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    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    S T R A N G E  T R A I L S  (whumptober 2021)

    day 29: I’m just wearing old bones (all work and no play)

    They finally arrive in Os Kervo at dusk. Their long march across West Ravka ends as the sun slips below the horizon, tossing the coastal city in sharp relief. The sight of the skyline and its promise of a bustling port causes some anxiety for the group; they’ve spent the last two days in quiet isolation on their hike. They have no idea what rumors have traveled ahead of them from the Fold. News of Novokribirsk’s destruction will surely have reached the city by now, but they’ve no idea how many details have come with it. If their names, or their faces, are by now wanted. But more than the prickling nerves of reentering society, with its unknown perils, the travelers feel relief. The journey had been long and difficult, crossing West Ravka on foot with few supplies. They all feel the exhaustion deep within their bones, and at least Os Kervo can provide them with hot food and shelter for the night until they can find passage across the True Sea.

    A mile out from the city wall, the three travelers from Ketterdam part ways with Alina and Mal, entering separately to disguise their association. They make their weary way to an inn on the edge of town, to get at least one night’s rest in a warm and dry bed before boarding the ship in the morning. The city, as far as they can hear, is buzzing with news of the Fold and Novokribirsk, but luckily for them the details of the misadventure are still shrouded in mystery. Wild theories make their way to the traveler’s ears, each further from the truth than the last.

    [continue reading on ao3]  [collection]

    #strange trails (whumptober 2021) #fanfiction #six of crows #shadow and bone #last one! so long whumptober 2021 #hope it goes....slightly better next year but i'm happy with what i got through #i have two more i might be able finish #but they will be quite late
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    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Two new chapters added (I'm trying to get this finished before the end of the year lmao):

    Day 9: Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated - Hela (Marvel) and Lilith (CAoS)

    Day 10: Flare-ups - Lilith (CAoS)

    Heed the warnings and the tags :3

    #caos lilith#hela#hela odinsdottir#whumptober2021 #hydro's whumptober 2021 #chilling adventures of sabrina fanfic #fanfiction#crossover fanfiction
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    30.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    TW: Drugs, tranquilizers


    • Whumpee seeing Whumper and instead of panicking, they try to keep calm, because they, under no circumstances, will ever let anyone see them like that. They have PRIDE. They didn't have that with Whumper, and they'll never lose it again. Whumpee knowing how much danger that their in, but seeing the other people that they went out with so happy, they can't bring themselves to tell them that anything is wrong.

    • Whumpee thinking for a moment that they've been spotted, their breath hitching, freezing up for a fraction of a second, and walking on pretending nothing was wrong and resisting the urge to check over their shoulder.

    • They think that they've gotten away this time, until they're all walking down the door and Whumpee feels a pain in their side. They lift up their arm to see a tranquilizer dart, and they realise that if they keep hiding this, they'd go back to Whumper and they can't, they can't, they can't they can't they can't bear to ever ever ever go through that again, and before they know it, their vision is swimming and they're about to lose everything again.

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    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Make a Difference

    Republic Medical Corps Doctor Aril’ree, on Alderaan with her squadron to support possible peace talks, searches a battlefield for survivors and wonders if she made the right choice ten years earlier.

    Whumptober prompt #18: the doctor is in

    3.7.10, sunset

    Under other circumstances, the mountains of Alderaan might have seemed beautiful, if austere; in the middle of a civil war, they were simply a lonely place to die.

    Republic Medical Officer Aril’ree’s lekku wrapped tighter around her neck as she trudged through the bloody snow, looking for survivors of the battle. The temperature was dropping already, and any soldiers left alive overnight wouldn’t be by morning. The Alderaanian troops would hold the position, but Aril’ree doubted they’d have much time to search the battlefield.

    House Ulgo’s troops had retreated, leaving their dead and injured scattered among those of House Organa and House Alde. Aril’ree had already had several arguments with Organa medics regarding the extraction of injured enemy combatants.

    That was Alderaanian honor. Fight where you can see the enemy, and the enemy can see you, because that’s The Way War Is Done, but leave your fallen enemies to bleed out or freeze to death because… loss is dishonorable? …enemies have no honor? …honor was a terrible replacement for actual laws of warfare.

    She knew her fellow Republic soldiers sometimes broke those laws—she’d seen it herself—but at least there were laws. Not archaic conventions that were followed when they cost more lives and broken when they cost more lives.

    Her handheld medical scanner picked up vital signs. Another living casualty. No, two. She commed their location.

    “Sir, that one’s House—” The Alde soldier broke off at her look. “Yes, sir,” he finished instead.

    It was twilight when the last of the medical evac units lifted off the mountain, heading for an Organa stronghold, with her and the last of the casualties she’d found on it. With her team, and the stronghold’s medical staff, most of the casualties would make it. Whatever that was worth.

    The Alderaanian civil war had been raging for ten years, since just after the Treaty of Coruscant was signed. The soldiers she saved would simply go back into battle again, fighting a futile war for the throne and the allegiance of Alderaan.

    Not that she was any different, she thought as she checked a fluid drip. She’d been all but ground zero for the Sacking of Coruscant, her residency ending in that horrifying mass casualty event, and she’d traded in her planned future in civilian medicine and signed up with the Republic Army Medical Corps. To make a difference.

    Perhaps she belonged on Alderaan, planet of futile wars. She could battle death while they battled for their throne.

    Perhaps she needed a meal and rest, or at least a ration bar and a cup of caf. Her battle wouldn’t seem half as futile to the solders as theirs seemed to her.

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    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Whumptober 2021- The Darkness I Know

    No. 26 - You Will Go Down With This Ship

    fallen | waterfall | trap door

    Fic Summary: After the world as she knew it was destroyed by the corruption of Malice, Zelda allies herself with her saviors from captivity: a disgruntled former governor, an alert paramedic, a cocky pilot, an excessively overt optimist, and a blind strategist. While the corrupted, malice-filled Yiga Clan looks for revenge on them, Zelda has to learn how important it is to find family in others... and how much more dangerous the stakes become if she fails to protect them.

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    Zelda ensured that Mipha saw to Link first.

    He had fewer wounds, and he’d taken far worse hits from the Yiga than she had.

    His lip was split, his face bruised and swollen. He had a long cut from his cheek to his ear that didn’t look deep but did look painful enough. Zelda insisted that the Malice made her pain tolerable. And while that wasn’t a blatant lie—she did feel stronger because it was around her—it didn’t negate her pain.

    They didn’t need to know that detail.

    All she had to do was lie still and listen.

    Daruk and Mipha told the story of how they’d used the same mask Urbosa had to see through the dark in order to throw on the emergency solar powered generator and then the lights.

    When Zelda made a face, Urbosa pointed to the back of the store. “Hunting gear.”


    Mipha flashed her mask in front of Zelda. “I think that whoever looted the store beforehand mistook them for binoculars or something. But these are night vision. You see green through the lens. Not foolproof, but better than nothing.”

    “Mine is on the ground somewhere,” Urbosa said, looking around. “Might have broken them though…”

    “Urbosa and I found them earlier when you were building those bombs. There were only two. We didn’t think we’d need them in here.”

    “IT was a walk in the park for me,” Link joked. “Just a normal day.”

    “Goddess, I hated it,” Mipha muttered, moving to Zelda’s side. “I admire you more than I always do, Link.”

    “Same,” Zelda agreed, turning her head to look at him a bit better. “My knight in armor. You kept them off me. Thank you.”

    “Not ‘shining’ armor?”

    “We’re in the apocalypse, Link,” Zelda laughed, only to feel Mipha hold her still. “We don’t shine things anymore.”

    Mipha ran a comforting hand along Zelda’s forehead, around the cut from the sickle before dabbing some disinfectant onto a towel. “This will probably sting.”

    Zelda bit her lip and held her breath to stop the pained groan from being too obvious. And she hated that Mipha would have to do this for every stupid nail that was still stuck in her.

    They’d pulled a few out that were superficial, barely sticking in her skin, so they could move her and Link away from the dead Yiga corpses. But there were still a few nails left, and it wasn’t terribly comfortable, despite being tolerable.

    “Most of the bandages were looted,” Mipha sighed, pressing some gauze into Zelda’s forehead. “I don’t think you’ll really need them for this, but I wouldn’t have hated taking care of your arm a bit better.”

    “I don’t think that’s something you’ll be able to help with, in the long run,” Zelda muttered, remembering how Astor had manipulated her wound.

    Urbosa and Daruk grabbed a handful of things near them, and headed back into the heart of the store, leaving Mipha and Link with Zelda.

    “Do you need new clothes again?” Link asked.

    Zelda looked at her arm with a nail stuck in it. “No. There’s not much blood, and the holes in the fabric are pretty small too. Can’t be picky. Maybe I can… sew it? I can’t sew very well, but I can try.”

    “I can,” Mipha said with a grin. “I learned before I went into my course in case I needed to do stitches.”

    “Would you?”

    “If there’s a needle somewhere in this store, then yes, gladly.”


    Zelda’s eyes slammed shut and she held in a pained noise as Mipha pulled the nail from her hip, which was stuck in a bit further than the rest.


    “Don’t be,” Zelda breathed, feeling Link’s hand slide into hers.

    “Here, take this spot,” Mipha said to him before moving to Zelda’s other side to keep working.

    “Can I help at all?”

    Mipha bit her lip and looked Zelda over. “Hrmm. There’s one in her leg near you. Doesn’t look bad, or like it’s going to bleed much. Can you get it while I finish her arm?” Mipha looked at Zelda for confirmation, and she nodded, so Mipha waited.

    “Yeah, I can do that. If I can cut into her arm and pull Malice out, I’m sure I can find a nail. Zelda?”

    “Go ahead. Not like I’m allowed to move to help yet.”

    Mipha scoffed. “We’re being safe. There’s no hospital if one shifts and nicks you, okay? We’re almost done.”

    Link let go of her hand and slowly slid around Zelda’s leg, looking for the nail.

    Zelda turned to Mipha, her face red. But Mipha smirked deviously. “You’re welcome,” she mouthed, just before carefully pulling another nail out.

    Even if Link knew where the nail was, Zelda had a distinct feeling that this was a good excuse to pretend he didn’t. Using common sense, the nail was unlikely to be on the inside of her leg, but that’s where Link was.

    “Link,” Zelda finally said when her face was burning. “Mipha is right here.”

    Mipha laughed, and they both watched red creep up Link’s neck. “Yeah, I know. I’m helping.”

    “Are you?”

    He scoffed.

    “Well, I’m just saying, there’s a back room if you want privacy,” Mipha teased. She couldn’t stop giggling to herself and had to stop what she was doing to sit back, enjoying the way her friends’ faces simply reddened more and more.

    Link was beyond grateful when he found the nail close to her knee, and he pulled it out, holding her leg down as she twitched.

    “Goddess,” Zelda breathed. “It’s like having a ton of papercuts.”

    “Almost done,” Mipha promised.

    And when she pulled the last nail out, giving Zelda a pill that they’d found in the pharmacy section and a bottle of water, she finally helped Zelda to her feet.

    “You did good. It was brave of you to set that off knowing you’d get hurt.”

    “Better than dead,” Zelda mused, stretching her arms out. They were sore, and scattered remnants of pain were inevitable, but nothing compared to when she’d gotten the Malice in her arm, and that made it all a bit more bearable.

    “I’m going to go find Daruk and Urbosa,” Mipha said, winking at Zelda, leaving her flushed again.

    When she was out of earshot, Zelda wrapped her arms around Link, finally able to sag against him in relief. Because they were both alive, and—though she was still a beacon to the Yiga—she had a feeling that they would have at least a few day’s rest while they regrouped after Dorian’s loss. He could no longer be a pawn in Astor or Ganondorf’s schemes, and Zelda felt both nervous at the prospect, and freed by it.

    “Are you really okay?” Link asked, leaning his chin on her head. She was slipping down in his arms, and he figured she had to be exhausted after the last few days.

    “Yeah. Yeah, nothing that’s going to kill me. Well, not that I know of.”

    “I have an idea, if you’re up to it?”

    “The back room?”

    He bit his lip and smirked. “Sounds more fun than my idea.”

    “What was yours?”

    He grabbed the hair on the back of his neck, red, as expected. “I mean, I was going to see if you wanted to find the outdoor display furniture and find those swinging couches that go on porches.”

    Zelda couldn’t stop herself from laughing. “Wow, our minds are in different places.”

    “No,” he said quickly. “No, I’m all in for the back room.”

    “Look what Mipha’s done.”

    He grinned and kissed her cheek, all he could reach at this point. “Ever realize that everyone we’re with keeps trying to get us together?”

    “Daruk was really insistent,” she said, standing up straight again and yawning.

