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  • Guidance for the Day - Die with memories. Not dreams.

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  • I just gotta fresh nail set and ready to wrap my hands around my mans dick 🥺

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  • My goal in life is to be a badass nb version of Megan Thee Stallion.

    Girls in the Hood got me questioning my whole life.

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  • Maybe if I follow enough university focused blogs I will finally study and graduate

    #wishful thinking#studyblr#english major#literature major #if you are a blog who focuses on studying (especially literature) hmu and I'll follow you #cause I'm desperate for motivation
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  • Last night I could barely sleep. Something was up. And when I finally went to bed my dreams were even more disturbing. 

    I dreamt I was being forced to go to the Linkin Park Zoo and I was begging not to go. I hate that place it makes sad in such a way I can barely breathe. I think this whole corona lock down has made me even more sympathetic to animals than I had been. 

    In fact I’ve been dreaming a lot about animals and their wellness. I think the universe is telling me to consider veganism. 

    So tonight I removed every piece of meat I could from the stir fry my mom made. When I couldn’t get it all I stopped eating all together. I just couldn’t do it.

    My mom as you can imagine didn’t like that. Even though she doesn’t eat meat herself.

    The rest of my day was uneventful. Work is stressful but rewarding oddly. I just am excited for a month from now whenever thing runs like clock work and everyday is smooth I’m not putting in overtime. 

    And I can quite my second job which isn’t working out in my favor. The kickstart is almost over and then I can put in my notice. 

    Which will honestly be such a huge relief. 

    I wonder what you are working on. Or if you are studying. It’s summer during a world on fire so I’m sure you aren’t working on much if any school unless you are powering through your masters - if you are getting your masters. What did you get a degree in ? Like your undergrad?

    Regardless, I always imagine what your teachers think of you and your assignments. 

    I wish I could read your essays. I want to know how your brain thinks. How does it form sentences and makes cases where does all that come from and why. 

    It’s like the song Can I Sleep In Your Brain. 

    I want to sleep in your brain and see how it works see the world through your eyes instead of mine and feel your thoughts the way you feel them. 

    That song actually makes me think of us a lot. Sometimes when I dream of us I want to believe I’ve slipped into your dreams or you’ve slipped into mine and now share a brain. 

    I know it’s wishful thinking but I find myself being even more wishful in my thinking these days.  Rereading Call Me By Your Name may be to blame. 

    Anyway I love you,


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    “I want to sleep with you. I don’t mean sex. I mean sleep. Together. Under my blanket. In my bed. With my hand on your chest and your arm around me. With the window cracked, so it’s chilly and we have to cuddle closer. No talking, just sleepy, blissfully happy, silence.” - u.k 🍷🥀

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  • I really want it to be that competition show they teased a few months ago. Wouldn’t that be amazing? 😔

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  • It’s because of what you did

    That I become like this

    You didn’t just taught me the word reciprocate

    But you showed it unconsciously

    I’ve always shown you kindness

    Because that’s a something you can also give

    I got hurt and felt ignored one-two many times

    But it won’t equate to the solicitude that I felt while you’re just being yourself

    I will always be there for you

    And never will I forget you

    I’ve always hope of taking care of you

    That’s why I never wanted to leave you untended

    Never will I expect anything

    Though we both know I’m always hoping for something

    But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop giving you my everything

    Even if I’d be receiving nothing

    By your side is one of the happiest places I would be

    And that’s the reason why I’ll always want to bridge any distance that we may have in between

    Stop asking why I’ve been doing this

    Because that feeling of love may not be enough to describe how I would be

    Remember that Webster didn’t spell HAPPINESS with “Y”

    Maybe because when you’re happy.. you just have to be happy without asking or wondering “WHY”

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  • don’t think about cas proposing to dean in the middle of a pride parade. don’t think about him going down on a knee, as ‘i want to break free’ plays loudly all around them, and dean staring wide-eyed as he produces the most beautiful ring dean’s ever, ever seen. “you once told me you’d rather have me. dean winchester, i’d rather have you too, 'til absolutely nothing do us part.” an inaudible chuckle. nervous, terrified. you don’t believe marriage is for the likes of us, was going to be his next line, in the vague (incredibly practised) speech, until it isn’t anymore. “we may not have families, but we have our people,” cas says instead, and he’s got tears in his eyes, and unconditional love in his smile. found family - and they’ve found it all. sam’s tearing up, a metre away, and dean’s frozen, slackjawed in disbelief. “you’ve taught me everything i know about free will, dean winchester. let’s learn about love together.” dean’s crumbling, melting, and he could actually buckle to the ground - and cas doesn’t stop. “let’s learn about love together,” he repeats, voice cracking. “forever.” and so dean breaks, lets out a completed wrecked sound - in a second, he’s holding cas’s hands, in one of them the abruptly reclasped ringbox, and he’s trembling with sobs, both knees on the ground as if praying, and he reaches to cup cas’s face. just kisses him, breathless, eyes screwed shut, with an urgent, “please, yes,” muttered against pink, chapped lips he’s now going to spend the rest of his life kissing, any chance he gets. and all around them, the crowd erupts, clapping and cheering, and sam’s taking millions of photos. freddie mercury segues into elvis presley, 'can’t help falling in love’ begins richly, and they’re still held in each other’s arms - close, safe, loved, forever, and that’s kind of what it’s all about.

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  • This just in,

    Jack De Sena is a unicorn.


    #the dragon prince #hot brown morning potion #podcast #I hope we hear from him in a hbmp episode some day soon #hbmp #not my quote #wishful thinking#sighhh
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    2020 will continue to test us…. but do remember the good memories that will me make on the way. Wishing you all good health.

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  • Trying to dry and kill these pimples overnight 😅

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  • unpopular opinion but i LOVED wishful thinking

    #maybe im biased #bc i love journalism and tv #but who knows #wishful thinking#choices
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  • Back when I joined my gw2 discord group, I’d made an offhand remark at one point, after showing a particular screenshot, of wishing they had kind of a loose-hair style for Asura. One that kept the hairstyle I’d had on Sonnya, but like, just…longer.

    @mavelleofdawn was nice enough to do a really quick and awesomely done edit of that screenshot, which I went nuts over. I saved the pic, but in my hurry I lost track of where I saved it on my system, and the thread on the discord had very much accelerated so far it was almost useless to go back and hunt it down (and I couldn’t remember which channel It’d been in).

    But tonight I found it, so now I wanna show it off!

    Sonnya with long hair! I still wish fervently that this hairstyle existed in game! I wanna see her running around with her hair flowing behind her, trailing her in jumps, and flowing forward when she stops suddenly.

    She just looks so damned pretty with it like that. I’ll make it story-canon if I can, but damn do I wish it was GAME-canon.

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