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  • heleneplays
    15.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    *smooches Abdul al-Maliki & Esmerelda Hortensia Frideswide Hildegunde Fairfield on the forehead and wraps a blanket around them*


    #hi its me ya girl #its been. what. 3 days since the drop but hoooo boy #finals still kicking my ass but soft relics wips are written and stored for future time #anyways yeehaw #personal.txt #mod lee speaks stuff #relics series #relics series my beloved #esme fairfield#abdul al-maliki#updates#queue
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  • ttspinteractive
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    This Too Shall Pass focuses heavily on relationships, how you treat others will affect your story and influence how they feel about you.

    Romance is however not a guarantee depending on your actions, but neither is it necessary to the story and will not lock you out of any core ending.

    There are currently 4 ROs Here are their names, gender and a song that I associate with them.

    Oakley . Harper

    player determined Stay - Astronaut Husband

    Alexis . Boer

    male The Night is an Ocean - Winter Aid

    Delilah . Krakowski

    female The Gold - Manchester Orchestra

    Cass . Di Candilo

    non-binary Post Party Depression - Night Gaunts
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  • bittybattybunny
    15.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    It's a cafe day

    Send this bun a ☕ to get a paragraph from one of my current wips

    #bun's ficlet cafe #i feel todays a good ficlet day since i have new wips and im gonna be working on finishing covers for tlc #the hope it to update tlc today lol
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  • honey-desires
    15.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #sfw#honey’s desires#honey’s moots #saturn🪐!! #wip update #honey’s rent an incubus series #i’ve been working on this for so long #AHHH
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  • violetcancerian
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    My Morgan le Fay WIP poping up after nearly a year of hiatus:

    #hobbit talks#andy rambles #its all over the place and it needs structure #i can just use the legends as the outline #so it wont be so bad #writblr#writeblr #morgan le fay #wip update
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  • r0yalfrumpiness
    15.06.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • akindofmagictoo
    15.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    DRAGONSONG: character introduction: Isadora (Isi) 

    name meaning: 

    Isadora: Greek, “gift of Isis” 

    basic info: 

    22F; white 
    6′3″; tan skin with vitiligo; dark brown hair; brown eyes 

    Isi summed up: strong big-sister protective instinct. processes internally before she speaks, generally quiet and reserved. values honesty, so tends to speak the truth, but she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve. her chill levels are off the charts, and she’s very matter-of-fact. she starts as lawful good though will find herself questioning the lawful aspect. fundamentally kind and compassionate, but also a very capable badass. looks like she could kill you and legitimately could, but wouldn’t because she is also a cinnamon roll. Gryffindor. 

    role: main character and POV character 

    non-spoilery fun fact: she does embroidery in her spare time, and wears her hair in a braid crown when in her knight’s uniform. 


    @isherwoodj @metanoiamorii @lilmissravingwriter @weekofwednesdays @the-unwrittenwriter @talesofsorrowandofruin @little-boats-on-a-lake @teriwrites @magicalwriting @magic-is-something-we-create @writingbyjillian @waysofink @perditism @thehellinsideyourhead @calicowrites @vellichor-virgo @google-plexed @therecouldbecolorsandlove @the-orangeauthor @ellatholmes @happyorogeny @ladywithalamp @ashen-crest @authortango @strangerays @moononherwings @nikkywrites @ambersky0319 @ambsthom @talesfromgringolandia @wickerring @wizardfromthesea @dirtybarkshark 

    #wip dragonsong #dragonsong character intro #dragonsong isi #more intros to come #strap in folks #also: all these intros will be eventually updated when i do some culture building #for now all you get is the real-world referents of ethnicities #and one day everyone will get surnames #but today is not that day
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  • shyfoxes
    15.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    pacrim sambucky draft/wip

    Warning: canon typical violence.

    The Precursors had been in his head once. A type of voice he couldn’t quite give words to that echoed across each facet of his brain like goo. It made him feel frozen in molasses at times.

