​ have worked on this and we are so excited to work on it more. We hope you enjoy it! 

    Hunter runs through the forest, his brothers following behind him. He smells and feels the soil under his clawed hands and feet, kicking it up as he runs. The fresh dew that's fallen over everything, as the moon sits half full above them. Hunter loves this. Going on runs with his brothers, it’s his favourite thing to do. But then he stops running, slowing down as he smells it. Another wolf. 

    He sits back as his brothers stop as well, looking at him with confusion. He sniffs the air again. This wolf is female, and she’s bleeding. There's something else, but he has no idea what it is. “Hunter, what’s wrong?” Echo asks, walking up. Hunter growls. “There's another wolf, female. She’s bleeding and there's something else, but I’m not sure what.” The others, including Echo, sniff the air. “He’s right, I smell her too.” Crosshair growls, and Echo huffs. “We should check on her. All wolves know not to come on another's territory, so she was most likely desperate and not thinking.” They all nod. 

    “Let's go then, I can give her medical help if that's what she needs.” Tech offers, and they all agree. “Alright, but we should be careful. Wrecker, you’ve got to be quiet. We don’t know what her intentions are.” Crosshair warns, and everyone agrees. “Let's go.” Wrecker says, trying to be quiet. 

    With that, they all stalk off, following the smell. It’s only about a mile away that they find her, just a pile of pitch black fur. Their hearts drop. Even though this is their territory and they are wary about trespassers, this She wolf needs their help.

    That's when she lets out a wheeze, coughing as she takes a shallow breath in, looking up with dull yellow eyes. “Help…” Her voice is low and almost lifeless, making them walk a little closer, Tech walking right up to her and kneeling down, checking her over. She has no cuts or wounds, but the ground around her and trailing into the treeline is coloured red. Tech is confused “Are you alright? How can we help, Lady?” 

    Her voice is barely audible now, even with their incredible hearing, so Tech leans down and listens carefully when she leans her head up a little “Omega, please take care of--” Then she takes one last breath, her body stilling and head falling to the ground. 

    They don't know what to think. They are sad, but they've never met this woman before in their life. Plus, death is only natural, so they've gotten used to it, especially since they hunt down animals a lot. “Come on guys, let's head home. Seems like a storm is coming, so we will bury her tomorrow.” Hunter says sadly, turning to walk away.

    “Why? She's a stranger and she trespassed on our territory.” Crosshair huffs. Echo glares at their youngest brother “Because she was injured and obviously needed help, numskull.” Crosshair glares back at him, rolling his eyes and walking away, Wrecker following behind him, along with Echo and Hunter. Tech frowns, closing the woman's eyes before standing and walking to catch up with the others. 

    He freezes after a few steps, his ears flicking back, and so do the others'. They look at each other. “Um, did one of you just whine?” Wrecker asks, everyone shaking their heads. That's when they hear if again, walking back over to the werewolf corpse, and standing around. “The hell just made that sound?” Crosshair grumbles, wanting to go home and just lay in bed. 

    There it is again, the whine seems to be coming from the dead She wolf. They are about to question why, but that's when they see a small blonde snout stick out of the mother's arms, a tiny black nose twitching and sniffing. It whines and nuzzles the fur on the arm, letting out a yip here and there. Tech leans over the body and pulls her arms away, causing a small, blonde fur pup to topple out and onto the frosty ground, whining and crying. 

    Everyone's eyes widen, as they stare at the tiny, whimpering pup. Its tiny body racked with shivers and quaking, the light blonde fur covered with blood. Hunter reaches over in front of Tech, gently scooping her up. He brings her to his chest as he sits back, and she whines, nuzzling into his fluffy fur there and raking her hands on his chest.

    They all stare at it, then Hunter pulls it away a bit from his chest and looks it over. “Well, it’s a girl.” He tells his brothers, making Wrecker look closer. “You sure? What about the thing between her legs?” Wrecker asks, making Hunter chuckle. “That's her tail.” 

    Tech moves closer, looking at her. “She’s covered in blood, that’s why the lady was bleeding. She’d just given birth, she must have passed from the blood loss.” He summarizes, making everyone’s ears press back. “She’s so tiny, must be a preemie.” Echo adds, as Hunter gently starts cleaning the little pup off, licking her fur a little too roughly.

