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    winwin 🥲

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    210612 WINWIN

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    Faded In My Last Song

    ♤Idol: Lucas

    ♤Requested: Yes "Can I request for dad!Lucas but he was not aware that his gf was pregnant because they broke up. Angst and happy ending i guess? all up to you! Thank you!"

    ♤Word Count: 3.2+

    ♤Genre: Exes to Lovers, dad!Lucas,

    ♤Warnings: pregnancy, vomiting, injury (broken ankle), time skips, cussing

    ♤Synopsis: Even if they promise you eternity, sometimes it's all just lies. But despite your tragic ending with Lucas you still need him. And just maybe he needs you to.

    ♤A/n: I typically don't write about pregnancies so this is a fun request, everything that I mention about pregnancy and broken bones is from my specific experiences with it so if it is not correct I do apologize. Thank you for this requesting and I hope it's to your liking. If you enjoy this, please like, reblog, or donate to Ko-Fi. Requests are open for Enhypen, NCT, and SVT. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading.

    Normally walking into your apartment is a peaceful affair, something to celebrate. Albeit being drenched in sweat because of work - choreographing is harder than it looks, especially when your students convince you to do the dance with them multiple times - accompanied with the thick layer of jackets you needed to withstand the cold winter air that only added to your relief when you were able to peel them off of your body in the safety of your apartment. Except this time it was eerily silent. Lucas should’ve been here by now, he told you he’d meet you back at your apartment after work.

    You didn’t even have the time to glance around the apartment - you would’ve realized that Lucas had cleaned his stuff out while you were at work like a scumbag - before your phone rang, a song that Lucas had specifically set playing in your airpods. You quickly answered the phone, ignoring your intuition telling you that something was off.

    “Hey Xuxi. Where are you? I thought you were gonna meet me at my apartment.”

    “We need to talk.” Four dreadful words that incite fear into anyone they’re aimed towards.

    “Okay… What’s wrong baby? Is everything okay?” Lucas took a deep breath.

    “This isn’t working. I think we should break up. My feelings for you just aren’t the same.”

    You wish that you could agree with Lucas. That you had also lost your feelings, and that you felt the same way. That you could laugh over his choice to do it over the phone, where he couldn’t wuss out at the sight of tears welling up in your eyes, or rethink his decision when your lip quivers at the sight of the relationship you thought would be your last crumbling in front of your eyes.

    “It’s okay,” You took a deep breath to prevent your voice from wavering, “ I was actually thinking the same thing.”

    Lucas’ sigh of relief shouldn’t have hurt as much as it did.

    “I’m sorry it took me so long to admit. I know I was distant recently.”

    You assumed he was distant because of work, not because he was planning to break your heart into a million pieces.

    “Can I ask you something? Please be honest with me?"

    “Of course, I owe you that."

    “Is there someone else?” His silence was the only answer you needed. You couldn't hide the hitch in your voice as you wiped away your first tear out of many, “I hope she makes you happy.”

    “I’m so sorry. You deserve someone better than me.” If only Lucas knew that he was all that you wanted.

    “Life changes. I just hope you're happy Lucas. It’s okay.”

    It wouldn't be okay, and truthfully you wished that he was miserable.

    “How the fuck did this happen?” You smiled weakly despite the shooting pain in your ankle. Thankfully your doc martens kept it from hanging at the awkward angle that it had developed after you hurt it.

    “Well, I fell.” Ten’s look of bullshit was enough to cause you to sincerely laugh, one of your firsts since the breakup.

    “If you don’t tell me what happened I’ll let you walk home.” You flinched, knowing all too well that was a real concern with him.

    “I slipped while walking into the dance studio. I guess my shoe was tied so tightly I didn’t really feel any pain until I took it off when I got home.” Ten shook his head, as he opened his mouth to speak out against the accident - or your idiocy - the doctor walked in. Perfect timing.

    “The results of your blood work and x-ray came back. Your ankle is a simple non displaced fracture, all you’ll need is to wear a boot for the next two months and you will need to come back in a month so that we can make sure the bone is healing properly.” Turning to Ten you stuck your tongue out, also feeling relief flood you at the realization that you wouldn’t need surgery. Being out of work was the last thing that you needed.

    “Will this affect dancing? Will I be able to go back right away?”

    “After it heals you can go back to dancing, but you should take it easy due to the baby.” Throwing your arms up you almost started to cheer at the great news, grateful that it wouldn’t interfere with you dancing when it healed. You burst out laughing at the last words of his sentence, knowing there was no way you were pregnant. You were on birth control.

    “That’s funny doc.” The doctor’s smile dropped as he realized you hadn't known beforehand. “You’re joking right?” The doctor shook his head, turning the chart towards me so that I could say the positive sign.

    “I’m sorry ma’am, I thought that you were already aware. I can recommend an OB/GYN or an abortion clinic if that’s the route you would like to go. I can have all of the paperwork ready after we get the boot on you.”

    “Is the baby okay?” Ten always the voice of reason, asking the important questions while you were stuck on the feeling of panic washing over you. Pregnant? A baby?

    Lucas’ baby.

    “I cannot tell if the baby is healthy just from the bloodwork, you should schedule an OB/GYN visit as soon as possible. From the way that the fall happened however, the baby should be okay. You should always get a second opinion though.”

    Lucas’ baby. Lucas didn’t even want you. Would he want this baby? Placing your hand over your stomach you felt tears pricking at your eyes, ignoring the doctor and Ten talking about various clinics and such that you should visit. You swore that you could feel an imaginary fluttering in your stomach, almost as if your baby was letting you know that they were there.


    “You need to tell Lucas soon.” Rolling your eyes you ignored Sicheng, focusing on the chicken nuggets that Ten brought you after class when they were suddenly yanked from in front of you. Sicheng closed the container before holding them above his head, making sure that you couldn’t get them if you tried to grab them back.