    It was a joke on Sam’s part that his gears were turning, working over time, when he got pensive and thoughtful. A little cyborg humor that others were otherwise too afraid to touch. Not Sam, though. If only he knew how on the nose he had been.

    It had felt like that with them. The gears turned slowly, struggling at times in thick molasses until they all but stopped. 

    That had been two years ago now. Two years on top of another two where he’d been missing and then found. A mannequin in the driver’s seat for the Kaiju as they concocted a new plan, a worse one. Why just send monsters to the shores to wipe out their little ant problem? Why not reverse engineer the ants to destroy themselves? 

    That’s what Bucky had been. He’d risen out of the Arctic, still hooked up to his and Steve’s old Jaeger. Soldat, he’d called her then, her previous name lost under the tides. Half her circuitry was kaiju blood and bone, rerouting the need for a second pilot to keep Bucky functional. 

    And he’d done that for a while. They sent him to the surface now and then when the humans got too victorious, stealing back stretches of beaches and land that had the precursors gnawing at the chops. The frost still clinging to Soldat’s visor and fingers, parting through ice caps like the spirit of a snowstorm. They’d hammered away at some of the best pilots. Torn them apart and left their bodies in their Jaegers to melt into the seas. 

    He’d had nightmares since then. Their screams echoing through their conn-pods, and the slow trickle of light in their Jaeger's eyes as it blinked down one last time. They’d made them digital by the time Steve and Sam had finally pried him out of Soldat. It had cost an arm, and countless nights in the science wing, purging the kaiju away.

    - + - + - +

    Bucky crawled in next to Sam, keeping a sliver of space between them. They didn’t touch but the heat radiating off of them both made it feel like maybe they were. The drift was almost like a ghost between them. In his mind’s eye he could see all the tells of Sam’s nervousness. The way his Adam’s apple must be bobbing with a dry swallow; his fingers clammy and restless along the sheets; the way he stared out to the left corner, trying and failing not to blink too much.

    Sam wouldn’t thaw so easily. It wasn’t just a wall he’d put up, it was a maze. Bucky had thought himself pretty good at cards till he’d lost a few hands to Lang. Then he’d realized why it frustrated him more than it should.

    Wasn’t that what Sam did, too? Played sleight of hand? Kept people watching one part of himself as he went and hid the other? A shift so fluid and seamless, one might never have known there’d been a Sam who was anything but put together. 

    In their world, it took very little to break someone apart. They were one fight, one moment, one second away from ruin every time. There weren’t many people who didn’t share some of their sorrow in some way. It’s what made the Drift so unique. What Bucky had come to learn sitting in the science wing listening to Shuri.

    The way she could go on for hours about the intricacies they probably hadn’t even unlocked. The technology of the Jaegers paled in comparison to the human element, she had said. 

    The Drift did things people took years to accomplish: it cut the middle man out.

    For all Sam had joked to Bucky on their dry run not to get his old ass lost, they’d both chased the Rabit straight into oblivion. Sam had locked up. They’d run through that last mission in Soldat, watching Riley (...Steve?) being torn away. The dead air sitting on the other side of the cockpit.  

    “...So, your family had a boat, huh?” Bucky tried.

    Sam’s fingers flinched against the bed sheets, but Bucky knew he was listening. He tapped a beat a few inches from Sam’s hand. 

    “It was nice, from what I saw. Real...home-y. Do you still have it?”

    Bucky knew the answer already. A shrimping boat with Paul + Darlene carved into the side, letters faded but the imprint unforgettable. The height chart in the steering room. The glue marks from eager hands who couldn’t find tape to decorate the walls. The mountains of weather-worn photos still locked inside, nestled as safely as it could get in storage. Waiting for a chance to meet safer waters again. 

    The ache that came with thinking of it wasn’t his, but he held it just the same. Held onto the feelings Sam had willing given in the Drift, despite how tightly he attempted to block it out. 

    “Kind of,” Sam replied, voice scratchy. Rough. He’d been crying before Bucky had made his way back to their -- Sam’s room. “Can’t exactly go out in the water much these days.”

    Bucky huffed a laugh. “Yeah. Not exactly the type of fish you might want to catch.”

