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  • Feeling brave enough to pull one headcanon out, about how dmk found mirror Galaxia:

    At one point dmk was looking for a job, so he applied to be a knight/bodyguard for shadow dedede

    Eventually dmk decided “ this dude sucks ” and decided to raid the castles treasure room, shadow dedede happened to obtain the mirror worlds Galaxia and had it hidden away as no one could really use it since it would Zap Them, but kept it is a treasure since it Is a legendary sword

    Dmk … did not know you had to be “ chosen ” to wield galaxia .. infact he probably didnt even know what it was, he just thought “ this is a nice sword, must be import if its behind glass ” and took it, he would get caught taking the sword and get chased out by guards eventually escaping somewhat easily because he can just Fly Away ( said guards and sdd would be extremely confused on how dmk is not getting shocked to death by holding this sword, Dmk doesn’t even know how he’s “ worthy ” all he knows is haha free cool sword )

    Mirror Galaxia most likely makes dmks mirror magic/abilities stronger? And gives him more abilities to use like blade burst and stuff

    #what if #sorry if this makes no sense i do not talk about headcanons often #I have no canon backing for this of course I was just thinking #hc
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  • If kari kamaya from digimon was a part of Twisted wonderland, then where would she be?

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  • .

    #omg what if i dont do any of my assignments.... #what if
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  • Coding teacher: Final project comin up!

    Me who still doesn’t really know what they’re doing looking at the sampler sketch where different notes can trigger random colors, already imagining a future where I can make my mental music visualizer into a real music visualizer and speak telepathically through code: i t ‘ s f r e e r e a l e s t a t e

    #listen I took this whole class and am still confused but HEAR ME OUT #WHAT IF #hypothetically. i COULD speak the computer language. and I could translate my thoughts into code #and have both sound and light at my command catch my drift. IF I remotely knew what I was doing I could #I could have it all. it’s all coming together #sp rambles
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  • image

    yall dont know how bad i wanna send this

    #im fuckin SCARED #cuz #what if he emails mom #idk if he wOuld #but#what if#HHHH #maybe i should put its for personal reasons #‘‘This is for personal reasons I’d rather not disclose over email.’’ #maybe i should add that #IDK AHHH hElp #remi rambles#dont rb
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  • is there like a part of tumblr i have not stumbled upon yet that treats overwatch streamers/owl players the same way they treated markiplier and jacksepticeye and whatnot. is there ship fanart. im not gonna be able to sleep at night bc of this thought

    #i fucking HOPE theres not but what if #what if #i can literally see the type of content in my minds eye #oh god oh fuck
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  • “Ben, this is our son.”

    #ben solo #save ben solo #ben solo deserved better #what if #ben solo's son #ben and rey's son #ben and rey #rey and ben #kylo and rey #rey and kylo #kylo ren#rey#rey palpatine #star wars saga #the rise of skywalker #the last jedi #the force awakens #adam driver#timothee chalamet #father and son #alternative#reylo#reylo fanfiction#reylo ff#reylo's son#desert #rey in the desert #ben in the desert #crying right now #we deserved this
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  • In popular media, ghosts are usually the spirits of people who didn’t find closure in death. They’re angry or sad, reliving an emotional moment or moments forever, unless someone or something helps them get closure or process what happened to them. But what if instead of reliving an emotional moment for eternity, ghost just relived really boring moments? What if ghosts just repeated meaningless menial tasks, like filing? Instead of teens in movies going into haunted houses to see hysterically sobbing ghosts, they trespassed just to see a spirit folding towels? What if instead of lack of closure being the cause of your soul’s grim fate of eternal limbo, it was repeating a boring task one too many times? You live too monotonous of a life and you get doomed to everlasting boredom.

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  • Uwielbiam uciekać. To silniejsze ode mnie.

    Kiedy zrobiłam to po raz pierwszy, było to jak oderwanie się od rzeczywistości.

    Poczułam, że w końcu odnalazłam siebie. Wygrałam los na loterii. Udało mi się osiągnąć cel.

    Lecz pewnego dnia, obudziłam się z pięknego snu.

    Musiałam powrócić do tej szarej rzeczywistości.

    Marzenia uciekły, a wraz nimi nadzieja.

    Okazało się, że ucieczka jest silniejsza i to ona daje mi prawdziwe szczęście.

    Tylko co jak zabrnę za daleko, jak zatracę się …

    I nie będzie już powrotu.

    Czy to wszystko warte jest zachodu?

    Co jeśli okaże się, że walczyłam całe życie po nic.

    Co jeśli …?

