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  • infinity-hoe
    20.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Positive Positive

    Summary: A dozen positives confirm the news, now you just have to tell your boyfriend the big news. But how? Couple: Jan Maas x Reader Word Count: 2,050 Warnings: Pregnancy, positive pregnancy test, general early pregnancy angst Fandom: Ted Lasso Rating: Fluff/Angst-ish

    "Hey, I'm back with a few more tests," Colin called out as he walked into your apartment with a bag from the corner store around the way. "Thank you," you said quickly as you took the bag and rushed back to the bathroom, closing the door behind you. "You know if you keep this up, I might have to buy stock in some of these companies, earn some extra money," he joked, chuckling to himself. "Colin this isn't funny! I need one of these to be negative!" You exclaimed with a frustrated huff. "Why though? What's so bad about it? I mean, you've got your shit together and Jan has, um, he's in the top five of Richmond players that have or are getting their shit together," he tried to sound reassuring but you both knew he was out of his element with this.

    You remained silent for several long minutes before answering him "I don't want this to be the reason something happens to Richmond. I don't want it to be my fault that the team loses or that Jan's focus isn't on the game. I don't want him to think I'm trying to trap him in this relationship, and I don't want to cause tension between us or him and the team and I don't want him to think he has to pick one or the other. I don't want Jan to end up resenting me or this baby later on, I don't want him to give up football or Richmond or anything." Once your sad, little rant was over, all that could be heard in the silence was a few small sniffles.

    "Can I come in?" He asked softly, giving it a minute before opening the door. Colin sat on the floor beside you and handed you a tissue "Jan's great with kids, y'know, they like that they can climb him like a tree, and he likes that they think the same as him." A small, hiccupy laugh escaped you as you wiped your eyes "Colin come on." "I'm pretty sure I've heard him say on at least one occasion that he wants kids, I remember because I said 'I hope they look more like their mom than you' and he scoffed at me," he continued, another quiet laugh sounding. "Colin-" you started, only for him to cut you off. "Jan really loves you, and I know that, for some weird reason, you love him. I don't know what you'll do but I know you'll do it together and I know it'll be what's best. But you gotta accept the news and tell him." "I know Colin, I just don't know when or even how to tell him," you said as you balled up the tissue and tossed it, leaning your head on your friend's shoulder for comfort. "Well, you could share the news the way he normally does and just blurt it out," he joked. "How can one person be so good yet so bad at comforting someone?" You teased lightly. "Hey, I'm amazing at comforting!" He objected. "Sure, lad," was your sarcastic reply.

    After another minute he hopped up and helped you up as well "let's go grab a bite before I have to head back to Nelson Road." "You're buying," you joked. "OR, you buy my lunch and my silence," he countered with a cheery grin as you stepped into the living room. "I'd have to kill you if you told him," you said calmly as you grabbed your jacket. " There she is! There's my best friend!" He exclaimed with overdramatic joy and a grin. You went back to your flat after lunch, politely declining Colin's offer of a ride back, and began trying to figure out the best way to tell Jan the news.

    Over a week had passed and you still didn't have the slightest idea how to tell him, you sat next to Keeley as you watched them play Everton, biting your lip as your gaze shifted from the field to the clock. All Zoreaux had to do was block this and Richmond would win without going into overtime. The stadium erupted in cheers when he did just that, stopping the ball in the nick of time. Keeley's excited cheering blended in with the rest of the crowd, which soon turned into the Richmond chant. You felt proud watching the team celebrate on the field, everyone hugging and jumping all over each other. Soon you were following Keeley back into the locker room where the celebration had already begun.

    Loud cheers and indistinguishable voices spoke over one another with excitement buzzing in the air. Almost as soon as you both entered the room, Keeley was swept up by Roy in a rare show of excitement and affection. Due to his height, you could see Jan making his way through the crowd of teammates to you and before you could even process it, he was pulling you into a kiss. There was a bright, almost goofy grin when his lips left yours and he handed you a beer, draping his arm around your shoulders happily. You almost dropped the bottle of alcohol when he placed it in your hand as your brain suddenly and briefly short-circuited.

    All of the talking and cheering sounded like a dull buzzing in your ears and ever when you tried to focus on what anyone was saying, you couldn't. Your mind was simply too full of thoughts on how best to tell Jan to focus on what was happening directly around you. When you noticed Jan looking at you questioningly, you once again tried to tune in to what was happening "what was that, love?" "I asked if you were okay. You are not being yourself," Jan said with a slight, curious frown forming on his face. "Yeah, I'm alright, Jan," you promised with a quick smile. "Are you sure?" He double-checked, turning you some to look at you. You nodded and started to say you were fine before the unfortunately familiar feeling of your stomach tightening up stopped you. "I'll be right back, Jan," you said quickly, handing your untouched beer back to him and turning to leave.