    A wobbly smile twitched at Sam’s lips. Bucky tapped the beat a little closer. He knew Sam could feel the drag of the sheets drawing taught between their hands. 

    “Maybe, when we’ve finally won, I can come see it with you. Fix it up. I’ve got some experience with boats.”

    Sam glanced at him, definitely smiling a little. “I know.” I saw, went unsaid. Shipyard experience, once upon a time. Two hardheads could probably make sense of one old boat. Maybe.

    “I. I’d like that.”

    “ ‘Think you’d look good in a different hunk of metal,” Bucky mused. “One that’s got a loss less weapons on it.”

    Sam snorted. “You mean, you don’t think a giant rocket powered harpoon would look cool on the boat?”




    Looks v bucky centric but its not supposed to be. its messy and just beginning and i’m working on it v slowly so i can enjoy it without my own brain worms. i’m not the best at these chara exploration things but i still give it a try to learn and practice. buuuut its not going to focus so much on the whole kaiju war/fighting thing but more just on. them. and them understanding each other even though the drift tells them everything iiiiiiif that makes sense.

    i have a few ideas for jaeger names but suggest any if you want to.

    i write really all over the place. so these are random scenes that i jumped around to write and others will. eventually??? hopefully??? get put in. But for nooow i just want to have fun with it.

    #sambucky#cheshire drafts#cheshire wips#wips #SORRY FOR MY DIALOGUE I'M SOOOOO BAD AT DIALOGUE #i envy Mason so much ;---; #i waaant to explore how sam just kinda side steps sharing his feelings......... #am i capable can i do it ill try!! #lit every time i say im just going to read fic and enjoy other ppls content i get stupida nd try my own hand #then it turns into a pacrim au bc im predictable #winterfalcon #these tags back here are for my own tag back #sam wilson#bucky barnes#mcu#tfatws #which means now i have to update my tags page one second pls #pacrim au
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  • an0nymousghost
    15.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    full release coming tomorrow! here is the palette preview i made :)

    #tomorrow is actually my last day of school #wip#color updates
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  • aurieeeeeenyx
    15.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    thanks for the tag, @veneritia :D

    30 QUESTIONS: get to know me!

    1. name/nickname: nyx (i also go by aurie cuz lol my url...haha...)

    2. gender: uhhh good question *sweats* i generally use the label gnc (gender non-conforming) tho i think i also like agender? still figuring that out sjfjnabs (i use all pronouns btw; i like when multiple pronouns are used for me, though if you want to use one pronoun for me they/them is good)

    3. star sign: gemini (don't know what moon and rising are)

    4. height: you'll never know

    5. time: too late to be doing my laundry that's for sure (jk it's late afternoon as of writing this...but i have been procrastinating doing laundry for the past four hours)

    6. birthday: ;)

    7. favorite band: the score

    8. favorite solo artist: alec benjamin probably??? tbh i haven't listened to his stuff in a while but he's good go check out his music :) i mostly listen to random music that shows up in my recommended sdjfhds

    9. song stuck in my head: all of them /j most recently maybe "i'm gonna win" by rob cantor tho honestly i always have at least 4 songs looping in my head at any given time /hj

    10. last movie: howl's moving castle

    11. last show: no idea; i don't think i've watched any recently, tho i have been thinking of rewatching atla

    12. when i created this blog: april 2020 iirc

    13. what i post: literally anything. this blog is just full of reblogs of random stuff (especially fandom related things for whatever fandom i've inevitably fallen into lmao) and the occasional creation of my own (art, animation, writing, etc)

    14. last thing i googled: naginata

    15. other blogs: i have a writing-only blog, @/aurienyx, which is...kinda dead, honestly. usually i post whatever to this blog, and then if it's writing (like Actual writing, and also original writing only-ish) then i'll reblog it to that blog. this blog was originally supposed to be a side blog but then...well, here we are (i post fics/drabbles and stuff to this blog only cuz yeah this one's more fandom-oriented; i think i post fic updates to the other one though)

    16. do i get asks? rarely, but yes! i love getting asks, so feel free to send me one anytime :D

    (getting long so the rest is under the cut!)

