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    20.04.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Wonder Woman by Elizabeth Edwards

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    Comic-Con  @ Home

    #Comic-Con@Home #Lyrics#Poetry#Exodus2Avera #C.V.R. The Bard #harley quin cosplay #storm cosplay #wonder woman cosplay #black widow cosplay
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    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I found these awesome Super friends ice pop molds from the 80's! I had to know more about em' so I looked them up and found out that they were all made by a company called 'Nasta'! They also manufactured other wacky superhero things like Spidərman and Incredīble Hułk flip-flops (yes, flip-flops 😅)!

    This is a photo of the actual catalogue it was featured in! Groovy!

    #special interest! #dc!! #yummy! #batman!! #superman!! #wonder woman!!
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    20.04.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    Everyone: *cool and calm and collected*


    #WHY IS HE DOING THAT I HV NO IDEA #also this is from jl issue 20 if u want #justice league#dc#dc comics#barry allen#flash#wonder woman#batman#green lantern#john stewart#bruce wayne#hawkgirl #im sorry idk which hawkgirl this is #diana prince#jonn jonzz#j'onn j'onzz
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    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Aro or ace characters

    Rey Palpatine (aro ace)

    Han solo (gray romantic pansexual)

    Duke Thomas (demiromantic bisexual)

    Damian Wayne (Aro Gay)

    Jason Todd (Aro Omnisexual)

    Diana Prince (Biromantic demisexual)

    Cass Cain (Aro ace lesbian)

    Stephanie Brown ( ace lesbian)

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    20.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    My father told me there’s a saying in Atlantis… “None are taken back from the darkness. Not without…”

    “Not without giving one up in return.” We say the same thing.

    How about that?

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    20.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Hetalia Aus and Fanfics I Need/Want

    Like the title says.

    Wonder Woman Au (I do not own Wonder Woman) Also this AU takes place during World War 1.

    Wonder Woman/Diana Prince: Helena Karpusi. If you've read Greek Mythology, you'll know why. If not, just search up "Greek Mythology Amazon's". I also think that they have similar personalities.

    Steve Trevor: Kiku Honda. I ship them together (them being Helena and Kiku) and I think they have similar personalities in a way. A small way but a way.

    Etta Candy: Mei Xiao (Taiwan's Human Name). I just think it fits.

    Charlie: Arthur Kirkland. Again, it just fits.

    Chief: ?

    Sameer: Maybe Sadik Adnan (Turkey's human name)?

    Queen Hyppolyta: Queen Hyppolyta would have to be Mama!Greece/Ancient Greece right? After all, men are not allowed on Themyscira.

    Doctor Poison: Maybe Julchen but other than her I don't know. Possibly Nyo!Turkey.

    Heathers AU Version 1.0 (I do not own Heathers) Spoilers for Heathers ahead

    Veronica Sawyer: Anya Braginskaya. Why? Because why not?

    J.D: Amelia E. Jones. She just gives me the vibe that J.D would have. Maybe instead of slurpees it's hot dogs?

    Heather Chandler: Julchen Beilschmidt. She seems like a Heather C. type of gal. Totally not because she’s the first to die.

    Heather Duke: Marion Bonnefoy because she would totally steal Julchen's hair tie after she dies.

    Heather Macnamara: Isabel Fernández Carriedo because they're similar.

    Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelley: I dunno because I can't choose a character.

    The Schuyler Sisters Song-fic (I do not own Hamilton)

    I just want a one-shot/song-fic with the song "The Schuyler Sisters" as these people.

    Angelica Schuyler: Chiara Vargas. She has the same vibe as Angelica.

    Eliza Schuyler: Alice Vargas. She and Eliza seem similar.

    Peggy Schuyler: Rosetta "Rosie" Vargas, also known as the Nyotalia personification of Seborga. Rosie is the "Peggy" of the Vargas Sisters in the sense that she's always forgotten about. Petition to make #AndSebby a thing. Did I just make that up? Yes, yes I did.

    Aaron Burr: Beau Maes, also known as the Nyotalia personification of Belgium. I couldn't think of anyone else and then I thought of him.

    Philip Schuyler: It would have to be Grandma Rome... wouldn't it?

    I think that's all for now. Cya on the flip side.