    “Hunter, gentle.” Echo warns, and Hunter nods, licking again, but a bit gentler this time as the little pup continues to whine until he’s done, and she’s back pressed against his chest. Tech frowns. “We almost left her here, if we hadn't heard her. Her mother's body warmth would not have lasted the night, so the poor pup would have frozen.” Everyone’s eyes widen, Crosshair giving them a small smile. “Then it’s a good thing we did hear her, now, let's get home.” He tells them, making everyone smile. They all know how he is with kids, just a big softie.

    Hunter looks to Echo. “How do I carry her? It’s faster if we go on all fours, but…” Echo smiles. “Use your mouth, just be gentle.” Echo instructs him, and Hunter nods. He gently brings the pup up to his mouth, opening wide and setting her between his teeth. He gently applies enough pressure to hold her in, but not enough to pierce her skin or bruise her. 

    She actually seems quite content in his mouth, albeit shivering a lot from the cold. He gets on all fours and looks to his brothers, and with that, they all start running as fast as they can back to their home. A little cabin near a mountain. As they run, it starts to snow a bit, indicating that it’s almost winter.

    It doesn’t take the five of them long to get to the cabin, as they open the door and run in. As soon as they are in, Tech goes running to their rooms, grabbing as many blankets as he can. Hunter gently pulls the pup from his mouth, holding her carefully to his chest. The pup starts sucking on Hunter’s chest, making him chuckle. “She’s hungry. Well, you won’t get any milk from me, sweety. And most definitely not from the middle of my chest.” He nuzzles her, as she continues trying.

    The four of them walk to the living room, as Tech runs in with the blankets. He arranges them into a little nest on the floor, looking at his brothers. “She needs lots of warmth, so she’ll need to be surrounded by blankets, plus one of us for even more heat.” They all nod as Hunter carries her over, laying her down. Tech pets the top of her head. “There you go, Omega.” 

    Everyone looks at him with confusion, as Tech smiles. “It’s only logical that when the mother said to take care of Omega, this is who she had meant. Now, can you lay with her first, Hunter?” Hunter nods as he gently curls around her, and Tech looks to the others. “We need to get her some food, bottles, and even more baby supplies. So we need to shift and drive to the store.” they all nod, and Crosshair hums. “I’ll go with you, help out with getting Squirt here some supplies.” 

    Tech nods, as he closes his eyes and starts to shift, Crosshair does the same. After a few seconds, they are standing, both stretching out and human. Tech adjusts his goggles back to human size, and they both run upstairs to get dressed. Hunter looks down at Omega, who's whimpering and whining, as Wrecker walks over. “She’s so tiny.” He whispers in aw, then he chuckles. “She’s just a little fluffball.” 

    Echo smiles. “She is, and looks like she’s ours now.” He says with a happy smile, staring at her. She shuffles and squirms around in the sea of blankets, making small little yips and whines as she sort of pushes her way around. The poor pup is unable to crawl properly. It's then when she rolls on her back and starts to cry. Hunter is the first one to make a move to calm her, curling an arm around her and pulling the pup close. 

    He's had experience with his brothers before when they were very young, so he is the best one out of all of them to keep the pup in check. He'll have to teach the others sometime about how to take care of her too. Omega wiggles her way closer to Hunter chest, finally finding where his nipple is and suckles again. 

    It makes Hunter laugh ever so softly. He finds it amusing, but at the same, he's sad, because she is hungry and her Mother, who would have fed her, is… “Pup, you won't be able to get any food from there.” He says, but when he manages to pull her away, she just starts wailing and whining. 

    This is one thing that Hunter has never done when taking care of his brothers, since they grew out of the suckling stage by the time he had to take care of them 24/7. Hunter feels bad for making her cry, so he brings her back to his chest, in which she immediately latches back on and suckles again, trying her best to get some milk to satisfy the hunger in her stomach.

    Wrecker and Echo laugh, not at Omega, but at Hunter. “She must be hungry, she's really going to town there.” Echo playfully teases Hunter, earning a glare from him. “Yeah yeah, laugh it up you two.” He rolls his eyes, letting out a small chuckle too. 

