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    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐡 // 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭

    pairing: roommate!steve x woc!reader

    summary: a relentless game of back and forth ensues between you and your roommate steve rogers

    word count: n/a (on going)

    chapters (coming soon):

    𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬

    𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐫𝐮𝐧

    𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐬 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞

    𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐭 𝐜𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧

    𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭

    #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x woc!reader #steve rogers fic #steve rogers #steve rogers series #steve rogers fluff #steve rogers smut #steve rogers fanfic #back and forth #certainaesthetic writes
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  • ronimina
    22.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    tasamum - تسمم


    pairing: bucky barnes x woc!reader

    summary: you wake up from a nightmare hoping for a drink, but bucky gives you a different form of intoxication.

    warnings: SMUT, a little fluff (bucky taking care of the reader,) knives (reader has one in her room,) alcohol mention, oral (f receiving,) fingering, dom/sub dynamics, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, praise, sexy bucky!

    a/n: my first official smut! english is not my first language, so if there are any errors, please let me know. any type of feedback would be lovely and, as always, reblogs are appreciated. not my gif.

    word count: 2.5k



    You scream as you sit up in bed, throwing the covers off you and immediately pulling the small dagger out from under your pillow, holding it up in a defensive stance. It takes a second for you to realize you’re in no danger as you drop your weapon and hold your head in your hands, catching your breath. You woke up after another one of your nightmares; remaining memories of people you’ve killed in your past still haunt your dreams.

    Instead of going back to bed, you decide to head to the kitchen to grab a quick glass of water. The compound was quiet and dark, very unlike how it usually is in the daytime. Once you finish your drink, you hear a raspy voice near the sitting area, “Y/N?”

    It wasn’t bright enough for you to see who said your name, but the deep, thick voice could’ve only belonged to the one and only Bucky Barnes.

    “Bucky?” you switch on the light and move towards him, setting your glass on the counter. He wore dark pants and a black buttoned-down shirt that was undone completely, exposing his gorgeous toned chest and abs. Your breath hitches in your throat as you watch him look you up and down. Compared to him, you were hardly dressed; a baggy Thrasher T-shirt that barely covered your ass and black lace panties.

    “Nightmares?” he asks and you nod, looking away. “Come here, doll.” Your gaze slowly turns to meet his and you see him holding his hand out to you, offering his lap to you. A feeble attempt on your part to hide your shock rewards you with a small smirk from Bucky as you slowly make your way to him.

    You try your best to pull your shirt down as you sit in his lap, and you blush as you feel the muscles in his thighs under you. Bucky wraps his arms around you and you lean your head against his shoulder. He rests his chin softly on the top of your head and he sighs. You can smell the scent of some sort of drink on his breath, “are you drunk?”

    “No,” he chuckles softly, “alcohol doesn’t do much for me, unfortunately.”

    “Oh, right.” you snuggle yourself into him, willing to let your vulnerabilities show in front of this man; suddenly feeling small and soft in his arms.

    “Would it be bad if I was drunk?”

    You pause, “I just- I have trust issues.”

    “So you trust me?”

    “Maybe,” you smile softly.

    He tightens his vibranium arm around you and slowly lowers one hand down to rub small circles into your bare thigh, causing your breath the hitch.

    “Do you wanna talk about the nightmare?”

    You tilt your head to look at him, “No, not really... have any alcohol left though?”

    “Sorry, doll, but I already finished the bottle,” Bucky looks at you curiously, “but there are other ways to make your night better.”

    Your face flushes immediately to a deep shade of red as you stare at him blankly, “W-what do you mean by that?”

    “I mean,” Bucky slowly moves his touch from your outer thigh closer between your legs, and pauses to look at you, “there's a different form of intoxication I can give you.”

    Swallowing thickly, you look down at how close his hand is to your heat, and you’d be a fool to think this man didn’t feel it. It was almost embarrassing how badly you wanted him in you right now, but you hadn’t been with someone romantically in the longest time. Compared to the man whose lap you were currently perched upon... what would he think of you?

    “If that’s not what you want, I get it-“

    You cut him off, “I do! I just uhm..”

    “We can take it as slow as you want.”

    After a deep breath, you nod, “Okay.”

    It only takes a second for Bucky to adjust you to straddle his lap, and before you can even register it, his shirt is off. You can see the sudden hunger in his eyes before he moves his lips to yours, and you easily melt into his touch. Bucky places his hands back on your thighs and massages slightly.

    Your tongues move in union, both of you exploring each other’s mouths. One of your hands moves to cup his face and the other rests on his bare shoulder. Bucky pulls away after a bit with a tug to your bottom lip and moves his kisses to your jawline. A quiet moan escapes your lips, and you can feel his smile against your skin. He moves his way down to your neck, only needing a second to find that sweet spot on your skin that he knew would drive you crazy. If this man didn’t feel the heat and dampness from your core and panties, he certainly did now.

    All the while, you’re pressing yourself against his covered length, yearning for more than just kisses. It doesn’t take long for his cock to harden against your clothed cunt; you were sexually infatuated with each other.

    You tilt your head back to give him more space to pleasure you as he pleases, and you were already at his mercy. Leaving a few nips on your neck and now moving to your collarbone, Bucky drinks up all the soft whimpers and moans you give him. Later, when he pulls away, an unintentional whimper falls from your lips.

    Without moving your gazes away from each other, you feel his rough, calloused hands move from your thighs to the hem of your shirt; at this point, it had ridden up to your waist, “May I?”

    You give him a small nod and he slowly lifts the baggy T off your body, laying it next to his own discarded top. You shiver as the sudden cold perks your nipples up, and he moves his hands up to cup your breasts, massaging them and attaching his lips back onto your collarbone. He murmurs, “If you want me to stop just say it.”

    “I know,” you whisper and squeeze your eyes shut as you grind against him. Your act rewards you with a deep growl from deep from Bucky’s throat as his lips move down to your left nipple. He twirls his tongue skillfully around the nub and rolls your other nipple between his fingers.

    “W-want more,” your voice is almost inaudible and your eyes squeeze together from the pleasure he gives you.

    Bucky slowly pulls away and looks up to meet your gaze, his pale blue eyes now darkened with lust. “Yeah?”

    Your nod is almost pitiful as he lays you down on the couch, his large figure overpowering you even before his cock is in you. Bucky leaves kisses down your chest and stomach, red marks that will surely bruise by morning. His breath is hot against your skin as he pauses at the waistband of your panties.

    He looks up at you through his lashes, asking permission to remove the final piece of your clothing. You nod again, “please,” and after that one word, he wastes no time pulling the black lace off with his teeth, discarding it on the floor.

    Bucky takes a moment to admire your body before he makes his next move, “you’re beautiful, you know that, doll?” He brings your legs up, leaving hickey after hickey on your inner thighs, slowly moving closer to your aching core. He touches his finger to your bare cunt and reaches his hand to his mouth to lick the wetness and makes eye contact with you. You swallow again, hard, and whimper, begging desperately for more.

    He slings your legs over his shoulders and brings his face to your dripping center, licking a long stripe from your entrance to your clit. Your body shudders and radiates in hot pleasure as his lips attach to your clit and he carefully slips one metal finger into you, looking up to see your mouth drop open. You reach one hand down to tangle it in his dark hair as your back starts to arch.

    Not wasting any more time than necessary, Bucky slips a second finger into your pussy and begins to scissor you open, making enough space for a third metal finger. He curls his knuckles and all the while swirling his tongue around your most sensitive parts. It doesn’t matter that this is the first time he’s eaten you out, he knew exactly what you wanted, and did not hold back in providing.

    A sheen of sweat has acclimated over your skin, and your back is arched highly from the couch, the edge of which you’re now gripping so hard your knuckles have paled. Your thighs are shaking from being held apart by Bucky’s large hands and your head lolls to the side as you murmur, “I-I’m gonna-“

    You aren’t even given the chance to finish your sentence as you hit your climax. Your body is plunged into a deep euphoria; waves after waves of hot pleasure crashing over you like a storm. Whether that orgasm could be described as heavenly or sinful, you weren’t sure, but it didn’t matter; was the best feeling you’ve had in the longest time.

    Bucky pulls away after drinking up all your come and watches how you slowly open your eyes, panting, “Th-that was amazing.” Instead of responding, he leans down to give you a kiss, letting you taste yourself on his lips and causing you to moan quietly.

    “You are amazing.”

    All you can do is let your mouth drop open and feel even more heat rising to your face as Bucky stands, unbuttoning his pants and slipping them off, along with his boxers. Your mouth practically waters at the sight of his hard cock, pressing up against his stomach; and it was huge. How he’s managed his composure for this long, you had no clue.

    Bucky strokes his cock a few times and smirks at your peaked arousal, adjusting himself back on top of you, “Ready?”

    You nod and he runs his length along your folds first, then gently presses himself into you. Even though he already stretched you out, it still took a bit for your body to adjust to Bucky’s size. Once he’s fully inside you, he presses his hand softly to your stomach, and chuckles softly, “Doll, look how deep I am.”

    The realization of how you felt him in your stomach had come earlier, but now looking down and seeing that bulge made you desperate. Your hips buck up unintentionally, causing Bucky to moan quietly and begin to thrust into you.

    You could tell he was holding back, keeping himself from pounding into you immediately, and you appreciated that. Maybe he could sense your inexperience and wanted to help you take it slow. Or maybe he was just scared of hurting you, but nonetheless, it felt amazing.

    His mouth attaches to your neck again, and Bucky’s hand moves up to roll your nipple between his fingers. You allow your hands to roam his chest, biceps, and back as your head lolls back, moans falling from your lips easily.

    He refrains from speeding up his pace; instead, his thrusts are slower, but stronger, hitting you deeper, his tip dragging along your G spot. Your back arches again off the couch, and your nails start to drag along his back.

    His lips move to your ear, and he nibbles your earlobe teasingly. Bucky’s low voice now in the shell of your ear, “you’re taking me so well, baby, I’m so proud of you.” Your body shivers at that, and you want to say more, but the only words that fall from your lips are, “M-more, pl-lease.”

    “Asking like a good girl, hm? I’ll give you more.” so he brings his hand down to your sensitive clit, rubbing in circles with his thumb, and you can’t help but bite down on his collarbone to keep yourself from crying in the pleasure. Bucky winces and chuckles again, “marking me up, I see? Don’t worry, I’ll wear the bruises proudly.”

    Your whimper is muffled against his skin and this time, without warning you come around him, your essence dripping onto both of your thighs. Once again, you’re engulfed in hot, sticky pleasure as Bucky helps you ride out your orgasm.

    Panting you mumble, “Y-you can go faster i-if you need.” He pauses a second to look at you, making sure he heard you right, then he pushes your knees into your chest and takes your calves in his hands. After adjusting his position, Bucky gradually speeds up, his head tilting back in pleasure as his lips part.

    Looking down to watch him, and seeing your breasts being shoved back and forth from the new speed makes you wish for a third release. You bite your lip and grip the edge of the couch tightly, trying to keep yourself grounded.

    You snake one hand down to rub your clit when Bucky looks back down at you. The sight of your body; the same sight you had relished in moments before, driving him closer to his own release. So now he grunts, “Cum with me, doll.”

    And of course, you happily oblige, kneading your tit with one hand and the other rubbing your clit faster as you come a third time. Your channel tightening again against his cock drives him insane, and a deep moan comes from Bucky’s throat. He comes with you, heavily coating your walls and panting as he finishes and looking down to admire how he’s made you fall apart under him.

    You meet his gaze and you laugh, “that really just happened, huh?” He laughs with you, “yeah, it did.”

    Your legs are shaking as he pulls out and heads to the kitchen to get a damp cloth to clean you both up. He cleans very carefully around your thighs and helps you sit up to clean underneath. Your eyes widen as you see the forming stain underneath you, but Bucky doesn’t seem to mind, “this couch is officially ours.”

    Smiling warmly at each other, Bucky picks you up and takes you back to his room, wrapping his arms around you tightly. your head is resting on his chest, and your arm loosely wrapped around his torso.

    “How do you feel now?” he hums.

    You tilt your head up to look at him, “way better than before.”

    Bucky smiles down at you, “that’s good, doll. You should get some rest, I plan on ravishing you again in the morning.

    Chewing on your lip, you pull the blanket around your shoulders and look away.

    So his smile turns to a worried frown, “Is something wrong? We don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to.”

    “No, no I want to,” you pause, “it’s just… the nightmares again…”

    “Hey,” Bucky lifts your chin so you can look at him, “as long as I’ve got you here in my arms, I promise you’ll be safe, doll. I get nightmares too, but now I’ve got you to hold!”

    You smile and leave a lingering kiss on his lips before resting your head again, letting your eyes flutter shut, “good night, Buck.”

    He kisses your forehead, “good night, Y/N.”



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    21.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Criminal minds characters of colour appreciation week

    Day1 (June 21) favourite character of colour

    My favourite character of colour would either be Derek of Tara Derek as a character as a profiler was amazing he was loyal and funny and caring and truly loved with all his heart he was smart and natural talent and thought the terrible things that life had thrown at him he was still so upbeat and lively. His relationships with Garcia and Spencer just kinda cement everything I just said he is patient with Reid and doesn’t make him feel like an outsider and less than he truly loves Garcia in a way I would only hope everyone I care about gets to be loved like that he just makes my heart go 🥺 Tara I mean Tara is the shit she is smart and cunning and hilarious and was a great addition to the team again just everything about her is truly amazing and just wonderful the way she treats everyone on her team with respect and the relationship between her and Emily and her and Luke are so beautiful her and Emily like gay wine aunts who are just there for you and they were there for each other and the banter she has with Luke throughout her time on the show and the way she engaged with Spencer’s rambling and wanted to hear about all his thoughts she is the moment and the movement 😊

    #cmcocaw21 #characters of colour #criminal minds fanfic #criminal minds#ssavanessa22#cm#tara lewis#derek morgan#matt simmons#luke alvez#stephen walker#agent Todd#WOC#poc#black literature #criminal minds x black reader #derek morgan x reader #tara lewis x reader #Luke alvez x reader
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  • princess-of-thebes
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Chris Evans x Journalist Reader

    You came from a (Non American) Country and you said something rude to Chris Evans. You apologized because it was not considered offensive in your home. Chris accepted your apology as long and asked what will you be doing tonight.

    This is how you got to interview him. By you tube and you kind of blew it. Hopefully, this dinner date will make amends..

    #black#white#woc#poc#white women#chris evans #chris evans x reader #ransom drysdale #ransom drysdale x reader #knives out
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    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Heaven Can Wait

    Pairing: Soft!Dark! Biker!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

    Word Count: 10.5k (sorry!!!)

    Summary: Forced to work for the leader of the local motorcycle club, you quickly learned no good deed goes unpunished. Biker AU

    Warnings: 18+ ONLY, Minors DNI. Noncon (rape), noncon touching, dubcon touching, smut (praise kink, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, innocence kink), violence (drunk bar fights), angst (trauma, hurt/comfort, loss of virginity, rape recovery), angst with a happy ending, references to alcohol and drunk behavior, implied age gap (reader is in her 20s), Steve being a complete asshole at first.

    Note: This is my final submission for @stargazingfangirl18 's 5k Soft Dark Challenge. I posted this idea and she seemed to like it, so now it is a reality! Siri, I hope you like this! Congrats again for the 5k ruin panties! Here's to 5k more!

    I used the following prompts: You catch the eye of someone dangerous, “This far out, no one will hear you scream,” praise kink, bad boy kink.

    Thank you to @river-soul who gave me the title for this fic!

    My Masterlist


    Murky grey water stained your fingernails and pooled in the pruney divots of your cramped hands. It had taken a few hours to scrub the layers of grime off the floor, but you were nearly done. Of course, nothing in your life was ever easy. You couldn’t even celebrate something as small as a finished chore when Steve walked down the hall, his mud caked boots ruining hours of work.

    “The boys are coming by later,” Steve grumbled without even looking at you and slammed the front door behind him.

    You have a soft heart, and that’s not always a good thing, your mother once told you when you were a child. A litter of kittens was born near your house, but it appeared they’d been abandoned far too young. With no idea how to care of them, they died, and you spent the afternoon crying in your mother’s arms as she consoled you as best she could.

    Her words echoed in your head, and they were never more true.

    You held back tears as you tossed the scrubber into the bucket of dirty water and sat down, giving your tired knees a break.

    Luck was rarely on your side, much less so when you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time several weeks before.

    Housekeeping at a small motel wasn’t the most glamorous job, but it paid well enough to support you while you took online classes at one of the community colleges in the city. The motel was also a ten minute walk from the rundown apartment you shared with a roommate. It wasn’t the best side of town, but you didn’t have a car and the walk wasn’t long. Still, nights were always more tense, and when you heard an anguished groan coming from a drug store parking lot, you regretted not accepting a ride home from the janitor.

    Two men were fighting, but it was difficult to see. The only sources of light came from the flickering orange glow of the street lamp and the sickly green light from the store. Still, you could see enough. One of the men was about your age, and despite his smaller stature, you saw him pummel the other man into a bloody mess.

    You gasped, and the assailant looked at you with wide eyes. For a man who nearly killed someone else with his bare fists, there was something guileless about him. It threw you off. So much so, you weren’t prepared for the tidal wave of misfortunes headed directly towards you.

    The first misfortune was seeing that harmless looking boyish face. Next, when the police arrived, they asked for a statement, which you gave.

    It was just dark enough in the parking lot that you didn’t notice the patches that adorned the man’s jacket, or else you would have kept your mouth shut.

    When the victim regained consciousness, he pressed charges, and you were asked to testify. You did.

    It was the right thing to do.

    You didn’t realize you hadn’t just poked the hornet’s nest; you set it on fire.

    Peter Parker was the youngest member of the Avengers, a branch of the notorious biker club that ran along these parts.

    It was always ambiguous what they did, but it wasn’t on the right side of the law, and people knew to stay out of their business. Regardless, they had money, and their lawyer, Andy Barber, was one of the best. Peter was let go on a technicality and the case never went to trial.

    Shortly after the whole ordeal was dismissed, the chaos started.

    It was tolerable at first. A random call in the middle of the night, a note left for you at work with a scribbled message telling you to watch out. Other than restless nights, you went by unharmed-- no one had approached you, and no one had hurt those around you.

    Things only escalated from there.

    The motel you worked at was robbed with a crude ‘A’ carved into the front desk, the Avengers’ calling card. It wasn’t a secret why they were targeting you, so your manager fired you if only to protect himself and his staff.

    The police either didn’t know what to do or were paid for their indifference; any attempts at contacting them were met with harrowing silence.

    Days were drawn out as you applied for jobs with no success and were running on nearly no energy from stress and lack of sleep.

    The vague threats stopped for a week, and you hoped they got bored of terrorizing you.

    No such compassion was sent your way.

    You came home from a promising job interview, but you didn’t even need to enter the apartment to know whatever game they were playing wasn’t going to stop.

    The front door was kicked in, the frame splintered where the latch tore through. Glass from the shattered windows and wood chips littered the floor.

    Dread almost made you leave, not wanting to see the inside of the apartment. But you had no choice, and upon walking through the door, you gasped. Bookshelves were upturned, furniture destroyed, personal possessions broken and scattered about.

    Your room was in a similar state-- broken picture frames, ripped up clothes and bedding. Luckily, your roommate’s bedroom was unscathed. You were relieved initially, but blanched when the implication sank in.

    They knew which room was yours.

    “You just had to fucking say something,” your roommate hissed when she came home to red and blue lights bouncing off the apartment complex. She cried when she saw the state of the living room.

    “Danielle, I-” you started.

    “Save it. Just get the fuck out.”

    Not wanting to cause her any more grief, you nodded and left. Staying with anyone you knew would mean risking their safety, and you couldn’t do that. You didn’t have much in your savings, but you sold what little possessions you had left and stayed in a motel on the other side of town.

    You prayed they’d lose interest.

    A rock was thrown through the motel window, shattering the glass and your hopes for any peace. You woke up with a jolt, ice running through your veins, heart racing.

    The rock had a note tied to it.

    Scribbled across the folded paper was an address. Your sister’s. She lived in the city-- close enough to harm if they so wished.

    Panicked, you ran out of the motel room and winced when you felt a shard of glass embed itself into your foot.

    Standing outside was a man, and you realized just how hollow any hope of escape truly was. You never stood a chance.

    The blinding light of the motorcycle headlight obscured his features, but you knew who he was.

    Steve Rogers, leader of the Avengers.

    “What do you want from me,” you asked, voice raspy from the weeks of accumulated anxiety.

    “I have a deal for you. You work for me, and we’ll leave that sweet sister of yours alone.”

    “And if I don’t accept?”

    “She wouldn’t be the first person I killed.”

    His eyes were cold. Empty.

    At least he gave you the illusion of choice.

    You were terrified of him at first, but he largely ignored you as long as you stayed out of his way. It was easy to fall into a predictable, if not lonely routine.

    Steve made you his housekeeper and “let” you stay in the small guest room as payment for your work, leaving you entirely financially dependent on him.

    His house was old but rather far from the other houses from his street. Prior to you working there, it was a complete mess-- empty liquor bottles and various food wrappers strewn about, scuff marks and dirt caked floors, layers of dust on unused surfaces.

    It was a stark contrast to his bedroom, which was remarkably organized-- bed always made, the few mementos he had were always perfectly in place. Even his clothes were neatly folded or hung. You didn’t understand the discrepancy until he and the rest of the Avengers stumbled in, piss drunk after their usual bar closed for the night. They tossed beer cans on the floor, yelled at each other, and moved about with little regard for both the house and for themselves until they passed out and left the next morning or afternoon.

    It took you a week alone to get the rest of the house in order, if only because every other day, the core group of his gang would come in to undo a lot of your progress.

    And if things got too easy for you, Steve made work for you.

    With a heavy sigh, you moved the bucket to the trail of muddy footprints and got started cleaning again.


    The air from the dryer enveloped you in comforting warmth as you unloaded the last load of laundry for the evening. You looked forward to calling it early for the night. Maybe you’d study for your upcoming literature exam.

    Of course, Steve never made things easy for you, and as you were folding the last few shirts, the front door opened with enough force to shake the house.

    You inwardly groaned.

    It wasn’t too late into the evening, and you only heard one set of footprints, so maybe Steve was alone. You also hadn’t heard his motorcycle or any others, so Sam must’ve dropped him off with his truck. He’d do that occasionally.

    You quickly folded the last bit of laundry when he stumbled past you, holding a half empty bottle of whiskey.

    You didn’t know if he could make it up the stairs and rushed out to help him, draping one of his heavy arms across your shoulders.

    “What are you doing?” He grumbled and shot you a mildly irritated look when he noticed you.

    “Helping you up,” you strained when he put more of his weight on you, as if to prove a point. You could barely hear his dark chuckle but you certainly felt the deep vibrations from his chest. He simply moved his arm off your shoulder and continued walking up with relative ease.

    “S’not the first time I’ve been drunk, girl.”

    Sighing a little, you grabbed the basket of folded laundry, and followed him up. You wanted to put away his clothes and be done with the day.

    The bed creaked when Steve sat down to untie his boots. He peered at you curiously when you set the basket on the opposite end. Once his boots were off, you grabbed them and headed towards his closet.

    “Left side-”

    “Bottom row,” you murmured.

    “Observant little thing, aren’t you,” he said after another swig of whiskey.

    “You’re just very consistent and organized. At least, in your room,” you froze after saying the last part, unsure whether or not he’d take umbrage with your words.

    The laugh that followed was even more unnerving.

    “Fair enough,” he said and placed the bottle on the nightstand with a thud. “Got tired of cleaning up after the others.”

    “I feel like there were easier ways to hire a maid,” you sighed and retrieved the basket, gauging his response. He only smirked at you, oddly playful, and you wondered if he was always so easy going when he was drunk.

    Without another word, Steve began to shed the worn leather jacket followed by the tight white shirt he wore underneath, and you immediately focused your gaze on the floor, missing the amused gleam in his eyes at your apparent bashfulness. You hoped he couldn’t feel the heat that bloomed across your skin at the sliver of his stomach you managed to see before looking away. While you could assume Steve was built based on stature alone, you weren’t prepared to see the cords and bundles of muscles that framed his body.

    Slowly, you put his clothes away, trying to ignore him as best you could. He would probably pass out soon and with any luck, he’d forget about the whole interaction.

    “Easier, sure, but this is so much more fun,” you heard him whisper in your ear, his hot breath tickling your ear, and you shrieked in surprise.

    The house was old and creaky. How a large man like himself managed to walk across the aging wooden floorboards, drunk out of his mind without making a single sound was impressive, though you were too shocked to really dwell on it.

    Instinctually, you moved away from the direction of his voice but a strong arm wrapped around your waist and turned you so you could face him. The movement threw you off so you placed your hands on his chest to steady yourself, immediately removing them when you felt taught muscle and coarse hair beneath your palms.

    His blue eyes peered at you inquisitive, searching. You felt like you were burning under his gaze.

    “You’re a pretty thing, aren’t you,” he nearly whispered as the hand splayed on your lower back wandered to your side where he ran it up your body slowly, just narrowly missing your breast. You could smell the whiskey on his breath which mingled with the scent of leather and wood that always seemed to follow him.

    “Steve…” you nearly whimpered.

    “You know, when the kid told me some idiot was ballsy enough to press charges and some bigger idiot was even more ballsy to corroborate the story, I was expecting some dumbass suburban soccer mom who didn’t know any better. Woulda been easy enough to scare off,” Steve hummed the last part and his hand rested on your neck, teasing your pulse point with a rough thumb.

    “I was surprised to see you at first. Oh so sweet, oh so naive,” he cupped your face where stroked the ball of your cheek with alarming gentleness. “Made sense though. You probably didn’t even know what you were getting into.”

    “I didn’t,” you said so softly, as though you were afraid any loud noises would set him off.

    He held your gaze a little longer, before laughing a little, the smirk on his lips never quite reaching his eyes. He let you go and returned to his bed where he grabbed his jacket.

    “Leave the rest of the laundry here. I can put it away.”

    You nodded and quickly left his room.

    Things changed slightly from there. While Steve wasn’t necessarily nicer to you, something difficult to gauge to begin with given how little he interacted with you prior, he did stop making messes just for you to clean up. It was a small olive branch, but one that made living with him less hostile. With that, you weren’t as skittish being seen, and you had more time to get to know both him and his friends.

    They’d congregate at Steve’s place at all hours of the day or night, watching a football game, shouting over each other, and other drunken nonsense. You mostly stayed away, but one night, Steve asked you to bring him a beer when you walked by to do the laundry, and from there, they often asked you to do the same.

    They weren’t awful otherwise. None of them tried to touch you, and some were even polite.

    Bucky was Steve’s best friend and practically his brother. He was relatively mild mannered though snippy at times, especially towards Sam, another close friend. Sam was charming and treated you like a person. On a Sunday afternoon, you were removing bottle caps from several beers when he saw you and offered to help.

    “Steve’s not that bad, he… he’s been through a lot,” he told you as he gathered a few bottles.

    “He threatened to kill my sister,” you murmured.

    Sam sighed, “yeah he doesn’t always mean what he says.”

    Occasionally, you’d see Thor, a surprisingly boisterous man with a thundering laugh who always thanked you when you’d hand him a cold beer.

    Then there was Peter.

    You avoided Peter at all costs at first, unsure if he held a grudge. But in time, it seemed like he was by far the most docile out of the group.

    “Sorry about… this whole thing. I wanted to drop it but Steve wasn’t having it,” he sheepishly told you when he cornered you one evening.

    “Oh, uh, it's okay,” you sputtered out, not trusting him initially.

    Over the weeks, he proved himself to be genuine in his original statement, being the only one who went out of his way to keep you company.

    “Who are the new guys?” You asked Peter one night. As usual, the main gang stumbled in drunk-- Bucky, Sam, Thor, and Peter. But with them were two faces you hadn’t seen before.

    “Rumlow and Rollins,” Peter scoffed. “I’d stay away from those two.”

    “They’re not your friends?”

    “Nah, they’re from a different club. We’re mostly friendly with one another and our territory overlaps a little so it’s best to keep the peace.”

    “What makes them so bad?”

    “I just don’t trust ‘em is all,” Peter mumbled.

    You weren’t about to argue with him and stayed even more out of the way when they were over, though it was inevitable they’d find you.

    “Oh what have we here?” You heard a voice call behind you as you transferred a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. You jumped a little at the sudden sound and looked over your shoulder where Rumlow leaned against the doorframe. “You must be the help Steve mentioned a while back,” he mused.

    He took a step forward and you took one back, trying to keep as much distance between you as was possible. Unfortunately, the laundry room was little more than a storage closet and your back hit the wall, coaxing a small whimper out of you. You didn’t fail to notice how the sound seemed to light up his eyes in viscous curiosity.

    “I gotta say, I wasn't expecting you to be so… cute.” He did little to hide the contempt in his voice.

    He made no effort to hide how he purposefully dragged his eyes over your body. You wore practical clothes-- leggings and loose shirts or sweaters. It didn’t seem to stop him from appreciating what he could see anyway.

    “Gotta hand it to you, it was kinda brave to stand up against one of Steve’s,” Rumlow continued to get closer.

