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  • meliakim
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    Jimin’s inner Syltherin unintentionally begins to show.

    *Jimin’s POV*

    We’re about halfway through the Wings world tour, and the past four months have been quite the ride. Not only are we busy with tour life and travel, but we have started working on music for our next album. The first mini album in the series is supposed to be later this year. I’m supposed to have a solo song as the intro track, but I have yet to start writing it. I sat in my hotel room, staring at the blank sheet of paper in front of me, trying to think of what to write.

    The album name is “Love Yourself: Her.” Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing “her” is Min. She started off as our makeup artist, but the more time I spent with her, the more she became to me. She is so caring to everyone she meets, tending to any need she sees. She is so beautiful, always dressing nicely, but still somehow cute when she says she is “bumming it.” She is so talented with how she does makeup, but she’s also a skilled dancer and singer, though not many have seen that side of her.

    When she’s fully comfortable, she can be a little silly, which is so cute, and she also falls asleep easily during movies. She’s my number one fan, and seems to be impressed by everything I do… and I’m her number one fan… I’m so in love with her, which is scary to me. I’m still scared that I am not good enough for her, and because of that, I haven’t done anything about my deep feelings for her.

    At first it seemed like we were getting close… but as time has gone on, I’ve noticed her getting close to Yoongi-hyung as well. I knew she was a fan of music, and Yoongi-hyung knew that as well… being the talented musician he is, she has been hanging around him more, and I think they are even working on a song together. Honestly, it drives me up a wall. It feels as if she is falling for him instead of me. At this point, the average man would consider giving up and moving on… but I’m not the average man.

    My mind was clearly too occupied to try and write a song now, so I decided to get up and see what everyone else was up to. Min’s room was just down the hall, so I decided to pay her a visit. As I approached, I noticed the door was already open, so I walked in to find not just Min, but also Yoongi-hyung, Jin-hyung, and Mun, who I forgot was visiting from Korea for a week. “Jimin!! I’ve been wondering where you were… Yoongi just got through showing us some of his latest mixes for the new album!” Min said as I came in.

    I noticed her sitting awfully close to Yoongi-hyung around the small hotel room table, nearly as close as Jin-hyung sat by Mun. “Oh!! Mun-ah!!! I forgot about the movie we had reservations for with Jungkook-ah!” Jin-hyung said, getting up from his seat. “Oh, right!! So glad you remembered,” she said, getting up and grabbing her purse and bucket hat before following Jin-hyung like a lost puppy. “See you guys later!!” she said as she walked out with him.

    “They’re so cute,” Min commented as the pair left. Yoongi nodded and said, “Jin-hyung has always talked about his ideal girl having a ‘puppy personality,’ and I think he finally found her.” They were undeniably cute… and I started to feel annoyed at myself for feeling so jealous of them. It didn’t feel fair that Jin-hyung’s dream girl was giving every ounce of attention and affection she had, while mine was often off hanging out with Yoongi-hyung.

    “I’m surprised they’re still so close, really,” I found myself saying out loud without thinking… my emotions were getting the better of me, and I did not like it at all. “What do you mean by that?” Min asked, curiously. “I mean, after months of being separated, wouldn’t you think that Mun would’ve moved on from Jin-hyung by now?” I replied, not fully sure of what I was saying. Min seemed to be upset at that comment and replied, “so, are you trying to call my sister shallow? She’s the most loyal person I know… honestly, loyal to a fault… I don’t think she’d move on so easily.”

    “Then let’s hope Jin-hyung returns the same affection for her, then… because he could honestly have whoever he wanted, so there must be a reason he hasn’t asked her out,” I added, causing Yoongi-hyung to chime in at this point, as he noticed I was getting overwhelmed by my emotions. “Jimin-ssi, I’m sure you can keep whatever thoughts you have about Jin-hyung and Mun to yourself,” he said, side-eyeing Min beside him, who was visibly upset at what I said about her sister.

    I was embarrassed and annoyed at myself to the point that I had to walk out of the room before I broke down in tears in front of Min. Whatever hope I had in winning her over was probably gone now, so I sulkily walked back to my room, trying not to think about it. I didn’t mean what I said, my jealousy just got too overwhelming. I honestly love Jin-hyung and Mun together. At this point, the average man would’ve definitely give up on her… but again, I’m not the average man.