    At that moment, Crosshair and Tech both come back downstairs to the sight of Omega suckling his actual nipple now. Crosshair bursts out laughing “She thinks you're a woman? I mean, you definitely have the long hair for it.” Crosshair teases Hunter. “Not you too, Cross.” Hunter groans, making them all laugh.

    Except for Tech, that is. “Guys, you do realise that she's starving, right?” The mood is immediately brought down. None of them had realized it, but they know Tech is right. Crosshair looks towards them. “We’ll be half an hour, tops.” He tells them, grabbing Tech and running out the door. Both men head to their old pickup, jumping in and Crosshair starts driving, ready to get their supplies for Omega.


    Crosshair turns the car off, as he and Tech jump out. Tech grabs his bank card. Ready to buy the necessary items they need. The brothers all have jobs in town, Wrecker is a lumberjack, Hunter works as a lifeguard in the summer, Crosshair hunts animals with Hunter, and people pay them for it. Hunter transforms and chases it to a spot, where Crosshair snipes it. 

    Tech is the computer geek of the town, always helping out with all computer needs, especially the elderly. Echo usually works at the blockbuster in town, it’s the last of its kind.

    They both walk into the grocery store, Crosshair following Tech to the baby section. “We need diapers, baby formula, puppy formula, bottles, baby wipes, and blankets. Those are what we need most.” Tech explains, and Crosshair nods. “Alright, let's get everything. I’ll get diapers, puppy formula, and bottles. You get the rest.” Tech nods and they both spit up, grabbing everything they need.

    Once they’re done, they both meet up at the cash register, since it’s so late, there's no need to wait in line. The man at the cash register, Joe, as Crosshair remembers, laughs. “You and your brothers missed quite a spectacle tonight.” Tech and Crosshair look at eachother. “Did we now?” Crosshair asks, popping a toothpick into his mouth.

    Joe nods. “Yes, there was supposedly a werewolf in town, but we still aren’t sure if it was.” Both Tech and Crosshair tense up even more than they already were, hearing that. “What did it look like? Was it scary?” Tech asks, fake voice of shock. 

    Joe nods. “Yeah, it had large fangs and teeth, and pitch black fur. Damn thing was also really fat, so it must have eaten granny.” He bursts out laughing at his own joke, but Crosshair seethes. Both him and Tech realize what Joe is talking about… Omega’s mother.

    “It also pissed itself too, then howled as if it was in pain before we even touched it, stupid thing. That’ll be fifty dollars by the way.” Crosshair wants to explode, his jaw clenching as he chews harder on his toothpick, almost snapping it. He wants to transform and just kill this human, but Tech places a hand on his shoulder, and swipes his bank card as he takes a bag, handing it to Crosshair. 

    “Is he alright, looks a bit pale?” Joe asks, and Tech nods. “Yeah, he just has a fear of werewolves. They really scare him.” Tech explains, and Joe nods in sympathy. Crosshair feels so angry right now, leaning into Tech’s hand. With that Tech gets the rest of their bags and they leave the store, loading it into the truck and driving off. Tech driving this time.

    It's been a few minutes since they've been driving, Crosshair staring out of the window with his chin resting on his hand, propping his elbow up on the door. Tech glances at him for a moment just by moving his eyes, then turning his head for a moment, asking “You alright?” Crosshair shakes in anger, but also tries to hold back “No, didn't you hear what that Kriffing bastard said?!”

    Tech frowns “I did, but humans, they...they don't understand us werewolves. They think so badly of us, making up stories about us to scare children.” he says, hearing Crosshair emit a growl. “Cross?”

    Crosshair then groans “Pull over.” Tech sees that they are about half way home “We have five minutes, can you hold it--” “No, pull the fucking car over!!” Tech swerves and before the car can even stop, Crosshair has pulled off his jacket and shirts, opening the door and stumbling out and untying his boots, pulling them off. 

    Tech watches as Crosshair runs into the forest. He jumps out of the car and grabs Crosshair's boots, getting back in and switching the car's engine off, sitting and waiting patiently. He worries for their youngest. 