    “She didn’t know who we were.” You heard Peter and sighed with relief. Rumlow turned around. “Come on, leave her alone, she’s just trying to work.”

    “You sweet on her?” Rumlow smirked.

    “I just don’t get off scaring girls,” Peter stood his ground but you could see the worried glint in his expression.

    Peter was strong. Far stronger than he looked, but Rumlow was seasoned and nearly twice as big.

    “Come on, we’re just having fun, right girlie?” Rumlow looked back at you, daring you to object.

    “Yeah, it’s okay Peter,” you pleaded quietly, not wanting things to get out of hand.

    Rumlow nodded and left the small room, bumping into Peter’s shoulder as he walked past him.

    “I hate that man,” Peter mumbled once he was clear. He got closer to make sure you were okay. “He hurt you at all?”

    “No, I’m fine,” you assured with a small smile. “Thank you.”

    It was a tender moment, something you hadn’t experienced in awhile.

    “What’s going on here?”

    You heard Steve and your eyes snapped to where he was standing in the hallway.

    “Rumlow was being a dick,” Peter said and walked out of the laundry room. “She’s fine though.”

    You watched Peter disappear, leaving you with Steve. The look he gave you was difficult to read. His brows were furrowed slightly. While he didn’t look angry, he still looked bothered.

    “Is there something wrong?” You asked.

    He shook his head, face relaxing into something neutral.

    “No, it’s fine,” he sighed and left you alone with your racing thoughts.


    Steve was in the garage, working on his bike, which gave you time to clean his room. It was almost always immaculately clean, but you still liked to give it a dust over. Gingerly, you brushed the duster over the various surfaces in his room. It was easy since he had so few mementos on display. The only notable thing was a picture frame that was always face down.

    You shouldn’t have looked, but curiosity got the best of you and you lifted it up. A photo of a beautiful woman stared back at you. Her eyes were serious but kind, and she carried herself with a measure of confidence, as though she could command a room the moment she walked in.

    “Didn’t anyone tell you it’s not polite to snoop around?”

    You jumped a little. You figured you’d be able to hear Steve in time to put the photo back, but you could never underestimate how quiet he could be when he tried.

    “I’m so sorry,” you quickly put the frame down, making sure to handle it with care. “I was just curious, but that’s no excuse and-”

    “Relax, sweetheart,” you heard Steve as he neared you.

    You couldn’t relax, not when you still didn’t trust him, and you quickly gathered the duster to leave when he stopped you with a heavy hand on your shoulder.

    “Do you drink at all?” He asked.

    You looked at him, confused.

    “I… not really,” you said.

    “Have a glass with me.” He walked out of the room and nodded towards the door for you to follow him.

    Frozen in fear, you weren’t sure if this was some ploy. He glanced at you when he saw you hadn’t moved and chuckled slightly.

    “I swear, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

    You followed him to the living room where he poured some amber liquid into a glass and handed it to you before pouring himself significantly more.


    You did.

    “So obedient,” he smirked, almost in something akin to appreciation.

    “Is there something wrong?” You asked, trying and failing to sound confident. You only grew more panicked when he sat next to you, the outside of his thighs pressing against yours.

    “You really are a skittish little thing,” he mused as he brought the glass to his lips. “Drink.”

    You remained quiet, not sure how to react, so you took a sip from your cup. You winced as the liquor burned your throat. Wanting to get away sooner, you downed the entire thing with a wince.

    “The boys think I’m going too hard on you,” Steve mumbled after swallowing a good swig of whiskey. “Peter especially, but the kid’s got a soft heart.”

    “He doesn’t seem like he’d be in this world,” you said, starting to feel lightheaded.

    “And what world does he fit into?”

    “Something nicer.”

    Steve didn’t respond and you were afraid you upset him. Before you could look over, you felt calloused knuckles brush your cheek and you jumped a little.

    “So sweet,” Steve murmured.

    Heat bloomed under the skin on your face at the comment.

    “Would you have really killed my sister if I didn’t come with you?” You sputtered out, wanting the silence to end. Perhaps that was the wrong question to ask, but it had been weighing on your mind since your small conversation with Sam. The liquor wasn’t helping you make better choices, either.

    Steve smirked a little, lazy, amused.


    “So were you lying about killing anyone?”

    Steve sighed and poured himself more whiskey before grabbing your glass and giving you a little as well.

    “No, I’ve done that,” his voice was low, quiet. “Did a couple tours overseas,” he said. “Former military. Army.”

    Steve’s not that bad, he’s been through a lot, Sam’s words echoed through your head.

    “I’m sorry,” you said quietly.

    “It’s where Bucky and I met Sam, so it wasn’t completely bad.”

    “You knew Bucky before?”

    “I've known him since we were kids.”

    You nodded but didn’t say anything else. You wanted to ask about the woman in the picture, but given you’d never seen her around, you had to assume something bad happened.

    “Peggy,” he said as if reading your mind.


    “The photo. Her name is Peggy. She was my fiance.”

    You could hear the longing in his voice and the pain woven through it.

    “What happened?” You asked. “You don’t have to say, not if you don’t want to,” you quickly added on.

    He glanced at you, his eyes soft. You weren’t used to seeing him so vulnerable. It made the rough outlines of his face disappear, and he looked wildly different, younger almost.

    “Got shipped overseas. Saw things no one should have to see, did things no one should have to do. I came back and I wasn’t the same,” he sighed. “I got angry a lot, didn’t want to get help for it, drank myself away.”

    As if to prove a point, Steve finished his glass and grabbed yours, which had remained untouched since he poured you another drink. He drank that too. He placed both glasses on the coffee table.

    “If you think I drink a lot now, I cut back considerably. Didn’t do that until after she left though. She couldn’t take it anymore. Couldn’t watch me destroy myself.”

    “Is there any way you could rekindle things?” You asked.

    “No. She’s moved on. Has a nice little family now. I’d be an ass if I came in and ruined all that. ‘Sides, I’m not much better than I was before.”

    “I’m sorry,” you offered after a small pause.

    “It’s not your fault,” he mused. “But thanks for sharing a drink with me.”

    He left the glasses on the coffee table and walked upstairs to his bedroom.


    After that night, Steve seemed to teeter on the edge of being kind and cold.

    There were soft moments, where he’d help you fold laundry or dry dishes as you washed them, asking you questions about yourself-- what was your childhood like, do you have any dreams about where you’d like to go in life, what sort of music you liked.

    “You wanted to be a dentist?” He nearly laughed, leaning against the counter as you wiped it down. “What kind of kid wants to be a dentist?”

    “I dunno, I always liked teeth, I guess,” you shrugged.

    He shot you a perplexed look before shaking his head in amused disbelief.

    “What changed your mind?”

    “I hate spit,” you smiled.

    “Yeah, I guess that would be a complication there.”

    Comfortable silence filled the space, something you appreciated about him. If he had nothing to say, he didn’t try to make noise for the sake of it.

    “What about you?” You inquired. “What did you want to be when you were a kid.”

    “A soldier,” he said with no hesitation, but there was a hint of something melancholic in his voice.

    “Oh.” You knew how that story ended. “Did you want to do anything after?”

    He thought for a moment.

    “I don’t know,” he said but you weren’t convinced. You didn’t pressure him, though, and just enjoyed the silent understanding between you two.

    In time, you realized he longed for a life where he could just settle down, but his self-destructive tendencies would never allow it.

    You used to avoid him when he came home from doing God knows what, but after seeing him wash a rather deep cut in the kitchen sink, you helped patch him up. Afterwards, he’d ask for your help if he saw you, but never bothered you if you weren’t around.

    So you began to greet him when he came home.

    There was something oddly domestic about the whole arrangement.

    He touched you more, too. At first, it was a hand on your shoulder as he passed by, cupping your face as you tended to his wounds. But when he was drunk, he’d occasionally press you against the wall, his hands on your hips, his lips ghosting over yours, tempted but never indulging himself.

    Rounded eyes would trace his features, and you could hear the low growl rumbling from his chest as he did the same. If he wanted to do more, you would have let him. He never did.

    But then there was the coldness.

    You never knew what sparked his moods and compelled him to be so distant, but there were days where he wanted nothing to do with you. He’d ignore you when you’d ask about his day, dismiss you if you tried to help him.

    In time, you learned how to navigate him, though the constant changes kept you on edge. Still, he planted a seed of longing within you in the way he’d look at you, like you were something precious to him. It made you feel wanted.

    Part of you knew it was foolish to believe Steve would ever want you beyond curious lust. You were never more convinced than when you heard the loud bang of his motorcycle falling onto the dirt driveway.

    The noise brought you to the living room, where you saw him as he stumbled onto the couch. Even drunk and swaying, he still managed to look intimidating.

    He'd come home tipsy many times, but never as drunk as he was, and he’d never driven himself home-- Sam or Bucky usually gave him a ride those nights.

    But you knew what today was. It was the anniversary of the day he and Peggy got engaged.

    He hardly acknowledged you as you began to assess any damage, prodding at his body to feel for tender spots. How he’d managed to ride a motorcycle home without hurting himself or others was beyond you.

    “Steve, you can’t drive while drunk,” you sighed when you found he was unscathed.

    “Why do you care?” He murmured, whiskey heavy eyes lazily looking at you.

    “Because I do, and this isn’t good for you. Or anyone.”

    “You know all about good, don’t you?”

    Ignoring his comment, you went to unlace his boots, if only to make him more comfortable.

    “So good,” he nealy slurred. “Too good for me.”

    All too suddenly, Steve grabbed you and pulled you into his lap where your knees were planted on both sides of his hips.

    “Steve-” you squeaked when you felt his lips press against yours.

    “Fuck, you don’t even know what those doe eyes do to me,” he growled.

    You couldn’t stifle a sweet gasp when his hands roamed your body with near hungry desire.

    “Bet you never even fucked a man before,” he cupped a breast and your breath hitched. You shook your head and tried to push at his chest.

    One of his hands lowered until it brushed against your core, and you let out a strangled moan.

    “I don’t know why that does it for me,” he murmured as he continued to stroke you through your leggings. “Never really cared for the innocent ones. Peggy was commanding, could silence a whole room with a single look. I bet you couldn’t even flag down a waiter.”

    Pressure boiled in your core, and you stopped trying to push him away when it became apparent he wasn’t going to let you go. Slowly, you started rocking your hips into his hand.

    When he noticed you were responding, he moved his other hand under your shirt where he cupped your breast, rolling a nipple between his fingers. You gasped and looked at him. His eyes were closed, concentrated as he brought you closer to release.

    A soft moan escaped your lips, and his eyes snapped open, bloodshot and focused on your lust blown gaze.

    His hands stopped moving.

    You made a sound, mourning the loss of pleasure, and he pulled away, all but shoving you out of his lap. With a thud, you stumbled onto the floor where you pushed yourself back, further from him, trembling.

    “Fuck,” he hissed.


    He studied you, a storm in his eyes, and you weren’t quite sure what he was thinking.

    “You’re not Peggy. Didn’t know why I thought I could replace her with someone so weak.”

    You were stunned at how quickly he’d changed. Tears began to well in your eyes but you were too overwhelmed to get up.

    Steve paused for a moment, something flashing in his eyes, before cursing under his breath.

    “It ain’t happening again, sorry,” he grumbled and walked away.

    As soon as you heard his door slam shut, you ran to your room and sank to the floor.


    Steve didn’t talk to you after that. It felt like the first couple weeks you started living there, a complete stranger.

    The silence was unnerving, and you weren’t sure if he felt uncomfortable because of that night. Wanting to get closure, you approached him as he worked on his bike in the garage. You hoped whatever anger he might have felt was gone, and the man you’d come to know over the weeks would return.

    “Steve?” You called out.

    He ignored you.

    “I just wanted to clear the air about what happened.”

    You heard him sigh and he tossed his wrench onto his workbench with a loud clunk.

    “Nothing happened,” he nearly sneered at you.

    While he could be dismissive before, he was never quite mean about it. The vitriol in his voice had you backing away.

    “I haven’t been laid in awhile and you felt easy.”

    Your heart dropped, heavy at his confession.

    “You were always playing house with me, hovering over me like a puppy. Figured I could fuck you and get it out of my system,” he said while he grabbed a greasy towel and wiped his hands before tossing it at you where you fumbled catching it.

    He didn’t look at you when he took a drink from his water bottle.

    “I have work to do,” he picked up the wrench.

    You stayed away from him after that.


    A few weeks passed without so much a word from Steve.

    Peter noticed the tension. You were sure they all did, given you stayed in your room when they were over.

    “Is everything okay?” Peter asked you one day when he managed to see you.

    You nodded, but it was apparent he wasn’t convinced. He didn’t press you, though.


    Steve was out for the night. Based on his mood earlier, you knew he likely wouldn’t be back until the next morning, if not afternoon. You didn’t mind, though. You quite liked having the house to yourself where you didn’t feel his heavy presence looming over you. It gave you time to think and study in peace.

    You were deep into making flashcards for your Anthropology class when you heard a noise coming from the garage.

    With a sigh, you tossed the index cards onto your bed and went downstairs.

    While you knew any kindness or compassion was wasted on him, you still felt compelled to help him when he was lost in a drunken haze. Perhaps that made you a fool. Or perhaps you felt you could bring back the best in him, which definitely made you a fool.

    Knowing it was a bad idea, you still wandered to the garage and sighed as you opened the door.

    A figure was shuffling around, oblivious to you.

    “Steve?” You called.

    He turned around and you felt the hairs on your arms and neck raise.

    Rumlow stared back at you, viscous gleam in his eyes.

    “Oh what do we have here?” He smirked and slowly walked towards you. “Haven’t you heard? Curiosity killed the cat.”

    You backed up inside the house and tried to close the door but he wedged himself in the frame before you could.

    With too much ease, he shoved you to the floor where you pushed yourself back before trying to run to the front door.

    He was on you before you could get into the living room.

    “What do you want?” You whimpered when you felt him put more of his weight on you, pressing you into the discolored linoleum kitchen floor.

    “I was just gonna steal some cash from the stash Rogers keeps back there. Didn’t think you were home,” he said as he grabbed your wrists, stopping you from trying to push him off. “But now that you’ve seen me…”

    “I won’t say anything, just please let me go,” you pleaded.

    “Oh kitten, I know you won’t talk,” he hummed before he ripped your shirt down the middle. “Because if you do, I’ll come find you.”

    You began to wiggle out of his hold, your breathing hitched, but he had you pinned under him.

    “And when I find you, you’ll think back to this moment and realize I was going easy on you.”

    You released a high pitched wail as loud as you could muster when he ripped your leggings off.

    “Make all the noise you want, kitten. This far out, no one will hear you scream.”


    Runlow left a few hours ago but you couldn’t peel yourself off the floor. Your gaze was trained on the ceiling above, imagining shapes in the aged paint.

    Steve could’ve come back at any moment, and you didn’t want him to find you. With the rest of your strength, you pulled yourself up, wincing at the pain in your limbs and core and trying not to gag at the sticky feeling between your thighs. You limped to the bathroom where you removed your shredded clothes.

    Your skin was already starting to discolor, and there were dark splotches along your neck where Rumlow sucked a few bruises and even bit you in several places, some of which drew blood. Your lip was split and you saw the start of what would be a bruised cheekbone.

    You didn’t remember the shower, only that you took one until the water ran cold.

    You didn’t remember getting into bed either, only that you gathered your tattered clothes and put them in a plastic bag to take to the garbage.

    Sleep never came to you that night. You found yourself staring at the window as the dark blue sky eventually turned a deep shade of purple, and then pink.

    The nearest drugstore was about a thirty minute walk. You knew it opened early, and you needed Plan B.

    So you pulled on fresh clothes-- long sleeves to hide the bruises on your arms, and a scarf to hide your neck. Luckily, it was late autumn, and it wouldn’t look suspicious to be so covered.


    You felt a rusted, sardonic laugh bubble from inside you, hoarse from all the screaming. All of this, because you wanted to do the right thing.

    The drugstore was the one you witnessed Peter damn near kill another man. You stood in the same place you stood that night, but everything looked different now that your perspective changed.

    Peter was a friend now, someone good you could trust. Standing in the very lot that landed you in your predicament, you couldn’t help but wonder if he was actually good, or if he appeared good because the company he kept was worse.

    A single lit candle looks like the sun when darkness was all that was known before.

    It did little to dwell on it. It did little to dwell on anything.

    The house was empty when you came back, but that was for the best.

    You took the first dose of the contraceptive, and crawled back into bed.


    Steve didn’t notice anything out of place when he came home. Despite it being close to noon, he didn’t see you around, but why would he? He made damn sure you’d avoid him.

    He never intended to get close to you, never intended to act on any of the things he felt. He couldn’t stop himself though. Your eyes beckoned him in closer with the docile glow that seemed to radiate from you, like a moth to a flame. You emitted warmth, light, and goodness. The dark in him wanted you, and he wasn’t sure if it was because he wanted to bask in your light or snuff it out.

    What scared him most was that you wanted him back.

    So he stayed away.

    But in your naivety, you sought him out and he indulged himself from time to time.

    It wasn’t until he nearly fucked you on the couch that he realized he needed to stop. You deserved better, far better than he could ever give you, and he wanted you to see that.

    So it wasn’t unusual for you to keep your distance.

    But when he didn’t see or hear from you in a few days, he became concerned.


    Knocking on your door woke you up.

    “It’s me,” you heard Peter call.

    Or course. Steve wouldn’t care to look for you.

    “It’s open,” you said.

    Peter walked into the room, but you remained on your bed, turned away from him, knowing the bruise on your cheek and your scabbed lip would cause suspicion.

    “Uh, hey. I haven’t seen you around. No one has. You okay?” He asked, cautious in his delivery.

    “Yeah, I’m just tired, that's all.”

    The desk creaked, and you assumed he leaned against it.

    “You can talk to me, you know,” he encouraged.

    “I know, I’m just tired though,” you repeated.

    You heard Peter grunt softly and he breathed out, ready to leave when you heard him kick something, which toppled over.

    “Shit, sorry, I-” When you didn’t hear anything else, you turned and looked.

    The small trash bin was on its side, some of its contents spilling onto the floor, one of which was the box of Plan B you had yet to throw away. You hadn’t left your room enough to get to it.

    Peter stared at the box, brows furrowed, before he glanced at you. His eyes widened when he saw your face and neck.

    “Oh God, what happened?” Peter gasped before ticking his jaw. “Did Steve do that?”

    “No!” You said emphatically. “I’m fine… just…”

    You tried to hold back the tears but couldn’t.

    “Hey, hey hey,” he nearly cooed as he walked towards you but you flinched away and he stopped. “Please, tell me who did that to you?”

    You swallowed, but it did nothing for the lump in your throat.

    “Rumlow… nearly a week ago,” you whispered.

    You glanced at Peter, and the sweet boyish face you’d come to know was replaced with something harsh in his fury. There, that was the man you saw in the parking lot so long ago.

    “We gotta tell Steve,” his voice was low, guttural.

    “No!” You nearly shouted. “Please don’t tell. I don’t want anyone knowing, just… let it go, please.”

    When he didn’t respond, you felt tears stream down your face.

    “Please,” you begged.

    His face softened at your weeping form, and with no idea how to handle the situation, he reluctantly nodded.


    Steve and the others were at their usual bar. The place was on the busier side, the regulars scattered about. The occasional clang of pool balls hitting each other rang out, adding to the noise of shouting matches and raucous laughter.

    It wasn’t uncommon to see members of different clubs there, some friendly, some not. It was an unspoken rule that the bar was neutral ground, so most kept to themselves or played nice.

    So when Steve saw Rumlow approach them, he thought nothing of it.

    He didn’t notice the way Peter nearly raised his hackles at the other man.

    “Slow night?” Rumlow asked with a lazy smirk.

    “Just relaxing,” Bucky said and gulped down his beer.

    “Right right,” the other man dismissed. “Say, you gonna watch the game this Sunday?”

    No one particularly liked having Rumlow around, but it was beneficial for them to stay friendly, even if it meant putting up with him.

    “Yeah, might have some of the boys over,” Steve sighed.

    “Kinda miss that cute little maid of yours,” Rumlow chuckled and Steve didn’t like the way he referred to you. There was something sinister in the way he licked his lips.

    He was willing to let it go, but Peter nearly launched himself at the older man, landing a hard punch to the jaw.

    “Woah what the fuck?” Bucky immediately got up and pulled him away.

    “What the hell, Parker?” Rumlow spat as he rubbed his jaw.

    The bar went silent.

    “Y’all know the rules, if you’re gonna fight, take it outside,” the bartender yelled.

    “Get your toddler under control,” Rumlow sneered at Steve before heading outside. “Or meet me outside, and we can settle this like men.”

    Steve pulled Peter away from the group.

    “Kid, what the fuck?” He scolded.

    “Nothing, just… fuck that guy,” Peter grumbled.

    “Come on, man, what’s going on? You can’t just attack him. None of us like him, but you know the rules.”

    Peter gritted his teeth and nodded.

    “What’s with the attitude?” Steve sighed before saying your name. He saw Peter’s expression change slightly, from unbridled rage to something softer. “This about her?”

    Peter opened his mouth to say something but didn’t.

    “Look, I figured you were sweet on her, but you can’t attack people who talk about her,” Steve sighed.

    The younger man snapped his head towards him.

    “It’s not that at all.”

    “Then what is it?”

    Steve saw the conflict wash over his face before he shook his head, regret flickering through his features.

    “Rumlow raped her,” Peter admitted, his voice barely above a whisper.

    Steve’s heart nearly stopped.


    “A couple weeks ago. Found some Plan B in her trashcan. It’s why she hasn’t been around much. She asked me not to tell anyone, but that smug motherfucker brought her up-”

    Steve walked away before he could finish.

    Rumlow was in the parking lot, cursing at Rollins and a few of his men.

    “You put that kid in time out?” Rumlow shouted when he noticed the blonde stalking his way. His eyes widened slightly when he realized Steve’s pace never let up.

    Without missing a beat, Steve’s fist collided with Rumlow’s cheek, sending him to the ground.

    Steve didn’t hold back as he wailed on him, feeling his knuckles split open from pounding against the other man’s teeth. It did little to slow him down.

    “Hey hey,” Sam and Bucky went to pull Steve off but he snapped his head towards them before they could get near.

    “Stay the fuck away,” he roared.

    Before anyone could stop him, he got off of Rumlow and dragged him further away. Vaguely, Steve heard more arguing and punching, his men and Rumlow’s likely fighting each other off.

    “You raped her?” Steve hissed so no one else could hear.

    Rumlow smirked, stretching the torn patches of skin on his lips, bloodied saliva coating his teeth red.

    “So the little bitch told you after all?” He taunted. “Tight little pussy, that one has.”

    Steve punched him, but Rumlow clumsily dodged.

    “She cried so sweetly the entire time,” he continued, and Steve swung again, which Runlow barely stepped out of the way. “Didn’t stop her from moaning like a slut when she came, though.”

    He was tackled to the ground immediately after, where Steve didn’t hold back the barrage of punches against his face and chest.

    He wanted to kill Rumlow and would have if the red and blue glow of impending police cruisers didn’t stop him. By the time Steve pulled away, Rumlow was unconscious, his face barely recognizable.


    Steve still felt raw anger pulsating through him when he came home. Knowing what had happened under his roof while he was nowhere around to stop it had him hating himself as much as he did Rumlow.

    “Fuck,” he yelled and hit the kitchen table hard enough to splinter some of the wood. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey, but before he could take a swig, he threw it against a wall where it shattered, trails of liquor running down the discolored wallpaper.

    “Steve?” He heard you call out.

    The noise had tipped you off, and you were terrified, unsure if Rumlow had come back. But then you heard Steve yell.

    You were never more relieved to see him, though you still weren’t sure what state of mind he was in.

    He looked at you, and the rage immediately disappeared as he took in your frightened expression.

    “You’re hurt,” you said.

    Steve’s knuckles were cut open and bleeding, as was his lip.

    You grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink and approached him wearily, unsure if he’d let you near him. He did, and you gestured for him to sit down at the table.

    After everything he did and said to you, you still wanted to help him. His heart felt heavy.

    No words were exchanged as you cleaned his hands. He was eerily calm, not even flinching when you dabbed an alcohol soaked cotton ball on his knuckles.

    You never asked how he got injured, not after he refused to answer you the dozens of times you asked before.

    “Peter told me about Rumlow,” Steve muttered, breaking the silence.

    You felt panic rising in your chest, and you stared at a stain on the table. You were about to get up and return to your room, where you felt at least a little safe, but Steve’s voice took you out of your thoughts.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” Steve asked, nearly begging.

    “I don’t know,” you breathed, still avoiding his gaze.

    You felt his fingers gently push your chin up so you could look him in the eye. He looked at you so delicately, silently urging you to tell him the truth.

    “I… I didn’t think you’d care,” you said after a small pause, your eyes looking off to the side as you tried to blink away tears.

    Steve dropped his hand and you lowered your head and peered at him through the veil of your eyelashes.

    A mixture of horror and remorse was etched into his features, from his furrowed brows to his slightly agape mouth. He ran a hand over his face and across his beard before shaking his head and standing up.

    “Steve, where are you going?” You asked, panicked.

    “Finishing what I started,” he said as he headed towards the front door.

    You rushed after him frantically. Your legs felt like they were weighed down with ice, but you stumbled towards him with all your energy.

    “No, no, please!” You called and it seemed to fall upon deaf ears. It wasn’t until you grabbed his arm that he stopped and turned towards you. “I don’t want anyone getting hurt because of me.”

    “No one’s getting hurt because of you, they’re getting hurt because of what he did,” he growled and nearly had the door open.

    “Please, just… stay here,” you begged.

    His eyes softened as they roamed over your form.

    “I don’t like being here alone,” you choked out.

    Steve felt a lump in his throat at your confession.

    Of course you didn’t like being at his house alone. No one was there to protect you.

    The dam you built over the weeks to hold back all you felt broke. The emotional toll came down on you, a deluge of grief. Feelings you couldn’t process finally came out as you looked down and began to cry.

    You shuddered a little when you felt Steve wrap his arms around you, but felt him relax when you melted into his embrace.

    “I’ll stay,” his voice was tender, soft.

    You sat next to him on the couch, and he didn’t ask you any questions, just reminded you of his presence by occasionally stroking your arm or urging you to rest your head against his shoulder.

    “I was wrong,” he said.


    “When I called you weak. You’re not.”

    You felt the sting of fresh tears pricking the corners of your swollen eyes.

    “Compassion takes a lot of strength,” he said. “More than people like me ever give credit for.”


    Things were a bit awkward at first-- Steve wasn’t sure how to navigate around you, but in time, he found you just wanted to be treated like before.

    No one talked about Rumlow. You didn’t know where he was, only that Steve assured you he’d never hurt you again. It was a good enough answer for you.

    He was home more often, too, rarely keeping you alone unless he had to leave. Even then, he asked Peter to come over and keep you company.

    Steve was kinder with you, much like how he was when he wanted to be sweet. The soft gazes he used to give you returned, far more delicate this time around, and it made your heart flutter. You weren’t sure how to handle it.

    With every every airy beat was a cold aftershock.

    In time, however, you began to open up to him. While you never went into detail about that night, you told him what had happened, and you could see the array of anger and guilt flash across his features as you spoke.

    Shortly after, Steve told you he found a different house and he was moving. He never gave you permission to leave his service, so you assumed your arrangement would remain the same.

    “How have things been?” Peter asked when he saw you taping closed a box of newspaper wrapped plates.

    “Just a lot of packing,” you answered.

    “Do you like the new house?”

    You thought about it for a moment. It was definitely not what you expected Steve to get, but that didn’t mean it was bad. You liked it.

    “It’s nice. A lot more modern than this one. It’s closer to other people, though, so I was a little surprised Steve picked it.”

    “You know why, right?”

    You furrowed your brows.

    “No, but he never really seemed to like this one.”

    “He didn’t want you staying here because...”

    Your breath hitched.

    “Oh, I… I’m sure that’s not why,” you sputtered. “I feel like he wouldn’t keep me around as a maid if that’s all it was.”

    Peter smiled at you, knowing but warm.

    “He loves you, you know.”

    “What?” You squeaked.

    “I don’t know if it’s love yet, but it could be. But I know he cares about you a lot.”

    “I- Peter, I don’t think that’s it.”

    He didn’t say anything else, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable.

    Over the next few days, you thought about what he said. It made your heart race, but you weren’t sure if it was fear or desire. Perhaps a mixture of both.


    The new house was about the same size as the last one, but didn’t creak nearly as much. Steve pointed you towards one of the guest rooms and said you could stay there. Though you had few possessions left, you still wanted to unpack and get settled, exhausted from the move.

    But before you could open a box, Steve stopped by.

    “You don’t have to stay here,” he said.

    When you didn’t respond, he continued.

    “If you want to leave, you can.”

    He didn’t say anything else before he walked off, leaving you with a choice, the first real one you had in a very long time.

    Nightfall came and you couldn’t sleep, the possibilities running through your head.

    Freedom was so close, but what did that even mean anymore? The world you knew was gone. It changed, because you changed, and you didn’t know if you wanted to be back in it.

    So you had to make a choice, and with all the confidence you had left, you got up.

