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  • When the Dark Knight almost killed for his children.

    and no one knew.


    He should’ve seen it coming. He should’ve anticipated it. He should’ve been prepared. But he wasn’t.

    Another criminal at large was terrorizing the city. It started with murders, then bombings, and soon gas homocides. Batman was on his trail for weeks; and everytime another day passed, another innocent life was added onto the list. The criminal didn’t bother to conceal his identity, neither did he make any demands. He just caused the chaos. While some speculated that the Joker was behind the murders, or maybe Scarecrow, but both of them were spending their sentence in Arkham, and were apparently enjoying the show.

    Batman had finally found his location, his frustrations taking its peak when he gathered his sons and daughter to go after the criminal. Every moment the criminal heartlessly took a life, it was placed on the dark knight’s conscience. Batman had the option of going in alone, or maybe just taking robin with him; but it seemed his oldest sons had other plans.

    Apparently the criminal was an escaped prisoner from Blüdhaven prison, and had a long line of sexual assault reports to answer to, which prompted Nightwing and Red hood to join in the fight.

    But if he knew it would’ve been a bad idea, he would’ve chained his children to the cave and left them there.

    Orphan and Red Robin were taking the back entry of the warehouse, Nightwing and Red hood in the front while Batman and Robin took the top. The silence of the location was palpable, as Batman had to constantly keep check on Red hood and Robin to make sure they don’t do anything brash.

    The plan went accordingly. Only the criminal had his own plan too. Traps were set around the entire perimeter, making him wonder how he missed it. It was clear to Bruce that this was no ordinary man; he was smart, he was calculating, he wasn’t your regular psychopath.

    The comms scrambled as they entered the warehouse, eliminating any methods of contact between their partners as they carefully trudged through the large area. Batman could only rely and trust in his sons and daughters’ instincts and hope that they find each other before anything destructive happens.

    But they didn’t.

    “BATMAN!” A scream echoed through the darkness, and his heart lurched at the sound of Red Robin’s voice. If Tim was yelling for help, it only meant nothing good was happening. But he couldn’t leave the warehouse, not yet, not when he’s so close to catching this guy.

    “Robin. Go.”

    Robin made a sound of protest, but the infamous bat glare shut him up, and he followed his father’s orders and left in the direction of the sound. Batman continued his investigation of the warehouse, keeping wary as his cowl enabled him to see through the dark.


    Loud noises of metal erupted near him, and the lights flickered on. Batman found him in another room, confusion brewing in his head as he kept a straight face. The criminal grinned as he stepped out of the shadows.

    “Batman.” He addressed, making Batman’s posture tense. His eyes flickered around the room, analyzing every inch of its layout to understand how to use it to his advantage.

    “Do you like it? I designed it myself. Fake layout with a million rooms underneath. No one gets in, no one gets out.” He laughed, walking up to the bat. As soon as he was, within his grasp, Batman seized his collar, only to let go when an electrical shock erupted through his insulated suit.

    “How?” He muttered, shoving the criminal off. The man grinned again, “I did my research.” He simply replied, shrugging as if it were obvious. Batman narrowed his eyes under the cowl, choosing his next words carefully: “what do you want?”

    The criminal chuckled, “to break the Batman.” He said, determination dripping from his voice.

    The dark knight resisted the urge to roll his eyes, “how original.” He said, his monotone making the criminal laugh again. The man approached him again, leaning towards his face, seemingly undaunted by the cowl.

    “No no. Im not out to break you like those other idiots. I actually know how to break you.” He said, raising a finger, and poking his suit. “Ever wonder what happened to your kids?” He asked rhetorically.

    As if on cue, the man clicked a button and a tv flickered on, the sight of the state of the other heroes making Batman hold his breath. Nightwing and red hood struggling in a room similar to his own, flooded to the chest with flowing water. Orphan and Red Robin suffocating in another room and gasping from lack of air. And Robin, Robin was caged in metal box with heat flowing into it. “Breath taking isn’t it? The sight of your children on the brink of death. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking to try baked Robin.” He said, grinning maniacally.

    Batman head butted the criminal, making him stumble back. He grabbed onto his collar again, resisting the shocks that burned through his body. “Let them go you bastard.” He growled, sending a punch across his face. The criminal laughed at the pain, blood trailing down his lip.

    “Now why would I do that?” He said, clicking the button again. The flow of water increased, the level reaching to Nightwing and Red Hood’s chins, while orphan and Red Robin collapsed onto the floor in suffocation. Batman saw robin suppressing a reaction at the hot metal touching his skin. Batman grabbed the remote, looking over it before turning to him, grabbing his neck. “How do I turn it off?” He demanded. The man on the ground shrugged, “you can’t.”

