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  • mitchmarner
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #ask #ill see how long this lasts before i change it back to a normal @ #my brother follows my twitter and while he is the only family member who gets to know im queer #i think a full hockey twitter might be a bit much even tho it basically already is
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  • cashweasel
    28.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Really funny how the major I was trying to avoid getting into at all costs was engineering..

    And the major I ended up in,,,, is engineering :’D

    #the irony man #I want to cRY #my biggest dream was to go to dental school but I didn’t get it because that shit too expensive :’) #and absolutely nothing else was working for even whenever I tried to look at other majors there will always be a big obstacle in the way #and I end up back where I started with the major I have now #maybe it’s god’s will but... idk #sometimes I feel very ehhh about it if not discouraged #also theres the fact that.. idk I don’t think I’m smart enough for engineering 😭😂 #and it’s not really anything I’m passionate about #but who knows maybe I’ll end up liking it but... I really don’t know #also I did try looking for scholarships or financial aid to help me get into dentistry but no such luck #sad#lou rambles
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  • hearties-circus
    28.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    #vent #i try so hard to not be sad because im so worried that i wont stop being sad but dammit i cant keep doing this #everytime i get happy i ruin it by purposefully withholding tears and im getting sick of it #as much as im sure i need this though sobbing still fucking sucks #my eyes sting alot and i can feel a headache coming on #im not sure ill be able to talk to my mum at dinner. im not sure i can even look at her right now #im usually angry in addition to being sad and while i am still a bit angry im just so scared and lonely and i fucking hate it #my brother laughed when i told him i was scared of our mum years ago.. wonder if he'd understand now #g-d im fucking terrified of her this isnt fair #who the hell thinks thats an acceptable way to treat their child?! #thats what gets my the most! the fact that she couldnt seem to recognise her actions as wrong #shes a very 'if we dont acknowledge it didnt happen/isnt happening' type of person #with her bottling up her emotions like that and being natural grudge holder makes her that much more scary #and her never acknowledging things gets so fucking annoying! #like ill be glad that she Seemingly isnt mad anymore but pretending that nothing happened when we were screaming at eachother hours ago is- #- bad and fucking stupid ! pretending i never cut myself is stupid! pretending my dad wasnt bad is stupid! pretending these things stop- #- when you look away is stupid! #.. ya know sometimes i wonder if she really Is mad about my dad and that everything that happened was her taking it out on me? #i am the only remnant of him left in her life after all.. i wouldnt be surprised .. #self harm m
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  • mannycalaveracafe
    28.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Okay, I need someone to talk about the ending of Trollhunters Rise Of Titans… and how bad it is!

    So after I finish to watching it I have a strange feeling…

    The fact that all we saw after 5 years is all gone? Because it's created a new timeline and now Tobie is the new trollhunter???

    All gone, the development for some characters or some relationships they created on going of the series..

    And now what???

    The trope "Well you know what?! It was all a dream! Everything is fine, all people who sacrificed are still alive!"

    It sounds so annoying and also fake…

    I feel mocked…

    I really loved this series

    I rewatched a few times over and over again

    But now…

    When today i restarted to watch it again it's not feel the same...

    All what i see arn't the same…

    Because I start to think of the finale and how it ends and ARGH! I feel so frustrated...

    But yeah the graphic are cool and the fight scene are really good...

    #i really hate the finale... #maybe if they made more about wizards who knows... 🤷 #trollhunters movie#trollhunters
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  • keyboard-dick
    28.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    also researching whether or not you're part of a system is genuinely so fucking confusing and frustrating especially when it seems like no one is being willing to communicate

    #vivi speaks #even with having a system friend helping you out and answering a few questions its still confusing as fuck bcs neither of us can rlly tell #who we are or what were doing so #AND THEN YOU HAVE THE FACT THAT A LOT OF THESE DISORDERS ARE INTENTIONALLY HIDING THEMSELVES FROM THE HOST / people around them bcs safety #and then also i feel like i would know right like??? its not as if i havent researched this before but???? #like if anything my symptoms line up w ossd 1 b i think and?? the thing is w ossd 1 b (correct me if im wrong) is that you have a generally #streamline memory there aren't as many gaps as there would be w did #aaaaaaaaa #send fucking help mannnn
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  • muffinrag
    28.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    i genuinely did not think the finale of Beastars was gonna end with that wolf eating his deer boyfriend's leg and i am shocked and mildly appalled

