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    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    51. A smile in the mirror

    CW: institutionalised slavery, dehumanisation, box boy universe

    The warm water was cascading down the pet’s naked body, rinsing away soap and shampoo. It had locked the door, as per Miss Lydia’s instructions. It always felt wrong to turn the lock. Even though it did what Miss Lydia had told it to, it meant denying its owner access both to the room and to the pet’s body.

    Still, being alone meant that there was no longer any need to hide the long shivers that run through its entire body, making its teeth chatter despite the hot shower. Coriander felt bone-tired, fragile. Tears pricked the pet’s eyes and it let itself cry, relying on the water to rinse away any evidence of its weakness.

    It had been afraid, and… and it had acted in such an unpetlike manner.

    It had thought for itself, it had taken initiative and it had told others what to do. All these things that pets shouldn’t be doing, that it had spent years unlearning, and all that it took to break its hard-learned discipline was the eerie feeling that someone was worse off than the pet itself. There was no way around it. It was a bad pet and it deserved punishment. Fresh tears arose in its eyes. It was such a worthless pet. It would have to be a particularly severe punishment, to fit the crime.

    But…. But Miss Lydia had been proud. It could still feel the warmth of her embrace and her praise.

    Cory could feel its heart swell in its chest, remembering it. True, she did often praise it, Lydia was as generous with kind words as with kind touches and good food. But this time the pet had done something very difficult, and its mistress had known it.

    She didn’t know how difficult.

    Finishing the shower, the pet dried itself on a fluffy, mint-coloured towel and got dressed, bringing the collar for its mistress to close around its neck. Looking at itself in the mirror, it put on a carefully crafted smile for its owner. It was being a bad pet, but Miss Lydia didn’t have to know.

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  • misvet
    21.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Chaos & Control (Part 3)

    The team try to mend broken things.
    **SPOILER WARNING: S1E7 (Battle Scars)**
    Part 1 & Part 2

    Hunter could see everything, every scuff mark that blemished the floor; he could tell which ones were old, left behind by the standard-issue boots of troopers long gone, and which ones were newer, etched into the durasteel by scurrying claws. He could hear everything. Every metallic ache and moan of the cruiser as it continued to settle, forlornly, into its permanent, planetary grave. He could smell everything. The overwhelming tang of rust that grew like mould on the skeletons of starships, and then underneath that, the much more subtle organic rot of those that used to inhabit them.

    Nothing could escape Hunter's scrutiny. For him, the world and all its features were compressed, flattened and stretched tight, like the skin of a drum, and laid bare before him to read as easily as a map.

    And yet, as he roamed that med bay, he had never before felt so utterly lost. Like he couldn't find a way out of that room. Like he couldn't discern up from down.

    His head pounded with the sensory overload. Ever-present, unrelenting. But all of it, useless and irrelevant. The only feeling that mattered right now was the tempo of Omega's heart, palpable on his sternum as he held her against his unarmoured torso. The strong, sturdy beat of his own pulse nearly overpowered it, but it was definitely there. A warm fluttering, almost as if her ribs were caging a small bird.

    Hunter moved about the space, following some invisible, repetitive path. But he was treading with the trepidation of someone trying to carry a candle against the wind; a task that presented such a fine line between protection and suffocation.

    The pacing had been Echo's suggestion, apparently, it was supposed to be calming. And Tech had flat out refused to hand her over until Hunter had agreed to remove his chest plate first. But any misgivings he had initially harboured were quickly assuaged as the techniques demonstrated their merit. Omega had barely stirred once.

    Getting Wrecker back to the med bay and onto the gurney had taken Rex and Hunter nearly half an hour. That boy weighed an absolute solid fucking tonne. Laying there on his back, his stillness was… unnerving. Eyes closed, face slack. Wrecker was never this still. The blue glow of the surgical chamber ahead made his skin look pale...

    Hunter decided to turn away.

    "I believe the pod has been appropriately calibrated," Tech announced, straightening from behind the console and adjusting his goggles. "We can initiate the procedure."

    "Do it." Hunter gave the command immediately, still facing away. Tech keyed in the start sequence. The tray squeaked on rusty wheels as it was drawn into the mouth of the pod, carrying Wrecker along with it.

    Scattered throughout the room, the Batch stood in stiff silence. Hunter in the corner with Omega, Tech by the control panel, Echo beside the machine, and Rex near the doorway. Even standing apart, their thoughts were gathering in the same place. They could be about to lose their brother. And if this didn't work, then they could even be on the precipice of losing themselves, and each other.

    If that happened, Omega would be left here, with no one.

    Hunter groaned inwardly at the retrospection. She had literally said that to him. And he, ever the fool, had been so quick to offer her assurances. Promises that - now - he didn't know if he could keep. If they couldn't get the chips out, or if the procedure killed them in the process, then, either way, he would break them. And Omega would be alone, or…worse.

    Hunter felt sick.

    "Hunter?" As though his suffering had summoned her, there was a tiny voice against his collarbone.

    Quickly, he settled on a crate and rested her in his lap. Omega sat upright, still clinging to his blacks with one hand, and rubbing her eyes with the other. Stars, they looked so red, and sore. When she finally lifted her face to him, an incorporeal vibroknife lanced through his gut.


    She looked...hollow. As though she had just returned from the edge of some dark, nameless place. A place that had threatened to claim everything, and nearly succeeded. A place that all of them knew.

    "Hey, kiddo." He brushed the hair from her face. "How're you feeling?"

    There was a long pause as she looked towards the medical pod. Only Wrecker's boots were visible. Within her line of sight, Tech and Echo busied themselves, watching her only from the corners of their eyes. The last thing they wanted was to overwhelm her.

    "Is Wrecker okay?". Her voice was raw, like she had swallowed a ream of sandpaper, and yet, the question was untarnished. After everything that had happened, after Wrecker had nearly killed her. Hunter marvelled at it. It was pure, unabashed forgiveness.