    “Yeah, you know, he was with me too.”

    “We’re practically disappointing them.”

    “Well, we wouldn’t want that.”

    Zelda smiled and nudged him. “I do want to find the swings too, though.”

    “Think we have time for it all? Or are your Yiga senses tingling?”

    Zelda led him down an aisle, avoiding the Yiga and Moblin. “Hopefully, they’ll get the message, and we’ll have a night off. No saying about tomorrow, though. As much as I love it here, we should keep moving.”

    “‘We?’ Does that mean you’re not planning on running again?”

    “Not unless it’s life threatening. I’ll trust you all to kick me out if we need that. But if you’ve decided that you’re willing to bear with me, then I’ll stay.”

    “I’ll go with you, you know. If you’d have me, I’ll stay with you. I don’t want to burden you, or slow you down, but if you ask, I will come with you.”

    Zelda turned to him and smiled.

    Link chuckled. “I can’t see your reaction, remember?”

    “How do you know I even made a face?”

    “You licked your lips pretty loudly.”

    “Did I?”

    “Yeah, I’m listening to your spit. Romantic.”

    “Goddess,” she laughed, covering her mouth, as if that would do her any good. “I’m smiling, okay?”

    “Not grimacing?”

    “Not grimacing.”

    “Not grimacing. I’ll take that.”

    Zelda felt her face redden a bit. “Talking about spit. We’ve hit goals, haven’t we?”

    “Epic goals.”

    She tapped Link’s arm. “There’s the rocking chair thing! Do that first?”

    “Wherever you want to take me.”

    Smirking, Zelda pulled him with her. “Don’t tempt me.”

    “I will if I can.”

    They sat on the swing, laughing when it swung backwards before they were both solidly on it.

    Link moved a pillow behind his back and turned toward Zelda. “I’d buy this.”

    “It’s not too bad,” she said, taking Link’s staff and setting it on the ground. “I like the company it comes with.”

    “Zelda,” Link started, hesitating as if he wasn’t sure whether he should continue or not. But he sighed and shrugged. “Would you have gone on a date with me before? Before the Malice, I mean.”

    “Absolutely. Why?”

    “I don’t know. Curiosity, I guess.”

    “You and I could have gone to the movies a few weeks after one comes out so we’re the only ones in the theater, and then just sat in the corner and made out. That would have been fun.”

    He snorted. “Pay to make out? We can do that for free.”

    “Mmm,” she hummed, leaning in to kiss him. “True. But it’s like a right of passage, you know? People make out in movie theaters.”

    “Where did you grow up? My formative years were apparently boring by comparison.”

    “Listen,” she said, her voice turning serious. “While we’re out here, if we find a movie theater, we’re going in.”

    He chuckled and kissed her again. “Sure.”

    Moving to get more comfortable, Zelda put her arm down.

    But forgot she was on a swinging chair.

    Her arm hit nothing but air and she fell off the couch. As soon as she hit the ground, she couldn’t stop the bubbling laughing fit that burst out of her.

    “Zel?” Link asked, sitting up quickly. “You okay?”

    “Goddess, yes! But that’s embarrassing!” She covered her mouth, but couldn’t stop laughing, which Link—knowing she hadn’t hit her head—joined in on.

    Leaning back against Link’s leg, she let her laughter fade out naturally, basking in it.

    “That felt good.”



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    Whumptober 2021- The Darkness I Know

    No. 25 - Hide & Seek

    escape | flight | hiding

    Fic Summary: After the world as she knew it was destroyed by the corruption of Malice, Zelda allies herself with her saviors from captivity: a disgruntled former governor, an alert paramedic, a cocky pilot, an excessively overt optimist, and a blind strategist. While the corrupted, malice-filled Yiga Clan looks for revenge on them, Zelda has to learn how important it is to find family in others... and how much more dangerous the stakes become if she fails to protect them.

    Previous /Chapter Index/ Next


    **Heads up, it’s in the tags, but this chapter is a little violent... more than usual anyway. Check the tags if you’re not into unconventional items as weapons


    Zelda held on to Link, unsure of what to do.

    Malo Mart was shroud in utter blackness, not a hint of light to be seen. There was no ambient light from the outside with the rain so keen on overshadowing it all and leaving her more keenly aware of Link’s presence than she ever had been. Holding him was the only ‘visual’ she had of her surroundings.

    “Let’s go,” Link said in a hush. “If they’ll be here soon, we have to go.”

    “No.” Zelda breathed, making up her mind. She held his hand a bit firmer. “No, wake the others. Running won’t do any good. They’re too close. We’d just be killed.”

    “Hey!” Link called. “Get up! Get ready; they’re coming any minute.”

    Daruk, Urbosa, and Mipha all scrambled to their feet, muttering questions as they blindly fumbled for their things.

    “We need light,” Zelda whispered. “Is there anything?”

    “I didn’t think we’d be up at this hour with the rain,” Urbosa admitted. “We can see if we can get to a candle.”

    “Worse case, set the store on fire,” Daruk said, tossing his bag over his shoulder. “We’ll see then, and it’ll be a bit warmer.”

    “If we can’t, we’ll—”

    Zelda shushed them, and they heard the faint squeak of the revolving doors. Her heart raced as the sensation grew and pointed her in the direction of the door.

    “They know where I am,” she whispered as loud as she dared.

    “Split up to come at them from different sides, then,” Link said, taking his bag, and Zelda. “I’ll stay with you.”

    “You’re going to get—”

    “Zelda!” he hissed. “Not the time.” Urbosa, Daruk, and Mipha scurried away, but Link held her fast. “Take my arm like I take yours,” he whispered to her. “We’re not going to sit and wait.”

    She grabbed his elbow, and he urged her forward with a small jerk.

    Her steps were shuffles, and she felt deliriously confused with the first few steps, going crooked and nearly stepping on Link’s heels.

    “I can’t see!” she warned him nervously.

    And despite it all, he chuckled. “Neither can I.”

    Her grip on him tightened again, and he led her through the aisles. He slid his staff along to avoid the noise rather than tapping it, which he always thought was less efficient, but it worked when he needed it to.

    “They’re right behind us,” Zelda whispered, because they still had a small gap between them.

    Link stopped and gave Zelda’s arm a reassuring squeeze. “Hope they got far enough from the others,” he mused, almost too low to hear.


    Zelda felt arms around her, but they didn’t pull her backwards. It was Link pulling her forwards, and she fell to the ground.

    Not a second later, Link was on the ground beside her, grunting and cursing.

    He felt something cold against his neck and used his shoulder to bring the Yiga to the ground where he had the advantage. He was able to get the weapon out of the Yiga’s hands, and slammed his fists down again and again until there were no more moans of protest, or whines of pain. Link grabbed his staff and went to stand, but there were more hands on him.

    He jabbed the wood into the assailant, listening to the satisfying grunt they let out before he was able to swing it harder against— where he assumed was— their head. That one backed off, either fallen or simply moving away, and Zelda shrieked.


    He followed the sound, and threw himself onto a body that he’d crashed into. Hearing a masculine noise, he was glad it wasn’t Zelda. But he threw the man to the side and kicked out, listening to a sickening cracking noise and then a pained yell.

    “I need a weapon!” Zelda lamented, grabbing Link’s arm. “You don’t have anything, right?”

    “Just my staff.”

    She made a disgruntled noise and then one of nerves. Something had her by the leg and was pulling.

    She could sense that there was something directly above her, something unknown, but there all the same. Rolling anywhere else, she heard the sound of metal bouncing off the ground and sent up a silent prayer to the Goddess, thanking her.

    But that relief didn’t last long.

    Two others had her by the arms, and there was a rush of footsteps. Link dove towards her, following any sounds she made, and tried to help her shake them off, but they were able to toss him aside.

    Then, Zelda fell to the ground.

    “Go, Little Bird!” Urbosa shouted. “I can see them.”


    “Not now,” Link hissed in her ear, pulling her back to her feet and dragging her away.

    She clutched him tightly, letting him use his more honed skills to lead them around.

    Surely there were at least five Yiga. Maybe more. And with only Urbosa somehow able to see, it was practically an impossible battle.

    Or was it?

    “Link! Can you get me to my things?”


    “My things! The stuff I was working on!”

    He made a noise but nodded. “I’m a bit turned around, but I’ll get you there.”

    They ran through the aisles, pushing and shoving past every object they could find. Link grabbed ahold of a shoe and made an excited noise, guiding Zelda to the right, but she had no idea where they were.

    “Here,” he said, accidentally kicking something.

    “You’re my hero,” she breathed, throwing herself to the floor. “Can you keep them off me?”

    “I’ll do all I can.”

    “Good enough,” she said, feeling around the ground for her things.

    She managed to grab the main item she’d been working on, or, several, really. After going though the cars in the lot, she’d carefully removed several of the airbags, filled them with nails from the hardware section, resealed everything, used tubing to fill some up using a makeshift pump she’d put together with the items that were available in Malo Mart. All she had left to do was to attach the spark plugs she’d removed.

    She’d done what she could, but she was not planning to get caught by a moblin again. Where moblins were, herds of bokoblins often followed. Lizalfos travelled in packs.

    And so did Yiga.

    She grabbed the small remote she’d taken from a toy car—that was easy enough to feel for—and slid it into her pocket.

    The floor was cold against her hands,. Once she had the remote, everything else became a challenge. She tried to find the spark plugs. She’s put them over…. here? On the left of the remote?

    There was a sharp tug on her hair, and her scalp burned as someone pulled her up full force by the roots. Struggling to keep herself out of pain, she put her legs out in front of her, and felt herself kick something away.


    Her hands were against her attacker’s, trying to push them off of her. “Link!” she called when she realized it wasn’t going to happen. They had her tightly, and she’d been caught by surprise without any weapons, without the metal she could have used to scratch at them. She tried to throw her dead weight off to the side to set them unsteady, but it didn’t work.

    “Zelda! Keep talking!”

    She knew why Link needed her to make noise, but in that moment of panic, she scoffed, her foot skidding along the floor, leaving her unstable again and in a slightly more nerve inducing position as she was easily dragged away without any sense of footing. “About what? The weather? It sucks!”

    She felt Link’s arms wrap around her, tugging her away. But his grip was far more tight than usual. If she hadn’t felt his staff, she would have thought it was another Yiga.

    “That’s me! Me, me, me!” She sputtered when she realized he was about to toss her aside from the heavy twist of his body. Clawing her nails into his arm, she held on as hard as she could.

    “Sorry!” he breathed, letting go and throwing his elbow back instead. There was a loud noise, and then a thud.

    She could hear them both struggling, but she could feel more Yiga around them. Urbosa’s voice was still audible, and it was clear she was in her own fight.

    As much as she wanted to help Link, she knew the only real way she could help against this many Yiga.

    Back on her hands and knees, she felt for everything she’d kicked earlier.


    Growling in frustration, she crawled faster, feeling for anything. It didn’t even matter if she had all the pieces, she needed something.

    Then, the lights came on.

    Zelda blinked in surprise, but a whooping noise from Daruk in the back of the store set her at ease.

    Link was in a ball, struggling with two of the Yiga he kept trying to throw off himself. Urbosa had three on her. And to Zelda’s horror, there was two pairs of hands above her, frozen only in shock at the lights.

    She gasped and scurried backwards, using the moment to her best advantage. She made it to her contraption, and shoved the piece from her hand against it, tucking it into a piece of tape before she was pulled away again, leaving it on the ground.

    Turning over her shoulder, she cursed.


    “Not today, Zelda. I know what that is.”

    With a deep breath, Zelda knocked her head back against his.

    “Link! Urbosa! Get down!”

    Urbosa dropped down without a moment’s hesitation, and Link grabbed one of the Yiga and pulled them down against him like a shield.

    “Shit,” Zelda muttered, preparing herself for pain.

    Dorian held her away from her object, keeping her feet from going, but he didn’t hold her arms down. She reached into her pocket and spun the knob that would turn a remote car on. And all she could do was trust, at that point.

    It all happened quickly.

    There was a series of loud booms, three, she thought. She spun so Dorian would have to move with her, and she covered her face and neck with her arms, doing her best to shield herself from the worst of it. But still, she felt the force of several nails land in her skin.

    Dorian cried out, as did several others. He dropped her, and she felt herself land on one more into her hip, which had her curling up to stay covered just in case.

    Shaking from the shock of all the impacts, she stayed as still as she could until she could make sure none of the nails landed anywhere vital.

    She’d been right to trust in everything.

    The Yiga went down, each of them feeling the sharp impacts, some more than others, some in more vital places than others, but all affected. Urbosa moved with precision, taking full advantage of the situation, taking down Yiga after Yiga in quick succession.

