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    Thinking about how MCU Steve went back in time for a woman who moved on and then knowingly let his two best friends be tortured for decades

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    Betrayal – A Bucky Barnes Fanfic Chapter 3

    AU / BuckyxOC


    Ava is an aspiring journalist, working on her first big story. Her life gets confusing when she meets James Buchanan Barnes, a charming, good-looking man, that she can hardly stay away from. She finds herself falling for him, hard, all while being haunted from ghosts of her past. But she can't shake the feeling that he is hiding something from her.

    TW: drinking, there is some strong language

    On Wattpad || Previous Chapter || Next Chapter (coming tomorrow, or read it on Wattpad) || Masterlist || Playlist

    word count: 1520

    Chapter 2

    The next few days, Ava couldn't stop thinking about James and the fact that she hadn't heard from him since their date at the bar didn't make things any better. She felt silly thinking about a guy who obviously wasn't interested in her.

    After work, Ava was happy to find Natasha waiting on her doorstep. Together they cooked some noodles to eat for dinner, as they did at least once a week to talk about their lives. This time, however, Natasha didn't have such good news, "That's all Steve could get out of the picture of the stranger, sorry sweetie." Natasha slid Ava an enlarged picture of her stranger across the small kitchen table where they were enjoying their pasta. There still wasn't much to make out from the picture. Ava had to look for new clues.

    "Let's talk about something more joyful then. How are things with Steve?", Ava winked at Natasha as she shoved another forkful of noodles into her mouth.

    Natasha rolled her eyes, "It's going quite well actually. Steve is a true gentleman. But you better tell me about James, the way he's been staring at you all night like he's never seen a woman before." Natasha smirked at Ava meaningfully.

    Ava could feel her cheeks starting to heat up. "God, don't get me started on that guy!" she replied theatrically, "He didn't seem too into me during the date. Besides, I haven't heard from him since the date and yet he keeps haunting my thoughts."

    Ava put her head in her hands in frustration. Men were complicated and incomprehensible. Why did James, of all people, trigger such feelings in her?

    "How about we go out tonight? Steve and I were going to meet at a club later. Why don't you come with us, it'll take your mind off things."

    Actually, Ava had intended to do more research for her article, but as the club was not far from the warehouses where she and Natasha had watched the two men a few days ago, she agreed to come along.

    Inside the club, Ava was drawn straight to the bar, which could not be missed on the left-hand side and offered a breather for all those tired of dancing, opposite the dance floor. Natasha, on the other hand, made her way to the dance floor in search of Steve. Unlike Natasha, Ava needed a drink before she dared to hit the dance floor. Over the booming electro music, she ordered herself a drink and propped her arms on the bar area while she waited, showing off her ass in her tight dress.

    "Well, if it isn't our aspiring journalist." Ava's heart skipped a beat. She recognised the deep voice immediately without having to turn to look at the man. She lifted her gaze from her hands and two blue eyes stared at her insistently. James had come up beside her and gave her a thin smile.

    "What brings you here, doll?", James dominant voice was easy to understand over the loud music. The pet name caught Ava off guard and she looked at James in irritation, watching his eyes drift down her body before he looked her in the eye again.

    "I'm here with Nat, but she's out looking for Steve." At that moment the bartender returned with Ava's drink, which she downed gratefully. James' presence made her nervous.

    "Are you in a hurry?", James asked her with a smirk. He had to think she had a drinking problem.

    "Not really."

    "Next round's on me," James said firmly, ordering a drink for himself and Ava. She felt his gaze continue to pierce her, she kept her eyes focussed on her hands and played with the rings she wore. When the bartender returned with their drinks, James took her by the hand and led her decisively past the dancing crowd to the back of the club. There were a few seating areas there, mostly occupied by couples making out. James only let go of her hand when they reached a free corner at the very end of the room. Ava's heart was pounding in her throat. His warm touch tingled all over her skin, giving her goosebumps. She sat down and he took a seat opposite her, far too far away for her liking.

    "How's your article going, Ava?" James asked straight-faced and with a serious expression, just like the last time they had met.

    Ava could already slowly feel the alcohol from her first drink. She shouldn't have downed it when she couldn't handle alcohol very well anyway. Alcohol made her talkative. "It's coming along," she replied briefly and slowly put the drink to her lips, her eyes on James who had his eyes focused on her lips. It wasn't until she put the drink back down that he continued speaking.

    "Found any good clues yet?" he pressed on.

    "I really shouldn't tell you my secrets, but how about this: you tell me something personal about yourself and I'll tell you what my first clue is." The alcohol was now fully in control of her judgement and James was getting to know the talkative, drunk Ava. But this also meant she could finally see him give her a real smile, which made Ava's heart beat faster.

