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    “I have anxiety, but I am trying”

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    Hey- I drew victoria-

    shes pink :)

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    Ok, so that’s it for this round of positive asks. I got some neutral ones, or some positive ones which are asking questions but I don’t have the bandwidth to answer. None of the truly hateful stuff will get published.

    So what happened today:

    * I got hate-asks about Rynn and Suika and locked content and didn’t have time to understand what was happening exactly, so I decided to lock down my MTL

    * I got more hate-asks, targeting Rynn and Suika, targeting me, or asking me things about a twitter discourse I’m not following since I don’t have a twitter account.

    * I do not know Rynn and Suika, have nothing to do with their decision whatsoever, do not know more than you about it. If you have questions about what they are doing ask them, not me.

    * I got more than two hundred access demands to my MTL in this half day. While I know for sure a high number of them are just people trying to “debug” and not really entitled people who want to go against my decision, the sheer number is bewildering to me (in addition to killing my phone).

    I did not get two hundred positive interactions the whole year this MTL was up. At least two hundred readers tried to read it today. That’s not counting all those who have already read it, and all those who have downloaded it prior to this morning. This is huge to me. I thought it was a small fandom. Turn out it’s a big one, but probably more on twitter than tumblr. I am genuinely unsure how to deal with that.

    This whole year, I have had nearly as many people thanking me here than people criticising me, the quality of the MTL, the fact that I didn’t make pre-cut smaller files or whatever. I thought it was a very small fandom with a few entitled jerks. It’s actually a big fandom with a few entitled jerks, and a lot of silent people.

    Some of you had noted that my last big announced update, back in December, was made “in memoriam” of a friend of mine, who died two days prior. While prior to that I made regular updates, I’ve been unable to work on it consistently since. I didn’t think it was a problem because it was pretty readable at that point, but now it’s part of all that I need to process, the gap between my original project, sharing with three friends, and what it became in reality.

    So the MTL will stay locked down for at least a week, I think, and than I’ll tell you if/under which conditions I’ll share again.

    #2HA fandom love #fandom issues#cw death#2HA#erha #dumb husky and his white cat shizun #the husky and his white cat shizun
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    Tek derdi

    Allah'ın rızası olanın

    başka derdi olmaz...

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    #2HA fandom love #2HA#erha #dumb husky and his white cat shizun #the husky and his white cat shizun
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    #2HA fandom love #my 2HA work ramblings #2ha translation#2HA#erha #dumb husky and his white cat shizun #the husky and his white cat shizun
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    serenity helped me iron these sheets to give away

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    The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 8

    Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊

    Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi

    This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.

    Chapter Index

    Chapter 8 - This Venerable One Gets Punished

    Mo Ran lay in bed like a dead fish for three days. Just as his wounds started to heal, he was summoned to Red Lotus Pavilion to do manual labour.

    This was also part of his punishment. During the punishment period, Mo Ran couldn't go down the mountain, but he also couldn't just laze around. So he had to help out the sect and do some drudgery.

    Generally speaking, these errands were things like: helping the cafeteria lady at Mengpo Hall wash the dishes, scrubbing the three hundred and sixty-five stone lions on the pillars of the Naihe Bridge, transcribing extremely boring archive files, and so on.

    But what kind of place was Red Lotus Pavilion? It was the residence of that bastard Chu Wanning, known as the cursed place called Red Lotus Hell.

    Few people in Life-Death Peak had been there, and everyone who had been there left with either their legs or their arms broken.

    Therefore, in addition to Red Lotus Hell, Chu Wanning's bedroom had a more grounded nickname: Broken Leg Pavilion.

    There was an inside joke circulating around the sect: "The Pavilion hides a beauty, and the beauty holds Tianwen. Enter the gate of broken legs, know the suffering of getting your legs broken. If you want your meridians broken, go to the Elder Yuheng."

    There was once a female disciple who wasn't afraid of death. She was bold enough to lust after Elder Yuheng's beauty. Taking advantage of the dark night and high winds, she sneaked to the Southern Peak and climbed onto the eaves, intending to watch the Elder bathe and strip his clothes.

    As you can imagine, the female warrior was beaten within an inch of death by Tianwen, crying for her father and calling her mother, and lay in bed for no less than a hundred days.

    And Chu Wanning also declared that, if anyone else dared to commit another crime, he would carve out the eyes of the perpetrator himself.

    Do you see? What complete nonsense! What puzzling behaviour! What a heinous man!

    Within the sect, there used to be innocent silly girls who thought that, because they were women, Elder Yuheng would pity them and show compassion. They were always laughing and joking in front of him, trying to attract his attention. But ever since the elder whipped that one female hooligan, no one dared to hit on him anymore.