    Zelda watched from the ground as Urbosa pulled the Yiga off Link, killing them quickly before checking on him. He moved, which was enough for Zelda for now. There was one more important thing she needed her attention on: Dorian, still hovering above her.

    He was on his knee, holding himself in pain. And with renewed anger and effort, he spun to face Zelda.

    There was no more than one shaky breath in her, which she let out slowly. She could feel his hand moving with the help of the Malice inside them both, and grabbed one of the nails from the ground, catching his wrist before the sickle could land somewhere in her skull, and jabbed the nail through his skin, making him drop the sickle against her. It stung when it hit her forehead, but it didn’t kill her. It would be a superficial cut, which she could happily live with.

    She grabbed the sickle and held it up, ready to use it.

    But suddenly, all she could see was Dorian, her friend. The man who’d spent hours, days, weeks with her working on projects around the village. The Dorian she had over for drinks at night after a long day of working. The grandfather who’d told her stories of his grandchildren growing up, and his favorite story: grandparents’ day at their school.

    The sickle slid out of her fingers almost without her permission.

    His eyes widened, and he reached for it once again, but suddenly, he was off of Zelda, out of her line of sight. And Urbosa replaced him, a red scimitar in her hand.

    “Are there any more of them?”

    Zelda closed her eyes to focus, because her mind was racing and nothing was working the way she wanted it to in her brain now.

    She felt the Malice all around her, but none of it moved. None of it betrayed life.

    “No. No, I don’t think so.”

    “Stay still, Little Bird. I’ll get Mipha, but don’t move so we can be sure you’re safe.”


    “He got one or two in the arm, and he is a bit roughed up from the Yiga, but he’s okay.”

    “And… Dorian?”

    Urbosa hesitated, looking at the ground behind her first. “Dead.”

    “I couldn’t…”

    “There’s no shame in it. You saved us with that explosion.”

    “Bombs. I made remote bombs. Keep the spark plugs away from the ones that didn’t go off, just to be safe.”

    Urbosa smiled and moved an annoying strand of hair from Zelda’s face. “I won’t ask how you knew how to make those. But I will ask that you stay still, stop speaking, and wait for Mipha. Okay?”

    Zelda nodded and waited, letting herself calm down as best she could.

    It was only when she heard Urbosa, Mipha, and Daruk returning, safe and sound and all in one piece, that she felt safe enough to finally close her eyes.

    #legend of zelda #modern au#post apocalyptic#whumptober 2021#whumptober2021#whumptober#whump #no.25 #escape#flight #(which I misread as fight) #hiding #continue from last chapter's tags #self-induced injuries to escape #tw: violence#violence #nails as weapons #nails like what you use with a hammer #explosive#impaling #minor character death #link#zelda#zelink#urbosa#mipha#daruk#dorian#yiga#malice
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    Whumptober 2021- The Darkness I Know

    No. 24 - One Down Two To Go

    self-induced injuries to escape | flashback | revenge

    Fic Summary: After the world as she knew it was destroyed by the corruption of Malice, Zelda allies herself with her saviors from captivity: a disgruntled former governor, an alert paramedic, a cocky pilot, an excessively overt optimist, and a blind strategist. While the corrupted, malice-filled Yiga Clan looks for revenge on them, Zelda has to learn how important it is to find family in others... and how much more dangerous the stakes become if she fails to protect them.

    Previous /Chapter Index/ Next


    “Let him go,” Dorian had said to her, his voice low and threatening in the echo of the Yiga hideout. “Let him go or we’ll take him too.”

    Zelda shivered in her sleep, his voice all too clear in her mind.

    “What’s happening?” Link asked when she loosened her grip on his arms, following Dorian’s orders with a sick feeling in her stomach. He pulled her away firmly, and all the panic she’d kept down burst out in a shriek as Link’s grip had been torn from her. There was no safe presence, no calming voice. He was gone, and she was at the mercy of a group of sadistic cultists.

    “Zelda!” he’d cried, trying to get to his feet. But when Zelda watched one of the Yiga grunts pull at his ankle chain, sending him face first onto the ground, she felt a strange sense of determination break through her.

    “Link! Leave him alone!”

    She’d managed to get an arm free, trying to break away to get to Link, but one of the grunts pulled her by the hair, and smacked her across the cheek. It did nothing but light a fire under Zelda as she struggled against everyone and everything with newfound determination and anger.

    When Astor appeared in front of her with  Malice in his hands like it were nothing, she finally froze.

    “Hold her still, Dorian. And don’t let her take it off.”

    “Wha—” she whispered as Dorian locked his hold on her so she could no longer move her arms.. “Let go!” she shrieked, managing to kick out at a small table with a closed box that clattered to the floor.

    He nudged the back of her leg, sending her to her knees, and he kept her there.

    Astor reached down and grabbed a pin-point sharp knife and held it up for her before coating it in a layer of Malice.

    And Zelda realized then that she was dead.

    “Dorian! Please! Don’t let him do this! Please! This is going to kill me!”

    “It didn’t kill me.”

    She could hear Link screaming out for her still, though she couldn’t see him, and all the sounds in her ears suddenly sounded terribly far away.

    “I could do this to him instead,” Astor had whispered to her, sliding the knife along her cheek.

    Zelda hadn’t been able to help the whimpers that escaped her throat in a purely instinctual panic. They were the sounds of her keeping sobs at bay, of holding her breath so she didn’t scream, as she’d been taught to do her whole life if she were ever threatened like this.

    “No. No, please. Not Link.”

    “Smart girl. You don’t want him to get all the glory.”

    She tossed and turned, balling up into a protective ball, clutching her arm instinctively from her dream.

    She’d called Link’s name, though why, she didn’t know. He was as helpless as she was. But when the knife hovered over her skin, she couldn’t contain her panic. It was all sounds and ‘no’ and heavy breathing to the point she thought—and hoped—she’d simply pass out through it all.

    She didn’t.

    She felt every slice of the knife, every dig into her skin. She felt pieces of her torn away and eaten up by the Malice as it coursed over her skin and into her wound like a slithering snake.

    She’d begged. No matter how badly she didn’t want to give them the satisfaction, she had done it in the end. She’d tried to appeal to Dorian. But he was not the man she knew.

    Somewhere beyond her own screams she could hear her name from Link. He was hoarse, screaming and struggling to no avail.

    It was only when a Yiga tied a bandage over the Malice to keep it in that she realized it was over. It stretched on forever as they ensured it did its job thoroughly, and so did Astor’s knife. But nothing had cut deeper than Dorian’s betrayal.

    Her eyes shot open, and she rubbed at her arm. It was burning, but nothing new.

    Malo Mart was pitch black except for the moonlight that streamed in through glass roof panels.

    She was still beside the moblin, and a puddle of their mixed blood had met between them both. Her leg was cut. Her head throbbed. Her arm was acting up. And she was bone tired.

    And hungry, but that was another matter entirely.

    Blinking heavily, and got a long time, she finally managed to sit up, though it only made the room spin. Putting her head between her legs—an old trick she remembered hearing, but was unsure if it actually worked—she tried to let the dizzy spell pass.

    Water. She needed water, and then food. Maybe there was something left somewhere in the store.

    But that was when she heard it. The distant sound of whispering, the echo of footsteps.

    It wasn’t a moblin, the whispering took most Malice-possessed creatures out of the mix. It couldn’t be a Yiga; she’d have sensed them. No, it was her next biggest fear in this world: strangers.

    She fumbled around for a piece of glass again, skimming her hands around until she bumped it. Her fingers closed over the piece, and she felt it cut her slightly where her nerves had her squeezing too hard.  

    But what if…

    What if it were Urbosa, Daruk, Mipha, and Link?

    She set the glass down in front of her and waited, hand hovering at the ready.

    The footsteps grew louder, and Zelda tucked the glass against her, laying down and pretending to be unconscious again.

    “Damn. Look at this blood,” someone whispered. “Something—”

    “Shit,” another voice cooed. “That’s a hell of a moblin.”

    “And there’s a girl. Think she’s dead.”

    “Killed it?”

    “Looks it. Took her down in the end, though.”

    “Hrmm. See what she’s got on her and we’ll keep looking around.”

    She stiffened at the unfamiliar voices, and her hand was ready to move.


    Her eyes flew open, and saw the two unfamiliar men look up, suddenly tense.

    “Zelda! Are you in here?”

    Their voices rang out with carelessness, and she heard their hoard of footsteps step inside.

    “Maybe she’s in the back. Who wouldn’t come in here?” Daruk said.


    The men beside her ducked down. “Her?” one whispered to the other.


    “Take her shit and let’s go.”

    At first, Zelda was tempted to stay as still as she could and to just let them rummage through her pockets. What did she have that would interest them, really?

    But the second one touched her, all she could see were the Yiga who’d held her down and carved into her arm for no reason other than to get her to finish some ritual. She saw the devils who burned her village, who killed Revali, who threatened everyone and everything she knew.

    Neither were Yiga, dressed instead in warm jackets and hats. One even had some fingerless gloves. But when they touched her, they were no longer human to her. They were Yiga. Yiga who would destroy, and needed to be destroyed.

    She heard her name again, this time, from Link’s voice.

    And she snapped.

    “Link!” she screamed, sitting up and pushing the man off of her. “Urbosa!”


    One of the men had the wherewithal to step away, but the other threw himself onto Zelda and covered her mouth. The first saw Zelda flail , reaching for her knife, and dove beside them, pushing it away and holding her hands still.

    “Shh! Shhhh!” the man whispered, pressing harder into her mouth. “Shut up!”

    Despite the hand muffling her voice, Zelda kept making noise and flailing.

    One let go, and she turned over, her eyes rolling back behind her head in pain as something dug into her arm.

    “Stop moving! They’ll find us!”

    “Just get her up! Let’s go!”

    “Leave her!”

    “No! We need whatever she’s got!”

    “She was dead a minute ago!”

    Her head spun, but she shoved one off of her and managed to get to her knees. But that was as far as she made it.

    “Hold her! We need an out, you idiot! Don’t let her fight you.”

    “Hold her still, Dorian,” Astor had said. “And don’t let her take it off.”

    “Grab a knife! They’re coming!”

    “I said hold her! I need my knife!”

    Zelda screamed, trying to bite at their hands, to claw with her nails. But everything had piled onto itself. She hadn’t slept or eaten. She was injured again. Her senses had gone from overdrive to barely attentive. She was losing.

    Link ran past her, his staff sliding in front of him as fast as he could move.

    “Link!” she muffled, but it was enough.

    He turned to the sound of her voice, and one of the men got up with their knife. She made a panicked noise, still trying to get the other’s hand off of her, but Link seemed to understand, and he stepped away, his staff protectively in front of him just in time to avoid a haphazard slice.

    Then, the hand was off her.

    Zelda turned around to see Urbosa ripping the man away from her, throwing him backwards and drawing her sword. He started to stutter in panic.

    Zelda wiped her mouth and looked back at Link. “Go left!” she yelled, pushing herself to her feet.

    He didn’t hesitate, moving left immediately. The man, however, swung his knife out in the same direction, right towards Link.

    Zelda threw herself onto him, sending them both to the ground. He dropped the knife and Zelda pushed it out of reach.

    Link followed the sound of the struggle and held his arm out. Zelda grabbed it, and he pulled her to her feet quickly.

    There was no time for anything else, because Daruk grabbed the man by the collar and threw him across the floor. “Get out!”

    “You’re lucky we’ll let you leave with your life!” Urbosa echoed. “Don’t return!”

    Zelda watched them run, and sagged into Link, exhausted. “How did you find me here?”

    Urbosa hummed contentedly as she ran a hand through Zelda’s hair. The second time she did it, she examined the blood. “We followed the incredibly obvious trail left by this moblin here. It followed you for a while, didn’t it? You flew far, Little Bird.”

    Though Zelda was bone-tired, she still had the energy to pull away from both of their comfort. “Why are you here? I was trying to protect you! The Yiga can track me! They’ll be here soon, I know it!” Get out!”

    “Who do you think we are that you can order us away?” Urbosa asked. “We’re not ruffians, or thieves. We’re your family now, Zelda, and you’re ours.”

    “Well, letting me in was not safe. Just leave me alone.”

    “Will you just stop?” Urbosa snapped. “We found you while we were rescuing Revali. We brought you with us, and Revali blew up their hideout. We made you a target, because we became their target. Sure, that man is after you, but the entire Yiga Clan wants us dead. We killed their leaders, their followers, destroyed their home, ruined their plans. So, maybe you can see past your self-centered martyrdom. If you want to leave because we’re putting you in more danger, that’s a different story. But the Yiga are after us regardless, so don’t think you’re causing us any extra grief. Revali’s death was tragic, and I’d give the world for him back, but he brought this on himself when he set the dominos up and knocked them down. He hoped he’d get out of the way, but he didn’t. We’re all just waiting now to see if we’ll be hit by the repercussions.”

