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  • a-pile-of-kruge
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    im so so glad meet and greet went well but now that netflix seemingly doesn’t have any grand pr events planned, will they please address the brown-face stunt double issue?

    #im so happy many people got to see the cast and how wonderful they all are #(and glad none of the actors especially amita had to play responsible for the actions of the production team) #but uhm eric? leigh? shadow and bone officials? anyone at the top? #will you now speak up about painting a white woman brown? #the longer they wait the more disappointing it gets #especially since the whole thing blew up in their faces #shadow and bone #shadow and bone netflix #grishaverse
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  • apocalypse-pig
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #Black and white #Sort of? #Silhouette#my stuff#my artwork#mine #Hill top wanderings #Wales
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  • la-ermitana
    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Teresa Mendoza’s Outfits 

    Season 5, Episodes 1-5
    #queen of the south #qots#qotsedit#qotsgifs#teresa mendoza#season 5#alice braga#my posts#mis #adopting kat's teresa outfit tradition #so many amazing outfits this season #but it's only gonna get better with her white suits! #tag your favorites #im obsessed with her top in the second gif #and i have always lovevd her natural hair with the white blazer first row third gif #the last one is also AMAZING
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  • wonkaplugg
    08.05.2021 - 14 hours ago


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    #coca#coke#cocaine #top quality cocaine #blow#snow white#blow ice #xanny make it go away #ice#vanilla coke#cocaine dealers#coke deals #blow white line #order uncut dope #yay#yayo#dope
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  • slashingdisneypasta
    08.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Horror Villains As: Musical Theatre Characters

    Billy Loomis: JD (Heathers)

    For reference: Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

    Brahms Heelshire: Professor Callahan (Legally Blonde). Whaaaat? I mean, hiring a pretty girl for less-then-pure reasons? SOUNDS PRETTY DAMN FAMILIAR.

    Bubba and Drayton Sawyer: Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd)

    For reference: - (I've only seen ST once and I didnt really like the music so this is a pass for me, thanks)
    - Pretty Women (If only for the name XD)

    Dream DemonAU!Chop Top Sawyer: Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)

    For reference: The Whole 'Being Dead Thing' Part 2
    - Fright of Their Lives

    Freddy Krueger: The Big Bad Wolf (Into The Woods)

    For reference: Hello, Little Girl

    Remake!Jason Voorhees: Erik (The Phantom of the Opera)

    For reference: Learn To Be Lonely

    Jennifer Check: Regina George (Mean Girls)

    For reference: World Burn

    Luda Mae Hewitt: Blanche Barrow (Bonnie & Clyde)

    For reference: Thats What You Call A Dream
    *Except she's talking about/too her whole family rather then just a husband.

    Pamela Voorhees, Norma Bates and Carrie White: Heather Chandler, Heather Duke and Heather McNamara (Heathers)

    For reference: Beautiful
    - Candy Store
    - Lifeboat

    Patrick Bateman: The SQUIP (Be More Chill)

    For reference: Be More Chill - Part 1 and 2
    - The Pittiful Children

    Sheriff Hoyt / Charlie Hewitt: Scar (The Lion King)

    For reference: The Madness of King Scar

    Stu Macher: Uhhh... Kurt Kelly and/Or Ram Sweeney (Heathers)

    For reference: Big Fun

    Tiffany Valentine and Chucky / Charles Lee Ray: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow (Bonnie & Clyde)

    For reference: The World Will Remember Us
    - Too Late To Turn Back Now

    Of course, both Carrie and Patrick could be themselves, but that would be no fun.

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  • wayhavn
    08.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    domers [derogatory]

    #me and kelsie r the only people w masks on at this bar 💖 #i mean we're both vaccinated it doesnt matter to US #but we were goofing that we'd take a shot for every white girl we saw wearing mom jeans and a crop top w a middle part #carly.txt
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  • iprateeks5-blog
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Another Art Style Study of GOAT Yusuke Murata of One Punch Man fame.

