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    Managed to recycle some glass jars for my herbs - wrapped some washi tape round each one for easy identification ❤️

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  • I am cleaning out an area for an outside alter

    Wish me luck

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    It’s been very hot where I am recently and I wanted to share one of my new favourite self care drinks with you all!

    As I work on my summer coursework at home this year I find myself really struggling with sluggishness in the heat. I have never been good about drinking enough water and I have a condition that diminishes my ability to cope with extreme temperatures. In the summer these issues are only aggravated. I’ve found that adding some fresh mint to my ice water makes it so refreshing and helps soothe the summer heat brain fog while also being kind and gentle with my body. 

    How are you all beating the heat (or whatever weather you are dealing with)? Let’s share some tips!

    Best wishes,



    Thank you as always for the love during my recent open readings; I apologize to all of you whose requests I couldn’t get to. My energy has been fading so quickly recently, I can only manage a few readings at a time. I look forward to working with you in the future!

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  • If you have paranoia issues that make it so you perceive everything to be a threat… and you constantly fuck with people expecting no backlash…. maybe you should get off your pedestal and get help….

    #moi.txt #witchblr #ugggghhh this is a mess
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    i had the best reading i’ve had in a long time today ❤️ (+ today’ favourite card, from the Divine Feminine oracle)

    #it’s been a while since i felt so in tune and it’s beautiful #tarot#tarot community#witchblr#ph*
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  • ♥Main events of the week on July 6th - July 12th ♠️




    Listen to your intuition, think about the upcoming week and select one of the four cards. DM me for a personal reading.









    1️⃣ This week, you should gather all your strengths together and direct them to overcome passivity. However you would not like to stay home or put aside all things for later, ignore what is happening, it is better to refuse it. This week you should not reveal your secrets to anyone, trust your intuition, fall into nervousness, anxiety and fears for the future.

    2️⃣ This week you should act carefully and prudently. Beware of deception and self-deception. Do not listen to your mind, but listen more to your intuition. Do not succumb to fears, they are illusory. Do not rush to make a decision this week. Weigh the pros and cons. Do not go to court, do not sign official contracts until the time has come for this.

    3️⃣ This week you need to take part in some kind of competition and measure your strength with someone to prove your superiority. Be stubborn, fight hard to the end in any conceived business. And be sure to deal with internal conflicts. In no case should you show apathy, boredom, and tiredness this week. Drive away negative emotions that generate resentment. Do not miss the opportunities that will come to you.

    4️⃣ You need to be generous this week. Give a loan, give a gift, share advice, money or energy. And if you need help, be sure to accept it with gratitude. Also this week you can find a new source of income. Do not give in this week to the temptation in any business. Do not overeat, do not abuse alcohol and sex. Do not go about short-term desires and temptations.


    Have a nice week!

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  • Further Insight on Briar’s Recent Discourse & Prim’s Apparent Grooming of Younger, Newer Witches

    It was suggested to me that instead of making one long post (which I was genuinely sorry for creating in the moment as well), that I should offer the second half in a separate one so that it is easier to share and harder to simply ignore as a wall of text.

    Here is the link to the first half of the current JBird and Briar discourse floating around. I highly encourage everyone involved in the Witchblr community to review both posts and not just this final addition. 