    You tried to leave the crowded locker room as quickly but casually as possible for fear of turning this into a huge spectacle. On your way to the bathroom, you heard Jan's footsteps a few feet behind you. You barely got the door closed behind you before you fell to your knees in front of the toilet, immediately expelling the contents of your stomach into the porcelain bowl. Your diaphragm only tightened more with each bout that came out of you until not even the bile was left. A few rough coughs clawed their way out of your throat before you rested your head on your arm, eyes closing for just a few moments to avoid the fluorescent's glaring brightness.

    There were a few somewhat nice moments of peace before you felt someone kneel beside you and carefully tie your hair back out of your face. "Why didn't you tell me you were sick? You should have stayed home, Schat," he said softly as he rubbed your back soothingly, offering you a bottle of water. "I'm not sick, Jan," you mumbled with a frown as you took a sip of the water. You forced yourself to say the next two words as quietly as possible "I'm pregnant." When he didn't immediately say anything, you chanced to look up at him to see if you could tell what he was thinking. "We're... pregnant?" He finally mumbled after almost an eternity. "I'm sorry, Jan, I've known for a couple of weeks but I didn't know how to tell you because I didn't know if you'd be happy or not since we never talked about it," you rambled softly while messing with the water bottle's label to avoid eye contact as well as hide your watery eyes. "Well I'm surprised but I am not mad at you, or at all," he carefully pulled you into his lap, holding you comfortingly. "You aren't?" You asked with a faint sniffle.

    "Of course not. Besides, I like surprises a lot and I love you a lot, so in a way this surprise from you is fantastic," his explanation of his thought process out loud admittedly made you laugh quietly. "But what about Richmond? I don't want you to have to quit or spend less time practicing or just hanging out with everyone, I don't want you to feel forced to do one thing or another and I don't want to distract you from football, I know how important it is to you. This is your dream, Jan and I don't want to mess it up for you," you ranted nervously, feeling your eyes beginning to water more at the thought of potentially ruining this chance for Jan.

    Jan cupped your cheeks and planted a soft kiss on your forehead and nose, tilting your head up so you were looking into his gentle blue eyes "schat, schat, no, you haven't ruined anything for me. I am excited for this, especially with you! You are my treasure and I love you." "But-" you started, only for him to interrupt you "no buts. It will be hard at first but as long as it is with you, I could not be happier." A small smile made its way onto your face and you buried your face in his chest, a small and shaky but relieved sigh escaping you "I love you so much, Jan." "I love you too, Schat. But I have one question," he hummed softly while his hand still rubbed your back soothingly. "What is it?" You asked after taking another drink of water.

    "How long as Colin known?" He deadpanned. "I'm sorry?" You questioned. "Well, given that the two of you are much like siblings, I assume he already knows. When did he find out?" He asked, just as deadpan as before. "Almost a week," you answered shyly, looking down to hide your blushing face. "Good for him for not blabbing then, I would not have thought he could make it this long," Jan joked, laughing along with you. "When will we tell the team? Our families?" He questioned more to himself than to you. "The general rule is you wait until after the first trimester before sharing the news," you answered. "Where are you now?" He asked happily. His enthusiasm and joy made you laugh quietly "I don't know, Jan, I'll call a doctor in the morning and get an appointment soon."

    A little over a month later, you both gathered the entire Richmond family in the locker room. You squeezed his hand nervously as you let him share the news. Part of you expected him to give some long speech and eloquently share the news, but instead, he just beamed a bright smile at his teammates and spit it out "we are pregnant." Damn the blunt Dutchman. Keeley immediately ran up and engulfed you in a tight hug "oh my god! This is fantastic! You're going to look so beautiful with a bump, you've got to let me set up shoots and everything for you both! Have you already planned a baby shower? Can I plan it? Oh pretty please, babe!" "Keeley you're gonna fuckin squish her," Roy called out, only to be met with her sticking her tongue out at him. Leslie offered you a nice smile "if it's a boy, we have more than enough clothes and necessities we'd be happy to gift you if you'd like." You smiled at him "thank you, Leslie, that's sweet."

