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    shading is dumb and i’m not doing it you can’t make me 😤

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    title: new beginnings

    summary: a small edwin drabble born from a headcanon i shared in the rockbell-elric automail discord server (invite link on my profile). just some tooth rotting fluff as winry works al’s armor into automail. enjoy!

    rating: g

    words: 417



    “Hard to believe that plating used to be Al, huh?”

    A pair of strong arms are suddenly at her sides, large hands resting against her abdomen. The fabric of her coveralls prevents his palms from touching her skin, but an electric shock shoots down Winry’s spine all the time. Stop her head he rests his chin, and she knows he’s observing her hands as they work. Something about him taking an interest in her work, however, has made it difficult for her to concentrate. She sets down her screwdriver and leans back in her chair.

    “Yeah,” she closes her eyes and places her hands atop his, “but it’s going to help Mrs. Dixon’s little girl stand, again.”

    She feels him press his lips to the crown of her head, cursing the green bandana keeping her hair in place. The fabric loosens, alerting her that he is untying it. She sighs, a futile attempt to sound annoyed. “Edward,” she whines, “I’m working.”

    “A little break won’t kill you.” She swears she can hear the smile in his voice. His lips press against her hair, nose buried in her hair. “You smell like grease.”

    “Are you complaining?”

    His right hand moves to tilt Winry’s head back gently. He kisses her from above, tongue entering her mouth, and she swears this boy will be the death of her. But, just as quickly as it had began, the kiss ends, and Winry is left with puckered lips, yearning for more. He presses a chaste kiss against her forehead and pats her triceps.

    “Okay, back to work, gearhead.”

    She licks her lips, savoring the taste of him that’s left behind. She takes a deep breath and straightens her posture, opening her eyes to catch his lopsided grin. “I need my bandana back, Ed.”

    “Nah,” he wraps it around his hand and brings it to his nose, inhaling her scent. “You’ll be working all night. This’ll keep me less lonely.”

    It’s a sweet gesture, one that makes her heart skip a beat, but Winry rolls her eyes all the same. “You’re weird, you know that?”

    “You say that, but, here you are, in love with me.”

    A blush dusts her cheeks. It hasn’t been long since they’d confessed their feelings for one another, and while it was nice to have them out on the table, hearing the fact fall from Ed’s lips was still surreal. She huffs and turns back to her work. “Get out.”

    Edward laughs and closes the door behind him.

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    04.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    winry rockbell ended homophobia in amestris when she began apprenticing at garfiel’s automail shop and increased its already crazy gay energy so much that the power flowed under the streets like the philosopher’s stone and sucked out the souls of all the haters

    #paninya winry garfiel and the grumpy old man on the mountain… like. how iconic #one of my favorite scenes is winry returning to rush valley bc her customers missed her #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #winry rockbell#fullmetal alchemist #block wtffma to avoid my fma posts #wtffma
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    Is this not canon?

    Didn't they adopt them all?

    Am I just imagining things?

    #fullmetal alchemist #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #fma#fmab#roy mustang#riza hawkeye#edward elric#alphonse elric#winry rockbell#ling yao#lan fan#fma 03 #maybe I'm not sure #I'm still bingeing it after years #ANYHOO IS THIS NOT WHAT HAPPENED #THEY'RE PARENTS AND I WON'T SHUT UP #parental roy#parental riza #I'm just a sucker for them being the parents i know they can be #royai
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    Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

    No body

    literally nobody

    Winry : *looks at Edward's shoulder as he walks *

    Winry : Shit I am in love with him.