    Crosshair's emotions get the best of him a lot of the time, so he loses the will to hold back the transformation. Tech hears a growl in the distance. They are lucky that the bad weather has made people stay at home, since it's freezing outside. Tech turns on the radio, listening to the weather reports as he rests his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. 

    A minute later, there's a snap of a twig outside, making Tech's eyes open wide. He fears that it could be a bear, but he breathes a sigh of relief when he sees nothing but his brother, covered in grey fur and standing tall on his back two legs. 

    Tech gives him a smile and then jumps out of the car, picking up the tarp from the passenger footwell before he shuts the door and walks around the back of the pickup. They both know the rules. Jump into the back as soon as you can, strap the tarp down and make sure you weren't seen. Crosshair climbs into the beck, curling up a little when he lies down and Tech hides him. 

    Once all secure, Tech jumps back in the car, starts up the engine and drives off home. They get back in around five minutes, only to be met with Hunter, sitting on the porch step outside, human and wearing his thick, winter jacket. 

    Tech pulls up and parks the car, grabbing the groceries and hopping out as Hunter walks over “Where have you been? Omega is starving and waiting for food. And where's Crosshair?” Tech rubs the back of his neck, sighing. “We had to make a stop on the way back.”

    Hunter then notices the tarp that was tied down to the back of the truck, being lifted as Crosshair emerges and climbs out. “Oh no. What happened?” Hunter asks as Crosshair walks towards them, walking straight on by with a pissed off look, first of all grabbing his clothes from the front seat before storming to the cabin. 

    Tech looks sadly at Hunter. “You know the store assistant, Joe? At the grocery store? Well, he told us that a pitch black werewolf ran through town and said nasty things about it.” Hunter bristles at that, knowing that it would upset Crosshair to hear that, then Hunter realises-- “Wait, Omega's mother?”

    Tech nods sadly. “He said she was fat, which must have been her baby bump. He also said that she had peed herself, which I’m guessing was her water breaking.” Hunter shakes his head as Tech looks at him sadly. “My best guess of what happened is that they cornered her, causing Omega’s mother to go into pre-term labor, then giving birth from the stress and fear.”

    Hunter feels disgust, knowing that the people in town are the reason Omega has no mother, and that she was born premature. “That’s disgusting. Let’s get inside and get Omega fed.” Hunter says, and Tech nods. Hunter grabs a bag from Tech, and they both run into the cabin.

    Tech grabs the bag with bottles and baby formula, running to the kitchen. Hunter walks back to the living room, seeing Wrecker sitting beside the couch in werewolf form with a still angry, transformed Crosshair. Echo is laying with Omega now, as the little pup tries so hard to suckle from him as well. 

    All three of them look up, as they have sad looks. “Crosshair told us about what they heard, I’m sure Tech told you?” Echo asks, and Hunter nods. “What they did was disgusting. They killed Omega’s mother, and almost killed her in the process.” Hunter growls, as he walks over and sits down on the couch, as Crosshair growls. 

    “They called her fat!!! Those idiot humans can’t even tell that she was pregnant, there’s such a big difference, how could they not tell!!?” Crosshair yells, making the little pup startle, whimpering and pausing it's suckling from Echo.

    Echo comforts her, then looks up at Crosshair. “You have to calm down, you’re scaring poor Omega.” Echo tells him, making Crosshair huff. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He apologizes, making Echo nod. Hunter hums, then stands and walks to the kitchen. He sees Tech with a pot, the bottles sitting in boiling water. 

    Hunter raises an eyebrow. “What…?” Tech turns to him. “I have to disinfect the bottles, as the internet says. They are almost done, I’m already making up the formula so it will be ready soon, half puppy formula and half human formula.” He tells Hunter, making him nod. “That's good, she needs to eat.” Tech nods, then Hunter walks back out to the living room, seeing his brothers all look towards him. “The bottle is almost ready, so she won’t be hungry for much longer.”

    Everyone gets a relieved look, as Omega squirms over to Echo and starts trying to suckle again. They all get sad looks, knowing that her mother should be here to do this. Echo gently pets her head, humming. “She’s so fluffy. Just a blonde little fluffball.” Echo chuckles, as everyone smiles, then they turn as Tech walks out, putting a little of the milk on his wrist. “It’s a good temperature, so it’s ready.” 