    "Did you know about this?" You heard Moe ask Colin, giving his partner a quizzical look. "I did," Colin answered proudly with a grin. "And you didn't tell me?" Moe feigned being hurt. "I am an excellent secret keeper, for all you know, I could be in charge of top-secret secrets right now," he defended. "You couldn't, babe. I love you, but you couldn't." Moe said with a grin. You watched Colin pout a bit until Moe gave him a quick kiss and grinned "just promise you'll be good godfathers, yeah?" They both nodded, Moe piping up "I promise I won't let him put the baby in the Lambo." “Thank you.” “Gee, thanks babe, that’s so nice,” Colin quipped sarcastically.

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  • lilalbatross
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Proposal: Taskmaster, AFC Richmond edition

    Featuring our Taskmaster, Isaac McAdoo, assisted by little Will Kitman

    Our competitors are Sam, Colin, Dani, Jan, Moe

    Colin's competitiveness is off the charts, paired with a skill level best described as "absolute buffoonery" and committed to the strategy of first thought best thought, which is how he takes 39 minutes on a task where the next worst time is 7 minutes

    Jan Maas has no fucking clue what's going on. You want me to what? Why would you not simply do x? He never places lower than third.

    Dani deeply wants to include Will in every task, even when it’s consistently to his own detriment. In one case it even gets him disqualified. Dani has the time of his fucking life

    Task: make Roy Kent smile, fastest time win. Sam pulls up a youtube compilation of Jamie Tartt's stupidest moments on and off the pitch. Roy cracks in 45 seconds

    It becomes immediately clear that Moe’s mind works nothing like anybody else’s. The vessel is small but the brain is textured. If there’s a loophole he will find it, much to Sam’s endless frustration when Moe edges him for the win by a single point

    Keeley’s never had so much meme fodder in her life. She and Will immediately:

    a) set to planning the second edition and

    b) start gassing Jamie up about how amazing he’ll be because the only thing funnier that Jamie completing stupid tasks is Jamie completing stupid tasks with the absolute confidence that he is smashing every. single. one.

    #ted lasso#afc richmond#taskmaster#isaac mcadoo#will kitman#colin hughes#jan maas#dani rojas#sam obisanya#moe bumbercatch#roy kent #colin is nish kumar is what i'm saying #jan is joe wilkinson chucking the potato into the hole first try #this is all inspired by hacash's post about the shows the himbos watch #so thank you hacash #if it's not obvious i've been watching a lot of tasky recently
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  • inc-ted-blasso
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Will: *holding a deck of cards* Who wants a tarot reading?

    Nate: Those are Pokémon cards.

    Will: *holds up a card* You got a squirtle. It means fuck you.

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  • storytimewithcort
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Will’s got a Crush (Part 3 Final)

    Will’s Got A Crush (part 3)

    Hello Lovies, I wrote a Will/Colin Story cause Why the Eff not

    Fandom: Ted Lasso

    Summary:  Will’s got a crush, and Isaac is ultimate wingman.

    Pairing: Oh you know, Colin x Will

    Warning: Alcohol, some bad flirting, but nothing really yet

    A/n:  Started as a silly short drabble, but now it has 3 chapters! Please enjoy. It’s a bit corny :)

    also on Ao3 -  https://archiveofourown.org/works/34923553/chapters/86967319


    Part 3/3

    Sunday evening Will fell onto his bed with a thump, utterly exhausted. After helping his older brother, Connor, move into his new flat which was on the third story, he was more than ready to pass out. His bed felt softer than normal under his sore muscles. His phone beeped, drawing his attention to all the messages he'd been ignoring during the moving process. There was a group chat involving the team with a couple new messages about training times. There was a new thread, he’d have to read later, from Moe on the Wrinkle in Time group chat. Moe must have just finished the book based on the length of his post. A new message from his brother, most likely thanking Will again. But most intriguing was the not one, but three, new messages from Colin.

    Will sat up with a little thrill of excitement to open the new messages.

    ‘Will! Totally ran up to a bloke I thought was you on the street’ ‘It was not you’ ‘He was not happy to see me. Not a Richmond fan’

    Will laughed to himself picturing Colin shouting at a random person for far too long before noticing his mistake. He wished he was there to see it.

    ‘Maybe he just isn’t a fan of being ambushed by someone on the street’

    To his surprise, Colin texted right back.

    ‘No ambush. A friendly greeting!’

    ‘Did you slap him on the back? Like you do when you're excited to see someone’


    ‘Uh huh, sure 😏’

    They had fallen into this comfortable texting for a few weeks. It was nice, Will thought he had Colin figured out by now, but he realized there was so much more to learn. He was able to text Colin a lot more than they usually got to talk at the club. It was great to get to know Colin enough to see him as a friend, not a star he had a hopeless crush on.

