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  • whumpmi
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Twelve Days of Whumpmas, Day 3

    Three French Hens: Failed Escape

    More Puppy!

    TW: implied learned helplessness, pet whumpee, dehumanisation

    Routine is safe, just like its collar. Without it, its world would fall apart.

    As Owner seem content enough to ignore Puppy, it was determined to turn him around by integrating itself into his routine.

    Each morning, as soon as Owner stirs, it would wait by his slippers with a sunny smile, hoping today would be the day it receives a head pat, or a praise.

    Seeing him off and waiting for him to return from work was no different, but it wasn't going to let its smile dim. Not today, or within the first week...

    On day eight, soon as the door closed and the lock turned, its smile faded, aquamarine eyes to stare at the silver deadbolt with intention.

    It would be so easy, wouldn't it?

    Flicking the knob the other way, pushing the handle, and it would be free.

    Its body moved, fingers dancing over the cold metal pieces, it even stuck its head out into the hallway.

    But its not supposed to, not supposed to go anywhere without permission.

    The door closed for the last time, the click sounding with finality, and its smile forced upon its face once more.

    @amonthofwhump thank you for the challenge!

    #amow twelve days of whumpmas #whump#whump challenge#whump community#whump event #whump prompt list #oc puppy#oc#tw dehumanisation #tw pet whump #whumpmas #whumpmas day 3 #three french hens #failed escape#whump writing#owner#pet whump#reluctant owner
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  • wintergrey202
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Chris Halliwell Whump List

    Played by Drew Fuller.

    (A/N: This is my first list ever so bare with me as I figure out what I’m doing. I do not own the GIF, credit to @random-fandom-whump. It’s not whump related but I added his first and last appearances on the show.) WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

    S5.22: First appearance

    S6.06: Shot, injured, sweating, groaning in pain

    S6.10: Thrown, beaten, loses powers, feverish, injured, things from his past are shown, fought, sad, grieving, crying

    S6.12: Reveals part of the truth, tries to help the sisters, is told to leave, sad, saves Wyatt, pushed to the ground

    S6.14: Yelled at, loss of trust, asked to leave, seen in Phoebe’s vision

    S6.15: Cut, healed, thrown to the ground, emotional, speaks about his relationship with his father, truth is revealed to both Phoebe and Paige, thrown across the room, fought, worried, crying, emotional

    S6.16: Running out of time, pushed to the ground, anxious, stressed, slowly fading away, fading between limbo and reality, disappears, re-appears, Piper finds out who he really is

    S6.17: Meets his granddad, coughing, confronted about not being alright, reveals something about his future, crying, emotional

    S6.18: Scratched by a spider-demon, feverish, sweating, dizzy, turned, weak, in pain, on the ground, fought, beating someone up

    S6.19: Asked about his relationship with his father, dismissive, holding someone off of a ledge, interrogating them, pushes them off

    S6.20: Car chase, arrested, broken out

    S6.21: Confession, opens up about difficulties

    S6.23: Stabbed, dying, in his fathers arms, fades away, mourned

    S7.07: Shown in Leo’s vision sequence, refers to himself as Leo’s “root pain”, asks Leo to let him go

    S8.22: Last appearance

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  • whumpnoire
    04.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #those two just happen to be some of the more weird ones on my list lmao #not whump
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  • babydarkstar
    03.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    new discovery! i cannot read fics involving angst and frankie. just can't!

    #literally just thinking about it makes me cry???? #i dont know but for some reason those fic abt frankie trying his damndest and never getting anywhere just makes me sob #also i dont rly subscribe to the whole 'insecure frankie' trope #like yes he's got ptsd yes he's quiet and reserved yes he's kind of a mess #but to me he just never comes across as self-loathing #and i feel like a lot of people write him that way? #which is fine but it's not my thing at all #i'll be posting a frankie hc list that's more detailed but yeah #i literally cried while writing this post i think something else is wrong with me lmao #but yeah basically it just makes me sad #i guess im not into whump lmao
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  • higherthanakite
    03.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Are You Human Too? - 너도 인간이니? - Whump List

    Watch on: Viki

    Synopsis: Nam Shin (Seo Kang-Joon) is a son from a family who runs a large company. After an unexpected accident, he falls into a coma. His mother Oh Ro-Ra (Kim Sung-Ryoung) is an authority on brain science and artificial intelligence. She creates an android named Nam Shin III which looks like just like her son Nam Shin. The android pretends to be Nam Shin and he has a bodyguard So-Bong (Gong Seung-Yeon).

    Personal note: So excited to share my first whump list! And format is inspired by @love-me-a-lotta-whump - thank you so much for all of the amazing whump lists you make!