    Batman’s breathing quickened, he needed to stay calm. But it was difficult to do when the sight of his kids dying was literally right infront of him. “What the hell do you want ?!” He demanded, raising the criminal by his collar and slamming him against the wall. The shocks continued to pulse through his hands, but he didn’t care, he’d rather loose his hands than his kids. The criminal only grinned again at him, “to break…Batman.” He said.

    Batman growled, seeing red, he threw the man to the ground. “You think this is a game?!” He yelled, punching him straight on the face. “You think it’s funny to play with their lives?!” He screamed, punching him continuously. His fists felt numb as he continued to touch the criminal. Whatever electrical suit he wore, did a good job at whatever he was doing.

    The criminal began to laugh, and it only agitated him more. He reminded him so much of the joker. So much of how joker used to taunt him when Jason died. He wasn’t going to let Jason die. Not again. He wasn’t going to let any of his kids die.

    In a blind feat of rage, Batman continued attacking the criminal, punishing him for putting the boys and cass in danger. “You f*cking BASTARD!! TELL ME HOW TO SAVE THEM!!” He screamed.

    The criminal grinned bloody and bruised. “You’ll….have…to…kill…me..” he heaved out. “It’s in my suit…..and…its…connected…to…my…brain…”

    The criminal leaned up against him, “you want to save them? Break your rule. Be a killer like the rest of us.” He grinned.

    Batman growled, “don’t think I’ll spare you for this.” He snapped, his hands wrapping around his throat, cutting of his air supply. Bruce had never felt so much anger, and he didn’t know where it was coming from. The criminal showed no resistance, only letting him choke him. “Tick tok.” He heaved out between gasps. The dark knight’s grip tightened, clenching his jaw in rage.

    With one hand still wrapped around his throat, he used to the other to punch him again. “You sick…f*cking bastard.” He growled.

    Batman shouldve been paying attention to the tv. But he wasn’t. If he did, he’d know that the traps had timers, and within fifteen minutes, they’d be free. They’d probably be unconscious but they be Alive and fine. This was all a game, a ploy. Once they find out Batman broke his moral code, they’d shun him.

    Bruce watched the criminal’s eyes roll to the back of his head, his pulse weakening.

    Almost. Almost. He thought. Almost there and they’d be alright. He can still save them.


    Nightwing’s voice snapped him out of his rage, he turned back, to see the rooms were now empty, and his children were Alive.

    Heavily breathing, he realized he’d been tricked, and hasted away from the criminal. The man had passed out, looking deathly pale as it is. Bruce looked down at his hands, seeing the shock burned through his gloves and into his skin.

    He almost killed a man. That was his intention. The horrifying realization burned into him like a stab wound.

    No, he almost killed for his kids. He reasoned, but it was what it was. Killing was killing. That’s why he never went after joker no matter how much he wanted to.


    The dark knight gulped, standing up shakily. He pressed a burnt finger against his cowl.

    “I’m here. The hostile has been subdued.”

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  • Ok, I’m pretty sure y'all know about ‘Crazy, Rich Bastard kind of whumper’ BUT I PROPOSE SOMETHING PROBABLY CUTE.

    The 'Rich, in search for purpose caretaker’

    Like, maybe they were pretty evil and unforgiving before because they thought they were going to find some sort of purpose or will to live with violence but maybe they had a change of heart and switched to good and in taking care of the whumpee, they had some sort of realization that 'Oh, THIS, this is my purpose’

    Like,,,,,just imagine the possibilities…

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  • Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to let you all know I’ll be posting the Dean list tomorrow! I also have updates for Sam and Castiel. I know times are hard right now, but I hope everyone is staying safe and happy!  Thank you all for being so patient <3

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  • “Till death do us part, do you remember?” His earnest eyes searched hers, “even if.. even if-”

    He couldn’t say what she knew to be true, “Even if we don’t see each other again…” she finished for him.

    “Yes,” tears fell freely down his face now, “but I will always be with you. Until the very end.”

    Then they drug him away.

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  • “Don’t worry. They’ll never run.” He leaned back into the chair with a smirk.

    “How do you know?”

    “They learned not to a long time ago. Took a few lessons but we got there.”

    Her spine ran cold and she already knew she didn’t want to know how.

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  • “When the time came I thought I’d be ready…” they trailed off to gaze at the scene in front of them, “but oh god I’m not ready for this.”

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  • They fell to their knees, exhausted.

    “… I just thought it would be over by now,” They muttered to no one but the dust.

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  • “It’s too late.”

    “Don’t you get it? We were never meant to begin.”