    17. why i chose my url: oh boy. time for an explanation nobody asked for but i'm gonna give it anyways >:) a saga in three parts:

    1, my url for this blog (aurieeeeeenyx) has 6 e's because it stems from the original (aurienyx), and that's because it was originally supposed to be a sideblog/joke-y blog—being unoriginal (/hj), i decided to stretch the vowels cuz that's what meme subreddits did and i thought it would be funny
    2, the name "aurienyx" has two parts: "aurie" and "nyx". "aurie" is cuz i take latin, and "aureus" is "gold (coin)" in latin and like. that's cool (also we used to do this thing in class where we'd give ourselves names in latin and mine was "aurelius/a"). "aurenyx" looked funky to me so i stuck an "i" in there and that was that. the "nyx" part is where it gets fun: i used to be (and still kinda am) a mythology geek thanks, pjo/hoo and i always liked the name "nix/nyx", so i was like ah yes goddess of night nyx that's great—BUT i also really like(d) phoenixes so i was like aha! double whammy! and then i mixed them together and here we are
    3, the less important part, "aurienyx" is a fairly short name with three distinct syllables and therefore easier to remember so like. branding or something ig (i didn't think abt this til after lmao) (this doesn't apply much to the url for this blog cuz it's loooooong)

    so that's why! thank you for coming to my ted talk—

    18. following: 256

    19. followers: 129

    20. average hours of sleep: .....don't attack me like this (not enough, clearly /j)

    21. lucky numbers: don't really have them, but maybe 3 and 8?

    22. instruments: piano, and i'm currently teaching myself (ish) ukulele! :D used to play oboe and cello but unfortunately not anymore...maybe i'll get back into cello someday (also thinking about learning guitar but uh 6 strings brain says no thank you /lh)

    23. what am i wearing: right now i'm wearing a grey shirt/hoodie thing and black shorts

    24. dream job: no idea/don't really have one; would love to be a part-time author though...kinda (i just wanna be able to create things for fun on the side ig)

    25. favorite food: potatoes, maybe? they're so versatile it's great. but there's a lot of foods contesting for the spot so who knows

    26. ?

    27. nationality: :)

    28. favorite song: oh god don't ask me this i can't chooooooose (but recently, probably "favorite color is blue" by robert delong ft k. flay... or maybe "revenge, and a little more" by unlike pluto... or maybe—)

    29. last book i read: uhh besides an ungodly amount of fics i think the last book i actually finished was none of the above by i. w. gregorio. it was alright, though i wasn't really a fan. there's several other books i started but haven't finished reading, including (but not limited to) leviathan by scott westerfield, song of achilles by madeline miller, vicious by v.e. schwab, the night circus by erin morgernstern, the raven boys by maggie stiefvater....the list goes on

    30. top 3 fictional universes i would like to live in: that's....really hard, honestly. i don't know, but if i had to choose: 1, harry potter bc i wanna explore hogwarts dammit; 2, the world in the game monument valley cuz wow those graphics are so pretty (the world of sky: children of the light too); and 3, this wonderland-based world i created a couple months ago lol (yes i'm biased but also i did a Lot of worldbuilding and i think it's really cool >:>)

    tagging: @charlesjosephwrites, @belialwrites, @ryns-ramblings, @oasis-of-you, @djthedumbass, @iwantadamusername, @kittycatinblue, and anyone who wants to join :D

    #tag games #in case you havent noticed im very indecisive and very rambly sdfjhsduifhse #feel free to (read: Please) send me asks abt books and songs and stuff lol #and/or asks about my wips cuz. yknow. i have a lot of those lmao and status updates sound fun #basically: Send Me Asks lmao #im sorry ryn idk why i cant tag you T-T #long post #my wifi died so many times while i was writing this SJDFNISUD
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  • parviocula
    15.06.2021 - 18 hours ago


