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  • emikothewriter
    16.01.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    List: Fav Characters of 2021 as animal crossing villagers

    Listing the favs of 2021 with a cute twist.

    Doing something fun which included my own artwork is how I wanted to start off 2022 on my blog. In place of creating a tag post, I chose to go with something simple like a listicle, but with an artsy twist. Inspired by my recent obsession with Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch, the thought popped up into my mind to discuss some of my favourite 2021 anime characters and…

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    #Animal Crossing#Anime#Anime 2021#Art#Bojji#Character Design#Chibi#Chifuyu Matsuno#Digital Art#Fanart #Fruits Basket The Final #Hatsuharu Sohma #Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House #Kiyo Nozuki#Kukuru Misakino#List#Listicle #Ranking of Kings #Tae Yamada #The Aquatope on White Sand #Tokyo Revengers #Zombieland Saga: Revenge
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  • xthelastknownsurvivorx
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    RWRB, A Comprehensive Timeline

    I wanted to make an extremely detailed for rwrb since some of the ones currently floating around online are missing an event that I consider important or the dates of firstprince's texts/emails. But since it's comprehensive its also long as fuck so everything is below the cut. MAJOR SPOILER WARNING

    All of the dates are either based on direct book information, the 2019-20 calendar, plus a couple of inferences on my part. The dates that are based more on speculation are marked with an asterisk*.

    September 2019

    Start of book

    Flight to England

    Royal wedding

    The White House Trio and the HRH Prince Henry Fact Sheet

    That weekend: Alex's solo trip to England

    Saturday: Alex arrives and meets Henry at the stables, late night ice cream

    Sunday: This Morning interview, Cancer Ward visit and the Medical Supply Closet

    Alex visits Rafael Luna

    Alex forgets to meet June for dinner but they end up eating together for Family Pizza night

    October 2019

    Henry texts Alex for the first time

    Over the next few weeks: back-and-forth banter over text, sharing snippets of their lives

    Wed, Oct 30: extended texting about Henry's tie, "you are the thistle in the tender and sensitive arse crack of my life"

    November 2019

    Sun, Nov 17: Claremont campaign buttons, "tell shaan I said hi and I miss that sweet sweet ass"

    Wed, Nov 27: The Great Turkey Calamity

    December 2019

    Sun, Dec 8: the bond marathon

    A day or two prior to Christmas: Oscar arrives at the White House

    Tues, Dec 24: Alex spends time with his dad, tense Christmas dinner, Alex calls Henry to spill about nutso family stuff, June teases Alex about making a new friend

    A few days later: the White House Trio plans the New Year's Eve party

    Tues, Dec 31: New Year's Eve party, Alex kisses Nora at midnight, first prince New Year's kiss outside in the garden

    January 2020

    Alex's sexuality crisis as he starts the final semester of college

    Wed, Jan 8*: June forces Alex out on a run

    Mon, Jan 13*: Alex starts his campaign job

    Sat, Jan 18* or later: The Coming-Out Convo with Nora

    Thurs, Jan 24* (night): Alex is late for his review session, he gets a little pissy over Henry kissing a mysterious blond then is sad when he realizes it's probably interference, then he calls Liam

    Fri, Jan 25* or later: the state dinner, makeout session in the Red Room, then Alex invites Henry up to his room

    February 2020

    Sat, Feb 9*: The Charity Polo Match

    March 2020

    Mar 3-4: first emails about Paris fundraiser

    Weekend of Mar 6-8: Paris shenanigans, "he forgets they don't spend the night so they do"

    Weekend of Mar 27-29: New York birthday celebrations

    April 2020

    Alex learns about Henry's dark moods

    The two of them talk about gay history

    Zahra catches Alex with a hickey

    Last names, Nixon, baby, Henry's family, Alex's high school experience, I miss you

    The Texas binder and conversation with June

    May 2020

    Alex's final week of classes while Henry and Pez holiday in Wales and work on their philanthropy projects

    Alex finishes his finals

    Sat, May 16: Alex graduates summa cum laude from Georgetown, graduation party at the White House

    Weekend of May 29-31: Super 6 karaoke night and after

    June 2020

    Sun, June 8: you are a dark sorcerer emails

    Things get ugly with Richards leading the ticket

    Alex misses DC Pride

    Texas on the path to become a Battleground state

    WASPy Hunter being an ass about flipping Texas

    Mon, June 23: 3 Geniuses and Alex group chat

    July 2020

    Sun, July 6: Wimbledon and Henry's apartment

    A few days prior to DNC: Richard's campaign rally at Vanderbilt

    July 13-16: DNC

    Tues, July 14: Zahra has a boyfriend, Luna is the independent that joined Richards, Henry visits Alex at the Berkman, "you are good"

    Wed, July 15: Zahra discovers Alex and Henry in the hotel room

    After the DNC: Alex comes out to his mom, Ellen makes a PowerPoint about it and kicks Alex off the campaign

    August 2020

    Sun, Aug 10: A Mass of Fools and Knaves email about Hamilton, "see attached bibliography" and "history huh", "shall I tell you that when we're apart your body comes back to me in dreams", they start to include quotes from the letters of gay historical figures, Henry's story about The Prince and the Sorcerer

