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    Blaidd-Gwyn Fic Masterlist

    All fics are on my ao3 only but I'll also list everything below the read more.


    Bad Things Happen Bingo

    Whumptober 2021

    The Mage's Bard

    Nilfgaard Prison AU

    Whumptober 2020

    Jaskier Whump Week

    Agender Jaskier Fics

    Bad things happen bingo is ongoing and my ask box is always open!

    Bad Things Happen Bingo

    Stolen Words (G, 1,490 words) - Requested by flosimo for the prompt rendered mute. Jaskier loses his voie to illness, Geralt takes care of him.

    Didn't Know It Was You (G, 1,334 words) - Requested by anon for the prompt accidentally hurt by a friend. Geralt is camping by himself in the woods and isn't expecting anyone ot try and sneak up on him. He tries to apprehend the mysterious person but ends up hurting Jaskier instead.

    Cracks In The Ice (T, 1,573 words) - Requested by anon for the prompt fallen through the ice. Jaskier insits on following Geralt through the snow on a contract. When the monster's trail leads them across a frozen lake, luck is not on their side and Jaskier falls in.

    Whumptober 2021

    (not including fics that belong to other series)

    Come What May (M, 15,522 words) - Geralt Yenenfer and Jaskier are captured by Nilfgaard. Jaskier is tortured to try and get Geralt to reveal the location of Kaer Morhen.

    Long Way Down (G, 880 words) - What if Yennefer had pushed Jaskier a little too hard at the edge of the dwarves' shortcut during the dragon hunt?

    Going Without (G, 2,372 words) - Jaskier, Geralt and Ciri are caught off-guard by an early winter. Unable to get any more supplies for the journey to Kaer Morhen, they're forced to ration what they have left. Jaskier takes it to the extreme, starving himself to make sure the others are alright.

    Coughing Up A Lung (G, 2,202 words, incomplete) - Jaskier becomes very ill in the middle of the woods.

    Adrift (G, 2,627 words) - Returning from Skellige, Jaskier and Geralt's ship gets caught in a violent storm, wreaking the vessel and setting them adrift. Jaskier survives but finds himself alone and hopelessly lost in the vast ocean.

    Not Like This (M, 3,557 words) - Jaskier touches something he shouldn't. He doesn't realise he's been cursed until he's compelled to draw the attention of a wyvern, almost getting himself killed. Geralt knows something is wrong but will he figure it out before it's too late.

    Rough Landing (G, 504 words) - Jaskier has to escape after sleeping with the wrong person. Unfortunately he doesn't quite stick the landing and hurts himself in the process. It's a good thing really that Geralt was passing by.

    Now My Blood's Drip, Dripping (M, 3,616 words) - Jaskier wakes up in the dark alone with no memory of how he got there. The man who captured him, Rience he says his name is, wants what Jaskier knows. The whereabouts of Princess Cirilla. And he's all too willing to go to any lengths to get it.

    Mage's Bard

    Came for Herbs, Left with a Bard (T, 8,775 words) - Yennefer comes across a very sick and injured Jaskier, practically abandoned in the back room of a herbalist's home. She decided immediately that she must help him recover.

    Percieved Slights (T, 3,501 words) - In the absence of a witcher, Jaskier gets targeted instead, taking a beating from a man with very ant-witcher views. Luckily Yennefer is there to make things better.

    A Simple Misunderstanding (G, 1,516 words) - Yennefer insists on travelling to a twon for supplies where Jaskier has been banished on pain of death. Unfortunately he's recognised and arrested.

    Lead The Way (G, 4,110 words) - After following Yennefer into a trecherous swamp to battle a rogue mage, Jaskier gets cursed, losing his sight. Yennefer must help him navigate the way back to civilisation.

    That's Gonna Leave A Mark (T, 500 words) - Jaskier gets stabbed and is rapidly losing blood. Yenenfer must do all she can to save his life.

