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    So i just started reading king of scars and zoyalai are already like let's pretend we are a married couple and nikolai is like maybe if you want me to get married so bad you should marry me and they are both like jk jk......unless and BRO ALREADY STAHP I CAN'T DO THIS THIS EARLY ON

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    The prompt for this one was ‘wolves’ from @drarrymicrofic (I absolutely adore this prompt)

    Omg I hadn’t even noticed I had written this much until I was done and looked at the word count! I’m glad I found the time to write this. This is an idea that’s been on my mind for a while so I hope you like it :))

    Word count: 1308

    Drarry microfic: You’re safe here

    The ground was wet beneath his paws. Small drops of rain clung to his grey fur. He was panting loudly, his tongue hanging limply out his mouth.

    He had been running for ages, if the pain in his legs was anything to go by. Though he couldn’t stop. Not until he was sure he was safe. Not until they would stop following him, tracking him.

    It had been his only choice. He hadn’t been safe, even if his parents tried to keep him away from him. They could only do so much.

    After all, no one could ignore an order of their Alpha. Not without consequences.

    So Draco had run. He had left in the middle of the night, transforming as soon as he crossed the edges of their territory. It had only been around half an hour later that he heard the howls of other wolves in the distance.

    They were following him.

    He didn’t know how close they were. But they were following him, he was sure.

    A loud snap of twigs made him stop in his tracks. Despite his instincts screaming at him to keep moving, he stopped and looked around.

    It was dark, the leaves of the trees preventing any bit of light from the night sky to come through. Yet there, only a few feet away, something was standing between the trees, something that was advancing on him.

    His ears pressed flat against his head, Draco took a few steps backwards. Until low growling sounded from behind him.

    Had they found him? Had they caught up? Hadn’t he run fast enough?

    Another wolf appeared from between the shadows of the forest, its fur as black as the night and its eyes as green as emeralds.

    The wolf stopped a few feet away from Draco. Its gaze roamed over him, scrutinising him.

    It felt like forever before the wolf turned away, signaling to something behind it to come forward. Soon, Draco was surrounded by a circle of other wolves.

    But they weren’t from his pack. These wolves weren’t familiar.

    As Draco looked around the circle, his ears pressed against his skull and his tail between his legs, the black wolf transformed. Instead, a young man with messy dark hair and piercing green eyes stood in its place.

    Draco knew, from the second the man laid eyes on him, he was the Alpha. He shivered at the thought of another Alpha.

    “At what,” the young man said, his voice low and hoarse, “do we owe the pleasure of you crossing our boundaries, young wolf?”

    Draco didn’t answer. The only thing that escaped his treacherous mouth was a low whine as he lowered his head to the ground.

    Never look an Alpha directly in the eye.

    The young Alpha took a step forward, causing Draco’s body to tense, every muscle ready to flee if necessary.

    He knelt down so he was eye level with Draco. “You can look at me”, the Alpha said, his voice now soft and careful, “we don’t want to hurt you. We would only like to know what brought you, a lone wolf, to our territory.”

    Glancing at the Alpha, Draco whined again. He shouldn’t trust these wolves. He couldn’t trust anyone.

    You can only trust your pack.

    They weren’t his pack. And even they hadn’t been very trustworthy. On the contrary. Draco had never actually felt safe within his own pack.

    Howls sounded in the distance. Draco yelped, taking a few involuntary steps closer to the Alpha.


    When Draco glanced back to the Alpha, he noticed the thoughtful expression on the man’s face.

    “You are running from someone.” It wasn’t a question. So Draco did the only thing he could do and huffed an affirmative noise.

    The Alpha nodded, his green eyes pondering before he turned to the rest of his pack. “Go to the borders and make sure no other wolf sets one paw or foot on our territory.”

    As soon as the order left his mouth, a group of wolves ran away, leaving only a handful of other wolves.

    One of them, a very bushy-looking wolf with caramel brown eyes, approached them warily.

    “Yes, I know, Hermione. But I can’t just send him away.”

    The wolf made a sound in the back of its throat.

    “I don’t know why”, the Alpha continued, “something about him just… feels right.”

    A huff sounded from another wolf. One with ginger fur and bright blue eyes. He eyed Draco with distrust visible in his gaze, though he didn’t approach.