    Weekend of Aug 21-23: The Texas Lake House

    Day 1: the White House Trio drives down and meet Henry, Oscar brings up Luna then Henry, "Alex is so in love he could die"

    Day 2: Alex makes breakfast and reflects on loving Henry, they all go swimming, Alex thinks about roots, the I love you and the aftermath

    Day 3: Henry is gone when Alex wakes up, the note in the kitchen the last message Henry sends him

    Mon, Aug 30: Alex flies transatlantic and storms Kensington Palace

    Tues, Aug 31: Alex and Henry talk it out, how long, "it had better be forever"

    September 2020

    Wed, Sep 1: (2 AM) The V&A night

    Thurs, Sep 2: Henry gives Alex has signet ring, Alex returns home, Hometown stuff email

    Sat, Sep 4: Henry comes out to Philip, metaphors about Buckingham Palace, list of things Alex loves about Henry

    Mon, Sep 13*: Zahra is engaged, photos from the DNC of Alex and Henry leak, June offers to take the heat

    Alex and Nora go on a date

    Alex and Henry meet in a security car and kiss

    Thurs, Sep 24: "Seria una mentira, porque no seria el"

    Mon, Sep 27: Bad Metaphors about Maps email, THE SECRET IS OUT

    Tues, Sep 28: Zahra takes Alex to London to see Henry and she reveals that Shaan is her fiance, Bea gives Alex some advice about Henry's grief

    Wed, Sep 29: meeting with the queen, mural of Alex and Henry as Han and Leia

    October 2020

    Alex returns from London

    Nora barrels in with the evidence against the Richards campaign

    Bills, Bill's, Bills show transcript

    Fri, Oct 2: Alex's Address from the White House

    Alex and Luna talk

    End of October: Alex and Henry's Royal photo Shoot, Bea spills the secret of the youth shelters

    November 2020

    Alex and Nora have a conversation about everything that happened and plans going forward, June gets her book deal

    Tues, Nov 3: election night, Alex gives a speech, Texas goes blue and they win, Alex brings Henry to his childhood home

    #rwrb #red white and royal blue #rwarb#rwarb spoilers #alex claremont diaz #first prince #henry fox mountchristen windsor #alex and henry #prince henry of wales #super six #white house trio
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  • siriuslymeg
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Busy breakfast buffet this morning. 🐦🌞

    #nuthatch#cardinals#northern cardinal #dark eyed junco #common house sparrow #white throated sparrow #birds#birbs#my pics
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  • game-of-style
    16.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Lyanna Stark - Rodarte Spring 2021

    #Lyanna Stark#house stark#the north #A Song of Ice and Fire #game of thrones #floral#white#blue#headwear
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  • passelofopossums
    16.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Combined the good ol’ Harry Osborne’s together because I was struggling and needed a drawing ref

    They didn’t come out that bad, the middle one I think came out the best

    #he kind of looks like one of those white boys on tiktok #dude is hype house material (?) #(I dont keep up with anything tiktok I’m sorry)
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  • anosrepasi
    16.01.2022 - 18 hours ago


    #personal #so our kitchen sink backed up and apparently the same this is happening for our 3 immediate neighbors (condo) #so i being the person i am took charge got in contact w the hao became the point person to get it resolved etc #and like #i do not like the plumber dudes vibes what so ever #maybe its just the look he gave me from me wearing a mask n him going without but like #greasy 20-30s white guy with bad vibes please solve the issue then get out of my house #get out of my house get out of my house get out of my house
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  • fancyschmancyopinions
    16.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    JENNIFER GARNER at “In the Performance at the White House: Spirit of the Season” on December 21st 2021 wearing OSCAR DE LA RENTA

    This outfit is absolutely adorable! It’s so cute and festive.

    I love the color of the dress. I love that shade of green and it looks great with Jennifer’s dark hair. I love the bow on the belt and on her shoes. It’s a very adorable outfit. I think it’s the perfect dress for this event.

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  • mellyjelliey
    16.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    listening to anna marie tendlers playlist for rooms in the first house and the song for her by fiona apple comes on and h o l y s h i t 

    #wow #anna marie tendler #rooms in the first house #fiona apple #specifically the lyrics 'well maybe shes got tired of watching him sniff white off a starlets breast' #because#just wow#im speechless #my jaw hit the floor
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  • newkidofficial
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    dntrblg/wip figuring out how i want to draw some characters. bradleys a favorite i have to believe hes living his bes t life now its what he deserves.

    #trying my best to draw them looking like kids like i hope everyone im drawing looks like 8-11 years old #drawing josh too i have to believe hes also living his best life but i think hes still in juvie got caught after the white house stint. #it was worth it and hes the stuff of legend now a toilet papering god #anyway custody of child papers signed for bradley his parents are obviously trash im his dad now
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  • saintaliceofwonderland
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    A loaf amidst a minefield of pewps

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  • clarinvoyant
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wearing my Barkstock pin to work in the hope it reminds me to be patient and understanding.

    #arin speaks#bar au #y’all I got here #and we’re already out of #house red#house white#TONIC WATER#house rose #I want to hit something
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  • siriuslymeg
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I finally got a good picture of that cute downy woodpecker. It’s the female so no red feathers, but she’s still cute.

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