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  • sadcriminalist
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Oh the amount of hate (but kinda love tho) I have for dreams where you meet this particular person you know but do not consider in any romantic or sexual way and then BOOM, you hug or kiss and it gives you this strange feeling of attachment to this person. Like COME ON, there's no single chance I'm falling for you irl but... Now I can't look you in the eyes. Embarassing.

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  • amarvelsupremacist
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    something weird is happening

    so as you all know, I'm now a shifter! but yesterday I was doing some breathing exercises and I closed my eyes for like a minute as that was part of the exercise. when I opened my eyes, I was in a black room? I don't know what it was but someone was in the middle of it. when I went closer, it was Dr. Strange. he turned around and said:

    "flora, you need to stay home."

    flora is my dr name 'cause I didn't want it to be rosie. I said what do you mean home? he meant I had to stay in the marvel universe. I don't know how I can permanently shift though 'cause I'm pretty sure you need to commit suicide. I don't know, life is weird.

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  • corneliacat
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I love how Taylor had to drop an entire merch collection just to clear up our dumbass album theories

    #taylor swift#taylorswift#swifties#taylurking#1989 #1989 taylor's version #wildest dreams taylor’s version #wildest dreams#ts
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  • corneliacat
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Maybe Lorde's new Single will secretly activate Wildest Dreams tv release

    #taylor swift#taylorswift#swifties#taylurking#ts #wildest dreams taylor’s version #wildest dreams#1989 #1989 taylor's version
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  • thewinchestersarehot-exceptjohn
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    “his hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room” honestly i love this line

    #wildest dreams #taylor swift 1989 #taylor swift #his hands are in my hair #his clothes are in my room #lyrics
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  • noactuallyimaburden
    10.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    DAY NINE: FAVORITE SONG FROM 1989: oh god, 1989 is definitely one of my favorite taylor albums and the songs on it slap but i think i’m just gonna do top five cause it’s hard to pick

    5. wildest dreams

    4. wonderland

    3. you are in love

    2. new romantics

    1. clean

    (honorable mentions are style, welcome to new york, and how you get the girl)

    i picked clean to be first because that song was so relatable for me, i was in a SUPER toxic friendship/ relation ship and we had got into this huge fight and i had decided that i finally had enough and i blocked him, i gave all his stuff back, i told his friends what happened. it was nice to be clean of him- everything just sucked when i was with him. once i stopped being friends with him i figured out my worth.

    #taylor swift #clean taylor swift #wildest dreams #you are in love #new romantics #taylor swift 1989 #swifties #i love taylor so much
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  • youareunbearable
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    During the BingQiu wedding you know for a fact that Binghe dedicated a song to his Very Important Guests (who mostly make up of his former love rivals) which you just KNOW is the ancient Chinese version of Paramore's "Misery Business"

    #luo binghe#shen qingqiu#shen yuan#bingqiu #scum villain self saving system #svsss#amber rambles #listen i think binghe would have a fun time with like every single one of paramores songs #i just want binghe to sing the lyric. All his wildest dreams are coming true. and not a single one involving you #while making direct eyecontact with YQY or LQG #LIKE HOW ICONIC KING GO OFF!!!!!! #HOMIE REALLY DID COME OUT OF LEFT FIELD FOR THESE GUYS AND SWIPE THE PRIZE RIGHT FROM UNDER THEIR NOSES #the prize being shen yuans devoted love and affection and the ability to give him a little kiss #after much pleading and puppy eyes cause he gets embarrassed #yqy sings Still Into You softly to himself but its in minor key and sad #LBH post Abyss sings Ignorance before he shoves his blood down SQQs throat
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  • mexashepot
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago


    #hilarious media reviews #us? European-like manners? not even in Herzl's wildest dreams says the author #and he is RIGHT
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  • hallownight89
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Benedict and Sophie having a bath….

    warning… this is very smutty so you’ve been warned 😂😂😂

    Smutty extract from Wildest Dreams latest chapter 😂🌶

    Sophie stripped herself nude, used a makeup wipe to take off the remnants of her day as she watched the rather enormous tub full.