    *Spoilers below*

    Whumpee: Nam Shin played by Seo Kang-joon

    Episode 1: Nothing

    Episode 2: Hit by a truck, unconscious on the ground, head injury and there’s blood

    Episode 3: Recap of him getting hit by a truck, in a coma, on a stretcher, bandaged, in bed

    Episode 4: In a coma

    Episode 5: In a coma, oxygen mask, in bed

    Episode 6: On a stretcher, ambulance ride, on a stretcher, oxygen mask

    Episode 7-12: In a coma, in bed

    Episode 13: Nothing

    Episode 14-15: In a coma, in bed

    Episode 16: Nothing

    Episode 17-20: In a coma, in bed

    Episode 21: Flashback of getting hit by the car, flashback of being bandaged with oxygen mask in bed, in a coma, in bed

    Episode 22: In a coma, in bed

    Episode 23: Wakes up from the coma, breaks a glass and his hand is bleeding, collapses, passes out, in bed, oxygen mask,

    Episode 24: Helped to sit up, struggles to stand

    Episode 25: Helped into bed, in bed

    Episode 26: Out of breath, leans on a tree for support, in a wheelchair

    Episode 27: Recap of getting hit by a truck, stands up and almost falls over

    Episode 28: Almost falls over, helped to sit down, helped to walk, sweating

    Episode 29: Smashes picture frames with his hand, hand bloody

    Episode 30: Punched in the face

    Episode 31: Punched in the face

    Episode 32: Nothing

    Episode 33: Almost falls over, helped to walk, almost falls over, unconscious in bed, sweating, face is patted with a cloth

    Episode 34: Nothing

    Episode 35: Crying, tied to a chair, beaten

    Episode 36: Recap of being tied to a chair and being beaten, mouth tied/gagged, hair grabbed, helped to walk

    Whumpee: Nam Shin III played by Seo Kang-joon

    Episode 1-3: Nothing

    Episode 4: Goes into Disaster Mode and saves people from a fire (like he’s in a trance), his back is injured and reveals his machine parts, he comes out of Disaster Mode and can’t remember what just happened, his battery dies and he passes out, on a stretcher, unconscious, in the ambulance, his back injury is shown, on an operating table, his back is bandaged

    Episode 5: Recap of when he couldn’t remember what happened and when he shuts off

    Episode 6-7: Nothing

    Episode 8: Pretends to be human Shin Nam and is in a hospital bed, falls out of a moving car, cut on his face, his back is injured and you see his machine parts

    Episode 9: Recap of back injury, on a table getting his back repaired, recap of back injury

    Episode 10-12: Nothing

    Episode 13: His battery dies and he passes out standing up

    Episode 14: Pushed, his battery is removed and he passes out

    Episode 15-20: Nothing

    Episode 21: Opens and closes his hand and says something must be wrong with his sensor

    Episode 22: Nothing

    Episode 23: Battery is removed, passes out standing up, unconscious in a car

    Episode 24: Battery is removed and he passes out, someone gives him cpr thinking he’s dead

    Episode 25: Nothing

    Episode 26: Hit in the face with a wrench, two gashes on his cheek revealing his robot parts

    Episode 27: Recap of getting hit in the face, two gashes on his cheek, laying down and having the gashes repaired

    Episode 28: Unconscious in a car

    Episode 29: His battery is taken out and he passes out standing up, sitting unconscious on the ground, he’s being controlled and he’s forced to hurt someone (like he’s in a trance), he’s forced to choke his love interest (like he’s in a trance)

    Episode 30: He’s being controlled and forced to choke his love interest (like he’s in a trance)

    Episode 31-33: Nothing

    Episode 34: He starts to shut down, falls to his knees, passes out, pushed out of the way to save him

    Episode 35: Recap of falling to his knees and passing out

    Episode 36: He starts to lose power and leans against the wall, struggling to walk, shot multiple times, falls into the water

    #are you human too? #are you Human? #kdrama#Asian whump#whump#whump list #seo kang joon #viki
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  • whumpmi
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Twelve Days of Whumpmas, Day 2

    Two Turtledoves: Human Shield

    Whumpee being punished, Caretaker just had to join in the fun!

    TW: mention of blood, whipping, male whumpee

    "Ah, Caretaker, just in time!"

    Whumpee had just been tied into position on the large cross. The whip in Whumper's hand flicked against the wall, the resounding crack much louder in Caretaker's ears than it really was.

    "Don't-- don't do that, please."

    "How else would Whumpee learn his lesson?"

    "Try talking to him?!"

    "That never lasts, he won't remember past tomorrow."

    "And leaving marks all over him will help, how?"

    "Visual reminders, Caretaker, you should try it some time."

    As Whumper's arm drew back, Caretaker threw themselves over Whumpee's thin form, ignoring his weak protest.

    "It's okay, don't worry about me."

    The shock of it all, Whumper not stopping despite knowing they would strike Caretaker, and Whumpee's barely audible gasp, melded together into Caretaker's choked grunt, barely concealed behind gritted teeth.

