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    first sketch of a modern adora drawing and I am sad because no final piece will end up as good as this

    #sketch#drawing#wip#adora#she ra#spop#modern au #shes a flannel gay #i put No Effort into the face #thats why it looks like that
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  • hmmm… i wonder what goes there…

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  • me: pfffffft im not in love with him 😂

    also me:

    #sure jacky lmaooooooo #practice teally does make perfect cos this kinda looks alright!! #tom holland #tom holland fan art #fan art#marvel#madmadthirst#personal#madmadmilk#art#my art#illustration#drawing#wip
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  • What I’ve been working on instead of playing through any of my saves.. also the reason I nearly didn’t have any posts again today.. It’s a family home with two bedrooms upstairs and the great big master bedroom downstairs. So far I’ve only finished half of downstairs, the upstairs bath, and the back garden.. Well, as long as I don’t change my mind again

    #wip#beebebuilding #the sims 4 #ts4#sims 4 #sims 4 build #ts4 build
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  • Tagged by @starsandskies, thank you hon!  <3

    My Discord group has already been made aware of this one… hoping to get more written very soon! 
    Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the next chapter of ‘Shadow of Steel’ that I’m currently working on:


    Nora’s first few nights sleeping in the Prydwen’s barracks with the other Brotherhood soldiers hadn’t been easy. She didn’t think she’d ever completely get used to the sound of its four constantly roaring jet engines. Over time, however… the Prydwen had gradually transformed into her new home, her friends in the Brotherhood like her new family, and all the mechanical sounds the airship produced had eventually become commonplace, her new ‘normal’… maybe even preferable - the machinery sound becoming like white noise that lulled her to sleep night after night.

    …Something was different.

    #tagged #last line meme #My writing #shadow of steel #WIP
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    Me taking way too much time on flat colors knowing very well that the lighting will completely destroy the colour details and that people take 2 seconds to look at a panel then go to the next one :D

    #fair game#comic#pirate au#clover#clover ebi#rwby clover#rwby#rwby7#rwby weiss#weiss schnee#weiss#wip#my art #arists on tumblr #fanart #colors take ages but I can't not color #this is my life
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  • Love Me Again by Dowling17 - M, WIP - The war is won, and there is peace in Wizarding London once again. That is, until a one, Hermione Granger, runs for MOM. When an attempt on her life leaves her with no memory of her fiance or life as she knows it, can Draco remind her why she fell for him to begin with?

    #author: dowling17#wip #hermione: minister of magic #ministry and politics #engagement#mystery#injuries [hermione] #memory modification [hermione]
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  • Small teaser of a Solas .gif in works

    It’s taking a century to draw but I’m equally as happy to work on it, it’s something different from my usual thing and a good artblock breaker.

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  • “So why are they all staring at you?”

    “Ah.” Sixsmith downed his drink. He looked like he was getting paler. “I’m their unofficial doctor. Stitch the winners and check whether they’ve killed their – their opponent.”

    “What are you getting paid for that?”

    “’m not.”


    “Shh!” Sixsmith hissed. “Not so loud.”

    “Why are you doing it?”

    Running a hand through his hair, Sixsmith muttered, “They reckon I owe them a debt. I reckon I’ve paid it off five times over but since here I get the pleasure of bread and board, I’m… kind of…”

    “Stuck.” Emmett swallowed his anger. “Six, that’s against the law.”

    Sixsmith eyed him oddly. “They’re running an illegal gambling-and-fighting-club in the basement. I don’t think they’re too bothered by a little forced labour.”


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  • It’s #demolding time! 🙌 I’m officially a fan of this #pastel #rainbow thing…friggin adorable! Perfect for my #resin therapy 😊 now, back to work… Listing tons of items in my #etsyshop starting today! Check the link in my bio for new cuties
    #resincraft #resinshaker #resinart #resincharm #art #crafts #craft #diaries #artistsoninstagram #wip #WorkInProgress #kawaiicute #kawaii #BabyYoda #resinmolds #oddlysatisfying #asmr #resindemolding

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  • The Clock Watchers ⇒ Introduction

    Inspiration ⇒ Torchwood, This is How You Lose the Time War, The Wayfarers

    Genre ⇒ multiverse sci-fi, adult

    Themes ⇒ human imperfection, interpersonal complexities, mental illness, found family, isolation, trauma, the nature of “normal”

    Story Tags ⇒ ensemble cast, character-driven, relationship-driven, lgbtq+ characters, damaged characters, messy relationships, contemporary setting

    Summary ⇒ Dimensions are like cogs. They join at constantly-shifting edges, doors that are in one place today and another tomorrow. It falls to each dimension’s Clock Watchers to monitor the movements and prevent cross-contamination. All they have to do is survive their job, the knowledge that comes with it, and each other. (And it’s not like there’s training for the last one.)

    Main Cast ⇒

    • Henry Baxter, she/her, leader. (#tcw: henry)
    • Zareen Fairchild, she/her, second-in-command. (#tcw: zareen)
    • Jarrob Montelli, he/him, in-house scientist. (#tcw: jarrob)
    • Adam Smith, he/him, tech specialist. (#tcw: adam)
    • Ettie Valenska, she/her, jack-of-all-trades. (#tcw: ettie)
    • Ezra Keye, he/him, field specialist. (#tcw: ezra)
    • Verandah Darcy, she/her, public relations. (#tcw: verandah)

    Author’s Note ⇒ The work that the Clock Watchers do is not central to this story - most of the action happens off-screen. This is very much by design. What I’m concerned with is the impact of the events they face in their daily lives. How does it affect their views of themselves? Each other? The world? The Clock Watchers is an exploration of the messier aspects of human nature, and how “messy” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s not about the job - it’s about unapologetically damaged, unapologetically complicated people trying to navigate their lives and relationships.