    Daruk and Mipha watched with sympathetic expressions, but they were both hardened in solidarity. They agreed with Urbosa, as much as they felt for Zelda.

    “They can find us because of me, though.”

    Mipha stepped forward this time. “They’ve always found us, Zelda. You were probably never exposed to it because Dorian was in your village, but they find whoever they want. They took Sidon from me before we met. I had to get him back when we all gathered at the rendezvous. I got him out with someone else once Kakariko fell because I’m the one who isn’t safe, not him. Because I’m part of the team who takes the Yiga down. I gave up my little brother, my only blood family left, to keep him safe from me. You are not leading them to us, regardless of if they can sense you or not, because they’ve always been there.”

    Zelda turned to Link to see if he had anything to say. But he just stood there silently, leaning against his staff with his head turned away.

    Daruk looked between them and stepped forward, gently guiding Zelda away from Link by the shoulder. “You don’t look great. Let’s see if there’s anything here we can all eat, and maybe a… well… you need new clothes.”

    She followed Daruk, but looked over her shoulder to see Mipha with Link, and Urbosa examining some of the things on the ground from their struggles.

    “He’s been nervous,” Daruk said when they were far enough away. “And angry with himself.”

    “Why angry?” Zelda asked, limping behind. Daruk slowed down for her.

    “He didn’t even know you were gone. He’s feeling useless, which isn’t something he’s used to. He knows his limitations, but he also knows where he can be a great asset, so this feeling isn’t something that he’s dealing with well.”

    Zelda was going to say something, to let an apology slip from her lips, but she couldn’t. She’d done it for his sake, and she wasn’t sorry that she’d tried to protect him… all of them, really.

    “I’m not asking you to feel bad,” Daruk muttered when Zelda didn’t say anything more. “Just want ya’ to know where he’s coming from.”

    “I do feel bad. I don’t want him hurt, but better hurt than dead.”

    Daruk sighed again, heavier and more defeated. “Here are some clothes that look like they’ll fit you.”

    He left her alone, heading back to the others, and Zelda sifted through the clothes. Thankfully, whenever the store was last seriously looted seemed to be warmer weather, because there were no shorts, but there were sweaters. She grabbed a blue sweater, a pair of black jeans, a few shirts for layers, a bubble vest, socks, boots, gloves, and a hat all from around the store.

    She’d gone into the back rooms, and thankfully, one of the sinks still worked, so she stripped all her bloodied clothes off and began to wash up, scrubbing as best she could and changing into her new clothes. Inside Malo Mart was a bit warmer thanks to the sunroof and walls, so she carried her vest and hat as she wandered the store.

    Urbosa was grabbing clothes for everyone while wheeling a shopping cart around. She smirked in Zelda’s direction, though it didn’t meet her eyes. “Some normalcy at last. Daruk is checking the food.”

    Zelda nodded and pressed her hands to her eyes. “I could use some.”

    “We can hunt if there’s nothing.”

    She was off to another rack, and Zelda was left alone again in the giant store.

    Malo Mart used to be one of her favorite stores before the Malice. She’d go between classes when she had an hour gap and there was one near her campus, but that had done a number on her credit card.

    How long had the bills been delivered to her house before they’d finally stopped?

    Aimlessly wandering into the hardware section, she started grabbing random items that looked interesting. A box of nails, some tools, a basket to carry things in, random things. She shuddered when she realized that she felt just a bit weaker on this end of the store, as opposed to the side with the moblin, but at least she knew she wasn’t going to pass out anymore. Not from that, anyway. Her head wound, maybe, but not because of the Malice.

    Making her way back to the front of the store, she dropped her things off near Mipha. “I’m going outside for air. And no, I’m not running, if anyone asks.”

    “Okay,” Mipha said kindly before staring off at Link where he stood beside Urbosa as she held shirts in front of him. “I’ll tell them.”

    The air felt good on her face now that she wasn’t running though it for her life. The maze was easier to maneuver through, and she sat on the hood of a car that looked severely dead, one that wouldn’t set the alarm off, at least.

    There was another car with the hood open, and Zelda slid off after sitting for a whole three seconds. She peeked into the gears, and smiled sadly to herself. She was no car mechanic, but it was something familiar to her. She was the one people had gone to back home when she and Dorian had been the two who fixed everything, keeping their village running.

    She slid her hand over the cold, unused metal, and hissed. Goddess, it was all so frustrating, she wanted to explode.

    Her skin had to be more fragile since the Malice, because her hand was bleeding again. At this point, she simply rolled her eyes and hoped that her shots from before the Malice were still good. But she dug her hand inside again, and pulled at various pieces of metal, scrap, in this case, that wouldn’t have much other use just sitting in the car.

    And then…


    She froze, her eyes scanning the car before running back into the store to grab some tools.

    “Zelda, your hand is—”

    “I know!”

    She ran back outside with a newfound purpose, and started taking more bits apart, piling them up until she had everything she wanted. She was careful, and was out there longer than she realized. But then again, cold was something she was used to now.

    Setting her things down, she sat where Mipha had been, though the area was now empty, and got to work.


    Link felt warm in his new clothes. Warmer than he had been, and with the weather steadily getting colder, he welcomed the sweat on his brow that was fixed by removing his knit cap.

    Zelda was loudly tinkering with something metallic, setting things down with an echo, twisting knobs with the clicks of a socket wrench, wandering the aisles to grab more things before returning to her spot.

    He didn’t have the heart to sit with her though. Not yet. Just hearing her was enough for him, hearing that she was here, safe. But he couldn’t talk to her. Not now.

    “Have another,” Mipha said, handing him a third granola bar. They’d found a box in the back, with several bars in perfect condition. Among other things, this was the easiest to prepare.

    They’d packed what they could, and Zelda had gathered her own oddities that she wanted to bring with her in a significantly heavier backpack this time.

    “Give her one,” Mipha whispered, slipping an extra granola bar into his hand.

    “I can’t.”

    “Just hold it out. But do it. She was shaken, you’re shaken. You both miss each other. Just give her the food as a peace offering.”

    Link’s fingers wrapped around it, but his hand shook. “I don’t think I can.”

    “Why not?”

    He hesitated and turned away. “I don’t know if I can get close to her again, knowing that she’s going to bolt every three seconds. I can’t just not know if she’s dead for days at a time, or if she’d taken off, or if she’s just gone somewhere to get a drink. I don’t want to be obsessed with her, but I’m going to be. She ripped off the band-aid when she snuck away in the night. Maybe we’re meant to keep it this way.”

    “Oh please,” Mipha scoffed, giving him a little push. “Don’t be like Sidon. Go talk to her, either way. Figure it out rather than hiding from her.”

    He rolled his eyes and sighed.

    The tapping of his staff had Zelda turning in surprise even before he was close to her. He’d done everything to stay away form her, that his presence nearby was even a shock.

    “Link,” she said, if only so he knew how far she was.


    He stopped beside her, his staff hitting her knee before he could crash.

    Clearing his throat, he held the granola bar out. “This is for you. In case you’re still hungry.”

    She took it carefully, like touching his hand would set off an alarm. “Thank you.”

    “Right. Enjoy.”

    “Wait!” she called, before he could back away. “Do you want to sit?”

    “I don’t know. Yes and no.”

    She sighed and rubbed her eyes. “I’m sorry.” It came out far easier than she thought it would. With Daruk, the words were next to impossible. She wasn’t sorry. But seeing Link hesitant to even be near her had broken that down in an instant. She stood up and moved in front of him. “Can we talk?”

    “Zelda, I’m tired,” he whispered. “I haven’t slept since you… since the other day.”

    “I can tell,” she mused without humor, looking at the bags under his eyes. They told the story far more than he could have in that moment.

    “Go ahead,” he sighed, waiting.

    She didn’t want to waste any time beating around the bush this time. “I’m sorry. I took off, and I didn’t tell you. That, I am sorry for. But I knew if I did, you’d stop me. You’d get everyone to stop me. And I needed you to be safe from me. After what I did to Revali, I couldn’t let that happen to you.”

    “Oh, you stabbed him? You made him bleed out internally? Is that… did I miss that part? The part where you did that to him?”

    “He got me out of there, and he died because of me.”

    “My parents died because of me, by that logic. I helped anger the Yiga, and they took it out on Kakariko. My parents, my friends, my village. It was all my fault. I should go away, then.”

    “No, that’s not…”

    “It sounds ridiculous when someone else says it about themselves, doesn’t it?” he breathed, trying to control himself. He grit his teeth to keep tears from spilling, because despite his anger and annoyance, he was beyond relieved that he was talking to her. So relieved that he didn’t know how else to express it.

    “I did it because I love you. Is that the worst reason?”

    “Maybe.” He grabbed her elbow before sliding down into her hand. “I love you. And, maybe television and books made me so naïve to the realities of it, but when I realized I’d do anything for you, I thought that was it. That’s the great love story. But I didn’t realize just how painful and hard it would be to understand that you feel the same way. It’s easy to throw yourself into danger for someone else. It’s harder to see that they’re willing to do it too. So I’m sorry. I’m not sure if I can stop myself from being angry that you did it—not right this second, anyway—but I understand.”

    “I get that.”

    Link brought her hand to his lips and held it there, not quite a kiss, but enough. When he lifted his head, he was determined. “Can I ask you to promise me one thing?”

    “You can.”

    “If… if you’re going to run. If you can’t be with us, if it overwhelms you, whatever it might be… if you need to leave because you think it has to happen, tell me first. I’ll help you leave. I’ll sneak you away and I won’t look back if that’s what you need, but I want to know. I thought you were just safe in the woods, but hours later, you were gone. I just want to know next time, if there is a next time. I won’t talk you out of it. I won’t ask questions. I’ll understand after a while because I understand you. Please, can you promise me that?”

    Zelda stretched her face in an attempt to stop her tears. She could see them in Link’s eyes, and that never helped. “Yes. I can promise that.”


    They kept at a comfortable distance the rest of the day. It wasn’t forced or strained, and the tension had faded significantly. Everyone had taken turns napping, and Zelda kept herself busy with her tasks.

    After eating again, they all settled a bit further from Zelda’s area, at her request.

    The sky outside had darkened with oncoming rain again, and they’d each bundled up for the cold night.

    “This spot taken?” Zelda asked, kneeling beside Link.

    He smirked and shook his head, patting the ground. They shared a heavy coat as a blanket. Link had rolled something under his head as a pillow and offered to share it, but Zelda opted to half throw herself onto him, using him as her pillow instead. She could tell he didn’t mind from the way he practically purred. His hand ran up and down her back, and it didn’t take much effort for Zelda to understand that he was calming himself more than soothing her, or even flirting. His hand found her skin when her shirt rode up, and still, she couldn’t find him seeking anything more than grateful awareness that she was still there.

    She reached up and kissed him, slow and deliberate, and on any other day, in any other situation, it might have gone further. He eagerly returned her attentions, but there was a distinct tiredness in both their movements.

    “Goodnight,” she whispered as she pulled away, returning to her spot on his chest. His hand tightened on her shirt, and she hesitated, kissing him once more before settling herself down. “Sleep. I promised you, I won’t disappear.”

    His hand relaxed and returned to its pattern from earlier. He mumbled something, but she didn’t catch it, instead closing her eyes in peace.

    Apparently, though, the universe thought peace was overrated.

    Hours later, while the store was pitch dark without a hint of light, Zelda’s eyes flew open. The patter of rain on the glass roof was the only sensation she had until she felt around for Link, who’d rolled in the night and she’d been on his arm.

    She grabbed his shoulder and tapped his chest repeatedly, causing him to sit up with a gasp.

    “What is it?”

    For a long moment, she couldn’t find words in her throat. They’d stuck in there in her panic. And when she found them, they were garbled. “They’re… and  I can… if you want. But soon…”

    “Stop, slow down.” He held her tightly again as a sense of understanding passed over him. “You’re going?”

    “They’re going to be here soon. It’s strong. I can feel them coming. I should go. I need to go.”

    Link rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “Do you know how soon?”

    “No. But not long. I think I slept through most of it. It’s a heavy presence, like, like breathing on your neck.”

    “Come on, then. If that’s what you want, let’s get you out.”

    Zelda felt him move, grabbing his things. But she felt strength inside her, the likes she hadn’t felt before she’d been cursed by this Malice. She grabbed his arm to stop him, her heart beating in her throat.


    He grabbed his staff and felt her hand tighten on him. “They’re already here, aren’t they?”