    "Beautiful! Whumpee, look, your favourite person is taking -your- punishment."

    The whip gave red welts in return for bits of cloth coming off Caretaker's back, while Whumpee begged Caretaker to move out of the way.

    When it was finally over, Whumpee was released by a very satisfied Whumper.

    "Clean up Caretaker before my floor gets stained. I trust you will remember your lesson?"

    He knew better than to try and get away from the hair ruffle Whumper was determined to give, and soon as they turned to hang up the whip, he was scooping up his beloved but unconscious Caretaker.

    "Yes, Whumper."

    @amonthofwhump thanks for the challenge!

    #amow twelve days of whumpmas #whumpmas #whumpmas day 2 #Two Turtledoves#human shield #tw male whumpee #tw whipping #tw blood mention #whump#whumper#whumpee#male whumpee#caretaker#whump community#whump challenge#whump writing #whump prompt list
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  • sableflynn
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Whumpmas - given as a gift

    A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Tied to a Tree | Given as a Gift | Putting up the Tree

    I really love the prompt list @amonthofwhump put out for the 12 days of whumpmas! Not sure if I'll manage to get to all of them, but I wanted to at least give it a shot. Here's a little felivy scribble! Felicia timeline. The wonderful loveable and definitely not at all petty Mac belongs to @whumpopology . CW: implied/referenced drugging


    When they found Felicia, she was trussed up and unconscious, thrown among the garbage of an overflowing dumpster with her wrists and ankles bound. Tossed out like a piece of trash.

    A gift, he’d called her.

    Elyse clenched her fists and blew a slow breath out. She couldn’t break down. Not yet.

    She was in the back seat of the car, Felicia lying with her head in Elyse’s lap, still unconscious. He’d drugged her, Mac had explained, showing Elyse the tiny needle prick mark in the crook of Felicia’s elbow as he checked her hastily for any immediate pressing injuries. His voice was low, and a cool fire burned in his eyes that Elyse had never seen before, not even during the argument the day before that changed everything.

    Elyse brushed the dull tangles of hair from Felicia’s face, and the fresh purpling of the bruise blooming across her cheek made Elyse’s stomach churn. Her mind spun in an endless circle, dark images of the things Volkan must have done to Felicia, and she’s here now, and him slipping the needle into her arm and watching the light leave her eyes, and she’s safe now, and the fear that she might never be safe again. A tear slipped from Elyse’s eye, and she brushed it away with a trembling hand, willing her breathing to stay even.

    In the passenger seat, Darya drummed her fingers on the armrest, leg bouncing, body almost twisting to turn back to look at Felicia and Elyse before she stopped and returned to staring out the window. Elyse watched her a heartbeat longer, then shifted her gaze up to the rearview mirror. Mac was intent, focused, and as his sharp blue eyes met hers in the mirror he offered a sad smile and a thousand words unsaid before looking back at the road.

    Felicia was still unconscious in Elyse’s lap, and Elyse’s heart ached. She wanted to hold her, rain kisses on her face and her body, rub away the rope indents marring her wrists and ankles, protect her, love her. She was terrified of doing the wrong thing. She was overwhelmed, and the woman she loved was here, and the woman she loved had been tortured, and she dreaded what Felicia would tell them when she woke up.

    Light from the streetlamps illuminated Felicia’s face as they passed. Elyse ran the dull strands of copper hair between her fingers, and she tried to breathe.

    #amow twelve days of whumpmas #whump#my writing#ou content#felivy #my oc: elyse #my oc: felicia #this is uh pretty loose to the theme i guess but it just popped into my mind when i saw the prompt list #i love the pick up moment 🥺🥺😭 #really could expand on this sooo much but i wanted this to be short and easy #drugging cw
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  • whumpyourenemy
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dialogue parallels *squeals in good character development

    'I don't need anyone'

    'I need you'

    'Get out of my sight'


    'I am never wrong about this'

    'I was wrong. I was so wrong.'

    'People like us don't have the luxury of caring for others'

    'Get behind me'

    'I couldn't care less how you spend your time'

    'Where are you?'

    'If you're too slow, I'll leave you behind'

    'Get on my back, we've got to get you to a medic'

    'You will never be one of us'

    'On this oath, I pledge my loyalty to you; my leader (my love)'

    #whumpyourenemy list #can someone teach me how to format this so that there arent massive gaps lol #a bit of a short list but enjoy these parallels I squeezed my brain for #whump#whump scenes#whump fic#dialogue inspiration#angst#hurt/comfort#hurt#whump prompt#injury#whump tropes#whump ideas#caretaker#whumpee#emotional whump#whump community#whump writing
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  • wintergrey202
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I just finished my first ever list…pulled an all nighter for it…I’ll be posting it soon hopefully!

