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  • wintergrey202
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I’m once again in tears after finishing a show, this time it’s “Love101”. Two seasons long. If I can work up the courage to make a list for it I most definitely will, they all deserve the best but everything that happened with Sinan destroyed me. Maybe list coming soon. Who knows at this point.

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  • wintergrey202
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Chris Halliwell Whump List

    Played by Drew Fuller.

    (A/N: This is my first list ever so bare with me as I figure out what I’m doing. I do not own the GIF, credit to @random-fandom-whump. It’s not whump related but I added his first and last appearances on the show.) WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

    S5.22: First appearance

    S6.06: Shot, injured, sweating, groaning in pain

    S6.10: Thrown, beaten, loses powers, feverish, injured, things from his past are shown, fought, sad, grieving, crying

    S6.12: Reveals part of the truth, tries to help the sisters, is told to leave, sad, saves Wyatt, pushed to the ground

    S6.14: Yelled at, loss of trust, asked to leave, seen in Phoebe’s vision

    S6.15: Cut, healed, thrown to the ground, emotional, speaks about his relationship with his father, truth is revealed to both Phoebe and Paige, thrown across the room, fought, worried, crying, emotional

    S6.16: Running out of time, pushed to the ground, anxious, stressed, slowly fading away, fading between limbo and reality, disappears, re-appears, Piper finds out who he really is

    S6.17: Meets his granddad, coughing, confronted about not being alright, reveals something about his future, crying, emotional

    S6.18: Scratched by a spider-demon, feverish, sweating, dizzy, turned, weak, in pain, on the ground, fought, beating someone up

    S6.19: Asked about his relationship with his father, dismissive, holding someone off of a ledge, interrogating them, pushes them off

    S6.20: Car chase, arrested, broken out

    S6.21: Confession, opens up about difficulties

    S6.23: Stabbed, dying, in his fathers arms, fades away, mourned

    S7.07: Shown in Leo’s vision sequence, refers to himself as Leo’s “root pain”, asks Leo to let him go

    S8.22: Last appearance

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  • wintergrey202
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I just finished my first ever list…pulled an all nighter for it…I’ll be posting it soon hopefully!

    {gif hint on who the list is for}

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  • whumpily-ever-after
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    You're All Surrounded Whump List

    You're All Surrounded is a 2014 Korean action, mystery, comedy, drama, with a tiny bit of romance. It follows the violent crime unit of Gangnam Station which includes a reluctant team leader and four rookie detectives who brought chaos with them to the station. There are a few cases they solve throughout the show along with a season-long mystery revolving around one of the rookies. The team dynamics are my favorite part of this show. I thought it was a well-done story with interesting characters. I really liked this one y'all.

    Spoilers ahead...

    Whumpee: Eun Dae Gu/Kim Ji Yong played by Lee Seung Gi

    Episode 1: Passenger in a car during a car chase, banged against the side of the car multiple times, momentarily hold his arm and head in pain, witnesses his mother’s murder as a child

    Episode 2: Pushed down the stairs, pushed into a table, pushed to the floor (he falls down a lot in this episode), traumatic flashback, breathing heavily, punched in the face, arrested, yelled at by his boss (along with the rest of his team), some tears

    Episode 3: None

    Episode 4: Upset and guilty when a victim they’re helping is stabbed, kicked in the chest and knocked down, yelled at by his boss, fights with his boss, manhandled, held back, manhandled again, goes back to the house where his mother was murdered, traumatic memories, tears, says that he almost killed someone again (feels guilty for his mother’s death), crying, handcuffed to his partner, held hostage, exposed to natural gas, handcuffs himself to a wall, disoriented from the gas, helped out of the building, oxygen mask

    Episode 5: None

    Episode 6: Chased in nightmare, wakes up breathing heavily, cuts his hand from clenching his fist tightly

    Episode 7: Upset, told to turn in his resignation, unshed tears, micro-breakdown

    Episode 8: In a fight with a suspect, threatened with a knife, wounds treated

    Episode 9: Talk about killing him, everyone knows who he is (though he continues to adamantly deny it), crying

    Episode 10: More talk of killing him, warned to not go anywhere alone, attacked in his home

    Episode 11: Taunted, fights with the man who killed his mother, in a chokehold, thrown to the floor, hits his head, dazed, knife to his throat, kicked in the chest several times, kicked in the head, knocked out, stabbed at some point during that fight, concern for him, cut on his arm, taken to hospital, on a stretcher, wakes up with a sling on his arm, emotional discussion with person he thought was involved with his mother’s murder, tries to leave the hospital, hissing in pain when he moves his arm too quickly, wound starts to bleed again, hit in the back with a piece of wood, witnesses a scene very similar to that of his mother’s murder

    Episode 12: Scared, holding his wounded arm, at gunpoint, concern for him, found on his back with his eyes closed, tears, teammates tend to his wounds, sleeping in the car on the way home, more talk of killing him

    Episodes 13-14: None

    Episode 15: Sleeping, team leader checks on him and pulls blanket up over him, shocked by another clue about his mother’s murder

    Episode 16: Concern for teammate, teammate bleeding out in his arms, out for vengeance, feels guilty for teammate being stabbed, crying, walking around with teammate’s blood on his shirt

    Bonus whumpee: Park Tae Il played by Ahn Jae Hyun

    Episode 16: Manhandled, punched in the face, kicked in the chest, thrown to the ground, held down, kicked several times, robbed, manhandled again, hand over mouth, stabbed twice, collapses to the ground, blood on his face, trying to crawl after men who attacked him, concern for him, bleeding out in teammate’s arms, taken to hospital in an ambulance, on a stretcher

    Episode 17 (Tae Il): In a hospital bed, bandage on his face, partner fixing his hair, team concerned for him, wakes up looking like he’s in pain, partner scolds him out of concern, his father tells him not to appear in front of him again, the team caring for him

