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  • morgana-greenleaf
    13.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Summer of Whump Day 14: Hair grabbing/hand gagging


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    The Soldier lies in his own filth on the floor of his cell. The door swings open, and a group of guards file in, followed by the Director.

    “Disgusting,” the Director says, staring down at him, mouth twisted. He leans down and grabs the Soldier by his long hair, nails scraping on his scalp. The Director jerks him up, the Soldier scrabbling to follow the movement.

    The Director turns and leaves, dragging the Soldier with him, the guards surrounding them. They come into an office-like room, and the Director throws the Soldier into the metal chair across from the desk, before the Director settles in his own chair; a plush, comfy office chair.

    The Director opens a drawer, and pulls out a manila folder, and sets it in front of the Soldier. The Soldier raises his head, just enough to see the folder. The Director flips it open, and that reveals the photos of three men.

    “These men,” the Director says, leaning forwards on the desk, “Have been fighting against HYDRA’s good work. They have been killing dozens of people. We offered them mercy if they turned themselves in, but they refused, and you must take them out.”

    The Soldier nods.

    “They’ll be out on the streets this evening, and you will take them out via sniper rifle from the top of a building. Do not let them see you.”

    “Yes sir,” the Soldier says. He still remembers the punishment from last time he was seen.

    The Director stands, and grabs the Soldier by his hair again, dragging him into the prep room. He’s released to stand in the centre of the room, and his chains are unlocked, and pants removed. Two guards takes hoses, washing him down quickly and efficiently, then roughly towel him dry.

    They dress him, and strap on holsters to hold his weapons, and then drag him back into his cell. He leans back against the cold stone of the wall, soothing his aching skull. His temple throbs from yesterday’s wipe. He fades in and out of consciousness, until the guards come to take him to the van.

    A few strands of hair, damp with blood, stay stuck to the wall of the cell.

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  • oakzap425
    13.06.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Any Falcon and the Winter Soldier/Joaquin Torres fans out there got any close ups (gifs or stills) of Joaquin in uniform?

    I’m trying to see the patches on his uniform.  I’d really appreciate the help?

    #Danny Ramirez#Joaquin Torres#Falcon #The Falcon and the Winter Soldier #FaTWS#Captain America #Captain America and the Winter Soldier #CAaTWS#Sam Wilson#Bucky Barnes#Marvel#MCU#Disney#Disney+
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  • thisgirlisonfayeeer
    13.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    from Sebastian Stan's Instagram Story (@imsebastianstan)

    Happy birthday, Chris Evans! 🎉🥰💖

    #chris evans#sebastian stan#captain america#winter soldier#steve rogers#bucky barnes#stucky #steve x bucky #bucky x steve #dammit sebby!! #i'm waiting mackie!!
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  • love4buckybarnes
    13.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago


    *=smut warning

    Series/Multi Stories:

    Deja Vu Mini Series-COMING SOON

    One-Shots: Promises

    Here In Brooklyn

    Best Sleep

    #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes imagines #bucky barnes x reader #bucky fanfic#bucky barnes#Masterlist#imagines#avengers#marvel #winter soldier x reader #winter soldier #winter solider imagine #winter solider fanfiction
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  • multiwrites
    13.06.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    @wanderingguest​                                “  keep kissing me like that and we’re gonna end up back in bed.  ” (for bucky, from steve)

              it’s hard not  to kiss the blond like that when he feels like it’s all he wants to do.   it’s been a heaven  -  send,  getting to have this time with steve now that they’re both out of the public eye.   able to relax and settle together,  truly make a life together that they’ve always dreamed about.   bucky is so damn glad that steve is the only one that his heart belongs to.                            “  you say that like it’s a bad thing,  ”                            he replies with a playful grin,  brow arching before he leans in to press another lingering kiss to soft lips.                                    “  we can take the day off,  yeah?   spend the day in bed?   we can do productive things tomorrow.  ”                                     is it selfish that he wants steve all to himself today?   probably.   that doesn’t mean that bucky wants it any less. 