    Underneath (T, 3,119 words, incomplete) - After getting trapped in a cave, Yennefer and Jaskier have to navigate their way deeper, hoping to find a way out. Unfortunately, the whole thing is covered in traps and one gets set off, causing the floor to collapse and burying Jaskier beneatht the rubble.

    Fighting For Air (M, 1,000 words) - Ambushed on the road, Jaskier gets his with a spell. He tries to call to Yenenfer for help but all that comes out is blood.

    Nilfgaard Prison AU

    Don't Think So Hard (M, 4,466 words) - Jaskier is subjected to psycological torture, forced to relive the same moments over and over until with no way to get out.

    Show Me How This Goes (M, 3,522 words, incomplete) - Yennefer has been captured by Nilfgaard, bound in dimeritium. She is left to waste away until she is weak enough that Fringilla can tear the information she needs right from her mind. It only goes downhill when a familiar brown-haired man is dumped in her cell.

    Whumptober 2020

    (not including fics that belong to other series)

    We'll Leave This Place Alive (T, 4,862 words) - Jaskier is kidnapped and held for ransom while Geralt is out on a contract. The witcher sets out to rescue his bard but things are never simple.

    When It All Falls Down (T, 2,177 words) - Jaskier follows Geralt on a dangerous hunt. It turns out his chosen hiding place isn't as safe as he'd hoped when it falls down on him.

    Get It Out (T, 2,002 words) - While trying to keep a low profile, Jaskier gets recognised and is chased through busy streets. His effort is rewarded with a crossbow bolt in the leg.

    I'll Carry You To Safety (G, 1,310 words) - Jaskier gets poisoned by an archespore.

    Afraid of Silence (G, 1,530 words) - Jaskier is captured and left in solitary confinement, slowly losing his grip on reality.

    Let Them Take Me Instead (T, 2,466 words) - Jaskier slpits off from Geralt and Ciri as they flee from Nilfgaadian soldiers, allowing himself to be captured so that they can escape.

    Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Dying (T, 1,620 words) - Geralt, Yennefer, Jaskier and Ciri are ambushed on the road. Jaskier takes a hrd hit but doesn't tell anyone. They only find out he's hurt when he passes out.

    I Think I've Broken Something (G, 2,870 words) - While trying to keep Jaskier safe, Geralt accidentally breaks his ribs after aarding him against a tree.

    Just Breathe (G, 5,991 words) - Jaskier gets dragged under the water by drowners. He soon develops pneumonia and badly needs medical care.

    The Heat And The Hurt (G, 1,754 words) - Jaskier runs into a burning building to save the people trapped inside.

    We Warned You, Bard (M, 1,056 words) - Jaskier gets caught up in a magic fight and gets impaled.

    Do I *Look* Like a Murderer to You?? (G, 1,002 words) - Jaskier is accused of murder and sentenced to death. Geralt has to get him out before that happens.

    Stitches (G, 306 words) - Jaskier gets hurt, Geralt helps to patch him up.

    Glad You Found Me (G, 1,646 words) - Jaskier gets chased into the woods by a pack of leshen controlled wolves and is separated from Geralt.

    That Creaking You Hear In My Bones (G, 3,528 words) - Jaskier suffers form chronic pain.

    Death From Above (T, 867 words) - Geralt ans Jaskier are ambushed from above by a wyvern.

    Let Me Sleep (G, 1,049 words) - Geralt attempts to get rid of Jaskier by refusing to let him get any sleep. It doesn't work.

    Not a Fan of Griffins (G, 1,475 words) - Jaskier wakes up to find himself bound and blindfolded. To make matters worse, there's a royal griffin being kept mere meters away.

    Do I Know You, Friend? (G, 2,101 words) - Jaskier gets cursed. He barely knows who he is, let alone the man with white hair and golden eyes. He does know that he trusts him with his life.

