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    04.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago



    Please link credit if you share, thanks!

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  • hornime
    04.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #i have so many wips 😐 #BUT AFTER THAT???? MAYHAPS??????? #inky.responds
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  • likealotofratsfromasinkingship
    04.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Just finished this dude for my friend's birthday!! Just gotta figure out what to do with the bottom now

    #embroidery#my stuff#wip #thats okoto from mononoke
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  • maggins
    04.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    still a wip but oh bOY i really did say “what if i took my two current hyperfixations and smooshed them together”

    #my wip #listen there's no rhyme or reason to this and im not a great writer i just wanted to draw the elric bros in a luca au asjdsahf #heck i don't even know where im going/doing with the designs welp lmao i just know that ed's missing that arm...... #boy had a nasty encounter with an harpoon i guess oOF #anyway idek if/when ill finish this i also wanna include winry bc uNDERDOGS FOREVER
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  • thewatermelloncat
    04.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    WIP Wednesday

    (Well, really it’s Thursday for me)

    From the Punk!Rosé family life fic that I promised to write a few weeks back.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    For the rest of the car ride Rosé is in her head, staring blankly out the window and not saying a word. The only thing that notifies Denali of her getting out of it is when the car stops in front of a modern looking town house and she pulls in a breath, her brows knitting together.

    “Come on, let’s get out” Denali prompts. “You’re staying the night with me.”

    “I…” Rosé falters as she starts to shake her head. “You don’t even know me.”

    “Rosé. I think I’ve learned a lot more about you in the last half hour than I’ve learned about friends I’ve had for years” Denali says before she hops out of the car.

    “Well then, I barely know you” Rosé raises but follows Denali out of the car anyway.

    “Alright” Denali turns to her, walking backwards on the way to the front door. “I’m Denali. I love to ice skate, I sing overly loud to songs on the radio, and currently my parents aren’t home. Tonight, I went to the most boring party but I met a girl I’m worried about, and I want her to spend the night with me. Just so that I know she is safe.”

    To that Rosé can’t find anything to say, but the tension in her shoulders relaxes and she follows at a quicker pace. And for Denali that is enough.

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  • holographings
    04.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    working on the last commission of this round. first time drawing spl characters i havent read the book so i can’t guarantee novel accuracies but i can guarantee the tits will be iconic

    #wip#commissions#spl #god bless the person that commissioned me i get to draw Water and Pecs and SCARS
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  • peachraindrops
    04.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #takes place during s1 #these two kinda fit together for me so i put them in one haha #i wrote this instead of doing any other wips today #maybe i'll be able to circle back but these have been sitting in my inbox for so long and i'm sorry #i'm trying to get to the others too that got away from me #beth x rio #gg fanfic #nbc good girls
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  • flick-innit
    04.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Anyways my CC!Tommy playlist is lowkey a fucking banger I’m patting myself on the back

    #it’s still a wip though #pans personal stuff #personal
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  • iredbloodpivots
    04.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Test render of Bird WIP with exported textures, alot of this will be covered by feathers and fur. Skin is just fun to sculpt and texture. There are some errors with the displacement which need ironing out, but other then its time to learn rigging...  halp

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  • gotlostonmywayhome
    04.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    WiP Wednesday

    I'm not gonna lie, it was hard to come up with something for this week. I've mostly been working on my Winterhawk Olympic Bang fic and claims have not happened yet, so I'm not allowed to post snippets.

    Thankfully, I have also been working on my Shrinkyclinks Prompt Fest fic that will post later this month! It is a Camp Counselors AU and I'm having a great time writing it.