    When the tub is half full that's when Sophie most liked to ease into the almost-too-hot water. She loves nestling into what's there and enjoying the churning, rising, enveloping sensation as it continues to fill around her.

    She loves it when the tub fills around her,  inevitably having to compromise between the highest level the tub can allow and that in which she can easily relax and breathe comfortably. The water off, the soft crooning of the music filling the room, as she finds that perfect position in which She can let her muscles soften, letting her skin enjoy the nurturing saline water akin to the ocean's level, and her mind free to trail off wherever it desires.

    She closed her eyes and breathed in the steam and the smell of lavender as she let it wash over her, letting her stresses fell away.

    Some distant part of her brain heard Benedict  come back in, had registered it as a safe and welcomed concept, then her thoughts melted back to wherever they had been, her eyes still closed as she almost meditated there in the water.

    She heard him walk into the bathroom, could practically see his special lopsided smile despite having her eyes closed, and this prompted her to smile in return as she heard the chink of two wine glasses being put down as he walked out of the bathroom into their bedroom where he stripped himself of his clothes.

    Within a few moments he was back, sitting on the side of the tub.

    Sophie let her right hand reach out to him and felt his thigh, now naked, causing her smile to broaden.

    For a short time he didn't move, Benedict just sat there simply enjoying the sight of Sophie's Petite, feminine form decadently and literally soaking in pleasure and relaxation.

    He reached across Sophie to get her favorite bath gloves, the ones that are a bit thicker and somewhat scalloped in texture.

    Sophie opened her eyes and her green eyes meeting his “let me…” he whispered softly

    Sophie nodded as he slid the gloves on himself, he then immersed his hands into the tub, frustratingly beyond Sophie’s touch, to wet and warm the gloves.

    He then grabbed her soap, the fragrance-free, hypoallergenic wonder that can go anywhere on or in her without any irritation and that leaves her feeling beyond clean, even more refreshingly naked.

    He slowly began to caress her  right hand and arm, sudsing them, scrubbing them beyond "mmm, that feels great" but just before "hey, that's too rough." Sophie felt her eyes flutter shut.

    With an intentionally slow method, Benedict began to own wherever he rubbed, bringing it to life, causing everywhere else to long for his touch. Sophie longed for his touch.

    It was both invigorating and calming, stimulating and reassuring, and undeniably utterly healthy.

    It felt like years of preconceptions, false ideals, societal expectations fell off her to soon be rinsed down the drain. It felt like he was scrubbing off her memory of Araminta, of Rosamund, of the neglect and abuse, replacing the memories with his touch.

    He washed her whole body with those almost-too-coarse gloves, using them to cleanse, caress and tease every part of her body, all the external, or indeed almost internal, places he could reach. It was impossible for Sophie to remain still in the tepid water. She was burning up, it was a slow and dangerous type of torture. He was stoking a fire deep within her, he was being her close without even touching her when she needed him.

    Sophie couldn't help herself; she had to reach toward him with whatever part of her body he caressed, to press against his hands in order to feel more of him, which was something he wouldn't allow, partly for the power involved and to keep her from rubbing her skin raw in its very softened state.

    “turn on your side” he whispered as he recommenced his torturous touches there.

    He then moved her onto her stomach, caressing her back, her bottom the backs of her legs, dear Lord she was on fire, every fibre of her being tingled for him.

    “On your back again” he said, his voice husky and he began to move his hand over her again reaching every bit of skin, from behind her ears to between her toes and all places in between.

    It was glorious! And Sophie had never felt more relaxed and alive at the same time.

    When he finally removed and rinsed off the gloves, Sophie was hot enough not to care. She needed him.

    “Benedict” she whined at him as she looked into her eyes

    Benedict smirked “yes my love” he asked, practically purring at her as he began running his hands and  over her legs, arms and belly. Then he ran his hands over her breasts. The feel of her nipples being touched sent a wave of pleasure through her as Sophie moaned his name. She closed her eyes

    Benedict began to pinch her nipples harder, and her moans became more vocal.

    Sophie gasped “Ben I need you…please touch my… my…”  Benedict would normally make her say it… but he just obeyed the call by drifting a hand down into the tub, letting his finger dance over her clit.

