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  • the one where Jess doesn’t die and Sam ends up living his normal cookie-cutter life as a lawyer in some nameless town.

    a few yers after he’s become a lawyer, who else but Dean shows up in the local jail. Sam is excited to see him, but then realizes his brother in town can only mean trouble…

    #spn #take it as a prompt if you want #in my head its wincest but whatever you want lol #wincest #ideas for a story i will never write #of course dean is caught in the jail and needs a lawyer haha #do you queue
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  • I wonder if Sam doesn’t care if Dean has beer-breath when they kiss because it’s so familiar at this point or if he gets sassy and makes Dean go and brush his teeth before lol

    #wincest#random thought #cause sams kind of a prissy princess #soooo #yall can lmk what you think too
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  • Currently thinking about Dean giving Jack a sex ed lesson, and he figures the best way to go about it is by demonstration. So he invites Jack to his room, where Sam is already naked and spread out on the bed, blushing slightly and already panting with want.

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    #wincest#winkline#klinechester #dean believes in practical lessons #sam and jack are all for that #🍋
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  • Sam: *comes home after a long day in school* D-Dean…

    Dean: *yells from the living room* Yeah?

    Sam: *sniffle*

    Dean: *storms down to Sammy* Baby boy? What happened?! Are you okay?! *pulls him close*

    Sam: De…*holds back crying*

    Dean: Hush baby, big brother’s here, I’m gonna take care you now. *kiss Sam’s forehead*

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  • #supernatural#fic rec#rec list#s8 #i love this alternative s8 #way better than the mess that was the actual season #also: #this is funny and cute and I love it so much #megstiel#kind of#wincest#KEVIN tran #i freaking love Kevin in this #cas too#castiel#spn #no drama what so ever #well. #except dean maybe getting jealous a little #but seriously this is SOGOOD #dean winchester#sam winchester
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  • I’ve been struggling for years to come up with an idea for a tattoo dedicated to Sam and Dean.

    I’m literally going out of my mind ‘cause I don’t really want the anti possession one they’ve got.

    I want something that’s about them. I thought of the initials they carved on Baby and later on in the bunker, but meh… I’m not convinced.

    I’ve been waiting for years and since I’m supposed to get a tattoo later in autumn, I wanted to come up with an idea for this one as well. Gosh, those two are impossible to sum up in something small.

    #wincest#rant#personal #sam and dean
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  • Dean needs confirmation that he was there, so one of his fingers pushes against the wrinkled skin. And soon he feels his cum soaking his finger and dripping on his belly.

    “That was a big one.” There’s pride in Sam’s voice.

    Only then is he satisfied. For now.

    #wincest #bottom!sam #top!dean #gif on my twitter
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  • Sucking on daddy’s fingers makes Sammy Winchester go 🥰🥰🥰

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  • Currently thinking of Sam and Dean sparring under John’s direction, sneaking fleeting touches and hidden kisses that burn with a promise for later.

    They’re not as clever, not as subtle as they think and John sees more than he’d like. Sees the way Dean grins, slow and sensual, when he’s got Sam pinned and squirming under him. Sees the way Sam grinds his hips down when he manages to land on top, straddling his brother and Dean’s hands linger on Sam’s hips for a moment before flipping them again. Sees the way Dean tweaks Sam’s nipples as he skims his hands up Sam’s body, and he wishes he didn’t see the way Sam arches up into the touch.

    Worse is at night, when they think he’s asleep, and he listens to gasps and moans and the creaking of the bed next to him, hears Dean whispering “good boy, just a bit more,” and hears slick sounds and Sammy’s high-pitched whine and John can’t stop his mind from filling in the visuals, his living nightmare chasing him into dreams.

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  • I know there are more..

    way more!!

    (only)bottom!Dean & (only)bottom!Jensen blogs out there!

    show yourselves already pals!!


    Pouty look ♡

    #wincest #top sam #bottom dean

    #Padackles #top jared #bottom jensen

    #destiel #top cas #bottom dean

    #cockles #top misha #bottom jensen

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  • pilot aka Long Time No Incest

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  • #asked and answered #ask ficforthought #my heart can't take these asks! #ficlet#weecest#wincest#sam/dean #ep: after school special #because you've seen it right?
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  • A wincest thought

    I’m rewatching Sex And Violence, the episode where Dean’s Siren pretents to be his brother.

    I’ve read countless wincest meta’s about this. I mean, it’s not a big step from the canon “I gave him what he needed, and it wasn’t some bitch in a g-string - it was you” to a sexual wincest headcanon. But I’ve just realized one further aspect in the episode, that never occured to me before, and that I don’t think I’ve ever read about.

    Basically the whole episode, Dean acts like he’s in desperate need for sex. It comes up repeatedly.

    -> The female doctor only has eyes for Sam. When they leave her office, Dean complains “Dude, you totally c-blocked me.”

    -> Dean realizes, they have a case involving strippers.

    Sam: “You seem pretty cheery.

    Dean: "Strippers, Sammy. Strippers. We are on an actual case involving Strippers. Finally.”

    -> Sam is trying to convince Dean that he has to babysit the other FBI agent, by going with him to the strip club.

    Dean: “I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for the strippers!”

    After Dean basically stating the whole episode that he is horny AF, you’d expect his siren to be a hot stripper, as it was for all the other guys.

    Dean: “They all described the strippers the same way. The exact same way. ‘She was perfect. Everything I ever wanted.’

    Yep, after Dean was horny all episode long, he got his 'perfect’ siren. He got 'everything he ever wanted’ all right.

    It’s like they REALLY wanted to drive home that wincest headcanon. And not just the textual platonic wincest. They were practically putting up neon signs screaming: go nuts, wincest fandom!

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  • need more poc-only spaces in fandoms… the peace we would have omg

    #nonspn #but tbh... #spn#wincest #I Need To Find My People
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  • #wincest #sam and dean #spn
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