    #legend of zelda #post apocalyptic#modern au#whumptober2021#whumptober 2021#whumptober #no.24 #flashbacks#flashback#revenge#Link#Zelda#Zelink#Mipha#Urbisa#Daruk#Malice#Malo Mart#writing#happy thanksgiving #again! #this got long and out of hand and I could have had a whole 3000 more words but I stopped myself
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    Whumptober Outtake Day 16 3/5


    Summary: Day 16: ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS Recovery | Scars | Aftermath Luke struggles in the aftermath of Bespin. Vampire AU!


    Luke watched his fellow pilots get in line with hollow eyes, a small plate untouched before him. It was some kind of meatloaf tonight, but it hardly mattered. Everything tasted like ash on his tongue these days, only serving to bring back his worst memories. He only ate to satisfy his friends. It hadn’t filled the hole gnawing at his stomach since Bespin.

    Wedge sat down across from him with a tray of his own.

    “You gonna eat that, Luke?” his friend asked.

    Luke pasted a smile on his face. “Yeah, already ate some of it. I was waiting for you guys to finish.”

    He cringed internally. I was waiting for you guys to finish? What kind of banthashit was that?

    Wedge laughed once, shaking his head as he dug in. “Whatever gets you to eat, Luke.”

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    Whumptober 2021- The Darkness I Know

    No. 23 - You Break It, You Buy It

    auction | ransom | pursuit

    Fic Summary: After the world as she knew it was destroyed by the corruption of Malice, Zelda allies herself with her saviors from captivity: a disgruntled former governor, an alert paramedic, a cocky pilot, an excessively overt optimist, and a blind strategist. While the corrupted, malice-filled Yiga Clan looks for revenge on them, Zelda has to learn how important it is to find family in others... and how much more dangerous the stakes become if she fails to protect them.

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    Link woke up cold.

    In his mind, all night, he couldn’t unhear the broken noises of Mipha and Zelda while they stared at his body, trying to revive him (in Zelda’s case). Mipha’s sobs were the definition of heartbroken: wretched and loud and body-shaking.

    He’d known that she’d been closest to Revali, and that they had a friendship that he could never understand. Same with Zelda, though it had been a much shorter time.

    Link always respected Revali. Despite being a confident, cocky ass, he’d been good. He was a good person, deep down. He’d given his life to get Zelda to safety, to defend her when he could have easily run.

    In a moment of lucidity, Mipha had been curled up, her knees tucked under her chin, her hands in her hair. “I missed it again. He had internal bleeding. There’s no other explanation for this.”

    And Link, through all of this, sat off to the side with his head down.

    Despite their fight, Zelda stayed near Link often. They’d fallen asleep beside each other, and he’d felt her running her hand lightly through his messy hair before it stilled and her breathing evened out.

    But no. That was last night. Now, he was cold, and he couldn’t feel a body beside him anywhere.

    Groaning, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and listened carefully for the sounds that might indicate someone was awake: a fire crackling, a twig snapping, hushed conversations.

    There was nothing as far as he could tell; nothing to even tell him where everyone had fallen asleep except for Daruk’s loud snoring somewhere near his feet.

    In their grief, they’d each scattered a bit to silently mourn Revali.

    Urbosa had gone off on her own for a time, and Daruk had needed to comfort Mipha just to keep himself calm. Link sat quietly beside Zelda, feeling the palpable waves of her guilt washing over her. And though he tried to say something to keep her calm, nothing worked. Every word made her snap, every touch made her flinch. It wasn’t until she was bone tired that she’d practically thrown herself onto Link in the night, holding him tightly enough to to leave a bruise.

    But now she was gone too.

    Link felt that if he had a superpower, it had to be compartmentalization. There had to come a breaking point, but clearly, his parents, his home, his friends, and Revali weren’t quite it. Zelda had come close, but here he was back again, outwardly unshaken, and inwardly numb to it all.

    He sat up and rested his head against his knee. What else was there to do? He wasn’t going to wake everyone for no reason. And Zelda may have just gone into the woods to relieve herself. There was no need to get worked up.

    Not yet, anyway.

    He stayed there, listening closely to everything. The wind picked up, rustling his hair to the point that he needed to push it out of his face to stop it from constantly tickling his skin. The snores evened out, and Daruk would be up soon, slowly awakening from sleep.

    There was no sound of a disgruntled someone stringing a bow, or up early to cook something, too impatient to wait to eat.

    Link covered his face and shook his head.

    “Are you alright, Link?”

    Urbosa’s voice was fairly far away, but he nodded anyway. “It’s a lot.”

    “It is. I barely slept. I already miss him. I’d never tell him that while he was alive, but I wish I had. I miss him.”

    “Yeah. Same.”

    There was a hesitant pause, but Urbosa pushed it. “Where’s Zelda? She must be feeling… well, terrible. She was with him. Poor little bird is going to blame herself.”

    “She’s not anywhere?” Link asked. “I woke up and she was gone.”  

    “I don’t see her, no.”

    He swallowed hard and sighed. “I hope she’s just in the woods.”

    “I’ll check. She probably just needs to be alone for a while though,” Urbosa said. There were some footsteps, and then he felt her hand squeeze his shoulder before the steps faded out.

    Urbosa returned a short while later without Zelda.

    Daruk woke, and so did Mipha. Zelda didn’t return.

    They ate breakfast in silence, only broken once when Mipha started to say Revali’s name, as if she were going to talk to him.

    And still, no Zelda.

    Link paced the area, tapping his staff against the ground far more times than necessary thanks to his nerves. Hell, he’d memorized his pattern. There was nothing in his way if he didn’t want the staff at all. But he did, and he listened to the crunching leaves and the light wind and the silence otherwise.

    “We have to find her,” he said suddenly. He could feel that everyone’s eyes had to have turned to him.

    “She’s alright, I’ll bet,” Mipha said, all the energy drained from her voice.

    “It’s been hours.”

    “Link is right,” Urbosa said, standing. “We lost… we lost Revali. We’re not going to lose anyone else. Let’s find her. Link, stay with me. Mipha, go with Daruk. We’ll take an area and cover it before meeting back here to decide what to do. She might be hurt, so keep an eye and ear out.”

    Daruk clapped him on the back. “We’ll find her.”


    Zelda fell into the nearest tree, exhausted and worn out entirely.

    It had been hours, and she had no sense of where she was going, but she just knew she had to go.

    Once she’d been sure Link had fallen asleep, she’d gently kissed his cheek and brushed his ever-wild hair from his face once more. It was the best goodbye she could give him without him waking to have Daruk or Urbosa pin her down to stop her.

    Her eyes fluttered in the harsh daylight beaming down through the orange leaves. She was going to have to stop soon, because she could feel it happening already. Her energy was being sapped away, she was already beginning to get cold, and the pain was more pronounced.

    There was cold sweat on her forehead, and she pressed it into the bark of the tree to offer some sort of relief, though what, she wasn’t sure. It was painful, and didn’t quite help, but mentally, it made her feel better.

    A long stick laid on the ground, and she smiled to herself, picking it up with a delicate grip, as if it could break simply because she wanted to hold it. It was the perfect height, waiting for her just there in the leaves.

    She tested her weight against it, feeling the perfect amount of resistance, and jammed it into the ground, leaning against it as she used it to help propel her forward as her legs weakened more and more, and assistance became almost mandatory.

    The woods were unforgiving.

    She stumbled over every root, her ankle twisted at least twice, though she couldn’t sit to dwell on it—which she knew would only make it worse in the long run, but she could hardly stay on the forest floor forever. Once her vision began to blur, she walked into several low-hanging branches and she felt nearly ready to give up, were it not for the odd allure she felt in the back of her mind.

    Perhaps it meant Yiga were nearby, because it was the only other time she’d felt a pull towards anything, but it felt different somehow. She kept walking, drawn forward by curiosity: her biggest vice and virtue.

    Her nerves rose as she realized the closer she got, the more strength returned to her. She was nowhere near fighting fit, but she didn’t feel like crawling along the ground. She grabbed her weapon and held it tightly before looking at it with a horrid realization.

    She’d acquired it in the fight that had ultimately killed Revali.

    Shakily, she closed her hand into a fist and sighed. She’d as good as killed him because he’d gone with her.

    “Oh sure, make it all about you,” she could almost hear him jest. She choked out a laugh and pressed her palms into her eyes, following the feeling once again.


    Link felt useless.

    Revali had been their keenest tracker, and their best warrior. Link, on the other hand, couldn’t track anything that relied on eyesight, and if he got too far ahead of the group he could break a branch that might lead them in the wrong direction.

    So, he stayed beside Mipha, who was admittedly their worst tracker. At least Link could hear where animals rustled leaves. Mipha was hopeless, no matter how hard she tried. But her skills were elsewhere, and each one of them would have died a few times over without her.

    Before the Malice, Link had learned to defend himself. It was almost a requirement, sight or not, when living in a bigger city, but he was a particularly easy target to some. Though he’d never had to personally deal with a mugging or an attack until after, he’d impressed his instructor with his defensive skills, especially if he ever managed to get them to the floor, where everything was based on feeling and strength oversight. And though no one would consider Link a large man, he was strong, and he’d trained for the privilege of being called so.

    Link was confident in his friends. There was very little he didn’t trust them with. They held his life in their hands daily, and they trusted him with theirs.

    Zelda had been the first person in Link’s life since the end of the world who had barely questioned him, or his ability to survive out here. Perhaps she saw it as a given: that he was alive, therefore he knew how to survive. But she hadn’t questioned it after she’d realized.

    Link could remember one night when the Malice first started to spread that he and Daruk had taken shelter, and Daruk had wistfully wished that Link could see so they’d actually have a chance of making it out alive. He’d heard Urbosa ask Mipha if there was any possible cure, any way he could be more useful. And Mipha had said that his ‘condition’ was too severe and he would always be at someone else’s mercy.

    Sure, Revali had treated him like an equal in many ways: he wasn’t afraid to fight Link, or call him out. He took a good swing whenever they both felt it necessary, and neither held back. But even Revali had his moments, like once when he’d pulled a lizalfos off Link and claimed he did it because he knew Link couldn’t handle that particular fight.

    Zelda had never made him feel weak. Not before now.

    She’d asked him if he’d needed help with things, and once he’d said no, she’d backed off. She let him handle the monsters at the edge of camp, trusting him even before she knew him.

    But now she trusted no one. She didn’t trust him or Urbosa, Daruk or Mipha. She didn’t trust herself.

    In some ways, she was right.

    Link hadn’t even been able to tell she’d gone and left camp. He hadn’t been able to follow her tracks. He’d lost everything, and now, he’d managed to lose her too.

    If she was dead out here, he’d never forgive himself. Not ever.

    “Link! Come here!”

    He followed Urbosa’s voice, more careful in the woods than he was where the roots and rocks were fewer. Goddess, he missed the simplicity of paved streets. It was too bad most of them were covered in Malice.

    “A body,” Urbosa whispered.

    Link’s heart clenched, and he grabbed tighter to his staff, physically and mentally bracing himself. “Is it… Zelda?”

    “I think so. We should—”

    Link choked out a noise, and fell to one knee, unable to keep himself upright.

    “Link!” Mipha called. “Are you alright?”

    “Zelda…” was all he could say, feeling his heart starting to tear with a slow rip the way he used to boredly tear up paper.

    “Oh, Goddess! No! Link, no! Urbosa! Get back over here!” Mipha’s hand brushed his cheek. “No, Link. She didn’t mean it like that.”

    “Link?” Urbosa asked too cheerily for seeing the dead body of a friend.

    “It’s not Zelda?”

    “Well, I think it’s her. No way to be sure, of course, but it looks like…”

    “Urbosa! He thinks the body is Zelda!” Mipha scolded, rubbing Link’s back. “It’s a bokoblin, Link. It’s not Zelda. Calm down. Breathe.”

    “Oh, Goddess,” Urbosa sighed. “I’m sorry. I meant that I believe Zelda did this. There’s a large path, and a smaller one. I think she was being chased, but this isn’t a fresh kill. We’re still a ways behind her, if this is her.”

    Setting his staff down, Link clutched his head. “Goddess! I am sick of being helpless!”

    “You’re not, Little Guy,” Daruk said, picking him up with ease. “This just isn’t your area. Mipha is right, though. You need to breathe. Do you think she’s dead? Because I don’t. Not that girl. She’s been suffering with something I don’t think I could have survived. She’s a fighter.”

    “Yeah, so was Revali,” Link snapped, pulling his arm from Daruk before standing up with his staff, stalking ahead with more force than he’d ever managed.


    Zelda screeched as something large flew past her head.

    Ducking just in time, she watched another thing go flying, listening to the rattle of metal.

    She was on her feet again, sprinting forward into a nearby parking lot. She eyed a carriage that was still shaking with the momentum of being thrown, and she turned around to check on her attacker.

