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  • frog-man-blog
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Let’s Talk About It

    (An AvA fanfic)

    Fair warning, this story does contains mentions of starvation and thoughts of suicide, so if you’re sensitive to those topics, please do not read, thank you!!

    (This is also practice writing, so please critique me if there is anything I can do better at to improve/fix)

    The warmth spreading throughout the house during the holidays have to be one of the best feelings in the world. Being able to snuggle up with those close to you as you drink your hot chocolate and tell sweet stories of the past. It’s times like these which make happy memories.

    That doesn’t mean the same is for everyone. While the house is warm, and smells of pine. The four stick figures could not bring themselves together this holiday. The house was quiet and lacked any story telling, or the cackling of the fire in a fire place. Everyone was rather cooped in their room, or out doing something productive.

    The holidays became a hard time for the four. They couldn’t be bothered to decorate, let alone set up a Christmas tree. They had no more spirit left in them. They became husked, lifeless.

    Yellow had been working non stop on a project he kept hidden from the others. While they call him crazy and beg for him to seek help, Yellow is adamant on continuing. His machines and creations have stopped working long ago, as if the “magic” that brought them to life died. They died along with the energy Yellow had in them, only to be rusted and molded.

    The others hardly see Yellow now. With him being locked away in his room, they can’t do anything to help him. Even if they can’t help each other.

    Blue stopped eating netherwart thankfully. He claims the taste got bland and mushy, no longer being able to find the appetite to eat or eat in general. The only fluids he would put into his body would be that of the potions he would make. Having nothing left to do, he just drinks and drinks until he can’t feel anything anymore. Going numb and falling into a false reality where everything was normal.

    Blue leaves his room very rarely. Sometimes just to binge on the leftovers Red would leave in the fridge for him. Other wise he’s never seen at all.

    Red had managed to cope better then the rest. His animals managed to keep him sane for the most part, since he’s the one that takes care of everyone else. Of course that doesn’t mean Red isn’t hurting. He just became stronger since they all needed someone to keep them going. Red has tried to talk to the others before, however decided to be patient and wait for them when they’re ready.

    Red feels alone though. Having no one else to talk to anymore, and caring a large responsibility on their shoulder. As the animals do keep him company, they’re not the same as when they all used to laugh and joke while sitting on their favorite sofa.

    Green took it the hardest. He never leaves his room. Only opening the door to fetch the food Red lays beside it. He always stares at the picture by the bedside. Covered by a white sheet in respect. His voice hoarse from the lack of melodies that used to stream from him. There are no words to describe how he feels.

    By this time it’s been weeks since it happened. The last time everyone sat around for dinner. The last time everyone played their favorite video game together. The last joke they would ever tell to each other. The last night before five turned into four.

    Red had walked up to the bedroom that once belonged to one of them. Gently knocking on the door. A faint voice of “come in” could be heard from inside, and Red opens the door.

    Stepping in, he sees the tangerine bed and art scribbled all over the walls, which chipped and faded over time. There on the bed sat Green. Staring at the covered portrait of their once beloved friend. Red went and sat next to him.

    “… Hey”



    “… are you, ready?”

    Green nods

    “Where would you like to start?” Red asks, staring at the covered portrait along side him.

    It was quiet for a moment. Red letting the boy gather his thoughts and feelings. Letting him take as much time as he needed before he could hear a hitch in his voice.

    It was raspy and shaky. Broken and shattered. He was trying to keep himself together.

    All Red could do was put his hand to his back and gently rub. Comforting him as he collects himself. Then, a broken sob manage to come from his voice

    “… We never even got to say goodbye”

    #ava green#ava blue#ava red#ava yellow #I am aware it is a very dark story; however it’s a passion of mine to write stories like these. Stories that are sad and give feelings #I want the reader to feel with the story and have emotion through it. That is my goal when I write #I’m not the best author and I’ve gotten rusty over time; however I want to share what I can do with everyone #If you don’t like that I used AvA characters to go on about this story; sorry but you’re just gonna have to suck it up #I’m not a wholesome creator like my art style appears to be; I’m into horror and gore and dark writing. I feed off of this #Again this is all practice for future stories; but if you are upset at my way of art and writing you can leave #I shouldn’t have to say all of this because I trust the community enough to understand #however with past experience of mine; I think it would be better to address it before someone decided to make it a problem #also I decided not to tag it with ”AvA” just so people who are sensitive to this stuff don’t have it show up in their feed
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  • officially-christy
    21.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Basically Hinanami part 2 because my friend gave me an idea

    Hajime, over the phone: Chiaki, how much soup do I buy?