    Echo then pulls Omega away. “Come on, Sweetheart. Nom nom time.” Omega starts whimpering and making sad sounds, as if she’s about to cry again. Echo gently tries turning her around, but with only one arm, it’s proving to be more difficult than he thought. Wrecker then walks over. “Here, I’ll hold her while Tech feeds her.” He holds his arms out, allowing Echo to pass the whimpering baby werewolf to him.

    Tech walks over and tilts the bottle so there isn’t any air, just so she doesn’t get as gassy. “Here you go, Miss Omega.” Tech coos, smiling when she takes the bottle in her mouth, starting to drink. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, glad that she’s finally getting some food. She continues to suckle on the bottle for a good few minutes before it’s all empty. “We have to burp her now.”

    “Uh... what?” Wrecker asks, not exactly sure what Tech means by that, so he explains. “You have to pat her back to make her burp.” Wrecker presses his ears back, his face paling under his fur when he has a scary thought about hurting her. Tech notices and smiles softly. “Want me to take her from you and do it?” 

    Wrecker nods, so once Tech places the empty bottle down, he takes Omega off of Wrecker and pats her back. She lets out a burp after a few minutes, making everyone chuckle. Then she starts to whine again. “Wait? Is she still hungry?!” Crosshair asks incredulously, and Tech nods. 

    “Must be, which makes sense. Us Werewolves do eat more, so a bottle that would satisfy a regular newborn won’t be enough. I’ll go make her another one, while I’m gone, someone get a diaper on her.” Tech hands Omega back to Wrecker, and walks out to the kitchen, as Hunter hums and grabs a diaper from the bag. “Alright, lay her down.” Wrecker does as Echo hands him a blanket, and he lays her down on it.

    Hunter walks over, and goes to put the diaper on, but her tail’s in the way. “Shit!” He curses, but then Crosshair grabs the diaper from him, as everyone turns to him. Crosshair eyes where her tail would go, then cuts a slit into it. “There, that should be good.” Crosshair hums, handing it back to Hunter. Hunter gently threads Omega’s tail through, then does it up and picks her up. 

    “There we go, that’ll keep you and your blankets clean.” Hunter coos, holding Omega close. He feels her shivering and frowns. “Alright, I think it’s Crosshair’s turn to cuddle her, right? Then Wrecker, then Tech?” Everyone nods, and Hunter lays her back in her sea of blankets as Echo moves away, Crosshair taking his place. The pup wriggles her way to him, once again attaching herself and trying to suckle.

    Crosshair groans. “No.” He tells her simply and pulls Omega away, but she just whimpers for a few seconds, then starts straight up wailing. Crosshair sighs and pulls her close, as she latches back on. Tech walks in and smiles at the sight, as Crosshair sighs. “How long until she’ll learn that she won’t get any milk from us?” He asks, and Tech shrugs. 

    “She’s just a baby, it’s instinct to try and get milk. Besides, I’m pretty sure it’s also giving her comfort to know someone’s there, even if they can’t feed her.” Tech explains, and Crosshair nods. Then he picks her up as Tech walks over and places the bottle in her mouth, like before.

    “We are going to have to feed her every two hours, so we’ll need to take shifts. And someone always needs to be present and cuddling her, since she needs body heat and touch.” They all nod, then Tech thinks. “We should also be in our werewolf form while cuddling her, it’ll keep her warmer.” Hunter nods, smiling softly at Omega. 

    “Sounds good. How about I take the first shift with her? We’ll go about every four hours, so we each have two feedings with her?” Everyone nods in agreement, as Omega finishes her bottle and Tech burps her again. 

    The little burp she lets out makes Wrecker chuckle. “Aww, you’re just a gassy little thing, aren't ya?” He jokes, as Omega whines and shivers, Tech placing her back in her blankets. Crosshair curls around her, as she cuddles into him, but doesn’t try to suckle this time.

    “Looks like she’s full for the next two hours, maybe we should start getting some sleep. Hunter’s taking the first shift, then we go Echo, me, Crosshair and Wrecker?” Tech asks, and they all nod in agreement. “I’m going to run upstairs and get changed into my ripped pants, should I just shift up there?” Hunter asks, and Tech nods. “Yeah, I noticed the sounds scared Omega before.” Hunter nods, running up the stairs and to his room.