    Here is a little glimpse:

    After she came home from Camp Marvel last year, all Becca could talk about was Steve Rogers, one of the counselors for her group, The Howlies. Steve Rogers was an amazing artist. Steve Rogers competes in all of the competitions despite his asthma, scoliosis, heart arrhythmia, and various other medical issues. Steve Rogers totally drinks his respect women juice.
    If Bucky didn’t know any better, he would have suspected Becca had a massive crush on her camp counselor, but according to his younger sister, “Steve is gay and I have more sense than to develop a crush on a gay guy, thank you very much. That’s just asking to get my heartbroken. Also, he is more like an older brother to me.”
    Bucky rolls his eyes as he makes the turn off the main highway before pointing out to her that she already has an older brother.
    “Shut up, Jim-Jam, you know what I mean. I don’t look at Steve like that. I see him like I see you.”
    “Oh, so you are saying you look at him like he is your hero that you love and adore and will hand over all your Oreos to?”
    #wip wednesday#shrinkyclinks #shrinkyclinks prompt fest #camp counselors au #stucky fandom#smol steve#beefy bucky
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  • the9muses
    04.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago
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  • the9muses
    04.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago
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  • solomon-tozer
    04.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #fanfic ask game asks #that emoji just sitting looking at me... is how i feel about the wip i was just working on
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  • moudschegiebchn
    04.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Ruby Abbett | Lavender Upton | Curtis Grootnook | Yuri Greene | Bob Elfwood

    Me, usually: takes three hours to finish one sim, lays on the floor for a couple hours afterwards, needs a three week vacation, doesn't make another sim for six months Me, tonight: makes five sims and a dog as if it's nothing

    #ts4#shenanigans wip #i love all of them #these are completely new sims for the save not makeovers of old ones #eeeeek!
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  • smasmashin
    04.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Day in the Life [1]

    Summary: You have seven kids. Four husbands and three toddlers. So yeah, seven kids. 

    Pairing: Hyung-line x reader (poly, i.e. seokjin x reader, hoseok x reader, namjoon x reader, yoongi x reader)

    Genre: Family AU, established relationship, fluff, domestic fluff, extreme fluff, comedy, domestic bliss, husband!hyungline, maknae line are spawns of satan (i.e. cute loving toddlers) 

    Word count: 1.7 k


    [Part One] [Part Two]

     On your monthly date night with Namjoon, Yoongi is driving the kids out to eat when he supposes, casually, “They’re probably just cooking.”

     Seokjin snorts from beside him, snobbish, tugging at the knot of his tie with one hand, “Yeah, as if Namjoon knows how to cook.”

     “Namjoon appa says he has a magical love potion,” Jimin offers from the backseat, where Taehyung is doodling something suspicious onto Jungkook’s cheek. “Namjoon appa says that’s why he’s umma’s favorite, because he gives her lots and lots of it.”

     “Baby, he’s not umma’s favorite,” Seokjin laughs, and then thinks about it.

     He pauses. 

     Glances at Yoongi. 

     “What magical love potion,” Yoongi says, slowly, gaze settling onto the rear-view mirror. 

     Jimin’s too busy doodling on Jungkook’s other cheek to respond. 

      “That reminds me,” Hoseok says thoughtfully, voice splintered through the speakerphone, “he did ask where to buy mineral oil the other day,”  

     Yoongi blinks.

     Tentatively, insinuating nothing whatsoever, Seokjin checks the security of his seatbelt. 

     And Yoongi’s foot hits bottom on the gas pedal. 

     “YAH,” Seokjin screams, as the car bounces over a pothole, “OUR CHILDREN ARE IN THIS VEHICLE, MIN YOON--”

     “Faster!” Jungkook cries out, eyes sparkling, as they rip past a yellow light, “Appa vroom vroom!” 

       Seokjin parks four little heads before the front porch, including Yoongi’s, and says, “We need to be quiet. We promised umma and Namjoon appa we wouldn’t be home, right?”

     To illustrate, he puts his finger to his lip, glancing at the brigade for alignment.

     Good little spawns of Satan, Jungkook and Jimin nod at full attention. 

     Taehyung just picks his nose and ~secretly wipes the booger on the back of Yoongi’s new Gucci shirt.