    "He's going to be fine, Omega, I promise". Kriffing hell, he just couldn't help himself, could he?

    She looked back at him, and Hunter barely managed to disguise his wince as her small hand touched the side of his neck, shadowing where Wrecker's rather massive hand had been, far too recently. Had she noticed the bruising?

    "What about you?" she asked, voice flecked with worry. "Doesn't this hurt?" He allowed himself a dry chuckle, taking her little hand in his.

    "I'll be fine too," he assured, "I've survived much worse".

    "We should put some Bacta on it," she mumbled. But before she could slip out of his grasp, Tech was there, kneeling beside them both with a medkit. Omega looked pleased with the convenience, right up until she realised that he was probably not there for Hunter.

    "Miss Omega". Tech rested a gloved hand on her arm and tilted his head at her. "Might I suggest that before you start looking after us, we take a moment to look after you? Now that you are awake, I would like to quickly check you over, to ascertain that you have not been injured".

    She blinked at him. As soon as he said it, she suddenly became aware of the shards of pain that were worming their way into the foreground of her sensorium. She bobbed her head in acquiescence, though it seemed a little reluctant. Tech risked a brief, surreptitious glance over her head at Hunter, who returned the look knowingly. They were both acutely aware of the blood staining the back of her clothes.

    Across the room, Echo leaned against the wall, arms folded, standing sentinel from a distance. Tech opened up the medkit and began organising its contents, keeping his tone casual. "Tell me, are you experiencing pain anywhere?"

    "My knees," she answered, settling her eyes on some spot on the floor, "a-and my back. I think I scraped against something when I… w-when he…" she trailed off, unable to finish. A ripple of panic disrupted Tech's I-have-everything-under-control expression. He did not have this under control.

    Gratefully, Hunter swooped in. "It's okay, kid," he whispered immediately, giving her hand a little squeeze. She released a trembling breath.

    Tech computed the data in nanoseconds and frowned deeply beneath the burden of comprehension. It was one of them that had done this to her... Holding her might be okay, but this was different. It was likely going to be uncomfortable. She had to know she was safe, or he could risk being more harm than help.

    "Omega," Tech exhaled, turning to offer her his full attention. "We are here for you. No one is going to hurt you anymore". He stated it like a fact, though it did not escape his internal logic that, technically, none of them had been successfully de-chipped, yet.

    Omega swallowed thickly and directed a few meek nods towards her own feet, as though trying to convince herself. "I-I know," she managed. Then, when Tech didn't move, she lifted her eyes to meet his. Her gaze was open and unfaltering. "I trust you".

    The serious lines of Tech's face softened, giving way to the subtlest of smiles. The sensation that bloomed in his chest at her words was as lovely as it was short-lived. Like some beautiful, rare flower, blossoming in the immediate path of a raging wildfire. Before he could savour its sweetness, the dual implication of her statement hit him like an earthquake aftershock. And it shook him to his core.

    He had asked for it - for her trust - like he might have asked her to pass him a tool he needed while working. But, deep down, he had done so in the vague hope that she was just going to point, and laugh, and show him that he was already holding what he needed. But no. He had asked, and she had left to go someplace. When she returned, clutching that precious thing, she had placed it in his hands without hesitation. Looking down upon it in his grasp, he could see that it was whole, but only because...she had stuck it back together with tape and glue.

    They had broken it. And yet, she had still offered it to him, so freely, and for some reason, that hurt even worse.

    With great force of will, Tech compartmentalised his anguish. He put it in a box, with a date and a label, and stashed it away. There would be time to deconstruct it later. Right now, he needed to focus. He realised Omega was looking at him like she had wounded him, so he tweaked his lips into a reassuring smile, though it was only skin deep.

    "Let's start by examining your knees," he suggested gently. "May I roll up your trousers?"

    Omega nodded, then leaned sideways to rest bodily against Hunter, who curled his arm around her. Absentmindedly, her fingers fiddled with the sleeve of his blacks while Tech eased off her boots and began rolling up her pants. He paused every now and again, assessing her face for any change of expression, concerned for her comfort. But, besides looking a little dazed and bewildered, she didn't react. Having exposed her knees, he hummed to himself thoughtfully - they were red, cut and grazed. After a brief examination, he was satisfied that the damage was superficial.

    "Some mild abrasions and contusions," he reported. "I am going to apply some Bacta, is that alright, Omega?"

    Another nod. She tugged at a stray thread. Tech prepared two Bacta patches and applied them with trained accuracy. Omega flinched with the initial contact, but as the cold gel soaked into her skin, the discomfort buzzed away and was replaced by a pleasant tingling.

    "Good job, kid," Hunter praised warmly, kneading her upper arm with his hand while Tech fixed her trousers.

    "Now, then, how about this sore on your back?" Tech inquired. "Where does it hurt?"

    "It's sort of in the middle, right he--AH!" she had twisted her arm around to gesture but doing so had pulled something taut. It felt like barbed wire woven under her ribs. Now she was frozen in place, too afraid to move, her face creased with the pain.

    Tech reached up to adjust her posture, delicately moving her arm back to a resting position. She whimpered as her upper body straightened. "Can I have a look?" he asked softly. She nodded vigorously this time, her nose still crinkled, eyes screwed tight, wordlessly begging him to make the pain stop. "Hunter," Tech murmured in a lowered tone, "lean her forward for me, please".

    Hunter brought his arm up in front of her and Omega gingerly folded herself over it, pressing her face into his unarmoured bicep. His other hand stayed rested over her shoulders. Slowly, Hunter rocked her forward until she was nearly bent double. With the greatest care, Tech started to peel up the hem of her tunic. Her fingernails plunged into Hunter's arm and she hissed through her teeth as dried blood - adherent to the fabric - separated painfully from her skin. Tech paused his progression.

    "You're doing great," Hunter soothed, rubbing a small line in between her shoulder blades with his thumb, hoping it might distract her.