    James averted his eyes from Ava for a moment and seemed to be thinking. Then his eyes found hers again: "Steve is the closest thing I have to a family."

    "Oh, I'm sorry." Ava felt bad that she had gotten so personal. She didn't want to hurt his feelings.

    "Don't worry princess, Steve is the best family anyone could ask for," he gave her another thin smile. She could feel the blush on her cheeks when he said the word "princess" and she took another sip of her drink.

    "Your turn."

    "Alright," Ava considered for a moment, but then decided that James seemed trustworthy, especially after he'd told her something so personal, "So far I have a photo of an attractive stranger, though you can't make out very much." James screwed up his face for a moment and Ava suddenly felt embarrassed to have admitted to him that her research hadn't gotten her very far yet. She didn't want him to think she was just a foolish little girl chasing a story that wasn't even a story. Especially since James was a lot older than her.

    For the rest of the evening he didn't ask about her job or her article again. Instead, he asked her about her friendship with Natasha and Ava downed another drink or two. After a while, Natasha suddenly appeared with Steve, who had his arm tightly around her waist, both visibly drunk and sweaty from dancing.

    "Ava!", Natasha half shouted at them, "I've been looking everywhere for you! If I'd known you were in such good company I would have been less worried." At this Natasha looked at James with narrowed eyes and a smirk and Ava saw him lower his gaze to the drink in his hand.

    "Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Steve and I were heading out now. Do you want a lift?" The evening seemed far from over for Natasha and Steve. Steve looks like he'll be all over Nat at any moment, Ava thought to herself. And she couldn't blame him, Natasha looked damn good.

    Before Ava could even reply, James spoke up, "I can drive her home, I've only had one drink." So dominant and controlling again, Ava thought, Is he a bit of a control freak?

    Natasha looked at Ava who nodded at her. They knew each other well enough that she understood that Ava had no problem being taken home by James. And with that, Natasha and Steve disappeared again.

    Outside the club, Ava welcomed the cool summer air and the sudden silence. Her ears were still ringing from the loud music as James led her to his car, his hand just lightly touching her lower back. If she hadn't been so drunk, that touch would have caused her heart to race; instead, her legs needed her full attention to keep from stumbling. James drove a black Audi that looked fancy and expensive. He opened the door for her and she got in. As he walked around the car to get in himself, she hoped fervently that she would make it through the drive without throwing up.

    James pulled up in front of her flat and turned off the engine. Embarrassed, Ava looked at James, who had his gaze fixed on her. No one said a word. The tension in the car was unbearable, Ava wanted to climb over the centre console onto his lap and press her lips to his so badly. They looked so soft and his eyes so familiar. Then she was overcome. She yanked open the door and managed to throw up on the road in time. She heard another car door open and close again. A moment later James was kneeling in front of her. She lifted her eyes in a daze and saw his pitying face. Then everything went black.

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x oc #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes imagine #fanfic#fanfiction#wattpad#original character#marvel#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #steve rogers#natasha romanoff#winter soldier#captain america #james buchanan barnes #betrayal
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    „Play with fire“ - chapter 2

    Mob!James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader (Mafia AU)

    Words: 2.6k

    Summary: „What do you want, business or pleasure?”

    You are your bosses favorite little spy, send out to get information from a very dangerous and very handsome man. James Buchanan Barnes, leader of the most feared mafia in the country.

    But can you resist his charm and get the job done?

    Or more likely, can he resist you?

    Warnings: explicit smut, flirting, dirty talk, light knife play, power play, unprotected sex, mentions of abusive relationship / non con / rape / drugs / alcohol / blood & violence … (will add more as the story goes on)

    Notes: Please check out my character visuals & moodboards for this fic 💗 (coming soon)

    🤍 read it on ao3 | my masterlist 🤍

    „Hey boss, look who we found,” the man holding your arms tightly said to Brock, who was sitting in his large chair, dominating the middle of the room.

    „Bring her to me and then leave.”

    As you’re being shoved across the room, you suddenly realize what you had gotten yourself into. Your blood freezes, panic filling you as you realize in just how much danger you’re truly in.

    This was only supposed to be a simple job. Inspect the area, check out how many guards, locate his vip room, find a weakness in their security, leave and it report it to Rumlow. Quick and easy. So how is it, that you forgot the whole point of this job so easily? Were you really that easy? You tried your hardest to remember any details from that night. There were two bodyguards, one at the door and Steve. Was Steve even a bodyguard? No, no he was his right hand. Okay one bodyguard… That didn’t sound right at all, James Buchanan Barnes would never leave his house with just one Bodyguard, there had to be more. Fuck, you can’t remember. If Rumlow really planned to attack Bucky, one of the biggest fish in the ocean, in one of his clubs and it would fail because you delivered false information… Okay stay calm, breath, you got this. At least you knew where exactly his vip room was.