    #illustration #black and white #practice#pencil#art #figure drawing references #one punch man #tanktop #tank top master #motion
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  • sightego
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    a bit whorelike i think

    #i wanna say something so reckless like SOOOOOO reckless like...... #but also the white top and black pants GETS IT like i dont even know what to say other than i WISH the pants were a bit tighter #its still a perfect costume though #that and the tequila'd see thru top
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  • sublunaryorchid
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    “for her body I would give my soul, and for her love i would surrender heaven.” -Oscar Wilde

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  • thefandomlesbian
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ready to see the world today

    #yes my top says lesbian #the white splotch is sunlight #lesbian#butch#butch lesbian
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  • depresseddepot
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    no no there must be some mistake. i did NOT just start my period today, of all days. there's no fucking way

    #*at god* so what ur telling me #is not only will i experience the most painful of my period cramps tomorrow #cramps which have sent me home from work caused me to faint AND have rendered me immobile #ON THE SAME DAY THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO HAVE THE BRUNT OF THE SECOND VAX EFFECTS #I JOKED ABT IT WHEN I WOKE UP THIS MORNING BUT I DIDNT THINK IT WAS REAL #ITS A WEEK EARLY AND MY CYCLE IS LONGER THAN 30 DAYS WHAT IS THIS SHIT #I SHOULD BE LOOKING AT THE 20TH AT THE EARLIEST #thank god i took tomorrow off #this must be a joke haha ill wake up tomorrow w white underwear and a killer fever and that will be that #i will NOT be experiencing covid vax symptoms ON TOP OF MY BARELY MANAGEABLE PERIOD CRAMPS #this must be a hilarious joke im just not understanding yet #so long and good fucking night everyone wish me luck
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  • herequeer-fullofexistentialfear
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #bucky barnes #james bucky barnes #bucky #james buchanan barnes #mcu#marvel #the winter soldier #white wolf #i googled it and its slightly different but two of the top four results are about his sexuality #*limp wrists affectionately*
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  • informaticn
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    i don’t understand the hype around the end/game mcu skin for nat it’s not even her best mcu costume

    #hell it's not even in the top three i would put it like second to last #narrowly beating out the white costume she has in the bw movie #why would you go endgame when her civil war costume was better i'm just saying #ooc     /     shit posting from marble's basement. #delete.
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  • ana-mannik
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    six of crows gang my beloved

    what is fanart without me complaining about a thing i like

    as a person who read SoC duology a long time ago, my SoC only related thoughts

    -did they make Jesper gay and not bi?do not support that decision. that scene in a stable was kinda unnecessary (but i’m not a big fan of those kinda scenes in general) and felt like they just wanted something gay in this season and sort of a nod that they didn’t forget Jesper’s attraction to men but in process of that forgot that he’s bi. i think he should’ve had flirtatious interactions with everyone(he flirty).especially that we know that his main love interest is a man and his light crush on Kaz he should’ve flirted with a woman in this season. and i know that bi people are not obligated to date several people of all gender spectrum to know or like affirm that they’re bi but that’s in real life and SaB is a piece of media that communicates through visuals and limited dialogue and not a book where you have access to mention it in characters thoughts soo....yeah....not invisible bi representation where?and Nina is taken with her romance with Matthias already

    -Nina(my beloved) and Matthias...yeah that’s the start of their story

    -i liked “more soft” Kaz he felt less like an archetype of a character that he is(a traumatised bad boy who doesn’t care for anything or anyone but will eventually be “fixed” by love for a girl). book version of him works because we have his inner thoughts and machinations if he was on screen like he was in a book it just wouldn’t work as well he needs to emote and show a little bit of feelings that he experiences to work in a given medium and to not be a brick character on screen

    -and Inej, my girl, my beloved . i don’t think she would sass tante Heleen while still being under a contract. i don’t understand why they took out her having panic attacks near the menagerie, and she refused Jesper’s backup(girlboss of her to do that but not being alone in that place is beneficial for mental stability !buddy system!). maybe because she is in that situation where she is still under indenture and she didn’t feel real relief and still is to take her first breath as a free person so she doesn’t feel constant fear of being robed of her freedom by the same place again? idk maaan...maybe i’m wrong but that’s jus how i feel. she is the strongest character in the series but that doesn’t mean she should be “strong” in every situation she is still a human who was treated so terribly by so many people and the menagerie represents it. ooof. in a book her strengths and weaknesses were established so well. i appreciated her fangirling for Alina though and that they didn’t brake her character in that way.her beliefs are still intact and she is apprehensive about kidnapping a saint. nice. love her

    as a viewer of Shadow and Bone content without a book base but with basic knowledge of the universe and characters:

    -(speaking as a slavic person in predominantly slavic society) didn’t like Zoya’s racist comment towards Alina like at all. like she is asian herself different part bur still. and i felt like her problem with Alina wasn’t race related then why throw that in? if my rival was poc i wouldn’t throw a slur at them and go a racist rout because that will not who i am(and i’m not that lazy at insulting/j) and it’s not even a part of my problem with them, i would go for something more personal and connected to the root of the problem to be a full bitter bitch. like Zoya feels useless and like she’s being replaced (right?) she could’ve commented how useless Alina is, how she can’t be strong by herself without help of darkling to reflect her own insecurities on Alina? why drag race into that problem? why? i know they had asian writers working on the script and in my opinion they did a good job at war era racist propaganda and how it ostracised Alina in society but making Zoya on a personal level a racist was kinda dumb. she’s a bitch but not a bigot

    -i’m afraid of saying my thoughts on darkling/alina/mal situation because that part of the fandom really scares me. and that was not really my interest in this show

    -not enough Genya(i really like her character)

    as a person who was born in russia and will die in russia(not by choice) my russia related thoughts:

    (i know that it’s only inspired and not based on imperial russia but i wanna nitpick and bitch about things)

    -for imperial russia not lavish enough(yeah budget and stuff but it’s true) those bitches only knew how to burn gold on luxuries and wars

    -Alina’s last name is Starkov. so in russian usually last names that end in -ov/-ova -ev/-eva are gendered her version is “male”. i don’t care for gendered stuff but in russian every word is that way. as a gender abolitionist i don’t care as a russian speaker kinda not right but eh. i(nb) go by my -ova last name because it flows with my name better like Alina Starkova i kinda like how it has an A at the beginning and on the end. Alina Starkov is still a cool name because fuck grammatically correct things

    -i don’t understand why they decided to call uniforms kefta and not kaftan, kefta sounds more like kofta(casual shirt) and kaftan is a real thing and a nicer word in my opinion(and isn’t kefta a dish? but then again we have a dish named “herring under a fur coat”)

    -do not understand the name of an episode “otkazat’sya” it means “to refuse” as in like a verb, kinda weird, “otkaz”(refusal) would suit more as a name because it’s a noun and less confusing and a cooler looking word. it just doesn’t work in russian and was kinda jarring to see it. and didn’t they call a food taster an “otkazat’sya” like huh??? he would be just a low ranked “pridvornyy”(courtier) or a “sluga”(servant) or if you want a fancier word it would be “mundschenk”(world of german origin used in imperial russia under Peter the First) but they were only for vine and drink tasting

    -there is like three words in russian and pronunciation is funny. o to pronounce ц like ц and not like ts. there is no need to be soft

    -and it’s so funny that magic users called Grisha it’s just a slavic name Grigori in short form. imagine a world where magic users are all called like Josh in all seriousness

    -(did they have at least one russian speaking person to consult on language usage or pronunciations?they merged two books together couldn’t they change some words to more correct ones?)

    -so mad that they killed of my main man Ivan he was THE russian representation of that show. such a single minded serious bitch. i connected to him so much (i love me some unimportant background characters) and that goth bitch(darkling) lives on. i only can be satisfied if one of those shadow monsters is Ivan(i only jest...unless?....)


    -found family is top tier, love triangles are in hell(not fun kind) but that’s my general hiccup with this franchise (it has so much potential but choses to focus heavily on romance, like romance is good and great and all that but friendship is magic)

    -in conclusion i really liked the story as a separate being and it’s one of the better book to screen adaptations i’ve seen but it’s not without flaws

    -i’m always critical of things that i love. it’s my passion to scrutinise and see flaws. i am but a miserable being

    🖤only my personal opinions and feelings,hope you enjoyed my art despite my tirades🖤

    #six of crows #shadow and bone #soc fanart#art#my art #souring my art with my thoughts #blue eyed white boys on top( #why wylan has blue eyes leigh why not brown-amber #brown eyes are so much better #aaaaa
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  • original-honeychiles
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #Oath Keepers: How a militia group mobilized in plain sight for the assault on the Capitol #Top Oath Keeper Says Active-Duty Cops Are Training Militia Members for Civil War #White Supremacists#Oath Keepers #White Identity Supremacists #White Racism#American Racism #White God Complex #Black Lives Matter
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  • philosopher-of-fandoms
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #we’re gonna get white boys singing chewing gum #we’re gonna have NCT charting the top 40 now but at what cost #mutuals 💕#vera 🥰💕 #received scrolls 📜
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