    Episode 17 (back to Eun Dae Gu): Discovers that his mother may have lied about his father dying, crying, lays his head on his partner’s lap, sleeping, the person he suspects to be his father denies any personal relationship with his mother, screaming in frustration

    Episode 18: Gets person involved in his mother’s murder to admit to her crime, tears, walking aimlessly, partner following him in concern, betrayed by his patron/mother-like figure, crying, hair grabbed, witnesses mother-like figure get into a car accident, mother-like figure passes out in his arms, crying

    Episode 19: Mother figure dies, grieving, asks his partner not to die in front of him, crying, discovers the real reason his mother died, breakdown

    Episode 20 (talk/threat of suicide in this episode): Chased, cornered, kidnapped, hands bound behind his back, cut on his face, manhandled, offers to kill himself if they let his partner go, concern for him, crying, holds a gun to his head, at gunpoint by the man who was responsible for everything

    #you're all surrounded #kdrama#whump list#whumplist #eun dae gu #lee seung gi #park tae il #ahn jae hyun
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  • whump-angst-and-comfort
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    ayo anyone got a whump list for

    Forest (2020)

    Bravo My Life (2017)

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  • dramaplant
    09.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Does anyone know if theres a whump list for kairos somewhere?

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  • tonotonton
    09.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    has anyone made a whumplist of goseigers yet?

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  • sasuga-whump
    07.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Whumplist: 仮面ライダーオーズ / Kamen Rider OOOs (2010)

    Themes: tokusatsu, superhero, antihero, adventure, action, enemies to friends, bromance


    Found on: kissasian, dramacool

    Summary: Eiji Hino is a nomad who has no place to call home and a tragic past. When medal-based creatures known as the Greeed awaken after 800 years to attack humans and feed off of their desires, Ankh gives Eiji a belt and three Medals to fight them as Kamen Rider OOO. The mysterious Kougami Foundation approaches Eiji and begins assisting him, though their true motives are not clear. As Eiji fights the Greeed and their Yummy monsters, learning more of the Greeed and Ankh, he starts to find a purpose beyond his journey. 

    Main Whumpees: Eiji (brown hair), Ankh (blonde hair)

    Extra Whumpees: Gotou (left), Date (right, brown jacket)

    Eiji: a selfless individual who will put himself in danger for others due to trauma, which often leads to him not taking care of his body or getting injured

    Ankh: an angsty, selfish Greeed who possessed the body of Izumi Shingo when his own body was destroyed, he develops a softer heart as the show progresses, and in the end deeply cares for Eiji

    Gotou: young and brash, makes rash decisions which often leaves him injured

    Date: a witty doctor, uses humour to hide his pain, has severe headaches from a bullet in his brain

    Ep 4 
    Eiji - hit with a telekinetic blast, struggling to stand, leaning on a fence for support, passes out, cared for 
    Ankh - [as Shingo] passed out on a bench
    Ep 7:
    Ankh - deceived, thrown into a fence, blood from his mouth, choked, kneed in the gut, Greeed arm damaged, medals stolen  (note: medals are a Greeed’s life source, losing medals is like losing blood)
    Ep 8:
    Ankh - weak from previous ep, groaning in pain, too weak to stand, refusing help ... heavy breathing, crawling on floor, healed with 10 medals 
    Ep 9:
    Ankh - forced to give 10 medals back, woozy, stumbling, clutching his Greeed arm ... lying on sofa, weak, heavy breathing, healed with medals
    Eiji - faced with trauma, concerned caretaker, minor flashbacks ... overexerts his powers, collapses
    Ep 14:
    Ankh [as Shingo] - collapsed, critical condition, hospital, unconscious, oxygen support, defibrillation ... pushed off the hospital bed
    Ep 18:
    Gotou - running in the rain, overworks himself, collapses, semi conscious
    Ep 19:
    Ankh - Greeed arm damaged by blast
    Eiji - attacked, weak, leg and arm stood on, yelling in pain
    Ep 20:
    Eiji - thrown off a building, falls into river below, washed up on shore, unconscious, shivering, concern for him ... recovering, wrapped in blankets, shivering, bandaged leg ... electrocuted by jellyfish, overexerts his powers, collapses, sweating, limping 
    Ankh - stumbling, holding his injured Greeed arm ... regains core medals, core medals reject his body, stumbling, breathing heavily, shaking
    Ep 26:
    Eiji - treating injuries from previous ep, crying out in pain, concerned caretakers, sweating, groaning ... ignoring the severity of his injuries, collapsing in pain ... refuses bed rest, sneaks out against caretakers wishes, “you can barely stand”, leaning against a pillar for support ... overexerts his powers whilst still injured 
    Ankh - gets flung off a roof by explosion, crying out, clutching his arm
    Ep 30:
    Ankh - lots of medals taken, groaning, stumbling, carried to safety ... very weak, carried by Eiji, dazed, collapses, concerned caretaker ... lying on a table, supported by caretaker, crying out in pain, concern for him, writhing, refusing help, begrudgingly accepts help ... hit with a blast of pain
    Ep 32:
    Eiji - unconscious in the hospital ... electrocuted, falls down stairs, caught in an explosion, head bleeding, runs back into explosion ... cared for by caretakers, bandaged, concern for him ... electrocuted, collapses, possessed by purple core medals, loses control of powers, overexerts himself, collapses, concerned caretakers
    Ep 33:
    Eiji - possessed by purple medals, loses control of powers, weak, collapses, concerned caretakers, wakes up groaning in pain ... sucker punched by Ankh ... almost possessed, exhausted
    Date - tied up and kidnapped by an owl (yes, an owl)
    Ankh - caught in a net
    Gotou - tied up and kidnapped by an owl
    Ep 34:
    Date - wakes from unconsciousness
    Gotou - unconscious
    Ankh - kidnapped by the goddamn owl, tied up, hostage situation, life force drained, glazed eyes, weakened ... attacked by Possessed Eiji, arm badly damaged by blade, shaking, yelling in pain ... bandaged hand
    Eiji - possessed by purple medals, loses control of powers, lured away by Ankh, saved by Ankh, collapses into Ankh’s arms, “I knew you could stop me...”
    Ep 35:
    Ankh - dissociates from Shingo’s personality waking up ... loses control of body, shoved to the ground, [as Shingo] weak, lying on the ground, passes out
    Date - sudden head pain, writhing ... head pain, crying out in pain
    Ep 36:
    [Shingo] weak, passed out, carried whilst unconscious, in the hospital
    Date - weak, collapses in Gotou’s arms, refusing medical treatment, concern for him
    Ep 37:
    Date - sudden head pain, stumbling, blurred vision ... pain in head, ringing ears
    Ep 38:
    Eiji - betrayed by friend, pain from purple medals ... more pain ... sudden excruciating pain, crying out, glowing eyes, concern, breathless
    Gotou - flung by a telekinetic blast, betrayed, punched, unconscious ... crying over friend’s ‘death’, emotional outburst,
    Ankh: choked 
    Date: head pain, blurred vision ... explodes (hard to explain), blood from mouth, collapses, ‘dies’
    Ep 39:
    Ankh: nightmare - panicking, breathless, in pain, forced to knees -, wakes up, breathing heavily, panic attack, stumbling, shaking, sweating, scared
    Eiji - punched by Ankh, winded 
    Ep 40:
    Ankh - stabbed in shoulder, bleeding, holding injury, crying out in pain, collapses from blood loss ... falls through a window, concern for him, wincing in pain, bandaged, angry and sad (lots of emotional whump for 2nd half of ep) ... surprise attack, punched, all of his medals stolen, concern for him, weak, groaning in pain, desperate for help, absorbed into Ankh Lost, disappears, body collapses to ground, concern for him
    Ep 42:
    Eiji - in pain from purple medals, collapses to the ground, groaning in pain, heavy breathing ... stumbling, loses balance, revealed he’s turning into a Greeed ... collapsed against tree, visibly in pain and uncomfortable, hallucinates the end of the world, chest pain ... collapses after losing control of powers, supported by caretaker
    EP 43:
    (Shingo) - strangled by Ankh, passes out, possessed by Ankh
    Ankh - glowing eyes, angry
    Eiji - glowing eyes, angry, loses control of emotions, concern for him, collapse ... thrown off his motorbike, concern for him, grazes and cuts
    Ep 44:
    Eiji - bandaged by caretaker
    Ep 46:
    Eiji - falls into river and washed up unconscious on beach, purple medals causing him pain, glowing eyes, panicking, head pain ... fighting Ankh ... possessed, screaming in pain 
    Ankh - identity crisis ... fighting Eiji 
    Ep 47:
    Eiji -  saved by Ankh, exhausted, in pain from medals, writhing, dazed and confused
    Ankh -  fatally injured by main antagonist, weak, implies he’s dying, concerned caretaker
    Ep 48:
    Watch and find out! ;) Clue: emotional whump is definitely present