    With delicate care, you opened the door so the hinges wouldn’t squeak. Your footsteps were quiet as you made your way across the room. Steve's light snores let you know he was still sleeping, so you gently brushed a hand across his face.

    His eyes snapped open and immediately focused on you.

    "Is something wrong?" He asked, confusion lacing his sleep heavy voice, before sitting up. The thin bed sheet pooled at his hips, exposing his muscular chest. You could practically feel the heat rolling off of him.

    You hesitated, unsure how to move forward without making him uncomfortable, but you thought about what Peter said and remembered the way Steve would look at you.

    Slowly, you crawled onto the bed where you straddled his knees, keeping a little distance between you two.

    Steve's breath hitched, and he moved his hands up before letting them fall back into his sides.

    Trembling slightly, you cupped his face and felt your heart flutter at the soft sigh he released as he closed his eyes. Your thumb ran over his lip and you felt him run his fingers along your knee.

    You leaned forward slowly and paused to give him a moment to back away if he wanted to. He didn't and instead closed the gap where his chapped lips brushed against your soft ones.

    He kissed you with a measured, delicate touch, like he was afraid you'd run away.

    When you pulled away, you saw the storm in his blue eyes, a battle between succumbing to his desires or doing what he felt was right.

    "I-" he started before pausing. "I don't know if this is good for you."

    You laughed softly much to his surprise.

    "I don’t want to be defined by the bad things that have happened to me," you said. "I want this, Steve."

    He nodded slightly, his hands finding their way to your hips where he pulled you closer. You could feel his hardening length brush your core through the sheets and layers of clothes, and you both gasped a little.

    He pressed another kiss to your lips before whispering against them.

    "Tell me if you want to stop and I will."

    You nodded and he kissed you again, his hands wandering up your body. He lifted the oversized shirt and didn’t suppress the sigh upon seeing so much of you for the first time.

    Hesitantly, he touched you, his fingers trailing over your soft skin before giving you another kiss.

    Before you could register it, you were laying down under him, and he gently parted your legs so he could rest between them. You swallowed the gasp at the feeling of his hard length on your thigh and he stopped.

    “Are you okay?” He asked.

    “Yes,” you said and smiled at him, pulling him down to kiss him, which he readily accepted.

    He broke away only to trail kisses down your neck to your chest where he ran a tongue around a nipple. You moaned a little and you felt Steve hum in satisfaction. He gave the other nipple the same amount of attention before travelling downward.

    When he reached your panty glad core, he tugged them off gently, gauging your reaction. When you didn’t stop him, he parted your thighs before resting them on his shoulders. You felt his lips press against the soft skin at the apex of your thighs before you felt his tongue swirl around your clit.

    You arched your back and moaned.

    He took his time with you, starting slow, letting you get used to the feeling.

    He flicked the tip of his tongue against the sensitive bud before a calloused finger pulled the hood of your clit back and sucked it in his mouth.

    Your back bowed as you felt the band within you pull tighter and tighter.

    A thick finger prodded your entrance and pushed inside, and you keened at the feeling. He moved it slowly within you before adding another, stretching your walls. He hit something within you that made your entire body pulse.

    Another hard suck, and it snapped, the tension in your body relaxing all at once, a flood of bliss flowing through you as you clenched his fingers in waves. You didn’t even hear the moan you let out, but Steve did, and he wanted nothing more than to bring that sound out of you again.

    When you came down from your high, Steve crawled back up your body, capturing your lips in a kiss, swallowing every sweet sigh.

    “You did so good for me,” he whispered. You felt your core tremble at his praise.

    He ran the head of his cock through your folds, and you gasped. He gathered your slick, preparing himself before positioning himself at your entrance.

    “You ready?” He asked you and you nodded.

    Slowly, he pushed inside and stopped when you made a pained noise.

    “Keep going,” you whimpered and he obliged.

    Soon, his entire length was in you, and gasped when he bottomed out.

    “Taking me so well,” he murmured as he peppered kisses along your jaw and neck. “Let me know when you want me to move.”

    He stayed in you, patient, letting your walls get used to his thick length. When the ache dulled out to a mild throbbing you nodded at him.

    Slowly, he moved his hips.

    You gasped at the feeling of his cock moving through your silken walls with ease, having prepared you so thoroughly for him. His head bumped against the same spot his fingers had moments before, and it had your toes curling at the feeling. You rolled your hips to meet his.

    “Can I go faster?” He asked between strained grunts. His hair was in his face, a few strands stuck to the beads of sweat on his forehead. He looked beautiful like that.

    “Please,” you mewled and he didn’t hold back the full bodied groan at your pleas.

    “Let me know if it’s too hard,” he whispered into your ear as his thrusts got deeper.

    You saw stars in the way he was pounding into you, hard enough to entice and always on the precipice of too much but never venturing past it.

    Soon, you felt that band within you pull taught once more, and a few more thrusts had you falling over the edge, your pussy fluttering around his thick cock as you let out another sonorous moan.

    “Fuck,” he groaned when he felt you clenching his cock, the sweet sounds you made urging him to completion.

    “Please cum inside me,” you asked him when you felt him leave.

    He didn’t need to be asked again when he pushed his length into your overwrought core.

    Warmth flooded you, and you gasped a little bit. It felt right.

    Both of you were out of breath and he stayed inside you. A satisfied smile graced his lips and he kissed you once more.

    You sniffled a little, tears pooling in your eyes.

    Steve cupped your face and you nearly laughed at the panicked look in his eyes.

    “Did I-”

    “No,” you assured him and smiled. “That was amazing. I just wish…”

    You paused.

    “I wish… the first time was like that.”

    He looked at you with so much tenderness and adoration, you felt your heart skip a few beats.

    “As far as I’m concerned, this was your first time,” he said, doubtless in his words.

    You nodded, feeling a few tears roll down your face, and he leaned down to kiss them away.

    You didn’t know what the future held, where you were going, how this would end. You didn’t care. As Steve held you in his arms, you drifted into a peaceful sleep, one you hadn’t had in a long time.


    Note: Ahhh what a long journey! Thank you to everyone for sticking with me! I know this was a longer read!

    I don't have a taglist, so please follow @sweetlyscared-library for updates!

    As always, comments and reblogs, and reblogs with comments make my day and are always appreciated!

    Update: It's been about a day and a half since I posted this fic, and I got a lovely anon hate message that's making me want to address something:

    When Rumlow tells Steve the reader "moaned like a slut when she came," please do not take that as anything other than a piece of shit rapist being awful. He was taunting Steve.

    It's normal and common for rape survivors to orgasm during their assault. It doesn't mean they wanted it, it doesn't mean they enjoyed it, and it doesn't make them a slut (and there's nothing wrong with being a slut, anyway). It's a natural reaction to being stimulated in that area. It's like crying when chopping onions. You're not sad, it's just your eyeballs responding to fumes in the air.

    The reason why I never wrote the Reader feeling ashamed for orgasming is because she knew it was a natural response. So she didn't consider it something she needed to feel bad for.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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  • bookscommaelle
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Guard Down

    Bloodshot Pt.2 (MBFlorian X Reader)

    A/N: I’m pretty sure the gender of the dog changed but let’s ignore that. I didn’t think it would be this hard to blend this with an old fic of mine that I found, but it was hard as a mug. I edited this after a 12 hour shift, so there is my excuse for errors.

    Warning: smut for like 3 seconds. Angst (because that’s all I’m good for). Arguing. lots of it.

    Summary: y/n witness Florian kill Someone For the First time & his assumptions of her cheating with her bodyguard comes to light.


    She wrapped her hard around his neck trying to pull him closer. He ignores her attempts, too focused on watching himself slide into her. His eyes were dark and locked on the sight. He hissed when she gripped around him harder. “ fuck.”

    She was producing so much cream. It pooled at the base of his cock, dripping and whipping across their skin. He put two hands, one on top of the other onto her lower abdomen, and leaned on them. His hips moved at a quick light pace making sure to drag his tip across the spongy part of her.

    Her mouth dropped open and she whined while trying to pull him down again. He gives in and lays on top of her. He buried his hands under her to keep a grip on her ass and put his head into her neck. He pumps into her at a slow pace pushing himself as close to her as he can be. “You love me?” He asks her, feeling himself becoming even slicker from her juices. “Tell me.”

    “I fucking love you.”

    That was four days ago at four in the morning before Florian had to hop on a plane going to go knows where.

    Being alone is part of the deal with dating Florian. There wasn’t a month that went by without y/n being alone for at least one week out of the month.

    She would wake up and check her phone for texts or missed calls from him before rolling over to call the dog in for morning scratches and snuggles. The beautiful beast was her only source of affection when he wasn’t there. “Who’s a good boy?”

    Her days would consist of dragging the lucky pup around for dog pampering appointments and different types of dog parks and obstacle courses. Then to places with doggy items on the menu. Shopping and running around town kept both of their minds off of Florian being gone.

    She was sitting on the living room floor with the dog's head curled up on her lap, watching some superhero fantasy show. Her phone began to ring. She reached onto the coffee table and grabbed it. She quickly answered after seeing who it was. “Hello?”

    “Baby, what's going on.”

    “What are you talking about?” she says with her eyes closed relieved to hear his voice again.

    “Laura called me and said you weren’t eating. Why?”

    Y/n looked over to the take out boxes on the coffee table. She knew it would work. Every time Florian went out of town, he kept their phone calls to a minimum. He would have contact with the staff, but it was rare for him to call. She sometimes wonders if it’s really work he goes out of town to do… It wasn’t unusual for Laura to let Florian know when y/n was having weird eating habits or wasn’t eating enough. Florian required reports from everyone who worked for y/n. So, she simply told Laura the chef that she wasn’t hungry and to go home, three days in a row. Then she would just order takeout or cook for herself.

    “Is this the only reason you call me?” She said laying her head back against the sofa. “Why are you making her report shit to you in the first place? You’re suffocating yet absent all at the same time.”

    “Baby..” he sighed. He was laying on the bed in his hotel room, in nothing but sweatpants. He tucked a hand behind his head. “I miss you. You know that.”

    “But do I? I’m used to having you in the middle of the night, even if it’s just for a few hours. Now you’re gone completely and you don’t call. You don’t text. -“

    “I have my reasons.”

    “Ok then enlighten me, please.”

    “I can’t tell you that.”

    “Why not? What do you do when you leave? Just tell me. It can’t be worse than what I’m already thinking.”

    Florians eyes snap open. “What? That I’m cheating on you?” Y/N stays silent over the line. “Don’t even start that shit.” The line stays silent. “Baby?”


    “You know I wouldn’t do that right?”


    “What do you mean whatever?”

    “I feel like you’re over it. And I’m getting to that point too.”

    “Man, what the fuck are you talking about?” Florian said. He sat and moved to the edge of the bed.

    “Nothing...just let me know when you want to call it quits.”

    “You want to leave? Is that what this is about?”

    “No. I never said that.”

    “Then what are you saying?”

    “I feel like you want to leave.”

    “Well I don’t. I’m telling you that right now. I don’t want to leave you. EVER. Let’s make that shit clear right now, please.”

    “Ok.” She signed “Ok. I’m sorry.”

    He thought about bringing up his suspicions about her and Emmanuel, the way she gripped his arm when they walked, or the way she would lean towards him when she laughed, but then decided against it. “Go to bed. You’re stressing yourself out.”

    “I’m not tired.”

    “Yes, you are. You’re never up this late. You’re pent up. Don’t worry When I get back I’ll fuck it out of you.”

    Y/n laughed. “Not everything is about sex, You slut.”

    “You say that now.” He turns off the lamp on the hotel knight stand and lays back in bed. “Go to sleep. I’ll be home soon, ok?”


    Y/N comes down the stairs in her slippers, sluggish, dragging them across the floor. Coffee. That's what she needed. Coffee. She had tunnel vision on the Keurig in the kitchen. When passing the front door, she sees something in the corner of her eyes. Luggage. She continues to the kitchen then stops suddenly. She walks backwards back to the front entryway. Luggage. Florians Luggage. Two days earlier he had said that he would be home soon but she didn't think it would be this soon.

    “Baby?!” She calls. “Florian.”

    She walks around the house opening doors and calling out to him. When she gets to the garage, there is Emmanuel as he usually is. “He’s not here. He’s at the-“

    “Take me to him. I’m going to go get dressed and you’re gonna take me to him.” She turns away before he can respond. She was happy that he was home, but pissed that he would rush to god knows we’re before even telling her. He’d usually slide into the bed with her and hold her until she woke.

    She comes back into the garage. This time properly dressed. Emmanuel stands and walks towards her. She can tell that he is about to protest her request.

    “Please.” She begged. “I just want to see him. It won't be for long. we'll come right back home.”

    "He doesn't want you there. Ești interzis." he said.

    “Since when?!”

    “Since today!”

    “Look. I’m gonna go whether you come with me or not. So, either come with me, or not. Your choice.”

    “Today’s not a good day to be-“

    “I don’t. Care. Everyday isn’t a good day. Let’s go.” She turns and makes her way to the car. She didn’t think he would follow until she heard his footsteps behind her.

    “He's in building 1. Sorry.” One of the guards told us.

    “Ok-“ Emmanuel said with relief. He didn’t want her there in the first place.

    “No. Just go.”

    “Ma’am , respectfully I don’t think this is a good idea.” The guard said.

    “Open the gate. Now.”

    “We’re in a code b-“

    “Open it!” She snapped. She réaliser her outburst by the shocked look on the guards face. They weren’t used to her d’Amandine harsh orders. “Please.” She said, trying to soften the tension.

    The guard fought himself over it for a few seconds before telling the guard in the booth to open the gate. “Just open it.” He told him when he questioned it.

    Jonathan drove straight down to the back of the first building. Y/n had never seen this part of the lot before. There were more trees this way, making it darker than the front.

    “What the fuck are you doing?” Emmanuel whispered to her. “Seriously, what’s going on? Talk to me. We aren’t supposed to be back here with you. You know that.”

    “I’m tired of the secrets. All of it. I just want to talk to him. I’ll be in and out.”

    Johnathan parked the car and Y/n unbuckled her seatbelt. Emmanuel opened her door and helped her out. The wind swept across her bare arms making her shiver. She wrapped her hands around herself.

    “Where is your jacket?” Emmanuel asked her, While looking around, making sure they weren't followed.

    “ I didn't bring one,” she replied, starting to walk towards the building, eager to see Florian.

    “Here take this.” Manny shrugged off his jacket, now relieving his black long sleeve. “He’ll kill me if you don't have one on.”

    They walk to the steel doors. The guards in the front are clearly surprised to see them there. Everyone knew the rules. Everyone. “Ma’am-” One of them said holding a hand up to stop her. Emmanuel gave him a look that got him to step back next to the door and look forward in his usual guard stance. After the two passed the guards looked at each other and shrugged. They both silently feared that they had made a mistake. But who were they to stop their superiors?

    As soon as they crossed the second set of guards they could hear the commotion. Y/N heart started pumping. She started to wonder if she chose the wrong day to be rebellious and test her limits. Her bodyguard tensed beside her. Before He could change his mind Y/N began walking down the long hallway. The noises began to become more clear as they got closer to the door that stood on the right wall at the end of the long hallway.

    Someone grunted in pain. “I’m not gonna ask you again,” Jimmy said. His voice blew through the walls.

    “ I don't have it. They took it to vegas already I swear. I saw them get in the truck and go. They said they would call when they got there but they haven't called yet. Please.” They heard a man cry.

    “ We should leave,” Emmanuel said, tugging on his jacket that was still on her.

    “What's happening? '' She kept walking, curious but afraid as to what was going on on the other side of the cement walls. “Where's Florian.”

    “He’s busy”

    “No, I want to see him.”

    They get closer to the end of the hallway. She sees the opening where the light is spewing into the dark hallway. There is suddenly a loud sound that makes her jump. She stops in her tracks and a chill runs up her spine making her cold despite the jacket that draped over her shoulder.

    "Y/N let's go. Now." Emmanuel said to her. she rushes to the end of the hallway and freezes. It's a big open space. There are tables angling the walls and weapons hanging on holders. Big duffel bags are stacked in piles. Drugs, a lot of them of all different kinds make mountains on some of the tables.

    There's a guy tied to a chair, and the chair is flipped sideways, so he lays on the floor. Jimmy is next to him, shaking his hand out while checking his knuckles. They look red and bruised like he's been hitting something..or someone. He's been beating the guy. She didn’t see it, but she knows. The rest of the crew or lounging around, like it's just another day. Is this what's normal for them? She knew about some things but She didn’t know about this. She searches the room for Florian.

    He's sitting down in a chair at the end of a table. Everything pauses for a second except for the guys crying. Then Florian gets up. And walks to stand in front of the guy. He has a gun in his hand.

    "Sa mergem." Emmanuel hisses, tugging on her arm. It's clear that he doesn't want to get caught. She pushes his hand away, staying in the corner, unseen.

    "please. I have a daughter." the guy cries looking up at Florian.

    "yea?" Florian says, a sarcastic tone in his voice.

    "yea" the guy nods frantically "she's only a baby. I've barely got to know her, man. Please. I'll get you the money. I swear. I'll go up there myself-"

    A loud bang rings through the air and makes her ears ring. She gasps while watching his head fall limp against the concrete. Florian just killed him. He just killed someone right there in front of her eyes. She doesn't know how long she stood there. It felt like forever.

    “La dracu.” she heard someone say. She looked up from the corpse and everything started to move so fast. One person sees them, then another. Everyone is rushing with so much adrenaline. Some of them even point guns at them.

    Emmanuel quickly rushes in front of her.

    “Oh, my god.” she gasped in fear. She wondered if she was next.. The thought of laying lifeless like the mysterious man made her scared. She gripped the back of Emmanuel's shirt and buried her head into his back, clenching her eyes closed.’I shouldn’t have come here.” she thought. ‘I should have listened;’

    "Hei hei hei! pune-l jos!." Emmanuel yells to them while holding her behind him.

    "'Manuel, What the fuck?!" someone says.

    "Aproape că te-am ucis!" said another.

    "Why the fuck did you you bring her here!? am spus- " She heard Florian began as he's stormed across the room towards them

    Now it was her turn to jump in front of Emmanuel. She was the one who brought him there despite his advice. She put him in this mess and she didn't want him to be caught in it, especially after seeing what happened to the dead guy. She hasn't felt the need to protect him this much before. ."It was me. It was difficult. He didn't have a choice." she cried.

    Florian stopped at the sight of her. He hadn't seen her in what felt like weeks and now here she is. The fuzz of not seeing her for so long faded quickly when he noticed her state. Tears running down her face and her eyes filled with fear. Rage returned to his face as he turned and walked back to the chair at the end of the long table to grab his jacket and keys. Every secret, every rule he set, was to prevent this very moment.

    He pushed Emmanuel to the side and pushed against y/n's lower back so she could walk quickly with him out of the building. She could hear the rest of the guys start to give Emmanuel a hard time. "are you fucking stupid?!" "you have one fucking job!" "We almost killed her."

    “What part of ‘code blue” don't you idiots understand?” Florian growled as they passed the guards at the building entrance.

    “Sir, we-”

    “Shut up!” He says without looking back at them. He rushes Y/n over to his car that was parked a few cars down from where Jonathan was looking through the windshield of the car they came in. He was nervous and worried for her. He heard the gunshot and wanted to go in to make sure she was safe but he had strict orders to stay in the driver's seat during dangerous events. His job was to drive and he had to be prepared for that at all times.

    "Florian." y/n says hiccuping while trying to get her breathing under control. "I-"

    "Get in," he says.

    She stopped to look up at him "please, he-"

    " Get in, now!"

    She says nothing else before getting into the car, her eyes starting to water again. He gets into the other side and says nothing as they pull away. They drive for a while before she tries to talk again “Baby-” she whispers her voice still small with fear.

    “Don't even talk. Don't say anything.” He says gripping the steering wheel tighter. “They could have killed you. Do you hear me? They pointed guns at you! You can not come there barking orders around, having my guys break rules that I set in place for this very fucking reason, y/n!” His anger made the veins in his neck stand out. His knuckles turned white at how tightly he held the wheel. He looked at her and stopped. He quickly checks the road before looking at her again.. " is that his jacket?"

    She nods her head.

    He shakes his head and looks back to the road. " He has to go."

    "what? No!"


    "What do you have against him? You alw-"

    "What do I have against him?! You could have died! Your life was in danger."

    "You're the reason why my life is in danger in the first place. You're the reason he has to protect me!"

    He scoffs." You knew what this was.."

    "I had already fallen in love with you before you told me about any of this! So no.." she started to cry again. "..I didn’t." Everything was overwhelming her.

    They argued the worst they had argued before. One topic led to another, which led to another, and soon they had said everything they had ever felt negative about each other. Every moment that they felt less than happy about was brought up and blames were thrown back and forth through the car.

    Florian sped into the garage and got out of the car slamming his door causing the car to shake. Y/N dropped her head letting out more sobs. Florian made his way into the house and was greeted with an excited Laura who explained how she saw his bags by the door and made dinner for the couple to celebrate being together again. After explaining that they are having a little problem he showed her to the door.

    “ Is y/n ok?”

    “ She's fine. She’s fine I promise.”

    After he closes the door behind her he calls for y/n. Instead of y/n, he gets a response from Amo, the dog who had been excited for him to come home after sniffing his duffle bags by the front door all day. ”crate.” he told the canine after a pat in the head and a few scratches behind the ear. He didn’t want the dog in the way during their conversations. He had a feeling their fight wasn’t over. He still had something brewing behind his eyes. He made his way back to the garage, he opened the door and saw her still sitting in the car. He walked to her door and opened it. “Get out.”

    “Florian, I don't want to do this right now.”

    “ We aren't done talking. Let’s go.”

    “ Go away!”

    He took a deep breath and said, “ You complain that we don’t take enough all the time. Now that we’re having a conversation you don’t want to. get out of the car.”


    He steps closer to her, lowering his head “Get out of the car or I will have them kill. Him.”

    She stared at him in disbelief. Emmanuel was nothing if he couldn't do the job Florian assigned to him and y/n knew that. Her lip trembled and she pushed him back against his chest to give her space to get out. He slammed the door shut and followed her into the house.

    “So, where have you been going huh? Because Manny hasn't been taking you everywhere that he says he has.”

    “What are you talking about?” Y/n says sitting on the couch she puts her head in her hands and rubs her temples.

    “Don't act fucking stupid ok?” He sat across from her. “I just found that shit out the other day. Lorainne called me and said that she came to see you but you weren't home. I didn't even know you left the house so I had to fucking lie to her so I won't look like a dumbass. Then I hit up Jimmy and apparently someone saw Emmanual sitting at some fucking coffee shop, but you weren't there! He’s at the fucking coffee shop while you’re God knows where. And I know you weren’t home because Johnathan wasn’t here.”

    She takes a deep breath and looks up at him.

    “So what? You aren't gonna say anything?”

    “Where’s Emmanuel?” She said quietly, growing tired of yelling.

    “Don't worry about it. I paid that stupid fuck to do a job and he didn't.”

    The door from the garage opened and in walks Emmanuel. Florian lets out a sigh and shakes his head. He looks down trying to not explode. Y/N looks at his face and is horrified by what she sees. There's a cut above his brow that is no longer bleeding but is raw and open and His left eye is slowly turning a pale purple hue. 'What happened to your face?' she turned to Florian "did you do this? Did you tell them to do this?"

    Emmanuel held a hand out "no. It was Jimmy and the boys. They were upset."

    "Florian.." she said, waiting for his response.

    He was still looking down, maybe trying to calm anger that was bubbling inside from seeing Emmanuel again. After a few moments, he said "you're fired."

    "No!" y/n said.

    "He isn't doing what he's supposed to."

    "He got shot for me!" she said bringing up the situation that happened at the charity ball. "He almost died for me!"

    "It's his job! I wouldn’t expect anything less!"

    She didn’t know what to say. So she said the first thing that came to her mind " if he goes,I go."

    Florian looked at her quickly. Furry started burning in his eyes as he stood up from the couch. He looked at Emmanuel then back at y/n . She saw glimpses of so many emotions in his face. Shock, sadness, pain.. but they were all overcome by one. Rage. His suspicions were unfolding before his eyes.

    "Are you guys fucking? Is that what this is?" he said, stepping closer in their direction. "huh?" He storms over to Emmanuel and they begin fighting. One second they are standing then the next few seconds they are on the floor. Florian was on top of Emmanuel trying to choke him. "Am de gând să te omor!"

    "stop! Florian Stop! Get off of him!" she cried. There was blood. She didn’t know who it was, but it didn’t matter. She didn't want any of them to get hurt.

    "I wouldn’t do tha- Ascultă-mă!" Emmanuel yelled, pulling Florian closer by the collar of his shirt. "Nu ți-aș face niciodată asta!"

    Florian continued, his anger not allowing him to hear anything that was coming out of Emmanuel's mouth. Y/n was panicking. What does she do? They are both so huge, she didn’t have the strength to break up this fight. She had to do something. Say anything

    " Ok! Ok! Fine." She cried even harder now. "Emmanuel, you’re fired. You can't come here anymore. Florian, get off of him, please. Please." she begged, grabbing his face to turn his gaze to her. "Please."

    He slapped her hands away and stood, the adrenalin still radiating off of his body. Emmanuel rubs his hand against the part of his throat that was assaulted by Florian and breathes heavily. "Y/N.."

    "Just go. Please," she says, still kneeling next to him. Florian grabbed her arm and pulled her up and away from him.

    Emmanuel stands and looks at Florian then back at y/n. " if you need anything-"

    "ea va avea nevoie de nimic de la tine! Pleacă!" Florian says

    She gave him a look praying that he can feel the "I'm sorry"s screaming in her head. He leaves the house through the garage like he normally does. She wonders if that would be the last time that she would ever see him. The thought of it made her sob lightly and walk towards the stairs.

    "really? Is that what happens? When I go off working you’re here fucking him? In our house!? Probably in our fucking bed?!" Florian said, following her up the stairs.

    "We weren't fucking." she said, wiping her face, walking into their bedroom.

    "Stop lying!"

    " I'm not lying!" she screamed, whipping around to look at him. She was tired and her sadness was slowly turning into frustration. "you just don’t know what basic human emotions are. He was my friend."

    "he's not supposed to be your fr-"

    “What the fuck is wrong with you, Florian?!”

    “Me?! What the fuck have you been doing?!”

    She looks towards the closet door and sniffles. Everything was out on the table now. She didn't want to move forward while still keeping secrets. There was no point. “You want to know what I've been doing?” She pulls her duffle bag out of the back of the closet and opens it. She threw it on the bed. “This is what I've been doing.” She pulls a scrub top out and throws it at him “This is where I've been going!” She wanted to reach for the textbook next but decided against it.

    Florian's face softened when he realized what she threw at him. “You’re back in school. Why didn't you just tell me?”

    She ignores him and realizes that she left Jonathan in front of the building. “Oh, my god. Where’s Jonathan? Did they hurt him?”

    “No, Jonathan did what I told him to do. He’s supposed to drive you around. And he did. It's just that you were being a sneaky bitch.”

    “Excuse me?!”

    “Why didn't you tell me you were going back?”

    “Fuck you, Florian.”

    “No. Fuck you. The hell are you keeping secrets for? I told you you don't have to go-”

    “But I want to! I need to have a life!”

    “ Wh-”

    "You are never here! Emmanuel and the chef are the only people that I see every day," she said, her voice cracking. But she sucked it up. She didn’t want to cry anymore.

    "They aren't supposed to be your friends, they are supposed to do a job. it's causing problems."

    " no.." she walks back into the closet. "It's me. I'm the problem." She went into the closet and grabbed another duffle bag from a corner.

    "What are you doing?" Florian asked her. She ignored him and started walking around the bedroom throwing things that she might need into the bag. "where are you going?"

    "I don’t know..I'll go to jasmine," she says walking into their bathroom then back out again holding her toothbrush

    "you haven't talked to Jasmine in months."

    "then she'll be happy to see me."

    "baby. What are you doing? Please." he said sitting next to the bag on the bed. Trying to make eye contact with her every time she comes close to shove something inside of it.

    "I need to breathe."

    "What do you mean you 'need to breathe'? Are you serious right now? All you do is run away.”

    “ I run away?! You're never here!”

    “ When I go away, I don't have a choice! When I leave I have every intention of coming back to you.”

    “You do have a choice & you make it every time you leave. You make that choice every day.” She says, her throat threatening to betray her. “ I'll be back. My things are here.”

    There is a brief silence. "you'll be back to get your things?"

    She now stood at the side of their bed digging through a knight stand. " I didn't say that."

    "That's what it sounded like. You said you'll be back because your things are here. What about me? I'm here."

    she didn’t say anything as she put a few last things in the bag. A ping of guilt tugged at her chest. But she refused to let it make her feel bad. He rests his hand over hers and tries to pull her into him. She tried to snatch her hand away, but he just pulled her closer. "no. don’t touch me. Stop."

    “drăguţă” he said , pulling her to stand in front of him. He rests his head against her and hugs my waist.

    "Florian, let go of me."

    "Let me drive you, at least.” He said lifting his head to look up at her.

    "no. I can drive myself." she finally pulled out of his grip. Before he could say anything else, she grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.

