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    Scrying is a form of divination used to see the future and answer questions. Is it THE MOST difficult type of divination, so it will take a lot of practice if you don’t have a natural affinity for it. Scrying involves staring into something with the intention of inducing visions or sudden thoughts. It’s difficult because you have to quiet your mind and pay attention to what thoughts or images travel through. Then you have to decide if it was a random thought or something meaningful. Then you must interpret the images or thoughts. 

    Types of Scrying:

    Crystal Ball

    Smooth ball of stone. It can be a crystal with correspondences to your intentions or just one you feel connected to. The size doesn’t matter. 

    Black Mirror

    Can be homemade or made out of black crystal like obsidian. The decorations on it can further it’s power. It imitates still water. 


    Fill a bowl with rain, ocean, or moon water. You can also use your cauldron for this. 


    Smoke from incense, smudge, or candles. You find and interpret patterns or symbols in smoke tendrils. This is the least accurate form of scrying since air is an easy element to manipulate. 


    This is the most powerful form of scrying. It can be done with any fire. Since fire is hypnotic, it is also the easiest form of scrying. It naturally focuses the mind. 

    How to Scry:

    1) Choose your medium

    2) Light a white candle. Sit in a dim room if your scrying type allows for it. 

    3) Meditate to calm your mind. While you’re doing this, form a purpose. Think of the questions you want answers to. 

    4) Be open to any and all answers as you begin scrying. These answers may be physical or mental. Keep trying until you’re exhausted or think you’ve found an answer. 

    5) Learn the meaning of symbols you saw. Do some research to determine if what you felt, experienced, saw has any symbolic meaning. Write this down so you can refer to it in the future. 

    You may not get anything the first few times you do it, but if you keep trying, you might find that scrying is a good form of divination for you. 

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  • ‘Tell Me’ is now available in different colours!

    I have been thinking about doing this for a while and with everything that has been going on, I finally had the time to actually do it! ‘Tell Me’ is now available in the colours you can see above!

    Purple // Blue // Gold // Peach // Turquoise

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  • Sharing these for those who might need them! Positive vibes Sigils to help anyone in need. I am sending love to everyone in whatever ways I can. Stay safe and take care of yourself

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  • I remember a part of my dream last night.

    A panther was laying on my sofa waiting for me calmly.

    I asked it what it wanted and it said lamb.

    I’ve seen Dio as a panther before and I recognized the eyes…. I think Dio just asked me for something sheep themed. 🐑🐏

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  • My lil witch in her ghibli inspired house 🖤

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  • does anyone have any advice for offerings for persephone???

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  • A circle of protection
    here I cast.
    No evil shall enter,
    no ill shall pass.
    A shield rise up
    and surround us all;
    Protect those who dwell
    within these walls.
    Within this space,
    may safety be found.
    No ill shall enter
    our circle round.

    - Created by Written Secrets on Parchment

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  • So I’ve been heartbroken af. Recently discovered Aphrodite as my deity and her and i have been bonding. I’ve been trying to worship her as best as I can. Trying to do things I know she would like in light of my mental health rn. I’ve been listening to sad music and I swear I chose on youtube a song called “I Just Really Miss You” and I was texting a friend. When I looked at my laptop “Grow As We Go” by Ben Platt was on instead and I did not put that on. I feel like it was Aphrodite taking my music and saying okay stop being sad you’re a bad bitch but now you need to see that. It was her saying she’s here for me. This growing journey im about to go on. It made me feel very loved and motivated. I really needed that.

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  • ‪“everyone’s taken up baking as a hobby” not everyone, i’ve taken up witchcraft‬

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  • She knows it’s there. She’s trying to decide what to do about it. 

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  • My wand was the first thing I made and I still use it to this day. It’s not extravagant, nor does it need to be. It can be as simple or dressy as you want. Here is what mine looks like: 



    - A thick stick about the length of your forearm

    - Sandpaper


    - Crystal of choice

    - Copper wire

    - Oils of choice

    - Heavy duty glue (like jewelry glue) 

    - Something to wrap the handle with 

    - Decorative items


    1) To find a stick, look outside near your home or a place you regularly walk. The close it was to you, the more easily you’ll connect with it. 

    2) Sand the stick down. This is to avoid those nasty splinters. 

    3) Use any oils that correspond with your overall intentions to rub down the stick. If you want, you can add a drop of your own blood to the mix, though it’s absolutely not necessary.

    4) Glue on or attach your crystal to the end. Ideally, you’d want to use a self-cleansing crystal like Clear Quartz, but the choice is up to you. Just make sure the crystal is cleansed before you attach it to your wand. 

    5) Wrap the handle (and the bottom of the crystal onto the stick for more support) with your chosen wrap. I used white electrical tape and it works brilliantly. 

