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  • Wind: I will put my “A” down to make “A”

    Sky: I will add to your “A” To make “AT”

    Time: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT”

    Four (More specifically Vio): I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC”.

    Everyone: …  0_0

    Four / Vio: (smug look)

    Wild: (flips the board in rage)

    #Linked Universe#LU #Linked Universe (Four) #Linked Universe (Wind) #Linked Universe (Sky) #Linked Universe (Time) #Linked Universe (Wild) #Vio#Wind#Sky#Time#Four#Wild #Source: Calvin and Hobbes #Thats right #I have a source for this one #I didn't pull it out of the abyss of my mind.
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  • i stress over not being able 2 draw son boy anymore then remember my arts shit anyway so it doesnt matter lmao

    anyway im back on my bullshit cause this ideas been haunting me . what if blood moons make the wiggly lines go fwoo like guardians do when they see you

    #idk fellas i just like the colour pink #legend of zelda #breath of the wild #legend of zelda breath of the wild #loz botw#botw#link#botw link#wild#lu wild#linked universe#art#fanart#digital art #legend of zelda fanart #*stomp* teach me how to draw
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  • the fact that ive literally lost almost all my childhood/teenagerhood to mental illness and trauma is so fucking wild

    #yall got a mf childhood??? i dont remember mind #yall got to be a teenager??? have friends??? feel even remotely confident and happy #wild#personal #ok 2 rb if u want ig
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  • poll of fav songs on dedicated side b……

    queen of consistency….. this poll has ~250 responses and the difference bw first and last is 6%

    #top keeps alternating bw stay away and this love isn't crazy #bottom is consistently heartbeat #idk but her songs that have heart in the title tend not to thrive #but felt this way is toward the bottom and stay away is 1 rn.......... #wild
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  • honestly tho, thats a trooper attitude to shit constantly fuking you up, you go Wild.

    #2020 vibes lets go guys we will survive and fuk u right back up #linked universe#linkeduniverse#link #legend of Zelda breath of the wild #loz botw#botw#wild #df answers people #anons #thats the spirit anon keep it up #tw blood#tw cursing #sorry im really not the best with tags...
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  • image

    I just love Link, he’s such a good boy and he deserves a nice relaxing break.

    I love the little glitch in BoTW where you can see what everything looks like underwater. Makes me wish diving underwater was a thing, maybe in BoTW 2 will we get it.

    #myart #legend of zelda botw #legend of zelda breath of the wild #legend of zelda link #legend of zelda #link#loz botw#loz link #breath of the wild #wild #link in a bottle #summer fun #the legend of zelda #breath of the wild link #botw link
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  • I know you wish to be wildly ravished. My fangs and my nails are made for no other purpose…

    Random Xpressions

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  • The prompt this week in the LU discord was to insert the LU crew into a monster movie, so here’s Wild and Wolfie stumbling into a stereotypical haunted house.

    #linked universe#lego#animation#stopmotion #legend of zelda #breath of the wild #botw #hero of the wild #wild #hero of twilight #twilight#wolfie#lu wolfie#link#wolf link
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  • banfiction is 4 years old now. I was 14 when I made it. Let that sink in

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  • Thinking Of Leaving !!!! by judylynn at Inmortavilizado. Updated every 20 minutes.

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  • Elder tree blooming.

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  • I’m basically confused forever and always, and my writing reflects that more than I would like to acknowledge. Anyways… the story.


    Rain is really quite common, but it doesn’t mean Link dislikes it any less. A light drizzle is kinder than the weather that it could be, but it’s not great. Better than lightning and a downpour.

    Link takes a deep breath, “We should probably get this over with, huh…” The wolf beside him simply wags his tail.

    The pair spending a few moments overlooking the distance beyond a cliff in Hateno before heading off to the final goal. A little bit of peace before something so daunting seems right. It seems nice, rain or not.

    Link slowly gets to his feet, running a hand through his hair, before looking to his wolf companion. “It’s time for you to go,” he says.

    But the wolf simply gives a wag of his tail and tilts his head. “I can’t ask you to do this,” Link tries to go on but is stopped by the wolf getting closer and nudging him. He huffs out a single “fine” before turning to leave Hateno. The wolf follows.