    A moblin held another shopping cart in its hand, and threw it with all its might in her direction.

    She skidded behind a car, filled with adrenaline and energy. The moblin was teeming with Malice, and she could feel it feeding into her strength. For once, she was glad of it, because it gave her the will to move.

    Pushing one of the haphazardly open car doors closed so she could get by, she swung herself around the trunk, ducking down to catch her breath. Somehow, she still had her stick, and holding on to it calmed her a bit, if only to give her hands something to focus on.

    But the car shook, and the windows rattled, and Zelda opened her eyes and turned to see the moblin climbing over the hood of the car.

    She nearly tripped over herself to get back onto her feet, and ran through the parking lot again, weaving and climbing to get through the mess of cars of those who had once looted the store in front of her.

    Looking up, she almost laughed.

    Malo Mart.

    Goddess, it had been so long since she’d seen one of these, let alone been inside one. The superstore was the favorite across all of Hyrule.

    They had everything.

    Her brain was already racing, trying to think of what she could use. She’d dropped her weapon somewhere in the woods, and all she had was this piece of wood.

    Then, she felt it.

    The moblin’s large, clawed hand reached around her waist and squeezed.

    She screamed out as it began crushing her, helpless without a weapon in its tight hold. All she had was…

    Visions of Link fighting with his staff flooded her. He’d always gone to stab his opponent under the chin, when he could. So, she held her breath to try to avoid feeling the pain, grabbed the stick with both her hands, and shoved but under the moblin’s chin with all the force she could manage from her position.

    It pierced the skin, and the creature cried out. The wood splintered, but a small piece stayed in its skin.

    In its rage and pain, the creature sought out the use of its hands, and threw Zelda across the ground.

    She slid across the concrete, feeling something burning. It wasn’t the burn of the Malice in her arm, but a different kind of pain. Bleeding, likely, but something she could work through.

    It was only when she stood and saw her pants had torn all along the side, and the blood was on her legs that some semblance of nerves kicked in.

    She threw herself into the revolving doors of Malo Mart and stumbled towards the back, where appliances and anything that wasn’t clothes might have been. The food was absolutely scavenged, and there was very little on the shelves that could have been useful for basic survival, but Zelda never needed much to create something out of nothing.

    There was a crash, and then a roar, and Zelda felt the building shake. It was inside with her.

    She didn’t have time to enact her plan. Didn’t have time to look at her wound. She needed to fight now, and with her strength still steady thanks to the Malice in the moblin, she opted for physical strength over careful mental planning. There was no time for that, no matter how much she preferred it.

    As she ran through the aisles, hoping to gain some distance, she realized that they were both tracking each other. It could sense her, and so hiding was pointless, just as she could sense where it was going, and how to best avoid where it might be.

    She circled the store, returning to the clothing section. There were few clothes left, but she pushed one of the metal racks that was coming apart, and held it tight, yanking it the rest of the way.

    The metal dug into her fingers, but she ducked behind a wall and waited.

    Moblins weren’t known for brains. She could do the same move twice, if she was lucky. Because if it came down to a swinging match, she was never going to win.

    The moblin barreled around the corner, roaring at her triumphantly before raising its foot to kick her with all its might. She held up the sharp, torn end of the metal, and let the moblin impale itself with its own taunt.

    The metal went through its mouth much harder, effectively through the roof. The moblin had its foot reared back, but as it tumbled backwards, its foot hit Zelda with little force, and she recovered immediately.

    She ran to the side, grabbing a shard of glass from a broken display case, and shoved it repeatedly into the moblin until the creature stopped moving.

    Letting the glass slide from her hands, she looked at herself. At the blood spattered all over her.

    With any luck, the plumbing system was still working here. She could at least wash it off.

    So, she took a step.

    And promptly ended up on her face, the world fading out around her.

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    24.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Whumptober #13

    No. 13 – That’s Gonna Leave a Mark ("This is gonna suck" | burns | cauterization)

    CW: magical death/healing

    “This is gonna suck, isn’t it?”

    “Yeah. I mean, you’ll only be dead for a few minutes, but I’ve heard coming back isn’t that great.”

    “Oh goody.”

    “Don’t be scared. I’ve got you. You can relax.”

    “You expect me to relax when you’re literally about to stop my heart?”

    “Sorry. Just trying to be reassuring. I’m serious though. You’ll be fine.”


    “That’s it. Close your eyes. I’ll be holding your hand the whole time.”

    “Your skin’s warm. How are you so calm?”

    “I’m not. I’m just really good at faking it.”

    The silence swells as it begins, as A stops B’s heart.

    For a moment, B is just a corpse, outstretched on the wintery ground, lifeless and really, truly dead. The sight makes A freeze. They stretch their shaking hands over B’s lifeless heart. If this works, if they succeed at bringing B back, both of their worlds will heal, and everything will return to normal. Whatever normal is. But if it fails…A can’t even think about that, or they’ll fall apart before B even comes back to life.

    It works. B sits bolt upright with a shuddering gasp.

    “Just breathe, B. It’s over. You’re back.”

    “I…I guess I am. And you were right, it kinda sucks.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “Hey, don’t cry. You did it. I’m here.”

    “I know. But I was so scared.”

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    S T R A N G E  T R A I L S  (whumptober 2021)

    day 19: bleeding out as it covers me

    “You’re not having a good night, Mr. Brekker. I’m almost disappointed. I expected more from you.”

    The guards’ hands grip his arms painfully tight. Their captain paces before him, a pistol loose in his hand. The bruise on his cheek is beginning to throb, and Kaz finds he agrees with the guard captain. He made a mistake, lingering in the study after he’d sent Jesper on his way with their treasure - an antique bejeweled sword. Kaz had only stayed behind because the man who’d hired them to steal the weapon had offered to pay extra for certain documents he believed held in the safe, and Kaz had been himself tempted. The opportunity to snoop for additional information on a wealthy Kerch family was too good to pass up.

    So he, a fool, was alone and boxed in when the house guards had burst in, blocking his exit and handily beating him in hand to hand combat. That would sting, if he had not been so clearly outnumbered. Under the circumstances, he can forgive himself the lapse.

    “I see my reputation precedes me.”

    [continue reading on ao3]  [collection]

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    Whumptober #11 & 12

    Inspired, at least in part, by a dream I recently had.

    No. 11 – Just Keep Swimming (adrift | drowning | dehydration)

    No. 12 – It’ll Be Fun, They Said (torture | made to watch | begging)

    CW: drowning, breath-holding, torture, strapped down, interrogation whump, needles

    “You know, hero,” villain remarked from the end of the platform, “I’m impressed. You’ve gotten much stronger since the last time I caught you.”

    Stronger. By stronger, he meant stubborn. Or immune to torture. Or just plain stupid. One of those things, anyway, hero thought, trying to get a little feeling back in his fingers. The straps securing his body to the platform were tight, too tight, designed for torture. Especially the one across his neck. That one was definitely unnecessary.

    “You’re right,” hero croaked, his dry throat raspy, “I am stronger. And you’re just wasting your time.”

    Even as the words left his mouth, he wasn’t sure they were the truth. Part of him was screaming, insisting that he couldn’t hold out, that he would break as soon as the next phase of torture began. He could sense the open tank of water under him, waiting for him to be lowered in and submerged. His heartbeat started to pound. He wasn’t sure how long he could hold his breath, but however long it was, villain would be sure to keep him down longer. That was the point, after all, to make him so uncomfortable he’d rather tell them what they wanted to know than suffer any more.

    “Wasting my time? I don’t think so, hero. In fact, I’m positive.” Villain hovered in hero’s line of sight for a moment, grinning as he signaled for hero to be lowered into the vat. “You’re not as strong as you think you are.”

    Water lapped around the edges of hero’s face, closing over his ears and muffling villain’s voice. He swallowed hard, taking in a deep breath. Any moment now. Any moment now, they’d submerge him. I won’t break, he swore to himself. I won’t betray her. I’d rather die—

    “Well, hero? What’s it going to be? The weapon’s location, or phase two?”

    I’d rather die.

    “Phase two,” hero said.

    The water swallowed him a moment later, closing over his face, over his bound body. He clamped his mouth shut and closed his eyes. In the cool darkness, he lay motionless, listening to his pounding heartbeat and the garbled noises outside. When his lungs started to protest, he ignored them. I’d rather die, right? I’d rather endure this than betray her. I’d rather drown. I’d rather…oh god. He needed to breathe. His lungs were screaming.

    As if on cue, the platform lifted and his body broke the surface. He gasped in a lungful of air, then another, wincing at the sudden loudness of the room.

    “Where’s the weapon, hero?” Villain loomed over him, his voice low, almost confidential. “Where is she? You might as well tell me now. I’ll find her eventually. And the longer it takes, the less likely it is that I’ll treat her well.”

    For a moment, hero wavered, clenching his fists against the platform. He could give her up now and be done with this. He could give her up and be freed.

    But he was the only one who knew, the only one who could divulge anything about the weapon’s identity and location.

    “I told you, I won’t break. And if I don’t break, you’ll never find out anything, because I’m the only one who knows.”

    Villain straightened up, his mask of feigned confidentiality gone, his eyes narrowed and cruel. “All right then. Let’s move to phase three.”

    Phase three? Fear spiked through hero’s bare chest. They hadn’t told him about phase three—

    Something sharp pierced the crook of his right arm. A needle. They’d just injected him with something.

    His breath caught. Slowly, painfully, the feeling disappeared from his body. He couldn’t move, couldn’t twitch his fingers, couldn’t even shift his head. He was paralyzed. They’d paralyzed him.

    He realized what was about to happen a second before the platform was lowered again and he found himself underwater. This time, panic rippled through him immediately. Panic that he couldn’t breathe. Panic that he was trapped, fastened down, unable to wrench himself free. He was completely helpless. And if they wanted to keep him down here until he drowned, they could.

    His face broke the surface one again and he gasped for breath. Villain paced around him, waiting.

    “Well?” he asked. “Change your mind yet?”

    Hero was silent for a moment.

    Well? Am I going to tell him what he wants to know?

    The answer was clear.

    “You wish,” hero whispered.

    He took a deep breath as the water closed over him for the third time.

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    S T R A N G E  T R A I L S  (whumptober 2021)

    day 18: there are runes on my skin (the doctor is in)

    In the weeks that pass following their escape from Nur, the crew of the Mantis does little but heal their wounds, and make sure they’ve not been followed. All they can think of at first, is their immediate need for survival. But after a few weeks drifting in a quiet corner of the galaxy, Cere finds herself beginning to think of more than just their day-to-day survival. If they mean to keep moving, they’ll have to think of the logistics. They need some sort of long-term strategy for making money, to buy food and supplies. They’ll need a way to falsify their identities, especially for Cal and Merrin who have no identity documents at all. Neither do either of them have much in the way of clothes or other belongings.

    They’ll need to worry about the way the past can come back to haunt them. Not just the looming specter of the Empire and its inquisitors, but the Haxion brood is still on their tails; Greez’s old debts may yet cause them more problems. And, six weeks after their escape from Nur, Cere has a new threat to add to her list: what peril Cal had perhaps brought with him from Bracca.

    Cere only thinks of it one day when she glimpses the edge of a mark on his arm as he reaches up to fetch a pot for Greez. She’s watching him closely to check if he’s still favoring his left side - he does wince a little at the stretch, but is able to lift his arm without the stiffness that’s been lingering - and she catches his sleeve ride up.

    “Cal,” she calls, keeping her voice gentle. “Come here a moment.”

    [continue reading on ao3]  [collection]

    #fanfiction #strange trails (whumptober 2021) #star wars #star wars fanfiction #jedi fallen order #eyyy i finally kind of had the energy to format and tag it took me like 2 hours
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    i didn’t come for a fight (but i will fight ‘til the end)

    Summary: Kogami Shinya. In a covert PSB operation.

    (late entry for Whumptober 2021 [bound || taunting])

    also on AO3

    "So. Tsunemori Akane. PSB's fallen star. Homura's favorite pet. What are we going to do with you, you piteous sobachka?" 

    The first thing that Akane noticed was that the man could use a couple of breath mints— or twelve. 

    Ilya Semak was a handsome lecher with an appearance that screamed "expensive," from his stylish haircut, to his signature bespoke suit, down to his genuine leather brogues. His angular face and spotless complexion hid his real age, and she had no doubt that this was all thanks to a personal high-end dermatologist and an endless supply of beauty supplements. It was too bad that his money was powerless against his chronic halitosis.  

