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    This Week in Gundam Wing 6-12 June 2021

    Here’s this week’s roundup! June 6th -12th!

    Remember to give your content creators some love! Be sure to join in on the events at the bottom! And remember to send in any new works you see or make next week!

    ~Mod Hel (Sorry this is so late all!)

    Fanfiction/Snippets/AU Ideas:


    Losing my Breath https://destinysblackrose.tumblr.com/post/653297355731435520/fic-losing-my-breath-gundam-wing-heero-x

    F/M, Heero Yuy/Relena Darlian

    Rated M for mature. Contains smut and angst.

    Before his ‘reconnaissance mission’, Heero had been coaxing her, week after week. Waiting for her to become comfortable with this aspect of their relationship. Their last 'exchange’ gave him hope that maybe, they were getting closer.

    The patience of a sniper. He used to hate it. Waiting. Watching. Aching. Breathing. Boring.

    At least nothing about waiting for Relena was dull.


    Pride Day 5 https://lemontrash.tumblr.com/post/653269838365638656/pride-day-5

    5 It Used to be a Different Game - 1x5 SFW - UST.

    After a war and a rocky experience with ambivalent heterosexuality, Wufei is not entirely sure what to make of this situation.


    Gundam Wing Diaries https://noirangetrois.tumblr.com/post/653438898421284864/the-gundam-wing-diaries

    May 8, 2000 (Monday)

    Episode 46 - “Milliardo’s Decision”

    May 9, 2000 (Tuesday)

    Episode 47 - “Collision in Space”

    Gundam Wing Diaries https://noirangetrois.tumblr.com/post/653714468147265536/the-gundam-wing-diaries

    May 10, 2000 (Wednesday)

    Episode 48 - “Takeoff into Confusion”

    May 11, 2000 (Thursday)

    Episode 49 - “The Final Victor”

    Of the Sea (Ch. 11) https://noirangetrois.tumblr.com/post/653792472043077632/of-the-sea-chapter-11-archive-of

    M/M, Duo Maxwell/Heero Yuy

    Mature, No Archive Warnings Apply, fairytale my way, Meroctopus!Dorothy, Slow Burn, Multi POV, POV Third Person Limited, merman au, MerMay, Fantasy Politics, mentions of abuse, Unnatural November

    Heero Yuy will soon be reaching the age of majority, at which time he will ascend the throne of Wingaria. Before such time, he must needs choose a bride. But what if there are no good choices? What if someone else has captured his heart?


    Friday, I’m in Love https://archiveofourown.org/works/31705282/chapters/78469714

    F/M, Gen, Zechs Merquise/Lucrezia Noin

    Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply, Hangover, Alcohol Mentions, Explicit Language, Established Relationship, Alternate Universe - College/University, 1995 college au, khushrenada family has more issues than a magazine, background Treize being a gremlin, unbetaed - we die like men here

    [College AU, 1995] Zechs is well aware of the upcoming social obligations that come with being friends and sharing a home with a "snob". The issue is when said friendship is actually cramping his own style, then it's time to enlist his girlfriend in order to help the friend find a better coping mechanism for the upcoming activities.


    Reincarnated As A Minor Villiainess and I Survived Past My Death Scene (Ch. 28) https://thaiteaaddict.tumblr.com/post/653740109010747392/i-reincarnated-as-a-minor-villainess-and-i

    M/M, F/F, F/M, Heero x Duo, Trowa x Quatre, Wufei x Meilan, Dorothy x Relena

    Full cast

    Teen, AU - Fantasy, AU - Isekai, POV First Person, Unreliable Narrator

    After being killed in a traffic accident, Duo wakes up in a medieval fantasy novel - except he’s woken up as one of the novel’s minor villains who was supposed to have died in a main character’s backstory. Intent on righting the wrongs of his novel counterpart, Duo sets out to change his fate and just maybe improve the relationship between himself and his estranged husband, Duke Heero Yuy. (Duo is isekai’d into the body of a novel’s villainess character and runs with it.)