    Regarding Prim stirring the pot, I actually do have proof of that on my page somewhere if you wouldn’t mind my sending it to you? The person I reblogged it from, Mahi, also received death threats from Prim when they were only 16 and Prim was 20 (I can’t ask him to share that though because Prim has since used her following to drive him off of Tumblr and he’s still fairly [and justifiably] sensitive about it.)
    Regarding Briar’s statements more specifically though, I can see where the confusion is coming from. After the “in France” part, she’s just defining a relevant term (hence the use of “irrelevant details) and then giving an explanation of how she came to be so knowledgeable about that term/concept. I wouldn’t say she’s calling Prim’s activism an "irrelevant detail,” but pointing out how Prim uses it as a shield against backlash whenever another blog (not just tradcrafters) calls out her platform. I don’t expect you to fully understand or see what I mean when I say that, of course. Because you are still new, and these are habits I’ve observed of hers from nearly a year of following their interactions. I would, however, like to point out that Briar doesn’t say anything racist about Prim and does not once bring up her race. In fact, I think if you read her entire post and not just point 3 as Prim has it cropped out in all of her mentions of it, you would see more fully the depth and amount of frustration Briar is trying to express. Similarly, Briar never threatened to dox Prim. She has, in fact, repeatedly tried to point out that Prim should be protecting her online information and be more aware of how to stop others from finding out about her private life/situation. These statements, however, have since been warped by Prim and her followers to come off as a threat on her life. Briar’s statements above aren’t a threat of doxxing. She’s never once posted Prim’s personal information or told others to find it or use it in any way. She has, however, searched for Taglocks on Prim, something witches especially are known to look for. In that search she found more than she was even looking for, despite trying to tell Prim repeatedly to stop being so open online with the information she posts about herself. Doxxing though is not racist. It is something used by them, sure, but it is not inherently racist.
    Additionally, Prim has raised money, sure, but I still have not seen any actual receipts as to her *actually* donating it to any public or private organizations. This, for me, is highly suspect. In reality, we still have no idea where that money is. Whereas with Briar, she took no money in for a couple days on her readings and instead merely asked that those requesting a reading first submit proof of donation to an organization linked in the post. She raised substantial money for the BLM movement, but no one seems to want to bring that up in all of their “she’s a racist” discourse. Also, the observation that someone is misleading or gaslighting their following is not racist. Just because she said Prim was recently using her BLM reblogs & promotions to do it *this time* still does not make it racist. Questionable wording is just something the reader disagrees with, in my opinion, and should be addressed as such.
    I’m not going to lie, I do feel a little frustrated at this point. I was really hoping to come to you and see that you had concrete proof to offer that Briar is a racist. I do understand that you have your own reasons for feeding into the assumptions and twisted outlooks already taken on Briar’s words, but I don’t have enough energy in me to fully swallow my tongue on this one. I really do hope that you at least consider what I’ve said here. I’m not sure what I can say at this point because all of the information I’ve read from you thus far has been purely conjecture or assumptions or just “not feeling right” about the wordings on a single post. A racist, from my perspective, is not something I would ever feel comfortable calling someone off of this lack of evidence.
    I understand it is hard to separate preconceived notions from your mind when reading through the words of others, but I really do miss when you were more open to the words of others. If I could ask one thing of you, it’d be to please try to read Briar’s post again but from the perspective of seeing it how it was meant to be: a witch who has been on the butt end of Prim’s harassment for going on three years now. She is tired of the wild accusations and constantly having to defend herself, and even when she supplied her proof a couple years ago, no one wanted to hear her. She has, largely, given up on being heard, and now screams into what feels like a void when attacked.
    1. Proof of Prim stirring the pot that I offered: An example of Prim actively seeking out the community and trying to stir the pot with an already dealt with situation that had passed over a year ago.
    2. A direct source that I offered as further proof of what has occurred already: This is one from the account mentioned before who was directly involved with the previous discord server where the Trio incident took place a couple years back.
    [A Reply.] I think, to be fair, I saw your comments on her previous posts through your main, and with how much aggression you packed into those messages, I don’t necessarily blame her for deciding not to engage with your private messages. As I’ve said, she’s very used to people attacking her like that, and in her mind, unfortunately, you’ve probably been added to the list of aggressive people ready to fling the blame at her rather than look at the situation as a whole. I do apologize for the way her post may have made you feel, but I think it’s also important to remember the potentially aggressive things you left on her page (I’m not saying you meant to come off that way, but even I couldn’t help but read that way). Also, regarding the ask, it’s no small secret that the occultists of the tradcraft group are skilled and well-versed in hexes and curses. When reading her posts about how she may respond to further antagonism on Prim’s part, I see a fully realized occultist wielding their most well kept and trained weapon: baneful magic. I’m sure Prim herself also understands that the “threat on her life” she’s saying she’s so afraid of, isn’t a physical threat, but a metaphysical one. She has repeatedly and continually tried to drag these people through the mud, and now that they’re refusing to just sit back and be canceled, she’s afraid. She knows how strong their magic is, and they aren’t shy about it 🤷‍♀️
    [A Reply.] No, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I, personally, have seen your willingness to talk things through, despite how aggressive you can come off at times in the things you say, so I think that’s why I was genuinely so surprised to see your comments on some of her posts. But I do think her response and refusal to further directly engage with you is warranted and her right. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell who is genuinely open to talking and who is just trying to bait and add to the problem. And with how aggressive your comments were, 8 honestly think she most likely was responding from a place of “oh look another young Prim follower here to bait and berate me.” I don’t think she looks down on you for your age, but her views are likely a reflection of the fact that a lot of 18yos follow Prim and have openly harassed her without even asking for her input on the matter.

