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  • Barely Human: Chapter 2

    (tw: body horror, electric shock, captivity, “it” as a pronoun)

    A cage with bars would never work. No, Noxes could easily slip out with their flexible bodies, no matter how close together the bars were. Wood wouldn’t work either. It would certainly be eaten through.

    So that’s why Connie held Cameron (or what USED to be Cameron) in a large, metal box, with a bulletproof window and sealed shut combination-protected locks.

    It had been a week. Calls came from Micah every day. Lots of “Is he doing okay?”, and “Can I see him?” Connie always answered the same way. “He’s doing fine, and he doesn’t want to be seen.”

    But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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  • #fanfiction#adsom #shades of magic #endurance fic#acol#acos#alucard emery#cora taskon#astrid dane#blood tw#whump#sadistic choice#sadistic game #shades of magic fanfic #evil queen#literally #she's just having a good time #magic#fantasy whump #a darker shade of magic #a gathering of shadows #a conjuring of light #fanfiction whump#character death
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  • This song popped up at random on one of my Spotify playlists and from the second I heard the first line I could not stop laughing. Yep, this is the whump community in a nutshell.

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  • fair-weather love

    by: @deareddie | angst / hurt/comfort / whump | 8.4k | complete | teen

    Summary: A crack of thunder. A rough shove. An empty space where Buck stood just moments ago. A pit in his stomach as he realises his boyfriend has just fallen 25 feet. A shout that claws its way out of his throat involuntarily. “BUCK!” - A call goes wrong. Buck falls. Eddie waits.

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  • Pushing Caretaker’s form to the ground after a lengthy torture session, Whumper chuckled as Caretaker’s face met the cold hard ground, defenseless as their hand were tied behind their back.

    They had willingly traded themself for Whumpee’s sake and just seeing the devastation on Whumpee’s face as they were helpless to stop Caretaker was worth the loss of a perfectly toy to play with.

    But… maybe Caretaker would be even better.

    “Ah my little pet Caretaker. Did we have fun today?”

    Dazed, Caretaker’s voice quietly replied.

    “Yes, Master.”

    Whumper grinned.

    “That’s wonderful. Would you like to hear what Whumpee’s up to this week? I know you love to hear about them.”

    Turning their face up to Whumper, eyes unfocused and hazy, two words from their lips had Whumper’s heart on Cloud Nine in an instant.

    “Who’s Whumpee?”

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  • “Is that you henchman?” Villain asked, their foot pausing in midair as they walked by the open patio. They had just landed up the street and were making their way to the capital building, a bag full of unknown contraptions at their side.

    Henchman froze, glancing between Villain and Hero. Hero was frozen too, they looked terrified though Henchman had to acknowledge that was probably a false front. Hero was here as a civilian, a coffee date with Henchman and a couple of Hero’s civilian friends.

    It was their third one in the last month or so. Hero had been taking them since Henchman had taken a blow to the head while fighting Hero and lost their memories. As far as Hero was concerned those memories were still missing, Henchman hadn’t been able to bring themselves to revealing the truth.

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  • Febuwhump Day 24: Memory Loss


    contents: head trauma, escape from captivity

    Morgo’s not in his cell anymore

    (Continues on Day 25: Identity Reveal ->)


    Morgo wasn’t sure where he was anymore.

    He remembered being dragged out of his chains, pulled upwards and carried out of the cell on a pair of nauseatingly high shoulders, too weak to walk himself to another punishment he couldn’t imagine he’d actually earned. He remembered Vatră’s unchained leg shooting out from beneath her, where she’d been keeping her newfound freedom a secret. Morgo remembered being fumbled out of the tall guard’s grasp, watching the dirty floor rush straight up towards his face, then nothing.

    Then he was here.

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  • “It’s too cold for you to be out here without a jacket.”

    Caretaker jumped. They turned to see whumpee standing at thr front door, bleary eyed and wrapped in their favourite blanket.

