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  • [Image ID: Chibi Lars in front of a blue background. A thin gold frame with golden vines surrounds the image. His name is written in white and teal cursive font in the bottom left corner. There’s a watermark over part of Lars’ head with the text “Tumblr @ wizardessheart-sideb” on it. It’s in the style of the event “Sweet Providence I.” /End ID]

    As soon as I fell into the sofa in the prefect’s office, I knew I was done for the next couple of minutes. Who knew teaching the Unus students about tarot would be so hard? I was the only one in the office and it was the perfect time to unpack my stuff and take up space before the others got here and her barely had room to breathe. They really should give us a bigger office since there’s so many of us, I  thought as I started pulling things out of my perams and placing them onto mine and Yukiya’s desk.

    The door opened and my stomach dropped a little. I was really hoping for some extra time. I didn’t want to have to shove everything to my side of the desk. But it wasn’t Yukiya that came in. Lars bounded into the room, looking as cheerful as every. A smile found its way to my face.

    “Hey, Lars!” I reached out for him and he took my hand before sitting in Yukiya’s chair next to me. “How did classes go?”

    “They were fine. Almost set something on fire, but I didn’t,” he replied.

    “You… you set something on fire?!”

    “I almost set something on fire.” Lars sighed, leaning back in his chair. “I kept running into setbacks with a magic tool and wasted too much time, so I didn’t measure something right because I was rushing and it almost caught fire.”

    “Lars…” As much as I was worried, I guess at least he was okay? “Were you okay?”

    “Oh, I was fine. I managed to finish the assignment by the skin of my teeth, but it was fine.” Okay, not exactly what I meant, but he seemed fine, so I dropped it. “How were your classes?”

    “They happened,” I responded. Lars made a sympathetic noise and let go of my hand. His hand gently rubbed my shoulder. “Thanks. It was just tiring. I had to teach them tarot card safety and basics and for some reason, the safety aspects just weren’t sticking with them.”

    “That’s a bummer.” Lars leaned in for a quick side hug. At least at the end of the day, I could depend on Lars for emotional support. “If you need help with the next class, I can help you out! You don’t need magic to read tarot cards!”

    “Are you sure? I don’t want you to miss a class because of me…”

    “No, it’s totally fine!” He was basically bouncing in the chair.

    “What’s fine?” We looked towards the door and saw Elias come in.

    “I’m going to help my amazing partner with their tarot card class!” Lars said happily.

    “Lars was offering to help me out. I don’t know why but the class just wasn’t grasping the basics,” I told him. Elias nodded at sat at the desk he normally shared with Alfonse.

    “The Unus students this year are having trouble with safety basics. Yukiya and I have been running into that issue too,” he said. “They don’t seem to understand that you need to properly finish Ouija board sessions.”

    “Oh, yikes,” I shuddered.

    “I don’t know a lot about ghosts, but I can help with tarot cards! Let me show you that I got this!” Lars was bouncing again, eyes shining bright. He honestly looked more like a puppy than a boyfriend. And although his enthusiasm was great, I just didn’t know if that would translate well into teaching about tarot.

    “Well, okay,” I said slowly, pulling my tarot cards out of my peram. It… It wouldn’t hurt to let him try, right? He eagerly snatched up the cards and started shuffling them. At least he was better at shuffling than I was. He spread the cards out a bit sloppily, though. And I guess I couldn’t fault him for that, but still, was it really a good idea to pull him out of class to help me? I picked a card and Lars flipped it over.

    “The upside-down Empress!” he called out.

    “It’s called ‘reversed,’” Elias corrected him from his desk.

    “Haha, oh yeah. Reversed.” Lars laughed a bit sheepishly. “Uh, okay, so it means celebrations, light…. Uh, everything becoming clearer. Does that apply to anything in your life?” I guess that last one sort of did. It was clear Lars could at least do this. But still, I wasn’t confident in having him help.