    {gif hint on who the list is for}

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  • grizzlie70
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    12 Days of Whumpas

    12 days of whumpmas by @amonthofwhump

    Tw; mention of lab whump, implied whump of minor(s), amputee whumpee, religion mention, caretaker of whumpee, neruodivergent whumpee

    It’s Uru’s first Christmas, and it has to be perfect. Her entire life had been spent in captivity, her caregiver and maternal Uncle, Drake Fletcher, staged a rescue to save her and is now in his care. Drake had spent the last four months planning after she recovered from her devastating injuries. To make sure things would go as plan, he enlisted the help of his friend, Saint Isaac and company to help him make her first Christmas the best she’ll ever experience. 

    **Disclaimer- Stella isn’t Uru’s actual mom. She’s my friend’s oc’s mom who decided to become a surrogate mom for the young bean. This is a collab with @sapphirechao

    Day 1- tied to a tree/given as a gift/Putting up the tree

    Day 2- Self sacrifice/human shield/reunion

    Day 3- betrayal/failed escape/candlelight

    Day 4- muzzled/memories/ favorite holiday memories 

    Day 5- branding/obsessive whumper/ gift giving

    Day 6- blackmail/countdown/ last-minute relief

    Day 7- falling through the ice/left in the cold/ the first snow

    Day 8- poisoned-drugged/starvation/Hot cocoa

    Day 9- hallucinations/forced to perform/caroling

    Day 10- sleep deprivation/stress position/ christmas light

    Day 11- sensory deprivation/ sensory overload/ their favorite song

    Day 12- abandoned/mugging/found family

    #amov twelve days a christmas #whump challenge#whump event #whump prompt list #whump community
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  • whumpmi
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Twelve Days of Whumpmas, Day 1

    A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Given as a Gift

    Introducing Puppy, an adorable pet with big eyes and gentle nature, going to meet his second owner, but the excitement was -not- mutual

    TW: Pet whump, dehumanisation

    "We got you a surprise! Open it up, open it up!"

    A large box was pushed past the door, through the foyer, and finally stopped in the middle of the untidy living room.

    "Shouldn't I wait until Christmas to open presents?"

    "No, this one won't last that long! Open it!"

    The excitement was not quite shared, but the red ribbon was pulled off in a hurry and the lid lifted to reveal large, aquamarine eyes with a mop of soft brown, curly hair.

    "It's a puppy!"

    "Uh... thanks?"

    "It's secondhand, but comes fully trained. We thought you'd like a companion, a pet to wait for you to come home from work everyday and to cuddle with! Isn't it cute?"

    Rough hands reached in to ruffle its hair, a great handle for playtime, and cheeks were pinched until bright pink, demonstrating it's docile nature. The timid smile from within the box was ignored, until its head tried to come up over the lip of the box, so eager to meet and snuggle with Owner--

    "Bad Puppy, stay."

    The heartbreaking whimper that filtered out was cut off when the lid came back, blacking out its world again.

    All it wanted to do was to be good, soft and warm on a lap, any lap. Maybe Owner will be in the mood later?

    Pulling knees up to chest, Puppy waited patiently, not daring to make another sound.

    @amonthofwhump thank you for the challenge!

    #amow twelve days of whumpmas #whumpmas #whumpmas day 1 #tw pet whump #tw dehumanisation#whump#whump writing#human whumpee#whumpee#reluctant owner#owner#whump event #A Partridge in a Pear Tree #given as a gift #whump community #whump prompt list #whump challenge#Puppy#oc puppy#oc
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  • whump4life
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Devil Lover: Whump List

    Whumpee: Sora played by Golf Pichaya Nitipaisalkul

    Synopsis: A young boy with a special power where he can't control it. He was raised at J.T.S.D (Japanese Technologies Science Department) and never before learn the true meaning of "Love".

    Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

    Source: Dramacool, YouTube

    Episode 1: Escaped the lab, gun shot grazes his arm, concern for him

    Episode 2: Tries to use his telekinetic power to stop the car, gets hit by the car, faints, concern for him, brought to the hospital, concern for someone, gets punched, has a bit of blood on his lip, love interest dabs cloth on lip, winces in pain

    Episode 3: Nothing

    Episode 4: Nightmare, his powers go rampant in his sleep--breaking things around him

    Episode 5: Gets in a boxing match with love interest, heavy breathing

    Episode 6: Concern for love interest, uses his telekinetic power to help his love interest fight (without her knowing), breathing heavy, blinking heavy, using car for support, appears to be dizzy, seems in pain, grunting, says he's fine, grabs his head, grunts more in pain, concern for him x2, nearly collapses, love interest helps him stay standing--bringing him to the car, unconscious on the couch, they dab his hands and face with a cloth, eats a chocolate-- becomes tired and falls asleep on the bench, laying on the couch unconscious, has a nightmare