    The Alpha sighed and ran a hand through his dark hair. “Alright,” he said, “all of you go back to the huts and prepare a room for our guest.”

    Though the bushy wolf seemed reluctant, it turned away and followed the rest, leaving Draco and the Alpha alone.

    Draco was well aware of their proximity. It would only take the Alpha to reach out to touch Draco and something in him welcomed that thought with open arms.

    How nice it would be to be loved by an Alpha.

    “I don’t know your name”, the Alpha spoke, “my name’s Harry.”

    Draco hesitated. Did he trust this man enough to give him his name? Could he really trust him enough to transform to his human form? What if he knew Draco’s pack was looking for him and he would just hand him over to them?

    Apparently it had taken too long for Draco to react, for the Alpha’s shoulders sagged and disappointment flashed through his green eyes.

    “It’s okay if you don’t want to. I just thought… I just thought it would make things easier. I would love to get to know you.”

    Draco looked at the man, his head tilted a little to the side. Eventually, he huffed and let the feeling of transformation wash over him.

    The Alpha was looking at him, a soft smile playing around the corners of his lips. Draco didn’t dare look up. He felt ashamed. He felt naked. He felt exposed.

    Two fingers were placed underneath his chin, forcing him to look at the man in front of him. “You’re beautiful”, he whispered.

    Despite the mortification he felt growing in his belly, his cheeks warmed. “Alpha, I…”

    “Oh, please don’t call me ‘Alpha’,” the Alpha said, “I prefer the wolves of my pack actually call me by my first name. So ‘Harry’s fine.”

    Draco’s eyes widened. “But I’m… I’m not part of your pack.”

    The Alpha, Harry, smiled. “If I’m correct,” he began, “you ran away from your other pack?”

    Slowly, Draco nodded.

    Harry continued, “I don’t know what happened that made you run away but it mustn’t have been something small. A wolf doesn’t just simply leave their pack.”

    Draco nodded again, ignoring the hope that was slowly building in the pit of his stomach.

    “So I would love for you to join my pack. You don’t have to, if you don’t want to. But if you do, I will try everything to keep you safe from whatever harm that may come your way. You can trust me as long as I can trust you. And something in me tells me I can.”

    Hope now bloomed in his chest, spreading around his body. Could this really be it? Could he finally be safe? Could he finally find a place where he belonged?

    “I…” Draco paused, his eyebrows furrowing, trying to find the right words. “I would love to.”

    The bright smile that greeted him would be forever carved into his mind.

    “That’s great!” Harry exclaimed, childlike glee radiating off his body. “That’s perfect! Welcome to the pack,…?”

    “Draco”, Draco said without the fear he felt before, “my name’s Draco.”

    ”Welcome to the pack, Draco.” Harry tenderly brushed a lock of long blond hair away from Draco’s face. “Let’s get you back to the others, shall we?”

    Read it on ao3

    Prompt from 11th June 2021

    << previous microfic
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    Picture by Bill Boss

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    — séverinlaila headers

    like or reblog if you use/save.

    © hypnosenrique on twitter.

    #severin montagnet alarie header #severinlaila #laila x séverin #séverinlaila header #séverin montagnet alarie header #séverinlaila #séverin montagnet alarie #séverin x laila #laila tgw header #laila tgw#laila header#romance header#book headers#book header#tgw headers#tgw header #the gilded wolves headers #the gilded wolves header #the gilded wolves #the silvered serpents #the silvered serpents header #tss#tss header#tss headers#tbb header#tbb headers #the bronzed beasts headers #the bronzed beasts header #the bronzed beasts
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    Warning: rant about Rule of Wolfes (Grishaverse Nikola duology) possible spoiler

    I... I just finished chapter 20... My god I needed more than a minute to stop and cry while reading it... Poor David and poor Genya... Why them!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    This chapter broke me for real😭

    #shadow and bone #rule of wolves #grishaverse
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  • ravenscrowsandnerdymagic
    14.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    he is so far gone for her

    #rule of wolves #rule of wolves spoilers #my grishaverse journey #grishaverse#nikolai lantsov #zoya x nikolai #leigh bardugo #shadow and bone
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  • quotesfromthewafflecrows
    14.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Of course, Nikolai was the liar here. But kings did what they wished; bastards did what they must.