    “Whumpee,” Caretaker said, breath coming out white from the cold temperature of the outside. “You’re supposed to be in bed.”

    Ignoring the fact that it was nearly two in the morning, Whumpee’s injuries put them on bed rest until they could start functioning again. Well, supposedly.

    “So are you.” Whumpee walked around the snow to stand at Caretaker’s side, wrapping their arms around them in a tired hug. “What’s wrong?”

    Caretaker put a hand on their head, running their fingers through the locks. “Nothing’s wrong.”

    “I don’t believe you,” came Whumpee’s muffled voice. “You always did this when something was wrong.”

    They chuckled. “What, stand outside?”

    They shook their head and sighed. “Caretaker, something’s bothering you.”

    “It’s nothing Whumpee.”

    Whumpee looked up at them, eyes sad. “You blame yourself, don’t you?”

    Caretaker frowned. It wasn’t like Whumpee was wrong, they couldn’t help but feel like they had contributed to Whumpee’s suffering. They came outside, almost as if they would be able to find out how to fix things if they asked the Universe hard enough.

    “You can’t keep beating yourself up for something someone else did.”

    They were one to talk. “Whumpee-“

    “You can’t deny it Caretaker. I see it when you’re around.” They grabbed Caretaker’s face, looking them dead in the eyes. “It wasn’t your fault.”

    They sighed, kissing Whumpee’s forehead. “We should get back inside. You aren’t wearing shoes.”

    Whumpee gave a look that almost looked like a pout. “Alright.” They went back inside, Caretaker taking Whumpee back to their bed and tucking them in.

    “Goodnight my love.”

    “Goodnight.” Caretaker went and flipped out the lights. Before they left, they heard Whumpee mutter, “I’ll never blame you for what happened.”

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  • When the manga knows exactly why I’m here and labels the whumpy bits accordingly

    #the morose mononokean #abeno haruitsuki#whump
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  • catch me thinking about a character who’s allergic to everything meditating with their spiritual s/o but the incense is making them sneeze so much that neither of them can focus

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  • #hary lol#pet whump#whump #orfeu and haru #blue needs a tag #I cant review this now I havent slept in two days words dont even make sense so #lol
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  • “Is that true?”

    “It is if you believe me. If you have faith in me.”


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  • pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

    warnings: mentions of death and canonical type violence

    word count: 494

    summary: a mission goes wrong and you and Poe argue

    Febuwhump Prompt: ‘Don’t try and pin this on me’

    If the silence over your private comm channel was any indication, Poe was angry. Not just angry but absolutely furious. The mission had been a complete failure and even worse, you had lost good pilots to the First Order.

    The moment you landed back on D’Qar, Poe stormed out of his X-wing to yours.

    ‘This is on you Y/n! If you had just done what I asked, none of this would have happened!’ His voice had risen to a shout and people were beginning to stare.

    You scoffed at his words. He was the one pulling all sorts of ridiculous, reckless actions and he was blaming the busted mission on you?

    ‘My fault? Don’t try and pin this on me! If it were not for your reckless flyboy ways, nothing would have gone wrong!’ You yelled back.

    ‘My actions are the only reason we got out of there alive!’ Poe retorts, his cheeks flushed with rage.

    ‘We wouldn’t have needed them had you just followed orders!’ Disbelief is clear in your voice and you can’t help but shake your head at his audacity.

    Poe had just opened his mouth to tell you exactly what he thought of your reply when someone pointedly cleared their throat.

    ‘I would like to know why two of my best pilots are currently behaving like children?’

    It was almost comical really, how fast your head snapped round to face the General.

    ‘Poe-’ You began at the same time he went, ‘Y/n-’

    Leia let out a disapproving sigh and you immediately fell silent.

    ‘The briefing room. Now.’ Her tone made it clear that it was not up for debate and both of you reluctantly followed her.