    To Elder Yuheng, whether it was men or women, he didn't have the disposition of a gentleman. Other than a good-looking face, there was nothing redeeming about him - this was how Chu Wanning was viewed by the disciples of this sect.

    The junior brother who had delivered the summons looked at Mo Ran with sympathy. He tried to stay quiet, but in the end, couldn't hold it back: "Brother Mo. . ."


    ". . . Elder Yuheng has such a bad temper. No one who went to the Red Lotus Water Pavilion came out able to stand. Maybe you could see if you could say your wounds haven't healed and beg Yuheng Elder to let you wash dishes instead?"

    Mo Ran was very grateful for this junior brother's bodhisattva heart, but he didn't agree.

    Beg Chu Wanning?

    Forget it. He doesn't need to get beaten by Tianwen a second time.

    So he strenuously put on his clothes, dragged his feet, and walked reluctantly to Life-Death Peak's southern peak.

    Red Lotus Pavilion, Red Lotus Hell. There wasn't a single person in sight for a hundred li around Chu Wanning's residence.

    No one wanted to go close to his residence. Chu Wanning's bad taste and uncertain personality made everyone in the sect stay far away from him.

    Mo Ran was a bit nervous. He didn't know what Chu Wanning would make him do as punishment. His thoughts ran wild the whole trip to the southern peak. After passing through the dense bamboo groves, large swathes of beautiful red lotus came into view.

    It was early morning, the sun rising from the east, reflecting a splendid shine on the horizon. The red lotus stalks in the pond stretched towards the flaming clouds in the sky, complementing each other; magnificent. At the edge of the pond, a curved zig-zag bridge led to the pavilion standing in serene silence. Behind it was a curtain of waterfalls streaming down the mountain, the fine crystal water droplets raining against the rocks at the bottom. The watery mist created by it evaporated into the air, light gleaming through the fog, creating a sense of enchanting tranquillity.

    This is what Mo Ran thought about this:


    Wherever Chu Wanning lived, no matter how beautiful it was, would always be gross to him!

    Just look at it, so arrogantly extravagant, a true waste of extravagance, in fact. The disciples’ dorms are all closely connected to each other and they don't take up much surface area. And then there's the mighty Elder Yuheng, who occupies a whole mountain by himself. He even dug three large ponds and filled them with lotus flowers. Although, these lotus flowers are special varieties and can be refined into immortal medicine, but—

    This is getting off track, the place was not pleasing to the eye. He wished he could burn down Broken Leg Pavilion with his torch!

    All he could ever do was silently criticize this place. Given that he was only sixteen* this year, he was no match for Chu Wanning. Mo Ran showed up outside Chu Wanning's residence regardless. He stood at the door, squinted his eyes, and put on a sickeningly sweet demure, pretending to be the ideal disciple.

    *(T/N The original text flips between all these ages. Mo Ran is just guessing how old he is so that's why it keeps going to 14/15/16)

    "Disciple Mo Ran here to greet his master."

    "Yes, come in."

    The room was chaotic and disorganized. The cold-blooded demon Chu Wanning was dressed in a white robe. The lapels were folded high and tightly, giving off an air of purity and abstinence. Today, he had his hair in a high ponytail, covered with a black metal hair ring. He sat on the ground fiddling with a bunch of mechanical parts, biting a pen he had in his mouth.

    Casually glancing at Mo Ran, with the pen still in his mouth, he said vaguely: "Come here."

    Mo Ran approached him.

    It was no easy feat. Considering there were no benches or tables in this room, artwork and metal broken wood were scattered everywhere.

    Mo Ran's brows twitched. He had never entered Chu Wanning's room in his previous life, and he had no idea that this well-dressed beautiful man lived in such a mess. . . He was at a loss for words.

    "Master, what is this?"

    "Night Wanderer."


    Chu Wanning was a little impatient, probably because it was inconvenient to speak with a pen in his mouth: "Night Wanderer."

    Mo Ran silently glanced at the mess of parts on the ground.

    His master was hailed as Shizun Chu, and it wasn't just out of vanity. Speaking honestly, Chu Wanning was a very powerful man. Whether it is his three god-grade weapons, his cultivation techniques, or his machine-building skills, he was clearly worthy of being defined by four words: "the peak of excellence". This was also the reason why he had such a bad temper and was so difficult to serve, but the major cultivation sects still tried to fight over him for those skill.

    Regarding the "Night Wanderer", the reborn Mo Ran was well aware of it.

    It was a kind of machine made by Chu Wanning, cheap to make but had strong combat power. It can guard the ordinary people in the lower cultivation world from ghosts and demons at night.

    In his previous life, the well-made Night Wanderer had almost become a must-have machine for every household. The price of one was equivalent to a broom, and the effect was much easier to handle than the Grinning Door God.