    #muffinrag blabs#beastars #i honestly do not... know how to feel about that show #i did stay up until 730 am watching it tho so. #who am i to judge
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  • zukkadads
    28.07.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    im awak

    #personal tags -> #woke up this morning and found out my ex gf posted poetry about me on twitter even though we still follow each other and #she knew i would see it :/ it wasn’t mean or slanderous or anything but #my abusive ex boyfriend wrote about me on social media after i broke up with him so i am feeling v triggered <3 #personal #i just. totally understand and implement writing as a coping mechanism #but what about me? how does it help ME cope to see poetry written about me i didn’t consent to have posted ? #and it’s not like this tumblr where none of you know who she is #we have a lot of shared twitter mutuals so idk. it just feels gross
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  • chococupspuffs
    28.07.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #anonymous #10 years of self taught english out the window? #who knows
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  • seawherethesunsets
    28.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    When he dodged you like a hot potato 🙃

    #unforgettable love#cdramaedit#asiandramanet#cdrama#wei zheming #hu yi xuan #he really just dodged and stoned for a bit #you know why i started this drama #yes wei zheming who caught my eye in perfect and casual #also when he whisper talk like bruh asmr #also i like the fl and boy is cute #a package
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  • shespy
    28.07.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    why does she write yelena so bland

    #even that one shot with alexei that yelena had didn't have her this boring #&   that one gave her a super thick accent for no reason in particular #but like really i want to know where this new personality for yelena came from??? #was she written like this in the movie   &   that's why they've been doing her like that??? #bc yelena has a personality   &   it's most definitely not what thompson is doing #like yelena used to crack jokes   &   have fun she was a model   &   socialite for god's sake #she once shot up a phonebooth nat was in   &   tried to get the drop on her   &   was like   ' miss me? ' #her speech patterns are drastically altered too but maybe that's a little nitpicky of me as someone who writes her lmao #but really where did they get this new personality for her i don't understand #*   ooc.     /     now we don't have time to unpack ALL of that. #wednesday spoilers #delete.
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  • khaleesiofalicante
    28.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #she just gives me karen vibes idk #I don’t know if it’s a character that could have been better written #or if that’s just who she was ya know? #I feel like it’s the latter #god knows there are parents out there #with their I know what’s best for you agenda #and I just don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did #😬😬😬😬#tsc
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  • randomnameless
    28.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Claude, post infodump to Mercedes

    “the crusty old guy smashing things right and left, including Hilda’s brother, is actually Nemesis and he wants to demolish Garreg Mach”

    Claude, to the rest of the people 

    “the crusty old guy smashing things right and left, including Hilda’s brother, is actually Nemesis and he wants to demolish Rhea, for some reason.”

    Claude, to Hanneman and Ignatz 

    “ the crusty old guy smashing things right and left, including Hilda’s brother, is actually Nemesis and he wants to demolish Rhea, for some reason. And the mole people are actually humans who fled underground after the Goddess destroyed them, a long long time ago. They aren’t tied to her lineage.”

    Claude, to Ignatz, alone 

    “ the crusty old guy smashing things right and left, including Hilda’s brother, is actually Nemesis and he wants to demolish Rhea, for some reason. And the mole people are actually humans who fled underground after the Goddess destroyed them, a long long time ago. They aren’t tied to her lineage. They want to eradicate the Goddess and her children.”

    Ignatz “why are you telling me the Goddess had children?”

    Claude “You would have discovered it one way or another. Don’t worry though, it’s not because she had kids that she won’t find you attractive, after all, I know all about your little crush on the goddess - which is actually the professor!”

    After 25 months of paiting Flayn as fierce as she wants, Ignatz finally managed to discover the “Truth”.