    Final Thoughts:

    Good GOD this list is long! Thank you for sticking with me! This series of Kamen Rider is absolutely everything to me. It’s so absolutely packed with all different types of whump that you can possibly think of. From self sacrifice, refusing medical care, head pain, chest pain, anxiety, trauma, emotional distress, betrayal... it has everything. Eiji and Ankh’s relationship is so deep and incredibly special. The way they go from being rivals, to friends, and to all the emotions in between, to finally understanding one another’s struggles and giving themselves up for each other. And the emotional growth of Ankh is done SO well, the way he goes from an arrogant, selfish, uncaring character, to someone with empathy, and a drive to do what’s right instead of the easy way, or what he wants. It’s a gradual change, which leaves the audience from wanting to strangle the guy out of pure frustration, to really empathising with his character and his identity struggles. In the end, all he wants is to live, but he feels so out of touch with who he is that he doesn’t think he’s able to, or that he’s worthy of life. He just hides behind fake bravado, as it’s all he knows. Similar for Eiji, who goes on a journey of self discovery after his traumatic past, who realises that he is so similar to Ankh in a way he did not realise. So much angst, so much bromance, it’s just *chef’s kiss*. 10/10 recommend this series, I can’t stress this enough.

    I plan on doing some GIF sets/video uploads of scenes in the future, so please look out for them! As well as GIF sets/scenes from the movies too. I’m a sucker for Miura Ryosuke so there will be plenty of Ankh whump :)

    As always, my favourite scenes/whumpiest eps are highlighted in bold, so go ahead and enjoy! I will be making lists for other Kamen Rider series’ in the future too, so keep a look out!

    Until next time <3

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  • love-me-a-lotta-whump
    28.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    爱上萌面大人 - Fall In Love With Him - Whumplist - 🇨🇳

    Whumpee: Qin Zan played by Jason Fu

    Synopsis: Carefully selected by the all-powerful Sariel, Qin Zan had been chosen to accept the title of “Mr. Time”. With no memories of his own, he is charged with collecting time at the time of people’s deaths. While he can’t remember Xiang Ling Er, he still feels a connection.

    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

    Watch On: Viki

    Note: Awesome recommendation! The end was definitely unexpected!