    “Give it back.” Tears unwillingly started to blur your vision, pout on your lips and whining evident in your voice. Sicheng didn’t waver since he and Ten practically moved in with you outside of practices to make sure that you were healthy due to the pregnancy since you were too scared to tell Lucas.

    “You know you need to tell him bubs. He deserves to know.” Leaning back on the couch your hand instinctively went to your stomach, settling on the small bump that’s been steadily growing.

    “I have six more months. Besides, he’s happy with his new girlfriend.” You couldn’t hide the bitterness that seeped into your voice.

    “Bubs.” You started to whine again, sniffling at the stress of having to break group breaking news over the phone - ironic huh - and just wanting to eat the nuggets that you’d been thinking about all day. “If you don’t call him I won’t give your nuggets back.”

    “I’m telling Ten you're abusing a pregnant lady.”


    “Fine, just hand me my phone then.” Sicheng handed you your phone before placing your nuggets out of reach, knowing that you wouldn’t make it past him, watching you intently as you pressed Lucas’ contact and set the phone on speaker. It only took four rings before the phone was picked up, your eyebrows furrowing at the sound of a woman answering the line.

    “Hello? Sicheng?” The unknown voice spoke first, and you frowned at the thought that she called Winwin by his real name. One look at Winwin and you knew that it wasn’t warranted by the frown also present on his face.

    “It’s not Winwin, I’m just using his phone. Can I speak to Lucas?” A door slammed shut in the background, followed by her whispering into the phone.

    “I’ll pass the message on to him. Who is this?”

    “I’m Lucas’ ex. I’ll just tell him next time I’m at the studio.” Lucas’ voice could be heard in the background, his laugh recognizable from a mile away. The girl huffed into the phone, attitude evident in her voice.

    “What do you want? Sorry if you want him back but he’s good over here love.” You glanced at Sicheng, who looked just as shocked. You don’t know who this girl was, but you already just wanted to smash her face in. Taking a deep breath you tried to remember why you were doing this.

    “Can you please just give the phone to Lucas? It’s really urgent news.” The girl giggled into the speaker before hanging up abruptly, causing you to scrunch your face up. You only handed Sicheng his phone back, who still looked just as shocked.

    “Can I please get my nuggets back?”

    “Do you need me to get anything?” Lifting your head up you gave Hendery a weak smile and a thumbs up. Concern painted his face seeing you so pale on the floor, trash can in front of you slowly being filled with your vomit that you were intermittently expelling from your body because the baby decided that the food you had for lunch wasn’t good enough.

    “Can you get Ten please?” Hendery nodded before quickly exiting the room, leaving you alone in the room. Closing your eyes you leaned against the mirror, the cold feeling pleasant on your back. Placing your hand on your belly you slowly rubbed it, trying to get rid of the extreme nausea. You’re only 5 months pregnant and morning sickness has been kicking your ass. It’s been easy to hide your growing stomach with your typical baggy shirts and leggings that you wore to work, and the symptoms are typically not bad as long as you drink plenty of water while choreographing. However you decided to feed your cravings and eat a delicious greasy burger which has led to you hanging onto the trash can all of practice.

    The practice room door opened and relief flooded you at the thought of Ten holding a ginger ale and your nausea medicine.

    “Ten thank you so much, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

    “That means so much. But I’m not Ten.” Your eyes shot open to see the one person you’ve been avidly avoiding standing in the practice room doorway.

    “What are you doing here? I’m scheduled for this practice room until 6:30.” You stood up quickly, subtly using the mirror to help you stand, gritting your teeth at the feeling of your heart fluttering just at the sight of him.

    “Ran into Hendery who said you were sick. Came to check on you.” You started to panic as Lucas closed the door behind him, subtly lessening the space between the two of you.

    “I’m fine, just waiting on Ten. You can leave.” Lucas ignored your accelerated speech and continued to close to the distance between the two of you before he effectively had you pinned against the mirror, standing between your only means of escape. How you wished your body didn’t subconsciously react to him, fingers itching to grab him and pull him closer to you, heart beating out of your chest as heat rose to your cheeks and ears.

    If he knew that he still had the same affect on you he didn’t let it be known, just planting his hands on either side of your head.

    “I thought we were friends. Why are you avoiding me?” You close your eyes as if that would possibly stop him from reading your thoughts, he always seemed to be good at that during your relationship. Shaking your head you pressed yourself closer to the mirror, feeling him take a step closer. If he got any closer he would surely feel your bump.

    “Hey I got your medi- oh.” Ten’s voice caused you to let out a sigh of relief, almost melting into a puddle as Lucas’ body retreated from you, the cool air seemingly hitting your face again. Opening your eyes you saw Ten and Hendery in the doorway of the practice room, Hendery avoiding your eyes while Ten only seemed to glare at Lucas. “What are you doing here Lucas?”

    Ten’s natural way of talking was already on the abrasive side, but with his accusatory Ten anybody would feel a little nervous, especially with his catlike eyes boring into your soul.

    “Nothing. I’ll see you guys later.” Lucas gave one last glance at you before quickly exiting the room, making sure to give Ten extra room in case he wanted to lash out, always being the more protective over you out of his friends.

    “What was that about?” Ten disturbed the silence that settled over the room after Lucas had left as he watched you swallow the pills.


    “Why didn’t she tell me?” Xiao could only watch awkwardly as Lucas sat against the wall holding his head in his hands. “Don’t I have a right to know?”

    “She tried to tell you.” Sicheng walked closer to Lucas, placing a hand on his back. “I forced her to call you to tell her, your girlfriend answered it and refused to give the phone to you.” Lucas lifted his head up, tilting his head to the side in confusion.

    “Girlfriend?” Sicheng furrowed his brows.

    “Yea, a girl answered your phone claiming to be your girlfriend. When she said that she had an important message for you, your girlfriend hung up.”