    #fodlan nonsense#FE16 #who knows what : the game #ignatz no
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  • samatedeansbroccoli
    28.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    New character living in my brain rent free

    #it’s just Ethan Winters from RE lol #he’s just so pure even if he’s wielding a shotgun lol #I know he isn’t super well liked but who cares #thebroccolitalks
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  • ducktracy
    28.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #long post #agaib i need to reiterate i’m not knocking on anyone or anything i’m just ranting #i just don’t want to come off as someone spouting constant negativity for the sake of stirring up drama or me shaking my old cane yelling #‘these dern cartoons these days!!!!’ #trust me. i get it. working in the animation industry i totally understand and feel the unnecessary hate towards things and it does suck and #i don’t want to come off as a ‘hater’. i’m more speaking out of my love and passion for the originals rather than disdain for new stuff #i just want to reiterate that because i don’t want to come across as an old hateful geyser who knows all. i don’t and am very ignorant to a #lot of things even including LT related facts #anonymous
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  • thatmooseinarea51
    28.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Every now and then I think about the time I looked out the second floor window at school and saw a buncha year sevens runnin about the school field during lesson time flyin a damn L’Manberg flag. Who are those kids.

    #cus of Corona I haven’t had a chance to get to know the kiddos #the only Year Seven I know is Sock- a non binary kid who goes about the fields at lunch flying an enby pride flag. Keep bein you Sock. #dsmp#schmoo speaks
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  • redrobin-detective
    28.07.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Here’s a fun little scenario that would be part of a larger story I don’t have the time/energy to write.

    Something something, the ghosts need to work together with the humans to stop a larger threat. They meet at Fentonworks to form a plan of attack with the humans’ most knowledgeable about ghosts. It is not Jack and Maddie Fenton. However, Danny Fenton and co do not feel like disclosing the fact that they are Amity’s foremost ghost experts. So the ghosts find themselves in an awkward position of having to pretend to be seeking council from the adult Fentons while watching Danny pretend to hide in his mother’s side in fear. But though his posture is scared and submissive, his eyes are glowing with promise of a violent second death if they don’t play along. Cue shenanigans. Fun points of interest include:

    - Danny and the ghosts’ frustration and disbelief as the Fentons or even Valerie get ghost stuff so completely wrong and Danny is literally biting his hand to stop himself from correcting them because he’s not supposed to know anything about ghosts. They look at him with weary annoyance, asking why he is making them submit to this and he just stares back equally annoyed and exhausted. 

    - The ghosts and Team Phantom need to do their planning in secret so they steal snatches of time here and there with hilarious results. Danny quickly phasing him and Technus into the bathroom for a quick huddle only to be interrupted by Jack trying to get in or quickly miming ideas and plans when people’s heads are turned then pretending to play on his phone when they look his way (his phone is upside down, no one comments. Fenton is just weird like that). They barely get any time to plan without interruption.

    - It gets to the point where nothing is getting done and Danny is forced to kind of intercede but in a casual manner. Making pointed comments to have people piece things together themselves, tripping over important inventions to bring them to people’s attention just... pretending to accidentally acquire knowledge and delicately (and sometimes forcefully) leading them to the correct conclusions.

    - I bet there would be some interesting conversations btw the ghosts and Danny about why he does hide. Why does he hide his strength and knowledge? They know by now that Danny is protective of hell of his secret identity but ghosts simply cannot understand why one of the strongest warriors hides behind the façade of weakness. Sometimes Danny himself wants to give up the charade bc the whole thing is too damn confusing and exhausting.

    - Danny is not used to his worlds colliding in such an ongoing, intimate setting (lets say both ghosts and humans are essentially trapped together) so his personality is constantly flipping btw Fenton and Phantom’s trying to keep up. Dash is confused watching Fenton growl at ghosts while the ghosts are wondering why such a powerful halfa lets the other humans push him around. It makes both human and ghosts realize they don’t much at all about Danny Fenton.

    - A lot of ghosts’ knowledge of humans comes from Danny, Sam and Tucker who are, obviously, outliers. In order to play nice with the ghost kid, they try to engage with some humans and are so far from the mark. (For example just kind of assuming all human kids engage in reckless, world changing activities).