    The Ground Gives Way (G, 2,592 words) - Geralt and Jaskier get ambushed by a chort. After getting backed into a corner at the edge of a cliff, the ground collapses and they tumble down. Geralt is unharmed but finds himself trapped. Jaskier on the other hand is unresponsive.

    Lightly Stabbed, I Didn't Want To Frighten You... (T, 1,122 words) - Jaskier gets stabbed, Geralt is concerned.

    Tell Us Next Time (T, 3,463 words) - Jaskier meets back up with Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri after taking a slight detour to win a bardic competition. Geralt and Yennefer are too busy worrying about keeping ahead of Nilfgaard tha they don't notice that something seems off with Jaskier.

    Jaskier Whump Week

    Goodbyes (G, 3,889 words) - On the way back down the mountain, Geralt finds Jaskier stuck at the bottom of a ravine which is rapidly filling with rainwater.

    Don't Get Carried Away (T, 1,828 words) - After saving Geralt's life, Jaskier gets carried away by a wyvern. Instead of becoming its dinner, it drops him into the forest below.

    Lone Survivor (G, 1,195 words) - Jaskier is the only one to survive being held captive by a nest of bruxae and can't help but feel immense guilt over it.

    Vengeful Spirits (G, 3,320 words) - After Geralt thought he'd banished a wraith, Jaskier finds himself becoming increasingly exhausted. Turns out the wraith had cursed him and was now feeding off his life force to sustain itself.

    What Are You Willing To Lose (M, 16,174 words, incomplete) - Geralt and Jaskier are on their way to meet Geralt's brothers a well as Yennefer and Ciri before making the climb to Kaer Morhen. Unfortunately they're captured by Nilfgaard and Jaskier is tortured. Eskel and Lambert come to their rescue but they have to hurry if they want to make it to the keep before the snow sets in. and Jaskier is in no state to travel.

    Monsters Live In Villages Too (T, 2,590 words) - While Geralt goes out to solve a monster problem for a village, the people decide to pay him back by abducting his bard and leaving him helpless in the woods.

    Until Dawn (T, 2,862 words) - A monster made of shadow chases Geralt and Jaskier throught he woods. It's unaffected by Geralt's silver sword. With no way to kill it, their only option is to keep running.

    Agender Jaskier Fics

    (Jaskier uses they/them pronouns)

    Temporary Company (G, 1,465 words) - Jaskier introduces themself to Geralt after the incident at Posada and explains a little about themself.

    Nightmares (G, 2,121 words) - Jaskier increasingly suffers from terrible nightmares. Geralt isn't sure how to help them.

    Fuck U, Bitch (G, 1,224 words) - Jaskier gets misgendered and humiliated by Valdo Marx. Geralt comforts them.


    Let Your Chaos Explode (T, 8,499 words) - Jaskier is used as a human experiment and gains extrodinary powers that he cannot control. Geralt happens upon a destroyed area of forest, travelling t the epicenter to learn the source. (Part of whumptober 2020 and 2021)

    Trying (M, 4,177 words) - Some months after the mountain, Geralt comes across a trail of blood. Following it, he finds a badly injured Jaskier who is no at all pleased to see him.

    Splintered Melodies (G, 2,814 words) - Geralt uses Jaskier's lute as a makeshift weapon, shattering it beyond repair. Jaskier mourns it's loss while Geralt tries to make things right.

    A Quest for your Memories (T, 37,564 words, incomplete) - Jaskier is a dragon. This is as much a suprise to him as it is to Geralt, only finding out when his old glamour, a ring, gets stolen and he;s forced to shift into his draconic form. They track down Yennefer who tells them the only way to get the memories of his old life back is to get the ring back.

    Shattered Glass (T, 1,746 words) - Jaskier gets stabbed with a piece of glass.

    Hidden Down Below (T, 4,778 words) - Jaskier gets kidnapped. He thinks he's going to be saved when his kidnappers are killed. Except Jaskier is hidden away in the basement, gagged and unable to make any noise. Instead he's left for days as no one knows where he is.