    Leia wasted no time. The moment the door shut behind you, she spoke, ‘Now I understand your disappointment and frustration at the failed mission. And your grief too because the pilots we lost were good men and women.

    But there is no excuse for your behavior, Commander Dameron and Commander Dameron.’

    You wince at her straightforward words, not wanting to be reminded that you were married to who you were currently thought was the stupidest, most stubbornly idiotic man alive.

    Subconsciously, you rub what once was Shara Bey’s ring but now was yours. Poe could be reckless, stubborn and impulsive but he was also the most protective, loyal and loving person you knew.

    Poe loved you with a love so fierce and unwavering that it was impossible to stay angry at him for long but right now, you think you might actually succeed.

    First he had yelled at you in front of an entire hangar. Next, he embarrasses you in front of the General herself.

    Leia levels another look at the pair of you.

    ‘Both of you need to sort whatever this is out. You’re brilliant together. You really are. Easily, you’re my first pick for any mission that requires a good partnership. But you’re also two halves of a whole idiot.’


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  • For @febuwhump day 24; memory loss !! This actually hurts so much to write wjsjsjj



    Asami knows exactly who the new avatar is when she sees her for the first time.

    She has Korra’s eyes—not blue like hers, no, but they had the same spark she used to see in Korra’s eyes whenever Asami looked into them. It was one of the very first things that made her go, yeah, this is the one. The rest of her was distinctive—tan Earth Kingdom skin, jet black hair, sturdy posture.

    But her smile, that sideways smile of hers, exactly like the one Korra used to give her—the kind that would always make Asami melt and go Spirits, I love her so much—she has it.

    She definitely does.

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    #febuwhump#febuwhump 2021#tlok#atla#korrasami #the legend of korra #avatar #avatar the legend of korra #avatar the last airbender #whump#hurt/comfort#post canon#post series
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  • Chapter 33 – The advisor

    For @brutal-nemesis‘s Ice day! It’s comfort :)

    Tag: @whumpfigure @just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi @green-eyed-whumpster @liliability @unicornscotty @sideblogformindtrash

    CW: hypothermia, slipping into unconsciousness, plans for murder?


    A servant opened the door to the cellar. Feyros entered first, followed by his assistant. He was right to put on a thick coat. His heart sunk when he noticed how cold it was here, sore so when you just came from the warm late-spring temperature that hung around in the palace. His assistant warmed his hands before readying his notebook.

    ‘We won’t be here for long’, Feyros assured him, smiling nervously. He looked at the rows of crates that stored the snow. ‘We only need to check the crates and see how much reserve there is. Emperor Vasri assured me he kept good track of the amount of snow, so I’m simply checking if his data are correct, which I don’t doubt they are.’

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  • Come join us this Friday evening (February 26, 2021) at 7:30pm EST for a whump movie night!

    We’ll be using Teleparty (formerly Netflix party) to watch Prospect (2018), a fantastic space western staring Pedro Pascal and Sophie Thatcher that happens to have quite a bit of quality whump.

    More details:

    • Here’s the trailer. uuuhshiny’s gif'ed quite a bit of the whump, if you’d like a teaser of the whump.
    • To watch, you’ll need to install Teleparty/Netflix Party and you’ll need a Netflix account. I’ll share the link Friday evening.
    • Teleparty allows up to fifty people to join, depending on how much traffic their servers are handling, so we should have room for anyone who wants to drop by to chat (text chat with nick names) or just hang out!

    If you need ‘em, specific (and spoilery, beware) content warnings are below the cut. If you’d like me to expand upon something, shoot me a DM.

    Hope to see you on Friday!

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  • whump aesthetic: @brutal-nemesis‘s Ice Day 2021

    #Ice Day 2021 #whump aesthetic#whump moodboard#whump#environmental whump#nature whump#winter#blood#drowning #couldn't narrow down which of the Many pictures I could find to use So #there gets to be Many
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