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  • #my stuff#ask#arcadia-trash#whump #I'm not in the mood for introspective tho and idk #he's too sweet to really do hard hitting whump on #im super picky about stuff when writing sorry shfwkfbsit
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  • New Side Blog

    I finally made a new blog for kdrama whump since I have so much time on hands! It’ll either turn into a great personal library or I’ll abandon it in 3 days we shall see. I made it because there are a lot of good whump scenes that haven’t been giffed yet and put on tumblr that I want to share with people, I’m also gonna reblog the good stuff already on tumblr and write whump lists for shows. Let me know if you can’t access it, tumblr keeps hiding it.


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  • Voicemails

    Thank you @broken-wings-and-whumpy-things​ for the prompt! This was very very fun to write.

    Cast: Whumpee (he/him) | Caretaker (they/them) | Whumper (they/them) 

    Romantic Pairing: Whumpee/Caretaker

    TW: brief alcohol mention

    They thought Whumpee was being a little desperate, really. Caretaker had already said they would be back in a few days, they just had needed space, needed not to be in the same room as Whumpee for a minute not because they didn’t love him, but because they knew it would be better if the two of them just let themselves cool off for a while, had a few moments of separation.

    So they went to visit a friend, let their phone be taken and shut off, and got a few drinks. Talked about the argument, had their head cool, and let their friend give some advice. Two days later, they were getting back in their car, switching their phone back on, feeling recharged and ready to talk.

    Then there were the notifications. Five voicemails, from just a few hours after they had left. Caretaker knew they were both upset, but it seemed like a lot. 

    They started the ignition and, against their better judgement, clicked on the first voicemail, only hoping they didn’t arrive home as pissed as they had left. 

    Voicemail 1 (8:37 pm)

    [BEEP] “Hey, listen, I’m really sorry. Could we talk about this? I’m sure you’re still angry, but when you aren’t, let’s talk about this. I… definitely lost my temper, and this wasn’t even that big a deal. I’m really sorry. I miss you, please let me know when you’re planning on coming home. Love you. 

    Caretaker frowned, even as the voicemail warmed their heart. If Whumpee had arrive to that conclusion so quickly, then why were their four more voicemails to listen to?

    At a stoplight, they clicked the next voicemail.

    Voicemail 2 (8:51 pm)

    [BEEP] “Hey, Caretaker? Listen, I just need you to pick up the phone, I need to talk to you, there’s- someone at the door, I don’t know– I can’t tell who it is, but they’re banging on the door and, listen, please don’t ignore this, just come home, this isn’t about the stupid fight anymore I need you back. …I’m gonna call the police. G-goodbye.” 

    Caretaker’s stomach dropped, their heart began pounding, they could hear it in their eardrums. They clenched their left hand on the steering wheel and jabbed at the phone to hear the next message. They pushed on the accelerator a little more.

    Voicemail 3 (8:58 pm)

    [BEEP] “Okay, seriously, pick up the, pick up the phone, don’t tell me you’re ignoring me, please, just- forget the fight, I need– God, that was the lock. They’re, inside, I have to– please, I need you back here. The police say they’re on their way but I don’t know if- they’re gonna get here fast enough. I just hope that you will, that you’re already on your way home, please– shit.”

    “Shit,” Caretaker echoed, speeding a little more, passing a stop sign. Turning down their road. Just a few blocks away, now. They started the next message, pressing play with a trembling hand.

    Voicemail 4 (9:05 pm)

    “God, okay, they’re– I can hear them, I’m hiding in the back room, you know, the one where I’ve been p-painting, sometimes? Yeah, there’s- I didn’t even realize it, but I totally left paint on my, m-my palette, it dried already, I’ll have to s-scrape it off now, that’ll be a m-mess– f-fuck, I can, I can hear them, I have to be, okay. I love you, Caretaker, please- come home. Tell me you’re already coming home.”

    That voicemail ended with a crashing noise that cut off halfway through. Caretaker slammed their car in park as soon as they pulled into the driveway shutting the car off and ripping the keys out of the ignition. They put the phone between their shoulder and ear as the final voicemail played, trembling fingers struggling to pick out their house key as they rushed up the three steps toward their front door.

    Voicemail 5 (9:07 pm)

    “Fuck I love you they’re here g-goodbye I love you g-goodbye I– no-!”

    “Caretaker. If you try to find him I can promise you I will shoot you right in front of him. Follow my instructions, and you just might get him back.”

    “No no no please, PLEASE, CARETAKER, DON’T–

    “Shut him up.”

    “NO, NNH- MMPH–”

    “I’ll be in contact with you soon, Caretaker. I look forward to your cooperation.”