    Left Out in the Storm (M, 8,277 words) - Geralt returns from a contract only to find Jaskier missing. After overhearing some men in the inn bragging about hurting the bard, he goes out to find him.

    Your Mind Written in Blood (T, 1,925 words) - Geralt and Yennefer go to rescue Jaskier after he was kidnapped and used in an experimental blood magic ritual.

    It wasn't your fault (T, 4,051 words) - After rescuing Jaskier from Nilfgaard, Geralt reflects on how much his new found family means to him.

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    I hope if they use Welsh/Irish again in the witcher for Hen Llinge they actually do some research instead of slapping words together that they think sound cool so we can avoid Yennefer talking about a sewage network while getting kids high again

    #cymraeg#gaelige #sometimes it's alright #but literally just slapping it in google translate first would help #the witcher
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    #TW2 #The Witcher 2 #The Witcher #Sheala de Tancarville #Sheala#TW2 Spoilers
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    An utterly self-indulgent Jaskier whump fic. Hope you like it!

    Rated: M

    Content warnings: graphic descriptions of torture


    ‘Whatever you do, don’t give in to them, Geralt,’ Jaskier had told him. ‘They’re going to try to break me to get to you but whatever you do, promise me you won’t tell them anything, please.’

    That had been nearly a week ago now. Jaskier had made him swear it and Geralt wasn’t about to break that promise now.

    He couldn’t, or all of this would be for naught.

    Jaskier’s hoarse screams echoed down the corridor again and Geralt flinched. “Fuck,” he muttered to himself.

    His stupid, brave little bard.

    He strained at the chains keeping him locked to the wall but they didn’t budge, just like they hadn’t the first hundred times he had tried. They weren’t allowing him water or food and Geralt could tell that even with his enhanced strength, he was slowly weakening. It might not be long before they deemed him frail enough to start on him too.

    Where was Yennefer? She was supposed to spirit Ciri away somewhere to safety and come back for both of them. She should have been here by now. They couldn’t hold out here much longer.

    Jaskier couldn’t hold out much longer.

    Nilfgaard knew that one or both of them knew where Ciri was being taken and while Jaskier had undergone a voluntary memory wipe with Yennefer’s help to erase all knowledge of their conversations prior, Geralt still knew where she was being taken. They were torturing Jaskier though, both because he was more fragile than Geralt with his Witcher enhancements but also because even a blind man could tell that Jaskier meant something to Geralt. He was the weakest link in more ways than one.

    Geralt hated it.

    When they brought Jaskier back to the shared cell a few hours later, the bard didn’t say anything. He crumpled to the ground when the guards’ hands released him and didn’t move, even when they tugged him roughly towards the wall to fasten the manacles hanging around his wrists to the stone as well. He was silent now but Geralt could smell the salty scent of tears from the other side of the cell.

    “I’m sorry, Jaskier,” he whispered once the men had left. Jaskier let out a broken sob.

    “If you were sorry, you’d make them stop this.” He wasn’t facing Geralt but Geralt didn’t need to see him to know he was hurting. Jaskier’s whole body was stiff and hurting where he lay. Nilfgaard torturers were nothing if not efficient in dealing out overwhelming amounts of pain to get people to talk. It was a fate worse than death and it was known Continent-wide.

    Geralt’s heart twisted in his chest. “I can’t do that,” he whispered quietly.

    “Just tell them where she was, not even where she is. They won’t be able to track her with Yennefer helping hide her,” Jaskier pleaded. “I can’t do this anymore, Geralt, please. Just tell them where she was. I need-, I-,” he broke off to take in another gasping breath through his sudden tears.

    Geralt frowned. “I can’t do that,” he repeated. “They would find her trail and track her down and then she would be here instead of us.”