    After Chu Wanning died, those Night Wanderers still guarded the poor families who couldn't afford a high-level cultivator. This compassionate heart, coupled with Chu Wanning's affection for his disciples. . . hehe, it really makes Mo Ran despise him.

    Mo Ran sat down and looked at the "Night Wanderer" which was just a bunch of parts at this time, and the past flashed through his mind. He couldn't help picking up one of the Night Wanderer's limbs and grasped it in his hand for a closer look.

    Chu Wanning clipped a few components, finally freeing his hands. He took the pen out of his mouth and glared at Mo Ran: "That one was just finished with tung oil, don't touch it."

    "Oh. . ." Mo Ran put down the machine. He put his fake smile back on still looking cute and completely harmless. He asked with a smile, "Shizun summoned me here, are you planning to let me help?"

    Chu Wanning hummed: "Mm."

    "What do you want me to do?"

    "Clean up the house."

    Mo Ran's smile froze. He looked around at the room that looked like it had been hit by an earthquake: ". . ."

    Chu Wanning was a genius in immortal cultivation and an idiot in life.

    After picking up the fifth broken teacup that had never been swept up, Mo Ran finally couldn't stand it: "Shizun, when was the last time you cleaned your house? My god, it's so messy!"

    Chu Wanning was looking at his drawings, and didn't look up when Mo Ran spoke to him: "Almost a year."

    Mo Ran: ". . ."

    "Where do you usually sleep?"

    "What?" There must be something wrong with the drawing. Chu Wanning was upset and looked even more impatient than usual. He rubbed his head and replied in a huff, "Of course it's the bed."

    Mo Ran glanced at the bed. It was piled with all kinds of machines that had been mostly completed, as well as a bunch of tools such as saws, axes, files, and so on.

    Seriously, how did this man sleep without cutting his own head off?

    After working for most of the day, the sawdust on the floor had filled three dustpans, and the white towel that had wiped down the bookcase was ten times more black. By noon, he had only cleaned about half.

    Fuck Chu Wanning, this person is really more poisonous than a leeching woman.

    Cleaning a room didn't seem like much of a punishment, it didn't really seem like hard work, but who knew that it was such a ghastly place that hadn't been touched in a year? Not to mention that he was covered with wound. Even if he was healthy now, he could shorten his lifespan by half going through all of this!

    "Shizun. . ."


    "Your pile of clothes. . ." They'd been stacked there for about three months.

    Chu Wanning finally got one of Night Wanderer's arms attached. He rubbed his sore shoulder, looked up at the robes on the suitcase, and said coldly: "I wash them myself."

    Mo Ran was relieved. Thank goodness. But he was still a little curious: "Really? Shizun can wash clothes?"

    Chu Wanning glanced at him, and after a while, coldly said: "What's so hard about it? Throw them in water, soak them, take them out, and dry them."

    ". . ." After hearing this, he really didn't know any girl who would keep lusting after Chu Wanning. Mo Ran truly thought that it would break the hearts of dozen of women to find out how disgusting this man really was.

    "It's getting late. You can accompany me to the dining hall and finish the rest when you get back."

    There were people coming and going from Meng Po Hall, and the Life-Death Peak disciples were eating together. Chu Wanning grabbed a lacquered wooden tray, took a few dishes and sat in the corner silently.

    From where he was, no one sat within twenty feet of him.

    No one dared to sit too close to Elder Yuheng, for fear that he would get upset, and they would get a lashing from Tianwen. Chu Wanning himself actually knew about this, but he didn't mind. A cold beauty sat there, gently eating the food in the bowl.

    But today wasn't like usual.

    Mo Ran was brought by him, so naturally he had to follow him.

    Others are afraid of him. So was Mo Ran, but he had already died once, so Chu Wanning was nothing in comparison.

    Especially after the fear of first seeing him had subsided, the hatred of Chu Wanning from his previous life slowly emerged. So what if Chu Wanning was powerful? In his last life, he still died by his hands.

    Mo Ran sat down in front of him, calmly chewing the sweet and sour pork ribs in the bowl. He crunched on the bones then spit them out into a pile.

    Chu Wanning suddenly slammed down his chopsticks.

    Mo Ran stopped for a moment.

    ". . . Can you stop eating with your mouth open?"

    "I chew the bones, how am I supposed to do that with my mouth closed?"

    "Then don't eat the bones."

    "But I like to eat the bones."

    "Eat around them."

    The two quarreling voices grew louder and louder, and some disciples were already peeping at them.

    Mo Ran fought the urge to throw the rice bowl over Chu Wanning's head. He pursed his lips, and after a while, he narrowed his eyes, and a sweet smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

    "Shizun, don't shout so loudly. Others might hear, won't they laugh at us?"