    "Mmhmm," was all she managed in reply, the tense sound muffled by his arm.

    Once her posture had eased a little, Tech proceeded cautiously, folding the garment up until he had fully revealed the jagged, bloody gash that ran parallel to her spine, from the bottom of her ribs down to the waistband of her leggings.

    "Oh, dear, ad'ika," Tech sighed. Omega nuzzled even more firmly into Hunter's embrace and stifled a sob. "Hold this for me," he instructed, rolling up the excess material so that Hunter could pin it out of the way with the hand at her shoulder. As Tech turned to the medkit, Hunter craned his neck to see, and bristled. It was a woeful sight. She was painted red.

    "Miss Omega, I am going to have to clean and dress this," Tech told her apologetically, shuffling medical implements around. "It may hurt a little, but try to sit still. I promise it will feel much better afterwards."

    Omega inhaled deeply as if steeling herself. "Okay," she whispered. It was laced with fear but delivered with courage. Hunter leaned in a little closer and pressed his lips to the back of her head.

    With the calculated movements of a surgeon, Tech used gauze soaked with mild antiseptic soap to clean away the blood and better reveal the extent of the laceration. Omega squirmed a little, withdrawing ever so slightly from his touch.

    "I am sorry, ad'ika," Tech breathed morosely.

    "Hang in there, kid," Hunter murmured into her hair, "we're nearly done". She made a little sound, and stiffened with determination, holding perfectly still against Tech's ministrations. Even so, Hunter could hear her grinding her teeth. Whether it hurt or was just scary, he couldn't tell.

    Now that he could assess it properly, Tech was content that the scratch was not deep and did not require stitches. He took the tube of Bacta from the medkit and dispensed a precise volume onto his thumb. Steadying his hand on her, and using as little pressure as possible, he smoothed the gel up the length of the cut in one quick motion. The immediate, intense sting made Omega arch her back and cry out. But Hunter was there, squeezing her a little closer as she groaned against the sharp pain.

    A few moments passed, and…finally, relief.

    The cold burn subsided into a deep heat that seeped into her muscles, dulling the ache, and washing over her body like a wave of warmed honey. Hunter exhaled quietly as he felt her practically melt in his arms.

    "Does that feel better?" Tech asked.

    "Mmhmm," she sighed, blissfully this time.

    She sat more comfortably for the remainder of Tech's treatment, and Hunter could feel some semblance of strength returning to her limbs. Once Tech had applied a sticky bandage over the Bacta, he rolled her tunic back down, nodding with satisfaction as she sat up and tested her new range of motion.

    "All finished. That was very well done, Omega".

    She timidly looked between the two of them. "So, is it…my turn now?". There was quiet hopefulness in her tone.

    Tech tilted his head at her. "Your turn to what?"

    Omega gawped for a second, as if astounded he needed to ask. "To look after you! All of you got hurt! I want to help…"

    Tech allowed himself a wry chuckle. None of them had been seriously injured in the skirmish, and he was about to tell her as much, but the words died in his throat. There was this look on her face, this glint in her eye. The Batch was everything to her. Her whole world; and it was hurting. But she was prepared to fix it, the only way she knew how. With tape, and with glue.

    "Very well," he conceded. And with that, her eyes lit up. The contrast was striking…how dull had they been this whole time? These were the eyes Tech remembered. Amber-brown, like his own, but wide, bright, and star-filled. It reminded him of when she had seen Hyperspace for the first time. Watching every button he pressed, every lever he pulled. And, finally, that pure, unadulterated wonderment as the planets and celestial objects stretched into infinity, silver threads bending effortlessly around them. A whole galaxy of worlds, pressed close but not touching.

    Tech felt something ease inside him. It was surprising - he had been utterly oblivious to the strain of his apprehension, unaware of how heavily that box of anguish had truly weighed. But now it felt lighter, and with a soundless sigh of relief, he lent Omega a hand and helped her hop off Hunter's lap.

    Omega gestured to the ground in front of her. "Okay, sit here," she directed. Tech obeyed, shifting off his knee and into a cross-legged position. She stood in front of him and placed her hands on either side of his face, tilting it this way and that as she examined him for cuts or bruises. "Tell me, are you experiencing pain anywhere?" she asked seriously. Tech laughed again under his breath at her mimicry.

    "I shall admit to a slight headache," he told her truthfully.

    She stepped back to consider him, scrunching up her face the way she did when she was thinking, and holding a curled finger to pursed lips the way that Tech did when he was thinking. "Hm, we should check for a concussion." She held out a finger at arm's length in front of Tech. "Follow me with your eyes, but don't move your head!" She began to slowly drag her arm, up and down, side to side. Tech easily tracked her movements, smothering his smile.

    "Good! Now I'm going to ask you some questions to check for memory loss." She jabbed a thumb unceremoniously towards Hunter, "What's his name?"

    "That's…Hunter," he answered with patient amusement.

    "And what's my name?"


    "Do you remember where we are?"

    "We are on a Venator-class star cruiser, on the north-eastern continent of Bracca."

    "And how did we get here?"

    "I flew us here, on the Havoc Marauder, which is parked approximately 8.27 klicks directly south-south-west of our current position."

    She nodded several times. "I don't think you're concussed, Tech, but probably we should still wake you up every few hours on your next sleep cycle, just to be safe."

    "A very astute suggestion," Tech said sitting back, genuinely impressed. "You appear to be quite the proficient medic."

    Omega's eyes lit up again at the praise.

    "Looks like you have some competition on your hands, Tech," Echo teased from across the room. "If Omega keeps this up, you could be out of a job".

    Tech leaned past Omega to fix Echo with a glare. "Well, I suppose it is a good thing, then, that I perform a number of useful functions," he retorted back. Echo and Rex laughed, and it was a pleasant sound. It bounced around room, as if the walls themselves were joining in.

    "Oh, no, don't worry, Tech!" Omega exclaimed with dismay, "I promise not to take your job".