    #the winter soldier [ answered. ] #the night we met [ bucky x steve ] ☾ wanderingguest ☾
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  • justasociallyawkwardgeek
    13.06.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Bucky: *rolls over in bed and knees Steve in the ribs*

    Steve: Ow

    Steve: You kneed me

    Bucky, sleepily: Yeah, I do need you

    #Steve’s probably just happy Bucky’s sleeping soundly #stucky#steve rogers #james bucky barnes #captain america#winter soldier#mcu#the avengers #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel
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  • gleegrumps
    13.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    some little pages in the sketchbook of some of my faves 😮‍💨❤️‍🔥

    a compilation of steve in ca:tws ; nat in iron man 2 ; and TH's spider-man from homecoming 🥰 (spider man includes ohuhu number codes)

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  • groguonboard
    13.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Sebastian’s birthday message to Chris has me swooning. For both of dem bois

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  • samwilsonsimp
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    bucky pulling the chair out for sam just to be all Old Fashioned and Romantic

    then pulling it out farther just when sam's about to sit down and cackling while sam falls over because bucky's an asshole

    #he would do this dont sit here and lie to me #i love the idea of being an old fashioned romantic #and sam teasing him for it #bucky also messes with sam just for the hell of it #we pinched each others cheeks as a greeting all the time in the forties #NO YOU DIDNT SHUT UP #sambucky#sam wilson#bucky barnes#tfatws #the falcon the the winter soldier #caatws #captain america and the winter soldier #incorrect avengers#incorrect marvel#incorrect mcu#marvel#mcu
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  • kai-queen
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sam: Why is your back all scratched up?

    Bucky: *Flashback to when he chased after a raccoon after Sam told him to leave it alone*

    Bucky: I’m having an affair.

    #james bucky barnes #sam wilson#sambucky#fucky#winterfalcon#incorrect mcu #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect tfatws quotes #the falcon and the winter soldier
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  • borschtisaukrainiansoup
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    DAng it i meant to post this during the finale but oh well

    #sam wilson #sam wilson fanart #sambucky#tfatws #the falcon and the snowman #marvel#sambucky fanart#the falcon#marvel fanart #the falcon and the winter soldier #bucky barnes fanart #bucky barnes
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  • margarethx
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    As much as it annoys me that another unreliable source spreads made up rumours about the next movie with Sam and Bucky (because they lie for clicks and people just let them...) I have to say that it’s very amusing to watch people’s reactions to an info like that.

    Some stupid website: Sam and Bucky are gonna fight each other in the next Captain America movie! OMG!

    Sambucky fans: ...well, yeah? How is this news? They’ve been fighting since the day they’ve met. Sam probably said “I love you more” and Bucky got offended, because he’s clearly more in love with his husband and they argued about it for ten hours... That’s just the thing they do. We already know that. Stop embarassing yourself.

    #sam wilson #samuel thomas wilson #james bucky barnes #bucky barnes#captain america #captain america sam wilson #the falcon#white wolf#winter soldier#sambucky#winterfalcon #sam x bucky #tfatws#caatws#cap4#mcu#marvel
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  • ceo-of-daichi
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hopefully once this fic is finished I will be back to write the remaining requests!!! Sorry for the wait guys but i’m super excited to show you all what i’ve been working on the past week!! (Should be coming out soonish!!)

    #lydz speaks #i’m loving it so far #i’ve written 3.5k but i’m aiming for 5/6k #its gonna be the longest fic i’ve ever written #i really hope you guys like it #bucky x reader #bucky x you #bucky x y/n #bucky barnes #the winter soldier
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  • thighs-of-betrayal-blog
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Star-Spangled Partner

    Pairing: Sam Wilson x Avenger! Reader

    Summary: You are Sam’s partner, in more ways than one, and you’ll always be there for him. 

    Warnings: angst/fluff, death, violence, weapons, cursing

    A/N: Hey everyone! I’m still working on a few requests (I do them in order, so if it takes a little bit for me to get to yours, I’m sorry! I will definitely get to it though). But, I wanted to take a break to write a little something for Sam. I haven’t written for him in a while and I’ve missed it. So, this is the result of that lol. I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated! :)

    The wind whips around you as you ride your motorcycle through the city. 