    He rushes down the stairs following her. “Take Amo. please.” She stops at the front door and turners to look at him. “ I need to know you have some type of safety. Take the dog, please.”

    She stares in his eyes for the first time since he came home. A sense of calm washes over them both. He steps closer to her. She looked to the dog that had abandoned his crate to see if everything was ok. He was trained to stay there until told otherwise but his protective instincts wouldn’t allow him to stay out while hearing both of his caretakers scream and yell.

    “He always helped me when you were gone. Now that I'm the one leaving. You’re gonna need him. Trust me”


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    smut is finally done, i’m gonna do some final reviews fo fix my english, and it should be out tomorrow :))

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    amaneceres suaves (soft mornings) || bucky barnes

    summary: it's been a long time since bucky has been able to get any rest.

    words: 733

    warnings: none. just fluff. poorly edited, probably.

    note: this fic is a repost from my old blog.

    pairing: bucky barnes x woc! reader



    Sometime in the early morning, before the sun is up yet the sky still has its inky blue and gray hues, Bucky opens his eyes.

    It was a force of habit to wake up like this, having spent so many decades fighting, kicking down walls, tearing things and bad people in two. Years of fighting by the side of his friends (family, really) and the love of his life.

    Years of getting very little sleep, and if he was lucky to get any, he never had the luxury to have a proper morning routine like most people had. It was always him rushing out of the door in the compound, followed by anyone else on the team who was partnered with him that day. Even on missions where they had to spend weeks or even months in some god knows where location, there was never much time for reset of any kind.

    Bucky blinks a few times, his right hand rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes as he takes care not to yawn too loudly. He looks over at the love of his life, curled up to his side with the vibranium arm around her to keep her cool.

    A dream within a dream, he thinks.

    He smiles a little, watching how she enjoyed lying there while still between awake and asleep. One of her legs is slung around his waist, her foot tucked right by his to keep warm. The contradiction makes his chest rumble low with laughter, warmth effusing through him when a huff of air leaves her puffy lips.

    He wants to get up and make coffee, he really does, but he loves being like this more. Tucked in under the warm coziness of the blankets and their love, wrapping his arms around her to bring her in closer to his body and tucking his nose into her hair so he can breathe her in deeply. She moans sleepily, sniffling before going right back to her dreams of them in a Brooklyn brownstone with two kids and a white cat.

    Yeah, the coffee can wait.

    She groans at his interruption, whining a little before yawning into his neck and stretching much like a cat would. She mumbles something incoherent about wanting to stay asleep--but Bucky peppering small, effervescent kisses across any skin he could reach on her body slowly brings her out of the hands of Morpheus.

    She moves so that he gets the chance to stretch out the kinks in his joints, and then he joins her on the bed again. Seeing her look at him with those soft and sleepy eyes always makes him melt, always brings him home, reminds him how lucky he is to go to sleep and wake up next to her every day.

    “Mornin’, doll.” He whispers, lips close to her forehead after having just kissed it, in that piquant, pleasant Brooklyn accent of his.

    “Morning, baby.” She’s so sleepy still, he can tell. But man, he can’t help himself but melt when he hears that sleepy neediness as she scoots even closer to him. For safety, even when there’s long since been any evident danger.

    “Slept alright?”

    She only hums, making grabby hands at him so he can cuddle her more and protect her from the sharp contrast of the warm sheets and the cold temperature of the room. Bucky lies on his back and opens his arms for her, wrapping them around her body only when she’s lying on top of him and tucks her head under his chin. His vibranium arm is like a protective cocoon on her back, his other fingers gently caressing her face.

    “S’time to make coffee, isn’t it?” She asks softly, looking at nothing in particular and gently caressing the raised scars on his shoulder where flesh met metal. In his wildest dreams he would have ever accepted that seemingly unacceptable part of himself, but she made him feel inexplicably beautiful since the day they met. He loved to revel in her softness every day.

    Bucky kisses the crown of her head softly a couple of times, still gently caressing her, still basking in the softness and the silence of their own little dewdrop bubble.

    “Let’s just stay a little longer.”

    “Mhmm…” She hums, perfectly happy to stay like this with him a little longer, a little more hazy and a little more in love, “Let’s stay.”

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    mha/bnha masterlist

    started: 6/19/2021

    last updated: 6/19/2021


    requests: closed for the moment.

    note: my imagines/stories and other stuff i write are for black readers, whether you’re non-binary or not. however, anyone can enjoy the stuff i write and find any inspirations if needed. also if you are a writer and are willing to give writing tips please give me any, by any means respectful constructive criticism is extremely helpful for me!



    teaching the process ~ fluff - 1.2k

    requested: an intimate moment with reader and bakugo where bakugo learns how protective braids work.


    coming soon.


    coming soon.


    coming soon.


    coming soon.


    coming soon.


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    coming soon.


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    DABI ❦

    coming soon.


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    TiMER || Soulmate AU.

    » Three: Headquarters.

    Bucky Barnes || word count: 3,181 || Friends. Irony. “What are you doing here?”

    » y'all better enjoy the softness and newness of their relationship while it lasts. divider by @firefly-graphics! ♡

    warnings; awkwardness, two idiots not knowing what to do with their feelings, poorly edited.

    This is loosely based on the movie TiMER (2009). Same premises, the plot differs though.

    || Previous || Series Masterlist || Next ||

    The water helps her cool down a little.

    She splashes it all over her face, her neck, chest, and arms. She holds onto the sink, taking a couple of deep breaths, trying to get rid of the feel of Bucky’s hands on her body, of his mouth on her skin. She touches her lips with her fingertips after licking them, the edges of her lips burning thanks to Bucky’s stubble, and the craving for more.

    She doesn’t know how long she’s in the bathroom for; she only knows it takes a while for her heart rate to slow down and her hands to stop shaking enough for her to put her dress back on. She looks at herself in the mirror for the first time since she’s entered the bathroom and she can barely recognize herself — the blissful look, the messy hair, the secretive smirk.

    Maybe Monica isn’t so wrong after all, she thinks. Maybe… Maybe…

    She’s so deep in her thoughts, she’s almost startled when she walks outside and Bucky’s still there. He looks nervous as he stands from the desk, unsure of what to do with his hands, so he settles on burying them in his pockets.

    Time moves on by but they don’t — they’re stuck there, staring at each other, trying to make sense of what just happened.

    Bucky clears his throat, looking down at the floor, “You alright?”

    “I’m fine,” she assures him, and the lightness in her voice makes him finally hold her gaze. He inspects her face and his shoulders relax when they settle on the curve of her mouth. “Are you?”

    “I—uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.”

    “Relax, this doesn’t have to mean more than it is,” she says, reciting almost from memory one of the lines she’s heard Monica say countless times over the phone to her friends. “It was a good time, there’s nothing more to it. Any kind of relationship would be doomed anyway, right?”

    Bucky drops his eyes to his wrist, the same place she’s staring as she speaks and he understands what she means — his TiMER. The clock is still counting down to the moment he’s supposed to meet the supposed love of his life, someone who isn’t her.

    Bucky frowns and she can practically see the gears turning in his head as he thinks.


    Not knowing what else to say, she heads for the door, and that’s when Bucky comes back to life again. He moves quickly, taking a big step to the left to try and block her path, to get her attention once more.

    “I got tickets.”

    She looks at him confused at this statement, a hint of amusement in the corner of her mouth.

    “Tickets for a concert in a couple of weeks,” he explains, trying to make his mouth catch up to his thoughts. “Would you like to come with me?”

    Her frown deepens, because didn’t they just have a completely different kind of conversation less than a second ago?

    “It doesn’t have to be a date,” he rushes, his hand on his hair, tugging at it lightly. “We can just… hang out? Have fun. As friends.”

    Friends, she thinks.

    Monica would have a field day if she found out she took her advice, and that she’s got friends of her own now. Bucky grins at her, amusement in his eyes as her smile widens.

    With those bright blue eyes looking at her that way, how can she say no?

    The office door opens at the same time her mouth does, and the bubble they were just in is burst.

    “Hey,” Sam greets, stepping into the office and moving closer towards her to plant a loud smooch on her cheek. When he finally looks back at Bucky’s frown, he asks, “Am I interrupting something?”

    “Not at all,” she replies before Bucky can even organize his thoughts. “I was just leaving.”

    She squeezes Sam’s arm as a goodbye and moves past Bucky, looking at him one last time out of the corner of her eye.

    She takes a deep breath once she’s out in the street, giving herself a moment to collect her thoughts and calm her racing heart before walking to her car.

    But most of all, she needs to stop herself from running back inside just to kiss Bucky again.

    She doesn’t stop by the bar for almost a week.

    It’s easier to do now that Monica seems extra busy with work. She’s bringing paperwork home again, eating take-out while giving the papers a few glances over as they watch a movie together.

    In all that time, she thinks of Bucky — the wrinkles around his eyes, the taste of his mouth, the sound of his voice, of his moans.

    She wants to ask Monica, is this what it’s like for you all the time? How do you stop thinking about them after? But she doesn’t. Monica never really seems that affected after meeting with her “friends”. She never brings them up. She can’t even remember Monica saying any of their names to her before.

    So, she keeps it to herself.

    And at night, she dreams of warmth and cold holding onto her skin, of red lips swollen after kissing, and bright blue eyes.

    Bucky’s nervous as fuck.

    He keeps fidgeting with his fingers, his new gloves feeling a little tight still, stiffening his movements just a little. His right foot is bouncing, his throat is dry and he keeps shifting in his seat, taking turns staring at the bag he brought with him, the floor, the receptionist, and the TV hanging above her head.

    He keeps his eyes on the TV when he recognizes the commercial that’s finishing about the TiMERs. He laughs because of course they'd play something like that here, at one of their biggest headquarters, while waiting for the only girl he’s ever met whose TiMER is blank.

    “If a clock could count down to the exact moment you meet your soulmate, would you want to know?” The woman on the TV asks, her voice smooth and calm, a voice-over on a set of different shots of their commercials. “That’s the claim of the manufacturers of a new device called the TiMER. The next evolutionary step in computer matchmaking, the TiMER lets you know when your perfect match has entered your life.

    “We’ve discovered that all humans are on a path to true love,” a man speaks just as he appears on the TV, he’s wearing a doctor’s coat and some glasses, his name at the bottom right of the screen. “Implanted just after the onset of puberty and powered by body heat, the TiMER monitors the levels of oxytocin, the hormone of love. The device zeros out at midnight the night before, and then the next day it could go off at any second and you meet your soulmate.

    “By the end of the year it is estimated that over half of Americans ages 14 or older will have TiMERs,” the first woman speaks again, this time showing images of happy couples doing different activities. “A recent independent study revealed a 98% satisfaction rate among newly zeroed out couples.”

    Bucky stops listening after that, thinking that it’s all bullshit, anyway. He sighs exasperated, wishing he could shut the TV off, or at least turn the volume down so he couldn’t hear all the couples interviewed, talking about their perfect match.


    He shoots up right away, feeling nervous again, now that he’s right in front of her, watching her expressions change so fast, he can’t quite place them.


    She chuckles slightly, “Hi.”

    He’s being awkward —he knows that— just standing there, looking at her. She’s beautiful; looks so different from when he saw her at the bar. She’s wearing a pencil skirt, a button-up blouse, and heels, her hair carefully pulled back, away from her face. His mouth runs dry when his gaze falls on her mouth, the lipstick she’s wearing is just begging to be ruined.

    And fuck if Bucky doesn’t have to stop himself from doing just that.

    “What are you doing here? Are you alright?”

    “Yeah. I—,” he stops, clears his throat, and tries again: “I brought you lunch.”

    She looks at him quizzically and then at the bag he’s holding. He grows more and more nervous as the seconds go by and she’s trying to figure him out. But then she’s smiling, and Bucky’s mirroring the gesture and —

    “Thank you,” she says. She takes a few steps back, and motions Bucky to follow her. “Come on then, let’s see what you got.”

    Her office is nothing like he expected.

    Floor to ceiling glass windows, giving them a spectacular view of the city. Dark furniture with red and white accents, a bookshelf the size of the wall behind her desk, an extra stack of books on the middle table, in front of the leather couch.

    In all honesty, he wasn’t even expecting her to invite him there either. He was certain they’d end up sitting in a busy cafeteria or a park somewhere, barely able to hear anything they’d say to each other.

    Instead, they’re sitting face to face, her desk the only thing separating them, their knees bumping against each other as they get comfortable. He can hear his heart hammering in his ears, and by the way she’s looking at him, he wonders if she can too.

    “This place is nice,” Bucky says, his attention on the small picture frames on her desk.

    He dares to reach for them and move them delicately, only to find her kissing Monica’s cheek as Monica smiles at the camera. He smiles back at them before settling the frame back in place.

    “You guys seem pretty close.”

    “Yeah,” she nods, staring at the picture lovingly, “she’s the best step-sister anyone could ever ask for.”

    “Step-sister? I didn’t know that.”

    “My dad married her mom when we were ten. We’ve been best friends ever since,” she shrugs like it was meant to be. “Do you have any siblings?”

    “I have a younger sister,” Bucky replies with a quick nod. “Her name is Rebecca. I got to spend some time with her before I moved here with the guys.”

    She smiles, pleased for him, setting her elbow on the table, her chin on her open palm. She seems comfortable, and that makes Bucky glad. It calms him down, for sure. That is until her gaze drops to his mouth and she’s licking her lips before she sucks in a breath. She clears her throat, looking down at the desk with a frown.

    “Do you like working here?”

    She looks up at him with wide eyes, blinks a few times before she opens her mouth a second, and then closes it, organizing her thoughts. It's more than clear she wasn’t expecting that question. “Yeah, it’s great, actually.”

    Bucky’s gaze falls to her wrist, the blank device blinking lazily and she chuckles slightly when she realizes what he’s looking at.

    “The irony of my situation isn't lost on me, either,” she says. “It was a bit tough at first but not so much now.”

    Her phone rings and she flinches, making her roll her eyes at Bucky’s smirk as she answers the phone.

    “Yeah?” She asks lazily, her tone smooth and soft, almost sweet. “Oh, no, thank you, love,” she continues, and then, staring right at Bucky she adds: “I already have lunch.”

    A few more words are exchanged and she hangs up the phone, interlocking her fingers and resting her arms on the desk, waiting while Bucky rushes to get the boxes, napkins, and silverware out of the bag, carefully placing them in between them.

    Bucky waits for her reaction, feeling at ease when she eagerly picks up a fork and takes the first bite, closing her eyes in delight for a second.

    “Okay,” she says after she swallows because there’s no way in hell Bucky could’ve just guessed what she likes to eat. “Who told you?”

    Bucky shrugs with one shoulder, feeling shy all of a sudden, “Steve.”

    “I could’ve sworn you were gonna say Monica,” she replies, a little surprised. “Anyway, thank you. It’s very sweet of you.”

    Bucky feels his face grow hot, shaking his head as he grumbles a “you’re welcome” and takes off his gloves. He stretches his fingers quickly before picking up his fork and taking a bite of his plate. He hopes he’s not overstepping right now — friends bring other friends lunch, right?

    He watches her take another bite of her food with the same enthusiasm as before, and then she’s asking about his parents, and how he became friends with Sam and Steve, and a hundred other things, and Bucky relaxes more and more as minutes go by.

    Bucky holds back a laugh as they stare at each other.

    He’s not sure when they grew this quiet, when he caught her gaze and didn’t look away. But here he is now, watching her curious frown and trying hard not to smile when he finally asks, “What are you doing?”

    “I’m thinking,” she replies without looking away, fighting a smirk of her own. “Just trying to figure it out.”

    “Figure what out?”

    She doesn’t answer right away, only does another quick dance with her eyes, studying his features. Bucky swallows, smiling tightly, and he waits for the inevitable question—

    “Why are you here, Bucky?”

    “You never gave me an answer,” he replies with a light shrug. Her frown deepens in confusion and for some reason, it makes him smile. “About the concert. Do you want to come with me?”

    She purses her lips, “Who’s performing?”

    “Leon Bridges,” Bucky says, trying to keep his expressions in check when she sucks in a breath, masking her excitement. “It’s a small venue, which is good since I don’t do so well with large crowds sometimes. It’d be nice to have someone to go with.”

    “Did you ask Steve or Sam?”

    Bucky shakes his head, running a hand through his hair, and admits out loud, “It’d be nice to go with you.”


    He grins, big and boyish, “Yeah?”

    “Sure,” she shrugs, smiling just as wide. “It’d be fun.”

    “Yeah,” Bucky breathes, and it takes everything in him not to get up and dance, and plant a loud smooch on her face. “I’ll bring you the ticket another time? Maybe I could call before I drop by unannounced. I don’t wanna catch you at a bad time.”

    She stands and he does the same right away, watching her move around the desk slowly, picking up one of her business cards and handing it to him.

    “Here,” she offers. “Maybe I can treat you to lunch next time.”


    Bucky holds the small piece of paper in his hands like it’s sacred and puts it in his front pocket where he knows it’d be safe. She sits on the desk next to him, cursing when she knocks over her stapler and it falls to the floor with a quiet thud.

    “I got it,” Bucky says, rushing to bend over and grab the stapler, setting it back on the desk while he’s still crouched down.


    Bucky hums, his attention focused on her legs, mainly on the small scar on her right knee. He runs his fingers over the bump on her skin and he only realizes what he’s doing when he hears her sucking in a breath. He looks up at her, his hand closing around her calf so his thumb can keep on touching that same spot. She looks down at him with heavy eyes, her mouth agape, and her fingers tightening around the edge of the desk.

    “What happened?”

    “I—,” she starts, her voice barely there and she clears her throat before trying again. “I fell while learning how to ride my bike.”

    Bucky hums, and after a moment he places a feather-like kiss on the scar. He earns a whimper when he does it again and the sound makes his head spin. He kisses the small scar on her knee one last time while his hand moves to her other leg, his eyes finding another small scar soon enough, this time on the inside of her thigh. His thumb brushes the skin there lazily.

    “What about here?”

    “Monkey bars,” she breathes.

    Bucky hums again, waiting just a little bit longer before pressing his mouth on her skin, both of her legs trembling slightly at the contact.

    And Bucky could do this all day, he really could. He could touch and kiss her skin forever, as long as she kept making the small little noises she’s making right now.

    Bucky’s mouth travels north on her thigh painfully slow, chaste, feather-like kisses scattered all over the inside of her thighs. His fingers sneak in underneath the hem of her skirt, pushing it up to kiss the skin there too, raising goosebumps as they go, with the promise of more and—

    —and they’re both startled when her phone rings.

    Bucky stands as she rushes around her desk again, picking up the phone with a breathless, “Yeah?”

    They stare at each other for the few seconds she’s on the line, both of them breathing hard, their hearts racing.

    “Shit,” she whispers, closing her eyes for a second as if trying to concentrate. “I’m sorry, I completely forgot. Be there soon.”

    She hangs up the phone with an apologetic smile, and Bucky shouldn’t feel as sad as he does when she says: “I’m sorry, I gotta go.”

    “It’s okay,” Bucky nods, but neither one of them moves for a while.

    She’s the first one to head for the door, both of her hands smoothing her skirt a few times before they move to her shirt and her hair, making sure she looks alright.

    “You know your way back, right?”

    Bucky nods, holding the office door open for her. They stand outside, facing each other for what feels like forever.

    Bucky buries his hands in his pockets and takes half a step back, “I should let you go.”

    “You should,” she whispers and Bucky feels as if she’s referring to something different.

    Before he can think too much about it, she’s in his space again, stealing the breath right out of his lungs, tempting him, touching the bridge of his nose with the tip of hers before she tilts her head, planting a kiss on his cheek.

    She moves away and starts walking in the opposite direction before Bucky can react. He’s left with his heart in his throat, and it’s a moment before he can move.

    He puts on his gloves again and pulls out the small card with her name and contact information. He smiles at the piece of paper and tucks it away in the inside pocket of his jacket where he keeps the concert tickets.

    Still grinning, he makes his way out of the building. He feels like hugging himself for not giving her the ticket right away — he just got himself a proper excuse to see her again soon.

    #soulmate!au #bucky barnes x reader #soulmate au #bucky barnes x woc!reader #bucky barnes fluff #marvel fanfiction
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    19.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ms.Bohemia - Steve Rogers/Avengers AU (1.4)

    Summary: Ms.Bohemia. She’s HYDRA’s #1 enhanced assassin, yet her loyalty is only to herself and the highest bidder. She has no burdens, no conscience, heart as cold and rigid as ice. But in the right temperatures, ice melts.

    (A/N: If you’d like to be added to the taglist, message me! This is a reminder that this is an AU! To fit in Jo’s story I changed the timeline a little bit! )

    Warning: mature themes: torture, murder, violence, sexual themes 18+,

    Case File: Joia Persephone Saunders


    Jo and the twins split up to assist in the evacuation of the Sokovians. She hadn't done anything this...good or helpful in a while. The people were terrified, but grateful. She couldn't help but smile softly as the children made eye contact with her. It reminded her of the innocence that was robbed of these children. A robbery she was partially responsible for. Was that guilt? Not guilt. It didn’t take long for Joia’s guilt party to be short lived; all of sudden there was an increase in terrified screams as the people began to evacuate the bridge. Ultron's metal goons were terrorizing the city.

    "Bloody hell." She turned back to the people. "Keep moving. Come on."

    Joia kept throwing her blasts at the metal heads, blowing them to shreds. She kicked and ripped them into wires, all while protecting the refugees.

    The ground below their feet shook, as buildings fell to rubble; the country was elevating.

    "What the hell...?" "Do you see? The beauty of it, the inevitability. You rise, only to fall. You, Avengers, you are my meteor, my swift and terrible sword and the earth will crack with the weight of your failure. Purge me from your computers, turn my own flesh against me. It means nothing. When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world will be metal."

    Here come the waves. Again. Jo breathed roughly through her remorse. Compartmentalizations were her strong suit but sometimes there were bad days. Today was one of them. Guilt was not something she chose to be associated nor acquainted with. The girl she was before her parents were killed died when they did. In her line of work, guilt and compassion only brought pain but sometimes those emotions crack through.

    She distracted herself by ripping through wires of the Legionnaire until she heard a message from Steve in her comm.

    "Stark, you worry about bringing the city back down safely. The rest of us have one job: tear these things apart. You get hurt, hurt 'em back. You get killed, walk it off."

    Joia switched from defense to offense as her number of opponents went down, until there was none left in her vicinity. "Clear over here," she said into her comms.

    "We're not clear! We're very not clear!" Steve exclaimed in reply. Jo rolled her eyes as she ran to Steve's aid. The legions overpowered him but Joia was able to clear them almost immediately in a matter of three blasts. Steve turned to Jo as she walked past him, throwing a taunting wink.

    "This doesn't make us good, you know." Steve huffed. "Well I would very much hope not. We are far from finished." Jo replied as she ran off to diminish the legionnaire. While doing so, she saw a hovercraft appear right next to the floating city. She ran over to Steve and Natasha, with Pietro not far behind.

    "This is SHIELD?" "This is what SHIELD's supposed to be." "This is not so bad."

    Maybe so. But they still killed my parents. But hey, save some lives.

    The team made their way back to Thor and Vision, who were protecting the core. Joia met the twins with a concerned face. "Jojo?" Jo nodded, "I'm good." She sighs with a small smile before examining the core.

    In a different situation this would be rather fascinating.

    "Is that the best you can do?!" Thor screamed. What a dramatic. Piss him off some more, why don't you?

    The legion cane loyally right behind Ultron. "This is the best I can do." Look what you've done now. "This is exactly what I wanted, all of you against me. How could you possibly hope to stop me?"

    "Like the old man said, together." Tony retorted.

    How noble.

    Jo turned to Wanda and Pietro, "Watch each other's back?" "We will...we have yours too, Jojo." Pietro responds. Jo smiled softly, as the legionnaire attacked them. The team fought around the core destroying the legion robots bit by bit. Jo felt herself getting a little weaker and weaker. When all the robots were destroyed, Steve followed with more orders.

    "We gotta move out, even I can tell the air is getting thin. You guys get to the boats, I'll sweep for stragglers, be right behind you." "What about the core?"

    Wanda stepped up, "I'll protect it. It's my job." The rest of the team left but Joia stepped up, "Not alone you're not. Absolutely not." "Go on. Get the people on the boats." "Wanda you've officially lost it."

    "I'm not going to leave you here." Pietro protests.

    "I can handle this. Come back for me when everyone else is off, not before. You understand?" Pietro and Joia looked at each other. "Bossy isn't she?" Joia asked, scoffing. "Very bossy. You know, I'm twelve minutes older than you." Wanda chuckles softly, "Go," she insists. Pietro runs off and Joia looks at Wanda one last time. She takes her hand.

    "You die on this floating island, I swear to God, I'll find a way to revive and kill you myself. We're gonna get out of this. You, me and your brother. You hear me?" Wanda nods as they squeeze each other's hands. Joia runs out to help with the evacuation.

    She was leading the people of Sokovia on to the boats provided by SHIELD. The screams of the terrified people rang in her ears but one scream caused her whole heart to stop beating, and start to break. Wanda.

    "No." She ran back towards the core. "Wanda!" She screamed. Steve intercedes in her tracks, grabbing her, "Saunders."

    "Let go of me right now you fucking plonker!" Jo kept pushing and punching him away from her. "Calm down! Saunders!" "What?!" Joia shoves him back as he slowly steps aside.

    Pietro. Lifeless. She freezes, unable to process her emotions. Her entire body heats up as she rushes to him. She slid to his body and hurriedly checked his pulse. He was still warm as his lifeless eyes pierced hers. She looks around, confused and in shock, as she finds Clint and a little boy, realizing what he had done. How he left the world.

    "Oh, honey...." she tucked hair behind his ear and covered her lips, choking back her tears...unsuccessfully. Clint grabbed her wrist. "Hey...hey." Jo blinked more tears away as she continued to process the sight before her. "Saunders. I got him. Go." She catches his assuring nod her way as she glances down at his hazel eyes again. She pecks his forehead before shutting his eyes. “I’m so sorry.” She let Clint take him as she stood up and dusted off her suit. She wiped her nose and eyes as Steve watched her, with a heavy heart.

    "Joia." "Don't." Her eyes pierced with fury and her heart was full of rage. "Let's finish this."

    After a noble victory against Ultron, Joia refused to let go of Wanda as she mourned heavily for her other half. Joia hadn't felt pain this harsh, this deep since she lost her parents. The Maximoffs were her family. They are her family. They always would be. Her blame was self directed. She can't believe she was alive and that poor boy wasn't. Wherever he was...he was resting in peace. He had to be.

    When they reached this new facility, they had put Joia and Wanda in separate rooms but Wanda found her way to Joia’s room. After an incredibly rough night, Wanda finally fell asleep right before sunrise but Joia kept wide awake.

    The universal threat was tamed. In the eyes of some, her and Wanda were criminals. Who knows what's gonna happen in the morning. But she promised herself that she was gonna make sure that at least Wanda got to live free and happy...even if it meant without her.

    When the sun rose, there was a faint knock on her door. She tiptoed around Wanda and answered the door. She looks up at a tall man with hero hair. She slowly closes the door behind her.

    "Whatever bullshit you want to spew at me, do so quietly, Wanda just fell asleep." "We need to talk. Now."

    She closes her eyes in disgust as she follows Steve silently into a spacious conference room. Stark, Nick Fury, and Natasha were all sitting in wait. Fury shoots an elongated glare at Joia as she stands before the agents. After a brief silence he addresses her, "Saunders." "Good morning Jack Sparrow."

    "Do you know why you're here?" "Um, if you're here to shove my crimes down my throat or whatever, at this hour, I'm gonna phase you out in about two seconds." "Do you see any cuffs on you? We have an offer for you."

    He passes a file over to her. She narrows her eyes at all of them as she opens it. It was a contract. She scoffed and looked up at them.

    "What the hell is this?" "We’d like you to join the Avenger Initiative, led by Rogers and Romanoff ," Fury explained.

    "And why the hell would I work for you tossers?" Jo asked, reading the contract, "Because your alternative is prison. You have a long list of victims." Romanoff spat. "You of all people have some nerve, Clementine. You have a book full, so does SHIELD."

    "So does HYDRA." Steve countered. "You all keep throwing HYDRA at me like I genuinely give a flying fuck." "Well you did have ties with them—" "I was paying a debt. HYDRA saved me when SHIELD killed my parents. I'm sorry. I'd rather rot in a cell than be your colleague."

    They all looked at each other before Fury tossed her another file. She opened the file and it was a surveillance photo dated back a few months. She gasped at the sight.


    "Now what kind of bloody fabrication is this?" She exclaimed, exasperated. She looked down at the photo as she stroked it softly.

    "Kelendria Saunders-" "This is absurd-" "Spotted in Manchester, England— "It’s just a ruse!" "...just 4 months ago." "Enough!"

    Silence ate at the echoes of Joia’s shouts as they pulled up a screen showing the surveillance video. It was real. Jo fiddled with her mother's necklace. She was alive this whole time. Jo swallowed hard, composing herself. She was not about to cry in front of them. After a pause she inhaled sharply. "What else do you know?"

    "Not much, but we can find out more,” Steve responds, “With your skills, and our resources, we could be of use to each other. We know you're a victim, Joia. You just lost your way. We can get to the bottom of this."

