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  • Engel likes girls. That’s it. That’s the post.

    #skam nl#engel beekman #speaking it into existence #agfahfksa anyways i love engel #wlw hc#hc#hc*#skamnl hc
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  • hey bkdk antis coming from someone who is extremely against problematic stuff in fiction the term “pseudo-incest” refers to step-siblings/distant cousins/etc, and it’s kinda weird that you’re using it to describe bkdk and by weird i mean you’re contributing to the idea that a relationship between two boys is only okay if it’s platonic or familial. and before anyone is like “no that’s not my intention” that is where that idea stems from. trust me.

    #the whole ‘two people of the same gender have a deep and heavily coded relationship with each other but they’re actually just family’ trope #is in fact a homophobic idea #also the whole ‘auntie’ thing is a hc and they’re not really cousins?? #i called my first gf’s mom ‘mama 2’ before we started dating + referred to her as my sister. doesn’t mean that was inc*st #ALSO ALSO !!!! educate urself on different cultures. ik a lot of wlw call each other ‘sister’ when they’re in a romantic relationship #and it’s not like incestuous undertones or anything. idk if the same goes for mlm but #bkdk
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  • shoutout to anyone who hcs a character to use different pronouns than they do in canon (like she/her gay or they/them or neopronouns or whatever) and makes posts about or draws art of them specifically using those pronouns you are literally so powerful.

    #i just want it to be commonplace for ppl to make posts like #'i hc this person as nb they/them and will refer to them with those pronouns in the post even tho its not specifically abt that hc :)' #u know what i mean? #i just want to see neopronouns and he/him wlw and she/her mlm content more often #i want it normalized!!!! it would mean the world to me 🥺
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  • “I promise”, you answer your father as you see his eyes fill with pride at the responsible young person you’ve become.  It seems like yesterday when he first started to let you stock the various antiquities and items that covered your family’s shop. Stocking eventually led to learning about each item’s peculiar past, some more esoteric than others but each extremely uncommon compared to your average shop in the village. Your family’s shop is known across the land and is often visited by various collectors and figures as mysterious as the wares they come looking for.

    It’s a lazy Sunday morning and as you wave your father off for his monthly business trip to neighbouring villages, you can’t help but feel it’ll be a quiet day – the perfect day to clean and dust. As you start sweeping a shadow of an approaching figure appears in the corner of your eye. For a split second, the frosted glass of the shop’s front door seems to be blacked out (as if something large was placed in front of it) only for a pleasant ring to come from the small cast iron bell attached to the door, instantly notifying the presence of a new visitor.

    As you turn your head to greet the visitor you suddenly lose your voice as you watch a large, brimmed hat emerging from the door, 

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    #my posts #ive never written anything close to fan fiction before so im sorry if this is bad #re#re8 #resident evil village #lady dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu x reader #Alcina dimitrescu#wlw #yes im gay and dream of such a scenario #also I wrote this at like 1am so theres probably spelling mistakes my bad #capcom#hc#headcanon#Alcina Dimitrescu x reader#vampires
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  • I never elaborated on why I think shadow and tangle should be friends and it should probably stay that way

    #I JUST #.. #I #THEY GIVE ME SEROTONIN THAT FRIENDSHIP IS IMPOSSIBLE BUT IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME.. #mlm wlw solidarity #I just #I can and will constantly think about that drawing minty gave me 😔🤲💖💖💖 #serotonin.. #I dug myself too deep to ever talk about the fucking band hc #am am so fucking stupid but easily amused by my mind
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  • In modern/contemporary times, Hebe and Herakles are no longer married to each other. They divorced at some unspecified time and though they still have contact—their sons are very fond of them both, and they didn’t end on bad terms—they have come to the unspoken mutual agreement to pretend that they were never married and their sons born of some sort of immaculate conception. 

    —I’m willing willing to renegotiate Herakles’ marital status with other Hebe players, but I would prefer that Hebe herself is divorced. 

    #* hebe hc. #* herakles hc. #[ im hmm... having thoughts abt whether hebe is gay or not but like ] #[ she's def a wlw and uhhhh... borderline ace ] #[ mostly bc she's thematically a teenager  and that makes things weird for me ]
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  • anyway im in love with dana scully and if i didnt ship her with mulder so fucking hard id want to marry her myself

    #txf #also why are they shaped like heavily gendered animated animals #its ok i love them. but why #hc tags theyre both bisexual #mlm wlw solidarity #uhhhh scully is in charge of finances because mulder WILL spend it all on novelty mugs and alien gear #cool socks for both of them. i said so. scullys are just the short ones #scully wants to shave her head but thinks itll be unprofessional. mulder encourages her #sigh. when i finally finish the series im probably going to write fics
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  • Mobile hc

    …if Leto were ever at a big, fancy ball (how? why? dunno, just an image in my head), she would absolutely be over-the-top with her manners: upon being introduced to any woman there, she wouldn’t shake their hand, she’d do that man thing where she takes their hand & almost kisses it…

    #hc#mobile#queue'd #peeps still do this in certain circles #its so fancy but nice #fuck gender oriented gestures #like she cares #wlw
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  • I…have FINALLY finished Season 3 of GMW and that was so much like gayakxmajxnakxhsudbwncnwu-

    So here are a few headcannons! Mind you, these are both romantic and platonic!

    -Maya is the dominant person in a relationship. She’s the first person to cuddle with Riley, she’ll be the most emotional kisser out of the two-

    -Imagine Riley taking Maya to the mall and then both of them get matching leather jackets ahh gaysbak-

    -Maya was secretly heartbroken when Riley started fangirling over boys, and she used to daydream the day when Riley would realize Maya’s dream girl was her.

    - Riley’s always known Maya was lesbian, it just never occurred to her that Maya would have a crush on her. Maya had told Riley that she had a crush on Isabelle, though, but of course, she was lying-

    -When the two girls cuddle, Riley’ll just bring a fuzzy blanket and bring it over the two, but then Maya immediately falls asleep and snatches most of the blanket for herself anyways-

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  • suki doing ty lee’s kyoshi make-up but they are in that one pose

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #atla ty lee #atla suki #i hope someone knows what im talking about #wlw #pls someone get this #sapphics #yes i do hc suki as bi and ty lee as a lesbian why do you ask #sapphic ty lee #sapphic suki #ty lee x suki #suki x ty lee
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  • Aoi is frog-obsessed. She has a ridiculous amount of frog-themed things and can’t seem to stop buying them whenever she sees them.

    #aoi asahina#danganronpa#character headcanons#headcanon#hc #someone on my discord server made a ''the chemicals in the water are turning the friggin frogs gay'' joke and I had to #i hc her as a lesbian also and I have a close friend who's a stereotypical frog wlw so I put the two together
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  • I miss lwa I miss diana and akko. I dont think I’ve seen a kids show with so much teenage wlw subtext that’s I’ve liked so much, intentional or not. maybe adventure time. but lwa was sweet

    #diana lesbian...amanda lesbian...akko bi... #lwa said you want girls we will give you girls and then they gave us implied lesbian lovers to enemies w the mentor and villain #god i loved diana so much #anyway i think diana and akko are married now #not a hc rly. i just cant see any way they werent in love #them and shaw/root from poi make my shortlist for favorite wlw couples in a seriss i otherwise am mess interested in #my talks
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  • #and ofc they end up being girlfriends lol #grimmons#wlw grimmons #that sounds like a url someone should use it #anon#ask#hc#head canon
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