    At this point, I would like to talk about the second half of the title of this particular post. Grooming. This is a very serious allegation against Prim that I have not spoken on previously because I had no proof that it was happening. With this person’s permission, I would like to share how exactly they wound up fighting Prim’s battles for her.

    I will note: I am highly disgusted by what follows.

    [A Reply.] Oh no! You cannot fault yourself for this! Prim is a known manipulator, and the fact that she was able to make you somehow think this is part of your being “gullible and naive” is just testament to the fact that she’s gotten wayyy too good at what she does. This is in no way your fault or because of some fault within you. Practiced manipulators are cunning and dangerous even to the best of us. It was unfortunate that she chose you, but her twisting you around is in no way a bad reflection on you as a person!

    I’ve chosen to include my reply to this person rather than our continued discussion because of how personal and involved our conversation turned. I’ve included it to show, as well, that grooming others to fight your battles is (though this should go without saying) NEVER OKAY. Prim has shown her true colors, in my opinion, and while I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt time and time again, I simply cannot permit myself to ignore the harm and damage she’s inflicted on not only the tradcraft community, but also this innocent group of friends. A group who that has hitherto dedicated their time to sussing out predators, terfs, nazis, and racists. A group that should never have had to deal with being gaslit and manipulated by a well-known and respected blogger on this platform.

    I cannot reiterate enough how sorry and deeply shocked I am at the information this person has brought to my attention. I am still stunned by Prim’s activities and unable to fathom how many other potential individuals are out there being groomed to support and fight for her cause. I am sorry to the Witchblr community as a whole. I feel as if I have sat by and watched as Witchblr has been manipulated and am therefore complacent in the damage and needless hurt that has been allowed to spread throughout our community. I am just so very, very sorry.

    I will be taking a couple days off of Tumblr because of this, as I feel as if I need space and time to think, but my inbox is always open and I am always available to speak with others on my return.

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    For the record.. this is very nice.

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  • 🌾Some flowers, plants and trees growing in my area (part 2)🌾

    1. Maple - love, money, longevity
    2. Mugwort - protection, purification, psychic powers
    3. Milk thistle - strenght, hex breaking, protection
    4. Mint - protection, healing, travel, money
    5. Nettle -protection, healing, exocism
    6. Oak -fertility, healing, luck, money, protection
    7. Parsley - death, purification, spirit communication, lust
    8. Poppy - love, sleep, luck, spirituality, dream magic
    9. Pine - healing, fertility, protection, resiliance
    10. Pea - money, love
    11. Rowan - trasformation, divination, creativity
    12. Rose - love, psychic powers, luck, divination
    13. Raspberry - love, protection
    14. Redwood - perspective, protection, psychic awarness
    15. Rye - love, mysteries, vision
    16. Rosemary - banishing, honesty, memory, purification
    17. St. John’s wort -divination, happines, health, love, strenght
    18. Sweet violet - peace, love, luck, lust, wishes
    19. Strawberry - beauty, clairvoyance, fertility, love
    20. Sunflower - dreams, luck, money, wealth
    21. Sycamore - the Underworld, gifts, intuition
    22. Tulip - divination, love, prosperity, protection
    23. Tansy - longevity, health
    24. Thyme - healing, purification, courage, psychic abilities
    25. Vervain - love, peace, purification
    26. Wheat - abudance, fertility, money, rebirth
    27. Witch hazel - protection, chastity, inspiration, divination
    28. Walnut - health, wishes, mental powers
    29. Willow - determination, endings, to prevent theft
    30. Wild yam - fertility, lust vitality, health
    31. Yew - death, rebirth, immortality, reincarnation
    32. Yarrow - protection, courage, healing
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  • Sometimes we stop doing things because they weren’t right for us in the first place. Sometimes we stop because they became too emotionally loaded for us to continue. Sometimes we naturally evolve beyond them as we grow. What have you dropped that you wish you’d come back to? Why did you put it down in the first place? What can that teach you? 

    #shadow work #sunday shadow work journal prompt #witchblr#journal prompt#journaling
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  • I asked my tarot cards If 1.  I should continue doing “something “ (I am saying “something” cause I don’t feel like sharing)  and 2. If I did what the consequences would be, and came up with this spread; which I found very intriguing. 


    There are many ways to read this, but after a couple of moments of looking I felt like the cards had almost disregarded my previous question and were instead giving me a cautionary tale. 