    Sophie gasped and moaned practically melting into the water.

    He circled her finger over it around and around again causing a cold shiver to begin throughout her body.

    Sophie started trying to move her legs in a small scissor motion as Benedict’s finger slid down from her clit and into her wanting pussy.

    Benedict smirked “a little impatient pixie today are we…” he grinned

    But rather than move his hand he repositioned himself and added his other hand keeping one hand on her clit, he used his fingers to move her folds and slid two fingers into her waiting opening.

    It seemed to sigh with relief as his finger slid through her slick lips.

    “Ohhhh” Sophie groaned, her head rolling back on the edge of the tub.

    Benedict began to move the finger in and out of her, all the while letting his thumb strum across her clit.

    Sophie began to constantly move her legs and hips around as his fingers moved in and out of her pussy.

    Sophie let one hand roam as she began to play with her own nipples to increase her pleasure, the bruising pinches she was inflicting on her nipples adding to her high

    “Oh fuck Sophie… you look so incredible… cum for me Sophie…Cum for me…” Benedict groaned as he watched her playing with her nipples as his fingers worked her frantically.

    Sophie arched her back as she began to orgasm, Benedict’s name tore her lips in a loud moan, as he felt her clenching around his fingers as she shuddered, her scream drowning out the sound of the splashing tub water.

    As she came down from her high she grinned up at Benedict looking rather drunk.

    Silently, she extended one hand in an invitation, and Benedict found himself moving forward until he was seated at the edge of the tub. He briefly straddled the cool marble, then slid in, opposite Sophie, who barely needed to move to make room for him.

    He groaned softly as the water washed over him. Sophie smiled in appreciation as she admired his lean body, strong and hard and all hers.

    She leaned over, took a soft bath sponge from the side rack of the tub and dunked it into the water. Squirting a small amount of soap into it, she started at Benedict's feet, massaging even as she washed them, cautiously running a tentative finger in between his toes. She knew that was a turn on for him after her massage just the week before, and he groaned at the sensation of her slim finger sliding in between.

    Instinctively, he jerked back, but Sophie held firm, and gently moved in the water so Benedict's feet now rested in her lap. His eyes narrowed a little as she began moving the soapy sponge up his body. First one leg, then the other, gently caressing every inch with a soft touch, rinsing the sweat off his body as she went. She used the sponge all over his body, until she was satisfied he was clean from head to toe.

    Benedict’s eyes were dark with lust, hazed with need “Soph…” he groaned as she placed the

    cloth to one side

    Sophie grinned brightly, seductively at him as she eased her body between Benedict's legs, and carefully cupped his tight balls in one hand. She gently massaged them, causing a reaction in the his dick that until then, rested peacefully between his legs, just slowly swelling as he fought to hold back, he had wanted this to be all about her… not him.

    But he couldn’t resist… he felt himself twitch as it began to grow in both length and girth, in response to Sophie's expert touch and gentle but firm massage.

    Sophie kept massaging and then used her other hand to begin stroking the length of Benedict's erection, which was still growing and hardening.

    “Fuck Soph…” Benedict groaned as he reached under Sophie's arms and pulled her up against the length of his body.

    The water sloshed a little, easing the friction of their rubbing bodies, even as he claimed her lips with his for a deep, tongue-teasing kiss. Her pelvis rested on top of his erection, and they both squirmed a little in the water, teasing each other towards orgasm.

    Benedict reached down and slipped a wet finger between Sophie's folds, finding it even wetter than the water, and hot as well, even hotter than it had been not 10 minutes previous as he brought her to the peak with his fingers.

    His strength was no match for her teasing, and he roughly moved her up a few more inches. Slowly, he directed his cock to the tight cavern he knew was ready for him, and firmly planted his dick at the entrance.

    “I need you…” he groaned husikly “Please Soph” he said, as he let his lips ravage hers.

    “Oh fuck yes… Please Ben” she gasped, giving her bottom a little wiggle against him.

    He grabbed her hips with his strong hands and slowly pushed his rock hard cock into her velvety wetness, not stopping until he was embedded deep inside her.