    God, I’m fucked.

    The subordinate shoves you to your knees in front of his boss before turning and walking away. The door shuts with an audible click, the sound making you flinch as you’re left alone with the mobster.

    Brock had a god complex, way worse than Barnes or literally anyone else in this country and he was after the throne. Buckys throne.

    He’s been after it for years now, being the leader of one of the last few gangs that weren’t working for Barnes already. Yet he wasn’t even remotely close to his goal and with every day passing, Barnes seemed to gain more and more power. And that made Rumlows blood boil. To your incredibly luck, you owned this sadistic bastard a huge amount of money. Of course, being the pretty little thing that you were, he took full advantage of that. And he loved making your life hell, from the day he picked you up from the streets, gave you shelter and a job, he loved playing with your mind until you believed him that he owned you. And no matter how many jobs you’ve got done for him, no matter how often he did things to you that made you cry yourself to sleep at night, your debts even seemed to grow. You belonged to him and he could do whatever the fuck he wanted to do with you.

    „Tell me, what manner of insanity led you try and run away from me?” His voice was calm, casual, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d say he wasn’t mad. But you do know better, and you know you’re going to have to use every bit of your wits to get out of this.

    „I didn’t.“, you begin to explain, „I didn’t try to run away it’s just that… It’s just that I couldn’t get the information that you asked for and I swear, I wanted to come back and tell you everything you wanted me to find out. I just needed some more time and, and-"

    „Okay you know what? Shut the fuck up,” your explanation was quickly cut off before you could even finish. „Do you have any idea how many people I have shot dead for debts that were not even half as high as yours? And now, after everything I’ve done for you … You. Couldn’t. Even. Get. Me. Those. Simple. Informations?“ Rumlow was shouting now, every word punctured with a fist on the table in front of him and every single time you flinched.

    „You’re lucky I like you, babe and that I actually don’t feel like arguing right now.“, he exhaled trying to calm himself by changing the subject, pinching the back of his nose before looking down to you again, „I told Leo to get your stuff from that shitty apartment of yours that I’ve been sick of paying for and bring it to my house. You’re with me most of the time anyways, so I think today is your lucky fuckin' day.“

    You look at him in horror, your pretty eyes already filling with tears by the thought of him now actually being around you all the time. Now there was truly no escape of him. And you did this to yourself; you digged your own grave the second you went into the club and laid eyes on this dangerous man with the blue eyes and a metal arm.

    „Don’t look at me like that, you know I hate when you try to guilt trip me. Now get the fuck up, go take a shower or whatever and make yourself at home because by the time I get back… I‘ll make you regret every decision of your life that lead you into my arms, pretty girl.“


    Over a month now of waiting for the war that Steve had predicted to come and yet nothing had happened; Buckys disappointment was evident for several nights in a row as of late. No sign of Rumlow or his girl, the latter he hadn’t expected but perhaps had hoped for, and so he was willing to let it go. Things were business as usual as he watched over the club from his couch in the VIP section, eyes idly scanning the crowd as he attempted to ignore whatever brainless floozy had parked herself in the blonde’s lap tonight as she tried to make chitchat.

    „So do you guys, like, workout a lot?” The girl asked, making Bucky roll his eyes as he dug for his smokes in his pocket, placing one between his lips.

    „Oh yeah, all the time.” Steve muttered sarcastically but with a smile planted on his lips. „Ain’t that right Buck?”

    „Sure, I workout…with your sister. All the time.” Bucky shot back, looking at the girl as he chuckled out plumes of smoke and her brows furrowed.

    „I don’t have a sis–” She began only to be hushed by the blonde, his gaze flicking from the crowd to Bucky as his smirk grew wider. „Shut up, no one cares.” He hissed at the girl and pushed her away, dismissing her with a wave of his hand, much to Buckys surprise.

    „Heads up, Buck, your toy’s back…and she brought him with her.”

    Bucky sat up straight, following the blonde’s line of sight as he flashed a toothy grin before he leaned back into the cushions. He could see the pair of them heading their way, the guard on the staircase looking up to the two of them for confirmation on whether he should let them pass. Steve motioned to let them through as Bucky simply took another long drag from his cigarette, eyes on you as you kept your gaze averted.

    He could tell you weren’t happy with the man’s arm slung around your waist, in fact you looked like you’d rather be anywhere else in the world. You looked tired and no amount of make up in this world could cover up how fucking sad you looked. Your dress was uncomfortably short, short and revealing enough for him to see a few bruises on your inner thighs and arms, which was horrifying enough considering that the club had barely any bright lights and the bruises were still dark enough -visible enough- for him to see. And with how he knew that sadistic bastard, Bucky was sure Rumlow made you wear that dress to demonstrate something, like a silent a message.

