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  • goldenlie
    03.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Rewatching the L'manberg elections purely for Quackitys realization in real time that his running mate, Georgenotfound (who he barely spoke to before this), isn't as shy and reserved as he initially assumed. (Full transcript below)

    Clip 1

    Tommy (T): Le-Let's everyone let's quite down. Go on, go ahead George. Quackity (Q): (simultaneously) I don't see why you're associating him (George) with Dream, he's his own entity... (Away from mic) he's his own entity. George (G): He gave you the money, it is now your money. Dream gave you the money and then now it is yours. Just because it says "signed by Dream"- Oh if I, if I write on a twenty pound note "George's money" and give it to you and then you give it to someone else, is that me giving it to them? No! It's not, you're ridiculous. T: Ok well you're making a (inaudible) Q: (muting mic so only chat can hear) HE'S SO GOOD! HE'S SO GOOD CHAT G: You have no- you have no comeback. Look I don't want you (pause) blood money, ok? That's disgusting. (Throws back 8 books entitled $2500) T: That's not- ok you don't have to- it uh it doesn't mean anything. Fundy: *gasps* Karl: Can I still have that? (Referring to the money) Jack: No I'll take that. G: No, it means everything Q: (still muted) He's so fucking good

    Clip 2

    Wilbur (W): (mocking George, high pitched voice) "We're gonna use historical data to innovate" shut the fuck up Georgenotfound. Audience: *Whoa* G: Let me talk, let me talk. If you're- Q: *Whoa* (x2) Is this your president? Is this your president right here? (F5 mode capturing Wilbur) T: Hey George when's the vlog dropping? W: This is your fucking president. T: Cause I'm not sure you even met up with Wilbur. G: When you ask to talk I allow it but when I talk Q: This is a direct attack G: When I talk it's all (mocking) "BluBluBluBluBlu" shut up, okay? Listen Q: OH *laughing* T: Hey George what color is this bitch? (Places blue wool block) Jack: My goodness Gogy. W: (Stern and approaching George) George, George, George G: It's not about innovation, it is about quality. W: Gogy, Gogy, bow in the presence of your president. Q: Yikes, yikes, yikes he really just said that. G: (takes out sword, jumps on podium, shifting twice looking down to Wilbur) Audience: OHH (Jack laughing) W: Tubbo I'd like- Tubbo I would like- Listen Q: WOO WHOA Staring down to him! Staring straight down to him! W: Listen, Tubbo I would like- Tubbo I would like for the- for you to please control of this and actually fuel some debate questions Q: (in background) Holy shit W: This is turning into- This is turning into how you would describe a pissing match. Tubbo: Yeah, yeah okay Q: (delighted) That was a power move.
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  • theminecraftmonster
    03.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    so… are we gonna talk abt the parallel between ghostbur’s blue and revivedbur’s red?

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  • muckyz
    03.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    mega inspiration from the game faith since the art in that game is so cool smile

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  • esthrr
    03.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Some fanart of the musty crusty old man

    #Ycgma color scheme my beloved #Revivebur #he smells <3 #Wilbur soot #Wilbur soot fanart #dream smp revivebur #Revivebur dsmp #wilbur soot dsmp #dsmp#dsmp wilbur#dsmp fanart#dream smp #dream smp fanart #fanart#art#digital art#alivebur#Mcyt #wilbur soot mcyt #ycgma #your city gave me asthma
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  • salmons-of-lmanburg
    03.08.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I have a few thoughts about Sanders Sides and Mcyt characters

    Tommy - Thomas

    - Everyone gives them advice (or at least try to)

    - Same name

    - Main Character White Boy (/j)

    L’manBur - Roman

    - costume is important part of their personality

    - music

    - boasting hides self-esteem issues

    Philza - Patton

    - Dad

    - Much more powerful than they seem

    - Don’t make them angry

    Ranboo - Virgil

    - Enderwalk=dark side?

    - fan favorite

    - angsty lore central

    Technoblade - Logan

    - The one braincell

    - Everything is within their calculations

    - “Clickbait works, Thomas!”