    Episode 7: Uses his telekinetic power to stop a motorcycle from hitting him, grabs his head, bends over in pain, heavy breathing, concern for him, faints, laying on the couch unconscious, powers run rampant due to anger-hitting a tennis ball repeatedly on the wall, becomes dizzy, holding head, groaning in pain, wincing, falls to the floor--holding his head, groaning in pain x2, found on the floor, concern for him, nose bleeding, holding head still, faints, in the hospital, held for observation, in the hospital bed unconscious, given medicine from the lab, concern for him

    Episode 8: Nothing

    Episode 9: Protecting love interest from attackers, uses telekinetic powers against them-- nose begins to bleed, heavy breathing, tries to run after lover interest (scared of him) becomes dizzy, holding his head, gasping in pain, falls to the ground, vision is blurry, concern for him, wondering the streets dizzy, shaking his head, using things for support, holding his head

    Episode 10: Head pain becomes worse, holding his head, dizzy, intense blurry vision, ringing, collapses to the ground, hitting his head with his fist, coughing, faints, unconscious still, wakes up still on the ground, blinking heavily, gets up slowly, heavy breathing, holding his head, seems a bit disoriented, wincing, has a bloody nose, hair wet with sweat, asked to use his powers to show off to love interest, blinking heavily, breathing heavy, nose begins to bleed, collapses to the floor, concern for him, love interest dabs his nose with napkin, uses his powers to save love interest from attacker, gets injected with a serum, starts to become very weak, slowly collapses to the floor, concern for him, helped to walk--escape, wincing, shaking head

    Episode 11: Gets attacked, gets choked, gets saved by love interest, protects love interest with powers, staggering, helped to walk, laying in bed to rest, emotional whump

    Episode 12: Emotional whump, gets injected with a serum, collapses to the ground, faints, wakes up in the lab, locked up, kept in a daze/disoriented, someone helps him escape, staggering, uses walls for support to walk, heavy breathing

    Episode 13: Dizzy, blurring vision, staggering, uses fence for support, collapses to his knees, heavy breathing, faints, has flashback of some sort

    Episode 14: hit with a gun-gets electrocuted, gets electrocuted again, falls to the ground, escapes, breathing heavily, nose is bleeding, love interest dabs his nose with a napkin

    Episode 15: While using clay his nose starts to bleed, concern for him, emotional whump

    Episode 16: Emotional whump, walking in the rain, friend finds him, bromance-- friend dries his head with a towel, in a daze, looks dizzy, blinks heavily, nose starts to bleed, concern for him

    Episode 17: Concern for love interest, uses powers- slight blurry vision, emotional whump, nose starts to bleed, concern for him, concern for love interest, gets hit with telekinetic powers, thrown to the floor, thrown again, choked, thrown again, struggling to stand up, gets punched with telekinetic force, coughs up blood, blood on his mouth, gets choked, gets thrown to the floor, dazed, blinking heavy, tries to protect love interest, breathing heavy, gets electrocuted, concern for him, laying on the floor, slightly twitching, gets electrocuted again, gasping in pain, concern for him, escaped

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  • whumpwillow
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    a collection of whumpy tropes

    Agony Beam: The fantastical ability (in whatever form) that causes extreme pain to whoever it hits.

    Corporal Punishment: Inflicting physical pain as punishment for one's misbehavior.

    Denied Food as Punishment: Denying food as punishment.

    Electric Torture: Torture done by zapping or electrifying the victim — bloodless, but effective.

    Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: The hero needs information, and fast—thus, they immediately decide to torture their captive.

    No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Someone overpowers another with little effort and in a very painful, bloody manner.

    Playing with Syringes: Unethical and possibly incredibly painful experimentation with the goal of creating something.

    Stock Punishment: A device that holds someone immobile so that others can assault them with foodstuffs.

    Tar and Feathers: Either as a comedic prank or a serious form of punishment, someone is covered in hot tar and feathers for humiliation.

    A Taste of the Lash: Someone is flogged with a whip or cane.

    Water Torture: Such as simulated drowning, ie "waterboarding".

    What a Drag: Torture/attack/punishment by dragging someone across the ground.

    Achey Scars: Scars that continue to hurt in the long term.

    Condemned Contestant: A prisoner(s), instead of going to prison or being executed, are instead forced to do some kind of contest as punishment.

    Enslaved Elves: A once-powerful race is forced into slavery.

    Forced into Evil: Someone is forced to commit villainous acts against their will.

    Forced Prize Fight: People are forced into some kind of brawl/fight with a prize.

    Gladiator Games: Someone (usually a slave, though sometimes a volunteer) must fight in spectated battles against other combatants for entertainment.

    Human Pet: Treating people like domesticated animals is even more dehumanizing than regular slavery.