    #fullmetal alchemist#fullmetal #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood #anime#anime meme#anime memes#funny memes#funny#comedic #how tf did this happen #big shoulders#shoulder #humans are weird #edward elric#al elric#alphonse elric#state alchemist#winry#winry rockbell#ed elric#alfonse elric#alchemic-elric #wow too many tags #wtf am i doing #wtf is she doing
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    04.08.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Classic Hollywood Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

    Ref: Gene Tierney

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    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rating: Mature

    Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Multi, Other

    Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga


    Edward Elric/Ling Yao, Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell, Lan Fan/Ling Yao, Ling Yao/Original Character(s), Paninya/Winry Rockbell, Mei Chan | May Chang/Alphonse Elric, Lan Fan/Original Character(s)


    Edward Elric, Ling Yao, Winry Rockbell, Lan Fan, Original Female Character(s), Alphonse Elric, Mei Chan | May Chang, Paninya

    Additional Tags:

    Post-Canon, Epilogue, Polyamory, Courtship, Royalty, Reunions, Eventual Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Repression, Emperor Ling Yao, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Autistic Edward Elric, Autistic Alphonse Elric, Autistic Ling Yao, Autistic Winry Rockbell, Ling and Ed have ADHD, Restored Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric Is A Little Shit, Canon-Typical Violence, Everyone Needs A Hug, Queer Themes, Post-Promised Day, Xing, Politics, Revolutionaries In Love, Idiots in Love, Childhood Friends, Friends to Lovers, No Smut, Explicit Language

    Language: English


    Ling is the emperor now, but he's realized quickly just how flawed Xing's system of government is. He just wants to serve his people and find happiness with those he loves, but can he maintain the peace he craves as a possible coup stirs beneath his trembling throne?

    Edward and Winry have finally come to Xing three years after the Promised Day, visiting Ling at the imperial palace in the capital city of Zhonglao, and Ed finds himself dragged into the center of court scandal as he discovers just what is going on. All he wanted was to see Ling again finally, but it seems trouble always finds him, doesn't it?

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    Sundress Winry!

    || Commissions || LinkTree ||

    #fma#fullmetal alchemist#winry rockbell#fma fanart#fmab#my art#digital art#fanart#digital painting #I haven’t done painted fma fan art in a hot minute #in this house we love and respect winry #yes I did give her some arm muscle ;) #lowkey was trying out a diff way of incorporating my base colour #also just noticed this is aroace flag colours
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    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ed being protective of Winry >>>

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    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Edward and Winry: Why They Definitely Dated During the Two Year Gap

    Since the end of the manga as well as Brotherhood, I’ve observed a chunk of the FMA fandom adopting the notion that Edward and Winry do not begin their romantic relationship until the exchange at the train station, two years after the Elric brothers have been home. Admittedly, this fanon has always been a pet peeve of mine, and it was one that I actively ignored, even as an awkward high schooler that had not yet been in a romantic relationship.

    As awkward as Edward is, it’s odd to me that many people believe that he would skip the process of building a solid romantic relationship with Winry before asking her to marry him. Sure, they’re best friends and have known each other since childhood, but, ask yourself: if you were in love with your best friend, would you propose marriage at random, having never made your feelings known, before? I’m not a betting woman, but I think it’s safe to say most, if not all of you, wouldn’t.

    We’re going to take a look at several moments within the manga and Brotherhood that serve to hint towards Ed and Winry engaging in a romantic relationship during those two years spent in Resembool.

    I’ll be opening with Brotherhood’s fifth opening, “Rain”. It has always intrigued me that the version of Truth Edward sees takes on the form of Winry. I’ve had many theories regarding this that I’ve shared in the Edwin Discord server, but, recently, while researching Truth for a oneshot I’m writing, I discovered this in Truth’s trivia section:

    For some reason, in the fifth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood opening "Rain", Winry Rockbell appears as Truth. Perhaps Winry is what Ed needed most at the time of the episode in which the opening first aired. Another possible reason for Winry's appearance in the opening "Rain": at this point, the scene is playing a review of Edward's review of his journey to this point. When he faces Truth originally, and is then dragged backward through his Door (his ten year old self), he glimpses an outline of Trisha, the object of his sacrifice that brought him to the Portal of Truth, and also the most important female in his life at that time. But in "Rain", he sees Winry instead of Trisha, the current object of his affections and, after regaining Alphonse's body, his goal. A third possibility, is that Winry-as-Truth, was meant to show what he desired as a trap, fitting the next scene: of him screaming within a Philosopher's Stone, before images of every homunculus except Greed. Winry, his desire that tempts him away from what must be done, and the homunculi, whom he must face to succeed.