    It was in his manners, too. Semak carried himself with an air of arrogant elegance, with his chin perpetually tilted up and his shoulders forever squared. The archaic nouns and pretentious adjectives suggest high education or aristocratic upbringing, or both. He was also what one would call an "old school" person. The man rejected modern technology, and this was precisely the reason why her boss was only too happy to loan her a very extravagant dress for tonight's occasion.  

    A soiree in the middle of a forest outside Tokyo. No holos, no loud mixing consoles and flashy DJs, just good old cocktail dresses and an orchestra band.  

    Of course, the electric cords and the pliers on the table promise a very old school way of obtaining information too, but Akane tried not to think too much about it. She did not even need to measure the man’s psycho-pass to know what he was going to do with her next. 

    If she played her cards right, she'd walk out of here with mere bruises on her body that would fade in days. 

    Traces of irritation crept up her chest, but to be fair to herself, the night was panning out the way she planned it to be... up until the very moment a glass of wine put her to sleep. She thought she learned her lesson about drinking liquids procured by someone else during an assignment, but apparently not. This was obviously an oversight on her part, one she's willing to admit.  

    But she wasn't the type to berate herself for too long, and besides, she was able to gather enough evidence to implicate the bastard for several years in detention anyway. She mentally shook her head and assessed her current predicament. 

    Akane sat crooked on a wooden chair, thanks to the old manila rope that held her wrists together behind her back. Despite the coldness of the room, she realized with glee that her now bare feet were not even bound by anything. Sorry about the Louboutins, Chief. Designer shoes or not, all they did were pinch her feet all night. She couldn’t bring herself to regret losing the pair.  

    She flexed her hands, testing the tightness of her restraints. Hm. Not bad.   

    "What's the matter?" Semak prompted, his foot tapping impatiently in front of her, "I was told you have quite the smart mouth, Miss Tsunemori. Or was that another exaggerated tale woven by your kind, too? Tsunemori the shikari of the abolition blocks. Tsunemori the baba yaga. Hah! Look at you, small and shaking like a leaf. You people make me laugh." 

    She smiled ruefully. This was the next thing that she noticed about him: he badly underestimated her. Maybe those rumors were indeed exaggerated tales by the immigrants, thanks to her habit of spending an ungodly and inappropriate amount of time in the underground fighting arenas of the abolition blocks, but it's either she overplayed the helpless act, or she really did look like a weak little kitten in her drenched little black dress. Whatever it was, it's working in her favor. "What would you like to hear me say, Mr. Semak?"  

    "Oh? Volunteering information already?" The man jeered. "You disappoint me. It turns out that the great Tsunemori Akane was nothing but a pretty face, after all."  

    There it is. She slowly looked past the man in front of her, eyeing the two others behind him. A womanizer with no combat history, two unarmed guards across the room, loose bounds...  

    Akane felt a window of opportunity slowly opening in front of her, so she wore her most innocent face and blinked at the man from under her eyelashes. The spaghetti strap of her dress fell off her shoulder slightly, making her blink a little faster. "...You really think I'm pretty?" 

    Semak's sneer widened with malice. He leaned down to meet her eyes, and she tried not to gag as his breath fanned all over her face. His finger tipped her chin up, and Akane braced herself for her next move— 

    —here it goes— 

    —with a sharp breath, she butted her head against his nose, and Akane did not give him the opportunity to recover as she followed up her attack with a knee to his groin. Semak reeled back from the blows, and the two men behind him seemed to snap out of their daze as she stood up and whirled around with the chair still tied to her, its legs hitting Semak on the torso, successfully debilitating him on the ground. With a swift kick to the chin, he was out like a light in a matter of seconds.

    The fight was far from over. Akane can see one of the men approach her, so she immediately rolls sideways on the floor to evade the man's grabby hands. She was getting tired of fighting with the chair as her burden, and decided it was time to get rid of it as she whipped around and hit the man with full force. The man was knocked out as soon as the ratty chair broke apart, freeing her from the rope that bound her with it.  

    Blood flowed in her palms, and she sighed with relief as she shook her tingling hands. However, there was no time to rest. Akane sharply turned to her side, the image of the second man by the door burning in her mind— 

    A strong pair of arms enveloped her chest and arms in an instant, the armlock effectively rendering her limbs immobile. 

    I didn't even hear him coming!  

    Akane struggled uselessly, trying hard not to whimper as her escape attempts twisted her limbs even tighter. Her captor chuckled, a guttural laughter that suspiciously sounded like— 


    Said man immediately released her locked limbs. She would have fallen over with the suddenness of the movement had it not been for the same arms which were just incapacitating her a few moments ago.  

    “You know,” He murmured as he steadied her by the shoulders, “I’m almost too afraid to ask where you learned that from.”

    He really was here, an amused, disgruntled look marring his features as he turned off his holographic disguise. So much for the no-holo policy.  

    It had been months since they last saw each other, but he was still his usual irritatingly handsome, collected self. For a short moment they just stood there, eyes taking each other in rather heavily, but Kogami had always been the shameless one. Akane, on the other hand...  

    Akane had a job to finish, so she smothered the pangs of excitement at their reunion and turned her attention on the matter at hand.  

    Kogami Shinya. In a covert PSB operation.  

    "What are you doing here?" 

    "There was a time when you would be ecstatic to see me."  

    He’s right, but Akane would rather be surrounded by sharks than admit that, especially not in a situation where she’s in the middle of nowhere with no back-up and her cover all blown up. “Nice try, Kogami-san. Now answer the question.” 

    Kogami flashed her an insufferable smirk, the same one he wore when he told her that he didn’t expect her to come this far, many, many years ago. The man seemed to enjoy it more when her tongue got a little sharper. “Same as you. Taking down Semak.” 

    “And Hanashiro-san didn’t deem it important to let us know?”  

    “Careful, you’re starting to sound like Shimotsuki.” 

    Akane narrowed her eyes at his obvious bait. “I don’t see any problems with that. Semak might be guilty of transnational crimes, but his base of operations is in Japan. By all means, he’s still under the jurisdiction of MWPSB.”  

    “I know. That’s why you’re here, right? Your boss certainly has a bad habit of sending you alone to dangerous situations.” 

    Aware of his deflection, she bites anyway. “Are you trying to say something, Kogami-san?” 

    Kogami’s eyes shifted uncomfortably. “I’m not, Tsunemori, but the last time they did, you almost got executed on Shamballa Float.” 

    That was definitely not the last time she was sent alone to complete a job, but she didn’t think it proper to correct him now. The memory sends a shiver down her spine instead, effectively melting the defensiveness away. It was one of the many near-death experiences she shared with him, and judging from the look on his face, this one was especially painful to recall. Understandable, considering how close they really were to perishing that night. 

    Still. “It comes with the job, Kogami-san. Which, I’m sure, you clearly understand.”

    “I know,” he said distractedly, eyes wandering on her face, fingers hooking on the loose strap around her shoulder. He stepped closer, locking their gazes. Without removing his eyes from hers, he pulled the strap up slowly, letting his fingertips graze the bare skin around her collarbone. 

    She swallowed, and she could tell that this was a different kind of battle now. “Do you?”

    His eyes strayed down to her downturned lips, the darkening bruise on the corner making him frown. “I do. Those capable, or something like that.”

    There was no point in continuing this argument. Akane knew she was barking up at the wrong tree, and despite her frustration with Hanashiro’s methods, she knew that she could trust the man in front of her with her entire life. She had no doubt that despite the conflicts in their organizations’ goals, Kogami would rather shoot himself on the foot than put her in any kind of danger. 

    She knew, because she would do the same for him. 

    Akane stepped away, clearing her throat as she straightened her dress. “Right. So let’s do what needs to be done. Extraction?” 

    An unmistakable sound of a jet engine loomed over the building.  Kogami grinned and held his hand out to her. “Way ahead of you. Need a ride?” 

    Akane sighed defeatedly, then clasped her fingers around his palm. “Sure. This conversation is not over, by the way. Why are you here again?” 

    Kogami released her hand momentarily, then laced his fingers between hers, making her breath hitch as they walked towards the exit. “Later,” he mouths at her. 

    His thumb lazily tracing circles on her palm was not enough to distract her from asking again later, even if he was almost successful in doing so.  

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    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    This was supposed to be for whumptober, but I missed it. It's still technically based off days 28 ("good, you're awake") & 29 (too weak to move) though.

    The first sensation of the real world that came back to them was something heavy, and scratchy, and warm, tucked right up to their chin. The second was the smell of something salty and familiar, though they couldn't put a name to it.

    The third was a fierce ache from their skull right down to their feet.

    With a small, uncontrollable groan, they pried their eyes open, wincing at how bright it was.

    A hand ran gently through their hair, prompting them to make another attempt at lifting their leaden eyelids. It wasn't so bright this time, but they still squinted.

    "Hey, there." A familiar-looking blur of colours solidified into a familiar-looking face hovering above them. B. "Good to see you awake again."

    "B?" A croaks, the effort of that alone triggering a coughing fit that wracked their entire body.

    B rubbed their shoulder gently. "Easy there," they said, "you've got it bad, whatever this is. Rest as much as you need to."

    "How...how long have I slept?" They couldn't tell whether it was night or day, all that seemed to exist was the warm half-light of the room they were in. Neither could they remember exactly what they'd been doing before they ended up in bed. They knew they'd come home feeling not quite right, but from staggering to bed until now everything was little more than a confused blur.

    B shrugged. "Almost noon. Seriously, don't worry about it. I came in to check on you when you weren't up by nine and found you burning up. I tried waking you up but, well...you didn't seem to want to." They looked suddenly embarrassed. "Of course you had to get my flu. I'd hoped you wouldn't with your immune system, but I guess it's taking out even the toughest of us."

    "I'm...not tough..." A croaks out, their throat feeling strangled and raw. Their slightly blurred vision didn't stop them from seeing the glass of water resting on their bedside table. They started to sit up but the mattress turned into mush beneath their hand and the whole room tilted, their sight going grey. In an instant they were flat on their back again, arms trembling and weak under the blankets and B's hand resting firmly on their chest. "Don't try to get up," they said, "I mean it. When I had what you've got I could barely sit up for three days. Oh it sucks, I know, believe me. But you need to take care of yourself."

    All A managed was a feeble moan. How could they have let themselves get this sick? They never got sick, but somehow this thing had to leave them feeling weaker than a baby bird. It felt like a miserable defeat.

    B slipped an arm under their shoulders, slowly and gently propping them up. In a second there was a cup of water at their lips and they drank thirstily. "That's it," their friend said quietly. "Let me help. Slowly, just take a few sips. Don't force yourself."

    The cool water felt good, but what felt better was being tucked in again, covers piled up to their chin. A was horribly embarrassed to find they didn't even have the strength to lift the blankets on their own.

    "You'll be fine," they said, leaving a hand on A's chest, a comforting pressure. "You just need to rest, and for heaven's sake let me take care of you. I know you don't want to think you need it, but you do. I'm heating up some broth for you on the stove, if you're hungry later."

    A nodded, closing their eyes. If they'd felt any better they might have cried, from relief and defeat and embarrassment. As it was they felt too feeble to even do that.

    "Promise you'll let me?"

    "I promise."

    "Good. I'll stay here with you a while, I don't like the thought of leaving you...do you need anything else?"

    A shook their head. B had done more than enough. They cracked one eye open. "Thanks, B."

    B's gruff expression softened a little. "You didn't think I was going to leave you to suffer on your own, did you? Besides, it's probably me that got you sick in the first place. Just doing you a favour."

    A curled up on their side, so they were a little closer to their friend's seated form. It was warmer there, anyway. "Thanks," they repeated, almost asleep.

    B's hand brushed over their hair, both gentle and uncertain. "Any time."

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    Whumptober 2021- The Darkness I Know

    No. 22 - They Made Me Do It

    cursed | demon | obsession

    Fic Summary: After the world as she knew it was destroyed by the corruption of Malice, Zelda allies herself with her saviors from captivity: a disgruntled former governor, an alert paramedic, a cocky pilot, an excessively overt optimist, and a blind strategist. While the corrupted, malice-filled Yiga Clan looks for revenge on them, Zelda has to learn how important it is to find family in others... and how much more dangerous the stakes become if she fails to protect them.

    Previous /Chapter Index/ Next


    They agreed on a temporary silence, one that allowed them to get safely away from the carnage and to keep an eye on their two injured members of the group.

    Zelda figured that there would be no need for them to track her, not right now. They knew exactly where she was, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to figure out where they’d go.

    It wasn’t until they found an old mill by a stream that they stopped. There was a large shed-like building with enough room for each of them to fit, and they were grateful, because it looked like the rain was going to return soon.

    Before it could, they each sat by the water, washing blood and dirt off themselves. Mipha helped Revali, who was still barely mobile. He made several groans of protest, but she was insistent in getting the blood off him.