    Will still had his crush, of course. In fact, his crush was even worse now. Will could tell he was developing actual feelings for the footballer. Despite this, or because of it, he couldn’t stop himself from gushing about his crush to his brother that day while they unloaded boxes. So when Will’s phone beeped again, it didn’t surprise him that his brother had texted again. This time not with words of appreciation.

    ‘So which player is it?’

    Will told his brother he liked someone. That this person was sweet and funny. That he was a man Will worked with. But he never told Connor it was a player.

    ‘I never said it was a player’

    ‘You spend all day in close proximity to super fit, rich, young athletes’

    ‘I’m not that shallow’

    ‘Didn’t say you were' 'I just think it'd be awesome if my baby brother was dating a fit, rich, footballer’


    ‘Zoreaux? You’re friends’

    ‘Just friends’

    ‘McAdoo. Even I think he’s hot’

    ‘What No!’


    It went on like this for a while. Connor continued to guess players while Will toggled back and forth between his brother and his conversation with Colin. After eight incorrect guesses, Will felt like he might as well just tell his brother. He obviously wasn't going to stop guessing.

    'Colin! It's Colin. Ok I have a big gay crush on Colin Hughes. Please stop guessing'

    Will tossed the phone on the bed in front of him, embarrassed as he braced for his brother's boisterous response to his admittance.

    But the phone didn't buzz.

    He waited a long moment. Silence.

    Tentatively he picked his phone back up. Pulling up his brother's texts to see if he missed the incoming message.

    Weird, he didn't see his last message at all. He stared at the screen for a moment confused. He knew he just typed a message. Did he somehow delete it instead of sending it? Just then a new text from Connor came in. He guessed another player, obviously oblivious to Will's confession. He started to type his message again when a chill went down his spine. He closed out Connor's messages to see the conversation directly underneath.


    Oh no.

    A shaking hand opened the messages with Colin. There was his message. He sent it to the wrong person. Damn them both for having names so similar. Worst yet, it looks like it was too late to delete the message.

    Read 8:50pm

    What was he going to do? Will debated texting Colin back and denying the whole thing, but felt it was pointless. In an act of embarrassed denial he did the best next thing. Will turned his phone off and left it on his dresser, trying in vain to sleep the whole predicament away.

    Will was an emotional wreck all morning on Monday. He arrived to work early in order to finish his prep work prior to any of the players showing up, then hid himself away in Roy’s office, hoping no one would need to come around the corner and see him. His plan of not being seen worked most of the morning, in fact, besides Beard briefly, he managed not to interact with anyone. As he made his way outside with drinks for the guys around 11am, he thought he’d be able to slip out, deliver the cooler, then sneak back away without detection. However as soon as he made it out onto the pitch, Ted exclaimed how great it was to see him. This was of course loud enough to alert the whole team to his arrival and Will watched in horror as Colin stopped running and immediately looked at him.

    Will could feel the deep blush flood his cheeks, making him feel a bit light headed. Keeping his head low, he served up some cups and tried his best to blend into the background behind the coaches as training finished for the morning. As soon as he was sure all the guys had their cups, he made a quick retreat to the laundry room.

    He knew he couldn’t avoid Colin forever. He worked with the man pretty closely after all. Still, Collin hadn’t responded to his message, so Will was convinced that Colin wasn’t pleased by Will’s confession. Will just figured if he could avoid him for a few days, maybe Colin would forget about the message and they could go back to being friends.

    As he was folding towels by himself he heard a knocking at the door. Expecting Ted with a request, he turned around quickly. It wasn’t Ted. It was Colin, standing in the doorway, smiling at him.

    “Hey Will”

    “Uh, Hi” Will sighed, might as well get it over with, “Look about what I texted…” Colin chuckled, “Didn’t think you to be so forward.”

    Will prepared for the rejection, because despite what Isaac had said once, he really didn’t believe Colin could be that into him. Yet, Colin was walking up to him, with a swagger Will had’t seen before. He had to admit, it was incredibly attractive. When Colin was only a foot away he leaned in a touch. Will’s eyes were as wide as could be when Colin placed a quick kiss on Will’s lips.

    “Dinner after training?” he asked simply.

    “Oh, uh, yea.”

    “Great!” Colin cheered as he practically skipped out of the laundry room. Pausing at the doorway, he smirked. “By the way, I definitely feel the same.” And then he was gone and Will had to slide down the side of the dryer he was standing next to because his legs were suddenly jello.