    Hunter craned forward to cup her shoulder. "None of us are replaceable, kid. We may be a squad, and we all play our parts, but we're also family". He paused, before smiling at her. He didn't say it, but it was there. Unspoken words that hovered in the space between them.

    And that goes for you, too.

    He knew she had heard them, in her own special way, because she utterly beamed, and it was utterly glorious. As if a light had turned on in the room. All of the shadows that pressed against the corners of their minds became a little softer, a little thinner, and a lot easier to bear. Hunter and Tech both grinned openly. Even Echo, from his distance, felt warmer.


    Wrecker was out of the tube for a total of five minutes before she fell asleep on him. Half upright in the chair, head and arms slumped over his enormous vambrace. It didn't look particularly comfortable, but none of them had any intention of moving her.

    Unfortunately for them, the procedure had only reached its conclusion after she had very dutifully covered every scratch and welt she could lay hands on with Bacta and a bandage. The four of them were reminiscent of walking sticker books by the time she was through with them. Was it a terrible waste of precious Bacta? Probably. Did the Batch care? Not in the slightest.

    They were proud as hell of their kid.

    Tech and Hunter had nearly dozed off themselves by the time Wrecker's hand began to lift from its place on the table. The arm that carried it was strong, thick with muscles like iron-wrought cables. But its owner knew its strength. Its power. And when he reached to stroke Omega's hair, the touch was tamed, tempered; raw destructive capability reduced to the gentlest of gestures.

    He had never intended for it to be otherwise.

    "Hey, kid, why the long face?"


    And that's the end of The Space in Between: Chaos & Control arc.  #SmashTheLove #GimmeYourThoughts&Feels


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    Reprisal 1x09 - Burt interrogates Matty

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    I hate when ppl assume I think two characters are like good together because I ship them, shipping them just means I wanna see them together which for me usually means constant horrible unending pain and angst for at least one of them

    Shipping and fandom are entertainment they're for fun and sometimes what entertains you is seeing some boy get his life ruined

    #yes this is abt sangwoo x yoonbum #and yes I will endlessly complain abt ks antis because they're annoying #the hound speaks #shipping discourse#shipping #god I never thought I'd use those tags again #am I fail? #killing stalking#angst #hurt no comfort #whump #all of my favorite genres #fandom
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    #D answers asks #I've been happy stimming for like an hour #Project Rebirth is Whumper's pride and joy #(Too bad there's going to be a small complication in a few chapters ;) #just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi
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    your daily reminder that if you want to request something or just ask me anything or maybe make me choose, anything really. My inbox is open and I'm bored

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    #poison cw#draining dust#answered #fic: of poison forest floors and terrified wizards #whump
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    thinking about making a playlist with whump vibes, what are your favorite whumpy songs?

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    Whumper roughly grabbing Whumpee’s face and cramming a gag in their mouth as they kick and scream, tears cascading down their face as they desperately try to get away. But they can’t get away. They could never get away from Whumper.

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    Idea: caretaker whump

    (Tw: noncon kiss, mild emotional whump)

    Caretaker sighs, throwing his coat on the hanger after a long day at work. But the exhaustion breaks slightly, like sun rays through a cloud, when Whumpee greets him with a silent nod. They grab his bags, always ready to help.

    “Hey, sweetheart. Did you have dinner?”

    Whumpee nods again, glancing at Caretaker before putting the bags away. At once, Caretaker knows they’re upset.

    “Aw, I’m sorry if I worried you.” He checks his wristwatch, feeling worse to see how much time had slipped by. He’d promised to be home three hours ago. At this rate, he isn’t sure if he should be the one taking care of Whumpee. Slipping off his shoes, he’s about to walk into his house, but he turns to find Whumpee right in front of him.

    “Why are you so late?” they ask dolefully.

    Caretaker is glad they’re talking more often, standing straighter and eating more, but the question shoots an arrow into his heart. Everyone seemed to be disappointed with him lately, he doesn’t think he can handle it if Whumpee starts seeing him that way too.

    “Work, Whumpee.” He ruffles their head. “I can’t promise it won’t happen again, especially since I have that conference tomorrow—“

    “Don’t go.”

    “I’d love to skip it, but my boss would kill me,” he jokes, frowning when Whumpee keeps looking at him with those vacant, yet sharp eyes. He moves a step back and as he’d predicted, Whumpee comes closer, backing him into the front door.

    “Promise you won’t leave me.”

    Caretaker’s heart thrums like a skittish humming bird, and though he smears on a smile, his insides churn at Whumpee’s hand on the side of his face. He lets Whumpee push their nose into his neck, their hair tickling his chin. The hands spanning around his waist are familiar, yet Caretaker would rather not have them there at all. It makes Caretaker want to take off, run away from his own house.

    “Are you alright?” he asks Whumpee, rigid even as kisses trail up his throat. He doesn’t want to stop Whumpee, hoping he could be of some comfort in this way at least. And Whumpee needs a lot of comfort. Much more than Caretaker can give sometimes.

    “I love you,” they whisper.

    Caretaker doesn’t get to reply, swallowed by Whumpee’s insistent lips on theirs. The back of his head hits the door by the force of it, a groan slipping out and a tongue slipping in. He doesn’t like how Whumpee is shoving him against the door, their knee pushing his legs apart.

    “Whumpee, can we— can we do this later?”

    “But you’re never home.”

    “How about a shower first?” Caretaker almost whines, flinching away from the hot breath on his ear. He should like this, why can’t he like this? His tries to push Whumpee away, surprise rippling through him as they pin his wrists to his sides. The headache from reading mail after mail at work increases by ten fold, like someone had taken a hammer to his head.

    “Stop it.”

    Whumpee freezes.

    “Get off.” Get off get off get off.

    They immediately remove themselves from Caretaker, eyes wide with hurt. The silent vulnerability leaves them, hands shaking as they wipe their lips.