    Ask to be added to the taglist! And feel free to drop me an ask if you want to know more!

    (Pinterest links will be added in the reblogs.)

    #writeblr#writing community#wip#wip intro #writers on tumblr #tcw #write away my friends #yes i'm still working on my cutesy story #i'm always working on two at once #it's easier for me
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    Guess who 👀

    #wip#my art#mine #follow me on insta to see bonus content in my story!!! #insta is marcellamac_art
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    sometimes you make real sketchy doodles at 1am

    ft. sadangry aideen + low budget aranep.

    #My art#Wip #witty post tag #Not tagging characters just vibin
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  • Ah nothing satisfies me then just taking a tour into my pure imagination

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    Please someone make this decision for me because I honestly don’t know what to do with the background

    #animal crossing new horizons #animal crossing#Acnh#Wip #I HATE BACKGROUNDS #I don't really like either one but I'm not drawing a third option
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    a work in progress! think i’ll actually finish this one. i’m having fun

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    Phantom Thieves stickers WIP! These are based on the Royal dual attacks and I’ll be drawing all of them soon!

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  • Writeblrweek - Day 6


    Guess who came back with the Moodboards! Anyway, it’s time to talk about one of my favorite things about my WIP, my kids! Or rather, the first and only Primary Trio! I already talked about them in an Ask, so here will be a kind of complement! Let’s go!

    Rory ∤ 15 years old ∤ Red ∤ Barista and student (now the key to saving a kingdom) ∤ It looks like it can kill you but it’s a cinnamon roll (it can really kill you, however)

    I love her! I love her! I love her! Rory is simply my favorite character to write, and despite the wild ride of writing Life Syphone, Rory is worth the trouble. She lived on Earth, as an orphan and her biggest dream is to enter a music college and finally leave the orphanage. Rory knows very well who she is, knows her own limits and knows what she is good at and what she is not, but she doesn’t have where  belongs. Her biggest defect, even, is driving people away because she thinks she was abandoned and created several complexes that she doesn’t want to admit she has. She is a part-time barista, a studious and hard-working girl with an irritating and unbearable boss, like many people have.

    Her turning point is when she is closing the place where she works and a portal appears bringing a boy and a pack of crisatal wolves, which ends up destroying the entire establishment and he ends up asking for her help.

    It turns out that she is a Muscian, a race of beings that can control energy with violins. And she kind of … didn’t know that, and Rory ends up going with this boy to pay for the damages that are in the name of her colleague, and well, the rest you have to read the story; D

    She is not human, but her ethnicity would be Latin.

    Perth ∤ 14 7/9 years old ∤ Blue ∤ Prince of Rubydian ∤ An adorkable nerd who started an unprecedented mess and now has to guide Rory to save his kingdom.

    Nothing but love and respect for my gentle adorkable prince who I drink the juice of respect to women every day! Perth is the cutest and most lovable boy I’ve ever written and I don’t regret it!

    Perth has the opposite problem to Rory’s. He is the prince of Rubydian who lives with his uncles and cousin. He loves the house and his subjects, the problem is that he is a terrible prince - or in what he thinks of what being a prince means. Perth tries to prove himself constantly and exhaustively because of his late father who was known as the prince who abandoned the king in the name of his enemies which ruined his reputation. So, what he wants most is redenption, to prove that his father is a good person.

    Perth did not know he was a prince until he was 6 years old when for reasons, his family was called back to the castle. And the drama started. He has very low self-esteem and can’t see his own strengths, yet she doesn’t let that turn him into an idiot. He is a kind, kind and intelligent boy. He even loves and supports his considerate cousin / sister, who is heir to the throne. Everything changes when he finds a compass and ends up screw it the kingdom like hell which forces him to go after the last existing Red Musician, since all the others were considered extinct. Aka - the only person in the universe who can fix everything.

    His ethnicity is half Asian and half white.

    Elight ∤ 12 years old ∤ Yellow ∤ Rubydian’s heiress princess ∤ A pre-adolescent being the most competent diplomat in the kingdom besides being an excellent cartographer with enviable combat skills? Most likely you imagine.

    Basically, this girl owns 90% of the trio’s brain cells. Nothing but respect for my (future) queen!

    Elight is the heiress princess, and the only one in the main trio who did not appear physically at first, but that doesn’t mean she’s not there. Hohoho, no! If there is a story, thank her for it!

    Elight is the golden girl of the trio, she knows who she is and where she belongs. She is balanced, fun and curious. But, she has her problems and they are no less serious than the other two. She has a lot of pressure on her and sometimes the people around her don’t even notice it, and she also doesn’t say anything to not disturb.

    She is very kind and kind, just like her cousin, but she has more momentum! She is the best of both! As an heiress princess, she is trained in diplomacy, cartography and sword fighting. Elight even beat Perth in that.

    Her ethnicity is half black and half Asian.

    And thats it! I hope your like my childrens!

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    hell yeah i’m gonna make a big painting again. it’s gonna be fun

    #art#my art#wip#okali #work in progress #hivo has two tiyau! #they're both girls and they help them bring stuff to markets or whatever other places #i have a pretty clear vision of what i'm gonna do for the colors and stuff #can't wait
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