    But what could I possibly do to win Min over at this point? It’s going to take a lot more than just an apology to reach the point where I am worthy of her. My mind was racing as I reached my room, and after shutting the door behind me, I noticed the blank sheet of paper still sitting on the table. Could I write a song for her? What do I even begin to say? How would she receive it? Would she even love me back? I couldn’t bear the embarrassment that would come with unreturned feelings, so I had to be certain.

    I could go and talk to Mun about it, since she knows Min better than anyone… but she doesn’t know how I just messed things up. That left me with no choice… I had to speak with the next person closest to Min besides Mun or myself… Yoongi-hyung. I feel slightly defeated having to ask someone for help, but I love Min and I need her… Desperate times called for desperate measures, so I went out to pay a visit to Yoongi-hyung in his hotel room.

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  • meliakim
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Tae Day

    Mun has a day out with Tae when she visited them in NYC on tour.

    “The other members don’t get as excited about art museums as I do, so I’m glad you’re here,” Taehyung said to Mun as they walked up to the entrance of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. “Thank you for spending your day off with me! Not that you had much of a choice,” Mun said with a laugh, as all the other members were busy at the recording studio working on their parts for their next album. “I wouldn’t have chosen anything else over this,” he said with a boxy smile as the pair entered the museum and got their tickets.

    Tae and Mun, along with the bodyguard trailing their every move, walked through each of the exhibits. They took their time doing so, making quiet comments here and there, some that were insightful and some that were humorous, causing them to laugh quietly amongst themselves. “Some of this art I can appreciate… but what is this?” Mun said with a chuckle pointing to what looked like a pile of trash, causing Tae to giggle as well.

    “Mun-ah! Look!” Tae said excitedly as they entered one hall of paintings. “It’s Van Gogh!” he added as they approached Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” painting. “Oh my goodness, I NEED a picture with this one!” Mun said, giving her phone to take her picture. Tae smiled to himself as he noticed the RJ phone case that Seokjin gave him for Christmas last year. It was obviously intended for Mun’s phone, so he had no choice but to give it to her, which he didn’t mind… later on, Seokjin did give him a real present to make up for it.

    After taking a photo of Mun, Tae rotated the camera and took a selfie of the both of them with the painting in the background before a stranger, who didn’t seem to recognize Tae, offered to take a photo of the both of them. “Thank you,” Mun said to her in English as they both looked at the phone to see how the photo turned out. “Cute,” Mun said simply with a smile before they continued to walk through the gallery.

    After a few hours, they finally managed to look through every gallery and room, so they headed out of the MOMA onto the busy streets of NYC. “Man, I’m starving… you want to grab some food? I know Central Park is nearby, we could bring our food there to eat!” Mun suggested, to which Taehyung agreed. “Let’s get burgers, since we’re in America after all,” he said as they walked down the sidewalk to a burger shop at one corner.

    Like Mun suggested, after getting their food, they walked a few blocks until they reached Central Park, which was pretty empty for a weekday. They walked through, looking for a good place to sit, and as they did so, without really thinking, they locked arms together, which they did on occasion. Neither thought anything of it, until Tae recalled a small argument he had with Seokjin just the day before about it.

    “Hyung! I promise you that locking arms with Mun means nothing! She views me as a brother, and to me she is a sister… nothing more,” he said to Seokjin. “You don’t even know that for sure though, you may be leading her on or something!” Seokjin whined in reply. Hobi, who was present during the argument, decided to chime in and give his opinion on the matter. “Jin-hyung, you wouldn’t be worrying about it if you would just ask her out already!” he retorted.

    “Aish, Hobi-ah, you know why I can’t do that! We’re in the middle of a tour… a long tour. How can I expect her to be willing to keep a relationship with me if I’m so far away? She deserves better than that!” he replied to them. “Jin-hyung… I love Mun… but not the same way you do. I love her the same way I love my own sister, and I hold her hand all the time,” Tae said. Hobi shrugged and said, “true, I hold my sister’s hand as well.”

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so possessive over her anyways… it shouldn’t bother me, it’s not like she’s my girlfriend or anything,” Seokjin said with a sigh. “And whose fault is that?” Hobi retorted with a smirk, causing Seokjin to fake-slap him. “I’m serious though, hyung. If I had any inclination that Mun and I saw each other in any other way besides family, I wouldn’t speak another word to her… for your sake,” Tae said to his hyung.