    Caretaker’s hand brushed against the front door before they even figured out the right key, and the door swung open; the lock had been broken. Their phone dropped from their hand and hit the floor, the house before them blurring for a moment as their eyes filled with tears they quickly swiped away, pushing down a sob that rose in their throat. Caretaker crouched down and picked up the phone, shoving it in their pocket as they hurried through the house. “Whumpee? Whumpee! Fuck, please, Whumpee!”

    There was nothing. The back room had a broken lock on the door as well, and it swung open at the lightest pressure. 

    “Whumpee? Oh, god, no…”

    They came to a short stop, noticing the streak of crusted, dried blood on the wooden floor, a knocked over easel, a torn canvas.

    Signs of a struggle.

    “Whumpee…” their voice was barely a whimper now as they fell to their knees, fingers hovering over the blood, too afraid to touch it.

    Their phone buzzed, and they pulled it out of their pocket, without looking. Right, they needed to call their friend, needed to call the police, needed to–

    Through the new spiderweb crack running through the screen, they could read a new notification.

    Voicemail 6 (10:15 am) – Private Number

    Caretaker inhaled sharply, pulling the phone to their ear instantly. 

    “Hello, Caretaker. Here are your first instructions. If these are not followed to the letter, I guarantee things will not end well for your partner. Now, are you ready to begin? Here’s what I need you to do…”

    Caretaker listened to each word with a heavy, burdened heart, but with a fierce determination to do what they had to in order to get Whumpee back.

    Let me know if you’d like to see a part two!

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  • A whumpee who originally thought they were fully robotic finds out they’re actually a cyborg

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  • Nobody asked for this but I just felt I should get out stuff that is squicky for me/ I’m just not particularly into. It wasn’t on my intro post so it’s gonna be here. Not trying to be salty or anything, a lot of these are things I know a lot of people are into so that’s totally fine, I guess I just want people to be aware of what they probably won’t find on my blog. (And maybe I want to know if anyone agrees with me so I don’t feel so alone in my dislikes? lol)

    -Surgery/ medical whump in general. Surgery freaks me out, to be quite honest. I’ve never had it but the idea of it is just yuck. So I don’t like imagining it happening even to my whumpees. And I just don’t really like hospitals/medical settings for whump, I guess because it implies the caretaker isn’t the one actually taking care of them. Idk, it’s just not something I’m into. 

    - Creepy/ “intimate” whumpers. Don’t get me wrong, this trope can be really effective if used right. I just feel like it’s done a lot and I’d rather see a whumper who isn’t super touchy or intimate with the whumpee for a change     . 

    -”Plot twist” whump. You know what I mean. Those stories where it’s like, “[whumpee] woke up and felt someone stroking their hair and thought it was [caretaker], but it was ACTUALLY [whumper.]” Not into it. If there’s comfort in the story I want it to be hardcore, actual comfort. In general I prefer post-whump comfort to actual whump, so I like it to be genuine and not have the whumpee be betrayed somehow at the end. Honestly the comfort is a major part of whump for me; I want this character to be taken care of, and whump is an easy way to get there.

    -Drugging/poisoning.  Unless it’s some weird hallucinogen that forces them to see and hear horrifying things until it wears off, I’m just not into this. Don’t know why.

    -Emeto. Now I love sickfic, don’t get me wrong, I tend to actually like it more than injury whump. But vomit just doesn’t do it for me. Only if it’s like, a symptom of some other underlying thing and only really happens the one time, but I’m not going to read a stomach bug fic. 

    -Institutional whump. So box boys, etc. I know there’s a bit of a debate here about this subgenre, and I think it’s an interesting idea but again, I want the whumpee to be taken care of by someone, and if they’re living in a society where whump is normalized, it’s unlikely anyone will because they’re all involved. Unless it’s a thing where someone finds them and takes them in after they’ve been whumped by this system because they’re against it all, or somehow aren’t aware of it so it shocks them when they find out.

    -In general, life threatening injuries. Again, this implies professional medical care, where I much prefer people who don’t know what they’re doing. If they’re severely injured and this happens, they’ll probably just die. A serious injury fine, but nothing that they will probably die from. Idk, the threat of death kind of kills it for me, I like it when it’s more like, “I know we’ll get through this, but I don’t know how long it’ll take or how miserable you’ll be until then.” 

    That’s about it. I’m sorry if people hate this, I felt like I just sort of had to get it off my chest and once again you’re totally okay to like this stuff, I just probably won’t be posting or reblogging stuff with it involved. Feel free to let me know if you also aren’t into these things…I’m lonely.

    #whump #please don't hate me for not liking this stuff #i know no one asked for this and no one cares about my opinion but hey #here it is
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