    #not aRK DROPPING AN UPDATE #as soon as me and my friend get a base built HAGSHGAS #I hate it there!!!! #Anyways we got a rex and someone tried to take it from us #so I rushed it and me and her went at it for like.... 5 minutes #then she bola'd me and my friend came in and piked her #then she wipped him and our rex tam #tamed and killed her #this went on  for like... 10 minutes? #We're on a toxic AFFFFFF server and I am loving it #ark txt
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  • hollipolliyozza
    14.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Donna pride wip update

    #hollipolliyozza#art#hollizart#my art#original work #artists on tumblr #holiztridodi#hollipolliyozzaholiztridodi#original art#original character#intersex#pansexual#drawing#teacher#blonde#curly hair #I’m going to update Donna’s ref #like there’s details about her origin and story that I didn’t add yet #it’s part of Holiztridodi #wip work in progress #wip update
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  • littlewritingdreams
    14.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Writer’s Life: Weekly Progress Update

    Wow. It has been a while since I’ve done one of these. I wish I could say that a lot has happened in the past few weeks, but honestly, I’ve just been stepping away from my creative ventures to enjoy life. Which means I’ve been reading a lot and now that it’s safer to go out, my significant other and I have been taking baby steps towards our new normal, which has been a much-anticipated adjustment. And, if I’m being honest, a relief. It’s no secret that my writing always comes to a crashing halt with the slightest life change, and this is no different, though in all honesty, it feels like a much-needed breath of fresh-air. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve finished 4 books alone and am most of the way through my 5th. I’ve been acquiring books like crazy and am starting to get a delightful backlog of books. My reading goal was 30 books for the year and I’m almost to 20 books so far. There’s a good chance I’ll surpass that goal.

    I am determined to get back to writing though. I think I’m about 20,000 words away from finishing my Once-Upon-A-Novella, which has turned into a full-blown novel at this point. I’ve blown past 40,000 words and can’t imagine finishing with anything less than 60,000. I also need to work on my fairy tale short stories. By my count, I’m about one fairy tale short story behind, which I need to fix before Camp NaNoWriMo July where I’m going to be too busy to write a fairy tale short story. I need to write 2 fairy tale short stories before the end of this month to catch up. If I can write something close to the May short story’s caliber, I’ll be very pleased. May’s fairy tale short story turned out really well.

    And speaking of Camp NaNoWriMo July, I should add that I’ve decided on my project and have set my word count goal. The goal is 40,000 words and the project I’m going to focus on is my 2nd draft. After NaNoWriMo 2020, I took a step back from the project to regroup and focus on other things, but it’s time that I pick it back up and finish the draft.

    2021 Word Count: 84,298 Once-Upon-A-Novella Progress: 43,150 Passion Project: 40,469 WIP 2nd Draft Progress: 100,698 Fairy Tale Short Stories: 4/10 Misc. Short Stories: 1 Camp NaNoWriMo (April): 30,114 Camp NaNoWriMo (July): Not Started Yet

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  • writingonesdreams
    14.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Writing update Stormkeeper

    Stormkeeper changed in the last few days from a high fantasy to a modern urban fantasy set in a city famous for its mage schools. They are basically boarding school universities for differnt magic types that suffer under intense rivalry and hatred towards each other. People mostly moves in groups, follow leading figures and attack each other in mageball magics (which will be a mix of football and basketball with magical abilities allowed that can get pretty physical). They aren't exactly gangs, these people are students and they use magic to clash at each other, which can get them injured, but not too seriously. They are just high class magic students that the authorities don't know what to do about.

    Shadow mages are basically the corrupted mages whose magic has gone foul and live in their own district with facilities and flats. They are mages enough to have their spaces but not accepted enough to move freely. Of course they are lashing out, longing to be accepted by the other mage school students.

    Idk where I'm going with this. Basically the idea was strongly inspired by the gang story I was reading lately, but I don't want them to be actual gangs, and a school setting will allow me to have the characters undecided and not boxed to their professions plus the comfort of not having to worry about financies and other annoying adult responsibilities.