    - Techno is just what would happen if you gave logan a sword change my mind

    ARGbur/Editorbur - Remus

    - Intrusive and inconvenient

    - Creepy

    - Wants to make you question your morality

    Quackity - Janus

    - “dude whats wrong with half his face”

    - lies but like for self preservation purposes

    - Fandom simps for them

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  • stellocchia
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #anon ask #dream smp headcanons #fundy #dsmp!yogurt #tommyinnit#wilbur soot#philza #the saga of tommy eating clearly unedible stuff and somehow surviving continues...
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  • literally-correct-mcyt-quotes
    03.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago
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  • anymal28
    03.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    People are gonna see videos or edits of the SBI and start thinking that Techno, Tommy, and Wilbur are actually brothers and Phil's their legal guardian, but Techno was just adopted because of his American accent

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  • audolotl
    03.08.2021 - 31 minutes ago
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  • emilyshowedup
    03.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    yo what’s up today’s post is an appreciation about tommy again

    (still not wilbur)

    anyways i love how tommy manages to get a older brother/father (for philza minecraft) with everyone of his friends

    wilbur ? literally is his brother! dream! another brother . schlatt can’t deny that tommy isn’t his annoying little brother.

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  • trickszie
    03.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    why is it so common in fan works to make c!wilbur physically abusive towards tommy during pogtopia and yet there’s little to no acknowledgement of the fact that c!dream use to hit c!tommy with his axe in exile. explain this to me,

    #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#tommyinnit#mcyters #physical abuse ment #c!dream neg #wilbur soot#/rp #dream smp spoilers
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  • crepusculum-rattus
    03.08.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    has anyone ever done “Left Brain, Right Brain” with revivebur and ghostbur because i just think it would be funny

    #and who they’re talking about when they’re arguing #is tommy #i think it would be funny #it’s deffo not 100% accurate #but it also works #dream smp#wilbur soot#dsmp#ghostbur#revivebur#tommyinnit #c!wilbur #c!tommy
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  • its-a-dreamer-life
    03.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    𝓟𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓐𝓤 (𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓢𝓜𝓟)

    (Gif not mine)


    Let me present to you the Gods and the Goddess of this AU


    He's Drista's big brother and the God of Organization. He created this world ages ago after getting bored with one of the AU. He doesn't really have feelings but he really hates chaos and when things don't go as he planned.


    She's DreamXD's little sister and the Goddess of Chaos. She's very funny and like to play, she tends to give gifts to mortals through games or pacts. She finds it funny to annoy mortals, to her everything is a game.


    She's Philza's wife and the mother of Wilbur and Tommy. She's the Goddess of Death. Even is her family is mortal, she's not allowed to help any mortal, if she breaks that rule she will disappear. She really loves her family but she can't visit them 'cause she lives in the Land of the Dead. However she's happy to see them together and happy.


    She's Wilbur's wife and Fundy's mother. She's the Goddess of Seas and Oceans. Like Kristin she can't help mortals if she doesn't want to disappear. She can't visit her family because she's too busy managing the oceans. She loves her family so much and misses them everyday (I'm not sure about that phrase).

    The next will be here later or tomorrow ! I hope you have or had a nice day ! See ya !

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  • clarashroomxoxo
    03.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #wilbur smut #wilbur soot smut #wilbur x reader #clarashroomxoxo#revivebur smut
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  • rogue-lemon
    03.08.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Anyone ever heard of the song Soldier, Poet, King?

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  • rogue-lemon
    03.08.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    They’re brothers, your honor

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  • elfanonymous
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    At one point do crime boys reveal that the whole Tommy acting like Wilbur more and more is actually a on going bit they agreed on when they first met, like how Wilbur will tommy become before-

    #dream smp#dsmp#mcyt#tommyinnit #wilbur and tommy #Wilbur soot#crime duo#crime boys#innitblr #this seems like an innitblr type post
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  • nova-sne
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    How did she die? Did someone accidentally pull the power cord or something?

    #this just raised a whole bunch of questions #i’ll admit I didn’t know exactly who the mom was supposed to be but I did assume it was mumza #mumza#philza#technoblade#wilbur soot#tommyinnit#passerine
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