    Chu Wanning has always been thin-skinned, and his voice really softened. He whispered: "Get out."

    Mo Ran burst out laughing.

    Chu Wanning: ". . ."

    "Hey, Shizun, don't stare at me. Come on, let's eat. I'll try to be quiet."

    Mo Ran had laughed enough and started playing nice again, the sound of his chewing much softer.

    Chu Wanning gradually went back to gently eating. Seeing that Mo Ran was bring obedient, his face slightly relaxed, no longer looking so bitter and upset. He lowered his head, eating his green beans and tofu with grace.

    After a long pause, Mo Ran started to do it again.

    He didn't know what was wrong with him. In summary, seeing Chu Wanning in this life, he wanted to make a fool of himself and do whatever he could to make him angry.

    So Chu Waning found that although Mo Ran did not chew loudly this time, he began to grab the ribs with his hands and eat them, sloppily eating with greasy hands and sauce-covered fingers.

    Chu Wanning's blue forehead vein popped. Endure it.

    He lowered his eyelashes. He didn't look at Mo Ran, and focused on his own meal.

    Mo Ran didn't know if he had gotten too carefree or forgetful while eating, but he accidentally threw one of the gnawed bones into Chu Wanning's rice bowl.

    Chu Wanning stared at the messy and hideous rib bone, and the surrounding air so condensed and frozen it was visible to the naked eye.

    "Mo Ran. . . !!!"

    "Shizun. . ." Mo Ran was quite frightened. He wasn't sure whether what he said sounded true or fake. "That. . . Uh, I didn't mean it."

    Probably fake.

    ". . ."

    "Don't be angry, I'll take it out for you."

    He really stretched out his chopsticks, stuck them into Chu Wanning's bowl, and quickly picked out the bone.

    Chu Wanning's face was pale, like he was about to vomit.

    Mo Ran batted his eyelashes, and there was a pitiful grievance on his delicate face: "Shizun, do you dislike me?"

    ". . ."

    "Shizun, I'm sorry."

    It was just that.

    Chu Wanning thought to himself: Why do you need to be restrained with the junior disciples?

    He gave up the urge to summon Tianwen to hit Mo Ran. His appetite was gone, and he got up and said: "I'm full."

    "What? Is that all you're going to eat? Shizun, you've barely touched your food."

    Chu Wanning brushed him off: "I'm not hungry."

    Mo Ran's heart felt like it was as joyful as a flower, and he still sweetly said: "Then I won't eat it anymore. We can go back to Red Lotus Hell - ehem, go back to Red Lotus Pavilion."

    Chu Wanning narrowed his eyes: "We?" There was a mockery in his eyes, and then said, "Who is the other person you're talking about? Disciples and their Shizun have respectable relationships and you will address me in the proper manner."

    Mo Ran carefully kept his expression, his eyes curled up with a smile, well-behaved, sensible and cute.

    However, in his heart he was thinking: Respectful relationship? Proper manner?

    Hehe, if Chu Wanning could know what happened in his previous life, he would know - in the end, Mo Weiyu was the only one deserving of respect in the world.

    No matter how noble and arrogant Chu Waning was, he was still a piece of mud under his boot. Didn't he depend on Mo Ran's good will to survive?

    Stepping quickly to keep up with his shizun's pace, Mo Ran still had a bright smile on his face.

    If Shi Mei was the white moonlight in his heart, Chu Wanning was the broken fishbone stuck in his throat. He needed crush this thorn or swallow it, and it will corrode away in his stomach.

    In short, during this new life, he could spare whoever he wanted.

    But he would never spare Chu Wanning.

    However, Chu Wanning didn't seem to want to spare him so easily.

    Mo Ran stood in front of the library in Red Lotus Hell, looking at fifty rows of ten-story bookshelves, thinking that he must have heard wrong.

    "Shizun, what did you say. . .?"

    Chu Wanning replied lightly: "Dust all the books in here."

    ". . ."

    "After dusting, catalogue them."


    "I will check back tomorrow morning."


    What!!! Was he supposed to stay overnight in Red Lotus Hell??

    But he had planned to meet with Shi Mei, and even asked Shimei to change his medicine at night!!!

    He opened his mouth to plead his case, but Chu Wanning didn't bother paying attention to him. With a wave of his wide sleeves, and turned to exit the library, and, incidentally, closed the door of the library in a haughty manner.

    Mo Ran, who's date had been ruined, sat in his boiling hatred of Chu Wanning - he wanted to burn all Chu Wanning's books!!


    After thinking it over, he thought of something even worse. . .

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    'Hiya! Do you maybe mind if I get a stimboard for Aira Shiratori with fursuit paws, latte art and cats and In brown/white if possible? Tysm! - ☘ @shiratoriloves'

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