    Catered https://zaganthi.tumblr.com/post/653846550482665472/catered-zaganthi-caffiends-tzigane-gundam

    M/M, Chang Wufei/Quatre Raberba Winner

    Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply, Blindfolds; Demisexuality; Dinner; First Kiss; Hand Feeding, GW Pride 2k21 – Day 13, Blindfolds; Day 17, foodplay

    “I would like you to do a blind taste test.” Quatre sat down across from him on the cushion, smiling that serene little smile that he only used when he was up to something. He’d done stranger things. That smile made him a little paranoid, though. Anyone with the least bit of sense would be paranoid when Quatre looked like that.

    “All right.”

    “Thank you.” Wufei could see the smile, but he could also hear it in Quatre’s voice as he moved behind him.

    Gnossienne https://zaganthi.tumblr.com/post/653752431378890752/gnossienne-zaganthi-caffiends-perryvic

    M/M, Duo Maxwell/Quatre Raberba Winner; Treize Khushrenada/Duo Maxwell; Treize Khushrenada/Quatre Raberba Winner; Trowa Barton/Chang Wufei

    Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply, Aged-Up Character(s) Quatre Raberba’s Uchuu no Kokoro | Space Heart; Preventers (Gundam Wing); Team as Family; Domestic Bliss; Friendship; Friendship/Love; talking with exes; Double Penetration; rompy sex; Aftermath of Violence; Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery; Awareness of the trouser legs of time; Talking about Therapy; Dinner Party; Swordfighting; Enthusiastic Consent

    It was as if his words constituted permission because Quatre’s smile was blinding then as was his emotional reaction - figuratively and literally because he damn well started glowing as he said in a reverent whisper “Sandrock,…”

    His Gundam impossibly powered up there and then right in front of them even as Quatre literally ran towards it. This time around he really got it, he could feel Sandrock as Quatre felt him - and it was a him strangely. Just as he felt that Deathscythe was more than just metal and technology, Sandrock had a presence. How, he didn’t know but it was like seeing him reunite with a beloved family member.

    Fanart/Crafts/Photo Manips:



    Dorothy/Quatre, fanart


    Relena/Heero, fanart



    Heero Yuy, fanart



    Duo Maxwell, fanart



    Millidardo Peacecraft/Zechs Merquise, fanart



    Duo Maxwell, render



    Relena & Heero, fanart



    Duo Maxwell, fanart



    Duo/Quatre, fanbook

    Photosets/Gifsets/Screenshots/Manga Pages:



    Destiny, doujinshi


    Duo & Heero Book, doujinshi


    Act 3, doujinshi

    Head Canons:



    Trowa & Cathy, headcanon





    Duo & Heero


    Duo & Quatre

    Calendar Events:


    Rhythm Generation 2021

    Meet the Mods: https://gundamzine.tumblr.com/post/636708854145613824/come-on-over-a-meet-your-2021-zine-mod-team-head

    Check out the blog for the Zine schedule!


    Gundam Wing Pride 2k21 https://gundam-wing-pride.tumblr.com/post/648237909672083456/incoming-transmission-faq

    A Beautiful Rainbow of Prompts https://gundam-wing-pride.tumblr.com/post/649898271517573120/a-beautiful-rainbow-of-prompts


    Cocktail Fridays!

    Post responses on Friday, during Happy Hour between 3 & 5 pm in your own timezone.

    Here’s the prompt for Friday, ! [starting back up next week!]

    In need of Summer/Fall(Autumn) prompts!


    Shooting Stars Online Convention https://gwshootingstars.tumblr.com/post/653339481502564352/hey-everyone-guess-whos-back-with-a-brand-new

    This has been tabled for future action.


    Latest news.


    Welcome to Oztober Rust

    We’re an up and coming Gundam Wing event with a slight twist! This page is still a work in progress, but you’re welcome to join us over on discord and get a feel for the event.