    Clenching your hands, you rev your engine, speeding up to catch up to the civilians stuck in moving trucks driven by the Flag Smashers. 

    “What’s going on down below?” Sam asks, voice coming through your earpiece.

    Revving your engine even harder, you’re now only feet away from the trucks. “Almost there. Gonna have to fix up my baby for me,” you respond before leaping off your motorcycle and grabbing onto the side of one of the trucks. 

    “Yikes, I saw that. Definitely going to need at least a new coat of paint,” Sam jokes. 

    “Always the funny guy,” you respond, climbing up to the top of the truck. Walking towards the front, you bend down and smash your fist against the windshield, breaking it. The driver swerves and you hold on tight to not fall off. 

    “Do I have to listen to this banter for the whole mission?” Bucky asks, en route to your location to help you with the hostages. 

    “Probably,” Sam replies. “You know how we are.” 

    Regaining your balance, you shove your arm through the hole you made in the windshield and slam the passenger’s head against the dashboard, knocking him out. 

    “Here goes nothing,” you whisper to yourself. 

    Crawling over to the side of the truck, you fling yourself through the passenger door window, landing on top of the Flag Smasher you just rendered unconscious. 

    The driver stares at you in awe. 

    “Hey there, I’m Y/N,” you say before pulling out your gun and shooting him in the leg. As he screams out in pain, you take the opportunity to kick him towards the door. Continuing to kick him, you don’t stop until the door flies open and he falls out. Immediately after this, you slide over to the driver’s side, grabbing hold of the steering wheel and shutting the door. 

    “I’ve gotta say, that was hot as hell,” Sam says. 

    “Are you watching me?” you ask. 

    “Always, baby, always,” Sam responds. “And, I’ve got a glorious view.” 

    “Motherfucker,” you whisper, driving the truck a little farther before coming to a stop and jumping out. 

    Walking towards the back, you throw open the trunk doors. 

    “Okay, everyone out. Let’s go.” You put your hands out, helping anyone you can step down off the truck. “There you go. You’re okay.” 

    Looking over your shoulder, you spot Bucky helping the other truck’s hostages. 

    “Hostages are secure,” you say into your earpiece. 

    “Good,” Sam responds. “Because I’m going to need help. Karli headed into the underground tunnels and I’ve lost her.” 

    “We’re on our way,” Bucky says, looking over at you and nodding. 

    You nod back before running off towards the tunnels, Bucky following close behind you. 


    “Sam!?” you yell. “Where are you!?” 

    “Damn, Y/N. Blow my eardrums out, why don’t you,” Bucky says next to you. “Did you forget we have these?” He gestures towards his earpiece. 

    “Oh, shut up,” you respond. 

    You point at the two hallways in front of you. “I’ll go left, you go right,” you say to Bucky, looking over at him for confirmation. 

    “Sounds good,” Bucky says, nodding his head in agreement. Before he runs off, he turns to look at you. “Be careful.” 

    “You too. See you in a few.” You take off down the left hallway, eager to find Sam. 

    “Please be okay,” you whisper to yourself. 

    “Oh, I’m okay, sweetheart, don’t you worry,” Sam replies in your earpiece.

    “You asshole!” you say. “Why didn’t you answer me when I called for you?” 

    “My connection was out. But, I think I can hear you now because you’re getting closer to me. Also, you’ve been particularly vulgar with the nicknames today. What’s up with that?” 

    Still running down the hall, you start to see a beam of light. “Well, when you work with the chaotic duo that is Sam and Bucky, you tend to get a little crazy.” 

    “Oh, you love us. Me, especially.” 

    Finally reaching the light, you see Sam standing a few feet away from you, his back facing you. You sneak up, not wanting him to notice you. 

    “Why yes, I do love you more,” you whisper in his ear. 

    Sam jumps, startled by the sudden intrusion. “What the hell was that!?” 

    You shrug your shoulders and walk past him. “Just some innocent fun.” 

    Following you, Sam shakes his head and chuckles. “You always love fun at the worst time.” 

    “Damn straight,” you say, grinning at him. 


    After a few minutes of endless wandering, you’re stopped by a gun being pointed at Sam. 