     Only because he’s a loving father, and only because Yoongi owns an annoying amount of Gucci, Seokjin gives Taehyung nothing more than a warning look. 

     And maybe a wink of encouragement.

     Very much encouraged, Taehyung deposits a worm in Yoongi’s back pocket too. 


     Maybe too much.

     Seokjin kind of wonders how he came into this parenting thing, anyways. 

     “Don’t let umma hear us coming,” he repeats. 

     “We won’t,” Jungkook promises, face angelic and very… coarsely decorated.  

     “We’re Team Ninja,” Jimin agrees, surreptitiously pocketing his marker.

     “But Yoongi appa’s already gone inside,” Taehyung points out. 

     Incredulous, Seokjin snaps around to check for literally one split second , and the first thing Team Ninja does is tear through the front door howling like banshees, like pack dinosaurs, like the dogs of the underworld, “UMMAAAA WE’RE HOOOOME!” 

     “What the fuck did you do?” Yoongi hisses, poking his head out of one of the scrubs beside the side window.

     “When did you get there?” Seokjin scream-whispers back, and lunges off the deck as soon as he hears you coming. 

     Seokjin’s barely scrambled onto his knees, face smushed into Yoongi’s chest, when the door swings open.

     “Seokjin? Yoongi?” You call out, “Why are the kids home?”

     “You need to tell her,” Yoongi advises, crawling away on all fours as if he played no part in this. 

     “No,” Seokjin snaps back, crawling after him, voice pitched so high it actually comes out in squeaks. “You dragged us here! You tell her!” 

     “Seokjin appa and Yoongi appa are in the bushes,” comes Jimin’s voice, innocent, sweet, horribly traitorous. 

     Seokjin peers through the shrubs and at the entrance, where he finds Jimin riding Namjoon’s shoulder. Taehyung and Jungkook are sitting on one stupidly gorilla-like hand each. Beside Namjoon, you’ve got a frying pan in one hand and a spatula in the other, and you decide, coldly, “If your appas like to sleep in the bushes, I suppose they could.”

     “Could we sleep in the bushes too?” Taehyung asks, perking up.  

     “Baby,” says Namjoon, fondly, with all the love in the world, and then a measured dose of menace, “Only bad people sleep in bushes.” 

     “But I always sleep with Seokjin appa,” Jungkook huffs, pouty. 

     Eldest hyung Jimin bops one tiny sock-wrapped foot against Jungkook’s head and declares, generously, as if he hasn’t been furtively worming under Seokjin’s other arm every other night, “You can sleep with me, you big baby.”

     “So it’s settled,” Namjoon concludes, voice dry, in his dumb petty CEO voice that impresses no one, really, “don’t let the bed bugs bite, hyungs.”

       Kim Namjoon’s got a way of talking anyone into anything.

     The kids, all three of them, as much as you love them--with you entire heart--were Namjoon’s idea.

     He didn’t ask for it, of course not. Not when he knew Seokjin sneezed at the sight of children and Yoongi had once picked up his niece with a garbage disposal stick and Hoseok only wanted daughters and you had told him, explicitly, on your first date, "Kids are not in the picture."

     No, instead the first thing Namjoon did was buy baby shoes.

     “They’re just cute,” he said, whenever anyone asked. “Small shoes! How nifty is that!”

     Seokjin floated away as soon as he heard the word nifty, and Yoongi never cared enough for shoes or babies to partake in the discussion anyways. 

     “Tell me more,” Hoseok had demanded, intrigued.

     Namjoon did. 

     Two months later Hoseok said, rather abruptly, at breakfast, “I guess a son would be OK too.”

     “No kids,” Yoongi warned, gruffly, breezing past with a cup of coffee. 

     “You heard the man,” Seokjin said triumphantly, tailing Yoongi out the door. 

     So the second thing Namjoon did was bring his nephew over for a weekend.

     “Who’s this?” You asked in baby talk, picking the teeny weeny toddler up into your arms. The little thing crooned and giggled as you looked it in the eye. 