    When we assess the second theory listed in Truth’s trivia section of its wiki page, it is easy to conclude that Edward, though a typical teenage boy concerning romance (not to mention emotionally constipated), came to some sort of realization regarding his feelings towards his best friend. Alphonse has always been his priority since the night the brothers performed human transmutation; he never thought of his future past that. He saw his goal—get his and Al’s original bodies back—and was determined to achieve it. It was the only thing he saw in his future for years. And, suddenly, his father returns, and the fate of Amestris (perhaps, the world, even) is thrust upon him. This, I believe, is what forces Edward to face the emotions he never bothered to acknowledge. There was always a possibility of failure on the Promised Day—Father could have succeeded, and any future Edward envisioned for himself would be unobtainable. He suddenly saw himself sharing his life with his best friend, the woman he had fallen for at some point in his life. Sure, he denied having feelings for her time and time again throughout the series (Hawkeye, anyone?), but that can be chalked up to being a typical teenage boy. Not to mention, he didn’t have time to think about being with Winry. He acted selflessly, focused on getting his little brother’s body back and fulfilling the promise he made to him.

    This is somewhat touched upon in the third theory on Truth’s wiki page—the feelings he has for Winry tempt him away from the task at hand. While it does not tempt him away from the promise he made Al, it tempts him away from saving the country. While Edward is not so selfish as to abandon his friends and family on the Promised Day, he does urge Winry to take Pinako and Den out of the country, saving them from the country-wide human transmutation. Though he does not say he will join them, the request is still selfish on Ed’s part. He cares deeply for Winry, and Pinako has become a found family member for the brothers. While he’s unsure if he will make it out alive, he at least wants Winry to see another day.

    At the end of “Rain” we see that the storm has cleared, as shown by the sun shining on Winry. She watches Ed sleep peacefully, a smile on his face. This is what Ed wants, this is the goal he wants to achieve after regaining Al’s body—a happy life with Winry.

    This moment will be talked about briefly—in opening 4, “Period” (my favorite), Ed and Al pass through each other and look to their surroundings, noticing that they’re alone. Their world comes back into their view with the assistance of those who matter most to them. Winry is seen smiling behind Edward, reminding him that he isn’t alone. Being the first person he sees (or thinks of, depending on how you look at it), it speaks volumes as to Winry’s importance in Edward’s life. She is so much more to him than his mechanic and best friend.

    In a blink and you’ll miss it moment, Edward thinks back to those who have impacted his life in a positive way when facing Truth one last time. Truth asks him multiple times if he’s certain on giving up his alchemy; Edward hears the voices of Roy, Riza, Hohenheim, Armstrong, Izumi, Mei, and Alphonse calling out his name. After a brief pause, he hears Winry, This is when Ed proudly asks, “Who needs alchemy when I’ve got them?”

    The pause is significant. Ed is able to think of the others—familial and platonic relationships—without missing a beat. When he thinks to Winry, however, there is a pause. We hear her call out his name as he looks Truth in the eye. His goal has been achieved—he is able to sacrifice his Gate to bring his brother’s body back. With this in mind, and with Father having been defeated, Ed is free to think towards the future, and that is a future involving Winry. The pause symbolizes Ed’s freedom to do so, as well as his next goal, so to speak: live an “ordinary life” with the woman he loves.

    There is a time skip of at least two months following the Promised Day. This specific scene is worded different between the English dub and the subbed versions. As shown above, Alphonse asks his brother if he’s “…sure about Winry…” in the subbed version as they return home. While we would expect to see Edward freak out to some degree (i.e. spitting out his coffee when asked by Hawkeye; reciting the periodic table when remembering the conversation in Winry’s presence) he only stares at his little brother questioning my. The question by Al suggests that he and Ed had some form of discussion regarding the latter’s feelings towards their best friend. To ask someone if they’re sure of something suggests that the individual has made some sort of decision. For example, one may ask me if I’m sure about my decision to go to college, something I’ve made known to those around me. During those two months spent in Central, or even during the train ride home to Resembool, the brothers had to have discussed Winry. Alphonse is not only Edward’s little brother, but his best friend and confidant. He can tell him anything without fear of judgment, and he feels safe in divulging what he thought of as selfish desires now that his brother has his body back.