    1.01 : in the aftermath of a car wreck, bloody, weak, in an ambulance, heavily lidded eyes, dying, defibrillator used on him, died (but continued to live as a man of time)

    1.02 : senses something, anxious, used himself as a shield, talking with a friend about how they’re not normal

    1.03 : whipped in the throat, held, concern for him, groaning in pain, defiant, weak, lightly collapsed into a friend’s arms, concern for him, refusing to be healed, a friend restrains him, magically healed (makes the friend who healed him weak)

    1.04 : (kinda comical: using himself as a shield, in an infirmary) groaning in pain, worried about someone

    1.05 : none

    1.06 : worried about someone, being protective, upset

    1.07 : upset

    1.08 : friend talks about how he used to take punishment for him all the time

    1.09 : lightly manhandled

    1.10 : upset, threatened

    1.11 : (flashbacks: in a wreck, bloody, dying)

    1.12-1.14 : none

    1.15 : (semi comical: scared of being in a car, gets out feeling sick, throws up)

    1.16 : worried for someone, angry

    1.17-1.20 : none

    1.21 : memories from his death come back, scared, emotional, (flashbacks: bloody, self sacrifice), emotional

    1.22 : (flashbacks: bloody, self sacrifice), emotional, punched a wall, hurt knuckles, emotional, crying, grieving

    1.23 : emotional, (visions: cut and bloody face)

    1.24 : fought, collapsed into a friend’s arms, weak, magically healed (but only a little bit), magically attacked, protecting someone, beaten, collapsed into her arms, bloody, passed out


    MORE WHUMP LISTS >>> {x}

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  • whumpystuffy
    27.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Whump list - The pact (2015)

    Main character Piotr Grodecki portrayed by Marcin Dorociński. Original series name in polish: Pakt.

    Season 1

    1x01 Crying, scared, in shock.

    1x02 Being watched, tough punch in abdomen, on the ground, coughing.

    1x03 Attacked, beaten, on the ground, kicked multiple times, grunts in pain, manhandled, kidnapped.

    1x04 Manhandled, dragged, weak, hair pull, punched in abdomen multiple times, falls to the ground. Unconscious, bloody face. In hospital, bruised body, bandages, broken lip, 2 broken ribs and a concussion plus troubled breathing.

    1x05 Hit by explosion blast, on the ground, hissing ears. Loved one stabbed, crying, framed.

    1x06 None.

    Season 2

    2x01 Attacked, fight, beaten, stabbed, bleeding, weak, on the ground. In hospital, IV attached.

    2x02 Set up. Interrogated for murder, angry.

    2x03 Close one attacked, worried. Scared.

    2x04 Being followed. Threatened, fear. Outnumbered, under gunfire, car crash.

    2x05 In pain, trapped by seatbelt. Being chased, under gunpoint, arrested, handcuffed. Slams own head repeatedly on table, bloody eyebrow wound.

    2x06 Bruises from previous episode. Threatened.

    This polish show was nice. It was interesting and had multiple great whump episodes! I watched it on HBO and can totally recommend it. Only 2 seasons were made though.

    Trailer for the series.

    #the pact 2015 #The pact#Pakt#Pakt Polish#HBO#spoilers #made by me #Piotr Grodecki#Marcin Dorociński#whump list#whump series#whumplist#whump episodes#whump#series #this was requested by Anon #thank you for the recommendation #!!!
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  • love-me-a-lotta-whump
    24.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    브이아이피 - V.I.P.- Whumplist - 🇰🇷

    Whumpee: 김광일 (Kim Gwang Il) played by 이종석 (Lee Jong Suk)

    Synopsis: The son of a high-ranking North Korean official is suspected of committing serial murders.

    Genre: Crime, Thriller

    Watch On: DramaCool

    Note: This is one of the more graphic pieces of media I’ve ever made a list for.

    ⚠️TW: This film includes nudity and sexual assault! ⚠️


    38:53 - handcuffed, arrested

    44:12 - interrogated

    52:41 - interrogated

    1:05:44 - in handcuffs, manhandled, pushed up against a car, choking himself, punched, kicked, bloody mouth, manhandled

    1:11:35 - bloody mouth, still in handcuffs

    1:15:34 - manhandled, kicked, coughing, hair pulled, thrown into a table, coughing, hair grabbed, bleeding from his head, thrown against a wall, groaning in pain, coughing, head stepped on, manhandled

    1:21:51 - handcuffed, feet handcuffed, bloody face, interrogated

    1:27:56 - handcuffed, slapped, manhandled, angry, kicked around, manhandled

    1:39:54 - handcuffed, manhandled

    1:43:24 - in a wreck, scared, in a wreck, groaning in pain, bloody cut up face, scared, panicking, manhandled, pulled by his hair, scared, knocked out, dragged, handcuffed in a car, unconscious, shot at

    1:48:25 : still handcuffed, manhandled

    1:54:08 : shirtless and bloody, shot in the foot, shot in the leg, shot in the shoulder, hair pulled, gun put in his mouth, shot dead


    MORE WHUMP LISTS >>> {x}

    Want to see more from 이종석 (Lee Jong Suk)? Check him out in:

    W: Two Worlds >>> {x}

    I Hear Your Voice/I Can Hear Your Voice >>> {x}

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  • whumpystuffy
    24.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Whump list - Your Honor (2020-2021)

    Adam Desiato portrayed by Hunter Doohan.

    1x01 Emotional, scared, being followed, troubled breathing due to asthma. Minor car crash, crying, covered in blood, falls to the ground, heavy breathing, crawls. Injured arm, in pain.

    1x02 Emotional, slapped. Collapses, trouble breathing, in shock.

    1x03 Being watched, bruises on body from previous episode shown. Argues with his dad. Cries.

    1x04 Crying. Emotional, argues with friend, gets violent/slams friend against locker.

    1x05 none.

    1x06 none.

    1x07 none.

    1x08 Scared, needs inhaler.

    1x09 none.

    1x10 Sad/emotional. Fear, gunpoint, shot in the throat, bleeding, can’t breathe, dies.

    This was requested for the boy only. The show wasn’t really my thing since angst whump really don’t do it for me. But there’s a lot of fear and angst. This series has ended so no more episodes.

    Trailer for the series.

    #your honor#showtime#2020#2021#Adam Desiato#Hunter Doohan#whump series#whump show#whump episodes#whump list#whump lists#whumplist #made by me #requested#angst#fear #the image took me FOREVER #To make #and it still looks so bad #ugh#I tried #maybe I should’ve included the fathers whump
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  • whumpily-ever-after
    21.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Moorim School Whump List

    (A bad summary): Moorim School is a Korean action, fantasy, school, martial arts drama from 2016. It follows a hidden school and the special students who attend to learn martial arts. The show also features the search for a key to unlock a great power and a tragic mystery that occurred eighteen years previous and involves several of the school's students.