    Incapable of Disobeying: A character is enslaved in such a way that they cannot disobey their master no matter how much they may want to.

    Lost Him in a Card Game: Gambling for people.

    Restraining Bolt: Physical object or seal stuck on a character that forces them to comply to certain demands.

    Slave Brand: A mark on a person to show that they're a slave.

    Slave Collar: A collar worn by a slave to show that they are such.

    Superhuman Trafficking: Superhuman or non-human people are hunted and traded for the exploitation of their special powers.

    Sympathetic Sentient Weapon: A sentient weapon unhappy with its role.

    Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Too proud to accept sympathy or help.

    Drowning My Sorrows: Deals with sorrow by getting drunk.

    Desperately Craves Affection: Excessive desire to be loved.

    Wake-Up Call: A character gets put through some event that forces them to grow or otherwise get their act together.

    Wounded Hero, Weaker Helper: A character is injured and must be healed by a weaker or more inexperienced character.

    Now, Let Me Carry You: A situation where a character who is known for supporting and helping another is suddenly in need of support, only for the person they supported to come through for them.

    Once Done, Never Forgotten: A character has done something in the past that no one will forget — or let them forget.

    And I Must Scream: When a character is forever stuck somewhere, probably unable to talk, move, or even die.

    Sadistic Choice: Forcing a person to choose between two terrible options.

    Sleep Deprivation Punishment: Not allowing a person to sleep.

    To the Pain: Telling a future victim exactly what is going to happen to them in slow, painful detail.

    Exalted Torturer: When the person doing the torture is also the hero.

    Loves the Sound of Screaming: Someone finds joy in the loud, loud misery of others.

    Locked in the Dungeon: Someone is locked in a dungeon to be tortured or punished.

    Defeat Means Menial Labor: A defeated villain is punished with menial labor, often in their (no longer) own place.

    Televised Torture: The torture is being broadcast, either for the villain's personal entertainment or for public consumption.

    Too Broken to Break: There's no torture that can affect him/her, the damage was done way time before.

    Torture Chamber Episode: An episode in which one or more characters are tortured for the entire duration.

    Torture First, Ask Questions Later: Someone gets so caught up in torturing someone (or has even already killed them) that they forget to ask questions.

    Bandage Wince: when the action is over and wounds must be treated, the person will wince the instant a bandage or cotton swab soaked in antiseptic touches their skin.

    all courtesy of tvtropes.com

    #there are too many tw's to possibly tw all the tw's #ask to tag #whump#whump trope#whump tropes#whump idea#whump ideas#whump list#long post
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  • thoughtsonhurtandcomfort
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    'D' for December Whump, Angst and Comfort Prompt List

    Feel free to interpret prompts how you want, combine prompts, etc. Have fun!



    Dreaming of rescue

    Deteriorating quickly

    Dangerous terrain

    Dangerous building


    Difficulty breathing

    Delicate skin

    Damage to the head


    Dumped on the side of the road



    Defeated in battle



    Delivered to whumper

    Dangling over the edge of a cliff

    Dust that makes them cough

    Dehydrated and fading fast

    Desperate for comfort



    Darkness all around

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  • whump4life
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Under the Power: Whump List

    Whumpee: Lu Yi played by Ren Jialun or Allen Ren

    Synopsis: Genius constable Yuan Jinxia and ruthless secret police officer Lu Yi are at loggerheads, but are forced to work together when the government loses one hundred thousand teals of silver. They gradually became friends and fall in love with each other.

    Genre: Historical, Romantic Comedy

    Source: Viki

    Episode 1-14: Nothing

    Episode 15: Unconscious, tied up against a rock totem pole, wakes up, says they are weakened by anesthetic drug

    Episode 16-18: Nothing

    Episode 19: Stomach gets cut by a sword, gets stabbed in the shoulder while protecting someone, protects Xi Shui and gets hit with a dart, wincing in pain, labored breathing, grabs chest, bends over in pain, gasps, looks pale, asked if he was alright, says he's fine, looks weak, breathing heavy, asked what's wrong, gets his pulse checked, they say he's been poisoned, Xi Shui says the blood clot turned black, concern for him, helped to walk

    Episode 20: Jinxia is helping him walk, staggering in the rain, holding his chest, breathing heavy, collapses to the ground, faints, concern for him, Jinxia begs for him to wake up, wakes up, coughing, helped to walk, labored breathing, meditating, looks pale, grabs chest, coughs up blood, concern for him, asked what's wrong, he says the Purple Fame isn't effective, Jinxia says the poison is too strong, sweating, continues to meditate/ to heal himself, Jinxia dabs his forehead and chest with a cloth-- she sees his chest wound, heavy breathing, leans on something for support, looks weak, helped to walk, gets cornered by assassins, sweating, leans on someone, blinking slowly, shaking his head, wincing, bends over wincing, concern for him, becomes delusional-- overwhelming emotion and senses, immersed in grief (painful memory flashbacks), holding his head-- crying, tied up