    “I’ve been single since the break up. There was never anyone else, I just used it as an excuse to have her hate me so she wouldn’t blame herself for it.” Ten’s mouth dropped open in an O shape, remembering all the nights when you cursed Lucas’ name over some hidden girlfriend. He always found it weird how they never saw a new girl hanging around.

    “So who answered your phone? She was going to tell you over that call, but the girl that answered kinda discouraged her more than she already was.” Lucas shook his before standing up, grabbing his jacket and phone as he rushed out the dorm room.

    “I gotta talk to her.”

    Groaning you sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. The pounding on the door started up again, reminding you why you had gotten abruptly woken up from your nap on the couch.

    “I’m coming, I'm coming, wait.” You quickly walked over to the door, opening it only to close it quickly when you saw who was behind it.

    “We need to talk, let me in.” Taking a deep breath you cracked the door open instead, making eye contact with a distressed looking Lucas.

    “What brings you around here?”

    “Is it true?”

    “What are you talking about?” You furrowed your brows in fake confusion, hoping that your reaction was realistic enough for him to buy it.

    “Are you pregnant? And is it mine?” You sighed, dropping the act before fully opening the door revealing your proud uncovered baby bump due to you falling asleep in only sweatpants and a sports bra. Nodding your head you stood aside, gesturing for Lucas to come inside. Closing the door behind the both of you, you walked to the couch waiting until he sat down beside you to continue.

    “I’m sorry.” Tears started pricking on your eyes, fuck all those hormones. “I tried to tell you, I was just scared. You didn’t even want me, why would you want a baby that you didn’t ask for.” Lucas leaned further back on the couch, almost as if he was disgusted with you which only caused a few tears to actually fall.

    “I know we broke up because of my shitty reasons, but that doesn’t mean that I would ever be mad at you for bringing my child into this world. I should be the one apologizing for making you feel as if you couldn’t tell me this.” Leaning forward Lucas cupped your cheep, wiping away the stray tears that fell.

    “I promise I’ll be here for our baby and for you.” Nodding your head slowly Lucas smiled, and you knew that maybe everything would be okay after all.

    “Lucas, if you drop my child I will drop you.” Lucas sheepishly smiled back at you, placing a giggling Bao back on her feet, a huge difference from him throwing your son up in the air.

    You couldn’t help the smile that tugged at your lips despite trying to scold Lucas at the sight of Bao waddling over to you. “Hi baby.” Picking up Bao you placed a kiss on both of his cheeks, cooing at the sight of your baby boy  giggling around his pacifier.

    It’s been a year since that fateful day of Lucas finding out that you were pregnant. One of the most terrifying days of your life led to one of your happiest endings. Only three months after the both of you had agreed to try coparenting Bao was born, a beautiful 8 lb bundle of joy that quickly took over the both of your lives. Despite Lucas’ hectic job he was there for you every step of the way, and even left mid shooting to be there for your delivery, making it just in time to hold your hand as you pushed.

    It’s been 6 months since the both of you realized that your feelings hadn’t truly left and got back together, Bao helping that process a lot as you were forced to move in with him to make sure that the two of you could properly raise him together.

    “Where’s my hugs and kisses? I only got threatened.” You laughed at Lucas’ childish pouting, realizing that you might have two baby boys instead of the one. Walking over to where he sat on the couch you placed a chaste kiss on his lips, being interrupted by Bao repeatedly grabbing at Lucas’ face. “How was work?”

    You sat down beside Lucas, placing Bao on your lap and watching as he took your hoodie strings, dropping his pacifier in favor of chewing on them.

    “It was pretty good, but I’m happy to be back with my boys.”

    Right where you belonged.

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    Rich Boy AU x WayV

    In honor of 100 followers!!

    Please acknowledge: I’m not writing about their actual families or lives, these are just roles I could see them in.

    I beg of you guys, please send in rich boy AU asks cause I’ll be basing the answers off of these characters.


    His dad’s a big shot airline pilot

    He makes bank so his mom was always a full time mother

    Very much a mommy’s boy

    Super proper and polite

    Probably dates people but through his parents others setting him up

    Only because he’s a little nervous and doesn’t know how to talk someone up

    Class President 100%

    Has had 1 serious partner and they broke up because they moved away

    PDA is not his thing

    Very cautious about his public image

    His parents want him to find someone while he’s young and commit to them

    As I said cautious about his image & wants to keep a pristine reputation but the second you’re out of the public’s view oh the way he’d kiss you

    I just know he’s an amazing kisser


    His parents would be politicians

    Like he’d be the Governor’s son or something (talking about America here cause idk how other governments work)

    His parents want nothing more than for their son to be good & have a good reputation

    But he’s actually very rebellious

    His parents just happen to be really clueless about what their son gets up to

    Not the type to settle down at all

    Except he’s lowkey a hopeless romantic

    Like if someone were to make him laugh and smile a lot he could definitely catch feelings

    Relationship would start as either FWB or a hookup, never actual dating

    Doesn’t want his bad boy reputation getting ruined

    But as a s/o he’d be really affectionate and romantic

    You try to hold his hand in public & he’d move your hand away until nobody was looking, then he’d hold onto it tight

    Wears a necklace you bought him cause it has some really sweet secret meaning that nobody knows except you & him and it makes him feel special


    The son of some big hot shot lawyer

    Golden boy

    Everyone wants their kid to grow up like him

    He’s a good guy, like actually

    Probably has had a couple of serious relationships so he’s kind of an expert

    Has a dark side tho? Like not a dark past or secret drug dealing job but like there’s def a side to him the public doesn’t see

    Like he seems all sweet and innocent but then boom he’s really possessive and kinky

    Really knows how to love someone

    The kind of guy that seems perfect on paper & maybe something falls through and you break up but find each other again

    Parents would set him up on dates all the time cause they want him to have a family & be successful


    He’d be the one with the family that opens a mega corporation

    Didn’t get a lot of attention from his parents growing up so he resorts to being quite the player

    Prob lost his v card at a young age (16 or so)

    Has a new woman on his arm daily as it seems

    It would be really hard to convince him to actually date someone

    Just not the commitment type


    Hard to tame

    Overall just a really great lay but he’d be difficult to get as a boyfriend

    Not saying it’s impossible but it’s not easy

    If you did manage to tame him and get him as a boyfriend, he’d be a little iffy about it first

    Oh boy the jealousy he’d get

    He’d have a hard time telling and showing you how he feels but tbh he’d get into fights about you

    Someone’s bullying you? Beats them up. Flirting with you? Beats them up. Etc.