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  • stromuprisahat
    14.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Since R&R it feels like the author is trying how much trash she can shovel on The Darkling without us noticing that's the goal.

    It gets even more tiring in KoS, since the reader is forced to suffer Zoya's chapters (some self insert vibes here), who's obviously supposed to be this tough, powerful warrior of justice, but comes across as rude, heartless bitch with some Trauma™ and a lot of barely supressed anger, that’s somehow entitling her to judge with her narrow juvenile mind and black-and-white worldview.

    #Grishaverse #Ruin and Rising #KIng of Scars #King of Scars duology #Rule of Wolves #Leigh Bardugo#The Darkling#Zoya Nazyalensky#V#anti Zoya#I guess #but I didn't mind her in previous books. #Now she's the favourite child #and she's insufferable.
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    14.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Nothing makes you feel more powerful than somone saying “omg that dog must really like u! They rarely do [insert behavior], even w/ us!!!”

    In other words, a pupper let me give bellyrubs upon meeting her today :D

    #back on my bullshite tag #i feel like a YA novel gorl who makes friends w wolves
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    14.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    My mom was talking about our cat and made the comment "Rye looks like she would be in a menagerie!" And I just stared at her and said "What the fuck did you say"

    Turns out Six of Crows fucked with my head and a menagerie is not a place where prostitutes work it is just a place were wild animals are kept :D

    #six of crows #soc #six of hoes #kaz rietveld#kaz#kaz brekker #kaz x inej #kanej#inej ghafa#inej #inej my queen #jesper fahey#jesper#the menagerie#menagerie#animals#suli lynx #king of scars #rule of wolves #crooked kingdom #kaz the great #shadow and bone netflix #shadow and bone #ruin and rising #seige and storm #books#oops#lol#funny
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    have something i made in the wee hours of the night because i'm a gay loser with no sense of humor

    #vaping #say no to drugs #*off key kazoo* #kazoo #i dont need life im high on drugs #wait #this has been a psa #funny#lol#meme #it's not really a meme but i'm pretty sure that's a popular tag #it's not funny either #lgbtqia#pride#gay #if you vape i'll steal your trachea and feed it to the wolves #comedy
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    14.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Sunset surprise - Nikolai Lantsov

    Request: yea! “hi there could you please write a fluffy nikolai x grisha reader where it's his birthday?? sorry if this isn't specific or anything” Pairing:  Nikolai Lantsov x Grisha!reader Summary:  It’s Nikolai’s birthday, and you have a surprise planned for him Warnings: none, just pure fluff Word count: 1.4K A/N: first nikolai request 🥰 thank you so much! enjoy reading :)

    Nikolai glances over at you and narrows his eyes. You notice him out of the corner of your eyes but ignore him. He’s been trying to get you to talk all day, and you’re not going to give in.

    Today is Nikolai’s birthday, and for three years in a row, you’ve been the one in charge of his party. Though Nikolai has an excellent taste in parties and knows how to throw a good one very well, he’s not as good as you. 

    The first year he was a bit hesitant when you proposed you could organise his birthday party. He wanted to do it himself, even though he had an enormous list of tasks to do. Eventually, he trusted you to organise it, and he was blown away by it.

    He loved the party so much, he asked you if you could organise it again the year after, and the third year as well.

    But this year, you only said you’d organise his party, but you didn’t tell him what you had planned. And it drove him crazy.

    ‘Are you going to tell me what you have planned?’ he asks, while still looking at you. You smile and shake your head, taking a sip of your tea.

    You and Nikolai were sitting in your shared bedroom, having lunch. Even though it was his birthday, his schedule was packed. But he made sure to schedule an hour of free time, in which he could have lunch with you.

    ‘I’ll admit, your ability to resist me is admirable.’ says Nikolai, making you chuckle. ‘Trust me, it’s harder than I thought it would be.’ you say.

    Nikolai tilts his head a bit and smirks at you. ‘So you admit I'm irresistible?’ he asks.