    In the English dub, the question is worded differently. Alphonse instead asks “What about you and Winry?” While not entirely the same as the Japanese, this question does continue to emply that Edward spoke of his feelings to Al at some point. This line is Al’s way of asking his brother what his plans with Winry are now that they’re home—how will he go about sharing his feelings with her?

    Sadly, we don’t get an answer to either version of the question, as the Rockbell home comes into view and the boys prepare to make their return.

    Now, to the most compelling evidence, in my opinion… The white hoodie.

    Remember the hoodie Edward returns home in? Just a plain ok’ hoodie, right? No significance whatsoever. Or so we all thought.

    Two years after their return, Winry is seen wearing the same hoodie when she sees Edward off to the West (in both Brotherhood and manga!). Now, why would a simple friend have possession of your hoodie? Sure, people share clothing all of the time, but it carries a much deeper meaning when both parties have feelings for each other.

    Winry had this hoodie before Ed’s awkward marriage proposal, not after, and while this may be the only canon scene we see her in it, the artists for Brotherhood drew Winry in the hoodie at an earlier time.

    Notice how Ed’s and Al’s outfits are different from what we see them in in their final scenes. (Note: It’s easy to argue that Al’s outfit is the same, but he actually lacks the tie he wears in his final scene!) The trio seem to be headed for Trisha’s grave, hence the flowers and the cemetery in the background. Winry is seen in that same hoodie she wears at the train station, and the same hoodie Edward wore home. While her outfit is not different whatsoever from the train station (lazy artists, maybe?) this artwork clearly takes place prior to the seeing the brothers’ off on their journeys. She’s also seen carrying a basket, presumably with apple pie, as the basket has made appearances in other Brotherhood art. It’s clear the trio plan to stay out for awhile, which leads me to doubt that even Alphonse is headed out in this day.

    Can we also take notice of the heel on Winry’s shoes? She’s clearly shorter than Ed by a lot. Guess she just can’t handle it.

    When you have feelings for someone, you don’t just hand them your hoodie for fun. The boyfriend hoodie, as I’ve dubbed it, is a common thing seen in various types of media. When in a relationship, the other party steals their partner’s hoodie and wears it proudly, even if it’s a bit too big for them (also seen in the manga, as the sleeves reach well past the middle of Winry’s hands). Do you really think Edward would let her steal the hoodie he came home in if they were still just friends? He would freak out to some degree and snatch it back. It’s a different story if the two of them are in a relationship.

    With how awkward this boy is, there is no way in hell he let two years go by without confessing, only to propose out of the blue before leaving. While the proposal itself was awkward, what proposal isn’t? Rings are dropped, words are jumbled… Nerves get the better of both parties, and that’s what happened here. It wasn’t a confession of feelings, either. When you tell someone you like them (or love) do you ask for half of their life in return for half of yours? Edward was behaving like anyone would when proposing marriage—even if the love you share with your partner is indestructible, there is always that anxiety nagging you in the back of your mind. What if they say no? What if this is too soon? What if I mess up? What if, what if, what if…

    In the timeline provided by Arakawa, Edward leaves for the west in 1917. He also marries Winry in the same year. Again, had the proposal been the beginning of their relationship, I just don’t see them marrying so quickly. Edward most likely returned home after a short stint in the western countries, having his fill of traveling, missing his fiancée more than anything. He rushed back home (within six months is my guess) and neither could wait to start their lives together. They’d been together for two years at that point, and lived without making their feelings known for years. I don’t blame them for rushing into their marriage; it’s actually quite cute to think about! But I fail to understand the idea that Ed and Winry kept their feelings for each other under wraps under the same roof for two entire years. Not to mention, Alphonse and Pinako had to have teased the ever-loving hell out of the two of them. There was no way possible they endured two years of that, mixed with awkward, sexually tense encounters.