    - Also the ghosts know Danny and generally have a lot of respect for his power and sense of duty to his haunt. They treat other humans the same, as annoying interchangeable non-entities almost but for some reason, Danny Fenton is given a weird amount of respect being referred to by name and, when he speaks, all the other ghosts stop and listen. Normal people have no idea what to make of this.

    - Again, I simply cannot get over the image of Danny doing his best to cower with his back to the humans but while facing the ghosts his face is a snarling, threatening mess. Both sides treat him as they normally do and find themselves coming up short. The humans wonder why the ghosts look at skinny, useless Fenton like he’s important. The ghosts wonder how the humans look at him and don’t see something dangerous. 

    #danny phantom #I have so many hcs that I have under this large umbrella of 'very long chaptered fic I'll never write' #just the idea of the ghosts and humans partnering up (think along teh lines of reign storm but with all of amity) #and being forced to sort of coexist for a time #Danny who essentailly lives two different lives is forced to compromise both of them to survive #he's bolder to the humans but quieter to the ghosts #both sides need to realize that theres more to the kid than they thought #also just J&M assuming they're the ghosts experts #not knowing all the ghosts are politely wiating for them to finish their inaccurate bigoted speech #so they can sneak off with their son and do some REAL planning #Its funny but also a bit sad to devote your whole life to something and the culmination of your expertise is to ignored #and the ghosts are only semi polite about it bc theyre lowkey scared of Danny who will rip them into another afterlife #if they hurt/demean his parents or hint about his secret #just... interesting thoughts Ive been batting around in my head for a bit #like a cat toying with a ball of yarn #just teasing it but not sinking my lil gremlin teeth into it
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  • misscrazyfangirl321
    28.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Abby: Could you turn on the light please?

    Nikola: There's no need, because you're the light of my life.


    Abby: Nikola, I can't see.

    #abby corrigan#nikola tesla#sanctuary#sanctuary syfy#incorrect quotes #incorrect sanctuary quotes #mine#source: tumblr #look. would this fit helen better than abby? probably. #but if i don't make content for my extremely niche ship. who will? #and we know this is how he flirts #it would probably be the time with abby #logically
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  • ljussangen
    28.07.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    #kalandra#wardruna cover #i love the pump organ in this tbh #my grandma had an old pump organ that was given to her from her mother or grandmother I cant remember #but I was so mad when my father and his siblings sold it without asking anyone in the family if they wanted it #i would have bought it as well as their property #now their property has been split and new ugly houses have been built there and it is a shame #i am so saddened that no one in this family cares about our past aside from me #i try to keep alive the traditions and things that were vaguely taught or told to me #but those things were so few and far between and aside from my fathers mother and father I have not been close to any of my family history #sadly no one has cared enough about that to pass it on #our history is as fragmented and broken as this whole family has been #but I long to connect to it #in fact i think it is very important mentally and spiritually and physically #so I do my best to connect how I am able and know that families are also who we choose as well #and we can always make our own traditions and connect in other ways to humanity #blah blah blah anyway song good that is all
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  • veronicathegoddess
    28.07.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    i am once again thinking about someone using me while i’m sleeping. pulling my panties to the side, gently sliding their fingers in and rubbing my clit to make me wet. then slowly pushing their cock inside and starting to fuck me.

    spreading my thighs and thrusting harder and harder when they hear tiny little moans escape me from squirming on their cock. they keep fucking me senseless until i wake up and try to push them off. they shove my face into a pillow and keep pounding me, holding my fighting body in place to be used as nothing but a fleshlight.

    eventually their thrusts slow, a steady rhythm that makes me start falling asleep again. i don't even notice when they cum deep inside me, or pull my panties up with their cum still in my cunt. they leave and i'm left to wake up the next day to their cum leaking out of my sore cunt, wondering what exactly happened to me the night before.

    #mine #is this cnc? #is this somno? #is this both? #who knows #all i know is that i wanted to be fucked while im sleeping #sooo #me and whoooo #🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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  • corvidable
    28.07.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    i wanna find and reblog that audio of "are you haunted, are you fucking possessed? you used to be my brother" because that was literally about how much justin listened to jimmy buffet

    #i saw the jurassic world post again where nobody knows who jimmy buffett is
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