    Chiaki: Why are you getting soup?



    Chiaki: Hajibae, I asked for a 19 dollar Fortnite card.

    #idea stolen from kazishoyo #they gave me permission to use it i just changed it up a bit #if you guys have ideas in the comments for another ship i can do please leave it in the description!! #chiaki namani#hajime hinata #chiaki x hajime #hinanami#danganronpa 2#dr2#sdr2 #laughs in i have no idea why i love this ship so much #its srsly just so wholesome i cant #also the hajibae thing i added that in that wasnt even in the text kazi sent me i just decided hey what if i just- and it happened #ok why do i think chiaki would actually call him that though #I CAN HEAR CHIAKI SAYING HAJIBAE NOW HELP
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  • tortademaracuya
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    read a manhwa and all I got was +10 psychic damage

    #it wasnt THAT bad i actually did enjoy it but #im gonna be thinking about that one side pairing all day #'so u see they are both as equally bad people because they are both shallow for liking the other for their looks-' bro #BRO one called the other an animal for being fat 😭 he fell in love with the skinnier version without even knowing it was the same guy #and u tell me the other is equally bad because he liked him for being pretty??? make it make sense #'well he preferred the pretty guy who insulted him in the past instead of the friend that likes him for how he is' #but he doesnt owe second guy anything. even if obviously it was the healthier choice #i do wish the truth had come out :/ so at least we could get a bad end for them or a chance for Horrible Guy for growth or smth idk aa #i know i probably wouldnt be giving it this much thought if it werent for the fatphobia problem #haunted.txt #also i dont mind that much the use of shock elements near the ending with main pairing but it kind of brushed off any consequences... #the ending in general felt kind of rushed and unfinished #worst part is i got this manhwa reccomended on a list of 'soft/wholesome' romance ahsjsjskkssll
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  • some-messed-up-writing-for-you
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #imagine #WHOLESOME corruption arc #where SV treats Hero kindly/like a person #smth that they're not used to cause Hero's teammates were assholes #SO THEY TURN EVIL AND ABSOLUTELY KICK ASS WITH THEIR NEW PARTNER
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  • angst-and-fajitas
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    My big sister lives across the country for grad school, but she plays on the Minecraft server I run, and we share a little Island together and it's great. Even though we're never on at the same time we leave notes on signs around our lighthouse and the island, and I make farms and buildings to show her and sometimes she leaves a box full of loot when she comes back from one of her long cave adventures, and we r buddies :)

    #emma talks #feeling wholesome in this chili's tonight #i made us matching banners for our shields and everything #minecraft
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  • binch-i-might-be
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    every time our dad walks past our apartment, he'll stop and make a birdcall and when we're home we'll go out to the balcony and have a lil chat with him

    unfortunately we don't live in this house alone tho, and just after our newest neighbours moved in, they were like "yo so the other day there was some owl guy here??? making birdcalls at the house??? what the fuck"

    yeah anyway it was both a privilege and an honour to identify "the owl man" as none other than my pa :)

    #it's really funny my dads neighbours and him and me sometimes as well all make owl calls at each other #usually when we see someone from a distance and they haven't noticed us yet #it's a little thing but watching someone look around all confused after recognising the call and then smiling real big when they spot you #sparks SUCH joy for real #it's wholesome :) #rayrambles
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  • slut4dracula
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    My purest love,

    I have crossed oceans of time to find you 🫀

    #Mine #Some Wholesome Content of my soulmate #Ilysm #I love us #one weekend wasnt enough with you 🥺 #lovers
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  • homosnapeiens
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    bart: i love you guys! you're the best thing that's happened to me!

    kon: we're the best thing that's ever happened to you?

    bart: yes!

    tim: i’m starting to feel a little sorry for you.