    He quickly changes into his already ripped pants, getting his clothing put away. He then concentrates, sighing with relief as the familiar feeling of the transformation takes over. He grimaces a bit as his bones crack and rearrange, growing bigger, fur covers his body, as his legs gain haunches. His mouth becomes a snout, as his teeth grow sharper, and he grows claws on his hands and feel. Last is the long, fluffy tail growing from his backside.

    Hunter stretches himself out, growling a bit as he sighs. Shifting always felt nice and comforting, to be back as a werewolf. It’s funny actually, it’s the same with both his forms. Hunter then grabs his bandana, retying it on and running back downstairs. As soon as he gets to the living room, he walks over to Omega and Crosshair, letting Crosshair move and quickly taking his place with the pup.

    “You gonna be alright on your own with her, Hunter?” Echo asks, Hunter nodding and cradling Omega close, keeping her warm. The temperature outside is dropping dramatically, so Omega is going to need all the warmth she can get if she’s to survive this winter. “Yeah, Echo, we’ll be just fine. There are plenty of blankets around, so if it comes to it, I’ll bundle her up in one.” 

    With that, Echo stands up and heads upstairs, followed by Wrecker and Crosshair who go to their own rooms. Tech hangs back a little, placing a hand on Hunter’s shoulder. “If you need anything, just come and wake me. I've left a note on the fridge for you.” Hunter nods in thanks as Tech walks upstairs to his room, leaving Hunter and the small pup alone. He lays down on his side, curling around her to protect her from the frosty air that threatens to make her shiver. Once Hunter has made sure that she has fallen asleep, he closes his eyes and lets himself drift off as well. 


    Hunter wakes up to the sound of wailing and the feeling of Omega suckling on him again. He opens his eyes, checking the time to see that two hours have passed. “Shh, it’s alright. Let’s go and get you some food, Pup.” Hunter bundles her up in a blanket, picking her up in his arms and walks to the kitchen. 

    Tech made the lights in each room so that they could be dimmed with a small dial on the wall by the door, so the kitchen is dimly lit. Omega continues to cry as Hunter makes his way to the fridge, seeing the brightly coloured post it note on there:

    Formula on the top shelf for Omega is already made, just needs microwaving until lukewarm. -T : )

    Hunter smiles, thankful that Tech has already made some milk up for him. Hunter grabs a bottle from the top shelf of the fridge and places it in the microwave, putting it on for...One minute. He sets the microwave going as he turns his attention to Omega, hushing her and gently rocking her in his arms, feeling her suck on his shoulder. 

    He smiles, but he gets lost in thought about when he took care of his brothers when they were young. They were too old to still be having milk, so Hunter found it easy to hunt for small critters for them to eat. Formula though? It's all new and forreign to him, so he’s glad that Tech knows what he's doing. 

    The beeping of the microwave brings him out of his thoughts. While he holds Omega in one arm, he reaches for the milk and tests it, making sure that it’s lukewarm. “Perfect.” He whispers to himself, seeing Omega’s nose twitching and sniffing the air, her cries reducing to whines as she begs for the milk. “Here ya go, nice and easy, Pup.” It’s going to be a long night for all of them, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. That, for sure, is certain.


    Hunter yawns as he wakes up, rubbing his eyes. Echo had relieved him of baby duty last night, so Hunter had gotten some much needed rest. He stretches out a bit, looking down to see that he’s human now, smiling a bit. He stands up, grabbing a shirt and changing into his pants that aren’t ripped, he walks down the hall. He walks downstairs, and straight to the living room. As soon as he gets in, he sees Tech and Crosshair, Tech placing Omega in a new diaper.

    They both look up as Hunter walks in, Tech smiling. “She needed a change, ended up having a nice little pee. Didn’t you, Miss Omega.” Tech coos as he holds her gently, hearing the little thing whine. “Well, that's good. You must feel better, Pup.” Hunter coos to her, as Tech hands Omega back to cuddle with Crosshair. Crosshair wraps his body around her, gently nuzzling her.