    “I’m here right now, Geralt. Doesn’t that matter at all?” Jaskier cried, twisting around to face Geralt for the first time since their conversation began. His eyes were red and bloodshot from lack of sleep and dark circles lurked underneath them on his face in places where the bruises didn’t cover. His lips had been split several times over by now and Geralt knew by the way his face was swollen on one side that he was probably missing a few of his teeth as well. Jaskier winced at his sudden movement and held an arm to his side gingerly. There were more wounds beneath the dirty and torn silks that were hanging off of his tense frame, Geralt was sure, but he didn’t ask what they were. Better that he didn’t know, to be strong for them both.

    Their captors let Jaskier have meager amounts of food and water because they knew he was much more likely to succumb to dehydration or starvation than Geralt but it was only prolonging his suffering if anything. He was still growing thin far too quickly.

    “I can’t do this anymore, Geralt,” Jaskier whispered brokenly.

    “I’m sorry, Jaskier. You know I can’t tell them anything,” Geralt told him. “I would if I could. I would take your place if I could.”

    Jaskier stared at him, desperation and fear playing over his face. When he spoke next, his voice cracked over the words, brutally honest. “They’re killing me in there, Geralt. Do the last twenty years mean nothing to you? Would you just throw me aside to save someone else?” he whispered.

    Geralt’s heart twisted again, aching in his chest like a physical wound, like someone had stabbed a sword through his chest. A physical wound would have been easier to bear, he thought. “I’m sorry,” he said again. “There’s nothing I can do.”

    Geralt saw as the pleading shuttered away behind carefully constructed walls in Jaskier’s eyes and his expression grew cold. “Fuck you.” He turned away and curled up against the cold stone wall.

    They came for him again three hours later.

    Jaskier started crying with fear and helpless desperation as he heard the guards coming for him, ready to drag him out of the cell for the next round of torturing. It had only been a few hours since the last and Geralt knew that the lack of sleep and proper rest was destroying his bard just as quickly as the constant pain and agony were.

    The guards paused and turned to Geralt, hands on Jaskier and ready to drag him away at a moment’s notice. Jaskier was sniffling softly. Geralt caught his eye and then wished he hadn’t when he saw the terror in them of what Jaskier knew was to come and the silent begging for Geralt to put an end to it, at least for a while.

    “Gonna tell us where she is, Witcher,” one of the guards sneered, “Or are you going to let us have some more fun with your little songbird here?”

    Geralt couldn’t meet Jaskier’s eyes as he silently shook his head. Jaskier sobbed out loud.

    “Please, no. Don’t let them hurt me, Geralt. I can’t do this again,” Jaskier pleaded, his voice tight with emotion. “Please, Geralt, please.”

    His begging echoed down the hallway as they dragged him away, a man on either arm. Geralt didn’t let himself watch as they pulled him out of sight.

    The bard didn’t stop crying even as they brought him to the other room until his sobs were finally cut off by ragged screams ripped from his throat instead. Geralt closed his eyes and tried to meditate to save his strength but all he could focus on were the faint metallic clanks of instruments, the meaty sound of flesh being abused, and Jaskier as he howled in agony.

    It was another two hours before they let Jaskier rest again and when he was returned to the cell, his hand was cradled to his chest. Geralt could smell burnt flesh and knew what it implied even before Jaskier shifted to reveal the stubs where two of his fingers had been earlier that day, the skin blackened and burned around them in an attempt the cauterize the wounds before he bled out or the wounds got infected and killed him. He curled around his destroyed hand and silently sobbed into the floor.

    Geralt couldn’t think of what to say to comfort him, maybe there wasn’t anything he could say, so he didn’t try. He sent out a silent prayer to anyone listening that Yennefer would hurry, wherever she was. He was losing the will to stay silent. He knew he could never live with himself if he let them break Jaskier in the end and he knew it wasn’t long before they did. He needed Yennefer to hurry.

    They couldn’t last much longer.