    "And in return...I'm a lackey?" "Avenger. Y'know short stack, if you take that rod out your ass, you could learn a lot. Besides, what we're offering, much better than prison. Don't be stupid."

    Joia looked down at the contract again, making sure she was taking in every word. She looked up at them again. "I’m not signing anything until we discuss Wanda Maximoff- "She's already signed on to join the Avenger initiative. She made sure we promised we would offer the same to you before she signed her contract." Steve assured her. When the hell did she sign on? "Jo. She will be fine. As will you, if you sign on."

    Jo was relieved that Wanda would remain safe, and she couldn't afford to be stubborn. She had to find her mother. With those thoughts in mind, she grabbed a pen. "Fine." She started signing the contracts. The Avenger Initiative, SHIELD, Stark Industries. Fury took the paperwork and made direct eye contact with the newest Avenger.

    "Welcome aboard, Ms. Bohemia."

    Joia sighed as Stark, Fury and Romanoff cleared out the room. Steve approaches the newest recruit as she continues to fiddle with her necklace. The meeting left a gaping whole in her heart.

    "I'm sorry about Maximoff." Jo shook her head, "Yeah...uhm me too. Right then, look, you don't have to act all proper. We have to work together now. Big whoop. I'm sure you're dreading it." "Actually it was my idea, a collective one but I think it's a good idea." "A few days ago I tried to kill you. Multiple times. Why would you suggest this?"

    "Because I know you're capable of better. You're a good person." Joia snickered. "Sure I am." "Like Fury said, we can be of use to each other." Steve sighed walking away, "Training starts at 1 today. Make sure you're suited up."

    Jo sighs, looking around at her new home... "Welcome to the circus, Joia."

    End of Part 1


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    𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬

    back and forth - series

    a relentless game of back and forth ensues between you and your roommate steve rogers (coming soon!)
    #steve rogers #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x woc!reader #steve rogers fic #steve rogers drabble #steve rogers one shot #steve rogers fanfiction #steve rogers fanfic #steve rogers masterlist #steve rogers blurb #steve rogers fluff #steve rogers smut #certainaesthetic masterlist
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    ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

    ‧̍̊˙· 𓆝.°𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞 。˚𓆛˚。 °𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 .𓆞 ·˙‧̍̊

    pairing ☽˚⁀➷。 andy barber x fem!reader

    summary ☽˚⁀➷。 andy knows what he really wants but laurie doesn’t seem to want that READ PART ONE

    word count ☽˚⁀➷。 3,716

    warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 being a parent, speaking spanish, speaking french, taking homecoming pictures, teenagers being annoying, confrontation if you squint, being a concerned partner, passionate romantic sex, anal, oral receiving, sextape, squirting, andy cheating, jacob accidentally calling reader mom, proposing, breeding, size kink, andy being a dilf and making you go brrrrrr

    authors note ☽˚⁀➷。 happy laurie barber hate club friday!!! enjoy the second addition to the laurie hate “series” PLEASE REBLOG MY TAGLIST IS ENDING ON JULY 10TH PLEASE FOLLOW @dulceslibrary AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN I POST 18+ ONLY,, feedback is appreciated

    enjoy the official laurie barber hate club playlist


    Months continued to pass by and you and Andy continued to sneak around. Even taking the kids out more together and Andy getting more frequent messages from Laurie. Always wondering where he is, when he’d be home, asking him to stay home, you weren’t jealous one bit. The power you held compared to her was incomparable. There was a reason he and Jacob were over at your place and not with Laurie.

    Your kids could see how happy you were with Andy, they enjoyed it because Jacob was like a brother to them, you treated him as if he was your own, picking him up from school if Andy was at work, taking them all out for dinner, doing things that felt like a family. The five of you are closer than ever.

    It warmed your heart seeing the kids dressed up in their formal attire to make their way to homecoming. Carmen in a gorgeous green dress and Jarren wearing a white button shirt with black slacks and Jacob in a similar outfit.

    “Caramel, get closer to Jake so I can get a few pictures.”

    Your daughter glared at you with the nickname. You had been calling her that ever since she was young, she was a sweet girl, of course in her teenage years she was very standoffish and it would seem otherwise but she was your daughter, a splitting image of you but with her fathers eyes. Your son looked more like his grandfather rather than you or your ex-husband, but you were thankful your family's genes were so strong and everyday you saw a piece of yourself in your children.

    “Jare, stand on the other side of your sister.”

    “Jake, fix your tie bud.” you heard Andy say.

    “I don’t know how-”

    “I’ve got you.” You handed Andy your phone and shifted Jacobs bowtie. “If you ever feel it’s annoying you or too tight, just undo it...the untied look makes girls go crazy.” you chuckled and sent him a smile. He nodded and smiled back. “Thanks mom...I mean, uhm..,”

    “It’s okay, you’re welcome.”

    Little did you know, his actual mom was driving by and watching all of what was happening. The pale color of her skin turning crimson red, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the steering wheel harder.

    You and Andy stood side by side, his hand on your lower back as the two of you took pictures of your kids.

    “Do you think they’ll have a photobooth this time?” Carmen looked over at the two boys.

    “Maybe you can hide in it if they do?”Jarren whispered back.

    “Or maybe you could, oh wait, it won’t be big enough for your fat nose.” She barked back causing Jacob to laugh, a bright smile on his face.

    “She’s got a point bro, that nose isn’t gonna be easy to hide.”

    “Jarren, you literally have this bipolar confidence.”

    “What does that even mean?” Jacob squinted his eyes as Jarren laughed then stopped.

    “Oh my god you’re right.”

    “I know I am.”

    “What does it mean?” Jacob nugged Carmen a bit before Jarren tapped his arm

    “I wake up like shit, then I feel fucking great.”

    “He thinks he’s the shit.”

    “Watch your mouth!” You looked at them and they piped down

    “I am.”

    “In your dreams, fat nose.”

    “At least my nickname isn’t Caramel.”

    As they continued to “playfully” go back and forth you and Andy glanced at each other and laughed softly. You could have thought these kids grew up together, that they were raised together the way they sent insults to each other. It warmed your heart that they were close but other times you and Andy felt like you could pull your hair out trying to get them to shut up.

    As their friend’s dad pulled up to the side of the house, you silently prayed, relieved that the bickering was something you won’t have to hear for the rest of the night. You and Andy waved as you watched the three teenagers get into the car and it drove off. Behind the car was that surprise for you. Laurie standing there, anger flowing out of her body. You and Andy stood there, his hand still placed on your lower back.

    “What the hell Andrew!” She walked to the both of you and you placed your hand into your back pockets, looking at her unfazed. “Why didn’t you tell me something was happening tonight!?”

    “You’re always working, you’ve never helped with a school event anyways, Y/N was nice enough to let the kids get ready together, I was going to send you pictures and tell you to pick Jacob up.” he lied. The plan was for the two of you to pick the kids up and let them have a sleepover so in the morning the five of you could go to the mini golf course and spend time together.

    She looked down and blinked, not knowing what to say, she turned and walked away. Stunned and probably confused by the interaction, this was the moment she realized she was losing herself, losing her husband, her son, and she wasn’t there like she was supposed to be. That Andy relied on another woman for support, not his wife, his college sweetheart who had been there for him, for years. Truthfully, she wasn’t upset with you, more with Andy but she had too much pride in herself to admit that she felt some way.

    The two of you watched her walk to the car and drive away, expecting to receive a message, call, or anything but for the next hour, Andy got nothing. You didn’t stress over it, you weren’t scared of her, you knew the power you held compared to her and you would never forget it, Andy never let you forget it.

    As he sat on the bed, a beer in his hand, you snaked your hands around his neck from behind, resting your head on his shoulder to place a kiss to his neck.

    “En qué piensas, mi amor?” (What are you thinking about, my love) You glanced at him and he chuckled, shaking his head before taking another sip.

    “You know I don’t know what you’re saying”

    “Ce qui vous est en tête, mon amour.” You laughed softly

    “No matter how incredibly sexy it is that you can speak different languages, I’m never going to be able to understand you.”

    “That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, now would it, if you find it so sexy, why not continue.”

    The both of you let out refreshing laughs before you sighed contently. “What’s on your mind?”

    “Just thinking about you.”

    “Mmm, better be good things only.” You teased him before rubbing his shoulder and humming.

    “Always.” he turned his head to you, leaning in to press a kiss to your lips.

    "I love you," he confessed for the millionth time today.

    "And I love you, mon amour," you said for the millionth time.

    Your first time seeing each other and you look at each other like your lives depend on it. He looked at you in that weird way for the third time since you had been in the room.

    His eyes go out of focus, darting between your eyes and your lips. He reached out finally, cadling your cheek in his palm. He leans forward, both your breath becomes erratic. Finally, that moment happens, your lips touch, just a peck.

    You dare yourself to move your lips, urging him. But then it escalates, becoming more passionate and hungrier. Once hand, cradles the back of your neck, the other still on your cheek. You hands firmly on his cheeks. He slowly lays you down, him on top of you.

    His lips descend from yours, trailing down your jaw to the right side of your neck. He knows the small mark that’s your weak point in that area. He tests it, you gasp loudly and let out a loud moan. You can feel his smirk against your skin, his efforts double attacking the sensitive skin with a gusto. Biting, nipping, sucking, anthring to make you moan and whimper under his efforts.

    “I just want you, Only you, I don’t need Laurie, just you and your delicate skin, your soft lips, your [e/c] eyes, just all to me.” his voice quivers with desire and longing.

    You nodded and ran your hands through his mane as you closed your eyes. “Take me.”

    “I mean it, I want you, forever, I want you to be mine forever, to marry me.”


    “I’m serious Y/N...that’s what I was thinking about, you, me, Jacob, Carmen, and Jarren, the five of us together-”


    “I’ve already started filing for the divorce, whatever you need me to do-”


    “I’ll do it, just please never leave me-”


    He stopped his rambling and looked at you, You attacked his lips with a new vigor, if possible. Your hunger rises with the moment, as well as his.

    He continued his assault on your neck, leaving lots of love bites. His hand slipped down your side to the hem of your  shirt, lifting it slightly. Asking silently for permission. You nod, knowing his question, to continue his search for your body. He lifts your shirt, You help him by raising yourself and your arms. The ravishing of your lips stops for a second, only to return with more passion. His journey continues with more area to cover. He kisses your cleavage, going around your bra. Going down your stomach, making your muscles jump and tighten with the teasing of his lips.

    He looks up at you as he stops at your pants' waistband, once again silently asking for permission. You smile and nod. He smiles in return, slowly unbuckling and unzipping.

    "Don't fucking tease me, Andy" You call out, desperate for a faster pace.

    "I want to stretch this baby. Now, we'll go slow, you can’t take all of me honey, but as soon as you get used to my dick inside you, we'll go harder and faster," his whispers make you moan in longing.

    He pulled your pants and underwear down all at once. You could see the fire in his eyes intensify as your most intimate area was revealed.

    His face looked calculating. As if calculating his next move, a way to move on. He spread your legs a bit more. Pausing to take off his shirt and unbuckle his pants. He held out a hand close to your pussy, shortly descending to touch your clit.

    “Look at how wet this pretty pussy is.” He looked at you and He smirked as he began to slowly circle around your clit, making you moan slightly with the delicate friction. You bit down on your lip, restricting moaning loud enough to wake the neighbors. His pressure increased, as did the pace.

    "Does this feel good?" He whispered seductively. "Does my fingers massaging your clit feel amazing? Are you close to cumming?"

    You nodded. Words failing to come to you at this moment, the pleasure nothing you had ever felt. He smirked, then did the most horrifying thing.

    He stopped.

    You gasped loudly, unable to cope with the feeling being gone.

    "Please..." You begged.

    "Please what?" He asked, clearly amused by his success in reducing you into a puddle of lust.

    "Want more, need more..."

    He once again smirked that devilish smile. He leaned forward and licked your pussy. You moaned loud, unable to mute yourself. He proceeded with wild abandon. His tongue doing things considerably pleasurable, undeniably pleasurable.

    On instinct, you grabbed his hair in a death grip. Actually pushing his head closer. You moaned his name with abandon over and over, like a chant. He responded, going deeper and proceeding to slowly begin to finger you. Your  breath coming out in rapid rise and falls of your chest. His other hand snakes up your body and massages your breast through the black lace of your bra.

    He adds a second finger to his tease. The pace doubled, you began rapidly coming to the edge. The added finger slowly becomes pleasurable as the initial entry's discomfort dissipates.

    "You ready for a third one?" He asked after pausing his activities.

    You nodded eagerly, and slowly a third was added. The stretching is uncomfortable at first but it disappears, the delicious feeling heightened. Your moans come with every thrust and pull.

    "You taste so much better than her, and take my fingers so good baby" He inquired.

    Though your desire for his phallus inside of you was great. You felt like you needed to return the favor first.

    You pull on his waistband, being torturously slow.

    The head an angry red and the veins showing all around. You licked from his balls to the sensitive underside of the head. His breath shuddered. You gently grabbed the hilt of his dick and hesitantly brought it in front of your mouth. Your eyes flickered up to his face, it was flushed, his eyes were closed, and his mouth opened with rapid gasps.

    You opened your mouth and entered an inch or two. He made a loud gasp.

    "Oh, fuck," he moaned.

    You made a soft sucking pressure around the head, slightly bobbing up and down. After a minute, taking it more into your mouth, watching your sensitive gag reflex. You pull up, taking him out.

    "Keep going, babe. Please..." He groaned in frustration as he put a hand behind my head, pushing down.

    You smirked, his words echoing in your head, knowing the mighty have fallen. 'I'll never beg' he would say to you.

    You continued your liberation in turning your lover into a begging, quivering mess of putty in your mouth. You felt his member pulse and harden, you stopped not wanting him to cum yet.

    You sat up and looked at him. Lips that form a smile so brilliant it's unreal, slightly tanned skin with the strip of pale skin around hips and his length, a very sizable amount he deems his only good feature. Everything about him is inviting, everything about him is enchanting, wonderful, childish at some points, but all in good measures.

    "I need you ," You stuttered bashfully.

    His eyes showed amusement and some sincerity. He sat up also and looked into your eyes, a precious smile playing along his lips. He gingerly placed his hands on your cheek, leaned forward and placed the gentlest kiss shared between you in this last half hour. You pulled apart and he continued to rub his thumb gently against your cheek, a soothing motion.

    "Be gentle, babe."

    He chuckled somewhat darkly. "Gentle? What's gentle? Most certainly not when I'm going to take you. No, baby, it will be gentle at first but the rest is calculating, fast, hard, maybe a bit animalistic." That devilish smirk making another appearance.

    He motioned for you to lie down again. He took his time looking you over, making you feel self conscious. You faintly heard him mutter, 'so fucking beautiful...' I smiled profusely at his comment. Only he could make you grin so many times. He brought his lips to your neck, kissing and licking making you moan. Slowly down to your chest, over the rise of your breast. His vision flicked momentarily up to your eyes before taking a nipple into his mouth, gently suckling on it. You gasped rather loudly at the first feel. The sensation foreign to me but absolutely blissful. He sucked, lick with little flicks, and even bit tiny bites with a delicious mixture of pain-pleasure. You moaned and whimpered through his treatment, switching off on both nipples, pinching the neglected nipple not under the ministration.

    Finally, he moves downward towards your stomach, kissing leisurely. He kisses just above your area before reaching a finger towards my entrance, sticking the finger in. You gasp on the initial entry.

    "God, you're so fucking wet," he looks up at you.  "Imagine the look on her face if she saw this." He pulled his finger out and set his phone up against the nightstand, giving the camera a full view of the action. He moved back to his position.

    He slowly adds another finger, making you whimper. He started a slow sawing motion, progressing to a faster pace after a minute. He adds another finger, making you wince a bit. But as you get used to the feeling and the recurring slow sawing motion.

    "Soooo tight. Your pussys feel so good around my cock when I ram into you," he comments. “This pussy is mine, you got that? All mine.” He placed a kiss to your clit, sucking as he looked at you, pulling away so he could look at the view in front of him.

    You could only whimper in response, once again at a loss for words. He took out his fingers, the motion pronounced by a squishing sound.

    He steadied his dick at my entrance, looking at me.

    You could feel the hot head as it touched me. Then a bit of pressure as the head popped in. You winced a little from the discomfort of the stretching. He groaned quite loudly. He looked at you again and nodded, giving him the signal that he could move. He moved about an inch or two more, the discomfort not as great as at first, just a dull ache overrun by the supreme bliss you felt. “You can’t take all of me honey, it’s okay.”

    He leaned forward and braced his hands on either side of you. While looking you in the eye, he pulled out til the head was almost out then thrusted back to the hilt. You gasped and moaned as he groaned and moaned himself.

    "Baby, look at me," he requested.

    You had my eyes closed after that surprising and pleasurable thrust. You opened them to see Andy's face above yours.

    "I...love...you," he said, each word accented by a thrust. "I love you, baby."

    "I...love you too," You said breathlessly.

    He took me into a searing kiss as his promise of animalistic love-making commenced.

    His thrusts were powerful and hard, making you whimper on each one. He was in the middle of making another hickey on my collarbone, biting and sucking up the blood to the surface. You had my legs wrapped around his waist, clinging on tighter.

    "You are mine now," he whispered possessively in your ear. "You are mine to hold, mine to kiss. I'm the only one who can make you feel this way. The only one who will be inside you, the only one to cum inside you. The only one who can make you cum. Laurie could never make me feel this good, all I need is you."

    "Yes!" You screamed, not really knowing what to say powered by his words. "Yours."

    He groaned and gave you a bruising kiss, a hungry kiss.

    "I fucking love you" he moaned between our lips.

    "I love you" you breathed. "I'm going to cum."

    His thrusts slowed to a halt. He pulled out. "Turn around."

    You turned over then lifted yourself to your hands and knees. You felt a cool, slick sensation being rubbed against your hole. A lubed finger tries to gain entry, the guardian ring of muscles shows resistance but relaxes a bit when Andy starts rubbing your clit. The finger gains entry and begins the gentle sawing motion. Another finger joins with little resistance. After a minute or two, a third is added with more discomfort but dissipates quickly. After a minute of that, He crawls up on his knees to place the head of his dick at your entrance. He places a kiss at the center of your back.

    "Ready?" He asked for the second time.

    You nodded. He pushed the head with a little pressure. The head popped in with a little resistance. You nodded for him to keep going and slid another two inches in. Then pulled out and slammed in.

    "Ooh," You moaned.

    "Fuck! Oh God, it's so tight. You’re fucking milking the cum out of my cock. Ooh, I'm not going to last," his voice wavered with the power from his thrusts.

    Every moment, he goes faster and harder. The headboard knocks up against the wall from your force. Your face is in a pillow, your arms couldn't hold up from his thrusts. Your moaning non stop. He groans and moans and grunts with each blow. You feel so close to the edge.

    "I'm...going to...cum," you said, my voice shuddering with his shoves.

    "Me, too. I'm going to fill you up. Oh God."

    That final bite to my shoulder did the trick.

    "I'm cumming!" you shouted.

    You felt that peace wash over you. Your breathing is struggling to begin again.

    He pulled out before sliding back into your pussy thrusting slowly but deep, you felt the sensation as you continued to come cover and over, rubbing your clit as you started to squirt. “Look at that.” Andy cockily added. “My little cock drunk baby can’t stop coming.”

    Then you felt his dick twitch, pulse, and thicken before warm cum flooded into you. Tired, he fell forward onto you back. When his dick softened, he pulled out.

    He fell panting beside you. You turned to your side, placing a hand on his chest, your calming trick.

    You smiled to yourself as you stayed there. Looking at each other in the, adoringly, trying to catch your breath, petting each other absentmindedly. After five minutes, you grabbed his chin softly. “Yes...I’ll marry you.”

    You felt safe as the biggest smile on Andy’s face appeared. You laughed as he kissed all over you, getting on top of you, kissing you as if you could just slip out of his hands in any second.

    You had completely forgotten Andy had set up his camera until you looked over from hearing a sound. You shrugged, thinking it was the tv but on the other side of the phone was Laurie, who had just sat on an accidental facetime call, watching her husband fuck another woman and admit he was in love with her. Tears streamed down her face as she sat there, realizing this was nothing like it once was.

    TO EVERYONE ON MY TAGLIST, I WILL BE USING @dulceslibrary as my taglist, please follow and turn on post notifications so you know when i post a new fic

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    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Latte Love - (Derek Morgan x WOC! Imagine)

    A/N- Surprise , I’m writing for another character no one asked me to because I’m obsessed with Criminal Minds! 😜 I love hallmark movies and this was lowkey inspired by them....prepare for cheese. Coffee shop meet cute with Derek Morgan?? Who wouldn’t want that??

    Summary-  You notice a handsome stranger begin to frequent your favorite coffee shop. Will you ever have more than awkward encounters?

    Warnings- Fluff. Morgan and that damn beautiful smile. Touch of angst...

    WordCount-1,295. Excuse any mistakes my brain is mush!

    ✨As always, my stories are written with a Black/Latina/WOC reader in mind and are purely for fun. 18+ Readers only. Enjoy!✨

    Just like yesterday, and the day before that your gaze flicked up from your work every time the tiny bell above the door rang. You were anticipating a certain someone to walk in, you didn’t want to admit it to yourself but you had built up a tiny crush on the handsome stranger who caught your eye weeks ago. The small smile that began to grace your face quickly disappeared when you noticed it wasn’t him so you returned to your work, or tried to. 

    You were sitting in your usual spot in your favorite coffee shop, trying to finish up some research you had to get done for work. The comforting smell of roasted coffee beans and freshly baked pastries filled your senses along with the sound of people chatting about. This would usually act as white noise to you but that wasn't the case today.

    You tried your best but even with the caffeine running through your veins you couldn’t bring yourself to focus or care about work. You sighed and leaned back into the chair and closed your laptop, picking up your phone to scroll through Instagram. 

    The bell above the door dinged again and you almost didn't look up but you were glad you did. 

    It was him, finally.  

    The tall handsome man with the perfectly sculpted eyebrows and warm brown skin that contrasted with the snug crisp white t-shirt that hugged his muscles. His eyes scanned the shop quickly as if he was looking for someone, he couldn't have been looking for you...could he? Once his eyes met yours he gave you a bright smile accompanied with a wink that made your heart flutter the same way it did when you two first locked eyes weeks ago..

      That first time you noticed him was the time you almost ended up spilling your entire latte on your new flowy mini dress you were wearing to meet the blind date your friend set you up on. Your date ended up being a no show so instead of dwelling on the unfortunate situation, you ordered your drink and indulged in your favorite sweet treat. Just as you were about to sit in your seat the handsome stranger accidentally bumped into you from behind while trying to squeeze by you in the packed shop. He apologized profusely as he swiftly took your drink out of your shaky grasp and placed it on the small rounded table in front of you. 

    “Don't need that beautiful dress and even more beautiful face getting ruined with this latte now do we?” He said in his deep, slightly raspy but smooth voice while his dark brown eyes held your gaze. You could listen to him talk forever and never get tired of it. He was so close that you could smell his cologne and what could only be described as warm and inviting. Everything about him radiated safe, protective, caring energy and judging by his actions in the coffee shop this assumption wasn’t wrong. He would always hold the door open for anyone entering or exiting at the same time as him, he would always smile and make silly faces at the adorable children who would wave at him, he even paid for a few regular customers' drinks on occasion. He seemed sweet and it drew you in and made him even more attractive to you. That day was the first time you two spoke, well he spoke to you. His eyes flicked to your cleavage sitting perfectly in your dress, you smirked at him and his lips curled the same way yours did before he licked his lips. Just as you were about to speak he checked his watch, apologized again then quickly made his way out the door. 

      The next time you two interacted it was just as brief as the first time but you were dressed much differently. In your favorite leggings and oversized hoodie, your face was makeup free and your hair was in need of a wash but you didn’t care, you were here to mope. You were having a rough week so your barista friends decided to spoil you and cheer you up with endless caffeine drinks they were practicing with. 

    “Sit.” They said to you when you walked in with a defeated look. “We’ll be right back.” They placed three different drinks in front of you along with a notepad and pen then told you to write your thoughts on each.

    “Why am I the guinea pig?” You sighed and lifted a drink to your lips then moaned, savoring the perfect balance of sweet and bitter on your tongue.

    “I knew you’d like that one.” Your friend said. “ Now enjoy the free coffee’s and mope but not so much that it drives customers away.” They teased before returning back to work. 

    You stuck your middle finger up at them and you both shared a laugh. 

    By the time you took a sip of the third drink you had forgotten about your terrible week at work and how your boss had dismissed every idea you suggested and undermined all of your hard work.  

    You were finishing up your notes on the coffees, tapping the end of the pen on your chin when you looked up and saw him admiring you. You hadn’t noticed him enter and wondered how long he had been watching you. You were suddenly self conscious wondering if he took pity on you and your disheveled appearance but then you relaxed because if he couldn't handle you in your sweats then he clearly wasn't the one for you. You sat up straighter and the slight furrowing of his brows disappeared as a small smile formed on his lips when he noticed your demeanor change.

    Being the profiler and sweetheart he was, he noticed your array of drinks and the absence of your favorite bakery item so when he placed his order he told the barista to send over a chocolate chip cookie. You didn’t get a chance to thank him since he left right after receiving his order but that little gesture made you smile for the first time all week.

     Now here you were, staring at him from across the nearly empty café.

    You didn’t usually have a habit of staring at people you found attractive but there was something about him that caused all of the manners you were taught to fly out the window. 

    He smirked at you and you swear it’s like he knew the effect he had on you. His smile widened when you placed your phone down and looked expectantly at him, you took a sip of your drink trying to calm your nerves and realized it was now or never. Maybe now you two could have an actual conversation, no more longing stares and passing encounters.

    After he received his order he made his way to you, taking long strides smirking the entire short distance, he was a man on a mission. He stood right in front of you then surveyed the papers that were askew on the table. You looked up at him and met his eyes again with a flirtatious smile then just as he was about to introduce himself his phone rang. 

    “Yes, babygirl?” He said and your heart sank. 

    A cheater, of course.

    There’s no way he could look like that and be faithful. You thought to yourself as your expression fell and you shifted away from him and began scrolling through your phone again ignoring him. 

    He took your cue that you didn't want to be bothered and left while still talking on the phone. 

    You looked through the window you were sitting by and he was looking back over his shoulder at you.

    And just like that your coffee shop romance ended...

    ~B. hehe...oops? I was gonna make this VERy fluffy but decided why not have a tiny pinch of angst? Shall I continue with a part two? Also this is my first fic for Derek! Hopefully I did ok. Let me know how you guys feel about it! Thank you, all feedback is appreciated!

    Tags,let me know if you’d like to be added or removed. 

    General-  @starrynite7114 @youlovetkay @wildfirecracker @playbucky @chaneajoyyy @deathonyourtongue @rhyrhy462  @backandbetter2 @obriwanken0bi @keithseabrook27 @write-fromthe-start @browngirldominion @hell1129-blog @kaystacks17 @sadthotsonlylove @brattyfics @acceptyourselfloveyourself @bigsisbria @ctrlszn @earl-aive @pearlkitten33 @mauvecherie @titty-teetee @booksandlatenights @dc41896 @amelatonin @blckgrl-sunflower @felicity-x0 @lilac-tea-time @redhairedmoiraandtheliferuiners @roxyfan14-blog @relaxing-najee @superficialfeelings​ @kaystacks17​ @fumbling-fanfics @sheeshgivemeabreak @mbaku-babygirl​ @amorestevens​ @rosieposie0624​ @everyhowlmarksthedead​ @toni9​ @i-love-scott-mccall​

    I know this isnt hotch but it’s still CM so I tagged yall lol.  @yougottalovefandoms, @enjoymyloves, @wanniiieeee,@yoshigguk,@bellamy1998, @sabunflowergirl, @hellokittybosschick​

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    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    An Excellent Fake Boyfriend || Sam Wilson

    Summary: A solo date night goes wrong. Luckily, Sam is there to make it right.

    Words: 1,618

    Warnings: fluff. Best friend shenanigans.

    Note: this fic is a repost from my old blog.

    Pairing: Sam Wilson x WOC!Reader

    This fic is SFW but this blog is NOT. MINORS DNI.

    Whoever invented the whole pretense about taking yourself out on a date as a “treat yourself” thing was utterly full of shit, if you were being quite honest with yourself.

    The weight and the presence of the very unwelcomed man next to you was starting to get under your skin. You were pretty sure it must’ve been a solid hour that he wasn’t leaving you alone, especially when you used the classic tricks in the book. Not even an outright no worked. He just wasn’t budging.


    You let out an exasperated sigh, avoiding his line of sight entirely as he kept trying to flirt (albeit extremely badly) with you. You keep trying to look around the room and around the weirdo entirely, trying to spot an exit. Whether it was a literal or figurative one, you’d take either as long as it meant getting away from him.

    Right as you feel the guy touch you in a way you certainly didn’t fucking like, you find your salvation. Your eyes landed on the extremely charming guy with a short haircut and brown skin that had a divine glow to it while he sat right under the vintage lighting. His two friends in front of him had their back to you. One of them was a blond girl, and the guy next to her was sporting a leather jacket and short hair as well.