    Have discord, will fan. https://oztober-rust.tumblr.com/post/647568110262566912/i-see-a-nice-and-steady-following-we-do-have-a


    Summer Event Prompts Needed https://seasons-of-gundamwing.tumblr.com/post/652830126852177920/alright-folks


    Events Calendar https://thisweekingundamevents.tumblr.com/post/644080386309275648/events-calendar-update

    If you are hosting an event currently, or are planning on one, hit us up with links and dates! We’ll add them to the Calendar and reblog your notices to get the word out!

    #Gundam Wing #This Week in Gundam Wing #Weekly Roundup #6-12 June 2021
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    I Kissed You When I Shouldn't Have

    It had been a slow morning, culminating in a lunch with the inner circle in the humid dining room that made it feel as if he were dying a slow, painful death.

    Azriel loved his family. He did.

    That fact did not make it any easier to stomach the sight of Feyre and Rhys wrapped around each other, attempting to swallow the other whole. He was just thankful he wasn’t privy to the filth they were undoubtedly whispering to each other through the bond.

    Cassian and Nesta weren’t as obvious, but the way they showed their love was loud, even outside of the bedroom. Cassian was attempting to discover the spots in which Nesta was ticklish and letting out a delighted yelp when he achieved his mission, followed by her shrieks and threats.

    As annoying as it was, it made his heart ache. He yearned to be able to show such obvious affection for the person he loved. It was worse, Azriel thought, to be in love with someone and have them love you back but be unable to show it, than it was for that love to be unrequited.

    After all, he would know.

    He snuck a glance at her, reading quietly in an armchair next to him. Her golden-brown hair twisted into a coil that rested on the back of her neck, various strands escaping and catching the sunlight streaming through the windows; her brown eyes danced across the page and her mouth turning up gently at the corners as she read.

    Looking at Elain made his heart ache in a different way. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to announce to the world that he loved her and she loved him.

    But that wasn’t possible, and Azriel wasn’t sure it ever would be.

    Mor looked as exasperated as he felt, twirling strands of her hair through her fingers as she pulled tongues at Rhys, who clocked her from over Feyre’s shoulder and stuck his finger up in return.

    “Get a room!” Mor hollered.

    Rhys did something that made Feyre make a most unladylike noise, leading her to blush scarlet and push him away from her.

    Cassian sniggered. “Steady on, Rhys. I’m sure you don’t want us knowing the kinds of noises Feyre can make.”

    Rhys issued forth a growl that sounded suspiciously like a suggestion that Cassian should stop talking if he wished for his tongue to remain in his mouth.

    Azriel stood and stretched. “As entertaining as this live sex-show has been, I have a job to do.”

    Without thinking, he bent down and kissed Elain gently on the mouth, tilting her chin up with a finger. It was only as he pulled away that he realised what he’d done.

    He quickly cycled through the options available to him and arrived at the conclusion that each one ended with him getting his ass kicked.

    There was only one thing for it.

    He pivoted, and leant towards Mor, whose expression was mixture of curiosity and glee. She accepted his brief kiss, eyes sparkling with mischief.

    Cassian made a stunned noise of disbelief, but Azriel knew every set of eyes in the room were on him.

    He knew better than to attempt Nesta, for she’d surely gut him like a fish if he even so much as tried to kiss her.

    And so Azriel strode towards Feyre, bending down to kiss her gallantly on the cheek. “My lady, I will take my leave now.”

    Feyre nodded in stunned silence.

    He all but sprinted from the room, leaving behind their whispers of speculation; all he could think of was how close he’d come to ruining everything. If Rhys ever found out, no matter how useful Azriel’s talents were, the only thing between him and oblivion would be Feyre.

    That was if she wasn’t leading the charge for his head, though.

    A soft giggle brought him out of his reverie, and he looked up to see Elain standing in front of him.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be.” Elain, as always, spoke softly, but with a seriousness that suggested she knew more than anyone else ever would.