    #THIS IS NOT TIMXBARTXKON #THIS IS JUST FRIENDS BEING WHOLESOME AND THEN TIM #batfam#dc universe#incorrect quotes#red robin#tim drake#robin#young justice #young just us #bart allen#impulse #kon el kent #conner kent#superboy
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  • pallanophblargh
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    #pallanophs#Qiara#Nok#personal characters#character shenanigans#anonymous #for anyone out there who just needs a sympathetic 'noph shoulder to lean on #sketches #still out from work due to feeling blegh so let's use that time to draw wholesome #don't blame Qiara she's not great at expressing warmth #which is why we've got Nok who is a literal ray of sunshine
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  • miroticized
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #that's a show my parents used to watch #it was wholesome #xin <3#asks
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  • nuoyi-city
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i had a dream where skz was in town and needed a lowkey place to stay and for some reason that was our house?? so to help them stay comfortable i told them im a fan but not a stay (which is true) we let them use the living and guest room and stuck to using the master bedroom and basement. since everyone else in my family is anti-(east) asian, i was supposed to be the guest entertainer sort of person (like go and speak to them for 15-30 min for the sake of hospitality) so i did and i addressed them individually as well it was nice hyunjin was rlly nice and interested in what i was saying so we became friends and then it was changbin's turn i had a drink in my hand and i was so nervous around him i was trying to tell him abt how im a huge fan of his and i genuinely love his personality, charm, rap, and music esp his music ugh his music literally my soul in a nutshell as a music producer he has all my respect so i spilled the drink on myself instead jshjdjc and he was all :O and i was all 😭🏃‍♀️ i went back to the basement to change into another shirt and clean up and hyunjin accompanied me to be nice but then we forgot that my anti-(east) asian relatives were using the bedroom downstairs and to get to my clothes i need to cross all of them jejfj so i told him to be quiet and not wake them up he thought it was bc they were sleeping but it's actually bc im scared they'd ask too many direct questions and yk how desis have that rude undertone when being nice to someone they hate so yeah. so we tiptoed our way to the closet i got my change of clothes and we tiptoed our way to the bathroom door (which is on the way out). hyunjin was gonna go out and i was gonna change but then i saw one of my relatives waking up so i pulled him into the bathroom with me. by then i was regretting doing so bc i thought i seemed like a pervert so i told him to stay in the closet till i finish changing i opened the closet door and some black butterflies came out?? hyunjin being the scaredy cat he is was about to scream but i jumped in front of him stomped on his foot making him yelp and focus on the pain turned on my phone's flashlight and pointed it at the butterflies making them disappear?? hyunjin was glad i wasn't a creep and felt like he could trust me after this incident so for the rest of their stay there it was just me and hyunjin being buddies and me failing to express my feelings of die-hard admiration to changbin bc i'd either mess up or accidentally offend him and then ranting and crying abt it to hyunjin. one day he got fed up and asked changbin to just hide behind a corner and listen to my rants so he did and he finally understood i meant well. i never found out abt my feelings reaching him tho which is ironic bc this is my dream.

    #i was surprised hyunjin is the one i made friends with bc he isn't even one of my skz biases yk #anything here that doesnt make sense idk why it happened ok this is a dream #but it was so wholesome i want more dreams like this jdjdfjjf not dreams like yesterday #for my desi moots confused abt the basement part i want to say that the dream in this house is my old house back in the US so yea #these days ive been dreaming and actually remembering my dreams. probably bc my sleep schedule is more healthy #ren.mp3 #can i please marry changbin
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  • anarawrsha
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #anonask#inscryption#leshy#leshy inscryption#anaarts#he’s hunting #the initial sketch was wholesome and cute #but I scrapped it haha #and now you have this #i think Leshy with goat legs is very adorable #also I added a tail if you don’t mind xD #his tail is like a branch but he can move it #so he uses it to carry the lantern #thanks anon for the idea!
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  • xgoldenlatiasx
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    sometimes a family is a lynx, a baby lynx, two baby elephants, a fox, and another cranky baby lynx who was there for five seconds and tried to burn me alive (or whatever crazy group of animals you end up hanging out with in Meadow)

    #THIS GAME IS THE ONLY VALID MMO EVER #i love it so much #it’s so wholesome #I played with this one group for several hours I miss them 😭 #why is talking to other people solely through emotes and nothing else literally the most pleasant social interaction I’ve had in YEARS #meadow#meadow game #I was actually a goat until the two baby elephants left #then I became a fox #the baby lynx was so nice and showed us where a bunch of puzzle pieces were 🥺 #then there was a different baby lynx who tried to set me on fire 😔 #I think they didn’t like me cause I wouldn’t change into a lynx #even though I don’t have one #other than that it was lots of fun!! #hope I’ll maybe run into them again #shut up blake
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  • justxweasley
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #weasleyandweasley#Wholesome 🥺 #i know how to use the fellytone && answered asks #verse && tbd
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  • dangandeez
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Izuru Kamukura x excited!reader!