    The plot beats basically don't change, except the details of circumstances. Acacia and Wes will be secret friends from the start, Kyler and Wes are brothers on a the verge of a big fallout and the story doesn't have an antagonist, just lots of flawed people trying and often failing to do right by each other. I would be really proud if I could pull this non-villian thing off.

    The regular amount of hurt/comfort and suffering from bad magic overwork sideeefecs and torture from the Shadow mages. The focus on switching between magics stays and finally seems to give the story uniting element. I'm still working out the subplots that would bring this all together. I will probably make an episode outline, cause anime is feeding me up with the ideas right now.

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  • cyanid-apple
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Things I learned today: if I give any character round glasses and glass chains, and the colours at least somewhat match, my sister will ask if I’m drawing myself

    #cy talks #i find this very funny actually #like I was showing her my wips #and at some point we reach an unfinished piece of my (updated) sona #which very much doesn’t look like my irl self #(sadly) #and she asks if it’s me #later. we reach an unfinished Sasha James #to whom I gave the same glasses #and she does it again
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  • stardew-atlantis
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #just let me edit it one more time #I currently have 12 wips don't judge me #i get distracted so easily #asks#totallynotanarsonist #we update when we update
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  • rosebud1773
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Garrus Busts: Final Bake (Image Heavy)

    The bottom 'seam' here is twisted off kilter on purpose to indicate the twist of his hips. =P

    His visor is a complete and utter pain in my ass. I might just leave it off and glue it to one of his hands... lol

    Tagging: @crackinglamb, @squigglysquidd, @blueboxness, @bhell42, @dramaqueenharley, @ferusaurelius, @danypooh80 and everybody else interested in keeping up with this. I'll be posting pics of the mold casting process as well. That should be interesting as I've never actually done that part before.

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  • planets-and-prose
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    When faced with mystery and metamorphosis, will strangers be able to unite and save the things they hold dear? Or will they be consumed by the power they try to harness?

    Title: Odyssey (WILL be changed, this is more a placeholder than anything else)

    Genre: NA fantasy

    Status: Planning/beginnings of writing so it will be all ready for Camp NaNo!

    POV: Mostly third person limited, switching between characters’ perspectives as relevant (though this, too, is subject to change)

    Setting: A small town on the edge of a deep forest surrounded by mountains. The forest has winding paths that change from day to day, making escape nearly impossible if one is unfamiliar with its ways.

    Themes: Love for homeland, change, introspection, found family, platonic love, growth, things are not as they seem

    Trigger Warnings: Right now there are limited triggers that I think are relevant, but this is a Ten story and I am not immune to the sweet siren call of angst, so I’ll update and tag accordingly.

    Blurb: A small town sits on the edge of a magical forest. The world avoids the town as best as possible, because the rumors say a force called the Galdeur will take over anyone who remains there for any length of time and claim them as one of its own. This makes it a perfect refuge for those who have something to run from...or a place ripe for exploration by those just crazy enough to try it.

    Two outsiders come to town and, with the help of two forest natives and a woman with a mysterious past, want to learn to harness the Galdeur and study the metamorphosis it brings firsthand. But they may discover more than they bargained for...

    Tags: All posts will be tagged with #odyssey for now. Writing will be tagged with #odysseywriting.

    Thank you all for reading!! Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in any future posts, and feel free to ask questions! Character bios will come soon!

    #odyssey#writing#wip intro #camp nano wip #writeblr#writblr#original content #ten's back y'all #hopefully we'll be able to keep regular project updates #fingers crossed#magic
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  • tourneyofashvara
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I'm like ugh why does my wrist hurt when I'm trying to write?? but I've written 40k words since the 3rd after writing nothing for months so I think I've figured out the culprit

    #ahahah ow #remember to stretch y'all!! #also only 10K (ish) left and this half draft rewrite will be done! #should get it done this week which is exciting #airi's song#writing update#wip update#amwriting#ouch
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  • tsundanire
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sorry for the delay Darklina folks. Chapter 2 of “The Devil is a Gentleman” is in progress and should be up next week some time!! Thanks for your patience yall <3

    #darklina #the devil is a gentleman #wip#alarkling#update
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