    “If they find out, Rhys will have my head.”

    Her hand rose to cup his cheek; unbidden, he angled his head into her touch.

    “My spymaster.” Elain’s voice was musical, calling him home. “So serious.”

    Words wouldn’t come; he simply smiled at her.

    “They will find out, Azriel.”

    He frowned.

    No-one had yet figured out the intricate details of Elain’s abilities as a seer, but her warnings of the future had yet to fail to be true.

    He chose not to share these concerns.

    “I know. But for now-” he bent to kiss her cheek, nuzzling her neck, “you’re mine.”

    “I wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s.”


    I don't know why Azriel's inner monlogue is so rife with angst; this should have been a fluffy piece, and yet it's got angst. I hope you enjoy this little drabble, inspired by @sunlit-elain's post about Az accidentally kissing Elain in front of everyone and making up for it by kissing the rest of the inner circle.



    #elriel#elain archeron #elain x azriel #azriel #a court of thorns and roses #a court of mist and fury #a court of wings and ruin #a court of silver flames #rhysand#feyre cursebreaker#feyre acheron#feysand#cassian#nesta archeron #nesta x cassian #nessian #give us the bat boys' surnames please and thank you #acotar fic#elriel fic#mor#morrigan
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  • emcy-art
    14.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    A Corvid Paladin 

    They help collect lost souls and guide them to their resting place. 

    This was a character design I made for a contest, I wanted to explore corvids and their association with sorcery and death.   

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  • timelessanimo
    14.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Takuya with Vritramons wings is something i came upwith while reading a headcanon that the Frontier kids retain some abilities from their spirits when they get back to the human world

    This headcanon lives in my head rent free at the moment

    Like usual i spent way to much time on my warmup doodles haha

    #digimon#digimon frontier#takuya kanbara#vritramon#wings #prepare for a frontier spam #i rewatched the susanoomon scene #the soundtrack is amazing
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  • reallyveryclueless
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    100 Days: Day 14

    Today's Progress

    I only wrote 418 words, and the reason I stopped was because there were other things I needed to do in the day and not because I wanted to stop writing

    Finished Gloria's chapter 13

    Today's Prompt (from @the-wip-project) is about creatures of folklore in your WIP

    Dragons are an integral part of my plot, with both my POV characters having a dragon friend. I had a lot of fun figuring out different species of dragon to fill different ecological niches and with different adaptions that I thought would be cool so that they're not all the classic firebreathing dragon.

    #100 days of writing #wings of tragedy #writeblr
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  • rustydustyfellows
    14.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Drawpile! :D

    I was listening to the OFF ost on YT when I was drawing the redesign for my iteration of Bad Batter, it's definitely one of my favourites to listen to. Rainy Day (and meat), Pepper Steak, Flesh Maze Tango and Burned Bodies are few of my favourite tracks. I do suggest that you go and listen to the full ost for yourself if you haven't already.

    #my art #off (mortis ghost) #wings of fire #wof#icewing#rainwing#sandwing#dragon types#wof ocs#bad batter#the judge#spectres#apragon #love my redsign of bb. looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you #and for once i have an actual ref of his full body
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  • soulsofgods
    14.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Y’all I’m eternally happy u guys even look at these ugly ass ocs of mine

    I believe that I’ll actually remake this blog into one solely for my wof story

    With this I open the first asks and they’ll be abt the Queens

    #oc #wings of fire #wings of fire oc #wof#my oc#wof oc#ocs
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  • dedieuetpourtoi
    14.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Chapter 316

    #hawks#takami keigo#mha#bnha #black and white #aesthetic#monochrome#manga#quotes#anime#mine#my edit #my hero academia #boku no hero #boku no hero academia #keigo#manga panel #spoilers? #wing hero hawks #pro hero hawks #quote#anime quotes#comics#b&w#bw#edit
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  • wings-of-hope
    14.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Day 13 + 14: When did you realize you weren't straight + Favorite LGBTQ+ meme

    Some people realize they aren't straight when they're kids or teenagers, but for me it took a while longer. I think I was maybe 20 years old? I had the big advantage of not growing up in a homophobic environment - I even went to a Catholic school and everyone there was very open and affirming towards the LGBT+ pupils there. So the moment I realized I actually had fallen for this amazing, wonderful woman I met, I was just like "oh".