    Tae and Mun found a nice picnic table in the shade and decided to eat their burgers there. As they took a seat across from each other, Tae continued to think about Seokjin… He didn’t want to do anything to hurt his hyung, so he decided to bite the bullet and ask Mun the weird question, just to be 100% certain her feelings were the same as his. “Mun? Can I ask you a weird question?” he asked. She nodded and said, “of course! What’s up?” as she took a bite from her burger.

    “Today… wasn’t a date or anything, was it?” he asked her, causing her heart to skip a beat. She certainly didn’t see it as one, but she was now afraid that maybe he did… she had grown quite fond of Tae, and she didn’t want to upset him by friend-zoning him, but at the same time, she had to tell him the truth. “To be honest… I didn’t see today as a date… I- I like someone else,” she said, shyly, worried she was sharing more than she had to.

    “Not that I don’t like you!! I really do like you, but not… I really only see you as… like a brother,” she said, feeling her face get hot, worried that she was hurting one of her best friends’ feelings as she spoke, tripping over her words. She looked up at Tae’s face to see his reaction, and she saw a look of relief on his face. “Don’t worry, I think of you as my sister… in fact, you kind of remind me of her,” he said, hoping to relieve her of her current stress.

    Mun sighed a sigh of relief and said, “don’t scare me like that! I was afraid I was going to hurt your feelings or something!!” She took a bite of her burger as Tae chuckled and then took a bite of his. “So… who do you like, then?” he asked after swallowing, causing Mun’s face to heat up. She looked at him with a face that seemed hesitant to answer. “What? You don’t trust your own brother? I won’t tell anyone!” he said to her truthfully.

    Mun hid her face with her hands embarrassedly, then after a few grunts said, “promise me you won’t tell anyone,” to which Tae nodded and said, “I promise.” This was the first time she was admitting her feelings to anyone besides her own sister, so she was nervous. “I like… Seokjinie,” she finally managed to say, immediately bringing out Tae’s boxy smile as he clapped his hands excitedly. “I knew it!!!” he said, satisfied with her answer.

    “What? How? Am I that obvious?” she asked, embarrassedly, causing her companion to chuckle. “Just call it a brother’s intuition… You’re always especially cute around him!!” he said, smiling at her. “I can tell he’s so soft towards you, but he’s still in denial to his own feelings… he’ll come around eventually,” he said, reassuringly, knowing that she would never be the one to make the first move.

    She smiled over at her friend, glad that they were so close and that they could be perfectly honest with each other. As they finished up their food and got up to leave the park, Mun locked her arm with his as she did so often. “Thank you for everything, Tae… I had so much fun getting to hang out with just the two of us! I think I’d like to have Tae Day more often!” she said with a chuckle. He patted her arm affectionately and said, “thanks for settling to hang out with your brother since Seokjin-hyung was busy,” winking at her, so satisfied that he knew about their mutual pining for each other.

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  • actualbird
    15.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    wait lemme elaborate on the tags in prev post about my hc of Artem Wing, Oblivious Heartbreaker: College Edition

    in artem's episode 2 character story we're shown that artem's fit in college was a blazer over a turtleneck. i know this is bc it's too many outfits for talksprites is overkill and that this fit repeats a bunch in game but i do like to think that artem has basically been dressing like this all his life, absolutely wrapped like a fragile package. i send my condolences to all the poor motherfuckers who went to college along with artem and (with no doubt in my mind, just LOOK AT HIM, plus the intense vibes he gives out on the reg is Very Appealing ok) crushed on him soooooo bad and like they NEVER GOT THROWN A BONE. artem wing from start to finish of his undergrad, just absolutely stylishly covered as much as possible. spare wrist, sir???? nope. not a thing.

    which would have been fine, those crushing classmates thought. like it's okay, artem Does rock his "surely much too warm but still very soft to look at" fashion sense but the crushing classmates are made to //clench fist because they are not thrown a bone either at like, any kind of RECOGNITION OF WHAT IS GOING ON ON THEIR END, no matter how politely forward they are about it.

    artem is completely unaware due to a mixture of being oblivious to emotional cues/in between the lines implications and also a vague notion that to even think another person would be interested in him is somehow arrogant and presumptuous AND im willing to bet that even that early, artem already had that lowly view of himself so somebody liking with him doesnt make sense in his brain, so his brain just throws it out of the window before he can even think about it.

    all of this turns into a cacophony resulting in every single flirtation going completely over his head. artem wing did not "let you down gently" you were on the floor before it even BEGAN.