    You guys, this show is my exact brand of nonsense. I really enjoyed it even though it does have many flaws. The whump is pretty decent, however.

    Spoilers ahead...

    Whumpee #1: Yoon Shi Woo played by Lee Hyun Woo

    Episode 1: Ringing in his ears, groaning in pain from his ears, more ringing in his ears, loses his pain medication, unable to hear, stage lights almost fall on him, tackled to the floor to save him, the CEO of his music company (he is an idol) plots to “get rid of him”, his fans turn against him, tackled to the ground, rolls down a hill

    Episode 2: Replay of rolling down the hill from the previous episode, betrayed by a father figure, pain in his ear, hand over hurting ear, freezes when someone puts their hand on his head, momentarily healed, visible relief from the pain, has a flashback, pushes himself into a corner, pain in his ear, almost hit with hot oil, shaken from a traumatic (repressed) memory

    Episode 3: Unable to hear, pain in his ear, scared, burn on his hand (from the cooking disaster in the previous episode), stood-up, punched in the face, knocked to the ground, grunting in pain, expelled, ear pain while trying to help Chi Ang up from the cliff, grabbing his head in pain, gets separated from Chi Ang, chased by a wolf, knocked down by said wolf

    Episode 4: Attacked by wolf, knocked to the ground, encounters another wolf, falls backwards, attacked by wolves, saved, pushes Chi Ang out of the path of an attacking wolf, attacked in his place, fall to the ground, cut on his cheek, wound tended to, mention of him being deceived his whole life

    Episode 5: Remembers a past trauma

    Episode 6: Drugged, locked in a room, ear pain

    Episode 7: Continued from previous episode (drugged, locked in a room, ear pain), falls to the ground after catching a falling classmate, ladder nearly falls on him

    Episode 8: Punched in the face, concerned for someone, overwhelmed, ear pain, falls to his knees, little scream in pain, grabbing his ear, told that if he can’t control the energy in his body, the pain might never go away, crashes a motorcycle into a car (but is fine)

    Episode 9: Picks up from previous episode (motorcycle crash), nightmare (side note: his hair is randomly dyed in this episode and there is no acknowledgement of this, also I miss his silver hair)

    Episode 10: Nightmare, someone tells him to go back to his place (as an idol), ear pain, falls to his knees

    Episode 11: Wang Chi Ang tells him that if he loses or hurts him, he won’t care, tears, punched in the stomach twice (on purpose)

    Episode 12: Punched in the face, bruised lip, worried about Wang Chi Ang

    Episode 13: Crying

    Episode 14: Wang Chi Ang tells him he can’t make the girl he likes happy, upset when Chi Ang leaves, tears

    Episode 15: Nightmare, finds out who his family is, crying

    Episode 16: Concern for him, officially reunited with his father, crying

    Whumpee #2: Wang Chi Ang played by Hong Bin

    Episode 1: Manhandled, hand over his mouth, kidnapped by his father’s men, falls in the ocean trying to get away, nearly drowns, rescued, wakes up in a strange place, panics, collapses, rolls down a hill after tackling Shi Woo

    Episode 2: (Replay of rolling down the hill from the previous episode), pot placed over his head, knocked to the floor

    Episode 3: Punched in the face, back knocked into a bookcase, kicked back, expelled, slips on a cliff, rescued, hurt foot (from hiking up a mountain with only one shoe on), separated from Shi Woo

    Episode 4: Bloody foot, tries to get Shi Woo to go on without him, attacked by wolves, one bites his arm, saved, nearly attacked again, pushed out of the way, wounds tended to, helped to walk, bleeding through the bandage on his arm, upset Shi Woo left without saying goodbye

    Episode 5: Complaining of being hot, says that his throat is burning, jealous

    Episode 6: Drugged, locked in a room

    Episode 7: Continued from the previous episode (drugged, locked in a room), jealous and sad

    Episode 8: Cut his hand, feels betrayed, stabbed (more like slashed), in an ambulance with oxygen mask, on a gurney in the hospital

    Episode 9: Picks up from previous episode (in ambulance and hospital), in surgery, concern for him

    Episodes 10-11: None

    Episode 12: Cut on the cheek, gets eliminated from the tournament and can’t impress his father (emotional whump here)

    Episode 13: Crying

    Episode 14: Getting extra obsessive, concern for him, leaves to protect his friends

    Episode 15: Manipulated

    Episode 16: Confronts his father, falls off a cliff, saved (not shown)

    #moorim school#kdrama #yoon shi woo #wang chi ang #lee hyun woo #hong bin#whump list#whumplist
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  • just-whump-and-suffering
    21.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Driver Whumplist

    Genre: Action, Thriller,Crime

    Language: Mandarin

    Synosis: To escape his past, Jianyi changed his face and assumed a new identity. He fled to Singapore to start a new life as a driver, and unwittingly becomes a vigilante-samaritan who helps those in trouble when the law couldn’t.

    Jianyi/Kenichi played by Kaiser Chuang

    Ep 01:


    Hit in the head with a car door then knock down by reversing vehicle

    Wake up in hospital, in pain

    Emotional whump; upset that he was not able to stop the kidnapper.