    Oh he knew exactly what has happened.

    „Hey Angel, long time no see.” Steve chimed, smirking haughtily as you rolled your eyes while his gaze flicked to the man at your side. „Rumlow.”

    „Steve Rogers…do you ever tire of being his lapdog? Surely you could be doing bigger and better things than being a glorified bodyguard“, he shot back, charming smile splitting his face and god, it made Steve want to punch it right the fuck off. „Anyways, my business isn’t with you but rather with Barnes.”

    „I didn’t realize we had business, Rumlow.” Bucky said flatly, ignoring the growl coming from his right hand man. „Finally ready to hand over that measly ass turf of yours to someone who knows what they’re doing?”

    „I hope you’re not implying that’d be you.” Rumlow sneered, tightening his grip around your waist as you tried to pull away from him. „No, I think you know exactly why I’m in this shithole you call a club. Isn’t that right, my darling pet?”

    „I’m not doing this, Brock, I’ve already told you.” You muttered bitterly, sparing a glance at Bucky sitting across from you before looking away. 

    „You know what I’ve always wondered, Rumlow?” Bucky piped up, drawing the man’s attention once more, for which you threw him a grateful look briefly.

    „What it feels like to be a God amongst mere peasants like yourself?” Brock spat back in a pleasant tone, a hint of a smirk on his lips as he waved off the idea. „A base creature such as you, Barnes, would never understand.”

    „Yeah?” Bucky retorted, scoffing as he sat up and leaned his elbows on his knees as he smirked right back at him. „Nah, what my cock tastes like…”, he explained, „Surely you got a nice taste when you kissed her, you know…when she came home to you stuffed full of my cum.”

    Your muscles went rigid as you listened to Buckys taunting words, Steve snorting laughter and even the deep growl coming from the man right next to you sounded very far off. You couldn’t believe you had just heard the James Buchanan Barnes speak about you so offhandedly, as though you weren’t sitting right there, as if your cheeks weren’t heating up with embarrassment. You honestly didn’t know what you expected, you had set this all in motion and you knew it would come to this, as soon as Brock found out about the night between his favorite plaything and the man he wanted to see dead.

    You didn’t even feel the arm around your waist retract, and when you dared to glance up from your shoes, Rumlow was already standing as Bucky rose to his full height. Bucky smirked at the man, holding up a hand to stop Steve from rising as well as he took one last drag from his smoke and flicked it away, blowing the smoke right into Rumlows sneering face.

    „You want the whore so fucking bad?!” Rumlow snarled and his words made you flinch so hard, it made both -Steve and Bucky- look down at you, „All she does is cry and be good for nothing but a few hours of fun, when she bounces on my cock. You know, I actually had planned to throw that bitch in the thrash by the end of the week so I should probably thank you. She’s your fucking problem now, James.“

    And with that, he’s gone. The Bodyguards made sure he actually left, communicating via sms with Steve, once his car left Buckys territory, as you found out later.

    Like a gunshot had just echoed, the silence in the room was deafening. Steve was the first one to sit down again, pouring himself and his boss a glass of scotch.

    For a moment, Bucky just stands in front of you in silence, mustering you and you don’t even dare to look up at him. Not with all the things that had been said about you, over your head like you weren’t even there, like you weren’t a person… just a thing that someone could own.

    Suddenly a hand lingers on your shoulder, his thumb brushing up and down the side of your throat and over a fresh bruise that still stings, before he carefully cups your face in his hand and makes you look up at him.

    „Are you okay?“ Buckys voice is soft but you hear it loud and clear, even over the music from the club below and you slowly nod.

    „I‘ll get you a driver that brings you home, if you want. I can make one of my security man stay for tonight and make sure that-"

    „I live … I used to live with Brock so I have nowhere to go“, you interrupt his unbelievable kind offer and it makes you want to hide your face in shame; not daring to move, you just close your eyes shut as tight as possible. Oh if only a hole would open up under your feet and swallow you whole…

    „How could you even be with a sadistic monster like him? That bastard, Rumlow?” Steve suddenly asked and you let out a sigh.

    „I’m not exactly with him“, you said quietly.

    „If you’re not with him, then–” He began but you were quick to cut him off.

    „Why do all this? Why let him treat me like this?” You shot back and he nodded, crossing his arms loosely over his chest. „Because…that’s Rumlow. I owe him a lot. He made sure I have a home, food and he gave me jobs to pay back my debts. But over the time I realized that’s his way of showing–

    „Don’t. Don’t you fuckin’ dare say that bastard loves you, that is not how you show love.” Bucky suddenly barked and he made a disgusted face, interrupting you without second thought as he ran a hand through his hair with a growl. „I should have his fuckin’ head for tonight and for what he did to you…”

    „No, that was his way of showing me to whom I belong. He owns me, Barnes.“ You spat back with a glare. „But now it’s done, over, just like he said…he wanted to get rid of me by the end of the week, so I guess the last few weeks I spend with him finally paid off for my debts.”