    “I didn’t—“ Caretaker doesn’t know what to say as they flee to shut themselves in their room. The apologies in his mouth never get to the outside, worming into his heart until it couldn’t take more without bursting. Caretaker messed up. Again.

    #do I love Caretaker whump? yes #sorry not sorry #whumblr#whump caretaker#caretaker#Whumpee#whump community#emotional whump#whump writing #tw noncon kiss
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    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i love when characters find out that whatever huge sacrifice they made was for nothing so here are some examples:

    possible TWs: poison, character death

    - x is given a slow acting poison that they're told has no antidote. because they believe there's no way to save x, x's friends focus on being there for x until the end. after x has died, it is revealed that there actually was an antidote to the poison, and their friends blame themselves for not looking for it.

    - x pretends to work for the enemy in order to gain information that they can use against them, but their team kills them under the belief that they were a traitor who actually worked for the enemy.

    - a group of characters being sent on a wild goose chase and actually doing everything they're told because they genuinely think it's the solution to whatever problem they're facing, only to find out the only thing they've accomplished is wasting valuable time that could've been put toward actually fixing their problem

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    Imagine trying to take care of 18!Ichimatsu while he’s sick...

    Well, you’ve been dating him for a few months now. Even though his friends initially thought you’d be a good match, it’s not just surface level like it was in the beginning. The two of you genuinely care for each other, and he shows you more glimpses of his true self than any of his other friends ever see.

    Of course, when he’s sick, he tries to pretend he’s just fine in front of you and the rest of his friends. Because he has to be fine, right? His friends will be disappointed if his cold drags their plans down.

    So you tag along under the guise of hanging out with your boyfriend’s friends. But really you’re there to make sure Ichimatsu is taken care of without any of the others picking up on it. He deserves to have someone fuss over him even if he wants to keep this hidden.

    You pass him tissues when none of the others are looking. He muffles sneezes and coughs into your neck, making it look as if he’s just being a little bit passionate and reckless. You pass him cough drops through kisses. You’re always touching him to monitor his fever.

    To his friends, it looks like you simply can’t keep your hands off each other. Eventually, they all go their separate ways, teasing you about how you guys should just go get a room and have some alone time already.

    You walk Ichimatsu home, and the spell is broken. He crumples into your arms in a mess of dry coughs and as soon as he’s able, he blows his nose so many times you lose count and it starts to look painful.

    Somehow you manage to get him into bed, talking quietly to his brothers and saying you’d like to stay as long as you can so you can keep an eye on him. You may not be able to stay overnight, but you sit by the couch and stroke his hair and kiss his cheek for a few hours. He mumbles that you don’t have to stay, that you should probably go home. He’ll be fine even without you acting like a mother hen.

    After you make sure he gets some soup and tea down, you finally relent. You kiss his forehead and tell him you love him and say you’ll be back in the morning since tomorrow’s a weekend. You can even make up some excuse to tell his friends.

    If you can help it, you’re not having a repeat of yesterday. Even if it takes all your willpower, you’re making your ill boyfriend stay home so you can take care of him for real.

    #Osomatsu san#whump#Ichimatsu #18!Ichimatsu #imagine#reader insert#illness#caretaking #something a lil different?? #UGH I JUST LOVE ICHIMATSU he's a babe and he's trying his best #trying too hard obv but! good thing you're here to take care of him!!!
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  • wisteria-whump
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    no thoughts just:

    X hates school/their job (maybe they don't necessarily hate it, but they don't like going because it really takes a toll on their mental health) and they end up getting sick or injured and doing whatever they can to slow down their recovery so they can continue to miss school/work.

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  • ohtobeleah
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season Two: Agent Avery

    Series Masterlist

    Summary: During an intense interrogation, your existence is made obsolete when half the population is turned to dust. What felt like a mere five minutes was in fact— five years. With the knowledge that Hydra was once again rising with intentions more sinister then the last, you do the job you were originally sent out to do. Protect Sargent James Buchanan Barnes at whatever means necessary. Kicking off right after the events of season one.

    Prologue: “Cut off one head…”

    Episode One:

    Episode Two:

    Episode Three:

    Episode Four:

    Episode Five:

    Episode Six:

    (Coming soon to a device near you)

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes x reader #ohtobeleah#sebastian stan#marvel mcu #bucky barnes fluff #bucky fic#tfatws #bucky barnes angst #bucky barnes x female reader #bucky barnes fic #bucky barnes series #bucky barnes whump #bucky barnes imagine
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  • bltzgore
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    4th succession fight

    Tw: blood, combat, death, language, really just a fight not so much whump (sorry)

    "Alpha Iota to the training floor, Alpha Iota to the training floor." It took a special kind of hearing to ever really understand what came over the intercoms. But for everyone else it was just a matter of hearing it enough times. To recognize that "trnin flr" meant training floor and developing an ear for your own name. This call came in the midst of a particularly deep nap for Alpha, and it took Iota almost a full minute to get a response out of her.

    "What?" She grumbled, stretching out a bit as the fog left her eyes.

    "They called you to the training room five minutes ago. Emmerson is starting to get pissy, you need to get down there." Iota was one of the very few who could wake her without fear of getting thrown across the room.

    She rolled out of bed and rubbed her eyes, interrupted by one last yawn, "The hell does free day mean to them?" she growled, heading for the door.

    It took maybe seven or so minutes to reach the west wing. Alpha threw open the doors to the observation half of the training floor, "Who thought it would be funny to get me out of bed for a training exercise?" She had an easily read look of: whoever admits to it will die.

    "It's no joke Alpha Iota." The director and Staff Sergeant Emmerson emerged from one of the more cushy observation rooms.

    Iota joined the group near the main observation window, leaving Alpha to deal with the director and Sargent. "Why did you call me out on my off day?" her tone had gone down a few levels, but there was still that unmistakable edge warning them what would happen if this turned out to be a pointless exercise.

    "Staff Sergeant, show Alpha Iota to the ready stall." The director ordered.