    Back in the locker room, Colin walked in with a smile, as all the boys looked at him.

    “So?” Isaac asked quickly.

    “He said yes!”

    They all cheered, happy for their friends.



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  • lilalbatross
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    people who ship himbo rarepairs, please tell me a little bit about your ship’s dynamics or cute canon interactions!!!

    i’m making a thing and i don’t wanna totally misrepresent a ship’s general interpretation

    i’ve got a handle on some of the bigger ones (colin/isaac, colin/moe, colin/jan, jamie/dani) but please tell me what else you’ve got

    #afc richmond#colin hughes#jan maas#jamie tartt#moe bumbercatch#isaac mcadoo#richard montlaur#sam obisanya#dani rojas#will kitman #oops colin's a bicycle #i can't guarantee every ship will make it into the thing #but i'll do my best #ted lasso #i don't want this to turn into a thing where every ship includes either colin or jamie but that's currently where i'm at
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  • mediaastrologybitches
    11.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Ted Lasso Characters’ Favorite Taylor Swift Albums

    Ted Lasso: folklore and evermore

    Rebecca Welton: Red and reputation

    Coach Beard: evermore

    Keeley Jones: Lover

    Roy Kent: Lover

    Higgins: Speak Now and Lover

    Nate Shelley: 1989

    Sharon Fieldstone: folklore and evermore

    Jamie Tartt: Fearless and reputation

    Sam Obisanya: Fearless and Red

    Dani Rojas: folklore and Fearless

    Colin Hughes: Lover

    Isaac McAdoo: Debut

    Richard Montlaur: 1989

    Thierry Zoreaux: Speak Now

    Jan Maas: evermore

    Moe Bumbercatch: folklore

    Will the Kitman: evermore

    Bonus: Check out these Taylor Swift themed playlists for each of the characters! 

    - s & l 💞

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  • justin-ripley
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    [will giggles]
    #tedlassoedit#ted lasso#colin hughes#will kitman #colin x will #THIS IS A SHIP GIFSET #LOOK AT THEM THEY'RE SO CUTE #originals #i had to cut out colin's self-satisfied smile bc of gif size #but he's so happy with himself for that joke
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  • thatringboy
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Roy: [with Will strumming a guitar in the background] I love you, bitch.

    Keeley: Ohmygod-

    Roy: I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you. Bitch.

    #Finished binging season two #and this was how it ended right #ted lasso#incorrect quotes #ted lasso memes #incorrect ted lasso quotes #Roy Kent#Keeley Jones#Will Kitman#source: vine
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  • stonesandswords
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I actually wrote and published a fic for the first time in nearly 3 years :-)

    #ted lasso#isaac mcadoo#will kitman #ted lasso fanfic #ted lasso fanfiction
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  • thesedocsweremadeforwalking
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I think it's hilarious that wills canon last name is kitman

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  • emgemwritesthings
    05.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    You know how Will always just happens to be there when something is going on? I kinda want them to do a whole episode set at the Richmond home grounds where it just follows Will doing random Kitman stuff while people are moving the plot forward in the background. Like you just see them all talking in the background sometimes even out of focus. Idk I just think it could be fun.

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  • a-human-pippin-took
    05.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    my underrated ted lasso fave is colin,,, i love that funky lil queercoded footballer so much,,, he’s so cute,,,,

    #the actual loml?? perhaps???? #he and isaac are a good ship i like to think they’ve been happily dating this whole time #oh and while we’re on the topic of underrated ted lasso faves: will the kitman. that’s it that’s the tag. #ted lasso#colin hughes #eli.posts
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  • jamietarttsiconichat
    04.01.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    cutie patootie juggler

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  • jamietarttsiconichat
    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    cutie patootie kitman

    #ted lasso#tedlassoedit#tedlassogif #listen i was searching for stuf for a different set and i got distracted #will kitman#mine
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  • hacash
    29.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #ted lasso#colin hughes#will kitman#my fanfiction #i finished my bantr series LESS THAN A WEEK AGO #and already here i am #back on my bullshit
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  • clo-q
    27.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #I am 100% down to take the blame for this! #So excited and it's not even my main ship...that's how great you are #will kitman#colin hughes
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  • andrea-lyn
    19.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #ted lasso #ted lasso fic #will kitman focused #eavesdropping trope #the things will overhears #and the one time someone saw him in the room #comedy
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  • andrea-lyn
    16.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    who can I con into beta-ing a Ted Lasso gen piece for me? 

    #just under 3k #focused on will kitman #but general team antics involved
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