    Eventually you find out it’s because he cares about you & doesn’t know how to tell you


    Probably the son of some super successful actor or model

    Another golden boy

    A great student

    Top of his class, president of some clubs, etc

    Would def choose to go to an Ivy League school & 100% gets into most if not all of them

    Hasn’t really thought about dating

    Has had hookups and dates every now and then but nothing serious

    Hopes to do some kind of international relations work in his life

    Travels a lot

    As a boyfriend he’d be really careful and cautious

    Wants to make sure he’s doing everything right

    Probably lots of small gifts from him

    Isn’t afraid to tell you he loves you once he knows it for sure

    Shows you off to everyone!! Would be hesitant to do so at first but he loves it really

    The type to ask you to help him make an ex jealous or feel bad about dumping him


    He’d be the one with the strict & overprotective parents

    Like they only want him dating other rich people (he wouldn’t care at all & would just date whoever made him happy)

    Probably moved from China to your city when he was a kid

    Comes off as charming and prince-like but is really mysterious

    Not one who likes commitment

    Like lots of hookups, one night stands, etc

    He could commit to someone if they started as a FWB type thing

    Like it was a hookup but he had a really great time and you become friends and he’d start to realize he’s caught feelings

    Doesn’t really know how to love

    Wouldnt realize he’s in love for the longest time

    Honestly he’s not the smartest when it comes to love but someone talks some sense into him

    If you were his s/o, he’d be super affectionate

    Really into PDA, like “let’s make out in front of the paparazzi”

    Does things for the sake of pissing off his parents

    The type to run off to Europe with his s/o and half of the money his family’s saved for his college


    Trust fund baby type

    Parents own some kind of charity or something & are philanthropists

    Has quite a bit of experience with dating but from 2 or 3 serious partners he’s had in the past

    Spoils his s/o like crazy

    Lots of gifts (mostly clothes & jewelry)

    Didn’t get enough attention from his parents so he’s a little needy but understandably so

    Likes the thought of having a sugar baby

    Loves the feeling of providing for someone so he would prefer dating someone lower or middle class

    Wants to be taken seriously as a grown up but nobody does

    Would try and start his own business at a young age which would end up failing cause he’s young & naive but in his failure he’d learn and eventually start a new business that would take off rapidly & be a major success

    He wouldn’t seem like the kind of guy you’d want to take home to meet your parents but I feel like he’s grown a lot and would want more than anything to prove himself to his own parents as well as yours

    #wayv#wayv imagines#wayv reactions #wayv x reader #kun#Lucas#xiaojun#Hendery#Winwin#Yangyang#ten #rich boy AU #rich boy!Kun #rich boy!ten #richboy!winwin #richboy!lucas #richboy!xiaojun #richboy!hendery #richboy!yangyang
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    Paradise RP is a 20+, polyamorous, idolverse, semi-lit discord RP. We are looking for the rest of NCT and are accepting all of-age NCT members except Jisung currently. Join us for writing, monthly events, game nights, movie nights, and more! [Click here for roster and rules!]

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    161001 — vyrl update with ten, winwin

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    WayV Reaction: Face Riding

    ♫ Genre ~ smut

    ♫ Pairing ~ Ot7 x female!reader

    ♫ Warning ~ sexual writing and mentions ahead

    ♫ Taglist ~ @parachuuuus, @multidreams-and-desires, @sir3racha, @sleepy-moonz, @pikacuuuuuuu, @yungisstar1117, @woowommy

    ♫ A/N ~ Enjoyyyy hehet 😌

    This man’s patience level would be so extortionate the entire way through. Gripping your thighs carefully and gradually sinking and swirling his tongue all around your clit and sex, using his fingers to gently spread your lips apart as he savors every last bit of you and the moment itself. Kun would also work to keep his pace very slow and steady as he pushes you over the edge and to however many mind-blowing orgasms you desired.

    Would put his tongue to such skillful use, almost making it a game to see just how many times he could get you to cum back to back just be riding his face. Ten would not shy away from tongue fucking you and even using his fingers to spread you apart and descend his tongue even further into your pussy, moaning softly into you if you pull onto his hair.

    A wild boy when it comes to face riding. He’d definitely be one to put those long fingers of his to good use, wether it be by toying with your bud and clit or curling them against your walls, humming softly into your heat all the while.

    Similar to Kun, WinWin would keep an exceedingly deliberate and relaxed pace, wasting no time or effort in straightforwardly locating your sweet spot and making your thighs quake. I can’t see he being too vocal during this activity, but he might let a few low groans or dirty mumbles slip, paying close attention to your clit instead.

    Have you seen his hands? Trust and believe that they’re either gonna be resting securely on your thighs or being used to land harsh smacks to your ass every few seconds. A smug one, if anything, and would be the type to grip down onto your hips, pulling you closer to him as he buries his face deeper into your pussy, a sly smirk rested onto his face while hearing your moans and pleas spilling from your lips.

    ✨𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐠✨
    May be the youngest but would not be hesitant about putting that tongue of his against your pussy and making good use of it, but he might get a little impatient and have the urge to just be inside of you already. Like Lucas, Yang Yang’s hands would be plastered all over your hips and ass, maybe even giving them a light squeeze here and there, occasionally flicking his tongue over your bud and sucking hardly on your clit with that dopey smile of his.