    After a couple of days of travel they make it to the Dueling Peaks Stable, and a few days after that they’re spending the night in the ruins of a ranch. Link doesn’t dwell on the thought of who lived there, he doesn’t want to. Link doesn’t sleep with how close to the castle they are, and as soon as the sun begins to rise he packs up and prepares so head into the ruins of Castle Town.

    What follows is a long and dangerous march all the way up to where Ganon waits. There is very little time to prepare for the fight as they fall into the depths. There is little time to prepare for the devine beasts’ attack. But there is a bit more time to prepare, after the surprise of needing to fight a giant boar made of malice.

    At least the wolf seems surprised, Link is more just irritated. But irritation quickly changes into joy when the battle is won. He may not remember much, but Zelda is here now and she can help him.

    Joy is an emotion that blinds you.

    It’s a terrible thing. The joy of winning a tiring battle, if left unchecked, can lead one to miss the wounds of those closest to you.

    Link leads Zelda to the nearest stable and they settle in to rest before making the trip back to Kakariko. As Link is cooking the wolf sits down next to him. He’s looking off into the distance, a bit battered, and a bit charred.

    The wolf turns to Link and gives him a little snuffle, and before Link can pet him he stands up and limps away into the woods.

    Link jumps to his feet as soon as he realizes what’s going on and runs after his wolf companion. He calls out for him, but the wolf is gone. He’s lost another friend.

    And unlike the last friends he’s lost, he doesn’t wait to shed tears. Instead, he falls to his knees in those woods and cries, knowing he’ll never see the wolf again.

    After a few days, Zelda decides that they’re both well enough to head for Kakariko. Link says nothing of the wolf.

    A week passes in Kakariko before Link decides to ask Zelda if he can return home. She replies with a kind of amusement in her voice, “Link, you no longer have to follow my orders or ask to go home.”

    He departs the next day and he never makes it home. His horse is left to be found by a stable and all of his supplies come with him. He’s found a new adventure, not willingly, of course.

    He panicks at first, some strangers suddenly in front of him. They all feel as disoriented as him, but he doesn’t know that.

    After a few hours, bar the 30 minutes it took to calm him down and the next 45 it took to get him to talk, he learns that these strangers apparently all already knew each other. And they’re all named Link. Great. He also learns that he’s not in his Hyrule anymore.

    All of this leads him to be suspicious of the other Links. Especially since a few of them are quite standoffish. He spends more time observing that he does interacting.

    Eventually he comes around to them, something that was hurried along by their lack of cooking skills, and they start calling him Wild.

    It’s raining when Wild sees him. The group was staying in a town and Wild was sitting under an overhang watching the rain. It takes him a moment to notice, but there’s a wolf scooting closer to him.

    He nearly cries as soon as he notices, and the wolf can tell. So he just scoots closer and gives Wild a little snuffle. Together they watch the rain fall as Wild realizes that his wolf companion has been closer than he thought since he met the other heroes.


    And thus, Yormp proceeded to forget how writing works for the rest of her life and never did it again.

    I jest. Maybe.

    But really, I’ll probably be back next Sunday with another thing- if I can manage to stick to this.

    #Sundays at the Birdhouse #what is consistency? #still figuring stuff out before i actually write that big-ish fic #botw#Link#Wolfie#i’m tired #what even is quality? #Wild#twilight #this is really only LU at the end #Linked Universe#ahskfnajakdjfhak#im sorry #this is a sad birdhouse sunday #dont look at me #i am shame #otter brain strikes again
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  • #wildchild #positivevibes #happiness #healing #awakening #mindfulness #naturelover #crystals #moonchild #lifestyle #style #motivation #spiritualawakening #loveyourself #spirit #lightworker #wild #selfcare #smile #higherconsciousness #freespirit #love #freedom #goodvibes #hippie #travel #inspiration #selflove #life #smudging (at Malibu Creek State Park)

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  • me n cisco are talking abt how we became a couple and I’m realizing I had been the one pursuing them and that it didn’t just mutually happen and I’m just like [insert white guy blinking gif]

    #my anxious ass that can barely initiate conversations............... #Wild#cisco
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