    Episode 21: Helped to run away, looks pale, holding chest, bending over in pain, concern for him, labored breathing, staggering, Jinxia helps him hide from the enemies, wincing, shaking, sweating, helped to stand up, helped to walk, jumps off a cliff, holding himself and Jinxia on a vine, sweating, falls down, holding chest, heavy breathing, concern for him, someone said he used his internal force, told to sit down and rest, they check his pulse, told not to use his internal force or else, holding his chest, slightly gasping in pain, concern for him, labored breathing, wincing in pain, holding his chest, coughs up blood, concern for him, says he's fine, Jinxia dabs his mouth with a cloth, uses a stick to walk, protects Jinxia from a snake attack, starts coughing, concern for him, helped to walk, protects Jinxia from shooting herself in the head, hits body against table, laying on the ground coughing, blood not the side of his mouth, holding his chest, concern for him, in pain, sweating, helped to sit up, gets treatment with needles, stopped the poison temporarily, laying down unconscious, Jinxia says he's burning hot-- and his condition is getting worse and worse, says his forehead with a cloth

    Episode 22: Checks his arm, they say time is running out, still unconscious in bed, sweating, his back is being dabbed by a cloth, the injury hasn't been able to be healed, doctor cuts his wound-- and uses snake for treatment, wincing, doctor says the poison is vicious, the poison has spread to his vital organs, in pain, helped to sit up while unconscious, tries to feed medicine, wincing in pain, sweating a lot, shaking a bit, Jinxia fed him the medicine by mouth, wakes up

    Episode 23-26: Nothing

    Episode 27: Becomes dizzy, staggers, blinks heavily, keeps losing his footing, falls to the floor, told he's been breathing in a sleep-induced aroma, faints, given a elixir while unconscious, found on the floor, concern for him, pulse checked, his face is hot, carried to his bed, Jinxia watches over him, she checks his temperature, has a fitful sleep, yelling Ah De, Jinxia checks his temperature, he wakes up, he doesn't recognize Jinxia, he lost seven years of memory, drops sword and grabs his head in pain, concern for him, hitting his head with his fists, intense head pain, told he will be alright, checks his pulse, says he's suffering from hysteria

    Episode 28: Steadily losing more memories, more childlike, refuses to drink medicine, say's he's thirteen years old, loses more memories and becomes 8 years old, scared of the lightning, getting flashback of memories, gains his memories back, pretends to act like a child

    29-42: Nothing

    Episode 43: Arm is wounded in battle, faints while holding Jinxia, concern for him, sees bloody arm, doctor bandages his arm, says he just needs to rest and recover, wakes up, Jinxia says he was seriously injured

    Episode 44-54: Nothing

    Episode 55: In prison, emotional whump

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  • thoughtsonhurtandcomfort
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #bleeding #bleeding from the mouth #coughing up blood #illness#vomit mention#whump prompts#prompt list
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  • whumpetywhump
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Love Is In The Air

    Fang Mu Ye


    - Suffers an allergic reaction to dog fur, scratching a rash on his neck, nosebleed


    - Nightmare

    - Overuses his power, nosebleed


    - Nose still bleeding from last episode, collapses and passes out, nightmare, wakes up coughing and spluttering, pain in his back and bruises over where his wings are growing

    - Still massaging his shoulder the next day, pretends he’s sprained it, given help to stretch


    - Breaking out in a rash, constantly scratching, wing nubs burning when touched

    - Pain in his back before sprouting his wings, still aching and sore the next day


    - Discloses his childhood trauma

    - Severe pain in his back, falls to his knees


    - Hit by a car, wincing in pain, holding his head


    - Jumps into a lake to save someone, muscles seize up, unable to move


    - Still unable to move in the water, drowning, rescued, wakes up coughing and spluttering


    - Pinned to a wall, strangled, unable to use his powers to save himself, passes out, left for dead


    - Needs help to walk after last episode

    - Trapped inside a forcefield, struggling, trying to punch his way out, wings start bleeding, exhausted afterwards


    - Wakes up weak and aching from last episode, holding his shoulder, limping, later icing a bruise on his leg

    - Feverish, shivering, wincing in pain, wing nubs burning, coughing, comforted


    - Still feverish, shivering and wincing in pain, cared for and comforted

    - Dizzy and breathless, blurred vision, leaning on things for support, teleports and collapses, helped into a chair


    - Beaten up in a fight, stabbed in the gut, healed magically, exhausted, passes out, unconscious in bed


    - Grieving, crying, severely depressed

    - Drunk, lashing out at loved ones, loses control and almost hurts his girl, guilt-stricken, collapses, cradled, needs help standing, collapses again