    Just wants to make sure you receive pleasure, like that’s it. You’d most likely have to tell him what exactly you want him to do while you ride his face because like I said, he just wants to please you. Oh but as soon as he gets going, he will RUIN YOU…in a loving way of course. And Xiaojun would undeniably be another vocal member, moaning and humming against you, riling you up even more.
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    Kiss and tell.

    Pairing: Sicheng x female reader.

    Genre: College!au, babysitting, horror | Fluff, angst, mature content.

    Warnings: Fingering (it’s not detailed, I don’t know how to write smut), orgasm denial, kind of fear inducing phone calls, mention of Sicheng selling drugs, strong language.

    Plot: You have to babysit on Halloween night, and invite Sicheng to join you. But something feels wrong when the phone starts to ring.

    Word count: +5.1k.

    A/N: This is part of the 90′s love collab by @quokkacore​ and formely by @/etherealereine | This is inspired by an urban legend. | The title has nothing to do with the story, I came up with the idea after.

    "What are we doing tonight?"

    You are startled when you feel hands on your waist from behind, and if you were not so acquainted with the perfume immediately intoxicating your sense, you would have freed yourself from the sudden embrace. "I don't know what you are doing, but I am working tonight."

    The warmth against your back disappears, and you meet your boyfriend's gaze. "Working? It is Halloween, you can't work." he answers, and you scoff, pushing him away when he tries to grab your book. "Care to tell me how I am supposed to pay for food if I don't work?" he seems to think about ir, running his fingers through his hair.

    "Why don't you ask your parents? You'll go back to work next week." you knew what he was about to say even before he opened his mouth. Not that he is an open book, but because it is a recurring conversation between you. "You think my parents are going to give me money to cover what I didn't get today, just because I preferred to go party and spend my saving in alcohol?"

    "Why not?" you heave a sigh, you love your boyfriend, of course you do, but you are tired of this kind of conversation. It leads to the same ending every time. "Because my parents are not yours, Sicheng. If your parents can take care of all of your expenses despite you being an adult, mine can't."

    "They do not cover all of my expenses! I work too, I have money of my own!" he says, a hand on his heart in faux offense. "Selling bad quality drugs is not a job, Sicheng, it is false advertising and tricking naive kids who think they will become cool if they get high before class."

    "Now you are just being mean, Y/n." Sicheng sighs, and you shrug. "I just need to you to understand that I need to work, I can't call my parents for money when I feel like it. So I'm sorry, but you'll have to find something to do tonight, because I am not going out."

    "Alright, whatever." he answers, and even though you were expecting him to leave and sulk, he stays. "I'm sorry, baby, I just wanted to have one last Halloween with you, that's all." you roll your eyes, and you put your hands on his cheeks. "You need to stop being dramatic, Sicheng. This is our last Halloween as students, not our last Halloween as a whole, except if you plan on breaking up with me once we graduate."

    When he pursues his lips, and seems to think about it, you hit his shoulder. "Eh! Do you really have to think about it?" he tries to stay stoic, but he fails, because a smile brightens his face right away. "Of course I do not need to think about it! Why would I break up with you? Dummy."

    "You are an idiot, Dong Sicheng." you mumble, and he leans to kiss the tip of your nose. "I am your idiot." he whispers, and you pretend to gag. "That's disgusting, what is wrong with you?" he rolls his eyes and he takes a step back. "So there is nothing I can do, or say to have you by my side tonight?"

    "Nothing, I'm sorry." you are not really sorry, because you know your work is way more important than whatever party he was planning on bringing you to. "But," you start, and he straightens up. "maybe you could stop by around 10pm, to spend a little bit of time with me, what do you think?"

    Sicheng's eyes widen and he cocks his head to the side. "Wait, really?" you nod, and you wonder when he is going to jump in place from the excitement you can see in his eyes. "You never asked me to come!" of course you never did, and for many reasons, but why not? "I know, but at least we'll be able to spend Halloween together. Okay, there will not be alcohol, or music, but we'll be together."

    "I don't care about the alcohol or the music!" he exclaims, and you chuckle. "Alright then, come at around 10." you take a pencil out of your bag, and Sicheng hands ou his hand so you can write the address on the palm of his hand. "Don't lose it, I don't know their phone number so I won't be able to call you to give it again."

    "Do not worry, I'm not going to use my hand at all!" he answers, and you heave a sigh. "You have class this afternoon, and you use this hand to write." he shrugs as he looks at the black ink bleed a bit onto his skin. "I won't write then, I'll listen, and remember everything." this is impossible, especially for Sicheng who can't focus for more than five minutes at time, but you trust him.

    "Sicheng, we are going to be late, are you coming?" the young man turns around when he hears Johnny's voice behind him. "Yeah yeah, I'm coming." he gets up from the bench and he swings his backpack onto his right shoulder. "I have to go practice, but I'll see you later, alright?"

    "I don't think I'll have time to wait for you after class, so you'll see me tonight, at 10. You better be on time, or I'm going to bed without you, alright?" he nods with fervor, and he leans to kiss you gently on the lips. "I'm never late."

    "Careful with your hand!" you yell as he starts to run towards his friends who wolfwhistle at the public display of affection. "Promise!" he answers, and you are pretty sure you hear him curse at his friends before disappearing.

    You put your book back in your bag, and you get up. Your afternoon classes are quite boring, but now that you know you will see Sicheng tongiht, it does not sound so bad.

    "Alright, let's go over the rules one last time," the older woman says as she walks around the house to pick up random things off of the floor. "the kids have to do their homework, take their shower, and be ready to eat by 7 o'clock." you know better than to follow her around, so you hum to let her know that you are listening.

    "I trust you to make them something healthy for dinner," she adds, and for the first time in five minutes, she finally stops walking. "you can take whatever you want from the fridge if you are hungry, or thirsty, make yourself at home."