    Hunter turns to see a human Echo and Wrecker walking in, smiling at the sweet sight. “How’s our new little resident doing?” Echo asks, as Wrecker sits beside Crosshair and coos at little Omega, Tech smiles. “She seems to be doing well, a bit upset not to have her mother around, but there's nothing we can do except comfort her.” Everyone gets sad looks, knowing that this should never have happened, this baby should not have had to lose her 


    “Why hasn’t she opened her eyes?” Wrecker asks, as everyone turns to him, Tech hums. “I’ve never seen a werewolf baby before, but my guess is they are like regular wolves, where they are born with their eyes sewn shut for a few weeks. That will be a milestone when she opens them.” Hunter smiles. “That's good, so everything seems to be normal with her?” Tech nods. “Yes, aside from being small because she’s premature, she’s fine.” Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, Crosshair cuddling her just a bit closer now. “Shouldn’t she be human?” Crosshair asks with confusion in his voice.

    Hunter smiles “Werewolves don’t have their first transformation until they reach the age of six months old. I remember when you were just a baby, Crosshair. I was only five and a half back then, but I still remember it so vividly.” Everyone understands now, they wouldn’t remember their first transformation, let alone how old they were when it happened. Hunter then winces. “I remember how you cried and screamed a lot, and it took a long time.”

    Tech hums in thought “That makes sense, the first time would most likely be painful. Also, we checked the freezer this morning and we are running low on food, so we'll go out hunting today. It'll be good for Miss Omega to have some blood in her diet.” At that, someone's stomach growls, everyone looking at Wrecker. “What, I'm hungry!” They laugh at him, but Omega is startled and starts crying. Wrecker feels guilty, making him rub the back of his neck. 

    Tech leaves the room for a minute, leaving everyone confused until they hear groans and growls from the other room. He walks out, fully transformed. He heads over to Crosshair, since he noticed how tense he became as soon as she started wailing. He takes her from him and hushes her crying, calming the small pup down. “I'll stay here with her while you guys go hunting?”

    They nod in agreement, all grabbing their emergency pairs of torn pants, which they keep in a wooden box by the door, just in case they feel like they are going to transform and need to go have a run. Or if they’re too lazy to go upstairs, like now. 

    They strip down and put on their torn pants, tossing their clothes in the box for when they get back. Hunter opens the door, letting the icy cold air into the cabin, making Tech shield Omega from the frosty breeze. 

    They all leave the cabin, transforming just outside and running off, save for Tech of course, who shuffles closer to the crackling fireplace with Omega, knowing that the sounds will be soothing and so will the warmth, since the cool air, from when the door was open, still lingers. 

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    Broken Moon Chapter 8 is posted!

    It was later in the day than usual for her to still be in her room. She had always been whisked off to Madame’s classroom the moment she was dressed, and yet today she’d been allowed to linger. She’d noticed that Song had left her hair loose again, save for the braided loops and a delicate mesh that was woven into her curls that shimmered in the light. Something was different about today.
    Song blinked at her, confused. “It’s the court dance today, my lady.”
    Her heart nearly stopped as she turned to face her handmaiden properly, hoping she had misheard. “The what?”
    “The court dance, miss,” Song repeated, furrowing her brows ever-so-slightly. “Every month the entire court is invited to a dance here at the palace. You are to be properly introduced as Prince Zuko’s betrothed.”
    Katara felt her mouth go dry and she swallowed with difficulty. Really, she should have expected this - and she had. Except she had expected it nearly a week ago when she’d first arrived, and she had been surprised that Ozai hadn’t paraded her in front of his court then, and supposed that maybe he wanted to keep her hidden until the wedding, when everything was official.
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    Lupo found a dead whale and had a great lunch apparently

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    Rewatching Twilight after like 8 years and oh my god the red flags that Edward and Jacob give off frighten me. How the hell did I find them in any way attractive as a teenager?!

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    ‘I’m a Goddamn Force of Nature, it feels like I can do just about anything! Y’know, we’re almost not even relate anymore’ Insta Credit: oldbrokenedits, Artist: Deftones, Song: Change

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    Tommy > wolf in Cannon Beach

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