    Ep 03

    Flashback - intoxicated, passed out on the floor, unable to stand on his own and need someone to help him up

    Flashback - arm injury while on the run. Arm gets bandaged

    Ep 06:

    Tased by Zeus men

    Hurt by some ultra-sound weapon

    Ep 07:

    Emotional whump; taunted by Zeus and worried for Panda

    Ep 10:

    Flashback - Emotional whump: forced to watch his wife bleed out

    Beaten by Angela after she finds out the truth of their relation

    Then attacked by Onizuka

    Stabbed by (i forgot her name but she is the love interest), in pain 

    Ep 11:

    Has to fight off Zeus's men while in pain from his stab wound

    Emotion whump; has to choose between raising the temperature in the refrigerated room Angela is trapped ( but will increase the voltage running through Panda) or vice versa

    Beaten up by Onizuka during their show-down fight

    Shot by love interest ( cliffhanger)

    Angela played by Grace Teo

    Ep 02:

    Bruised face and black eye from fighting match

    Attacked by her opponent & posse, in pain 

    Ep 03:

    Slapped and punched in the stomach by former coach, in pain

    Beat up in fighting match against former coach

    Slashed in the arm by robber

    Ep 04:

    Hospitalised due to injury

    Emotional whump; crying as she might not be able to go back to MMA due to injury

    Ep 10:

    Attacked by Zeus’s men, able to fight back

    Incapacitated by ultra-sound weapon used by Zeus’s men and put in a headlock

    Blindfolded and tied up in van

    Ep 11:

    Tied up and locked in a cold room

    Barely conscious and need to be helped by Jianyi

    Panda played Bunz

    Ep 02:

    Flashback - held at gunpoint by Jianyi/Kenichi 

    Ep 05:

    Captured by drug traffickers, tied up and manhandled

    Ep 07:

    Tasered and abducted by Zeus men; blindfolded and tied up in van

    Tied to a chair and gagged

    Taunted by Zeus

    Ep 10

    Punched in the face and attacked by Zeus’s men

    Incapacitated by ultra-sound weapon used by Zeus’s men 

    Blindfolded and tied up in van

    Ep 11:

    Tied to chair and electrocuted

    Weak from electrocution and unable to stand; has to be piggy backed by Kenichi/Jianyi

    Hints of  possible torture by Onizuka who interrogated him on the whereabouts of Jianyi which resulted in the death of Jianyi's wife

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  • whumpily-ever-after
    13.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Police University Whump List

    Police University is a 2021 Korean mystery, comedy, romance drama. It follows a young hacker who follows his crush to university after interrupting an illegal gambling operation and nearly getting arrested. While going through their freshmen year, the students and their professors investigate the illegal gambling operation and its connection to their school.

    Note: I really liked this one. I think there were many missed whump opportunities, but the characters and the plot were enjoyable.

    As always, spoilers ahead...

    Whumpee: Kang Sun Ho played by Jung Jinyoung

    Episode 1: Crashed into, falls to the ground, groaning in pain, thrown (unrealistically), lands on his back, groaning in pain, arrested for stealing, pushed down, upset with himself for disappointing his adopted father

    Episode 2: Fights with his adopted brother, knocked to the floor, singled out by the drill leader, overhears his unit saying a guy like him can’t be a cop

    Episode 3: Upset when one of his teammates is injured in a drill, wound on his knee, held at knifepoint

    Episode 4: Accidently hit in the head with a book thrown from an upper floor

    Episodes 5-6: None

    Episode 7: Pushed down, cuts his hand, strangled in a dream, wakes up from nightmare clutching his throat, worried that something had happened to his adopted father

    Episodes 8-9: None

    Episode 10: Upset that his professor/mentor left, crying, pushed down (semi-comical), hit with a bag full of cash, falls to the ground, attacked with a metal pole (never actually hit with it), kicked down, arms up to protect his face

    Episode 11: Replay of fight in the previous episode, someone else knows he is a hacker, semi-threatened

    Episode 12: Blackmailed and threatened, worried when his mentor is in a car accident, crying, someone is told to deal with him

    Episode 13: His mentor is told that he (Kang Sun Ho) will be the next target if he (the mentor) does not stop, girlfriend and mentor concerned for him, at gunpoint, criminal tells him that they are no different

    Episode 14: Suspended from school, arrested, girlfriend breaks up with him :(, crying

    Episode 15: Feels guilty for his past actions/choices, doesn’t think he is worthy to become a police officer, drops out of school, crying

    Episode 16: None

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  • love-me-a-lotta-whump
    13.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Broker - Whumplist - 🇨🇳

    Whumpee: Zhou Xiaoshan played by Leo Leo

    Synopsis: A broker with a hidden agenda plots to steal a scientist's research, yet a mutual attraction develops between them.

    Genre: Romance, Spy

    Watch On: Viki


    1.01 : fought, traumatic childhood memories, sweating

    1.02 : sick, holding his stomach, doubling over in pain, looked after, asleep

    1.03-1.04 : none

    1.05 : emotional

    1.06 : briefly in a fire, coughing, worried about someone

    1.07-1.10 : none

    1.11 : upset

    1.12-1.14 : none

    1.15 : scar reveal, concern for him

    1.16 : angry, emotional, trauma reveal, (flashbacks: restrained, tortured, crying out in pain, writhing), crying

    1.17-1.19 : none

    1.20 : angry, crying

    1.21 : angry, emotional, trauma reveal pt.2, crying, punched, manhandled

    1.22 : manhandled, upset

    1.23 : none

    1.24 : asleep, startled awake, exhausted, heavy breathing

    1.25 : drunk, looked after, emotional, asleep

    1.26 : in a depressed state

    1.27 : drinking too much, manhandled, thrown, helped to walk, depressed, concern for him, emotional

    1.28 : emotional, crying, dropped to his knees, crying

    1.29 : crying

    1.30 : none

    1.31 : asleep, feverish, concern for him, crying, anxious

    1.32 : none

    1.33 : upset, emotional

    1.34 : upset, comforted

    1.35 : angry

    1.36 : none

    1.37 : angry, threatening to kill himself, concern for him, emotional

    1.38 : emotional, at gunpoint

    1.39 : crying, at gunpoint, refusing to eat, crying, angry

    1.40 : knife held to his throat, in a car wreck, worried about someone, crying, self sacrifice, emotional, trauma reveal pt.3, angry, worried about someone

    1.41 : using himself as a human shield, knife held to his throat, crying, concern for him, crying, (flashbacks: recovering from being whipped, scar reveal), found in the shower with his clothes on, concern for him, barely responsive, looked after

    1.42 : looked after, feverish, “Don’t leave. Don’t abandon me like they did.”, crying, held while he slept, crying, angry, grieving, at gunpoint, sacrificed himself, died, mourned


    MORE WHUMP LISTS >>> {x}

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  • love-me-a-lotta-whump
    11.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    我心深触 - Deep In My Heart - Whumplist - 🇨🇳

    Whumpee: Kong Yi Fei played by Zhou Cheng Ao

    Synopsis: A story about unraveling mysteries and healing follows a man with special abilities and a woman with a dual personality.

    Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Romance

    Watch On: DramaCool


    1.01 : none

    1.02 : manhandled, arrested, in jail, in shock

    1.03 : chasing someone, fought, kneed in the stomach, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, collapsed, concern for him, unconscious

    1.04 : chest pain, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, collapsed, concern for him, unconscious, woke up in a hospital bed, (flashbacks: asleep in the hospital bed)

    1.05 : none

    1.06 : chasing someone, chest pain, falls to one knee, grabbing his chest, not feeling well, in shock

    1.07 : angry, manhandled, asleep

    1.08 : none

    1.09 : chest pain, holding his chest, heavy breathing, concern for him

    1.10 : arrested, interrogated, in jail, asleep, worried about someone, hit by a car, writhing in pain

    1.11 : worried about someone, hit by a car, writhing in pain, in the hospital, helped to sit up, visited in the hospital room, wincing, holding his chest, angry, wincing, holding his chest, lightly manhandled, groaning, difficulty walking, painfully laying down, traumatic memories surface, crying

    1.12 : chest pain, grabbing his chest, collapsed, concern for him, pulled out of an ambulance, heavily lidded eyes, asleep in a hospital bed, woke up, painfully trying to sit up, concern for him, pushing his abilities, fell to one knee, chest pain, told his abilities are killing him, pushing his abilities

    1.13 : back in the hospital

    1.14-1.17 : none

    1.18 : scared for someone

    1.19 : scared for someone

    1.20 : none

    1.21 : in shock, emotional, difficulty breathing, chest pain, grabbing his chest, collapsed, unconscious, concern for him, chest compressions

    1.22 : in shock, emotional, difficulty breathing, chest pain, grabbing his chest, collapsed, unconscious, concern for him, chest compressions, picked up, carried, unconscious in a hospital bed, crying, emotional, in a depressive state, emotional, comforted, crying, worried for someone, chest pain, fell to one knee

    1.23 : worried for someone, chest pain, fell to one knee, momentarily stumbling

    1.24 : crying, in shock

    1.25 : emotional, drunk, beaten, bruised and bloody face, in jail, emotional, crying, upset, crying, crying

    1.26 : worried for someone, (flashbacks: chest pain), emotional, in a car wreck, bloody and unconscious

    1.27 : concern for him, forced to use his abilities against his will, chest pain, struggling to breathe, in a car wreck, bloody and unconscious, woke up, coughing, groaning in pain, struggling to move, weak, pain in his stomach, holding his stomach, passed out, unconscious in a hospital, friend told his heart is weak, crying, exhausted, passed out

    1.28 : weak, holding his stomach, emotional, chest pain, holding his chest


    MORE WHUMP LISTS >>> {x}

    Huge thank you to @asianboywhump for the videos for the tropes!!! I highly suggest heading over and following because I’m obsessed with this blog!!!

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  • just-whump-and-suffering
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    Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Whumplist

    Note: THIS IS NOT POWER RANGERS                          

    MotW - Monster of the Week   

    Mojikara - Scriptomancy

    Total eps: 49

     I did not include all the injuries that the character get in battle, only the ones that I feel contributes to the plot. Does not include whump from the movies as the list will be very long. It is already very long as it is. 

    Shiba Takeru/ShinkenRed played by Matsuzaka Tori

    Ep 5: 

    Injured from over-training, eventually passing out

    Forced himself to go to battle despite his injuries

    Collapse into Hikoma arms after the battle. Hikoma supports him as they walk home together

    Ep 7:

    Poisoned by MoTW(power: stinky poisonous breath that causes pain and then death in a few days if not cured)

    Forces himself to fight MoTW alone despite being in pain

    Ep 11: 

    Injured in a 3 way fight with Motw and Juuzo. 

    Distraught over his vassals getting injured from shielding him from MoTW attack. Leaves the Shiba mansion at the end of the ep

    Ep 17: 

    Cursed & tormented by MotW(using a magic mirror to spy on him)

    Collapse from exhaustion during battle due to the effects of the curse

    Ep 22: 

    Slapped repeatly by Kotoha

    Ep 23: 

    Poisoned and then abducted

    Ep 24: 

    Dumped into a sacred lake to remove poison. 

    Has his head repeatedly shoved into the water by Juuzo

    Attempted to escape from Juuzo but is still weaken by the poison

    Ep 25: 

    Weakened from using too much mojikara

    Ep 26:

    Stabbed through the shoulder.

    Bandaged arm in cast

    Ep 39: 

    Slashed when distracted during battle

    Emotional whump from Juuzo calling him weak

    Ep 40: 

    Emotional whump as he think he is weak because he is close to his retainer

    Severely injured by Dokoku, unconscious and carried bridal-style back to the Shiba mansion

    Ep 41: 

    Goes to battle despite being injured

    Affected by injuries during battle and slashed by MoTW

    Ep 42: 

    Injured by explosion and unconscious

    Ep 44: 

    Shot several times by MoTW with a special bullet that causes him to be burnt by his fire Modikara

    Makes himself the bait in order to lure MoTW out, shot again and is severely injured that he is unable to continue fighting 

    Ep 45:

    Carried back to the manor on a stretcher

    Emotional whump: revealed to be a decoy for the real Shinken Red

    Ep 47:

    Injured in duel with Juuzo

    Punched in the face by Chiaki

    Ikenami Ryunosuke/ShinkenBlue played by Aiba Hiroki

    Ep 2:

    Injured by MotW when shielding Takeru from attack

    Ep 7:

    Passed out from using too much Mojikara. 