    Both groaned the other’s name as he settled himself deeply inside. He held her there for a few moments, feeling her stretch to accommodate his size, then bucked his hips against her swollen clit.

    “Oh fuck” Sophie moaned as she let her head fall forward onto him shoudler.

    The friction of him, both inside and outside her body, started a small orgasm that rolled over Sophie like the water they were in.

    She felt her body spasm gently, and wrapped her legs around Benedict's, keeping him deep inside her. The sensation passed and her legs floated freely again, as Benedict started a slow, deep stroke in and out of her sensitive pussy.

    “Sophie, Sophie, Sophie” he panted as he moved. Each thrust, each stroke punctuated with her name.

    Loving the sensations he was awakening in her body, Sophie wrapped her arms around Benedict's back, and began gently nipping his earlobes and neck with her teeth. “Fuck Soph” he gasped.

    The tingling caused Benedict to momentarily lose his concentration and rhythm. He paused with his cock half in and half out, and as he decided what to do next.

    Carefully, he pulled completely out of Sophie, Sophie, confused at first when he withdrew from her, laid back in the water and smiled at the sight of him – dripping wet, and rock hard.

    He stared at her for a moment and she licked her lips and smirked.

    Sophie knew what Benedict wanted.

    She approached him through the water. she opened her mouth and took as much of his length that she could manage, taking his hardness deep inside her mouth, she swirled her tongue around him in a way she knew drove him crazy.

    “Oh fuck yes Soph” he groaned. Benedict was very vocal today and Sophie was loving it.

    He allowed her to suckle and play for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of his cock head hitting the back of her throat. As desperately as he wanted to fuck her mouth until he came, he wanted her to have more pleasure as well, and reluctantly, pulled out of her mouth with pop.

    “Soph… I want to fuck you…I need you” he groaned, as he turned Sophie so her back was to him, and stretched out under her so she was full up against the length of him.

    Sophie gasped at the sudden change of position, they’d only done it this way once and it was mind blowing… but here… in the bath… “Please Ben… Please” she begged, her voice full of longing and need.

    Slowly, he repeated the motion he had earlier, grasping her hips and embedding his cock deep inside her. He grabbed her thighs in his strong hands and began nibbling her earlobe, bracing his feet against the sides of the tub for traction, grateful for the size and his height that accommodated them both to do this.

    Feeling her thighs pulled up and apart, opening her pelvis to his slow thrusts, Sophie sighed with pleasure and began using her hands to play with her nipples, tugging on them slightly, and massaging her own breasts. “Ben… Ben…” she moaned as he moved.

    Benedict tortured her deliberately, keeping the pace very slow and methodical, nibbling on her earlobes, neck and collarbone. He loved torturing her like this, his slow movements, bringing her close, teasing and the little nibbles, had her like putty in his arms.

    Sex with Sophie was incredible. He’d thought he’d had good sex before but with Sophie… it was just phenomenal.

    He could feel Sophie getting wetter inside and pulled his cock halfway out, deliberately finding her G-spot, and rubbing harshly against it for a few strokes. Her breathing quickened and he knew she was close to another orgasm, so he forcefully sank back inside her, stopping the pressure on the spot that would send her over the edge.

    “Ben” she whined...Sophie was furious. She tried to move her body to gain the pleasure she craved, yet Benedict held her firmly still.

    “Ah ah… Sophie…” he grinned, nibbling her ealb harshly earning him a groan of pleasure. “Patience my sweet little pixie… it’ll be worth it… I promise” he grinned against her skin.

    Benedict then grabbed her hands in his and placed them under her thighs and suddenly, she understood what he wanted her to do. His hands replaced hers on her full, tingling breasts, and she pulled her own legs back, opening herself to him once more.

    Benedict began plucking Sophie's nipples with one hand, alternating between them, as he resumed the slow, deliberate thrusts. He used his other hand to find her throbbing clit, and brushed carefully over the sensitive nub, as he increased his rhythm.

    Sophie felt completely open and vulnerable, yet also safe in Benedict's sexual embrace of power. He rolled her clit between his fingers, pinched one of her nipples and sank his teeth gently into her collarbone, as he pistoned in and out of her.