     Seokjin, only because he wanted your attention, asked you “Who’s this?” in the same baby talk, then proceeded to lift you up and into his arms. 

     And then there were two happy soft giggling things in his arms. 

     Seokjin looked at you, looked at Namjoon’s dumb-looking-blood-relative, and his mouth formed a trembly little “o.”

     The next time Yoongi said, elbowing his way through the kitchen crowd at half-past seven in the morning, “No kids,” Seokjin just peeped over at you.

     And smiled.

     The last thing Namjoon did was easy. He picked you up after your 24-hour shift at the hospital and, instead of depositing you straight into bed as he always did, pulled up alongside the Han River.

     Dawn was breaking over the water then, and Namjoon held your hand to his lips and he said, voice soft and firm and gentle and low, “(Y/N), I want to make a family with you.”

     “We do have a family though,” you told him. “You, me, Hobi, Yoongi, Seokjin.”

     “I want to make something with you that lasts beyond time,” Namjoon says, “that is born out of my love for you.”

     “Ew, cringy,” you said, but conceded, after a bit, “we can think about it.”

     That was the last thing Namjoon had to do, because he knew Yoongi could never say no to you.

     “I’m thinking about maybe having kids,” you told him, one day, as the two of you went out for a walk. Hoseok and Seokjin were loitering not too far behind, accosting an ice cream truck for discounts even though Hoseok probably owns the company that owns the truck.

     Yoongi fell silent.

     Three steps later, he asked, nose scrunched up, fingers coming to twine yours, “When should we start?” 

       Sometime close to midnight, a BMW pulls up into the drive-way.

     Hoseok’s laughing before he even gets out of the car.

     “Wow,” he says, “awesome,” he says, “this is so funny,” he says, “you really went and did it,” he says.

     “Are you going to let us in?” Seokjin asks, hopeful, huddled up beside Yoongi for heat. 

     An actual bastard, Hoseok just captures the moment with a selfie.

     And then waves goodbye and locks the door.

     Yoongi squints. 

     “I’m divorcing all of you,” Seokjin sighs, mistreated, very sad, very abused. 

     Not a minute later, the front door opens a crack. You take half a step out, silk robe tied loosely around the waist, face bare, hair wet and still dripping with water,  and call out in a tiny voice, “hey.”

     Yoongi actually darts up so fast Seokjin wonders if he’s been conserving his entire life’s energy for this moment. 

     “Hi,” he says, cool, composed, awkward, “We’re sorry.”

     “Yeah,” Seokjin says, climbing up beside him, dusting the grass off his now-green kneecaps, “That was our bad.”

     In the dark, it is hard to see your expression, but Seokjin can hear the laughter in your voice when you decide, “Come on, the leftovers are getting cold.” 

     And Seokjin, like he somehow always seems to around you, falls in love again. 

     He jogs up, around the shrubs and up the walk way, and grab your hand in his, and says, “Considering the leftovers, I will consider forgiving you.”

     And then he glances over at Yoongi, who’s making his way up slowly, as if he doesn’t care. 

     Only Seokjin can see the way Yoongi’s eyeing your other hand, and he knows Yoongi’s taken it when he tugs you and him both into the house, mumbling something too soft to be heard. 

     “Appa,” comes a small voice, from the banister.

     Seokjin glances up, and Jimin and Jungkook are slumped against each other at the foot of the stairs, Namjoon snoring against the railing behind them. 

     “Namjoon appa snores,” Jimin sniffs, distressed, eyes watery.

     Taking big, careful steps off the stairs, Jungkook comes to wrap his tiny arms around Seokjin’s calf, cheek smushing into his knee as Seokjin lugs him forward with each step. 

     “Kookie asked me to let you in,” you say, glancing down at Jungkook.

     Jungkook just smushes his face harder against Seokjin’s knee, and then, the moment you step away, he looks up at Seokjin.

     His eyes are glinting in the dark when he whispers, “Appa, can we sleep in the shrubs with you?”