    She kept her eye on Zelda, too, who had gone a little further down the water so she could take her shirt off to assess the damage from the windcleaver.

    Whether it was the adrenaline or the Malice or the Yiga’s presence, it didn’t matter; she was feeling it now. The wound wasn’t deep, and the blood seemed to have clotted quickly. Considering the alternative, she was more than okay with this wound.

    She peeled off the rest of her clothes and hopped into the freezing water, dunking her head so she could run her fingers through her hair rapidly to try to get the dried blood off quickly so she could hop out.

    Malice was warm. It always had been. But when it was constantly burning inside her skin, Zelda felt a constant cold, like all the heat was in one spot, leaving the rest of her to freeze. So the added chilly water didn’t do her any favors.

    Still, once she was in, it almost felt worse to get back out into the freezing air again.

    Instead, she focused on her wound, the one that had just been closed by some Malice-induced magic. A Malice that she may be able to harness some day.

    She didn’t know what she was trying, or what she was meant to aim for, but she kept her thoughts on the Malice, on the pain. Wherever it was, she followed it, her sole attention on where she could hone in on it the clearest.  

    There was pain, of course, but she could sense movement, like the Malice within her had a life of its own. She’d seen it oozing around in the past before, slinking down buildings and coursing like its surface were made of waves. It was a discerning sight on the outside. Inside of her? It made her skin crawl… metaphorically.

    There was movement in her arm directly over her wound, where the concentration of Malice had been. Perhaps she could… command it? Was that what it was? A test of wills?

    Imagining her skin closing, she placed her hand over the wound and waited, hoping that the skin below would stitch itself back together.

    But nothing happened.

    Perhaps if she—


    Her eyes fluttered towards his voice. It was always him.

    She turned, sloshing the water around as she did, and he stopped. “Wait, are you in the water?”

    Her teeth didn’t work, chattering hard. But she waded over to the packed dirt and grass where Link was, and stopped again, limbs frozen into shock from the cold with every move she made.

    “Zelda,” Link said again, more nervous than before. “It’s ice water. You have to get out. I can hear you in there.”

    Her teeth chattered so hard that her gums began to hurt. “Can’t,” she choked out, clutching her arms across her chest to keep any heat left in her.

    Link knelt down where her voice came from, careful not to get too close to the edge, and he held out his hand for her. “Let me help.”

    “I’m n-no-not de-decent.”

    Link didn’t move his hand. “I’m blind. Your modesty is safe with me. Come on.” He didn’t hear any additional movement of water, and crouched further down, hoping he was at least semi near her, breathing a sigh when she spoke almost directly in front of him.

    “M-my arm… w-w-was healing…wit-th the Yi-Yiga. I w-w-was too. I c-can’t no-now. I cou-could t-try ah-again. It fee-fee-feels like I c-can d-do it.”

    “We’ll figure it out later. Take my hand, please.”

    She shook her head absently. “I wa-was ab-b-ble to feel it m-more. The c-c-cold h-he-help-helps.”


    “I-it’s c-c-calm.”

    “Take my damn hand.”

    “No p-pain h-here. I c-can do it.”

    Link’s hand faltered, and he wondered if he should grab Mipha or Urbosa to help hoist her out. But instead, he set his staff aside and pulled off a sweatshirt before reaching for another layer.

    “W-what are y-y-you—?”

    “I’m going to get in and drag you out. I can’t see you here, but you can’t escape me in there.”


    “Yes. You either take my hand and get out, or I come in and get you out. This isn’t a joke. I don’t know if you realize just how many close calls we’ve had recently, but I’m not letting this be another.”

    “It’s t-too c-cold…”

    “Either take my hand, or you’re taking me down with you.”

    He waited for one more moment before he was going to just hop in and push her out. He didn’t care how he sounded. He wasn’t going to risk Zelda’s life for something as stupid as letting her wound have cold water on it to make it feel better, or whatever nonsense she was defending.

    He felt her fingers slide into his hand, water dripping down his arm and sending a harsh chill through him. It made him all the more eager to pull her from the water.

    “Mipha!” he called as he hoisted her out until he felt her dragging in the grass. She’d offered him no help, her body weight dead and useless.

    “What is—oh!” Mipha gasped. “Oh dear… you’re going to freeze!”

    “I w-w-want to go b-back. It w-w-was w-working!”

    Link kept a tight grip on her hand. “No.”

    “You’re n-n-no-not my boss.”

    “You’re not jumping into a frozen river again. What’s your problem, even? You have more sense than that.”

    “M-my p-problem is this th-th-thing eating me aliv-ve. C-can you s-say the s-same?”

    “Here,” Mipha interrupted, and Link heard the shuffle of clothes and something larger flapping around in an attempt to tame it. He didn’t think they had a towel, so it had to be a blanket. Mipha muttered instructions, so Link gathered she was dressing Zelda.

    He didn’t move, just placing the sounds he could hear and understand before he heard Mipha mutter, “I’ll leave you two.”

    There was nothing for a moment, and then he felt Zelda’s head on his shoulder.

    Neither spoke for a long time, though Link grabbed Zelda’s hand. When they did speak again, Link sighed. “I just don’t want to lose you. I’ve lost so many people. I’m not going to let you die the way I let them down.”

    Zelda ran her hand along his leg. “And I j-just want this to be over. It h-hurts, and it d-d-didn’t hurt in there.”

    “I just wish I could help.”

    “You have.”

    “You know what I mean.”


    Link pulled her hand off of him so he could wrap his arm around her shoulders, rubbing some warmth back in. He could feel the blanket. “Déjà vu,” he muttered, thinking of just how often she was freezing in his arms recently.

    “Your j-job is to keep me warm,” she said with a smile against him.

    “If that’s my job, I can think of a more entertaining way to accomplish it.”

    Zelda barked out a laugh, and then a cough from the cold air in her throat. “Goddess, L-Link!”


    She just snorted and leaned closer to him. “On that note, s-sort of, a-about what you s-said b-before the Yiga came. D-did you mean it, or w-was it s-spur of the moment? It’s okay if it was.”

    “I was wondering when this would come back up. To be honest, both. It was spur of the moment, and I did mean it. You never trust me when I do things, you know? I kissed you when we were with the Yiga, and you thought that was spur of the moment too.”

    “I trust you.”

    “Yeah, and I was wrong, too. I said I ‘think’ I love you. But I’m pretty sure of it. Just for the record.”


    “And because I love you, I’m not going to apologize for being bossy to get you out of a freezing river. Just saying.”


    “I figured you should know, regardless.”

    “L-let me talk!”

    Link hummed, rubbing her shoulder again. She hadn’t pulled away, so at least it didn’t seem like she was appalled by his confession. That was… good. Right?


    She sighed and cleared her throat, a harsh shiver running through her before she could speak. “Thank you. I have t-two things to say. First, I’m not g-going to stop trying to figure th-this out. I’m g-going to do what Astor d-did to me. I’m going to be n-normal again, even if I have to do d-dangerous things to figure it out. And I d-don’t want you to save me from them all. If I g-go overboard and am going to d-die, then sure.”

    “A freezing river could kill you, so I’m not sure I see the difference.”

    “I c-can’t live with this pain as it is right now. And if I’m right, it’s going to b-be worse the f-further I am from the Yiga and Malice.”


    “It’s going to get bad. The closer to safety w-we get, the worse I’ll end up.”

    She watched Link’s face as he processed that. His brows scrunched together and he shook his head unbelievably. “That’s… a cruel joke.”

    “Probably one reason they k-keep so many Yiga in their ranks.”

    “Dorian was fine though, right?”

    “I don’t know if there were other Yiga ready to g-go, or if he had Malice somewhere and, I don’t know, r-refilled himself or whatever.”

    Link wanted to chuckle at her phrasing, but it was impossible to laugh over the crushing weight that was sitting on his chest. He ran his free hand through his hair and made a disgusted noise. “They’re sickening, doing this to people against their will.”

    Zelda bit the corner of her nail anxiously. “Actually, I t-think I might have figured something out about t-that. Astor was speaking to me and I just… there was this feeling. Not something I ever felt before we were taken.”

    “Attraction?” he managed to say, with the driest of laughs.

    “Shut up,” she said, the relief of a chuckle loosening her tense muscles. “No, it was like his words were… irresistible. N-not in that way.”

    “Mind control? What the hell kind of world do we live in?”

    “I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s the mind or the Malice.”

    Link sat silently through several deep breaths before rubbing her arm again. “You feel warmer.”

    “Link, I should leave.”

    He bit his lip and shook his head. “I thought you might say that.”

    “They can track me, I’m going to get worse, and I’m s-susceptible to whatever it is that they can do to me.”


    “I’m putting everyone in danger. Don’t you get it?”

    “No, I don’t.”

    “Link, I love you too much to put you in this much danger. How’s that?”

    He scoffed and turned away, letting himself enjoy the few words in that sentence he wanted to hear before the rest could sink in. “What’s a little more danger in this world? It’s already dangerous.”

    “Don’t make this hard.”

    “I’m just trying to talk about this.”

    “You’re not—”

    Zelda stopped short as Daruk approached them. Her hand shot to Link’s leg where he sat beside her, and he got the message not to keep their argument going. “Daruk, what’s wrong?” she asked, noticing that there were tears running down his cheeks.

    He took a deep breath and shook his head, like speaking were physically impossible. “He didn’t make it.”


    “Revali is dead.”

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    Whumptober #10

    No. 10 – Oops, I Did It Again (hospital | flare-up | ice chips)

    CW: werewolf whumpee, transformation, hospital setting, oxygen mask

    Whumpee knows where he is before he opens his eyes. The hospital. He’s in the hospital, lying in a bed. Something is strapped to his face, blocking his normally fantastic sense of smell. He feels vulnerable without it, as if he was blindfolded, or deaf. There’s a faint bustle in the distance, intercoms crackling, muffled voices and…pain. His body hurts. And he can’t remember why.

    As his senses start to come back, he realizes there’s someone in the room with him. Someone whose presence feels familiar.

    “What…what happened,” he mumbles into the oxygen mask. His eyelids feel like boulders.

    The bed sinks a little as the person sits down. A hand touches whumpee’s wrist, just above the IV port.

    “Good. I wasn’t sure if you’d wake up before I had to leave.” The voice is familiar too, warm and concerned. “You were beaten up pretty badly. Unconscious. Covered in blood too.” The person swallows hard; whumpee can hear it. “Thank god you’re okay.”

    Blood…beaten up…a fight…Whumpee sits bolt upright, panic surging through his veins. He has to get out of here. Before it’s too late. Before…

    He rips the oxygen mask away, glancing out the window as it falls. The blinds are mostly shut, but he can see enough. The moon. The moon is full, its light pouring through the cloud-cover.

    “You have to help me,” he whispers, flinging the blanket back and scrambling out of bed. He’s a little unsteady on his feet. “I can’t be here…I have to get away…”

    His friend sits bewildered, watching whumpee spring into action. “But…you’re injured, whumpee! You can’t leave yet, not until they say its safe—”

    “You don’t understand.” Whumpee pulls his sweatshirt over his head, speaking through the fabric. “If I stay, it won’t be safe. I’m the danger.”

    He glances out the window again, in time to watch the clouds part, baring the full moon completely. It’s too late.

    Whumpee drops to his knees, pain already shooting through his body. His teeth gritted, he manages just a few words.

    “Go. Run. Before I kill you.”

    @forthetaintedsorrow-whump @whumping-to-conclusions @whumping-out-of-time

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    Whumptober 2021

    Included this year are dramas from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan

    Day 1: "You Have To Let Go", Bound

    Day 2: Garotte, Choked, Gagged

    Day 3: "Who Did This To You?"

    Day 4: Pushed, Taken Hostage

    Day 5: Betrayal

    Day 6: Bruises, Touch Starved, Hunger, Head Injury

    Day 7: Blindness, Screaming

    Day 8: Comfort

    Day 9: Tears, Self-Sacrifice

    Day 10: Hospital, Trapped

    Day 11: Drowning, Dehydration

    Day 12: Torture, Made To Watch

    Day 13: Burns

    Day 14: Crush Injuries, Beaten

    Day 15: Delirium

    Day 16: Scars

    Day 17: Haemorrhage

    Day 18: CPR

    Day 19: Bitten, Stabbed

    Day 20: Trapped Underwater

    Day 21: Pressure

    Day 22: Cursed

    Day 23: Pursuit

    Day 24: Flashback

    Day 25: Escape

    Day 26: Fallen

    Day 27: Passing Out, Collapse

    Day 28: Panic

    Day 29: Too Weak To Move

    Day 30: Major Character Death

    Day 31: Trauma

    Whumptober 2020 Here >>>

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