    „You can come with us and stay at my house tonight, until you find somewhere else to stay.” He offered quietly, it was so odd to hear such a huge man speak so softly but you pushed yourself away from him, as he reached for your arm. You know he’s just trying to help in his own way, but you can’t risk getting right into the hands of another dangerous man. You barely even knew him, who knew what he was capable of and even Rumlow was once just a nice guy that made you think he only wants to help you.

    „I can handle myself,” You replied, suddenly standing but still having to glance up at him, catching the way his brow furrowed at your coldness, „I don’t need or want your pity.”

    „Pity? Is that what you fucking think this is, pity?!” Bucky raised his voice as he stared incredulously at you.

    „James, he was the one who send me. He send me to get information from you because he wants to see you dead, don’t you get it!? Why are you even trying to-"

    „Don’t you think I don’t know this already? Of course he wants to see me dead. From the moment you stepped into my club we knew who you where and why you were here and even if you actually tried to get those information, they wouldn’t have bought him far. What he was looking for isn’t here and it may not look like it but all of my clubs are safer than the fucking pentagon. Believe me, Rumlow can’t touch me. He’s just a dog that barks a lot, but he doesn’t bite.“


    „Do you think this will work, boss?“

    „Give her a few weeks, maybe a few months… but she‘ll get that job done, even if she doesn’t know it yet.“

    << Chapter 1 | Chapter 3 >> [coming soon]


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    Whumptober 2021 - Day 21

    Continued from Day 20

    “Clinton!” Natasha yelled and stormed through the corridors, followed by Bucky and Steve.

    “Clinton Francis Barton!” she called again and Bucky stopped to look at Steve. 

    ‘Francis?’ he mouthed and Steve shrugged but when Natasha stormed around a corner the two men hurried after her. 

    “Ma’am,” a nurse tried to stop Nat. “Could you please not shout so loud? We have…” 

    “Where is he?” she interrupted the woman, folded her arms over her chest and impatiently tapped her foot on the floor. 

    The nurse held her glare for a long moment before she sighed. 

    “Barton?” she asked and Nat nodded. “Room thirteen.” 

    “Great,” Natasha muttered. “As if he hadn’t had enough bad luck for one day.” 

    “Natasha,” Bucky started but Nat ignored him, she just stormed to the door, tore it open and started to yell immediately. 

    “Where the fuck have you been? Why didn’t you call us? And why the fuck do you have blood in your hair?” 

    Bucky looked at Steve and then almost ran into the room, too. Clint had blood in his hair? That wasn’t good, not at all!

    “I couldn’t…” Clint just said but when he spotted him, he stopped and smiled. “Bucky! You’re here!” He lay on an examination bed but when he saw them he sat up, wincing because it seemed to hurt. 

    “Of course I’m here,” Bucky said. “I was worried when you didn’t come over and…” 

    “Where’s Lucky?” Clint interrupted him and looked at both, Nat and Bucky. 

    “He’s at the veterinarian’s,” Steve, who entered the room now, too, said. “He bit one of your attackers and then tried to follow the car through the streets. He broke down completely exhausted and people brought him to a veterinarian.” And when Clint opened his mouth, he added quickly, “He’s okay so far. Bucky will fetch him later.” 

    “Care to explain what happened to you?” Natasha snapped now and Clint sighed. 

    “I wanted to go to the park with Lucky, saw the coffee shop, got myself some coffee and then a car hit me,” he said. 

    “A… a car hit you?” Bucky blurted. “Who? Why? And…” he would kill them. Whoever dared to lay hands on Clint, he would find them and kill them. 

    “Uh… remember the Tracksuit Draculas?” 

    “Those halfwitted Russians who owned your building before you took it from them?” Nat snapped. “You let them kidnap you?” 

    “I didn’t let them kidnap me,” Clint sighed. “They ran me over with a fucking car and threw me in the trunk while I was unconscious!”

    “And you escaped them?” Steve asked. Clint looked at him, a brow raised and a default expression on his face. 

    “No, I’m still kidnapped and in the trunk of the fucking car,” he said then and watched Steve blush violently. 

    “Did you hurt your head?” Bucky wanted to know now and pointed at Clint’s blood matted hair. But Clint shook his head. 

    “No, that’s not from me,” he said. “I headbutted one of them, broke his nose and he bled like a stuck pig all over me.” 

    “So…” Nat said slowly. “You’re okay, then?” 

    “No, he’s not,” a female voice said behind them. It was the nurse from earlier and she squeezed herself through the tiny gap between Bucky and Steve and glared angrily at Clint. “Because someone had to move again, tore the stitches and is bleeding through the bandages. Again, Mr. Barton!” 