    Wakes up in a small shack. Struggle to get up and stumbling due to exhaustion.

    Ep 9:

    Placed under mind control by MoTW and forced to attacked his teammates and lord. 

    Wounded by Takeru during a duel as Takeru was trying to break the mind control spell

    Ep 11:

    Severely injured from shielding Takeru from motw attack

    Ep 23: 

    Severely injured by MotW and unconscious

    Ep 24: 

    Bedridden(or futon-ridden) and recovering from injuries

    Crushed by a separation partition caused by Kotoha falling on it

    Ep 41: 

    Insatiable hunger cause by MoTW and in pain because of said hunger

    Ep 42: 

    Injured by explosion and unconscious

    Shiraishi Mako/ShinkenPink played by Takanashi Rin

    Ep 2: 

    Injured by MotW when shielding Takeru from attack

    Ep 7: 

    Poisoned by MoTW and in pain but arrive to help Takeru fight the MoTW

    Ep 9: 

    Injured by mind controlled Ryunnosuke while trying to stop him from attacking them

    Ep 13: 

     Wounded by MOTw but hides the injury

    Affected by injury while looking after children affected by MoTw attack and during battle

    Ep 23: 

    Severely injured by MotW and unconscious

    Ep 25: 

    Put to sleep by MotW

    Ep 39: 

    Slashed in the arm while shielding Takeru

    Ep 41:

    Insatiable hunger cause by MoTW and in pain because of said hunger

    Ep 42: 

    Injured by explosion and unconscious                 

    Tani Chiaki/ShinkenGreen played by Suzuki Shogo 

    Ep 2: 

    Injured by MotW when shielding Takeru from attack

    Ep 7: 

    Poisoned by MoTW and in pain but arrive to help Takeru fight the MoTW

    Ep 9: 

    Punched in the face and attacked by mind controlled Ryunnosuke

    Ep 15: 

    Knocked out by MoTw

    Ostracized and isolated by the rest after MoTw impersonated him and play pranks on them

    Ep 20: 

    Angst, considering giving up humanity and turn into a gedoshu to save Kotoha's soul

    Ep 23: 

    Severely injured by MotW and unconscious

    Ep 39: 

    Affected by magical black ash and paranoid

    Ep 41: 

    Insatiable hunger cause by MoTW and in pain because of said hunger

    Ep 42:

    Injured by explosion and unconscious

    Hanaori Kotoha/ShinkenYellow played by Morita Suzuka

    Ep 2: 

    Injured by MotW when shielding Takeru from attack

    Ep 6:

    Faints after enduring MotW verbal attack for the whole ep. Piggyback home by Chiaki

    Ep 7:

    Poisoned by MoTW and in pain but arrive to help Takeru fight the MoTW

    Ep 9: 

    Injured by mind controlled ryunnosuke while trying to stop him from attacking them

    Ep 11: 

    Severely injured from shielding takeru from motw attack

    Ep 20:

    Has her soul stolen by MotW and unconscious

    Ep 23: 

    Severely injured by MotW and unconsious

    Ep 26: 

    Slashed in the arm while shielding mako

    Ep 41: 

    Emotional Whump; worries about being a burden

    Ep 42: 

    Injured by explosion and unconscious

    Umemori Genta/ShinkenGold played by Soma Keisuke

    Ep 20: 

    Slashed in the arm by MotW. bloodied sleeve

    Ep 24: 

    Weaken from using too much mojikara to complete the inromaru

    Ep 25:

    Put to sleep by MotW

    Ep 27:

    Swapped body with a sushi and almost eaten by a cat

    Ep 28: 

    Developed a phobia of sushi due to events from the previous ep. Depressed and distraught

    Ep 31: 

    Punched by MotW and tied up

    Ep 38: 

    Shot in the first battle and then again multiple times in the second battle

    Ep 39: 

    Affected by magical black ash and paranoid

    Ep 41: 

    Insatiable hunger cause by MoTW and in pain because of said hunger

    Ep 42: 

    Injured by explosion and unconscious

    Shiba Kaoru - The real Shinken Red played by Natsui Runa

    Ep 48:

    Badly injured while trying to seal Dokoku

    Bed-ridden with arm in a cast

    Collapse from exhaustion while trying to use scriptomancy

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    Daniel Pierce played by Eric McCormack

    1x09: Has a weekend long delusional episode and decides to checks himself into the hospital.

    1x10: Still in hospital from previous episode and checks himself AMA to help with an investigation

    2x08: Goes undercover in a psych ward. Pinned down and injected with a sedative, put into a white room, pinned down and injected with unknown substances, passes out, wakes up in groggy sitting in a chair in the basement, disoriented and seeing things, hanged, rescued by Kate, spends some time in the hospital

    3x08: Flashbacks to his breakdown that led to him stop consulting with the FBI and hiring Max Lewick. Learn that his long term therapist was actually a serial killer the whole and gaslighted him into thinking the danger he thought about wasn't real.

    3x09: Taken captive and held at gunpoint

    3x10: Very end of the episode he is caught in an explosion.

    3x11: Continuation from 3x10. Caught in an explosion, knocked unconcious, massive head injury that requires brain surgery, coma, intubation, extended stay in the hospital, catatonic for two weeks, difficulty speaking

    3x14: Worry when Kate is kidnapped, multiple hallucinations, held at gunpoint.

    #guess what i finished rewatching #i missed this show #perception#daniel pierce#eric mccormack#whump#whumplist#whump list #mod's whump lists #mod post
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    #ask answered#anon ask #kim seon ho whumplist #kim seon ho
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