    You don’t think for another second and immediately shove your way out of the harasser's vicinity and essentially power walk your way over to the handsome stranger’s table.

    It all happens very quickly. You place your hand on Sam’s bicep, faking (but not entirely because hello) the most elated face as you kiss his cheek. He was equally, if not more, shocked like his other two friends.

    “Hey baby, finally found you!” You coo, facing all of them but especially Sam in such a way where they can notice the desperate look in your eyes. Sam raises a brow, glancing over you to where you nod back, looks back at you, and then nods. It seems like his friends catch on as well.

    Without missing a single beat, he plays along. Seeing as there just so happened to be an empty barstool next to him, Sam has you sit close. All four of you smile and greet each other as if you’ve known each other for a long time, and you’re glad that they give you the impression of being able to read the room and your discomfort extremely well.

    The discomfort you felt because of the strange quickly dissipates thanks to Sam. As the four of you get to know each other, Sam keeps his eye on the guy while he comforts you the best way he knows how. He’s clearly an imposing guy with the way he’s holding you, but you couldn’t have remembered the last time you felt more protected by someone, especially a guy.

    Your body curls into Sam’s side like it’s always belonged there. He holds you in the crook of his muscular arm just so, a firm yet soft hand resting on your hip while his fingers rub gentle patterns over your black jeans to soothe you. It surprises you a little at just how quickly you seem to get along with all of them, especially your very own hero for the night.

    Everything about him is gallant and charming just like you assumed. His laughter is scintillating, and the way you feel his body rumble against your own when he chuckles at one of Bucky’s bad jokes makes your skin break out in goosebumps, leaving you shuddering as you take a sip of your drink.

    “You’re alright so far?” He all but coos, turning his attention to you.

    God damn, seeing that smile up close is really doing something to you. It makes you nervous in all the best ways. The sparkle in his eyes when he looks at you makes you blush, absolutely preening with all the attention and physical closeness he clearly has no problem doting on you. He chuckles when he feels you place a soft hand on his leg, mirroring his action of his hand on your hip.

    “Yeah, thank you.” You answer softly, a small squeeze confirming your appreciation.

    Sharon and Bucky look at the both of you being in your own little world, clearly distracted. They noticed that the guy that had been harassing you had long gone, clearly fuming. Chortling, they just knew they didn’t have the heart to distract either of you or get in the way. They could clearly see the two of you were genuinely into each other, and whatever had transpired was pure serendipity.

    A cough that wasn’t really a cough broke the two of you out of the reverie. Bucky gives Sam a knowing look that just earns him a kick from him under the table. It makes you and Sharon break into a fit of giggles. When the laughter dies down, you get the inkling to check your phone and see what time it was.

    10:00 o’clock.

    Sam notices how crestfallen you look when you realize how late it was, and the feeling doesn’t escape him either when you reluctantly leave his embrace. You gather your things, digging for your wallet to pay for your share of the drinks, but Sam stops you.

    “Thank you guys, really.” You say gently, directing a warm smile towards all of them.

    “What’s a hero if he can’t help out, hm?” Sam asks teasingly, nodding when you wave a little at the trio before making your way out of the bar where your rideshare was waiting.

    Sam finds himself looking, mostly respectfully, at least until he feels the weight of Sharon and Bucky staring at him. He gives them a quizzical look while he tosses a few bills on the table and shucks his jacket on.

    “What’s with the look?”

    Sharon chortles, “Are you kidding me? You didn’t see the way she was all into you? She really went in for the kiss on the cheek when she first got here.”

    “And the body language was clearly in sync.” Bucky adds, knocking back the last of his bourbon.

    “She just needed help, that’s all.” Sam wasn’t about to entertain the idea. For all you knew, you could’ve just been a tourist of some kind.

    “Whatever it is that you’re thinking, don’t.” Sharon urges, “Just go for it.”

    Sam is the one to chortle this time, rolling his eyes.

    “As the second leading authority on waiting too long, I’ll have to second that.”

    “Go!” Sharon all but shoves Sam in the general direction you had just left, urging him to go on.

    Sam waves her off, lightly jogging outside, hoping to find you. The cool night air and dewy rain mist hit him all at once, and it takes him a minute to spot you amongst all the people waiting for their cabs. He calls for your attention from where he stands, waving to get your attention once he catches your glance. His heart and stomach flip flop a little when you smile, waving back. He walks over to you, shoving his hands into his jean pockets to hide how sweaty they feel.

    “Hi again.” You say, giggling when you notice Sam bouncing on the balls of his feet nervously.

    “Hey.” He chuckles, scratching the back of his neck a little. “I uh..realized we spent all of a couple hours talking without really introducing ourselves.”

    “You’re right!” You agree, and he finds your laugh absolutely adorable and dorky at the same time. You tell him your name and put out your hand for him to shake. Sam does the same, hoping that you don’t really notice how slightly damp they are. He likes the way your hands fit together, though.

    “So what made you choose me?” Sam asks, not really letting go of your hand. You don’t mind it at all, stepping closer to him and just holding hands as if you’ve always done this with him.

    “You look like you’d make an excellent fake boyfriend, to be honest.” You realize how cringe that must sound, but you’re relieved when Sam chuckles at the statement. “O-or a good fake date.”

    “Well then,” Sam laces your fingers together, squeezing your hand gently. He gives you that smile you already like so much, making your stomach flip. “How about I take you on a real date? Maybe we’ll see if I’ll make an excellent, real boyfriend.”

    “Yeah?” You ask teasingly, enjoying his unimposing, gentle charm and how it makes you feel all giddy inside. “I’ll take you up on that, Sam.”

    The two of you exchange numbers, promising each other to agree on a date, and you to let him know when you get home safely so he can sleep better knowing you’re alright. There’s a small, comfortable silence between the two of you as you just smile at each other, Sam rubbing your knuckles with his thumb. You only look away when your rideshare finally pulls up next to you.

    “We’ll talk later then?” You ask hopefully.

    “Of course, sugar. Take care.”

    The nickname makes a warm feeling bloom in your chest, and you can’t help but plant a kiss right on the corner of his lips, dashing into the cab before the driver gets mad at you for making them wait too long. You wave at him from inside as the car pulls away, and Sam is left there all kinds of stupefied at his unbelievable good luck.

    Unbeknownst to him, Bucky grumbles and rolls his eyes as he slips Sharon the twenty bucks they bet on earlier.

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    #dark fic #thor x you #thor x reader #thor x woc reader #fic rec#mob fic#mafia thor
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  • syntheticavenger
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    Old Habits

    Word Count: 500

    Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Spanking, dub-con, bondage, unprotected sex.

    This takes place after this little drabble.

    Hitman! Curtis Everett x Ex-Wife Reader

    Summary | It’s too hard to let you go.

    To be fair, he’d always warned you.

    Casual in his way, the bright smile and flash of white teeth when he would tell you in so many words that you were his. It used to be a term of endearment, the physical touch of his hand in yours, the glare he’d give anyone that looked at you.

    Curtis Everett has a possessive nature.

    “Gotta hand it to you, bubs,” Curtis praises, tightening a knot at your wrists. “You did give it a valiant effort.”

    Your sobs are muffled by the gag, feeling the bed dip slightly when he sits next to you.

    “I admit you caught me off guard,” Curtis continues, wiping away the tears that stream down your face. “Separation? I can handle it. You’re still trying to work through the ins and outs of my career. But divorce?”

    A hitman for hire, his services available to the highest bidder. It didn’t used to always be this way. You were happy once. The wife of a mechanic who was good with his hands. All it took was a little coercion from one of his regular customers who had big pockets and a vendetta.

    Money talks louder than decency. You knew that early on. Curtis had moved you into a bigger house and anything you desired was in reach.


    What you wanted was your husband back. The hardworking man with the beautiful smile and all the patience in the world. Money and respect had a way of changing people.

    You wince at the touch of his calloused hand on your bruised ass.

    “The way I look at it, this can only go one way. But I think you know that, don’t you?”

    You nod quickly, his hand coming down as you muffle against the gag.

    “And yet, you still wanna play games with me. Why can’t you just be happy, hmm? We belong together.”

    You know that this isn’t a game. Not in the slightest. You take comfort in the fact for a moment that it had taken him over a month to find you. He leans down, pressing a kiss to your bare shoulder and then down your back.

    “Mm,” Curtis hums, hearing your soft whine as he parts your thighs. “My favorite sound. Right before you come apart. Remember that, kitten?”

    The head of his cock drags up your wet and slick slit. Teasing you just enough to make your hips push up against him.

    “And when you come apart again,” Curtis says against your ear, hearing your whimper when he pushes inside, your fingers scrambling to grab the sheets. “I’m gonna make sure you’re nice and well fucked so we can sign the license without any complaint.”

    Your eyes flutter open at the mention of the marriage certificate.

    “You can run but you can’t hide,” Curtis reminds you darkly, bottoming out inside you as he smiles above you. “Nor can you keep this sweet pussy from me. You remember your vows. Till death do us part.”

    #hitman curtis everett #curtis everett x you #curtis everett x reader #curtis everett x woc reader #curtis everett x black female reader #can you guess who the man with big pockets is
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    Aqua Evolution

    Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x WOC!Reader

    Summary: You discover exclusive perks of the country club.

    Warnings: 18+ only; explicit sexual content; unprotected sex; oral sex; body objectification

    Notes: Omg I can't believe I got it under 2k words, this really challenged me to practice crafting to a smaller size. My prompt was "ransom/run in at the country club."

    ✨ Congratulations to the talented and generous literary sorceress of thirst - @syntheticavenger celebrating 5K! ✨

    Please accept this humble gift; I made it myself 👉🏼👈🏼

    How It Started

    Ransom had avoided the country club for months to discourage the advances of a one night stand who was also a member at Rushfield Point. With the summer heat upon New England, Ransom decided enough time had passed that he was safe to enjoy the many comforts and conveniences at Rushfield once more.

    A couple of laps in the pool later, he took a break to hydrate. One quick gesture and a club host stepped forward with a sparkling water.

    With his towel over his head and a soft rub to his dripping hair, he sipped from his glass. A pair of young ladies sauntered past him, one of them winking sultrily his way. Oh, comforts, conveniences - and attention that Ransom dearly relished - were plentiful at the country club.

    There were abundant curves, tanned legs, perky breasts under tight bikinis for Ransom to choose from.

    Then he caught the sound of his family name.

    You had heard of the mystery novelist, but had no idea the whole family was so notorious or wealthy. Risa had been listing off names of a few well known figures who held memberships at the country club. She had signed you in today as a guest.

    “His family has French heritage. I think? Don’t quote me on that.”

    “Mm. French in an indulgent cheese and wine way? Or a teaspoon of caviar that leaves you hungry but costs a year of tuition kind of way?” You stuck your tongue out at your friend, referring to her complaining about a recent date at some pretentious upscale French restaurant that she then left to join you at a taco food truck.

    Risa snorted, laying down her towel. “Mostly the second one.”

    The Thrombeys and Drysdales for sure spared no expense.

    “Not surprised.”

    “Okay, so a lot of the people here are kind of stuck up,” she conceded to you. “But you gotta admit, the amenities are nice.”

    Nice was an understatement. The shower room was immaculate, with club hosts at the ready to fetch you a warmed towel, food, cosmetics or a glass of any beverage of choice at a moment’s notice. The indoor pool looked like a modern Greek overlord’s private training pool. White marble, massive columns, cushioned lounge chairs, more assistants and hosts to see to your every need.

    You were only here to swim; you didn’t need someone to ice your muscles or blend an organic, zero calorie zero sugar protein smoothie served to you in a crystal chalice and glass straw.

    You liked hanging out with Risa though and you were looking forward to swimming in a pool that had enough lanes for everyone. At your local gym, you usually sat out after a few laps because you didn’t want the other gym members waiting forever for their turn.

    Not only was this pool massive, most of the people who were here before you two arrived were dry and simply sitting around, chatting and drinking those smoothies. Yeah, no one was taking turns for anything in this place.

    “The eye candy’s not bad either,” Risa smirked at you. “Maybe you’ll find yourself a snack here?”

    Rolling your eyes, you nodded. “Yes, yes. But the question is, will I be full?”

    You started warming up next to Risa, avoiding eye contact with everyone around lest you accidently alert a host to approach and offer more unnecessary services.

    Diving into the water, you started an even pace of front strokes. Soon, all noise in your mind receded. Only the rhythm of stroke inhale stroke inhale kept you conscious to time and space.

    Will I be full?

    Ransom watched you. The one-piece stretched modestly over you but didn’t hide the flare of your hips, a full ass that his fingers twitched to grab. When you dived into the pool, he couldn’t help admiring your power and speed. He could imagine such intense dedication to your sport would work up an appetite.

    And Ransom would gladly offer you something more substantial than a snack.

    After a short break to catch your breath, you pushed off from the edge of the pool. Coming back, you curled under the surface and pushed off once more. A swimmer entered the water to your left.

    Ten laps later, you broke surface and rested on the edge of the pool, panting. A current of awareness flowed over you. You turned to the swimmer next to you. Blue eyes met yours, brighter blue than the brilliant, dappled pool you stood in. Droplets clung to broad shoulders. His red lips curved in a small smirk and it was evident he liked what he saw. Lucky him, you didn’t mind him looking.

    Smiling to yourself, you set your goggles aside, then arched back to settle on the waters. Your arms swept in lazy back strokes, floating down your lane. Above you, the glass paned roof graced your face with warm sunlight.

    From the corner of your eye, you could tell he floated with the same slow pace. Back and forth you both swam four laps in sync.

    When you stopped, so did Ransom. You pulled out of the water. He kept his eyes on you as your confident strides brought you to your friend who handed you a towel. You didn’t spare him a single glance.

    You made your way towards the dressing room, wanting to check your phone just in case your sister called. She was right at her due date, nearly about to pop out a niece for you to snuggle and spoil.

    You looked up in time to avoid smacking face first into someone. Oh, you recognized those shoulders. And those eyes. Throw in that smile and slicked back tawny hair and well, you could spare some of your precious time.

    He apologized. “Ransom Drysdale.”

    You offered your first name.

    “I couldn’t help overhearing you and your friend. You’re not a regular here.” He stepped close to you. His eyes flicked to your lips, down to the slight cleavage before your swimsuit got in the way. “Enjoying your time?”

    “It’s been…satisfactory.”

    His gaze narrowed, darkened. “Anything I can do to enhance your experience?”

    The challenge glittering in your eyes set Ransom’s heart racing. He ran his tongue along his teeth, eyeing your ample bosom and that little smirk on your full lips, craving to sink his teeth into you.

    You glanced back over your shoulder, then at Ransom. Another once over of him convinced you – you wanted a piece of all that fine arrogance. Might as well take advantage of all the country club perks, particularly something so exclusive. You nodded towards one of the large private family-sized showers.

    The door closed and locked behind you as you twisted the shower controls. Warm water poured over your body. Ransom closed his bottom lip in his teeth, crowding you from behind. As you pulled the straps of your suit down, his hands followed the ever exposed path of skin, a warm weight grazing down your muscles and curves. When he got to your hips, you covered his hands with yours, helping push your suit down further. His soft lips trailed across your shoulder, down your shoulder blades.

    You turned around, pulling him along with you as you backed into the wall and urged him to drop lower. Finally the swimsuit fell on the wet floor. You kicked it away and swung your leg over his shoulder.

    His eyes clouded over with a haughty kind of lust that had you smirking, your leg yanking him closer to your core.

    Ransom shivered with a deep carnal want as his tongue swiped back and forth over the cut of you, dug hard for your clitoris and flicked repeatedly until you were panting. As a breathy moan escaped you his thick lashes fluttered – the pretty bastard! – and if his mouth wasn’t working you up so hard you could tell he’d be grinning smugly.

    Two fingers pushed at your slick entrance. A moan dropped from your lips when his fingers worked in tandem with his tongue to escalate the heat at your core. His other hand reached up to cup your breast roughly and twist your nipple hard.

    “Yes,” you whimpered.

    Seeing your head drop back, hearing your hitched breathing that echoed around the shower room, Ransom doubled down, pumping his fingers into you hard and flicking his tongue fast over your clit. You were close, bucking your hips upward. You looked down at him licking and sucking, a low groan reverberating against your pussy that had you clenching and when he grinded his tongue just right, you came, riding his face for more.

    He hauled you up with your legs around his waist. His mouth landed on yours and hungrily kissed and nipped. Thick steam rose and curled around you.

    “Say my name,” he murmured, sucking a path down your neck. God, you had him so hard seeing you come apart.

    He reached between you, the head of his cock finding your entrance and pushing in. Your mouth dropped open, feeling his length pierce into your warmth and force you to stretch around him.

    You squealed his name when he gave a sharp snap of his hips that buried him deep.

    Ransom set a harsh pace that drove soft cries from you with every thrust, your voice stoking the primal urge in him already rearing high and desperate to claim you, this force of erotic power that was you, all for himself.

    Even after countless laps in the pool your firm limbs wrapped tight around him, pressed warm against his slippery skin in imitation of how tight you clenched around his cock as it kept driving in and out of you. Ransom had never lost control so quickly; it was instinctive, a frantic signal blaring from some primitive node in his brain determined to force more of those sounds from you and keep you clinging to him, filled with him.


    How It's Going

    Finishing up your afternoon walk, you found a bench next to the river and felt your phone buzz. It was Risa.

    James and Lia asked if we wanna double up for tennis. Come to the country club with me again?

    The country club. The memory of Ransom Drysdale eating you out and then fucking you into the next week had you grinning shamelessly.

    Nah. Once was enough.

    Boo you whore.

    You chuckled to yourself. Another message came in.

    Luckily for you I hooked you up with some special benefits. Should be on its way.

    You started texting back when a shadow appeared beside you.

    Ransom Drysdale stood before you, preening triumphantly. He had found you. Took a few weeks but he finally ran into your friend at Rushfield Point and convinced her to be your honorable wingwoman.

    He glanced at the river. “Going for another swim?”

    “No. I was going to find a place for brunch.”

    You smiled a little at the way his eyes, warm and playful, remained staunchly – hungrily – on you.

    Tilting your face to meet his eyes, voice nearly a purr, you said, “But first, I’m gonna need a shower.”

    Ransom’s smirk mirrored yours and you knew exactly the type of shower he had in mind.

    “I’d love to join you for both.”

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    Family Sh*t, pt. 2

    Part I

    Paring: Angel x Reader

    Summary: Part 2 of Family Shit

    Warnings: my first attempt at smut, Em*ly Galindo (lol), EZ being a friend

    A/N: Sorry this is long winded and there's a lot from the side characters. I promise the next part will be more Angel x Reader focused.

    Word Count: 5285

    You had barely slept last night. Angel’s news had rocked you. You tossed and turned in your bed, going from rage to sadness to anger and then to depression. Right now, you were feeling particularly cold and empty.

    You and Angel were not together. He was free to do whatever and whomever he wanted. You had no real place to be upset with him, yet, here you were, feeling feelings that you had bottled up for months. You wanted him back. You wanted him to move in with you, to go to bed with you every night, to wake up next to you every morning. You wanted commitment with him again. You told Angel nearly everything, but the returning feelings had been one of the few secrets you kept from him. Now, you regretted keeping that to yourself, wondering if Angel would have ever ended up in Adelita’s bed if you were more forthcoming…

    You weren’t sure exactly when things had shifted back for you. It could have been AJ’s seventh birthday when Angel went above and beyond decorating your backyard for the party. As AJ got older, you and Angel spent more time preparing the celebrations. You thought it was silly when parents threw one-year old’s big elaborate parties that they wouldn’t remember. But now, since AJ had developed his personality and had friends, it was important to both of you to go all out with the celebrations.

    AJ was obsessed with movies like National Treasure and anything to do with a treasure hunt. Angel had worked for weeks diligently brainstorming ideas and riddles that would challenge your precocious child. You recalled one night when he was sitting on your kitchen table, brows wrinkled as he looked down at his worn brown leather notebook, a gift you lovingly bestowed on him early in your relationship.

    “What are you thinking for the next clue?” you asked, gently moving clean dishes from the drying rack into their rightful shelf.

    “You find me at the door, resting underneath your feet, at the floor? Too easy for him, you think?”

    “Hmm…” you hummed quietly. AJ was quickly taking on traits more like his Tìo. Sometimes the kid would say some outright brilliant things that you had no idea how he possibly could have learned. “Is it too obvious? I dunno… the kids too smart for us.”

    Angel chuckled to himself as he drew a line through that riddle. “I might have to enlist EZ to help.”

    “That might be wise,” you quipped as you grabbed two fresh beers from the fridge. “Refill?” you asked, already softly placing one beer on the table in front of Angel and rubbing your free hand over his shoulders. You took a swig of your own beer as your hand crept over the nape of his neck.

    Angel groaned at the feeling, your simple actions sparking something inside of him. “You’re in a mood,” he said, almost to himself.

    You rubbed your hand over the back of his neck one more time before you sat down with a content sigh. “Something about seeing you be the best father to our son really gets me going.” It was meant to sound lighthearted and like a joke, but Angel knew the deep look in your eyes and the subtle lip bite were just the opposite.

    He matched your gaze and opened his mouth to no doubt say something snarky and sexually charged when you heard the light footsteps of your child.

    “Papa, do you want to watch a movie with me before I go to bed?”

    “Of course, papasito! What are we thinking tonight?” Angel responded, doing his best to focus on his kid and not the woman he desperately wanted to be inside of.

    “Resident Evil,” your son whispered quietly, hoping you wouldn’t hear.

    “Absolutely not, AJ!” You shot Angel a look, “keep it PG please?” you said, praying he would continue his streak of being a good father.

    He nodded to you in response before easily and swiftly picking up his mini me and hoisting him onto his shoulders. “Sorry, bud, but I feel like we should listen to mama.”

    His response elicited an obnoxious groan from your son and a soft chuckle from you as you got up and cleared away the glasses and bottles from the table.

    It was 11:30 later that night when Angel softly knocked on your bedroom door.

    “I was hoping you weren’t asleep,” he started. “Was thinking maybe you would stay up late for me? Seeing as though I’ve been such a good father lately.” He was being cheeky.

    You hadn’t had the most stable father figures growing up, and seeing Angel consistently being there and doting on your son no matter what your situation was, filled your heart with so much joy. His behavior only made you love him more, and sometimes you just wanted to have him near you and pretend you were together again.

    “Oh, you know I can’t resist a good dilf like you,” you retorted as you patted the empty space on the bed next to you.

    Angel eagerly responded to your invitation by quickly shedding his jeans and flannel, his kutte and boots already sitting in your living room, no doubt. He jumped into bed like a little kid would a ball pit, eliciting laughter from you at his antics.

    He looked up at you, a smile growing on his face. “You know, you look so beautiful like this.”

    You had had a long and busy week at work. By now, five days straight of early mornings and stressful days had surely taken a toll on your appearance, something only a weekend of rest could recover. You had no makeup on, blue light glasses rested on your nose since you were scrolling on your tablet, and your hair was in a loose braid. You were almost positive the word ‘beautiful’ did not describe you at the moment. “You sure about that?”

    “Mmm, yes,” he began to lightly rake his hand against your arm, prompting goose bumps to appear on your skin in response. “You always look so cute in glasses,” he started. “And you know I love when you laugh, especially when I’m the one who makes it happen. And your body these days mami,” Angel raised his closed fist to his mouth and bit it in an effort to show you that the extra days at the gym were working for him. “You always look beautiful, no matter what you do or what you’re wearing.”

    The sincerity in his eyes and tone made your heart flutter. You put your tablet and glasses on your bedside table before you took Angel’s face in your hands, slowly leaning in to kiss his lips. It started soft and gentle, almost as a thank you for his kind words, before it took on a passionate and ravenous turn. You felt like a teenager again, making out in such an aggressive way. The kiss continued as you allowed your hands to explore his muscular body. He had been in the gym recently too, no doubt bulking up since his little brother got out of the joint. Your hand met his hard member, your light touch prompting a sharp inhale.

    He pulled away from the kiss and looked at your lips before meeting your eyes. “I’ve missed you.”

    You giggled just a bit. You could feel heat rising to your cheeks at his confession. You two saw each other several times a week, but you knew what he meant. He missed your body, your lips, your tongue on him. He missed hearing you moan his name and the way you felt when he reached those spots inside of you that you had once drunkenly confessed no one else could. He wouldn’t tell you this, but he was ready to make you his again. Until he felt you were both ready for that step, he would have to settle for the occasional roll in the hay.

    “I missed you too, baby,” was all you responded before straddling him and taking of your tank top. “I missed you here,” you said, placing one large hand atop one of your breasts. “And I especially missed you here,” this time, putting his other hand at the entrance of your lower lips.

    He instinctively began massaging your breast, occasionally playing with your nipple and lightly sucking and kissing any exposed skin on top, while he used his other hand to begin fingering you.

    After a few minutes of his attention, you were soaking wet and more than ready to have him buried deep inside of you. He clearly read your mind as he pulled his fingers out of you.

    “Taste yourself,” he demanded, sticking his middle and ring finger out for your mouth. You let your tongue dance around his fingers that just moments ago had been the reason for you struggling to keep your moans to yourself. You looked deep into Angel’s lust filled eyes as you sucked his fingers clean. “You want me, mamì?”

    You nodded eagerly, feeling the large bulge in his boxers.

    “What do you want, amor? Tell me. I want to hear you tell me.”

    You were never good at dirty talk; it was something Angel had long ago explained to you that he needed in bed. You had obliged, but you sometimes still felt awkward saying the filthy words to your man.

    “I want to feel you, papì, deep inside of me. I want you on top of me, baby. I want to scream your name. And I want you to cum inside me.”

    Okay… So maybe you weren’t that bad.

    Angel took no time at all to grab your ankles and pull you further down your bed, making you giggle with nervous anticipation. He quickly shed his underwear, and you admired his large frame as he stood naked over you.

    “As you wish, mi amor,” he said, placing a quick kiss to your lips as he got into missionary position. With one quick move, Angel shoved his entire length inside of you. You closed your eyes at the sensation, your mouth agape but no noise coming out. The one thing about having a child was that it made taking Angel’s excruciatingly long and thick dick a bit easier. You still had to take deep breaths every time he entered you though. Without warning, Angel began quickly pumping in and out you, mumbling “oh fucks,” and “shit querida” to you, here and there. Your legs were at his waist, nails gripping hard into his back, soft moans escaping your lips with every movement he made.

    He knew your body so well. It was like he was made to fit you, like you two were only meant to be with each other. Coming close to your orgasm, you began to wonder why you had ever bothered to sleep with other people…

    Your thoughts were interrupted by Angel furiously rubbing your clit, making your orgasm come quickly. You moaned his name into his lips as you felt him pump out warm cum inside of you, a smile gracing your face. Angel pulled out of you, and you felt the cum slowly drip from you. As you held his gaze, you took one of your fingers and wiped it up before placing it in your mouth with a moan.

    “Fuck,” was all he said, and you began getting ready for round two.

    That was only a few months ago, and Adelita would have already been pregnant by then. You wondered if that night, that glorious night filled with orgasm after orgasm and loving confessions to each other changed how he saw her. You wondered if he stopped seeing her as much and if they still were intimate. That night only further solidified your love for Angel.

    You still hadn’t slept but heard the older Angel in the kitchen trying to quietly make breakfast. You checked the time. 7:03.You noticed you had received a text from Emily last night. You two weren’t exactly close friends, but like your relationship with Angel, it was complicated.

    You and Emily talked very little during high school and only exchanged quick ‘hi’s’ and ‘bye’s’ when you passed each other at the Reyes house. It was not until Marisol’s death that you began to speak regularly, updating each other on how all three Reyes men were doing and making sure one of you were able to swing by the home to ensure that it was relatively clean, and that they were eating. You were also the one who took Emily to her abortion appointment after EZ was arrested. Since then, you spoke once in a blue moon. It was usually when bad things were happening and she needed help or advice, or just someone who would listen. She had called you crying for three nights in a row when her infant son was kidnapped.

    Hey. Spa day?

    You were sure the invitation had strings, but the sound of a little pampering and lunch after sounded amazing after your lack of sleep.

    Sure, Em. 10 work for you?

    Emily, ever the early riser immediately responded yes.

    Luckily, Angel was still in your home so you could force him to watch AJ for the first half of the day. He would, even if he had plans, out of sheer guilt.

    After a quick shower you threw on some clothes and made your way out to face the source of all your heartache.

    “Hey,” you said as you turned the corner into your kitchen. Angel was leaning against the counter, a cup of coffee in hand.

    “Hey, querida,” he responded. His eyes had dark circles underneath him and his hair was all over the place. He hadn’t slept either. “I’ve got coffee, bacon is in the oven, and I’m making Angelito chocolate chip pancakes.” Without another word or glance, he poured you a cup, adding in the 2 spoonful’s of sugar you desperately needed to wake up.

    “Thank you, Angel,” you said as up looked up into his eyes. Even with no sleep, he was beautiful. You wanted to grab his face and kiss him, but you were still angry, or at least trying to be. The truth was, outside of physical abuse or him actually cheating on you, there was very little Angel could do that would make you not want to be with him. You both requested the break five years ago; it felt like it was needed. Even apart though, you were each other’s number one’s. There was no one else for you, and every time you did date, whether casually or seriously, the other men just further cemented how perfect Angel was for you. Of course, like an idiot, your feelings only bubbled up when he told you he was having a child with another woman.