    “It’s noth…” he started but the nurse stopped him with a gesture with her hand. 

    “Your visitors are leaving now,” she commanded. “And I will stitch you up again! Lie back!” 

    “See you later then,” Clint smiled and waved but lay back immediately when the nurse glared. 

    “Until later,” Bucky said and sighed relieved. Clint was okay, well, mostly and he would go and get the dog. And then he would nurse them both back to health.

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    Bucky in fantasy magic AU thing. I didn’t think this through I just thought it looked cool. Why’s the ‘Winter Soldier’ wielding flames? I feel like the ‘winter’ thing was something forced upon him, and flames just went better with the gold in his Vibranium arm.

    I used WLOP as inspiration for this one. I think this is my most detailed art after the stucky patroclus and achilles ones.

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    Outside / Inside

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    Zemo was captured, it won't end well... 

    check full video: Bucky/Zemo -  Halloween
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    Spot the difference

    #lol #I'm not sorry #every fucking time i see this man crying on my dash #bucky barnes#mcu#winter soldier #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws
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    This is some quality Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson stuff

    #TFATWS #The Falcon and The Winter Soldier #Bucky Barnes#Sam Wilson #Original child character #Fanfiction#Marvel#MCU #Dr. Strange #peggy carter#steggy#steve rogers #steve x peggy #Marvel Fanfiction #The Falcon and the winter soldier fanfic #captain america#agent carter#Collaboration #James Buchanan Barnes #Multiverse of Madness #MoM#Peter Parker
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    Flufftober: Day 21 - Knuckle Kiss

    It's 7pm! Date time!

    Part two of 7pm - PART ONE HERE (and also on ao3)

    So, I know that some people aren't into Slice of Life fics, but I love them. This was purely self indulgent based on the head canon that Bucky would not be amused by sharing a name with a dog (James).

    Warning: toothrotting fluff (so basically none)

    It hadn’t really crossed my mind that I hadn’t told Bucky where I lived until he was knocking on my door at ten til seven, although it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he had tracked me down. Of course, as soon as he started knocking, the dog started barking. The overexcited mutt ran to the door, his feet skidding on the hardwood floors. Eager to see who was on the other side, he scratched at the door and howled, and I had to edge him out of the way with my hip just to get a hand on the knob.

    “Sorry. One sec!” I had to raise my voice to be heard over the ruckus of the massive dog. “Jesus, dude. Calm down!” Holding him back with one hand, I opened the door and waved Bucky in.

    “Jeeze, doll. That thing is as big as you.” Bucky held his hand out in greeting, letting himself be sniffed and smiling when he was accepted with a slobbery lick.

    “Yeah, he’s a big boy. They assume wolfhound mix because of the giantness and the wiry coat.” I patted his hind quarters like I was showing off livestock and scratched the spot on his haunches that made his left leg twitch.

    “What’s your name, buddy?” Bucky knelt down next to the dog when he flopped over and began begging for belly rubs. I left the two to make friends while I stepped into the other room to finish throwing on some earrings.

    “His name is Sir James Wolfington III of the London Wolfingtons,” I called from the living room, grabbing his toys and blanket and shoving them in his crate. I whistled for the dog, and they both answered the call and wandered in. I shooed the dog inside his crate and latched the door.

    “The dog’s name is James…” Bucky deadpanned. I nodded.

    “Why wouldn’t it be? Poor mutt needed some extra class after spending all that time in the clink. James is a perfectly respectable name for a dog.” I ran my mouth without really thinking. “Yes, it is. Isn’t it my sweetie little dumb dog? Yes it is. Who’s a good boy?” I crouched down next to the crate and treated James to another ear scratch through the bars.

    “James.” Bucky repeated, eyebrows raised expectantly.

    “Oh.” It took me a second, but when my thoughts caught up to my brain, I smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of my head. “I call him Jim-bo most of the time. Does that make it any better?” Right on cue, a whine came from the crate. “We should probably go now before he gets antsy.”

    Bucky rolled his eyes and scoffed. “I have the same name as the dog. Great. Wait til Sam hears about this.”

    “It’s not that bad.” I insisted. “No one calls you James anyway.” I took his hand when he offered it, and we went on our way, stopping on the stoop to lock the front door. I pointed out the Ring doorbell as I turned the key and tested the knob. “Next time use that. He doesn’t bark at that.”

    Bucky nodded and took my hand again. I couldn’t help but smile when he kissed my knuckles in apology, and I couldn’t help but frown when instead of a car or truck, a motorcycle sat in my driveway. My brain fizzled out and stopped sending signals to my brain and my legs quit working.

    Bucky tugged at my hand gently, but I shook my head in refusal. “I’m not getting on that.”