    #the witcher#jaskier#jaskier whump#whump#queenie writes #I have no clue where this came from let’s be real #but I hope you enjoy it all the same! #tw: torture#cw: torture
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    Huevember 2021 - Day 29

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    Baba Yaga

    Oh, for the souls of dead

    my appetite, an open chest.

    The forest is my home,

    my heaven, my dark woe.

    Come near me, children

    I will give you a gift.

    My sister will sing a song,

    and I will be terribly swift.

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    inline reddit: witcher

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    #yennefer of vengerberg #witcher yennefer#yennefer#the witcher #the witcher 3
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    #i need a fic #the witcher#jaskier #jaskier x reader
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    Jaskier is still waiting for his last finishing touches of my Wild Hunt treatment, and will soon join these three detail-ridden darlings on my personal quest of geeking out on this shit.

    Psst! Like my work? Consider tossing me a coin and commissioning me for a unique piece of art made to your order! ➡📜 commission info (clickety click!) ➡ 💬 tiiabeeart@gmail.com (inbox works too!)
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    ◇ Magic Lessons ◇

    #yennefer of vengerberg #witcher yennefer#yennefer#ciri#cirilla #cirilla fiona elen riannon #witcher ciri #cirilla of cintra #the witcher #the witcher 3
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    The trio

    though I'd bring them around again. :)

    #levikra draws stuff #digital art #the witcher 3 #tw3 #the witcher series #geralt of rivia #eskel#lambert#witchers#fanart#fantasy#wiedzmin
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    i wrote this last night in one sitting bc i couldnt fall asleep. no beta, only a little tweaking in the morning. also idk how witcher potions work lol

    jaskel, pre-slash but they kiss at the end, idk how many words 500 at most, witcher!jaskier, hurt/confort, jask gets hurt on a hunt

    The blood is warm against his skin as it trickles down his chest. He grits his teeth and ignores the pulsing pain thats coming from the wounds on his neck and chest, and lifts his sword again, in case the griffin isnt as dead as they thought it is. But the pesky thing is laying on the ground in a heap of feathers and gore, blood seeping from underneath.

    Jaskier hisses and looks at Eskel, checking to see if the man is hurt. His gaze is met with an angry expression. Not hurt then.

    He goes to chop the griffin's head off, but Eskel grabs him by the arm.

    "Are you mad? What were you thinking?"

    Jaskier rolls his eyes. "That i dont want you to get cut in half by that thing? Especially right in front of my eyes?" He may have jumped in the griffin's claws' way to save Eskel from unwanted duplication. Its his business! "Now let me get the head, and lets get back to the village because i want to get this pants off this isntant."

    Before he could lift his sword, Eskel severes the head with one swipe. A thought flies through Jaskier's head about that streght being directed at him, possibly by pinning him against a wall so hard he has trouble breathing. Then pain sears from the cuts under his armour, and the thought is gone.

    "Drink a Swallow, im not gonna have you faint halfway back" Eskel says as he sheats his sword. His eyes drop to Jaskier's collar bone, where the griffin's claws had cut through his armour and into his flesh. Jaskier looks down, but not much of his blood is getting to the outside of his armour.

    "I'll be fine." He hates brewing potions. Hes not gonna waste Swallow on a small wound like this.

    Eskel grunts but doesnt argue further, and they head back to the village. The trip is quick, but by the end of it Jaskier is slowly regretting being so lazy about his potions. He feels slightly dizzy as they reach the first houses, his eyes losing focus from time to time, and the pain in his neck doesnt ease. But its not like being in a state like this after a hunt is unusual, so he counts his breaths and doesnt slow down.

    When they reach the inn, Eskel stops. "Go and start cleaning up. I'll get our payment and patch you up." Jaskier wants to argue but the stern look he gets stalls the words in his throat. "Go. I'll be quick."