    After a slightly awkward twenty seconds of you staring into each other’s eyes, you both broke into an easy laugh. You knew each other too well to act like you couldn’t talk things out.

    “I love you.”

    “I love you too,” he put his coffee down and grabbed your hands. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry baby. I- I don’t know how it happened, but it just did. You are and always will be, the most important person in my life, other than AJ. I just… I need you to know that. Adelita and I are not together, and we never will be. Fuck mamì,” he shook his head, thinking of his actions. He tried not to think about how it would feel if you rejected him. “All of this has just made me realize how much I want to be with you again.” He searched your eyes to see how you would react to his confession.

    It was all you wanted, just without the extra kid. You took a beat and peered back into his eyes, looking for any ounce of doubt. You couldn’t find any.

    “That’s all I want too, but we need time, mi amor,” you wrapped him into your arms, breathing deep into his chest. “This situation just complicates things. We have to figure out where we all fit in.” It was true. You hadn’t even met Adelita, and you weren’t sure if that was even possible for you. Was Angel going to spend half of his already tight free time in Mexico? Were they going to share custody? You wouldn’t allow Angel to notspend time with his new child. Did Adelita have feelings for him? Did she even know about you? Ever the planner, you needed more details, and you knew Angel did not have the answers.

    Truthfully, you would get back together with him in an instant, even though you were feeling slightly conflicted about the whole thing. You were sure it would make things worse though, rushing back into a relationship when things had changed so quickly. You both needed time. The last thing you ever wanted, was to be upset or jealous because Angel had to run to Mexico to take care of his other family.

    “Let’s just figure out the details,” you said, finally pulling away from his grip. “Once we do that, maybe things can go back to normal. Our normal.”

    He chuckled at that, knowing things with the two of you were never really normal.

    AJ softly padded out of his room, rubbing his eyes as he entered the kitchen, effectively tabling the conversation for now. “Why are you guys up so early?”

    “We’ve decided to become morning people,” you joked with your son. “No more sleeping till noon, kiddo.”

    Your response elicited a scoff from his tiny mouth.

    “I’m making your favorite, mijo,” Angel gestured to the pancake batter on the counter.

    Angel always made pancakes from scratch and AJ loved them. It was the little things, like the extra care he took to make the batter and not buy box mix, that made you love him.

    After you ate, you told him that you were meeting Emily at the spa. His shoulders slightly tensed up at her name.

    “What?” you asked, knowing there were infinite reasons he would react that way.

    “I’m just tired of the Galindo’s being involved in our lives. Everything she wants comes at a cost. She just keeps… popping up.”

    Angel was right of course, and you weren’t exactly thrilled about whatever it was that Emily needed from you. It didn’t matter at the moment though; you wanted an expensive massage and whatever bougie lunch that would follow. She was more than willing to pay for you friendship.

    The spa was located closer to San Diego than Santo Padre. You had met her here a couple of times before. The last time was right after EZ got out, and she was more than curious to see how he was doing.

    “Hi, gorgeous!” she beamed at you, as you entered the brightly colored spa.

    You gave Nestor a nod as he stood a few steps behind Emily. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you thought about how much you contrasted with the building you were in. You were wearing your favorite beaten up pair of black cowboy boots, denim cut offs, and a wifebeater. You were sure than Emily’s blouse cost more than any article of clothing you owned, and was she wearing a Chanel suit on a Saturday morning? The spa itself was clean and white, Calacatta marble graced the floors, and the scent of jasmine and gardenia was being funneled through the vents. Two older white women dressed similar to Emily were staring at you and your choice of outfit. You smiled to yourself as you mouthed ‘fuck off’ to them, causing them to scurry off and murmur about how the spa was not how it used to be. Angel would’ve found it hilarious. You interlocked your arm with Emily’s as you made your way to the changing room.

    “I’m in desperate need of some hot stones, mi amiga.”

    After 90 minutes or so of a very skilled Ukrainian woman rubbing you down, you met Emily on the spa’s patio to eat an overpriced lunch. The two of you were both still in the spa’s terry cloth robes.

    “Thank you for this,” you gestured to view of the Laguna Mountains in the distance. “I swear you’re a mind reader, because you couldn’t have texted me at a better time.”

    Emily let out a small laugh. You saw her purse her lips, clearly thinking about the best way to approach whatever it is she wanted to ask you. “After everything this past year, Cristòbal, then the fire, and now Dita acting like… like she is, I needed it too. Really, I just needed an old friend. Someone who isn’t Miguel’s,” she offered you a smile.

    You understood. Emily was still so young, and she was suddenly in a position of extreme power and wealth. Miguel was always kind enough to you, so you weren’t worried about him treating her poorly, but you could imagine how suffocating it could feel at times.

    “I need two little favors though.”

    There it was. An entire 3 minutes of small talk and she got down to business. It was a new record for her.

    “Tell me,” you said.

    “Miguel and Adelita. I- I worry. He spends so much time in Mexico now and you should hear the way he talks about her. He went from such intense hatred- I mean, this is the woman responsible for kidnapping Cristóbal, for God’s sakes. Now he speaks about her in a way he’s never spoken about me.”

    At the sound of her name, you instinctively tensed your body. How could this woman be the cause of so much pain for so many other women?

    “And now, she’s pregnant. And Miguel claims he doesn’t know who the father is, but how can I not have doubts?”

    Emily was on the verge of tears, yet you had to laugh to yourself. The sound instantly brought confusion to her eyes as she was trying to understand why her pain would elicit that response from you.

    “Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh,” you grabbed her hand, so she knew you were being sincere. “It’s just that, Adelita… I’ve talked about her so much in the past 12 hours.”

    She looked at you expectantly to continue.

    “I promise you, Miguel is not the father of Adelita’s baby,” you took a sip of your cucumber water.

    “What? How do you-”

    You shot Emily a look, making her realize the only way you could know for certain the paternity of the baby.

    “You’re kidding?” she questioned, not quite believing that Angel was the one that the rebel had fallen for. Relief washed over her body as she tried to stifle a laugh. “I’m so sorry, it’s not funny,” her hand shot up to her face to try to cover her amusement. “I just… I had no idea what I was going to do if that was Miguel’s baby. Shit.”

    You filled Emily in on the details of what Angel had told you, in between bites of your lunch, leaving out the fact that you were still wildly in love and more than willing to get back together when the time was right. She hung onto your every word, grateful that for once her life didn’t take on the traits of a telenovela.

    “What was the other favor?” you asked, recalling that she said she needed two.

    “Well since I don’t need your sleuthing skills to figure out who the father is,” she started with a smile, “I uh, I need some muscle.”

    You glanced over to Nestor. He was sitting two tables back inside the restaurant, reading a newspaper. You cleared your throat, “what for? You have the best security in Southern California?”

    “It’s for this land deal in Santo Padre. It’s my chance to make my own thing, outside of the cartel. But I need someone to take care of a clerk for me.”

    “Take care?” You weren’t sure if she meant what you thought she meant.

    “No, not like that,” she offered a dry chuckle and sipped her white wine. “Just to talk to him. Intimidate him a bit.”

    “You want Angel to do it?” You knew she didn’t want Angel, but you just weren’t going to offer your brother-in-law to the wolves.

    She wiped the corners of her mouth with the cloth napkin on her lap and placed it delicately on the table. “Can you get EZ?”

    Of course, she needed to go through you to get in touch with EZ. You had been livid and heartbroken with EZ after you found out about his DEA deal, but he was still your family, and you were honestly tired of Emily trying to maintain her hold over him. If you asked him, you knew he would do anything she needed.

    “I’ll talk to him, Em,” you were being honest, you really would ask. “But I think you should really try to stop asking him for favors. Maybe me too. We can be friends. Just friends, without all of the other bullshit. You know EZ would still help you with anything, but Miguel will kill him if he even looks at you for too long. I doubt this favor is worth putting him in harms way.”

    She was shocked at your words. She wasn’t used to you or anyone not accepting her gifts without a grateful smile on their face. But like Angel said, you were getting tired of the Galindo’s trying to control everyone and everything in Santo Padre. You weren’t scared of Emily, maybe Miguel a little, but Nestor was actually an old friend, so you felt free to speak your mind.

    “I will ask,” you repeated your words from a moment ago, “but I won’t put him at risk because you can’t get what you want.” You looked straight ahead, positive her blue eyes were burrowing holes in the side of your face. “Thanks for lunch,” you finally said as you rose from you chair. You gave Nestor another nod as you went back to the changing room so you could reenter your life in Santo Padre.

    Two Harley’s were parked in your driveway when you arrived back home. You were happy Angel and EZ were back on good terms, especially for AJ’s sake. It was another you reason you loved him, he was willing to be a man and put his personal feelings aside if it benefitted the family.

    Your heart fluttered when you opened your front door. AJ’s head was resting in EZ’s lap and Angel was knocked out, head back on the couch and soft snores escaping his mouth. EZ was still awake though, fingers softly caressing your son’s scalp.

    “My three favorite men,” you smiled at EZ and gave him a peck on his cheek. “Can I borrow you outside?” you asked him.

    He nodded at you, gently lifting your son’s head up so he wouldn’t disturb his nap as he got off the couch. You two walked to your back deck. The sun was beginning to set over Santo Padre, allowing the dry desert heat to finally subside for a few hours. You put a cigarette between your lips, something you only did after particularly stressful days.

    EZ clearly knew this and recognized that your relaxing spa day was probably anything but. “Heard you saw Emily.”

    “She wants a favor from you. Something about a clerk at City Hall.”

    EZ nodded, contemplating how much longer he was willing to put up with Emily’s needs. She would always hold a special place in his heart, but things with her always got messy, just like with you and Angel. Except you and Angel always figured it out. EZ never knew where he really stood with Emily. He remained silent as you continued.

    “I told her she should stop asking you for things, and to stop coming to me as the middle-man.”

    “She should,” he finally responded. “Maybe I’ll help her though,” he looked over at you. “But it’ll be the last time.”

    You nodded at his decision. Not that your relationship with Angel was anything like EZ’s and Emily’s, but you were glad he was finally able to break a toxic cycle. At least one of you could.

    “So,” he started, changing the subject. “Why is Angel staying here?”

    “Uh, I don’t know if he is. You know he comes as he pleases.” You weren’t sure if Angel was planning on staying another night. If you two were getting back together, you needed to have a discussion about where you would be living. Yet another detail you needed to know.

    “He said you talked about getting back together.”

    If he had said that, you wondered if he had mentioned the situation with Adelita.

    “You know I love your brother, but we have some things to work out. Things are… complicated, you know? We needed the break but sometimes I wonder if that was the right choice. Like, if things would be so messy if we would’ve just stayed together.”

    “It’s not that complicated though, manita. You love each other and want to be together. Just take the plunge.” It was clear to you now that he did not know about Adelita. “Nobody gets the point of this shit anyway. We thought it would like a year or two apart, not five.”

    You shifted awkwardly, taking a final pull from your cigarette before putting it out.

    “What is it?” EZ was on high alert now, sensing the shift in your body language.

    You pondered whether or not you should tell Angel’s secret. It wouldn’t be a secret for much longer anyway. The MC would obviously notice if Angel made longer trips to Mexico or occasionally came back to Santo Padre with a baby.

    “Fuck, EZ,” you put your head in your hands and felt your heartbeat increase. He was going to be pissed. You tried not to cry, but it was overwhelming. As much as you were willing to move forward the best you could and establish your blended family, it was stressful and scary and a little heartbreaking. By now, EZ was even more on high alert, ready to be upset with his brother at whatever he did to make you this emotional.

    “Angel is having a baby… with someone else.” It was basically a whisper, as if saying it to EZ would make it more real. EZ was one of the only people that you could be vulnerable with. Before he went to prison, you would frequently have deep conversations about your hopes and fears. Even while he was away, you would write each other letters, describing every thought or feeling with incredible detail to each other. He was your brother and he fucking cared about you.

    He was shocked. He didn’t think Angel would be dumb enough to get someone pregnant, especially when he always spoke about expanding his family with you and only you.

    You both whipped your heads around when you heard the squeak of your back door open. Angel peaked his head out, the sheepish grin on his face slowly falling at the sight of your watery eyes. Without a word, EZ stood up and made his way over to the door, his fists clenched and a scowl on his usually happy face. With one quick movement, he grabbed the collar of Angel’s green and grey flannel, forcefully pulling him into the yard. Angel, unprepared for the movement, stumbled and struggled to regain his balance.

    With a growl and his tight grip remaining, EZ stared deep into his brothers eyes. “What the fuck did you do?”

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    16.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Pairing: Vampire!Ten x Hunter!Reader (Female)

    Genre: Supernatural AU

    Warnings: Bit of violence, blood, lore I made up, bit of smut

    Summary: It’s your job to protect the human race from anything that creeps through the night. However, a chance encounter with a vampire called Ten threatens to upset an already precarious balance between light and dark.

    Word Count: 10,032

    A/N: Part Two! Part One can be found here. Third and final part to be posted soon! [Song lyrics = Out of this World by Bush, Hostage by Billie Eilish, Who Are You by Mikky Ekko] Tagging @whattaweeb as requested!

    part two: and the barriers are all self-made

    With a deep sigh you exited the mausoleum and closed the door behind you, slouching against it for a moment so that you could gather your bearings. Out of all the supernatural creatures you often had to tangle with, revenants were in the top five for being the worst. Mostly because they’d been actual people in their former lives; people that had died violent deaths who just couldn’t seem to find peace in the hereafter. So…they came back. Not to feed like a zombie or terrorize like a ghost, but to attempt to slip back into their old lives like nothing had changed. Sometimes they were summoned by powerful magic practitioners for a fee by some poor grieving family member. Either way it all usually ended the same because revenants always came back wrong. A little angrier, a little scarier, a little different… You’d honestly never encountered one that hadn’t given into its violent instincts to hurt those it could no longer connect with.

    The one you’d dealt with just minutes earlier had once been a young man with a promising career in something or other. Sadly, it no longer mattered. His twin sister had not been able to let him go, and after poking around on the right websites she’d found someone who’d actually had the power to help her. For fifty thousand dollars of course. Some fucked up ritual later and she’d gotten her brother back. Or, technically she’d gotten something back stuffed into her brother’s skin. Long story short he’d ended up attacking her and her boyfriend; would have killed them if you and Elizabeth hadn’t intervened in time. Hadn’t fought him off and knocked him out before dragging him back to the place where he was supposed to be resting. He was now back in his coffin with a rail road spike in his chest, waiting until sunrise when the magic would fade and he’d hopefully be at peace once again.

    Why was the world so fucked up? Or maybe it was just your world.

    Anyway since Elizabeth had a date with another member of your Order, you’d offered to deal with the clean up so she’d ran off. In all honestly you kinda just wanted to be alone with your own thoughts. You liked Elizabeth but she could be entirely too perky after a fight. Still she was better that Jeremy. But that was just how it went amongst the Pantheon. Many different personalities mingling together, all with the goal to make the world a safer place.

    Though lately you…wondered if that were truly the case. Usually things went pretty smoothly but tiny arguments were cropping up more frequently and they always tended to be between a Learner and a Sangre Pura. You never knew who started what but more than once the Learner had uttered something disparaging to the Pura before storming off. The Elders said you were all on the same level but the older you got the more you realized that wasn’t true. Someone being able to control fire wasn’t the same as someone being able to conjure fire.

    Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before the bickering turned to blows.

    Which is dumb as shit. Infighting will just make us look weak to our enemies, you thought to yourself. Of which we have many.

    You huffed and wiped your dirt covered hands on your black jeans. All across the quiet cemetery were thick headstones adorned with colorful flowers and finely cut grass. Several benches dotted the property; the closest to you being under a tall tree with drooping branches. To the right was a small toolshed where the groundskeeper kept his things but he thankfully had not been on duty tonight. Tomorrow he would show up and see scuff marks in the dirt but probably think nothing of it. Have no idea of the secret now locked away where it belonged.

    Shaking your head, you kicked off the door and headed towards the rocky path that would take you to the main gate. You weren’t sure you would get much sleep tonight but that was alright. Sleep these days tended to bring with it dreams that you couldn’t make heads nor tails of. Disjointed and sharp like shards of glass, sometimes you were alone and desperately trying to find someone. Other times you were on a bridge with dark water rushing down below waiting for someone.

    Waiting for—waiting for Ten.

    He didn’t show up in the dreams and you knew he wasn’t sending them to you because Demios were immune to that sort of mind play. Nevertheless, you were certain they were about him. You felt it deep down in your gut like the painful twist of a knife. Not knowing what they meant or why they were happening was not fun, especially since you had not technically seen Ten since your chat in that bar.


    For the past two months—give or take a day—it was as if Ten had been everywhere and nowhere. A shadow hovering on the peripheral of your vision; always gone whenever you turned around. The first few times you’d waved it away as nothing more than your mind playing a trick. Picking up on that tiny kernel of the desire you had to actually see him again. With the way you’d left things it made sense to be honest. Held itself over your head like a guillotine ready to fall at any moment. However, after spotting those deep brown eyes in the crowd of a supernatural murder scene, you’d slowly realized perhaps it wasn’t a trick at all. Perhaps he was popping up wherever you were like a gorgeous yet weird jack in the box.

    If he were trying to drive you crazy, well he was doing a decent job. Though what did that say about you? That a vampire drifting on the edges of your life was somehow more worrisome than nailing a reanimated dead body into a coffin.

    A chirp from your cell had you pulling it out of your pocket. You smiled as Elizabeth’s message; at least she still liked you.

    Lizzy: Hey! Everything okay?? Still alive?

    You: Yup. Headed home now. Date going well?

    Lizzy: Eh not too bad. He gets a strike for not liking cats. Powering through tho!

    You: lol nice.

    Lizzy: See you later. Tell you all about it!

    You: Cool!

    As you were shoving your phone into your back pocket the hairs on the back of your neck jumped to attention.

    “I know you’re there,” you said aloud. “Hopefully you’re not here to cause any trouble. I was just leaving anyway.”

    A figure emerged from the darkness to stand underneath one of the yellow lanterns that had been placed sporadically on the grounds. “What are you doing here anyway?” asked a familiar voice. “It’s…late.”


    You didn’t even have to talk yourself into walking over to him—your feet moving of their own accord. Although you weren’t sure why, you were happy to see him in the flesh. Of course just the mere fact that he was here meant your theory about him orbiting you had been right. It didn’t explain the why but you figured you’d get to that later.

    “Hey. I um—work stuff,” you said answering his question. “What are you doing here?”

    Ten motioned behind him. He was wearing a long sleeved black sweater that looked extremely soft; the sleeves coming down over his knuckles and jeans. “There are graves deep in the woods back there, down the hill. I was visiting someone I used to know a long time ago.”

    You nodded slowly. “Is it the person you mentioned the Demios took from you?”

    He arched a brow. “No. When the Demios were done there was nothing left of them.”

    Burned then. Yikes. “I—as dumb as it might be to say I’m sorry.”

    Ten shrugged glibly. “If you were anyone else I’d accuse you of being superficial but I know you mean it so…thank you I guess.” Folding his arms across his chest, he stared at you without a hint of guilt. “I’ve been watching you.”

    “I know.” You bit your bottom lip. “At first I thought I was imagining things but I’ve seen you places you weren’t supposed to be. Lingering. You could have just caught me when I was alone if you wanted to say hello.”

    His lips curved into something like a smile but not quite. It lacked warmth. “Actually I was trying to see if your whole be and let be act was real. After our drink I started to wonder…”

    You snorted. “Oh you mean after you threw a tantrum and stormed out? Right. Well what’s the verdict? Am I real or not?”

    Ten sighed. “You’re naive. You think what you’re doing makes a difference, and it’s only going to end badly for you.”

    His words made you frown. “What I’m doing does make a difference. I saved two people tonight and maybe it’s not a big number, but that doesn’t take anything away from it. They are alive because of me.”

    He glanced off into the distance, face impassive. “And tomorrow they might be hit by a bus or attacked by something else just as sinister as whatever came for them tonight.”

    “So, what? I should just let people start dying now?”

    “Why not? If they shoe were on the other foot can you honestly say they’d help you?”

    Although you had a reply for him it wasn’t what came out of your mouth next. “Are you alright? You seem…I don’t know. Upset.”

    Ten chuckled but it was a dark, gloomy thing. “You don’t know me well enough to know how I seem. You’re out here in the middle of the night all alone fighting monsters. Talking to a monster. You have no self-perseveration instincts. I could scatter your body parts to the four corners of the world and no one would know. No one would care.”

    Swallowing hard, you dug your nails into your palm to keep yourself collected. You didn’t know why he was being so cruel but perhaps he was right. Maybe this was his default setting, and the guy you’d joked with in the bar had been an illusion. Something pretty to lure you in so you’d let your guard down.

    You steadied yourself and met his gaze head on. “You could be right, Ten. Hell you probably are—I don’t know. The one thing I do know is that no matter what happens to me, my life had meaning. It had purpose and that’s not something a lot of people can say. I could die tomorrow but at least I’ll have made a small difference. But I can see how that means nothing to someone like you.”

    “Someone like me?” he inquired with a hint of surprise. “What? A vampire?”

    “A cynic. Something has crawled up your ass and you’ve decided to take it out on me. You could have just walked away when you saw me if I offend you so much,” you told him. “Also for the record I’ve never called you a monster. Right now you’re just an asshole and I’m sorry to say, that doesn’t make you special. Assholes are a dime a dozen these days.”

    Suddenly he was directly in front of you, fingers hovering around your throat but not touching. He looked down at you with bright red eyes. “Y/N…”

    Your heart stuttered but you weren’t sure if it was from fear or something else entirely. You remembered quite vividly what his hand felt like around your neck as it had nearly squeezed the life out of you, but that was then and this was now. That had been unbridled anger and this was—you weren’t sure what this was.

    Your voice was a barely there whisper as you replied, “You said you wouldn’t lay a hand on me again unless I asked you to.”

    Ten wet his lips with the tip of his tongue. “You trust me to keep my word?”

    “I believe you’ll keep your word.”


    “Why not?”

    He grunted and turned away from you. “You’re not cute.”

    You blinked. “I’m—what do you want from me, Ten? I—I thought we were—we had a nice chat at that bar before you got an attitude. I still don’t know why you switched on a dime like that. I thought maybe it was because you saw Elizabeth coming and you wanted to make sure she didn’t see us talking to each other. I wouldn’t have cared by the way…if she had seen us.”

    Ten didn’t respond so you figured your odd, semi hostile conversation with him was over. Again you were left with a strange feeling of disappointment but it was what it was. Ten’s history with the Pantheon was obviously a deep and gnarled thing; like the roots of an old tree that towered over the others. You got the feeling whatever emotions he was fighting with were stronger than his quaint fascination with you. And while he did stir something inside of you—how, why—it wasn’t enough for the wishy washy bullshit.

    “Have a good night, Ten. Oh.” You began to walk away when you remembered the chain around your neck, and the ring tucked safely beneath your shirt. Grabbing the chain as you turned to face him, you yanked, breaking the tiny clasp with a silent snap. “Here.”

    With a practiced cavalier motion, you tossed it to him. Naturally he caught it easily, eyes stretching wider as he realized what it was. “My ring. You—you kept it? You’ve…been wearing it?”

    You ran your fingers through your long dark hair, unable to read his expression. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I?”

    He opened his mouth to reply but no words seemed to be forthcoming. Instead of waiting for him to reboot, you slipped your hands into the pockets of your leather jacket and left, the sound of the rusty gate squeaking loudly as it slammed closed behind you.

    ~but this feels right, so stay a sec~

    It was rare that more than two people were needed for a mission but when said mission took place at a party, more of your friends tended to show up. Hence why five Demios were currently inside the abandoned warehouse attempting to blend in with the crowd. By drinking and dancing and letting pretty people paint them with neon paint because it was a blacklight party after all, and not standing out like a sore thumb was important. Yeah you all knew it was a bullshit excuse but thankfully the people who would have complained weren’t around. And technically passing as just someone there to let off steam actually worked in your favor considering what you were up against.

    The minute you’d walked in a young lady dressed as a fairy had pulled you aside and painted pink wings on either side of your cheeks. On your forehead and down your bare arms she’d drawn a series of white stars. Underneath the blacklights you glowed, radiant and mysterious. Lingering near the back you watched your friends dance and snorted at their lack of rhythm. The music was so loud it shook the windows and rafters, raining down tiny particles of dusk from the ceiling. You could feel the beat vibrating through your bones, and although you didn’t really realize it you were bopping along in place. It felt nice to not be in your head.

    To not be thinking about Ten.

    Two days since the cemetery thing and no sign of him—for real this time.

    Shaking your head, you maneuvered your way into the bouncing crowd until you were near two of your friends, Damien and Sam. Damien was a Learner and Sam a Pura but there had never been any bad blood between them or you. You all got along pretty well, which was why you were surprised to be paired up with Jeremy when those two were right there. The Elders decisions often made no real sense to you.

    Damien smiled as you arrived and grabbed your hand, pulling you between him and Sam. You thought about declining the obvious dance invitation but figured one dance wouldn’t hurt. Plus it might help lure out the incubus.

    Hands on his strong shoulders, you rocked your body to the beat. Damien’s blue eyes twinkled with mischief as he slipped an arm around your waist, above where Sam’s hands were planted. Together the three of you lost yourself in the music, snickering and showing off your moves. When the hairs on the back of your neck perked up you knew at once that someone or rather something was watching you. Downright staring at you if the tingling along your spine was any indication. You pretended not to notice however and fluttered your lashes at Damien, making him laugh.

    “I think this is working.” He leaned down so that he could whisper directly into your ear. “Suspicious looking guy just disappeared around the corner after checking us out. Could be going to jerk it.”

    You made a face. “Gross! In that case you and Sam can go see what’s up.”

    They grumbled good naturally but went to do just that.

    Fanning yourself, you headed upstairs to the second level, hoping the metal catwalk was not as unsteady as it looked. You rested your elbows on the thick railing and watched the people down below, admiring all of the different bright colors on everyone’s skin. To the naked eye everything appeared to be fine but you could sense a slight shift in the crowd. People were pressing closer; bodies starting to grind to the music. The energy in the room was gradually becoming thick enough to taste. It wasn’t weird for things to get sexy but you knew when feelings were being…helped along.

    “Huh. Shouldn’t be long now,” you murmured to yourself. “Good thing we’re immune or things could get awkward really quick.”

    “Do you always talk to yourself?”

    You exhaled deeply but kept your eyes on the partiers. “This doesn’t strike me as your scene. Unless you’re here for dinner?”

    Ten—because of course it was Ten—stepped up close behind you, caging you in against the railing with an arm on either side of you. The material of his shirt brushed your bare skin but that was the only point of contact. Idly you mused only someone in total control of their body could use it the way he did. Vampires tended to be elegant in general but Ten left them all in the dust.

    “I did grab a bite,” he said with an obvious smile in his voice. “A couple was looking for a third and I told them I could do amazing things with my mouth…”

    It shouldn’t have caused a twinge of jealousy to zip through your veins but it did. Emotions were stupid and you were tired of dealing with them. “Congratulations. Why don’t you go get dessert then? I’m on the clock.”

    He hummed. “You’re looking especially tasty tonight. Are you offering, kitten?”

    “Don’t call me kitten. And I’m sorry, but are you on drugs? Can vampires get high? Because I feel like that’s the only explanation for how you’ve been acting. Two days ago you basically called me a dumb bitch.”

    Stepping to the side of you so that he could see your face, he sighed. “No. Actually I’m here to apologize. I just—I saw you dancing with that guy and…”

    “Was that you watching me?” you asked in surprise. “I thought it was the incubus we’re hunting.”

    Ten glanced down to the crowd. “Incubus huh? I’m sure you caught his eye—with the way you look tonight I’m surprised everyone isn’t staring at you—but I was the one watching you. I thought about asking to cut in but I knew we needed to have a conversation first. Y/N I’m sorry.”

    You huffed. “Sure.”

    “No I’m serious.” He ducked his head, brown eyes focusing on nothing in particular. In that moment he looked oddly vulnerable. “Can we talk outside? Please?”

    It was the please that did it. You looked up at him; at his long lashes and tousled hair and knew there was no way you could say no. “Let’s go to the roof.”

    Ten smiled and followed you out of a wide square window onto a rusty fire escape. You both made your way up to the roof where the music was still loud but muted. Finding a couple of plastic crates that someone had left behind, you plopped down onto one while he took the other.

    “So…” He cleared his throat. “You were right the other day. There are things going on, things that have me stressed and I took it out on you. I was looking for a fight and I wanted you to take the bait. It’s messed up but it’s the truth.”

    Curious, you squinted at him. “What sort of things are going on?”

    He scratched at his wrist. “Someone from my past is back and they are causing problems for me and the Coven.”

    “What sorta problems?”

    “He wants to be the leader, and to do that he has to get the others to vote me unfit. Then he can challenge me.”

    “But you’re a Master vampire. Even if he does challenge you, you’d kick his ass. Right?”