    It sadly didn't work out, but she's still my best friend to this day :)

    For the meme question, there is just way too much to choose from! But one of my favourites is this one and its variations with different characters.

    It's Resident Evil 8 because that's what I've been playing recently. I also usually identify as pansexual, but the meme still works for me :)

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  • soulsofgods
    14.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    The main male character Mako

    He’s a Sea/Rainwing Hybrid and an Animus, he wants to try and make non-animus dragons' life easier by using his magic.

    He’s a kind soul perhaps a bit flirty but a kind soul nonetheless

    He attends the animus classes along Nemesis, Canyon, Ashfall, Emperor, Krill, Mirage and Vendetta

    The class is taught by Blackdrift a skilled animus user

    He spends most his time playing pranks alongside his best friends Canyon (night/sand) and emperor (silk)

    Though he tries at least 5 times a day to flirt with Nemesis, she just wants to get through the day as you do as the main character.

    #oc #wings of fire #wings of fire oc #wof#my oc#ocs#wof oc#sea/rainwing oc#sea/rainwing #souls of gods
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  • yaksalot
    14.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Finishing one of my little silly doodles from the other day. Will also clean and line it after fixing the sketch up. Thinking about offering these as sort of limited adopts time to time- meaning this doodle or other random doodles like it. Little cheaper than my normal comms and no apparel (except in special circumstances). Limited runs would be 1-5 dragons and maybe like 50kt a piece with no gem genes (save Star/Con because I liket o color those ones). Anyway if you’d be interested in that or in seeing this cleaned up before you decide let me know and I can mention you then. (For right now back to looking for lamp oil). 

    #flight rising #these are silly and simple but i am working hard on doing wings a little bit better lately #still a hell of a lot more simplified but a little more sensical?
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  • jaeyuprism
    14.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago


    #PRISMATIC ILLUSTRATIONS #I really like the hands #ask to tag #dream smp#dsmp #wilbur soot dream smp #dream smp wilbur soot #dsmp wilbur soot #wilbur soot dsmp #wilbur soot#wilbur #c!wilbur soot #c!wilbur #revivedbur#revived wilbur #revived wilbur soot #wingedbur#winged wilbur #winged wilbur soot
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  • spectreofthewoods
    14.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Umm.. if you have hooded eyes please get an eyeliner stamp. ✨First time winged eyeliner has worked for me

    #sorry for posting another selfie #ugh #I’ll delete it soon #just got excited about eyeliner #every winged eyeliner attempt has been a disaster until now #lol
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  • graaythekwami
    14.06.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #withered wings au #anon ask
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  • soulsofgods
    14.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Taipan and the little dragoness he 'kinda‘ adopted cuz his friend (her father died)

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  • soulsofgods
    14.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    The uh main villain in my story

    His name is Souleater and yes he is an animus but he’s not "evil"

    #wings of fire #oc #wings of fire oc #wof#my oc#ocs#wof oc#nightwing#nightwing oc#gore#i guess #souls of gods
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  • abdiication
    14.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Growing up in the tribe, Qrow had to be able to adapt quickly. They picked up and moved in the blink of an eye, and he always had to be on guard, because danger could appear at any moment- whether it be from Grimm, Huntsmen, or other tribe members. If Qrow could not adapt quickly, he would not have survived.

    This skill helped him when he was sent to Beacon- it was a completely different way of life from what he was used to, but he had to learn to blend in quickly, because if he was discovered, it would mean jail or death. Even if it was disorienting and stressful for Qrow, and at times completely overwhelming, he would not let it show. He couldn’t.