    “Fuck Ben!” she gasped, the sensation so exquisite, she was sure she was losing her mind, sure she was going to snap.

    “Sophie… you feel so fucking good… so tight… all mine…” Benedict hissed into her skin. Sophie was absolutely going to have marks on her shoulders tomorrow, his marks but he didn’t care… biting down once more as he rolled her clit between his fingers once more, pressing hard and true.

    It sent her over the edge and he thrust deeply inside her, enjoying the feel of the tight muscles massaging his dick, as Sophie lost control completely and sank back against Benedict, allowing the full feelings to roll completely over her body.

    Sophie’s head fell back against Benedict's shoulder as she screamed, her entire world shattering around her as her orgasm tore through her like a hurricane through a trailer park.

    The force of Sophie’s orgasm felt so perfect, so incredible around his dick that Benedict could take no more and with a long groan of “Sophia….” Benedict felt his own orgasm tear through his body, milking him completely dry.

    He stroked a few times until she almost collapsed from the sensations riding through her system; letting her ride it out. He held her hips securely until her spasms had ceased, softly kissing the back of her neck and stroking his hands down the top of her still-trembling thighs.

    Her orgasm lasted for what seemed an eternity, until she was twitching and shuddering from the sheer force as her body seemed to recover.

    “That was…” Benedict panted as he held her close.

    “Uh-huh” Sophie said, her entire body floppy and being held up by Benedict, she was very relaxed now.

    “Though the water is now cold” he grinned.

    Sophie chuckled “and i’m definitely not clean anymore…” she teased.

    “A shower?” Benedict grinned as he leaned down and captured her lips in his.

    “Give me 10 minutes first I am not sure I can move” she said happily, sedately.

    Benedict smirked “take your time… I've told Anthony you’re not going to work tomorrow. We’re staying in bed all day”

    Sophie smiled at him “God I love you” she whispered as she sighed contentedly.

    Benedict kissed the top of her head “I love you too Soph” he said as they lay there, in the now cold water, lost in each other's embrace.

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  • hallownight89
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #bridgerton enterprises au #wildest dreams#benedict bridgerton#sophie beckett#benophie #benedict x sophie #sophie x benedict #this is hot #like really #benedict loves bathing sophie #smut#bridgerton#bridgerton fandom#bridgerton fanfiction #angsty then smutty #fandom: bridgerton #pairings: Benedict x sophie
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  • damnallofyall
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Like or reblog if you save

    Clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in

    1989 (Taylor's Version) - Taylor Swift album concept

    I'm about 99.9% sure that the next re-recording is 1989 bc of the wildest dreams snippet. Here's to hoping.

    #please let the next re recording be 1989 #taylor's version#taylor swift#evermore#swifties#folklore #taylor swift rerecording #1989 taylor's version #ts 1989#wildest dreams#blank space #shake it off #1989
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  • tolerateit
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    #Meg talks #Swiftie twitter is......something else #But tbh that's twitter in general like there's so much bs about wildlife dreams tv again #WILDEST *AMSMSN
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  • multidimensional-wavelength
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I just finished umbrella acadamy so I'm about to get REALLY ANNOYING for like 3 days, sorry in advance 🙃

    #umbrella acadamy #prepare for reblogs beyond your wildest dreams
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  • marvelous-tunes
    08.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    tell me what album you think is next, what you think the lead will be, and when you think they will be released

    #i think 1989 #wildest dreams lead #single this week; album in august?? if she follows fearless’s 2 month gap #perhaps july if she quickens pace #in the tags
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  • notthatsappho
    08.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    She undress her body, let her soul

    Face the world, while i hide behind

    My skin, afraid of letting my dreams


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  • life-is-surreal
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    I had a dream someone I knew died (don’t remember who) and came back. They said they went to love heaven. They said there a multiple heavens for different types of good people. I’m not sure I’m actually doing this.

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  • missssheretostay
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    I keep forgetting she let wildest dreams tv out.

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  • theunmappedstar
    07.06.2021 - 4 days ago
    #SO MANY THOUGHTS #kotlc #wildest dreams asks #asks #ask me anything #theunmappedstar asks
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  • theunmappedstar
    07.06.2021 - 4 days ago
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