    ‘Well, of course, sweetheart.’ you say. ‘But I’m not going to tell anyone what I have planned for tonight.’ ‘Not even a certain handsome royal who loves you very much?’ he tries again.‘Not even him.’ you say with a smile, and Nikolai sighs softly.

    Someone knocks on the door and a few seconds later it opens and Genya pops her head around it.

    ‘They need you.’ she says to Nikolai, who gets up.

    ‘Never a slow day around here.’ he says. You walk with him to the door.

    ‘You’re going to work with David again?’ he asks. ‘If he’s not going to banish me from his workshops again for talking too much, then yes.’ you say. ‘And I’ll see you tonight?’ he says. ‘Of course.’ you answer.

    ‘At my party?’ ‘Nice try, it almost worked.’

    Nikolai chuckles, his attempt to catch you off guard failed. He leans in to kiss your cheek before your ways separate. ‘Til tonight, my love.’ he whispers with a wink.

    You make your way over to Davids workshops. He’d been working on a new prototype vessel Nikolai had come up with. You were trying to figure out how you could optimise it, so your abilities as a Squaller worked best. 

    David didn’t even look up when you approached him, he just kept on working. Next to him, you saw a plate with some leftovers of his lunch, probably given to him by Genya. 

    The two of you didn’t speak much, both too focused on your work. You don’t know how much time has passed when David finally speaks up.

    ‘What do you have planned for tonight?’ he asks, not taking his eyes off his notebooks.

    ‘Did Nikolai put you up to this?’ you ask as you look at him.

    ‘No.’ says David, but you notice the way his ears turn slightly red.

    ‘Did Nikolai get Genya to put you up to this?’ you ask.

    David briefly meets your eyes. ‘Maybe.’ he says. You raise your eyebrows at him. ‘Yes.’ he admits. 

    You smile and softly shake your head. ‘Of course he would have brought you and Genya into this. I’m not telling him, and I'm not telling you. You can ask Nikolai about it tomorrow.’ you say. ‘Now, let’s continue with this until it’s time for me to leave.’ 

    Time flies by as you work in silence, occasionally sharing your thoughts or asking a question. When the sun starts to set, you finally put down your work and smile mischievously.

    ‘Party time.’ you say and with a last wave, you get up and leave the workshops, on your way to find Nikolai. 

    You’re walking through the familiar halls of the palace, occasionally stopping to check if Nikolai is in any of the rooms you pass. You know he’s busy, but you hoped he had finished his tasks of the day. 

    As you walk around the corner of the hallway of your bedroom, you spot a familiar figure entering the room.

    ‘Nikolai!’ you say, running the last bit to catch up with him. 

    He turns around and smile when he sees you. ‘There you are darling.’ he says and he pulls you in his arms. ‘I was looking for you.’

    ‘No, I was looking for you.’ you say, pulling away from his embrace so you can look at him. ‘It’s time for my surprise!’ you say.

    At your words, Nikolai’s eyes start to twinkle and he smiles again. ‘Finally.’ he says. 

    ‘Do you trust me?’ you say. ‘I mean, I trust you to do unspeakable things to me at night, so far so good- ow!’ he exclaims after you punch him in the arm.

    ‘I can still cancel this whole thing.’ you warn him, but he merely smirks at you. ‘We both know you’re not going to do that.’ he says.  ‘Alright, you’re not wrong about that. Let’s go.’ you say. 

    Nikolai holds out his hand for you to take. You intertwine his fingers with yours and raise your other hand to cover his eyes. You feel him wiggle his eyebrows underneath your palm and lightly shove him before starting to walk. 

    ‘Can I ask where you’re taking me?’ he says. ‘You’ll know when we get there.’ you tell him.  ‘You know, I have an excellent memory. I have a map of the palace up in my head, I know exactly where we’re going.’ says Nikolai.

    ‘Really?’ you say. ‘No, I have not a single clue where you're taking me. You could be kidnapping me for all I know.’ says Nikolai, laughing. ‘Patience, I promise I’m not kidnapping you.’ you say.

    You walk him all the way around the palace, towards the doors that lead to the grounds surrounding the little palace. Nikolai keeps asking you questions about where you’re taking him, but you don’t answer them.

    ‘Are we outside or is that you?’ asks Nikolai when you step outside and feel the cool evening breeze.