    "They are not allowed to watch television, candy either. They have to be in bed by 8:30, and because it is Friday, you can let them read, or play until 9, then you'll put them to bed and turn off the lights." she reads over a list of numbers she hands you. "This is the number of the restaurant, and the emergency numbers if you ever need them, which I hope you won't have to use."

    "You can watch the television when the kids are in bed, and if you want to sleep, you can use the guest bedroom next to the downstair bathroom." the woman takes her coat, so you get up from the stool. "You can give one piece of candy per kids coming tonight, and I'll try not to come home too late."

    "You need to relax," you say, and the lady takes a deep breath. "this is not the first time looking over the twins, I know what to do, I know the rules, and you can trust me, I'll respect them. Enjoy your date." the older woman puts her hand on your shoulder, and she nods. "I trust you, good evening. Kids, be good with Y/n!"

    The two kids agree from the living room where they are playing, and the lady opens the door before disappearing in the car who's been waiting for her for at least ten minutes now. You close the door, and you join the boys in the living room.

    "Alright kiddos, it is time to do your homework!" they both whine, because "it's friday, we can do them sunday" but in the end, you succeed, and you watch with a certain pride as they work on their calculus worksheet.

    You, and the twins jump when you hear the doorbell, and you turn on your seat. It is probably children trick or treating, and you feel bad for leaving the twins alone, because they are not trick or treating, they are doing their homework, and it is sad, they should be allowed to be outside, in their little costumes instead of doing math.

    "I'll be right back." you say as you stand up. You grab the bowl of candy, and you open the door. Three little vampires are watching you expectantly. "Oh my, I almost had a heart attack!" you gasp when they hiss and you try to stay quiet as the young man walking them around the neighborhood looks ready to die of embarrasment.

    "Here you go." you drop candy in each of their little basket, and you close the door. Before putting the bowl back near the door, you pick a couple of candy and you put them on the table. "Let's make a deal, if you do not say anything to your mother, I'll let you have these candy."

    "Deal!" the twins shout together, and you chuckle as you hand them the candy. "If you finish your math in the next five minutes, you'll have time to take a shower, and watch tv for a little while before dinner."

    You know you should listen to the mother's rules, but you want to see them smile. You want them to feel comfortable around you, and how do you get kids' trust? You break one or two rules, and you let them do what they are usually not allowed to do.

    Pretty quickly, the math homework are done, and the kids are in the shower. They are old enough to be left alone in the bathroom, you know they won't flood the room, well, at least, you hope they won't. You do not want to have to wipe the floor.

    You soon find yourself busy cooking something for the twins that you forget all about Sicheng probably getting ready to meet you, if he did not lost the address like you said he would. At least, it gives you the opportunity to focus on what you are doing, and when the twins are back in their pajamas, the meal is not burnt, which is a victory.

    "Veggies?" one of them says with a wince, and you sigh as you put the plates in front of them. "Your mother said to eat something healthy, it's good, trust me." you do not trust yourself on your cooking skills, but you can't say that to the kids or they'll end up spitting the food back into their plates, and thank you but no thank you.

    During the meal, you have to stand up a few times to open the door to give candy to the children, and sometimes to college students trying to see if they still can get candy. Spoiler alert: they can.

    And before you know it, the kids are in bed, and you are on the couch, all alone in this big house. A horror movie is screening on the television, but you barely watch it, your eyes are stuck on the clock above the doorframe leading to the staircase.

    Ten more minutes, you think, smiling to yourself.

    10:42 pm.

    Sicheng is either late, lost, or could not read the address on his hand after practice. You wonder if you should sleep until the twins's mother comes back from her date, or if you should wait a few more minutes to give Sicheng the benefit of the doubt.

    But when then more minutes pass, you stand up.

    You grab the almost empty bowl of candy, and you settle it on the kitchen island, and you walk to the front door to make sure it is locked, and you are startled when you see two eyes looking at you through the window, but you heave a sigh of relief when you recognize Sicheng's smile.

    "You are late, I shouldn't even let you in." you mumble as you open the door, and the young man takes a step forwards, until he is close enough that his nose almost touches yours. "I am late, you are right, but I am also crazy handsome tonight, so I know you will not leave me hanging in the dark and the cold. he answers, and you hate how right he is.

    "What were you doing? Drinking with the boys? Hooking up with a mysterious disguised girl you found in Taeyong's basement?" he shakes his head, and you push yourself away from the door to let him pass. "I did drink a beer with the boys, but there was no mysterious girl in Taeyong's basement, just a rat."

    You roll your eyes and you close the door. "We can't make noise, the twins are sleeping, and as much as I love you, their mother pays me well, so I don't want to lose them." you explain, and when you turn, you find yourself pressed against the wooden door. "You are the one who has to stay quiet, not me."

    "I'm always quiet." Sicheng scoffs but before you can say anything to defend yourself, he kisses you. The kiss has nothing sweet to it, but you don’t mind one bit.

    "Couch." you say after breaking the kiss for air, but Sicheng shakes his head. "We've done it once against the door, never again!" Sicheng seems to remember, and he starts to laugh so you hit him in the chest until he takes a step back.

    "There is absolutely nothing funny about it! It was painful!" you mumble, but he thinks otherwise. He falls down on the couch, and before you can join him, the phone rings and you jump. The ringing comes from the kitchen, and it is so loud. It echoes against the walls, so you run to pick up, not wanting to wake up the twins.

    "Are you even allowed to answer the phone?" Sicheng asks, shoulder pressed against the doorframe leading to the kitchen. "I don't know, maybe." you let a sigh of relief when the phone stops ringing, and you tense for a second when Sicheng wraps his arms around your waist. "So where were we."

    You are about to turn around when the phone rings again, and you pick up right away. "Hello?" the other side of the line is silent, and you wonder if you should hang up, but soon, you hear a heavy breathing that brings shiver down your spine. "Hello? Can I help you? Miss Lee is absent at the moment."