    Emmerson nodded and headed off towards the opposite end of the room. "C'mon Alpha," he didn't look back, he knew she'd follow. For all the crap she talked about him in training and every other waking moment, he knew she wouldn't be as obstructive when the director was around. They entered a room just off the observation side, adjoining it to the battle room. "Turn around," he directed, looking back towards her.

    "You're unlocking my augmentations?" she asked, tilting her head, but turning her back towards him. She felt the key slide into the heavy steel slit towards the uppermost part of her back. "What are we doing here?" Emmerson didn't answer her. He withdrew the key, and left.

    She felt the steel lining her back start to loosen up and she started to stretch the spider limbs that rose off her back. She sighed and pushed the doors open as their mechanism unlocked. She stepped into the combat half of the training floor and looked towards the windows, "Care to tell me who I'm fighting?" She called up at them.

    The loudspeaker kicked up in response, "Alpha Iota-" the doors on the opposite side of the room flew open. A woman just a bit shorter, and somewhat younger, than Alpha advanced slowly, radiating confidence through her sneer. Steel colored spider limbs stretched up and off her back, glinting fine and sharp. "Meet Alpha Nu."

    "Oh ho ho, a successor fight? Shouldda told me, I wouldda got here quicker." Alpha snarked. She rolled her shoulders and raised her fists, iron reinforcements growing over her fists and forearms.


    The challenger advanced, she was fast, they had definitely tried to make the newest Alpha lighter. It made the current Alpha wonder how strong she was. The challenger went for the first strike, not surprising, Alpha could tell she was more of an offensive fighter. The challenger took two swipes almost too quick for Alpha to block. One of them missed entirely and the second carved channels into the steel enhancements on Alpha's forearms. Light and strong didn't go together, but light and sharp-! Shit! That hurt.


    Outside the ring Iota sat down next to Sigma. He looked worried, "Do you think she'll win this one?" Sigma asked, though it was unclear who he was asking.

    Kappa answered first, "She'll do fine, no one's taken her down yet, and if they were going to do better then her they probably would have by now."

    "What if she doesn't?" Sigma half whispered.

    "Then we get a new Alpha." Beta answered grinning. That earned the scorn of most of the room, and he frowned, "I thought it would be cool to make a new friend!" he defended.

    Iota rolled his eyes before looking back to the younger man sitting next to him. "She'll do fine, Sigma. I doubt they can build another assassin as crazy as her."


    Alpha slid clear of the barrage of strikes as the challenger tried to make use of her new augmentations. Her speed made up for her almost child-like lack of coordination. It kept Alpha on her toes, one of the strikes clipped her arm anyway, leaving a leaky, angry red stripe. She hissed but didn't have time to swear, rolling hard on her shoulder out of reach of another three arms headed for her chest and neck.

    Nu had Alpha on the run, meaning Alpha didn't have much time to get a look at how Nu was put together. She suspected the challenger's claws were built all the way in, meaning not retractable. Alpha tried to catch a glance at Nu's feet, if they weren't augmented like her's that could be her in.

    Sliding, remarkably gracefully, away from a slash Alpha studied her opponent. Steel but only half way up the shin, similarly on Nu's arms, it only went half way up the forearm. It wasn't much, but Alpha could work with it.

    Alpha had Nu spinning, as she tried to find an in through her opponent's defences. Nu's fine limbs were fast, there would be no doing this without using her own augmentations. No showing off then.

    Alpha switched hard off her right leg, turning sharply into Nu, Nu took four swipes at Alpha as she did. Three of the attacks connected. One slid harmlessly off Alpha's shin, the other two slid past her side, probably cutting deep. Alpha could feel the effects of it starting to pull at her mind, and that was bad enough, she didn't have time to stop and focus on it. Still Alpha made it through Nu's defenses and hit her like a linebacker, sending her across the room and into the wall. The lack of augmentation in Nu’s legs had left her wide open to attack from Alpha’s sheer strength.

    It took Nu a few moments to bounce back, but Alpha wasn't close enough to take advantage in time. She got into striking distance just as Nu pulled herself upright and launched all eight limbs her way. Alpha's back flashed silver and eight limbs of her own sprang to life as she diverted the potentially lethal strikes from her torso. Once she got in close with Nu however they didn't serve much of a purpose other than keeping Nu's arms at bay.

    Alpha focused on her physical strength, it was what they had designed her to use in hand to hand. She landed a string of punches on Nu's face and upper body. Nu seemed to be crumbling, but then there was a glint of steel and flash of blood. Alpha felt the claws glide across her stomach. She felt the blood start running down her abdomen. Just as she was starting to really feel out where the slices went she felt a spine strike through her shoulder. The combination of blood loss and shock was getting to her, she hadn't seen it coming. Nu shifted and swung Alpha into the wall, pinning her there.

    Alpha guarded her abdomen with one hand, and her chest with the other. It wasn't ideal, but it was all she could do. "It's time for a newer version, Alpha Iota. You’re outdated. You fought well, but you can't compete with the latest upgrades." Nu cooed in a falsely sympathetic voice.

    Alpha narrowed her eyes, and smirked, "See that's the thing, you may be the latest design, but I've got something you'll never have."

    "Oh, and what's that?"


    Nu didn't have a moment's thought between Alpha's answer and her action. The next breath she took was hindered by the several spines through her chest. She sputtered, trying to understand how the tables had turned so quickly.

    "I had you watching these arms the whole time," Alpha explained, emphasizing her human arms, "So you weren't thinking about these ones." nodding to her augments. She watched the light leave Nu's eyes before withdrawing the spider limbs from her chest. Alpha pulled the now limp augmentation from her own shoulder then turned towards the window. "Disappointed?" She taunted towards where she knew the director would be sitting. This was her fourth succession fight, surely they would give up soon, Xi had only had to take down three successors before they gave him the title of completed.