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    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    Winry: What the fuck is wrong with you?!

    Ed: Wow, you could start with “good morning”.

    Winry: Good morning.

    Winry: What the fuck is wrong with you?!

    #Winry Rockbell#edward elric#fma#fmab#Fullmetal Alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #incorrect fma quotes #source: unknown
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    — ( character section. )

    name: winry rockbell series: fullmetal alchemist age: 16 pronouns: she/they canon point: episode 22 triggers: death, parental death, mentions of war, mentions of severe body harm and disfiguration


    despite the expected setbacks of being an apparently ordinary human, winry is far from unremarkable. she is true and devoted to the very end, dedicating herself to her career as a personal automail mechanic — engineering is something that winry is very, very passionate about. in much of her off time, she spends her free moments practicing with and learning more about machinery in any way she can get her hands on, whether it be through hitting the books or observing other mechanics’ creations. that being said, for winry, there’s nothing quite like getting the hands-on experience for herself. it’s where she feels most at home, most at peace. unfortunately, this also serves as a bit of detriment to winry, as she tends to overwork herself to the point of exhaustion, as well as become hypercritical of her own work.

    of course, winry’s fascination with automail is far from their most defining characteristic. though they have a nasty (and sometimes mildly violent) temper that can be said to rival even that of their best friend, edward elric — who they often butt heads with the most — they are a deeply kind and caring person. they love and feel so strongly, always putting others’ needs ahead of their own (especially ed’s and their other childhood friend, alphonse’s) and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone more compassionate than winry. enough so that they’ve been (light-heartedly) branded as a bit of a crybaby by ed for the intensity of the way that they feel.

    ultimately, winry is a girl who cares. she cares so, so much, whether it be in a loving or angry way. she cares for her two best friends, she cares for her parents, she cares for the people around her and the world that she lives in.

    virtues: compassionate / intelligent / dedicated

    vices: short-tempered / perfectionistic / obstinate


    the earliest part of winry’s life growing up was happy and uneventful. the only daughter to the two surgeons urey and sara rockbell, winry grew up under the care of both her parents and her grandmother, who was an automail mechanic, as well as living next to the elric family, with their two boys about winry’s age. she was cared for and doted upon, spending her formative years playing with her two friends and otherwise free from worry, up until her parents were enlisted as front-line doctors to serve in the ishval civil war. though winry persisted in spite of their absence, news arrived in 1909 that both of her parents had died amidst the action.

    overcome by the grief of their loss, winry decided to carry on their legacy of protecting others and began working as her grandmother’s assistant, becoming an amateur surgeon and engineer. her interest in automail became more than a dedicated hobby, and soon winry found herself so fixated on the study of mechanics that she was able to craft and deconstruct her own automail pieces on her own — even in spite of her young age.

    it was still difficult without her parents, but still, winry persisted with the aid of her grandmother and friends.

    she continued persisting still even after an attempted transmutation to bring al’s and ed’s deceased mother back from the dead went awry, triggering a rebound where both boys lost much of themselves. al, entire body lost and his soul bound to a suit of armor, arrived at winry’s doorstep, holding ed — barely still alive and missing his right arm and left leg.

    winry worked tirelessly, but ultimately her proficiency and understanding of automail made the surgery successful, and ed survived.

    a little later on, lieutenants roy mustang and riza hawkeye arrived at their doorstep with the intention of recruiting ed for the state alchemist program. at first more than a little apprehensive about the idea of losing another person to the war, the two were able to reassure winry about the circumstance and she became supportive of ed’s endeavor.

    powers/abilities: nothing supernatural or that needs to be taken away!

    weapons/items: wrench. just a normal wrench! good for throwing at people though.

    requested power/item: her wrench!

    — ( anamnese verge information. )

    region: echuil player’s tag: HERE

    — ( out of character section. )

    name: ariadne age: 18 pronouns: he/him contact: okumuraharus (twitter) lunala (tumblr) other characters: keiko yukimura, shinobu kochou, aigis

    #muse ( winry rockbell ) #mun ( ariadne ) #anam apps
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    01.08.2021 - 4 days ago

    Winry: Hey, do you remember the time–

    Ed: I remember everything that's ever happened to me and frequently wake up screaming because of it, so, yeah, probably.