    “Come on, doll. I brought you a helmet and everything.” He crossed over to the bike and unclipped a saddlebag and pulled out a perfectly sensible helmet, but I still shook my head in refusal.

    “You don’t just show up on a date and assume that they’re going to be okay riding on the back of a deathtrap, Barnes.” Motorcycles we’re a no-go for me. Non-negotiable.

    Bucky looked at me like I had two heads. “A deathtrap? Really?”

    I nodded.

    “Don’t you think that’s a little overdramatic?”

    I gave him a warning look.

    “Okay, fine. Gimme your keys.” Bucky held his hand out and gestured for me to hand them over.

    I laughed and held my purse against my chest. “Absolutely not. I help put your reports together. You are a terrible driver. Everything you drive turns into a projectile. You’ve trashed more vehicles than I’ve ever owned!”

    “That’s work. This is -”

    “You’re not driving my car, Bucky.” Turns out I had two non-negotiables.

    “Then you drive your car. I don’t mind. I’m a feminist. Women can do those things now.”

    Bless his heart, he was being sincere. “I’m not driving myself on a date you asked me on.” I could play that game too. If he wanted to flaunt feminism in my face, I’d shoot it back down with his 1940s brand of “harmless misogyny.”

    Bucky sighed and rubbed his thumb across his brow, hand on his hip as he came back over to me.

    “Listen, doll. I haven’t gone on a date in 70 something years. Can you cut me some slack?”

    He was so handsome, and he looked so stressed. Placing my hands on his shoulders, I lifted myself up onto my tiptoes and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips. Bucky stilled instantly and brought his hands to my cheeks. I pulled away with a smile on my face.

    “I think you’re doing okay, except for one little thing -” I held my thumb and forefinger just the slightest distance apart.

    Bucky stepped back and threw his hands up in the air.

    I grabbed his metal arm and refused to let him walk away. “No no no. None of that.”

    “Fine. Tell me what I did wrong now. Maybe you can go tell Stark about that too.” He was adorable when he pouted, and I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

    “I said I was sorry!”

    Bucky grunted and paced a few steps, still letting me hold onto his wrist. Shyness overtook me, and I had to look at the ground. “I didn’t mean to get you in trouble, you know. And I’m sorry for that.” I fiddled with my purse strap, a nervous habit. “It just got really hard to be around you and feel invisible.”

    Trying desperately to be brave, I lifted my gaze from the driveway. Bucky was looking at me with adoration in his eyes. He let out a big sigh and held his arms out to me. He tugged me into his embrace and wrapped his arms around me in the biggest, best hug I’d ever had - even if the straps and the zipper on his jacket were squishing my face.

    “You weren’t invisible, sweetheart. Just out of my league.”

    I smiled against his jacket. “I guess that makes up for not telling me I look pretty tonight.”

    Bucky pulled me off his chest and held me at arms length. “What’d’ya mean, ‘I didn’t tell you looked pretty’? I’m pretty sure I did.”

    I shook my head. “Nuh uh. I think you were distracted by sharing a name with the dog.”

    Bucky rolled his eyes again and dropped his hands off my shoulders. “That damn dog.”

    I rolled my lips over my smile and tried to keep it hidden.

    “Ok, well, what are we doin’, doll. You won’t get on the bike and won’t let me drive and you refuse to drive. What do you want me to do? Ya want me to go get a truck and come back?”

    Sweet Bucky was starting to sweat thinking of ways to salvage the date, and it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d sat with him and analyzed actual disasters. I’d combed over pictures of corpses with him to confirm kills. I’d seen the majority of the horrible, stressful things this man done, and this little date was what scared him.

    “Why don’t we just go inside and order a pizza?” I shrugged my shoulders and watched the stress melt off of him.

    “I’ll do ya one better, doll.” He followed behind me as we went back into the house. “Mind if I raid your kitchen?” Bucky didn’t wait for an answer. He was already in there, opening the fridge and every cabinet I had.

    “Whatever you find is fair game.” I left him to it and went to rescue Jim-bo. I let the dog out into the backyard and returned to the kitchen after kicking my shoes off and leaving them by the door. I padded over to the counter and slid into one of the tall chairs.

    I watched as he pulled out random ingredients. A couple packs of ramen, eggs, a forgotten red pepper, sweet potatoes and carrots that had probably been rolling around in that abandoned produce drawer for who knows how long.

    “You might wanna check those,” I warned him.

    He waved me off and moved on to the freezer before continuing his search in the pantry. Within just a few minutes he was fully immersed in his task, and I was fully invested in watching his muscles move under his shirt as he cooked. I had to tear myself away from staring at his butt when the dog barked, wanting to be let back in.