    “I’d stay still if I were you,” Karli says, holding the gun. 

    Sharon is on the ground a few feet away, her hands pressing down on a gunshot wound. 

    “Move and you’ll end up like your friend,” Karli speaks again, gesturing towards Sharon. 

    Looking over at Sam, you start to panic. “Sam,” you say.

    Sam looks at you for a second before turning his attention back to Karli. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he says. 

    “And, I don’t want to hurt you. But, there’s no other way,” she says. “I’m sorry.” 

    “There’s always another way,” Sam responds. “Just, trust me. I can help you.” 

    “I don’t want your help!” Karli yells, putting her finger on the trigger. “You’re just a means to an end.” 

    Karli starts to slightly press down on the trigger and you fling yourself at Sam, knocking the both of you to the ground. 

    A gunshot goes off. Waiting to feel some sort of pain, you’re confused when you feel nothing. 

    Lifting your head off Sam’s chest, you see Sharon standing over Karli, who is lying motionless on the ground. 

    “Sharon?” you ask.

    Sharon looks over at you. “I gotta head off before someone else sees me,” she says. “Are you and Sam okay?” 

    Nodding, you continue staring at Karli. “Is she…?”

    “Yes,” Sharon says. “I’m sorry.”

    “No!” Sam yells, rising up from under you. He looks at Sharon accusingly. “What the hell did you do?”

    “I saved your life!” she yells back. “The least you can do is thank me.” She looks over at you again. “I’ll see you soon.” 

    “Be safe,” you say, watching her turn around and leave. 

    Sam walks over to Karli, checking her pulse quickly before picking her up in his arms. 

    “I didn’t want it to come to this,” Sam says, looking at you with tears in his eyes.

    “I know,” you respond, gently touching his arm. “We’ll get through it together though. Like we always do.”  

    Sam nods before the both of you walk out to the public, with Karli lying still in his arms.


    Watching Sam through the door, you take a sip of your coffee. 

    “I can feel you staring at me,” Sam says, sitting in a chair on the deck. “Just come on out.” 

    Putting your mug down, you open the sliding door and walk out. 

    “Come here,” he says, gesturing for you to sit on his lap. You walk over to him and plop down, wrapping your arms around his neck. 

    “What’re you thinking about?” you ask, placing your head against his chest. 

    “Just thinking about what I could’ve done differently.” 

    Peeking up at him, you start to caress his jaw. “You’ll only drive yourself crazy thinking like that.”

    He looks down at you. “I know. I can’t help it though.” 

    Sighing, you look out at the water. “You give out everything you can and never expect anything in return. I admire you for that.” You look back at him. “But, you need to realize that sometimes our best isn’t always what we want. You did what you could and that’s what matters. Nobody is blaming you and you definitely shouldn’t be blaming yourself.” 

    Sam looks down at you and smiles. “How is it that you always know just the right thing to say?” 

    “Maybe it’s because I’m always right,” you joke.  

    “Oh, that’s definitely not it,” Sam jokes back. 

    Playfully swatting his arm, you laugh. “Whatever you say, Cap.” 

    You settle back against his chest and he tightens his grip around you. “As long as I have my partner by my side, I’ll be okay,” he says next to your ear, before kissing the top of your head. 

    “Good thing you’ll always have me,” you say, smiling. “I love you.”

    He kisses you slowly. “I love you too,” he whispers against your lips. “Always and forever, baby.”

    #sam wilson x reader #sam wilson x y/n #sam wilson x you #sam wilson x avenger!reader #sam wilson one shot #sam wilson imagine #sam wilson fanfiction #sam wilson angst #sam wilson fluff #sam wilson#marvel fanfiction#marvel #anthony mackie x reader #anthony mackie#bucky barnes #bucky barnes fanfiction #anthony mackie one shot #anthony mackie imagine #anthony mackie fanfiction #falcon and the winter soldier #tfaws#captain america #anthony mackie x y/n #anthony mackie x you #anthony mackie angst #anthony mackie fluff
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  • jessyballet
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sebastian Stan post to congratulate Chris Evans on his birthday

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