    karma bites him in the ass years later when he tries to make moves (tho in mc's defense, when he "moves", it's like one millimeter and if it's further he's backpedals so hard like MOVING ON...) towards mc and mc is like "thank you, partner :D"

    what goes around comes around, dude

    #tears of themis #hc#artem wing #hey wait i think neil hume is hot too honestly what a dark period that must have been #to be a student during the era where artem and neil were regularly on campus. thats too much to deal with...
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  • enbysiriusblack
    14.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Sirius has rhinitis and asthma and panic attacks and severe headaches a lot

    Peter catches stomach flu a lot and is allergic to quite a few different things

    Remus is clumsy and gets ill and painy the days just before and after a full moon, as well as the damage from the full moons themselves

    James gets hexed a lot and injured all the time during quidditch matches

    All four of them get detention from Minnie all the time and go to her transfiguration study sessions every weekend

    and that is how they became the only students in the whole school to find out about Pomfrey and McGonagall dating

    #they were always either in the hospital wing or in minnies class or office #they pinkie swore they wouldnt tell anyone #and after they left school they sent letters and presents to them both saying 'to our lesbian school mums' #marauders era#marauders#sirius black#remus lupin#peter pettigrew#james potter#poppy pomfrey#minerva mcgonagall
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  • meliakim
    13.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    One Last Time

    Seokjin prepares to leave for the Wings world tour.

    *Seokjin’s POV*

    After a few months of preparation, the date of our departure had finally arrived. I was excited for our Wings world tour, sure, but I had honestly been dreading it too. I would be happy to be with the other members, but I couldn’t escape the thought of leaving Mun behind. Our plane was to depart in the morning, we were to meet at BigHit at 8:00am, then we’d be transported to the airport together. I found myself waking up earlier than usual, I guess because of nerves.

    The first concert of the tour was last night here in Seoul, so it was an awfully late night… all the more reason why I don’t understand my internal clock waking me up so early. Nonetheless, I got up and washed up before selecting a comfy pair of sweats, an oversized pink sweatshirt, and a matching pink cap. Most of my clothes were packed for me by the wardrobe department, but I had my own personal bag for our casual clothes, PJs, and other belongings. I opened my already-packed personal bag to make sure I had everything.

    I smiled to myself as I opened my suitcase and saw the small, decorated picture frame with a polaroid of Mun and I from Halloween, dressed as Mario and Luigi. I took it out of my bag and decided not to take the frame, in case it got damaged… Mun gave it to me for my birthday last month and painted it with a Mario theme. I would die if I lost it on tour. I took the polaroid out of the frame and stuck it in my wallet, leaving the frame safely on my desk.

    The other part of my birthday gift from Mun was a plushie of Luigi, which was her favorite Nintendo character. We always play-argue as to whether Mario or Luigi is better, so she gave him to me to remind me that Luigi is better… though really it just reminds me of her. My Luigi plush was packed in my bag with the rest of my things, and I knew everything was good to go. I zipped up my suitcase and locked it, looking at the time on my phone. “Yoongi-ah!! We have an hour until we have to be at BigHit!” I called over to my sleeping roommate, who replied with a grunt.

    I roamed through the rest of the dorms to make sure the other members were awake, then looked at the time again. 7:10am. I would have time to make a quick stop before heading to the studio… Yoongi was up and finishing packing his last-minute things when I came back into our room. “I’ll see you at the studio, Yoongi-ah! Make sure they grab my suitcase!” I said, knowing the staffs would be over beforehand to get our personal suitcase. “Ok, hyung,” he replied, not questioning where I was going.

    I wrapped my long, puffy, winter coat around my shoulders and headed out of our dorm into the cold January morning and began walking towards the bakery Mun worked at. I gave her one of my VIP tickets, so she was at the concert last night, and we said our final goodbyes then… but the thought of getting to see her one last time before we left must’ve been what woke me up so early… and what must’ve kept me walking in the cold weather.

    As I got to the bakery and walked in, I saw a couple of people there, so I walked in inconspicuously and got closer to the counter, where the cashier immediately recognized me… not as Jin from BTS but as Seokjin, Mun’s friend. “Hey, dude, sorry, she’s not here, she actually just left a few minutes ago,” she said. “Oh, ok, thank you,” I said with a polite bow before leaving the bakery quickly before any of the customers recognized me. *Why would she show up to work and leave soon after? I hope she is ok* I thought to myself as I looked at the time and saw that I had to rush over to BigHit to get there in time, so I called her as I walked… but no answer.