    “… Yeah…”

    “Awesome! Then I can totally help next Friday!” he exclaimed.

    “Wait, next Friday?” Elias perked up.

    “Yeah, that’s the next tarot class I have,” I told him. Elias frowned.

    “Lars, you can’t go help with a class. We’re going to be gone all day at that press event for that tool you worked on with Father,” Elias reminded him.

    “Oh, shoot! I completely forgot!” Lars’ grin quickly disappeared. He turned to me. “I’m sorry, I guess I can’t help after all.”

    “That’s okay. The thought alone counts.” I gave him a small smile. Thank you for the out, Elias and tarot cards.

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  • I’m reeling in my brain again
    Before it can get back to you
    Oh what am I supposed to do without you?

    #witch's heart#wh#witchs heart#noel levine#callumarti #been a hot minute since ive drawn wh #noelclaire #// implied anwyay
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  • Welcome Home spoilers for the chapter “A Scientists Secrets” below the cut (If you’re caught up and are up-to-date with the story, then you’ll be fine. xD) 

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    #tags#gravity falls#Welcome Home#WH#fanfiction#fanfic#fanfic art#fanfiction art#bill#cipher#bill cipher#human bill #human bill cipher #human!bill #humanbillcipher#ford#pines#stanford#ford pines#stanford pines#mabel#mabel pines#happy owl #happy shooting star #awkwardly and unusually nicey-nicey former dorito #ignore that last tag- #Welcome Home art #Whinkx #gravity falls fanfiction
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  • image

    Teacher oc I have not named.

    #wizardess heart#ntt solmare #shall we date #otome game#wizardess heart+#wh+ #shall we date wizardess heart #wh#swd wh
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  • time to be truly cringe <3

    #wh#what if #god i Cannot say it its far too embarassing gjdhfksjsksks #lg speakeths #ask to tag #fjshdjsjdh what if 😳 i got back into one of my embarrassing early high school interests 😳😳
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  • hello wilclaire nation,

    have you ever considered that another ship name for them could be Bluebell bc Claire’s entire theme is blue and Wilardo works with flowers ,,,,, 😳👉👈

    #bluebell is a type of flower if u didnt know lmao 😌 #wh#witch’s heart#wilclaire#wilardo adler#claire elford
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  • #the fennec speaks #wh #why is the #whipped cream #limb le s s #W H A T
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  • everything was instantaneous

    After dark a storm rolled in.
    I was dreaming about all the things I love- the grasshopper mouse, the iridescent bee. The mountains in the far, far distance, the great tremendous sky.
    The feeling of photos from Marfa porches, the way the air tasted out there back then. A vast and soft and desert-colored feeling, blurred and fragrant in my mind.

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  • A piece inspired by @hajinbae and @conradroset 😄 I am always a fan off how Hajin Bae draws hair. And I loved the art on GRIS and never knew it was Conrad Roset! ♥️ Full version on my DeviantArt account. __
    posted on Instagram - https://instagr.am/p/CDj4CUmFBX4/

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  • “Just because your ship is gay doesn’t mean it’s progressive” ?? Then what is progressive??? No, legitimately, I don’t get it- isn’t that what the word means?

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  • image

    ♡ textured transmasc noel levine icons ♡

    • reblog and credit if you use them!
    #pride#icons#my icons#trans#transgender#transmasc#transmasculine#noel levine #noel levine kin #noel levine icons #witchs heart icons #witch’s heart icons #witch’s heart#witch's heart #witch’s heart kin #witchs heart kin #witchs heart#wh icons#wh kin#wh#pridelyq
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  • image

    I finally finished drawing Luca in young Joseph’s outfit, and I made the background in PicsArt. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome, I just feel like Luca matches Joseph’s character a bit too well.😊😉

    I’ve been planning on drawing more JJBA outfit swaps with the WH cast. If you have any ideas feel free to request them!(✿^‿^)

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  • image

    What do you fly in? Skeletons?

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