    “How do you not have chopsticks?” is how he greeted me when I came back into the kitchen. Jim-bo immediately tried to join Bucky in the kitchen, and the latter had to maneuver around the oversized nuisance. I called the dog to my side with a snap of my fingers, and he loped back over to sit near me. I climbed back onto the chair and held my feet out of the way so Jim-bo could lie underneath them.

    “Why don’t I have what?”

    “Chopsticks. They’re the perfect kitchen tool.” Bucky was talking to me over his shoulder while he did whatever he was doing. “Need to flip something? Stir something? Deep frying? Checking oil temp? They can do everything.”

    “I didn’t know I needed them,” I admitted. Jim-bo let out a deep sigh as I lazily petted him with my toes, and I joined him with a sigh of my own. I leaned against the counter with my elbows and propped my head up in my hands.

    Bucky hummed and asked where the bowls were. I pointed over his shoulder, and he started plating up. What he presented was the prettiest bowl of twenty-five cent ramen I had ever seen in my life.

    “Careful. It’s hot. You might wanna blow on it.” Bucky made a point of handing me a spoon, holding it up in front of him with a scowl on his face.

    “I’m sorry. I didn't know you loved chopsticks so much.” I blew onto the soup and watched him come around the counter and take a chair. When he tried to sit, Jim-bo immediately jumped up and stuck his nose in Bucky’s crotch. Bucky nudged him away, but Jim-bo came out from under the counter and tried to put his paws on the counter.

    The two Jameses went back and forth. Human James would push doggo James’ paws off the counter, and doggo James would jump back up and try to see if there was a treat for him in human James’ bowl.

    “Your dog is rude.” He was starting to get exasperated. “You should train him better.”

    I gave Bucky the side eye and put my spoon down. “Platz.” With a snap of my fingers and a single word in German, Jim-bo got off the counter and came back to my side. He grumbled in his doggie way as he settled back down, looking up at me with his big, brown eyes like I had betrayed him.

    Bucky looked at you surprised. “Yes, the dog speaks German.” You answered his question before he asked it and went back to your soup. “This is actually pretty good, Bucky.” I was surprised at what he had managed to whip up using the pathetic contents of my kitchen.

    “I’ve eaten a lot of top ramen. It usually needs help.”

    I took his explanation in stride and nodded along, trying to slurp up a mouthful of noodles gracefully and failing at it.

    “That's why you should have chopsticks…” He couldn’t resist adding a smart ass comment.

    Shrugging his comment off, I confessed that I ordered in most nights and pretty much ate like a broke college student. Bucky looked personally offended, but he could get over it. There wasn’t much conversation as we finished eating, and he cleared the table quietly without being asked when we were done. It was quite the domestic scene, and when he loaded the dishwasher - correctly - I felt myself swooning.

    We retired to the living room and tried to sit together on the couch, but Jim-bo was having none of it.

    “You’re actually in his spot…” I grimaced apologetically as Bucky rolled his eyes and stood back up. Jim-bo took the opportunity to reclaim his rightful spot taking up half of the couch.

    “You gonna tell me where I’m allowed to sit or should I just sit on the floor?” He was so grumpy with his hands on his hips, trying so hard to be patient - so very patient - which I knew was so very difficult for him.

    I went to him and slid my arms around his waist, giving him a tight hug. “Do you want me to kick the dog off the couch? I’ll do it for you if you want.”

    Bucky hugged me back and rested his head on top of mine. “Nah. It’s his house. You can’t kick a man off his own couch.”

    I laughed at his serious tone and tilted my head back to look up at him. “Thanks for making dinner, Bucky. I liked it. It was nice.” I could feel my face flushing in embarrassment, but the smile on his face put me at ease.

    “Sorry I ruined your night on the town, doll.”

    It didn’t matter to me. I kissed his jaw and leaned into him. “Sorry I don’t trust you not to break every vehicle you touch.” That earned me a laugh. “You think we could sit down now? Hugging in the middle of my living room for an extended period of time is weird and uncomfortably intimate for this juncture.”

    Bucky laughed and kissed the top of my head. “Just get your dog to move over, and you got a deal.”

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    winterbones 🤝 stemo

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    He's in so much denial it hurts

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    Trick or Treating

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    Steve and Tony take their nephew trick or treating.

    *can be read as a standalone fic*

    Words: 1376, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 4 of Love in the Country, Part 1 of Love in the City, Part 2 of Falling in Love, Part 5 of Stony, Part 17 of Stuckony

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: General Audiences

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    Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, James "Bucky" Barnes, Harley Keener, Rebecca Barnes Proctor, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Brock Rumlow, Clint Barton

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    Additional Tags: Kid Bucky Barnes, Kid Harley Keener, Family Fluff, Trick or Treating, Adorable, Short & Sweet, Harley Keener is Tony Stark's Adopted Child, Kid Fic

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