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  • But he just??? Told them he had cancer,,,,, between episodes?? WHAYS THE FUCK

    #HOW COULD THEY ROB US OF THAT #WHY#WHAT #911 Lone Star spoilers #damn it#cancer
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  • DEC ‘16

    I don’t really like posting photos of me so much. Not here in Tumblr, actually, not even on any platform I’m on. (Yeah, maybe when I was younger.) I was scrolling through old photos. I see photos of when I was younger, more carefree with life, photos I forgot I took and other stuff that now I don’t really remember. Also, some I wished I had forgotten about. Then I saw this. I looked happy. I believe I was happy the time I took this selfie. So I’m not really sure where this void I’m feeling right now is coming from. This was over 3 years ago. I’m not saying that I’m sad with how my life is at the moment. It’s just that seeing this photo made me feel so empty. I wish I knew why.

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  • me at 12pm: i feel like writing 

    brain: too bad you have writers block

    me at 3am: i feel like sleeping

    brain: too bad you’ve got a new idea for a story and youre about to binge write until you hear the birds turning up outside your window

    #writing problems#writing#memes#why#meirl #why is it everytime #i want to write #i gotta sleep #but everytime #i wanna sleep #i gotta write #its bull
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  • tv, wtf, ok, drama, why, really, serious, smh, k, hmm, bang, wales, umm, s4c, cymraeg, welsh, cymru, okk, wtaf, bangs4c

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  • wow, wtf, angry, god, why, frustrated, sigh, bang, wales, gina, s4c, cymraeg, welsh, grr, cymru, ffs, bangs4c

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  • These voices in my head won’t shut up, But I’m scared to talk about it, Scared that I’ll be shun on.
    They tell me that she isn’t in it to win it.
    They tell me that I should leave it before I get hurt.
    But the jokes on them cause I’m already hurt.
    My makeup is running after the extra hour.
    The tears keep on flowing thought I kept them inside
    But here we are and their here in front of your eyes.
    I don’t want to shout I don’t want to get mad but I feel hurt and that’s a selfish act.
    I want you to be happy but it’s at the cost of mine.
    But I can’t really argue with that since I promised it several times.
    You said it’d be me and only me forever, Now your asking for permissions to see others around you and let y’all be together, I’m scared to say no thinking you’ll leave me to die, But it hurts even more the way you look at their eyes and their closer to you than I could ever dream to be, I just want to kiss you and feel you here next to me and now you are gone and the others have won your heart so is this gonna be it, Have we broken apart..? 

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  • Started playing p4au again and tried out yu’s thunder god super

    Fuck that thing.

    #it's not even that hard just #why
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  • a hero macadamia

    #why#mha#macadamia #my hero acadamy
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  • You know what’s wack? Ptsd from something so minor

    Like i understand why I have it for bigger things, but like

    I was in a minor car accident as a passenger, like there was hardly any damage but ever since my driving has been affected, to make it worse I’m still only learning and I feel like I’m back to square one. Black and white thinking be featuring on my brain, the “I’ll never be able to drive etc”

    I don’t understand why something so small causes my anxiety to skyrocket

    #ptsd#car crash #black and white thinking #antecedents#why
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    Me: why not




    Originally posted by virgilismybaby

    #my gremlin brain #why #its 3 am #whyyyyy
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  • Legit conversation that just happened -

    Mother: “You’re going to Japan next year to study.”

    Me: ???

    My sister: “[My name] can’t go! That’s my emotional-support animal.”

    Me: “Okay, first of all-”

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  • I’m just. so tired.

    #hi im tired of existing again #aaaaaaaaaa #am i getting better #i dont like remembering #i dont like it at all #i know everyone doesnt like me #i cant make friends #im so useless #i never know what to say or how to act #why am i so broken #i only trust a few people but even the #them my brain convinces me they hate me #god why cant i just be like others #why cant i be normal #why did that have to happen #why did he do that #why #we were kids #i was a child #i was three when we first got with him #why why why #vent
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  • Ever read a fic that was so, so bad you couldn’t even finish it, but you come online and everyone is just saying how good it is and praising the writer, asking her for more and you’re just like;

    #seriously #more? #really? #why #a different pov? #why? #once was enough #he he hee #anyway #to each their own i guess #i love this person's work's #I'm a big fan #but i couldn't even leave a kudos #not this time #this is her worst fic #i dont have to be the best writer #to know it was bad #but again #what do i know #shameless#gallavich#gallavich fanfiction#fanfiction
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  • Does anyone else get what I call “happiness hangover?” Where you have a good day, or a few fun hours, and then you crash, getting consumed with a deep, painful sadness?

    I’m scared of good days because I know the ache that will follow. It’s easier to coast by on “meh” than to try to create happiness and pay the cost.

    Anyone else experience this?

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