    He kept that shit bottled up and hidden to survive, and that was not a habit he let go at Beacon. He never let himself learn how to express it, and this translated into shitty coping and mental health as an adult, but it helped him survive his early life and he struggles to let go of it. When he’s scared, or unsure, or overwhelmed, he tends to disguise that by discouraging anybody from looking closer: he gets snappy, he avoids people, he hides it with a prickly attitude and sarcasm.

    tldr: He can cope with new, stressful, and/or unfamiliar situations on the fly very well externally, but internally, he tends to get overwhelmed and either shut down or lash out.
    #life like a crack in the mirror || headcanons; qrow #in the wings || queue
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  • yourdeepestfathoms
    14.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    more wing au headcanons


    Angie does, in fact, have wings!

    Donna's father used his own feathers to make them, so they mimic a canary Avem, which her father was

    Whenever the yellow feathers start to fall out, Donna will either try to sew them back on herself or use her own if they can't be preserved

    However, the wings cannot be used to fly

    Mia is a spiny flower mantis Cimex with long, wickedly-curved retractable claws that have venom in them, similar to Alcina's in a way, just serrated

    Did I mention she's terrifying? Because she is

    She will buzz her wings as a warning, and you should Heed That Warning

    She'll also retract her terrifying mantis mandibles and click them together as another warning

    Heisenberg and Bela both will fan their faces with their ears to cool off

    After his mutation, the venom sacks inside of Moreau--which all Cimexs have to distribute their venom--got messed up. Now, he has microscopic feelers spread out all over his mutated back, which can release venom on command.

    If she's not laying in a bed, Donna sleeps like a bird, tucking her head into her wing

    Alcina often cleans her scales to keep them nice and shiny

    Cassandra got into so many fights in her first life that Mother Miranda deemed her wings "too damaged" to use, so they were sliced off and replaced with wasp wings during her transformation into a new body

    Instead of being reformed by flies, the Dimitrescu daughters were injected with Cadou, as well as the blood of a Cimex, which then caused them to attract the insects that end up taking after and then get devoured by those

    When the insects cleared, their bodies were reformed

    Unlike normal Hydras, Cassandra can only breathe fire if she's warm enough. If she isn't she'll only cough out plumes of smoke and maybe a few embers

    Bela often attempts to sedate herself during the gibbous moon, which is when her powers are most heightened, therefore making all the emotions she feels more acute

    When Heisenberg becomes too overwhelmed, he loses control of his telekinesis. Objects also tend to start flying everywhere.

    Before he lost his ability to fly, Ethan was a champion flier in high school

    Living in a castle where torture normally happens is really hard on Bela, as she can feel the emotions and pain of the maids before/while they die. This is one of many reasons why she's so worryingly depressed.

    Because of this, she often stays with her aunt or uncles when her powers become more acute, as it's more peaceful with them than her actual house

    Sometimes Bela is kept up at night because of all the constant emotions hammering into her

    Daniela prunes often and loves flaunting her wings to her sisters...or just anyone she comes in contact with because she Lives to show off

    It usually takes forever for Mother Miranda to shed her feathers, since she was mutated to have eight wings

    Alcina is actually Really Slow

    She can fly for much longer than any of the others thanks to her huge wingspan, but she's very slow and moves sluggishly

    However, she has great spatial awareness and rarely ever bumps into things, holding her wings and tail out of the way so they won't hit anything

    Heisenberg often teases her about her slowness, as he is much more agile than her

    But it's not because of his body and general speed, but because of his echolocation, which he often uses to almost "predict" the movement of other people

    Donna has a very acute sense of hearing, thanks to her boreal owl blood

    Technically speaking, Heis also drinks blood, as Vespers have blood as a big part of their diet. He, however, prefers raw meat, bone shards, and marrow over blood

    Moreau has yellow blood

    Bela eats clothing

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