    #Winry Rockbell#edward elric#fma#fmab#Fullmetal Alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #incorrect fma quotes #source: unknown
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    Kingdom Hearts OC Week - Day 1

    Prompt: Reference Sheet

    Want to read my fanfic? You can read it here.



    Back at it again for the third year in the row with my baby, Sakura Andrews! For the day one of the week, I chose the Reference Sheet prompt! I don’t think this is a reference sheet in the traditional sense like what you see with artists and their OCs, since I’m a writer first and foremost.

    Soooooo I decided to do a spin on it and create a reference sheet of characters that Sakura is inspired from during her creation! These characters are the ones I often think about while writing about Sakura. I’ll list them, starting from the left and going down, then the right and going down from there:

    Winry Rockbell - I love Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. She’s so strong willed and stubborn when it comes to things she’s passionate about, so why not have Sakura share some of that with her? Like Winry, Sakura is a woman who’s very stubborn and straightforward, having little patience for beating around the bush and won’t stop until she gets what she wants She also shares a bit of her emotional temper, as she tends to think with her heart first rather than her brain when it comes to those she love that are in danger.

    Hajime Hinata - I just love Hajime’s quips during his inner monologue when he’s commenting on a situation. Both he and Sakura are very blunt when asked for their opinions on things, and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Sakura doesn’t say things to be mean or to hurt others, she’s just telling the truth.

    Megara - That being said, even if Sakura’s honest, it doesn’t mean that she’s gonna tell someone what she thinks of them to their face directly. She has some tact, after all. Once their back is turned, if she doesn’t like them, she will express that quite clearly with snarky comments about them when asked about what she thinks, similar to Megara in the Hercules movie. She’ll even snap back at those in a subtle, sarcastic manner that comes off as passive aggressive if they annoy her enough and won’t go away.

    Haruhi Fujioka - Like Haruhi, Sakura is responsible and thinks logically when it comes to approaching a problem instead of kicking in the door and charging in with a knife between her teeth like Sora. It’s her practicality that helps reign Sora in during their adventures together when helping others. But, as mentioned before, she’s not immune to her emotional side and will sometimes do what the heart wants instead of using her brain first, especially when it involves those she has formed an emotional connection with.

    Millie - Honestly, I base so much of Sakura’s and Riku’s relationship off of Millie’s and Moxie’s relationship in Helluva Boss. They are so cute, their dynamic is great, and they are absolutely goals. Please, let there be more relationships like Millie and Moxie in mainstream media. Sakura is very protective of Riku and Riku is worried that his girlfriend will do something idiotic as a result of that. Plus, those two are the only ones who have witnessed one another let down their emotional walls and be soft and sensitive towards one another.

    Kim Possible - Finally, to top off this reference sheet is one of my favorite characters of all time, Kim Possible. I was obsessed with this show as a kid to the point that when I got my first phone I made custom sounds from my ringtone all the way to my notifications be sound effects from the show. So, naturally, when creating my first OC that I never shut up about, I used Kim as a huge reference point. Sakura isn’t exactly a reskinned carbon copy of her, but she does take heavy inspiration. One of the biggest references to Kim I made with Sakura was that she’s confident in what she does and if she puts her mind to it, she can do it. She doesn’t give up and keep trying. This does make Sakura a little arrogant and prideful, as she doesn’t easily admit defeat and won’t take responsibility when she’s wrong and has messed up, instead choosing to blame outside forces. This is an attitude that she needs to grow past from and change for the better, which she does do once it hurts someone close to her (no spoilers here hehe). Nomura, I’m begging you PLEASE PUT KIM POSSIBLE INTO KINGDOM HEARTS PLEASE

    Honestly that isn’t a bad idea for a Kingdom Hearts one shot that I should write bUT ANYWAYS that caps off the first post for Kingdom Hearts OC Week 2021. Can’t wait to show you all what I’ve come up with for this week!

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