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  • image

    I’m going deaf from the sound of the DJ

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  • what if today, whatever you went through, won’t hold you back?

    – what if…

    #writing#what if#keepgoing#theprocess #written in the stars #life quote #keep the faith
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  • lol all I want to do is pull Razor off the Zhongli banner, but my friends out there, cursing me with Zhongli and everyone else who ISN’T Razor.

    Even my own gf, @isle3cho, is like, “What’s gonna happen is I’m gonna get Razor, and you’re gonna get Zhongli.”

    and i’m just nooooo, just let me get the boy!!!! I already have Childe, don’t curse my luck while mothman hasn’t dropped on NA FGO!!! DX

    #klonoa speaks#genshin impact #every time i get a five star on anything before mothman's banner #i experience ONE FEAR #because what if my luck's shit #and it's because my genshin account is a luck sack #what if#ahhhhh
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  • Alright, so I know we all laugh that Arthur conveniently  getting knocked out and waking up only after everything’s dealt with, but guys…

    What if, and hear me out, Merlin’s magic keeps him unconscious for just long enough

    Okay, I know, it’s kinda far fetched, but we all have the theory that his magic reacts to his emotions and what he wants and he grew up between Camelot, where he would be executed for existing and Essitir, which from what I’ve read in literally so much fanfiction, takes magic users and makes them weapons.

    So what if growing up his magic started to do simple things to make people more oblivious to his magic, making it so they don’t look too closely at what he’s doing, they don’t hear or are compulsed not to care when they hear him mumble strange words, maybe they stay unconscious for just a bit longer than they should

    The only reason people like Will, Gaius, and Lancelot found out about his magic is because it was super obvious in ways they couldn’t ignore

    Just a thought

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  • So one of the things people tend to forget is that by the end of his first story, Bolivar Trask realized he was wrong and died trying to protect humanity and mutants (his son took up the racist slack). Well, what if Bolivar survived and became a mutant benefactor, creating non-rebellious Sentinels to protect mutants?

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  • I need a “what if” fic. Specifically a “what if Darth Vader defeated Obi Wan and didn’t become a cyborg.”

    I need all of the Jedi knowing who Darth Vader truly is and using that to their advantage.

    I need full acrobatic Darth Vader (b/c tbh, if Darth Vader had full mobility, Ahsoka would have died instantly in their fight)

    I need Anakin relishing in his new dark freedom

    I need Anakin “saving Padme” and the repercussions of that. (Does he leave his children on Naboo when he realizes they are potential targets? Does Padme play along long enough to escape? Does she stay to bring humanity to the empire’s leadership? Does Vader corrupt her? Does he train the twins as Sith?)

    I need a dark-side Anakin fueled by love and power vs pain and grief (more like Dooku)

    Because the cyborg bit protects his identity, but that wasn’t Palps’ OG plan. Think how much less powerful Anakin is because of his pain and the limitations of his suit.

    Anyone have good recs or are you gonna make me write this myself?

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  • Do you think ghosts can see

    #gaming #party rock anthem #lesbians#what if
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  • “Lupin was sealing a letter addressed to the Dursleys.

    ‘Excellent,’ said Lupin, looking up as Tonks and Harry entered.”


    What if Remus wasn’t talking about Harry and Tonks being just in time, at all ?

    She did changed her heir colour upstairs..

    My hc is , this is why her favorite colour was pink , because Remus complimented her heir

    #remadora #remus x tonks #ronks#remus lupin#nymphadora tonks #remus and tonks #remus/tonks #remus x nymphadora #moony and dora #what if#head canon
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  • A simple joke to you,

    Is now what occupies a little too much of my mind.

    #quotes #excerpt from a book i'll never write #my writing #quote of the day #love #excerpt from a story i'll never write #spilled poetry#spilled ink#spilled journal#spilled quotes#spilled heart#spilled tears #i love him #love quote#im lost#i’m sorry #i dont know #idk what else to tag #whatdoesthatmean#what if
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  • I find myself again in deep thought. I checking list. Got a new job..check…taking care of business..check….

    Then I ask about myself. You happy…some what.

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  • Okay so I have like a random Obey me prompt. I was thinking back to the wedding event, right. And I was like what if mc (after the wedding photoshoot) went out and bought a bunch of ring pop rings or any type of candy rings that color coordinate with each of the demon bros and claimed all of them their husbandos. Each brother has like their own reactions to their candy rings.

    *side note (Mc also has a candy ring of their own in their favorite color)

    #obey me shall we date #obey me imagines #obey me#what if#random
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