    "Have you checked on the kids?" the voice asks, and you frown. "What? Who are you?" feeling Sicheng's breathing against the back of your neck is not helping right now, and you try to shug him off of you. "You should check on the kids."

    "But why?" before you can get an answer, the person hangs up. "What the fuck." you whisper, putting the phone back on its set. "What's up?" Sicheng asks, and you shake your head. "I don't know, someone asking me if I checked on the kids."

    Sicheng hums, and you turn on your heels to face him. "That's probably a prank, you know, it's Halloween, and teenagers like to scare their neighbors." he is not wrong, you both did this kind of prank when you were still in high school.

    "Come on, forget about it." he takes your hand, and he leads you back to the living room. He pushes you gently on the couch, and you settle on your back, Sicheng hovers over you, one leg on the couch, and the other on the floor for stability. His lips are close to yours, and you break the distance by taking his lower lip between your teeth, and he groans a little too loudly.

    "I thought we had to be quiet." you say, and he rolls his eyes, his finges wandering underneath your top to feel how warm your skin feels against the coldness of his fingertips. "yeah yeah, whatever." his lips slide along your neck, mouthing at your jaw, and each bite is soothed by his tongue right away.

    You close your eyes, trying to lose yourself into the feeling of Sicheng's mouth and fingers, but you can't quite get rid of the feeling in the pit of your stomach. You can't seem to forget about the sound of the breathing on the other side of the phone. Teenagers or not, it was scary.

    When Sicheng opens his mouth to speak, you realize that you completely zoned out, and you look up at him. "What?" he sighs, and you feel his fingers against the button of your pants. "Can I?" he asks, and you nod. You definitely need to change your mind, and you know Sicheng's fingers are going to do wonders.

    He prompts himself on one hand, and he uses the other to pop open the button of your pants, and to slide the zipper down, way too slowly for your liking. "Come on, don't be a tease." you whisper, and he chuckles. "Eager, aren't we?" little shit.

    Sicheng likes to tease, but he decides otherwise tonight, as his hand slides inside of your pants and panties, fingers already through your  folds. "Don't worry, I'll make you feel good." he whispers against your ear, and you bite your lower lip. His voice is so low, you would give everything you have to hear it more often.

    (I’m bad at smut, so we’re leaving it at that, sorry.)

    "Don't stop, please, I'm- I'm so fucking close." you say, and he tries to move his fingers deeper, but with your pants and panties around your thighs, it is hard for him to move as much as he would like, but he makes do. "Sicheng, Sicheng, Sicheng." you repeat his name, and he smirks. This is the most beautiful song he has ever heard.

    You open your eyes wide when Sicheng stops moving, denying you of the orgasm you've been chasing for the past five minutes. "What the fuck?" you exclaim, and you notice how Sicheng's eyes veered towards the front door. "Did you hear?"

    "Hear what?" you ask with clear annoyance in your voice, and you feel like crying when he pulls his fingers out and clean them on your pants, which is disgusting. He stands up, not even bothering to help you and he stops in front of the door. "I heard something."

    How did he hear anything over your moans? You straighten up, buttoning your pants back and when you feel like your legs are back to normal, no longer shaking and feeling like jelly, you join him. He has his ear against the door, and he puts his index finger against his lip for you to stay quiet.

    Once again, the phone rings, and makes you jump. Your heart misses a few beats, and it is honestly ready to jump out of your ribcage. "Do I answer?" you ask, your breathing quickening. "Yes, go." so you do just that. You go back to the kitchen and you pick up the phone.

    You hear the heavy breathing right away this time, and even a chuckle when your own breathing hitches in your throat. The voice is masculine, there is no doubt. "Who are you? What do you want?" panic can be heard in your voice, and you do not even bother trying to sound calm.

    "Did you check on the kids?" you close your eyes, trying your hardest not to hang up and lock yourself in one of the rooms of the house for the rest of the night. "It's just a prank, nothing more." you tell yourself, and when the man laughs, a real hearthy laugh this time, you realize that you said it out loud.

    "Come on, this if your job as a babysitter, making sure the kids are alright. You wouldn't want anything to happen to them, right?" you shake your head even though no one is here to see it. "Check on the kids!" this time the voice is louder, and as cold as the bead of sweat rolling down your back.

    "How do you-" before you can ask your question, you hear the beep signaling that the person has hung up. "Sicheng?" you turn around, but the young man is nowhere to be seen. You wander in the living room, and in the bathroom, but he is not here. "Sicheng, where are you?" you ask in a loud whisper, but you get nothing.

    A kick on the living room window makes you scream, you cover your eyes with your hands, as if not seeing what happens would make it stop. "Please, please, please." you do not want to fucking die, not here, and not after being denied a fucking orgasm. When a hand lands on your shoulder, you turn and attack without looking at who or where you are hitting.

    "Stop, Y/n, it's me!" Sicheng whines, taking a step back. When you open your eyes, you see him holding his stomach. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" he asks, shaking his head. "What? You were gone, and someone knocked on the window, so I got scared!" you say, frantic.

    "I was in the restroom and I didn't hear any knock." he answers right away, letting his arms fall back on his sides. "What was the sound you heard?" you ask, tilting your head to the side, you need to know, or you are going to cry on the spot. Well, you are already crying, you can feel tears running down your cheeks.

    "Calm down baby, it was nothing, just a loud engine. I'm sorry if I scared you." he takes a step forwards, drying the tears on your face with his thumbs. "Calm down, it's okay." you shake your head, looking around. You came here so many times, and yet, this is the first time you do not feel comfortable in this house.

    "This is not okay! Some madman is calling me, asking me to check on the kids, someone knocked on the window, this is not fucking okay!" he takes a deep breath, and he tries to smile, but he realizes that it might not be enough to reassure you. "It's just kids playing a trick on you."