    Alpha gave them a good twenty-second stare, then headed for the door. Now that she wasn't fighting for her life she could take her injuries into account. Three slashes, a puncture wound that went all the way through her shoulder, and a mess of claw marks. She had gotten off lightly this time.


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  • possibsomewhumpblog
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    TW: minor whump, doctors, mentions of religion/angels, kennels, eye stuff


    Later that day, Dr. Fernand had gone into the rooms where the angels slept, examining Eros to make sure he didn’t damage anything else. Eros felt miserable as the other angels stared at him, sitting on their mattresses.

    He tried to direct his attention to somewhere else. Eros wondered why they had so many doctors if Deus could heal people - surely, they wouldn’t need to pay all these people? But then he thought how tiring it would be for one person to perform all the checkups on everyone every day.

    Eros pondered more - exactly how many people were here, anyway? In just this room alone there were over fifty angels, excluding the one that had died after getting into a fight about a year ago. There was a separate room next to this room where more angels rested, so probably about a hundred and fifty angels total. But that wasn’t even counting the other facilities he’d heard about…

    And what was with the hybrids, anyway? He barely saw any of them, but from hearsay there was apparently about five hundred of them. He never saw any extra rooms where they could’ve slept, but Eros had seen a bunch of kennels, like dog cages. There were no dogs here…

    And then, Eros thought about dogs. He wasn’t really a dog person, but they were sweet. Amour always said he wanted to have a corgi when he grew up. They looked adorably chubby! But Eros preferred cats. Much less maintenance - and kittens were cute! He would get a cat when he grows up, Eros decided.

    And then he thought-


    “Hm?” Eros blinks, glancing at the doctor.

    “You were zoned out for a minute there,” Fernand chuckles. His face softens with concern. “Are you all right?” he asks. Eros smiles a bit.

    “I’m fine,” he says quietly.

    Fernand nods, packing up his supplies and leaving.

    Eros sighs, lying down on the bed. He hears people murmuring about him, but he didn’t care.

    He was exhausted, yet the faint throbbing of pain in his leg kept him awake.

    Eros plays with his hair, twirling a strand with his finger. His hair always grew super fast, and it was a pain to cut it every day.

    “It makes you look like a girl,” Deus, and father, had said. “You need to cut it.”

    Eros didn’t understand what was wrong with it, and he hated having to get his hair cut, but he always obliged.

    As of now, his hair had grown down to his waist. It was rose gold with blond tips, matching with his blue eyes. His mother’s hair was the same color as well. Maybe that’s why father didn’t like looking at him. Eros did look a lot like his mother.

    Eros thought about Amour again.

    Despite being his sibling, Amour looked very different from him. He was taller, which wasn’t too surprising, since he was older. His hair was pink, like father’s had been (now, father’s hair is gray. Eros would’ve loved to see father with pink hair). People would always ask if it was dyed, and Amour would always laugh and say, “No, this is my natural hair color.” In a world full of angels and hybrids and gods, natural pink hair seemed less surprising.

    Amour was also blue eyed, but they were much paler than Eros’s.

    Well…had blue eyes.

    After what happened that night a year ago, Eros hadn’t seen Amour since. He wondered what color Amour’s left eye was. Was it gray? White? Or did he simply not have a left eye at all?

    Many times, Eros wondered if Amour was dead. He asked Deus many times, and Deus would just laugh.

    What was so funny?


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  • original-writings
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Very niche concept but:

    Whumper has pushed Wumpee too far, they wont wake up and now Whumper has to be Caretaker. While they're taking care of Whumpee they realize that it never should have gotten to this point and are willing to change, hoping Whumpee will forgive them when- if- they wake up.

    Whumpee does wake up eventually, but can't remember anything, not even their own name. Whumper is in shock and has a few choices to make.

    A. Tell Whumpee the truth and accept the consequences like they intended to, possibly help them remember what actually happened.


    B. Lie and manipulate Whumpee, claim they're Caretaker and someone else (possibly the actual Caretaker) hurt them.

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  • pleasancies
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    Unlikely Caregiver

    Made for @sicktember day 21 prompt : Unlikely Caregiver. A villain forced herself to meet the hero despite slowly dying. She expect the hero to focus on the mission, and leave her to die. Featuring a good ol' doorstep collapse. Warnings for death scares and vomit. Happy reading!


    Left foot, right foot. Come on, Yu!

    The B-list mercenary wobbles on her feet. A brief spell of dizziness made her weak on the knees, forced to hug a wall with a piss stain on it. She stayed there until the stars around her head petered out, loathing every second the offensive smell triggered her nausea yet too weak to step away. From afar, she look like another drunkard after a night out. Although her long coat and work boots doesn't translate well for a party.

    Damn Asher for living out so far in the suburbs. Conformist hero with no taste. Why does she has to live there anyway? The commute time is unbearable and its a pain to reach when you're practically dying. Most of all, the place is bland. Yu groaned, then laughed as she emerged from the alley. She didn't know she could feel joy from finding a bus stop. There's spikes preventing her from lying down, but she could sit! Thank the heavens. She waited for the last bus, promising the universe if she survived this one she'd make it her life's mission to remove hostile architecture.

    The bus arrives. It was empty. Yu could lay in her seat without disturbing anybody. The seat felt like silken sheets. God, the poison is truly wrecking her system. She had never felt this exhausted. Her head is pounding, and the cold air of the night keeps getting through her core despite the heavy coat. Yu's teeth chattered. Underneath her shirt is a blooming blotch of red and purple. Bruises forming under the slightest touch.

    Her eyelids were heavy. The steady thrum of the engine almost lulled her to sleep. Yu drag herself up, wincing at the sudden ache in her joints. No, if she sleep now she might never wake up again. Have to stay awake. She still have unfinished business. Had to go to Asher's house. Tell her. Even if it took her life.

    After the bus trip, there's still a way to go. Miles and miles of identical homes with even shittier dogs and children. No walls to hold her steady. Fine, Yu could deal. She'll crawl. The suburbs were eerily quiet as she stumbled along the sidewalk.