    We start off with the reversed 10 of wands (ughh my current mood) burdened down, struggling and broke af, but slowly I regain my abilities and strength. I’m looking off into the future, I have a life for myself and possible pets, a better financial situation (queen of wands and nine of pentacles) however the more I get (money, things, nice clothes, etc.) I start to get trapped deeper and deeper into this shitty hole.It might start with a bit of dishonesty and underhand money making, getting mixed up with the wrong people, maybe I just stop being happy ( 7 of swords and reversed strength) and this causes inner conflict and struggle (5 of wands) that ultimately defeats the purpose of trying to make a better life for myself by working hard to make money. In the end I need to make a choice, after all that work; do I want to continue? because even if I am only at the beginning stage right now, eventually in the future I will be at the end and ask myself, what now? do I continue this?

    idk that’s just my interpretation of the cards. I don’t usually read in order like that but I was drawn to do so by my intuition. I’m curious for any other readers out there what you think of this card spread, what do you see? 

    Let me know if you want me to post more tarot content; I don’t usually post on divination because I don’t consider myself the most talented of intuitives, but if you guys don’t mind it it does help me practice and get more confident. 

    k all stay safe out there, blessings

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  • I’m so tired of how fucking racist the witchy/spiritual community is. Fuck all you entitled ass white people. seriously. Fuck every single one of you. I can’t believe you all did this to Prim. I’m so fucking tired of all you dumbass white people and your fucking bullshit. Get the the fuck out of this community and get the fuck over yourselves. Grow the fuck up.

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    I’ve been avoiding discussing @nightshadeandroses directly, despite her blocking me, because I don’t care one ounce whatsoever if she is a fraud and if she is “performing” for attention. I really don’t.

    But this right here is over line. If any of my followers also follow her please note a couple of things:

    - you should not send anything you may believe to be evidence. If she was told to tell you that by “legal representation”, she has what’s called inefficient or ineffective council. Why? Because anything you send to her that she gives to them is inadmissible in court. It’s called “hearsay”. The only way it can be used in a court case is if YOU, YOURSELF, get up on the stand and testify. It’s my opinion that she is not actually in contact with a legal advisor and is in, in fact, just digging for more screenshots for when she wants the throw them around in the future

    - “I may have to delete the receipts if this results in a criminal investigation”. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. That would be considered tampering with evidence and is illegal.

    Your choice is yours, but I want you to have the knowledge she’s clearly not being given.

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  • I’ve been growing a lot.

    Learning about & accepting parts of myself.

    I’ve been reimagining my future.

    Thinking about how I can change and build on my daily rituals.

    I’ve been working on making my outsides match my insides - how I can present myself to the world when it reopens in a way that feels authentic. How I can decorate myself that is most meaningful to me.

    I’m so excited.

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  • So my mothers side of the family is Wiccan and has been for many generations but I know almost nothing about it as I was never allowed to be near them growing up, but lately I’ve been seeing a LOT of reoccurring number patterns and I wanted to know what they mean? Are they important? Should I be trying to reach out to something? Or are they reaching out to me? I’m not sure what to do. The numbers are 5:55 and 3:33

    #wiccan#witchblr#baby witch#help pls #idk what to tag this as
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  • After years of trying and failing to contact either loki or my dragon spirit guide through meditation last night I finally managed it and spoke to both in the same session !!!!!!! I’ve felt like such a bad pagan/witch for years now cause I struggle to regularly leave offerings or do spells and tarot readings but last night helped me so much and when I saw them I cried I was so happy .

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  • This will likely be my last post for a while on tumblr. The harassment campaign against me has escalated into blatant lies, libel, and threats that have made me fear for my safety and the safety of my family, as these people know what we all look like and where we live.

    I am currently in contact with a legal advisor on how to best proceed. If anyone has any evidence that I do not already have but would be beneficial in the building of my case, please feel free to DM me here or on Discord.

    Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and kind during these past few days as these racists have tried to tear me down for calling out their bigoted behavior, and have invented lies about me in an act of revenge. I urge all of you to stay out of this situation as much as possible, because I cannot guarantee that these people will not harass and attack you as well, because other supporters of mine have already been threatened publicly.

    I may have to delete the receipts if this results in a criminal investigation (and considering the direct threats of doxing, encouraging people to make false reports about me for things I have not done, and saying they know where I live) it could result in that. However, until I am told to remove them, they will still be available on my blog.

    Sending much love to all of my friends, mutuals, followers, and everyone who has lent a friendly ear during all this. I hope to see you all again soon.

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