    “In a fair fight, yes. But Tobias has never fought fair. Even now he’s undermining me and setting shit up, putting ideas into the heads of the younger ones. Telling them we should be out eating whoever we want, taking whoever we want because we’re at the top of the food chain. Most know he’s full of shit but some…”

    “If he’s hyping your Coven up to attack people then he needs to be dealt with. The Pantheon—”

    “No I do not want them involved. I’m handling it.”

    You weren’t so sure but you didn’t say that. “Okay. Is that why you were keeping your distance?”

    He nodded. “I’ve been dealing with his bullshit, and frankly I didn’t want him to see me talking to you. Don’t want you on his radar. I should have stayed away entirely but—it was like I just couldn’t. I wanted to see you if nothing else.”

    Against your will you felt a blush creeping up onto your cheeks. Suddenly it was like you were back in that bar, having a nice conversation with someone you didn’t expect. A very handsome someone. “Well as far as excuses go yours is pretty decent. I knew something was up with you.” You point a finger at him. “I’m willing to let what happened in the cemetery slide but I’m not a punching bag or one of those balls you squeeze to relieve stress. The stuff you said to me was fucked up.”

    Ten reached for your hand and after a moment, you allowed him to take it. His thumb brushing across your knuckles was strangely comforting. “I know and I am sincerely sorry. I can be a dick. I wanted to upset you. But Y/N you should know, I don’t believe any of the stuff I said. I do think you’re a bit too trusting, but you’re also a fighter. You’ve survived all these years fighting all manner of creatures because you’re powerful and extraordinary.”

    Earnestness is a good look on him, you thought absently as you tried to not fall into his dark, penetrating eyes. “What changed your mind? What made you decide to be honest with me?”

    Very slowly he entwined your fingers together. “Reality. I have enough enemies, Y/N, and I didn’t want to make you another one. Watching you walk away—it felt like I was losing something. If that makes sense?”

    It did. “I get it. We don’t really know each other but…” Trailing off, you chuckled softly. “I think I somehow missed you when you weren’t around. And I shouldn’t because you’re a vampire and I’m a Demios and—and we’re not supposed to make sense.”

    “But we do,” he whispered. “There is just something about you.” Digging into the front pocket of his pants, he pulled out his gold ring that was now on a fancy new expensive chain. “Here. When I left this in the bar I—well I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Leaving something to come back for later as an excuse to see you perhaps. Honestly I figured you’d probably thrown it away. Either way I want you to keep it.”

    Standing, Ten stepped behind you and slipped the chain around your neck, his fingers dancing across your skin as he secured the clasp.

    “Thanks.” You tucked the ring safely under the collar of your tank top. “I’ll make sure nothing happens to it.”

    He smiled, shoulders slumping as they lost tension. “Good because I’ve had it for a very long time. I stole it from a whiny Duchess in 1878 who didn’t want my type at her ball.”

    Amused, you chuckled. “Surprised that’s all you did to her. Not that I condone anything else but I’m being realistic.”

    Smirking, he tilted his head up so that he could gaze up at the stars. “I might have also ruined her reputation but in a way she cared about the ring more. It belonged to her late brother. I’ve lived a long time and I have done some pretty unspeakable things. But I guess it comes with the territory. You either learn and make peace with the monster you’ve been or you repeat those mistakes.”

    You hummed in agreement. “Well seeing as how I hadn’t heard of you before our…exciting first meeting, you must have been doing something right.”

    “Or your Elders are keeping secrets from you.”

    “I’m sure they are,” you replied poking him in the shoulder. “You know I’m not an idiot. There is no secret organization out there that doesn’t have its bad parts. I’ve never been one of those people who believe the Pantheon’s shit doesn’t stink.”

    “Then why continue to put up with them?” he asked. “You and others like you have all the power.”

    In all honesty—especially when you were younger—you often questioned why you had to listen to a bunch of old men simply because they said so. The usual answer was because that’s how it’s always been. But ideals were made to be challenged, right? Some anyway. Challenging the Pantheon was easier said than done though; you still weren’t sure who was at the very top. Who actually pulled all of the strings.

    “We have physical power but they have wealth and—and who knows what else? If anyone has ever stepped out of line or refused to help, I’ve never heard about it.” You exhaled shakily. “And that kinda terrifies me. Besides some people kiss ass like you wouldn’t believe, and they would be happy to turn against me. I’m not sure I could make it on my own.”

    “You wouldn’t be on your own.” Ten lifted his hand as if to tuck your hair behind your ear, and when you nodded he continued, pushing silky strands off your cheek. “Y/N you can come to me anytime for any reason. If I can help you I will.”

    Sometimes it was easy to forget that Ten was an all-powerful Master vampire and not just some good looking guy you’d happened to meet. Sitting beside you in jeans and a t-shirt—which he’d probably wore to blend in at the party—you found yourself wishing your circumstances were different. If you were both just two silly humans you’d never have to worry about your budding relationship putting each other in danger. While the Neos probably didn’t care who he associated with, your Elders were a different story.

    Yet just sitting with him right now? You kind of didn’t care what they thought. Others had done way worse than make a new friend.


    Pushing that thought away, you grinned. “I will keep that in mind. Also that vice is pretty much versa. If you ever need help I’m here.”

    He giggled and you rolled your eyes, hating that you found it endearing. “So this incubus. You aren’t worried that it might seduce you and make a meal of you? I’d imagine a Demios could keep it satisfied for a long time.”

    You made a face. “Thankfully I’m immune to the full force of incubus power. I might feel it like you’d feel a light breeze on your skin, but it wouldn’t rev my engine if you know what I mean.”

    Ten snorted. “I…guess that’s good then in your line of work. Of course the question now becomes what does rev your engine?”

    Okay I left myself open to that one. “Vampires that aren’t nosy. Anyway I’ve got a question for you. Why do you call me kitten? Are nicknames your thing?”

    “At the risk of pissing you off, you sorta reminded me of an angry kitten when I was choking you.” He had the decency to look embarrassed. “Just the way you were hissing.”

    “You mean gasping for air!”

    Ten laughed, his nose scrunching. “I’m glad we can joke about this now.” You pfft and he continued. “I wouldn’t say I have a thing for nicknames but I do sometimes refer to my friends as baby or whatever. Force of habit.”

    “Is it hard being the leader of such a large Coven?”

    “Not exactly. Most listen to me and like the way I do things, like Johnny and Mark. It’s more about making sure we are safe and have…food. I’m sure some would rather be out hunting but why invite that danger when plenty of humans would volunteer to be fed on.”

    “That makes sense. Consent is sexy. And I’ve always heard a vampire’s bite can be…”

    “Euphoric? Depends on the vampire.”

    You arched a brow. “What about you? I’m guessing that couple left without any complaints?”

    Watching you and obviously seeing something in your expression that had the side of his mouth ticking up, he licked his lips. “You know Y/N I could show you if you’re that curious.” He took your hand in his, slender fingers dragging across your wrist. His fangs descended and he nipped at your pinky.

    Your body gave a fully body shudder and for a wild moment you wanted to take him up on his offer. And it wasn’t the Pantheon’s rules or even your own sanity holding you back. It was the distinct impression that if you let Ten bite you, you wouldn’t want it to stop just there. You’d want more…

    “I’d let you,” you whispered breathlessly. “But I—I don’t think you could handle it.”

    Ten laughed again. “Oh? Why not?”

    You curled your fingers around his chin and smoothed your thumb across his bottom lip. “Call it a hunch.”

    Grinning, he grabbed your hand and pressed a kiss into your palm, tongue flicking out against your life line. Just the feeling of his tongue to something as innocent as your hand had you twitching, sending a tiny spark of electricity across his cheek. He jerked, eyes stretching wide. “Did you do that on purpose?”

    You thought about lying but figured he’d probably call you on it. “No. It—sometimes when I get excited—I lose focus and—” Why wasn’t a hole opening up to swallow you down? “Not that you excite me! I just meant—”

    By now Ten is holding his stomach as he laughed hard, the sound carrying off into the distance. You kinda want to smack him but he looked so carefree and cute that you just shook your head, hoping your face cooled down eventually.

    “You really are adorable; you know that?” he said once his laughter subsided. “Among other things.”

    “Uh huh.”

    “You are.” Ten’s eyes met yours and just like that, the air crackled with tension. “For what it’s worth I think I could handle you just fine. Glitching powers and all.”

    “Ten…” Your voice was low. You wanted to change the subject but all you could suddenly think about was how soft his lips were. Would they be that soft against yours? Was he a good kisser? He had probably centuries of practice under his belt so.

    “God I want to kiss you.” He grasped a few strands of your hair and twisted them around his finger. It’s as if he was reading your mind. “You’re like—everything about you just pulls me in. I can’t explain it. I’m old enough to know better but I don’t even care.”

    “It’s forbidden,” you managed to say as he drew closer.

    Ten nodded. “Then tell me to stop.”

    Your faces were inches apart; you could see the tiny bit of red that swam in the brown of his eyes. His skin was flawless and he smelled like roses and expensive cologne. It would be so easy to tangle your fingers into his black hair and drag his mouth to yours. Oh, how you wanted to. How you wanted to break the rules and do something for yourself; take something for yourself. There was nothing stopping you…

    “Y/N!” The sound of the roof door slamming back to the wall had you and Ten jumping to your feet.

    Damien hurried outside but came to a dead stop at the sight of you two together, his hand instantly drifting to the dagger strapped to his thigh. He’d cottoned on immediately that Ten was a vampire. Meanwhile you’d stepped protectively in front of Ten before you’d even realized it. It did not go unnoticed by Damien.

    “Y/N, what’s going on?” He arched a brow. “Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine,” you replied in a tone that brooked no argument. “What’s up? Is it the incubus?”

    Damien motioned back inside. “We’ve got him pinned down in the basement. Caught him in the middle of instigating an orgy. His…admirers are forming a human wall to protect him so we need ‘em zapped and incapacitated.”

    You snorted. “Okay. I’ll be right there.”

    Damien gave Ten a quizzical look before turning and disappearing the way he’d came.

    Ten touched your shoulder. “Are you going to be okay?”

    “Yeah. Damien is a good guy. He won’t run off at the mouth if I—if I tell him the deal.” Smiling, you turned to go when he gently grabbed your wrist. “Ten…”

    “Meet me tomorrow at the bar. After sundown.” His arm snaked around your waist, and he reeled you in until your chest was pressed against his. “Please.”

    I should have known he’d wield that word like a weapon, you thought wryly. “Fine. But only because I kinda like the way you sound when you beg.”

    He laughed. “Meet me tomorrow night and I’ll beg for you all you want.”

    This was going to become a problem. Shaking your head, you pecked his cheek and wiggled out of his embrace before he could stop you. “Promises, promises.” Instead of sticking around for a reply you were running inside and downstairs.

    Duty called.

    ~see me bare my teeth for you~

    For the next two weeks you met up with Ten every single night, sometimes just to hang out while other times he actually joined you on hunts. He claimed he was more of a lover than a fighter which was why he’d stand in the shadows and watch you work, but you called bullshit after watching him put his fist through a ghoul’s chest after you’d been tossed into a tree. It shouldn’t have been sexy but you wouldn’t try to pretend because it naturally was. It was also quite sexy the way he’d rushed to your side afterwards, smoothing his hands along your sides to make sure nothing was broken. He’d even offered to carry you home; overkill but a part of you wanted to take him up on the offer.

    When simply hanging out you’d let him show you his favorite haunts. Old bookstores tucked away under yellowing awnings. Family run coffee shops where he’d watched several generations grow up. An art gallery where a portrait that looked suspiciously like him holding a white cat hung on the cream colored walls. Pieces of his life that he was happily willing to share with you; it’d made you feel special. And while you hadn’t been able to exactly strike the same balance, you’d opened up as much as you could.

    Showing him pictures of your parents and telling him about the emails they often sent. How much you loved being able to visit them when you could, and how sometimes you day dreamed about what your life would be like if you were normal. If you’d have gone to school, if you’d have a normal job, if you’d be better-off than where you were now. Ten never judged you, he just listened patiently. Your outings felt like dates but neither of you called them such. Perhaps the balance was to precarious and neither of you wanted to tip it in the wrong direction.

    Either way you enjoyed the time you spent with Ten and it was obvious he liked spending time with you too. And after speaking to Damien he seemed pretty chill about the whole thing, promising to not tell anyone. But it wasn’t a secret anymore—Jeremy had seen to that. He’d caught Ten walking you up the path leading to the gate of the manor, had seen Ten squeeze your hand before disappearing into the darkness. And then the asshole had gleefully announced to the entire house that you were apparently some vampire’s new chew toy.

    So now people whispered when you walked into a room. The Elders had pretty much threatened you to stay away from Ten, and just the thought of being forced to not see him had you exploding every lightbulb in the manor. The audacity of them actually hinting at harm coming to you for who you chose to spend your time with… Especially after following all of their rules to the letter for so many years? Well when the pressure in your ears had subsided they’d been cowering in the doorway, and you’d charred finger imprints into the chair you’d been sitting in.

    “We’ll talk about this when you’re not so emotional,” Elder Cross had snapped before dismissing you.

    The other shoe was going to drop soon. You just hoped you were ready for it when it did.

    Stretched out on a wooden bench under a buzzing streetlight, you glanced at your watch for the fourth time and sighed. Usually Ten was at least a few minutes late—too busy making himself pretty he’d joked—but honestly you were starting to get a little worried. A couple of minutes were one thing but almost an hour and a half? Something was…off.

    Or maybe he’s just finally grown bored of you, a tiny voice in your head whispered. Curiosity sated and all that.

    What would you do if he just up and ended your…whatever? The Pantheon was not the forgiving type.

    Swinging your legs around and putting your feet on the ground, you exhaled deeply and tried to consider your next move. The sounds of a vehicle approaching had you glancing down the otherwise vacant street, watching as a black motorcycle grew closer and closer. It practically squealed to a stop in front of you and you stood slowly, eying the rider as they removed their black helmet.


    He grinned. “You remembered. I’m flattered.”

    You blinked at him. “I—” It was then you noticed the bruises on his face, and that the front of his shirt was shredded as if by claws. “What happened? How did you know I’d be here? Where’s Ten?”

    Johnny sighed. “Ten told me this is where you guys have been meeting so I figured…” Trailing off, he shook his head. “You know Tobias right? I’m sure he told you all about him.”

    You nodded. “Yeah the dickhead who wants to be in charge. Did he—is Ten—”

    Johnny gazed at you for a second before replying, “Tobias didn’t have enough votes to oust Ten but he issued him a challenge anyway. Ten being Ten; he accepted but Tobias is a fuck head so naturally he didn’t fight fair. He’d offered us all a drink an hour before and like idiots we’d thought nothing of it. He poisoned us. Just enough so that when he really went after Ten we couldn’t help.” He swore under his breath. “All hell brook loose and he had his minions take Ten away. I was able to escape but I’m too weak to do anything.”

    “You were poisoned?” you inquired as a sinking feeling wormed its way into your gut. “Dead man’s blood?”

    “Yes. Ten got the most of it. Tobias’ weapon was coated in the stuff. A little can slow our reflexes and our healing. The amount he gave Ten? If it reaches his heart it’ll kill him.”

    Your body jolted in alarm. “Where are they?”

    Climbing off of his bike and passing you the helmet, he hobbled over to the bench and flopped down. “We have a sort of area where we conduct vampire business. Judge unruly vamps and sentence them. It’s not too far from here—the GPS is already set for it.”

    “Will you be okay?” You mounted the bike, your heart slamming against your rib cage. What if you were too late?

    “Yeah just help Ten,” Johnny said slowly. “Y/N be careful. Tobias’ gang doesn’t fight fair.”

    “Who said anything about fighting fair? I’m gonna kill them all.” With a sharp U turn, the tires screeched and smoked as you squeezed the throttle and took off down the road.

    Getting involved in the business of supernaturals just wasn’t done when you were a Demios. If they fought and killed each other then so be it. The Elders would probably rejoice if something happened to Ten and the other Neos, not realizing the power vacuum something that like would make. You didn’t even know Tobias but it’s obvious him in charge would only end with getting people killed, humans and vampires alike. You already knew there was no way you’d be able to look at him—knowing what he’d done to Ten—and make nice.

    One way or another his reign ended tonight.

    Your mind was a jagged mess of thoughts as you followed the GPS, taking curves and turns entirely too fast. Running red lights and weaving between the sparse traffic, you were happy when you were finally out of the city area. Flying down the dark highway you watched as your destination grew closer and closer until you were zipping off the road and through the towering trees along a rocky path. What you finally arrived at made your breath catch in your throat.

    The train yard had been long abandoned, that much was extremely clear. The few buildings left behind were nearly crumbled into nothing; rusty shells with tattered paper like windows and overgrown bushes. Three train cars sat in the muddy field covered with graffiti and dead weeds. In the middle were two fancy cars with their headlights bright and shining towards a figure that had been tied up onto a metal cross.


    He was surrounded by twelve burly looking vampires; all of their heads swiveling your way as you stopped the bike and cut the engine. Slipping off your helmet, you dropped it to the dirt and rolled your shoulders as you slowly made your way closer on foot.

    “What’s this then?” asked one of the men. “We didn’t order take out, did we?”

    The others laughed. “No but I could definitely go for a bite.” A dude with a wicked scar down the side of his face leered at you. “How did you find your way here, little girl?”

    “I’m here for him.” You pointed to Ten.

    Scar glanced to Ten, who hung shirtless and carved up from his cross, blood oozing slow from his wounds. “He’s…indisposed. Who are you anyway?”

    Reaching behind you, you yanked out two long ornate daggers with curved silver blades. “Demios.”

    That got their attention. Scar spit on the ground. “Fucking hunters! You must be one dumb bitch to come here all by yourself.”

    “If you ask me, you’re the ones outnumbered here,” you snapped. “And since I know you don’t wanna do this the easy way, let’s cut the bullshit. Ten’s too pretty to stay up there and get rope burns on his wrists.”

    There wasn’t any more talking after that. Scar leapt at you with a growl, throwing punches at your face. You ducked his wild fists and swung your right arm forward, slicing his head clean off his shoulders. His body exploded in a cloud of black, fiery ash and the others howled with rage. They came at you like a pack of rabid animals, kicking and slashing and trying to get their fangs into your neck. You’d never taken on so many before but you knew what you were capable of. And you put the terrain to good use.

    You clamored up onto a train car and kicked the first one to follow you in the face so hard his eyes popped out. He went down like a sack of potatoes and you flipped over the second—a bald man with a spider web tattoo on the back of his head—to stab him in the back. He poofed to nothing just as a third kicked you in the stomach, sending you crashing to the ground. But you were back on your feet within seconds, dodging the fist driving down towards your forehead.

    “Ha!” You chopped it off, caught it before it fell and slapped the guy with it. He stumbled backwards and you stabbed him in the chest, twirling your dagger as he was dusted away. This is taking too long! You need to get to Ten now!

    Retreating as the leftover vampires started to advance, you said fuck it, knowing you only had one real shot if you did this so you had to make it count. You threw your hands up towards the sky and screamed, calling down the lightning to you. The clear sky grew overcast in a split second, thick dark clouds rolling in as thunder blasted throughout the area. Inside you felt your powers rush to the forefront and barrel out of your fingers like fireworks as purplish streaks of lightning raced down to meet it.




    One by one lightning began to strike the ground, detonating the zones surrounding it. You glared at the vampires and with a shout, pushed the crackling energy towards them. With agony filled shrieks they erupted into flames, the lightning shooting through their mouths and ears and bodies. They shook and sizzled, heads melting like candle wax before evaporating into nothing. When it was over there was no one but you and Ten left, and the smell of burnt hair.

    “Fuck.” You dropped to your knees, nerves tingling. You could still see the electric currents skipping across the dirt. “Ten!”

    Pushing your sudden exhaustion aside, you pulled yourself up the best you could and shuffled over to him. His eyes were opened to mere slits, his skin clammy and covered in a sheen of sweat. There were cuts all over his chest and arms, the deeper ones crusted with black blood. You used your knife to cut him down and attempted to catch him as he crashed to the mud, your arms wrapped around his waist.

    “Ten? Hey…” You took his face between your hands. “Can you hear me?”

    He blinked slowly. “I—I guess I should be calling you Zeus instead of kitten…”

    You chuckled and pulled him to you for a gentle hug, relief washing through you so hard it nearly brought you to tears. “Asshole. C’mon.” Slinging his arm across your shoulders, you heaved him to his feet. “You need to feed and get that dead man’s blood out of your system before it reaches your heart. How do you feel?”

    “Like shit.” He groaned and wobbled towards the car you were taking him to. “It’s like my—my insides are on fire. Fucking Tobias! Ho—how did you even know I was here?”

    “Johnny found me and told me.”

    “And you…came for me?”

    “Of course.”

    “They could have killed you, Y/N.”

    “Yeah well…” Opening the back door, you dumped him into the backseat and then jumped behind the wheel. You really just wanted to get the two of you to a safer area.

    Five minutes later you were parked at an old campground. You slipped into the back with Ten and looked him over. “You need to feed, Ten. I’d call for a pizza boy but I doubt he’ll make it in time. So…” You took off your jacket and pulled the neck of your shirt off your shoulder.

    Ten leaned away from you. “You—no. Take me back to the manor, we—there is blood there—”

    “And so is Tobias. He’ll kill you the second you walk through the door.” You wet your lips. “That’s if you even make it back. Just feed on me. I trust you.”

    He dragged his knuckles down the side of your throat but yanked his hand back. “I—I can’t. Your blood it’s—not the neck. Not…when I’m like this.”

    You ran your fingers through your messy hair. “And the wrist is too thin. That just leaves…” Biting the inside of your cheek, you started to unbutton your pants before you could talk yourself out of it.

    “What are you doing?” Ten arched a brow.

    “If you can’t bite my neck because you don’t trust yourself, you’ll have to take it from my thigh. From the femoral artery. It’s one of the only places where the blood flows freely enough.” Shimmying out of your jeans, you dropped them into the wide foot well and tried to remain calm.

    “I say I can’t bite your neck so your solution is a place with an even greater chance of me killing you?” He snorted and it turned into a heavy cough.

    “We don’t have a lot of options here!” You exclaimed. “Either you feed or you die and I—I can’t—I don’t wanna lose you, okay? Not when I have the power to do something about it.”

    Ten’s expression softened. “Okay. Okay Y/N.”

    As you shifted and laid down, propping one heel up on the hunch of the backseat, he crawled forward until he was hovering above you. Even smudged with dirt and blood he was still handsome. He nuzzled your throat and kissed your collar bone, dragging his lips down between your clothed breasts and across your stomach where your shirt had ridden upwards. His teeth nipped at your bellybutton and you gripped the seat.

    You looked down at him and red eyes stared back. “Wha—”

    Ten pressed his face between your legs and sighed rather deliriously. “God you smell good.”

    “Ten! Ten you—this isn’t the—you’re dying,” you stammered. “Blood, feeding remember!”

    “Mmm…” He used his nose to nudge your panties aside, tongue slipping out to slide between your pussy lips.

    “Oh shit!” You moaned and slapped a hand over your eyes, hips tilting up towards his lazy licking. You’d thought about this, dreamed about this but… Tangling your fingers into his sweaty hair, you gave it a rough tug. “Ten, look at me.” He did as you asked, lips slightly parted. “After you’re healed, you—you can lick me all you like. After.”

    Dazed, Ten hummed and turned his attention to your inner thigh. Between one second and the next, his fangs were puncturing deep, mouth sealing over the holes to capture the blood that dashed to the surface. You’d never been bitten by a vampire before and while there was some pain, there was also immense pleasure. It felt like someone caressing every inch of your skin, massaging places you didn’t even know you had. It never made sense to you before; someone just letting a vampire feed on them until they died but now you understood. The urge to just sink beneath the surface of bliss hitting you from all angles only grew and grew the more Ten drank from you.

    Slipping away like this wouldn’t be bad at all.

    But thankfully even feverish and a bit out of it, Ten was still in control. He pulled away before things went too far on your end and used his sharp fang to prick his thumb, smearing his blood over the holes in your thigh so that they closed. He was completely healed now and almost glossy, cheeks flushed pink and eyes bright.

    “Y/N, are you okay?”

    You let your leg flop down so that your heel rested on his back. “Uh huh. You?”

    “I’ve never experienced this type of power before. Your blood…it’s like a battery inside of me, fueling every inch and every cell. Cranked up to one thousand.” He kissed your knee. “I don’t know how a thunderstorm tastes but if someone told me this was how, I’d believe them.”

    “Sounds good to me,” you said. “I—I’m just glad you’re not going to die. And that you can take control of the Coven back from what’s his face.”

    “Heh trust me I am going to make an example out of him.” Ten tilted his head to the side, fingertips brushing across the lace of your black panties. “But first…”

    Oh. “Y—you don’t have to.”

    “Have to? I want to. If I don’t get my mouth on you right now I might burst.” To prove how serious the situation was, he took the flimsy material of your underwear in his hands and ripped them clean off of you. “Can I?”

    “Looks like you’re halfway there already,” you teased and he laughed. “Kiss me first?”

    Ten kissed you eagerly and you melted against him, wrapping your arms around his neck. The kiss was so sensual and warm that it kinda made your head spin. Made you feel so freaking alive, like you’d been sprinkled with fairy dust and any moment would rocket up into the clouds. He nipped at your bottom lip and sucked on your tongue, moaning happily at the soft sounds you were making. But he just tasted so good and it all just felt so right.

    “Y/N,” he said your name like it was a prayer, kissing your cheeks, your chin and your thudding pulse point.

    You combed your fingers through his hair and as he snaked down your body once again, hooking your thighs over his shoulders. He didn’t tease; he pressed his mouth to your pussy and ate you like you were a four course meal. Licked you over and over again until his lips were shining with you. The sounds it made—so loud in the cramped space—had you hiding your eyes with your arm even as you pushed closer to his face. And Ten just hummed; rolled his tongue inside of you like some people roll their Rs.

    Your toes curled, your back arching off the backseat as if you just couldn’t stay still. The pleasure was almost too much, too sharp and too strong. His hands were locked around your thighs tight enough to lightly bruise so that he could lick and suck your throbbing clit until you were crying out nonsense words. Even though your powers were depleted what was left of them threatened to spill out. With no strength to hold them back your fingers threw sparks into the floor, burning tiny holes into the upholstery.

    Ten smirked and gently pushed two fingers into you, knowing you were wet enough to take it. As they stroked deep inside of you, you felt your orgasm build blindingly fast, stealing your breath away. It hit with enough force to yank you up onto your elbows, chest heaving and body singing as pleasure spread from your head to your feet. You moaned loudly and grabbed a handful of Ten’s hair, using it as an anchor though not sure if you wanted to shove him away or pull him closer. Maybe both.

    With a high pitched whine you flopped back to the seat and folded your legs up towards your chest, body jerking and twitching and twisting. “Te—Ten! I—it—it’s too much! Please!”

    He sat back on his heels and dragged his fingers through his hair, silky strands falling right back into his eyes a second later. “Fuck. If I didn’t have to deal with Tobias I’d have you sitting on my face all night.”

    “That…would kill me,” you replied panting. This car was your home now because you were never moving again.

    Chuckling, he pressed a kiss to your mouth. “I hate to eat and run…”

    You snorted. “Go be a bad ass. Save your Coven. I’ll be fine.”

    The sound of the car door slamming shut was your only clue that he’d left. Alone, you stared up at the night sky through the window, unable to contain your giggles as they burst forth. “What the hell am I doing?”

    Answers didn’t come and by the time you finally made it home, it was about one in the morning. You waved off Elizabeth’s questions—people had heard about a dust up at the Neo Coven—and went straight to the shower. Afterwards you got a bite to eat and retreated to the safety of your bedroom, locking your door so that no one could just fumble inside.

    You were sleepily watching videos on your phone when a shadow moved into your room. “What the—Ten?”

    He grinned and perched on the side of your bed, looking all clean and refreshed. “Hi.”

    “How are you in here? Didn’t the wards block you?”

    “Nope. I strolled right through the gates.”

    “If the magic recognized you then it—I guess it might think you’re Demios because of my blood. I wouldn’t try to get in any other time though. Unless you wanna end up able to fit in an ash tray.”

    “Yes baby.”

    You smiled at him. “I’m guessing things with Tobias went…okay?”

    Ten nodded. “I destroyed him and the rest of his little gang. Your blood made me ten times faster and stronger; it’s like I could telegraph moves before he made them. I felt…like a God.” Glancing down to your lilac colored sheets, he reached for your hand, bringing it up to his heart. “I’d be dead if it wasn’t for you. My Coven would be in the hands of a maniac if it wasn’t for you. Y/N…you are so amazing.”

    Touched, you shrugged lightly. “Saving people is kinda my thing. Though it is different with you. Anyway I’m glad everything worked out and that you and the Neos are safe.”

    He kissed your fingertips. “When we first met I thought you were just another sanctimonious asshole, hiding behind a code you didn’t believe in. But you are so much more. You’re gorgeous, smart and sweet to a fault. And I know you don’t need it—that you can take care of yourself—but I’m gonna make it my mission to keep you safe. I can’t lose you either.”

    It should have been patronizing but it wasn’t. “Ten.” You threw your arms around him and hugged him tight. “Here’s to keep each other safe.”

    Easier said than done…


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