    ‘We’re on the grounds.’ you say.

    ‘Did you organise a bonfire? Oh, let there be dancing and kvas.’ he says. ‘I hope it’s not like last year when you tried to gently light the candles and accidentally set the curtains on fire because you used a little too much wind.’ 

    ‘Shut up, Lantsov, that was an accident.’ you say. ‘Here we are.’

    You remove your hand from his eyes, allowing him to take in the sight in front of him. There’s no bonfire, no big dance floor, no dinner table set for 50, and no guests. 

    Instead, there’s a single small table on the grass, two chairs, two plates, and two glasses with a bottle of kvas.

    ‘Thought you’d had enough of big dinner parties and their formalities.’ you say. 

    Nikolai is silent as he looks at the scene in front of him. For some reason, you can’t read his face and it makes you nervous. It wasn’t like the parties you’d thrown him the past years, and you’re worried it’s not enough. 

    ‘Nikolai?’ you say. ‘You don’t like it, do you? I can still-’

    But Nikolai cuts you off by wrapping his arms tightly around you and spinning you around, making you giggle. 

    ‘It’s perfect!’ he says as he sets you down. ‘Almost.’ you say. You wave your hands through the air, sending a breeze upward. The few clouds in the air disappear, bathing you and Nikolai in the light of the setting sun. You smile and lean in to kiss his cheek before walking him over to the table. 

    ‘Sunset dinner?’ says Nikolai, smirking as he sits down. ‘Cheesy, darling. Even for me. But I love it.’

    You pour him a glass of kvas and then yourself. You lift your glass and smile at him.

    ‘Happy birthday.’ you say. ‘Thank you, sweetheart.’ says Nikolai, winking and taking a sip.

    A/N: If you want to request something, make sure to read my house rules Here’s the list of characters I write for. Everything that I have written can be found on my masterlist. Please don’t repost my work, as I spend much time and effort on it!! Thank you for reading! Much love, Marit

    #I'm reading king of scars rn and I am SO in love with nikolai #thanks for requesting this! #nikolai lantsov#grishaverse #shadow and bone #king of scars #rule of wolves #nikolai lantsov x reader #nikolai lantsov x you #nikolai lantsov fanfiction #nikolai lantsov fanfic #nikolai lantsov fanfics #nikolai lantsov fic #nikolai lantsov fics #nikolai lantsov oneshot #nikolai lantsov oneshots #nikolai lantsov fluff #nikolai lantsov blurb #nikolai lantsov blurbs
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    Loki returns to Asgard to immediately lock himself in the library: he is fully determined to find a solution to Selene's curse, and wants to be able to cure her by the time they meet again.

    But in the midst of his research, he is distracted by the book of the Chronicles of Asgard, which claims that the legendary Wolf God, Fenrir, is still imprisoned in a pit under the palace.

    Unable to believe that nothing of what is written in that book is true, Loki decides to go into the dungeon to find out for himself.


    Warnings: probably a little angst at the end, but not much.

    Como siempre, en español por aquí

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    tagged by my absolute favorite @starlightsearches (tyyyy)

    Last Song: Her & the Sea by CLANN

    Last Movie: Age of Ultron

    Currently Reading: Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

    Currently Watching: Game of Thrones Season 2(fourth rewatch)

    No Pressure Tags: @girlbossgenya @aloudlyprofoundduck @bipolarstannis @bpdtyrion @lil-shifting-shit

    #sorry if i forgot to tag you you can just do it if you want to and say i did #friends#tag game#mutuals#my twin #catch up tag #catch up tag game #game of thrones #mcu#CLANN #women who run with the wolves #also sorry to my irl who really wants me to watch full metal alchemist i’ll do that eventually
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    little reminder that kaz renamed the emerald palace ‘the silver six’ and has a tunnel to wespers house, cuz y’know he’s a big scary gang leader.

    #shadow and bone #six of crows #kaz brekker #wylan van eck #rule of wolves #rule of wolves spoilers #jesper fahey#wesper#inej ghafa#nina zenik#mathias helvar #when 😡 is actually 🥰 #kingofscars#grishaverse#crooked kingdom#kanej#helnik
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