    I made it to BigHit, just barely on time, out of breath. “Jin-hyung! Where were you?” Taehyung asked me as I approached the group, already outside loading up into the vans. “I was going to see if I could catch Mun one more time… but she wasn’t there,” I said, sadly. I followed him into one of the vans, where Jimin and Min were already seated. As I sat next to Tae, he patted my knee affectionately and wordlessly, knowing I was already missing Mun.

    It was a silent ride to the airport, as Jimin was halfway asleep and the rest of us thoughtfully looking out our own windows. As we arrived at the airport, one of the bodyguards opened our door and told Min to come out first. She gave a nod to Jimin next to her and disappeared with the bodyguard, most likely going ahead to the gate with the rest of the design team. Another bodyguard then came to retrieve the three of us, and we got out of the van together and were escorted towards the airport.

    As soon as we exited the van, shouts from ARMY and paparazzi filled the air, as there was a crowd of them standing around outside, calling our names. I honestly wasn’t in the mood… the lack of sleep, freezing cold weather, and disappointment of not seeing Mun one last time was catching up to me. “Jin!!! Jin!!!! Taehyung!! V!!! Jimin!!!!” the crowd called out, which I tried to ignore as I walked past… until I heard a familiar voice call out “Seokjinie4!!”

    The only person that would know my Nintendo username was Mun, so I stopped in my tracks and began to scan the crowd, causing them to scream even louder at the attention I was suddenly showing them. My eyes scanned wildly through the crowds, then time seemed to stop when I finally spotted Mun standing in the middle of the crowd, with a yellow woven hat, matching scarf, and red jacket. My eyes were fixated on her as she waved at me, and I could feel a grin sweep over my face.

    *That must’ve been why she left work… she had the same goal this morning as me, to see each other one last time* I thought to myself as I still stood frozen, looking at her as the cameras continued to flash and ARMY continued to cheer. What I wanted more than anything was to run up to her and pull her into a tight hug… but that was impossible right now. Our eye contact never faltered, and I pulled up my hand to my lips and then blew a kiss straight to Mun. ARMY screamed even louder, thinking the kiss was to them.

    Mun reached her gloved hand up and acted like she caught it, pulling it to her chest and hugging it tightly, as if she didn’t want to let go. She was so cute, even as her eyes got watery. She smiled sadly and gave a reassuring nod to me, which I returned with a smile and a nod before the bodyguard finally had enough of me just standing there and nudged me forward to keep walking. I smiled to myself at the thought of Mun waiting out in the cold January air just to see me again.

    We boarded our plane and got situated, with me sitting next to Jimin as I pulled out my phone to check it one more time. Mun texted me a picture of me getting out of the van just a few moments ago. “I had to see you one last time 😊” her text read. I quickly pulled out my Luigi plushie from my carryon bag and took a quick selfie with it to send to her. “I’ll call you when we get to Hong Kong,” I typed and sent before turning my phone on airplane mode. I hugged Luigi close to my chest and fell asleep before the plane even took off.

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  • jonghyoongi
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    groundhog day but make it an entire Wings era

    #bts #I'm watching the performances from wings era #and just....the NOSTALGIA #it was also a good period of my life #and this whole era #I wish I could unlive it only to re-live it again
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  • aricastmblr
    06.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #2 LIE


    #park jimin#jimin#jiminie#jiminshiii#jimin ah #amor a el 💜🐱 #jimin lie #BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film 2 LIE #jimin wings#hybe labels #mis artistas tan profesionales y talentosos bts jmjk #5YearsWithLie #jimin tan perfecto en lie su voz su baile toda su presentación es perfecto #amo esta era de jmjk en wings increible todo de ellos #지민아_라이5주년축하해
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  • aricastmblr
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #park jimin#jimin #jimin lie wings #지민아_라이5주년축하해#5YearsWithLie #BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film 2 LIE #jimin lie#bts wings #amo esta era de jmjk en wings increible todo de ellos #jimin tan perfecto en lie su voz su baile toda su presentación es perfecto
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  • aricastmblr
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Jungkook - Begin

    BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN


    #jeon jungkook#jungkook#jungkook ah#jungkookshiii#kookie#galletita #mi hermoso galletita #jungkook begin#jk alas#jk pintando#jungkok wings #WINGS Short Film 1 BEGIN #amor a el 💜🐰 #hybe labels#5YearsWithBegin #cuando descubrí begin no pude no regresar amo esta era de jmjk bangtan todo sus bailes sus voces sus presentaciones son grandes artistas #mis artistas tan profesionales y talentosos bts jmjk
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    03.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #stim#stimming#stim video#pastry#baking#knife#no cutting#cakes#pink#mini #the even smaller mini cupcakes!!! on an already tiny cake! #technology is amazing #but hi i hope we're all having a good friday i have a new icon that i am so completely obsessed with #i would take any one of you out if he asked me to #and the light of my life queen of my world very good friend alice did it for me #she is extremely good looking her mind is beyond amazing i would do anything for her so everyone say thank you alice #and now we have my beautiful baby boy favorite red winged blackbird here to deliver you a cupcake #it's a new era rip to dani but i'm a different person now #and again thank you to alice who i would give all my bones to if asked
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    01.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    no critiques will be accepted at this time please and thank you

    #i've been doing this hairstyle so much lately and it's so FUN because i can faux mullet my long bangs #haters of the paul and linda mullet era dni #wings wednesday
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    25.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The West Wing, 2x2 // Taylor Swift, Cruel Summer

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  • horsemandeath
    24.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Watching people complain about s13 Gabriel fan service is so funny to me. Yes it was fan service but also it was so fun

    #and i say that as a huge kripke era fan #ofc i have complaints abt his arc during the season because it is bad #but also! archangel on screen!!!! let me have a little fun okay ? #we had some good moments too #him screaming at lucifer. writting in enochian on the wall. showing his wings. #and there was the brief moment where they teased him going back to heaven 😔 #gabriel#archangel #shut.up.maggioli
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  • ainomica
    22.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #i spend like almost 2/3 of my life believing americans are overall smarter richer better #on average #their international image among developing countries was so looming especially in 90s and 2000s era #that all went down the drain when I grew up and social media made everything so accessible #ofc they would act like wanting better business and capitalism is right wing #lmao#political wank
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  • argenpluma
    17.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    it   is   with      SINGULAR   DELICACY      that   cerulean   eyes   meet   the   coming   storm ,         his   form   akin   to   carrara.            [   PSALM   23 : 4 :      THOUGH   I   WALK   THROUGH   THE   VALLEY   OF   THE   SHADOW   OF   DEATH ,      I   WILL   FEAR   NO   EVIL   ].         he   even   sighs ,         THE   ANGEL ,         for   this   is   not   how   he   envisioned   it   all   to   occur.      nimble   digits   unfasten   the   tight   knot   of   his   perse   tie ,         monotonous      as   one   would   after   a   day   of   work.      

         ❝   tell   me ,      MR. WICK ,   ❞      plumy ,      manner   such   only   he   is   capable ,      but   not   arrogant      [   A   BLOOD - CURDLING   SCREAM ,      A   BODY - CHILLING   SILENCE   ] ,         ❝   does   Баба-Яга   fear   death ?      or   does   Баба-Яга   seek   it ?      how   does      this   specific   tale   end ,         in   your   opinion ?   ❞         DYING   LIGHT   ON   ARGENTUM ,         slowly   the   angel   turns      *&      once   more   stills.  

    tall      *&      tailored ,         ❝   you   know   WHAT   I   AM ,      don't   you ?      then   why   come   here ?   ❞

    [   @dyavovich​ ,     ORIGINAL   ]
    #dyavovich #『 EUPHUISM 』.     words fall like feathers on sand. #『 ERA 』.     patched with the skin of an old dream. #『 DYNAMIC 』.     you only know death at the end of your barrel﹐  i carry death on my tattered wings.
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  • apatedaughter
    16.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Get to know me(Bts Edition)—Fav era’s

    Fake love and Wings

    I freaking love these dude ooooo

    {cr @lyseries}

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  • seso-neon
    20.10.2020 - 11 monts ago
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  • skullservants
    13.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    tfw you have a teenager literally living rent-free in your head and suddenly all your credit card statements have 50 monthly transactions with Hot Topic

    #borderlands #angel the siren #tannis #first time drawing a full body Angel aaa THE TATTOOS ARE SO HARDD #anyway this is my hc for BL3 era Tannis. she has Angel in her brain like a Yugioh protagonist and their alter egos #and ok she doesn’t actually have to buy clothes #...but maybe she does anyway #I can’t believe I managed to draw a pose for a human that isn’t just Standing There omg #and this was with NO TUTORIALS at ALL #nothing for the boots clothes wings body nothing #just a pose reference that didn’t tell you what order to draw the lines or even give you circles or anything #and I did it!!! #baphomart
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