     “Wait,” Seokjin says, brows twitching, “no--”

     “But please,” Jimin says, accosting Seokjin’s other leg. 

     “We’re all bad people,” Taehyung admits, coming to hold onto Seokjin’s hand, effectively bolting him into the floor. 

     Yoongi just snorts.

     “Goodnight,” he says, blowing the little demons-in-training a bunch of small kisses, then meets Seokjin's gaze. “Godspeed.”

     “Wait,” Seokjin mouths, eyes wide, in panic, “Wait, Yoongi-ah.” 

     Yoongi lifts his brows. 

     And, without another word, abandons him.  

     “Can I bring candy,” Jungkook asks in tiny, puppy-like as he shakes Seokjin's leg, "Please?"  

     Kim Seokjin is divorcing this fuckery by yesterday. 

    SFW taglist: @kelly-luvya​​  @momnomnom @madygswich @vantxx95 @veronawrites@dreamsindreamss @dwaaaaaaaaa @ot7nem @ungodlyjoon@sporadicfuryface @yiyi4657 @gaeguuliii @bigbootyjoonie @lovelysky15@screechingbluebirdpirate @coyyysstuff @lvrseok @halesandy @minshookie29@luna-xial @landl7xoxo @totallynoanalien @hijabae2019 @shatzkrinslinzki@black-rose-29 @psiphidragon @marslena @allizarae @purplelady85 @eveolei @afangirllikeme-blog @koo-noyokan @bewitchedbybts @yuuji1core @intokook@1997diana1997 @itzme24 @sleepilysworld @kageyama09@unlikelybagelduckpaper @alytavzla @gguksfilter @yourlieinbangtan@mwitsmejk @bbunnykoo @yoongi-muses @imaybebiv2 @vish-upon-a-star@ourbabies-bts @artistkoo @boraength @vnarniav @dearbambideer@awesomefuriouscollectorcloud @sftjminie @siredsong @mishemoo@manniexo @lonelyending @indiefanficchica @vintageroses10 @shadowhale@rrrrap-monster @tiooo​​

    #yoongi x reader #hoseok x reader #namjoon x reader #seokjin x reader #bts x reader #bts fanfic#bts fluff #ENDLESS FLUFF SO MUCH FLUFF INDEFINITE PIT OF FLUFF #bts imagines#yoongi fluff#hoseok fluff#namjoon fluff#seokjin fluff#bts poly #I know I have 1000 wips in progress BUT LISTEN #this is important dad hyungline is important #not me stress-writing things NO ONE ASKED FOR bc I dont want to write my other things l o l
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    04.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Progress on my Serizawa piece!

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    #wip #the water is a little hard
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  • uraniumwriting
    04.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Moodboard for @writeblrsummerfest​! Prompt was main setting of your wip.

    Welcome to Maison Meadows, a totally normal vacation home that just happens to be for children displaced by war! I put some hints of later locations in there, too, since we gotta represent the other places in Petal, Pedal (though they really are all the same place, aren’t they?).

    I would write a little thing for this, but energy’s too low D: enjoy the moodboard, though!

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    04.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #just a bit more penelope x lucifer #because it annoys chloe so much and 'she's kinda adorable when she's flustered' #roommates au#wip game#esmealux' wips
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    “RED?” ❓ - 8/04/2021 🍦 🍬 PRINTS KEY CHAINS SHIRTS STICKERS 🍭 🍦 🍬 #pixel #WIP #chibi #chibiart #chibiartstyle - #drawing #comic #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #Artist #drawings #illustrationArtist #comics #illustrator #drawingwhileblack #anime #manga #procreate #blackanime #digitaldrawing #digitalArtist #originalcharacter #myoriginalcharacter #blackcreative #Artoftheday #blackart #Shonen #Shonenjump #8bit (at New Orleans, Louisiana) https://www.instagram.com/p/CSKyQTtFADl/?utm_medium=tumblr

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