    "Fine" he sighs. Eskel nods approvingly, and continues his way towards the alderman's house. He looks back after a couple of meters, and gestures at Jaskier to get his ass inside. Jaskier shows his tongue at him, but turns to the inn.

    Their room is small, with a single bed, slanted ceiling and no windows. Jaskier can hear perfectly clear as the wind rustles the zsindy of the roof, while he peels himself out of his armour.

    Theres a knock at the door; its the barmaid bringing tbe bowl of hot water he asked for a minute ago. Her eyes skim over the blood on his shirt before turning out of the room and closing the door behind herself.

    He barely gets the bandages out of his pack, before Eskel enters their room. The man frowns at Jaskier and quickly shucks most of his armour off, then sits next to him and takes the sewing kit out of the cat witcher's hands.

    "I can stitch myself together, thank you very much" Jaskier says, but hands over the kit without resistance. Neck wounds are kinda difficult to treat all alone.

    "Yeah, well, you dont have to." Eskel holds the threaded needle between his lips as he wipes the first cut clean a final time before stiching. Jaskier takes a deep breath as the needle sinks into his skin.

    Eskel works in silence for a minute. The rhythmical sting-pull feeling is almost grounding, keeping Jaskier in the moment but letting his head emtpy out. He almost jumps when Eskel speaks up. " Why did you do it?"

    "Do what?"

    Eskel sighs. "Take the strike instead of me. You didnt have to. I wouldve been fine." His breath tickles Jaskier's skin. "Even if i wouldnt have. You shouldnt have."

    "Eskel, if i dont do what i did the griffin wouldve cut you clean in half."

    "I wouldve dodged."

    "Maybe. Maybe dont."

    Eskel finishes the first wound. Jaskier doesnt even have to look, the telltale feeling fo the pulling thread is enough.

    "Still stupid."

    Jaskier scoffs. Then he locks eyes with the wolf. The wolf who is very close to him. And who is about to be even closer to his naked chest.

    Please sweet Melitele, let him not blush!

    "I may be an idiot. It happens."

    Eskel snorts, and the scolding look in his eyes morphs into fondness. "It sure does."

    They fall into silence again. Jaskier tries but fails to ignore the intimacy of the moment; the air is almost thick with it.

    "Thank you, though."

    Jaskier looks at Eskel. "What?"

    The wolf pulls the thread a little stronger. Ah.

    "But dont do it again."

    Jaskier smiles as the man finishes with the second cut. He will never promise that. Then Eskel straightens up and their eyes meet, and they are so very close and Jaskier is sure he is bright tomato red. His only consolation is the steady colouring of Eskel's cheeks.

    He can hear Eskel's heartbeat quicken as the seconds go by. They are so close, so fucking close, and he thinks about kissing the wolf but doesnt dare let go of his gaze. He feels himself slowly lean forward, and he doesnt know if its the wound making him unsteady or the gravity of the other man. But Eskel is not backing away, and when they are only a single breath away from each other, Jaskier stills.

    "Would you..."

    "Can i?"

    He smiles. "Please."

    #they kiss!!! #i didnt have the words to write it tho #but i hope yall enjoyed!! #my own post #zs irkál#the witcher#jaskel#jaskier#eskel #witcher!jaskier #cat witcher!jaskier
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  • renfri-creyden-my-beloved
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Haunting!Renfri AU, as created by my lovely friend Dukaan and I at a very late hour.

    After Blaviken, Renfri becomes bound to Geralt, and by extension, anyone he is close to. She is less a vengeful ghost, and more extremely annoying. She can partially manifest herself at times, specially to pick things up or move things around. She also has a nasty habit of slapping people’s asses. Geralt, Jaskier, Yennefer- no one, save Ciri, is safe from a ghostly ass slap.

    #renfri #Renfri the Witcher #Ghost!Renfri #geralt of rivia #jaskier #yennefer of vengerberg #the Witcher #the witcher tv #the witcher games #Witcher tag#Renfri tag
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