    Reader gets excited over EVERYTHING and Izuru finds it amusing
    notes: snail mention + toad / frog mention ? other than that it’s just wholesome Izuru shit because I am a simp for scary-god-man

    “Look!! It’s a little froggie!” You gasped, letting go of Izuru’s hand to crouch down and admire the little creature with stars in your eyes.

    “That’s a toad.” He remarked, crouching down beside you. It was, in fact, a toad.

    “Look how cute he is!!” You cooed. You didn’t want to stress it out by picking it up, but you spent several moments admiring the small creature.

    “I fail to see the appeal.” Izuru replied, standing, and helping you to do the same. “Though you always seem to see the appeal of most simple things.”

    You giggled, squeezing the hand that was still holding yours as the two of you continued your hike. You’d tied his hair back into some braids beforehand, making use of your ultimate cosmetologist talent, and convinced him to come with you. He had no complaints on the matter, Izuru was content to do most things you’d ask of him. You’d stopped several times on this hike already, and you always made him watch the sunsets and sunrises on especially “pretty” days. He never minded, he found your fascination with mundane things to be interesting.

    “Well, if you don’t appreciate the little things in life, the world seems a lot more dull. Don’t you think?” You asked teasingly, giving him a quick boop on the nose as you continued on.

    “Hm. I guess you’re right.”

    “Look!!!” You gasped, releasing his hand yet again and crouching down to a fallen tree, covered in moss and mushrooms, with a snail crawling on it. “Whoa.” You marveled at the sight, pulling out your phone and taking a picture.

    “Why is that picture-worthy?” Izuru asked, a small smile on his face at your purely innocent excitement.

    “It’s just!” You gestured at it, turning to look at him with a bright smile. “It’s cool! So many living things, on something dead! It’s kinda like a metaphor, you know?” You mused, sticking your hand in front of the snail’s path, causing the creature to crawl onto your hand.

    “Can we keep him?” You asked, turning back to Izuru with a pleading look in your eyes, sticking your lower lip out a bit for emphasis on the begging.


    “Because he looks like a friend.” You announced proudly.

    “Are you experienced in snail care?”

    “I am! I’ve kept several!”

    “Well then, I see no reason why you can’t keep your ‘friend’.” That rare smile of his was once again present as you stood, a bounce in your step as you walked up to him, kissing him on the cheek as a means of saying thank you.

    “Should we turn back then?” He asked.

    “Ah.. I guess we should. They get stressed out if you hold them for too long.”

    On your way back, Izuru did something that utterly shocked you.

    “Wait.” He said, crouching down to pick a small wildflower, and carefully placed it behind your ear. There was the softness in his eyes, the softness that was always reserved just for you. Your cheeks were burning up at the romantic gesture. “I thought it was pretty.”

    #ayee first post on here #it’s official now #anyways#izuru kamukura #izuru kamukura x reader #danganronpa #Danganronpa x reader #a wholesome fic to start us off
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  • rohan-defender
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I think we need to see stands being used for mundane tasks more often. Example: Jotaro can't get a jar open so he just makes star platinum do it. Another great one is Josuke dropping a plate, then fixing it in a rush before his mom can see.

    #okuyasu uses the hand to get things from across the room #its just the little things LOL #this has both wholesome potential and comedic potential #all im saying is tonio had the right idea using his stand for cooking. this dude GETS IT Lol #jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #diu #diamond is unbreakable #josuke higashikata#jotaro kujo#heaven's post #these would also be fun to draw but maybe ill do that later
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  • eniruok
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Im working on my portrayal of Weather by fucking my friends OC and I took it too far by determining he would most likely still be a virgin in prison

    #ADULT VIRGIN WEATHER #its fuckin wholesome tho shout out to us
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  • brxwrvth
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #THANK YOU MY LOVE💞💞💞💞💞 #you have no idea how often I will be using these😌 #MUAH <3333 #wholesome broom wacks x 100000 #bri’s ask box‼️
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  • opuntie
    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    sometimes you have to cry for those who can't

    sometimes you need someone to cry for you

    #orphans path fanart #fanart for fanfiction #oh boy so much crying in these chapters #so many hugs #the wholesome melancholy #techno fanart#philza fanart #watch me switch my content from dsmp to fanfiction exclusively #if they won't give us content we will make our own #but seriously #orphans path is great and you should definitely go and read the series
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