    - Unconscious on a sofa, wing nubs turning black, fed medication, coughing and spluttering, tries to stand and falls, dizzy, swaying on his feet, needs help to walk


    - Still weak from last episode, having a pain patch applied to his wing nubs

    - Cuts his finger, has it bandaged by his girl

    - Lies to his girl about what will happen to him, crying


    - Being drained of power, falls to his knees, tries and fails to stand, screaming in frustration


    - Sacrifices himself to save his girl, wings catch on fire, disappears, wakes up lying on the ground with scars on his hands, face and neck

    - Hit by a car, realises he can’t speak, panicked, helped to his feet

    - Learns his existence was erased, depressed, collapses against a wall, sleeping on the streets

    #love is in the air #cdrama#whump#cwhump#whump list #wang zi qi
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    Having one of those nights where I’d love to write stuff for my moots but they haven’t sent me anything but I don’t wanna be annoying and ask if they would like anything

    #this is about the whump prompts #I’m so tempted to put the list in one of my moots inboxes #but I don’t want them to feel obligated #also you aren’t obligated as a moot to send me requests #i just like writing stuff for you guys
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    Little Whump list: Headache

    a snippet from @gumnut-logic list , this one ended up feeling far too close to home, sorry Virgil

    also available Here on AO3

    Despite using a welding mask, a day of fixing components together in the workshops had Virgil's eyes feeling like they were throbbing in time with his own pulse. Pulling off the mask and pinching at the bridge of his nose did nothing to alleviate the pain, it never did, which led him to believe that Scott only ever did it as a nervous tick. 

    Likewise massaging the heel of his palm into his temple only left him with more mucky lines across his face. He slowly came to the conclusion that he had let this one brew for too long, and as a result he was now looking down the barrel of one hell of headache. He blinked slowly, hoping it would reset things, but the grinding ache behind his eyes wasn’t to be so easily put off. He rolled his shoulders, hoping that it would turn out to all have been the fault of poor posture or muscle tension, and might be easily rectified. The movement only served to highlight the throbbing pain being mirrored at the base of his skull and that it was creeping up one side of his head to join the two epicentres with one burning line of ouch. 

    He gingerly cupped his hand along the curve of his skull, it didn’t make any physical difference, but the need to try and hold the progression of the pain at bay made him reach for any possible pain relief, no matter how illogical. He let his head weigh heavy in his hand, this was showing all signs of turning out to be a real monster of a headache. He was shocked at how it had been able to sneak up on him so thoroughly, but that could be explained away by the focused work that had taken up most of his day. 

    Virgil sighed, and even that made his brain rattle. Keeping one hand pressed to the side of his head and his eyes at half mast, he reached out to turn off all his equipment. The full tidy up could wait until tomorrow, thank goodness he hadn’t been working on any live systems that might be needed for a rescue. Although even as he thought that he knew that if a call came through now, he wouldn’t be answering it. No, the only place he was headed was to the sanctuary of his own room and the blissful embrace of blackout blinds and a cold compress. 

    Just one shambling diversion into his bathroom to splash away the worst of the grime from his face and hunt out the required pills from his bathroom cabinet. The thought of swallowing any painkillers right now made his mouth feel thick and claggy, and he was very glad for the medication that melted on the tongue, because without some sort of prescribed pain relief he wouldn’t stand a chance of shifting this in less than 48 hours. At last shuffling towards his bed, carelessly discarding items of clothing as he went, not caring what mess he left, just trying to get through the steps between himself and the escape of sleep as efficiently as possible. 

    His feet got caught in the hems of his jeans, and ended up with him adopting a half shuffle, half hop onto the mattress, all whilst still trying to stop his brain from trying to escape from his eye sockets with one hand held over his brow. Sure, he knew it looked melodramatic, but his hand was cool from splashing water on his face, and it provided a little relief, or at the very least a little distraction from the hot pounding feeling residing behind his eye. A little more one legged shuffling and he managed to free himself from the denim death trap, and flopped slowly onto his pillow. Ever grateful that the aircon in the villa had left the cotton of his pillowcase blissfully cool. Reaching into his bedside cabinet he blindly pulled out an instant ice pack. Cracking it with one hand he clumsily stuffed it into his pillowcase and mushed his face into the welcome chill, letting it numb his aching head, even as he knew it was only a temporary fix. With no more steps to complete Virgil gave in to inactivity and let sleep and painkillers wash over him, praying that when he woke he might be some way towards feeling more human. 

    Virgil might not have noticed that his comms were automatically set to “do not disturb” and the hallway lights dimmed, but if he had he would have been very vocal in his thanks. John knew this, but he didn’t do it for thanks, it was simply the most efficient way to make sure International Rescue was back to full strength as soon as possible. That and Virgil had done the same for him on more than one occasion…...

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