    6) Wrap a length of your copper wire around the entirety of the wand. You can be as intricate with this as you want. 

    7) Add any decorations that you wish. 

    There you have your wand! Treat it with respect and love and it will take you far. 

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  • Before we delve into the ins and outs of witchcraft tools, let me start by saying everything in your practice is OPTIONAL. You do not need any fancy witch items to practice witchcraft. The only thing you need is intention. Maybe you’ve heard this before, but the strongest intention will always be more effective than a spell with 38 components. 

    However, the witchy stuff is super cool! It can help you feel like a witch if intention alone isn’t cutting it for you. I recommend not splurging on all items when you start out. Begin with energy work so you can use tools that you get over time to enhance your magick. 

    I’ll list and discuss some of the tools a witch might use regularly. If there’s any tools that I want to speak more in depth about, I’ll link it to another post. 


    A grimoire (aka book of shadows) is easily the most important tool and is very highly recommended that you start as soon as you can. This post explains some options for a BOS. If you can’t afford some fancy book, you can absolutely begin your grimoire in a notebook or binder and transfer your knowledge at a later time. However you choose, having a grimoire is essential for tracking traditional knowledge and figuring out your own magickal beliefs.


    Crystals and stones help you ground yourself. They also have correspondences to help with magick. Also, they’re super pretty. So even if you don’t really like/use crystals, it could be nice to have them around for decoration. 

    Incense, Oils, and Smudges

    These are all items that cleanse anything desired and call powers to you. This is a really versatile tool. Any reason you can think of to use them for will work. Even if you just burn them for the scents. (Personally, I burn incense on the daily as an offering to my deities.) 


    If you believe in the God and the Goddess and/or want to work with any deities, you MUST have offerings to give them. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Some incense will work or even fruits or sweets. Whatever you feel, but make note on what your deities seem to like the most so you can use those offerings for special occasions. You have to put work into your relationships with your deities just like with your friends. 


    Candles are a big part of many witch’s practice and they can be found pretty much anywhere. They have a multitude of uses such as invoking the elements and concentrating your focus. They can also be used to represent the Goddess and deities. Different color candles have certain correspondences.


    Cauldrons are typically iron. The reason witch’s like to use them (aside from aesthetic) is because they are fire resistant. You can burn things indoors, provided you use fire safety at all times. You can also use cauldrons to make potions. 


    A besom is basically a broom. It has a designated spiritual purpose and should never be used for literal cleaning. Besoms are used for spiritual and energetic cleansing of a place. There are many ways to make your own besom for something cheap and unique to you. 

    Make Your Own


    Wands are used to direct energy. The most common purpose for a wand is to open and close circles. You can also use them for divination and channeling. Your finger can replace a wand. Depending on the kind of wand you want, it can get really pricey. I recommend making your own. 

    Make Your Own

    Athame (ATH-uh-may)

    An athame is a knife, traditionally with a black or brown handle. It is never used to physically cut anything. It’s purpose is to direct energy in a circle and cut energetic ties to someone/something. It is largely symbolic. 

    Bolline (BOW-leen)

    This is a knife, traditionally white-handled. Unlike the athame, a bolline is used for any physical cutting needed, but it is still for magickal purposes only. You use a bolline to scry, carve, draw lines, etc. It’s important, symbolically, to keep the blade sharp. 


    Bells are used to invite divine attention. They can also clear the energy. If you work with the fae, bells are a good tool to have. Make sure you find a bell that makes your spine tingle. That’s how you know the bell wants to work with you, too. 


    A chalice is traditionally a silver thing that looks similar to a wine glass. However, it can be any color, any shape, and any size. As long as it holds libations, it’s good enough for the divine and it’s good enough for your craft. (Keep in mind, you can also use your cauldron to hold liquid offerings.) 


    A pentacle should be the center of your altar. It offers protection and power. If you can’t afford one from a store, which is totally fine, it’s super easy to make your own. You can go full out, or you can simply draw a pentacle on a piece of paper. 

    Altar Cloth

    If you have an altar, you should have an altar cloth. Not only does it keep your table protected from dripping wax or splashed liquid, but it also can help keep your space clean. The dust doesn’t gather so visibly on a cloth. You can change out the color to correspond with the sabbats. This cloths can be simple like a scarf.

    Divinatory Tools

    These are things such as tarot, pendulum, scrying materials, etc. Any tools that’s used to interpret the future or divine messages can be considered a divinatory tool. If you’re a beginner, I suggest beginning with the pendulum, which can be ‘made’ out of things around your home.  

    Pendulum, Scrying

    Again, you DO NOT need these items. And if you can make your own, do it. It’s usually a simple process and you’ll feel much more connected to the tool. Gather tools as you advance in your path. Maybe you’ll even have a tool come to you. 

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