    "Well, they need to stop because it's not fucking funny, Halloween or not!" your voice breaks into a sob, and he pulls you against his chest. "Don't worry, if they call back, I'll answer and I'll tell them to stop before I find them and kick their ass, I do not care what age their are, I'll do it."

    "Sit down." you sit down on a stool around the kitchen island, and he opens the fridge to pour a glass of water that he hands you. "Take a dreep breath, it's fine, alright?" you nod, sipping on the water. You are honestly surprised none of the kids came down to see what was going on after you screamed.


    You know the twins, and you know they are light sleepers. They would have woken up by now, you stand up, maybe a little too quickly because you see stars dancing, and Sicheng is quick to be by your side, trying to help you find your balance. "What is going on?" he asks, he sounds genuinely worried this time.

    "The kids. There is something wrong with the kids! I screamed, they should be up, they never sleep over loud noises!" Sicheng stops you when you stry to walk to the staircase. "The man on the phone told me to check on them, what if he found a way in, and did something to them and that is why they are not waking up?"

    "Come on, don't be silly. They are probably sleeping, they probably did not even hear you scream. This is a prank, Y/n, just a prank!" he sounds angry, and you frown. Sicheng is hard to anger, so it is not normal for him to react so quickly. Well, it is maybe not anger, but it is definitely impatience that you hear.

    "Stay here, I'll go check on them if that makes you feel better. I won't wake them up, so they'll never know I was here." he forces you back down on the stool, and in less than twenty seconds, he is gone. You can hear the floor creaking under his weight, and you know when he stops to check the multiple doors.

    Of course, of fucking course, now that Sicheng is gone, the phone rings again. You try to ignore it, you really try, but the sound is awful. It is loud, and it hurts your ears, so you have no choice than to stand up and picks up. "What the fuck do you want? The kids are fine! Who are you?"

    The man giggles, and you hear nothing else for a minute or so. "Did you check on the kids yourself? Because you definitely should." you can't take it anymore, you have to know. You hang up, and you go up the stairs, you do not mind if you die, you just need to know what the fuck is going on, and who is playing with you.

    One thing is sure, if you survive, and find whoever decided to play this little game, you are going to make his life a living hell.

    Once you are upstairs, you stop in front of the kids' door. The door is closed, and once again, Sicheng is nowhere to be seen. You really wonder what he is doing, but of couse, you do not think he might have anything to do with what's been going on.

    "Come on, you can do it." you push the door open, trying not to make it creaks, because you do not feel like explaining what is going on to two scared kids. The room is dark, but it is quiet. You hear their regular breaths and you could cry ouf ot relief. Sicheng was right, it is nothing but a prank.

    You close the door, and start to go down the stairs. Something feels off, you think. You know the feeling of being watched even when you are supposed to be alone? Yeah, that's what you feel right now, but when you look over your shoulder, you see nothing but a long dark hallway. Maybe that's the problem. The constent darkness.

    "Fucking hell." you almost trip over your own feet when a scratching sound is heard against one of the walls. You jump the last few steps, and fortunately, you fall back on your feet, but the pain in your ankles is almost too much.

    "Have you checked on the kids?"

    You turn your head so quick towards the voice that you know you'll be in pain tomorrow, and your eyes meet.."Johnny? What the fuck!" you exclaim, and the man laughs. This is the laugh you heard on the phone, but you did not recognize it with the constant sizzling. He is not alone in the living room, your friends are all there too.

    "What?" you turn and see Sicheng halfway down the stairs, smiling like an idiot. "Happy Halloween my love!" you frown, and you let yourself fall on your butt. "You couldn't be there for Halloween, so we decided to bring Halloween to you."

    You want to cry, but you also want to beat them. "I hate you all so fucking much. You have no idea how scared I was!" you look up at Sicheng who crouches down in front of you. "Is this why you were late? Is this why you disappeared earlier?" he nods, unable to stop smiling.

    "Yeah, I had to open the back door for them." he leans in to kiss your forehead, and you close your eyes at the contact. You should be mad at him right now, but you are too tired for that. That's a problem for future you, and also for future Sicheng. He is going to regret that.

    "I hope you had fun, because it is over." you mumble as you stand up. You open the door, head tilted to the side, glancing at your friends one by one. "It is time to go home, you too Sicheng." Sicheng's eyes open so wide it is almost comical. You need to be alone to recover, because you are pretty sure your heart has not beat normally for an hour.

    "What? Why?"

    "Because I do not want to see you right now!" he nibbles on his lower lip, probably waiting for you to laugh, but you stay still. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you would freak out so much." he tries to explain, but you shake your head. He needs a taste of his own medicine. "I don't care, Sicheng, we'll talk about it later."

    If Johnny sees you smile when Sicheng lowers his head, he says nothing about it, he just winks at you. They all get ready to leave the house when the phone rings, and they all stop dead in their tracks. "Oh come on, you are going to wake up the kids at some point, that's not funny."

    "That's not us." you heave a long sigh, of course it is one of them. They probably asked another basketball player to help them out, so you walk to the kitchen and you take the phone. "What?" the breathing sounds different this time, and the voice is too. Lower than Johnny's, raspier even. "I think it is time for you to really check on the kids." you roll your eyes. "The kids are fine."

    You turn to watch your friends when you hang up, and this time and you see something you have never seen in them: fear.

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    It’s kinda starting to feel a little like Lucas isn’t just “away” in China, but is now actively LIVING there?

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    Paradise RP is a 20+, polyamorous, idolverse, semi-lit discord RP. We are looking for the rest of NCT and are accepting all of-age NCT members except Jisung currently. Join us for writing, monthly events, game nights, movie nights, and more! [Click here for roster and rules!]

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    [WayV-log] WinWin & Lucas go water skiing 
    #i am not immune to a) them and b) the intense desire to be in the water right now #winwin#lucas#nct#nctinc#wayv#wayvnet#my edits #winwin upgraded from a chick to a dove!!
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    These pictures from resonance make dsc look like he’s in a 周大福 ad


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