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  • why the fuck am i talking so much tonight

    #whew #hayden.txt
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  • can u believe eminem wrote an oscar winning song in a notebook on the set of a movie based on his life like.

    #whew #i get so emotional about 8 mile #eminem
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    #judas and the black messiah #daniel kaluuya #HE'S SO CHARISMATIC #SO AMAZING #and this trailer is so good #and lakeith!!! #WHEW
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  • #russian nonnie #bunny ? 🥺🥺🥵 #omg why am i so turned on #it can only be 2 people but i dont know who #whew
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  • image

    Okay I think everyone has a safety suite card it’s just a matter of if they decide to use it

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  • .

    #definitely not feeling like myself and feeling more like a trash goblin #im in a weird phase in my life but then again 2020 is a weird phase for anybody #whew
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  • #asks #hh.asks #whew
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  • Well, managed to pay off my student loan. We have been very lucky this year to be in a position where we can save a little bit each month. Changing jobs was hugely instrumental because my old company had to pay out all of my vacation in one sum.

    #student loan #so glad thats gone #im really proud #i did what i had to to get theough school #and now i can get out from under the shadow of it #and we can save for a down payment for something #whew
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  • this is me formally inviting kageyama to cuddle me from behind and stroke my arm until my anxiety goes away. thank you ♡

    #really need this rn #whew#kageyama#lexee’s thoughts
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  • ‪Pride & Prejudice (2005) remains one of the best movies of all time‬

    #the story is compelling the characters are interesting the landscape is beautiful #the shots are SO well done too and im not Like That about movies but they are #dont even get me started on the dance scenes #whew #pride and prejudice #movies#diary
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  • #whew #this was so damn hard #SO DAMN HARD #i’m not even sure if it’s 100% right #i just have so many faves #and placing them in order is just... noooo
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  • 𝐹𝑖𝑒'𝑠 𝑜𝑡𝘩𝑒𝑟 𝑎𝑐𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡𝑠

    Hello, don’t mind me, I’m just making this post to keep all my other accounts together so I can post a condensed link in all my bios ♡

    The following is all of my accounts, incase anyone wanted to follow them

    My main blog is @d0uble0hd0nut, you’ll recieve asks, likes, and follows from here. A bit of a mess, but yknow 😅

    The a side blog with all of my Ateez works/content is @atiny-piratequeen

    The side blog to ask my Ateez muses/supporting characters questions is over at @atiny-crew-musings

    The side blog with all of the BTS works/content is @flora-jimin

    The side blog with all of my Monsta X works/content is @monstasxbebe

    The side blog with ALL OTHER kpop content will be on @nocturne-overtures (im sorry im sorry, ik its a lot but i never expected to get into so many bands so fast but i promise no more kpop ones after this ehehe)

    My aesthetic blog is @fie-antasies

    And my food recipe blog is @cheff-d0nut

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  • Kiss It Better

    Pairing: Arkin O’Brien + Reader

    Summary: Arkin accidentally causes reader to hurt herself while chopping up vegetables. He decides to make it up to her.

    Warnings: 18+ for SMUT under the cut, blood mentions, language, Arkin needs Jesus.

    A/N: I have nothing to say. Enjoy!

    You hummed softly as you set the washed carrots on the cutting board with the rest of the vegetables, reaching for the chef’s knife sitting on the counter behind you. As you wrapped your fingers around the handle, you glanced out the window, catching a glimpse of Arkin’s white truck as it pulled into the driveway.

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    #the gif has NOTHING to do w this #but if you know me you know how this scene makes me feel #whew#arkin o'brien #arkin o'brien x reader #arkin porn#josh stewart #josh stewart x reader #the collector #the collector 2009 #fanfiction#fanfic#writing
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  • Have y'all read the shu vs ayato audio translations? Because that sure was something

    #whew #that was... a lot #and i didn't even listen to the audio yet
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  • I feel like bisexuals NEVER forget the times they’ve gotten really attractive waiters/waitresses

    #unless that’s just me #the ones that I remember the most is um #the hot waiter from flap jacks #and the hot waitress from outback steakhouse #wHEW #I JUST REMEMBERED THE GUY WHO SERVED US AT BOULDER CREEK!! #man 🧍🏼
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  • Do you ever see some Discourse, and like, almost engage with it?

    #whew #dodged a bullet #self control ftw
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  • Cloude, Willo T., & Daisi’s Birthday!

    6:03 PM

    P(ink) Punks Residence

    Arts District, San Myshuno

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  • i’m thinking of making a blog for my story, or perhaps a twitter. i might make both. but a blog would be much more finalized in comparison to what i’d post on twitter. i’ve been on a writing spree tonight and i’m so pleased.

    #txt#deleter later #im full of emotion and feelings #whew
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  • hello?????? i need a gif of the closeup of chris right before the puck drops like i need air

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  • the way tumblr got me tripping …. spent three hours writing and it all kept getting cancelled without letting me save anything .. and it’s literally almost 3 am now haha talk about fucked up sleep schedule!

    #press f for venus in the chat #omfg this is why i hate #writing on the mfing phone !! #literally lmao #i’ve never cursed this much #in my entire life #whew
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