    If Yu had a little more selfishness in her, she'd go to the hospital instead of going to Asher's. There's no guarantee the heroine would listen to her. But the group who poisoned her was even a bigger threat than dying. Yu is an unapologetic villain, she'd rob and maim desperate men with glee. But even the potential body count from the group's plans unnerved her.

    Look where it got her, half-dragging her corpse along two endless rows of mediocrity.

    Asher... She's one of the most annoying heroines Yu had met. Naive, ordinary, too afraid to actually live and think for herself. A forty-year old with superstrength. Gifted with a power and the biggest thing she'd dream of is working alongside cops. Pathetic. Just her luck that bitch is the only the one she could trust with sensitive information. Any of the bigger heroes could be in cahoots with the group, and anyone smaller doesn't have the strength to take them down. None of her fellow villains were as easy to contact. Bless proper opsec for that. Which is really sad, since the easiest supers to find apparently lived in a house at the far edge of the city.

    House number fifty-six. Painted yellow, with an empty dog house at the front. She'd memorized the adress. It was right in front of her now. Not even a fence to keep others out. Yu felt her the last of strength die out and collapsed on the porch. She wiped her nose with her sleeve. There's blood on it.

    "Asher. Asher!" Yu hollered. Her voice sounds a little too weaker than she liked. She rapped at the floor, because the door is just a little too far out of reach. "Come here or I'll fuck your dog!"

    Rushed footsteps got louder by the door. Yu called for the heroine again. She took a shaky breath. Bitter nausea pooled in her mouth. Not now. She had to speak.

    "Who are you?!"

    Yu's words were cut off by a loud heave. She covered her mouth with her hands, but it wasn't enough to stop the gush of vomit from splattering on the porch and her clothes. As if she was a puppet cut off by the string, her arms lost its will and she fell face down to find the door already opened. Asher standing by with her pajames.

    "How do you know my house adress?!" Asher said, panicked.

    Of course that would be the first thing she'd asked. Yu gathered her arms, slowly lifting herself up, "Doesn't matter. The Syndicate from the Northeast. They're planning something big."

    Focus overtook the earlier panic. Asher hurried to Yu's side, helping her up. "Hey, easy does it. What's going on with you?"

    "Poison. Asher, your boss is working with the Syndics. So as the mayor, and maybe a good deal of the police force." Yu spat on the floor. The acidic taste won't leave her mouth. Her voice sound rough and haggard. "You have to call on the smaller villains and vigilantees. They'll help."

    A hand felt her neck, then her forehead. The look of concern was clear on Asher's face. "You're burning up! We need to get you to the hospital."

    "It doesn't matter!" Yu's anger surprised her. There was no time. She expect Asher to prioritize the Syndics. They don't wait for no one. Yu hated Asher, and the heroine is willing to break her spine if it means Yu stopped doing mercenary work with villains. She was ready to die, but Asher is rubbing her back with a phone to her ear.

    "Hey, don't pass out. I'm calling an ambulance."

    Messages sent, mission done, and Yu really doesn't really give a damn of what Asher said. Fuck staying concious. Her death might be an indignified one, but at least she won't go out doing what the authorities told her to do, even if it's to save her life.


    Out of all the strange case of miracles, Yu found this to be weirdest one yet. She's alive. Body aching all over but still breathing. The hospital light made her head hurt. On her chest and stomach, there's stickers hooked to a machine.

    "Don't go around crawling to people's homes yet. You're still sick."

    Asher is sitting beside her. She gingerly placed her hand on Yu's forehead.

    "Too warm," She furrowed her brow in concern. "Is there anything you need?"

    "Water would be nice."

    Yu glanced at the heroine, she looked just as off-balance as her. Confused, slightly uncomfortable, and maybe a little embarrased.

    "So, when will you interrogate me and threaten all of my contacts?"

    "I'm a hero, Yu. I don't do that. Yes, you should tell me about the Syndics, but I won't coerce you."

    "You have the strength to crush someone's skull yet you choose go the long way round of talking. Curious. Nah, a waste of potential."

    "Are you hungry, Yu?"

    "What does it have to do anything I just said? No, Asher. I'm not hungry."

    How wonderful that her stomach choose this time to growl.

    Fuck, what did she do? Should've risk the distance and call someone else. She could imagine the how the next few weeks would play out. Long periods of awkwardness coupled with moments of pure vile. Yu doesn't work with heroes.

    "I'll get the nurse," Asher was smug as she gets up from the chair.

    "You don't have to find an excuse. Just leave, chase the Syndics and don't come back from. I get it. The public won't hold you responsible."

    Asher sighed, "Yeah, I still hated you with all my guts. You almost died in front of my daughter! She was watching from the living room. How do I explain this to her?"

    "The feeling's mutual, Karen."

    "But the things is, I'm trying to meet you halfway. You drag yourself all the way across town to tell me this, because you recognize this is important. Your recovery's important too, and I'll do my best to help you despite our previous animosity."

    She left, and it's like a weight were lifted off Yu's shoulders. Heh, her recovery's important. That's something she'll never imagine coming out from a hero's mouth. Yu put her hand on her stomach, nursing an ache that's halfway between hunger and injury. Asher's words left her feeling a tad bit like an open wound. She almost died. And it fucking hurts. Asher had saved her and felt her temperature like her mother used to do. Weird doesn't begin to cover it.

    But maybe being stuck here with Asher wasn't the worst thing in the world.

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  • proship-selfship-ritz
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    …A fic with the concept of a character who believes that they broke out of their captor’s home during a fight and the captor’s kid internally debates whether to tell the victim that they didn’t break out when the captor wasn’t looking— that the captor let the victim leave for some reason and the kid decides not to because it’d shatter the victim’s sense of safety (reason being is that they would not have been able to leave if the captor actually put up a fight)

    #whump#i guess #ritz spicy lemonade #note: 0% chance this is unique #this is just my color me killer fic with details edited
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