    - Rae 💜🖤

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    20.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    *slaps dc comics* this bad boy can fit so many bisexuals in it

    #dc#batman#bruce wayne#superman#wonder woman #why THE FUCK IS WONDER WOMAN SO HARD TO WRITE #the burd squawks
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    19.04.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #| asks | #m; diana (wonder woman) #[ n. s. f. w. ] #thejaybirdandthewintersoldier
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    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The JSA in “Justice Society: World War II” (2021)

    Jay Garrick / Flash

    Carter Hall / Hawkman

    Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

    Rex Tyler / Hourman

    Dinah Lance / Black Canary

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    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Diana: *is in full battle gear with a whole entire axe, sword, shield etc* J’onn:

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    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Proposal Imagines

    I’m back on my bullshit! This was supposed to be short, but then it took a week and a half to write and is almost twice as long as my longest one shot. Oops. These should all be gender neutral and I hope you enjoy! I got to explore two characters I don’t write for very often, so I’m super excited to present this. And there are like, three uses of (Y/N). 

    Total Word Count: 8,096

    Permanent Taglist: @phoenixhalliwell @star-wars-hell

    Din Djarin:

    Din fiddled with the jewelry, nerves pulling his stomach into complicated knots. He’d been doing research for months, ever since he’d finally felt like it was the right time to get married. Culturally, marriage was like a retirement sentence for Mandalorians, but he didn’t care. He could bend the rules for you. 

    Finding what to propose with had been hell. In your culture, proposals were done with rings, but in his, you offered your partner your signet if they had none. He had consulted the Armorer, and she had forged him the necklace he was holding now. It was a good compromise between the two customs, they had both decided 

    It was solid beskar, a loose collar of sorts, ornate and delicate so it didn’t look like you were a slave. Dangling in the center was his mudhorn signet, which would settle between your collarbones. 

    Shifting in the grass, Din wondered if he’d chosen the wrong spot. But no, the picturesque fields of Sorgan felt right. It was where you’d met, and hopefully, it was where you’d be wed. 

    “Cyar’ika?” Din said, seeing you come up the ridge. Grogu was with Omera, so this would be a purely uninterrupted moment. “Are you okay?” 

    “Yeah!” You said happily, seeing the world glitter below you. “This is amazing Din. Thank you for bringing me.” 

    Din took a breath. Your back was to him, and he decided to do this before his cowardice took over. “Cyar’ika,” he said. “Do you know how Mandalorians say I love you?” 

    You turned, confused. “No?” 

    “Ni kar'tayli gar darasuum.” Din was starting to feel nauseous. He really hoped you said yes. “It’s an indirect translation, but it literally means ‘I know you and hold you in my heart forever.’” 

    “Din,” you said, putting a hand on his pauldron. “What are you saying?” 

    Din wanted to cry. “I love you,” he said softly. “More than words in any language can describe. I want you here, safe and by my side forever.” He knelt down, pulling out the necklace and watching your eyes go wide. “I know we live dangerous lives. We could die tomorrow, for all we know. But will you honor my wishes today and become my riddur?” 

    You nodded immediately, tears glittering in your eyes as Din stood and fastened the necklace around your neck. “Din,” you breathed. “Oh Din it’s beautiful.” 

    “Indestructible too,” Din said, somehow even more nervous for what came next. “I’m unfamiliar with your marriage traditions, but a Mandalorian marriage is very simple.” 

    You put a hand on the signet charm. “My wedding customs involve a party and a public exchange of vows.” 

    “We can do it in town, if you want,” Din offered. “I have vows, words that make a marriage official in the eyes of the Maker. But there is a custom of mine that must be done here.” 

    “What?” You asked, genuinely confused. 

    Din put his hands on his helmet, but found that he couldn’t lift it. His arms wouldn’t do it. You, understanding, took a gentle step forward and put your hands overtop his. “Can I?” 


    You lifted the helmet slowly, revealing his face inch by precious inch. When it was all exposed, you looked him in the eyes for the first time, taking him in. “Oh Maker,” you breathed. “You- I mean- Your-“ You were clearly at a loss for words. “Brown eyes,” you finally said. “Brown fucking eyes. Din Djarin, you and your eyes will be the death of me.” 

    Din smiled, and he could’ve sworn he heard you swear under your breath. “I love you.” 

    You nodded. “Ni- damn, I forget. How do I say it?” 

    “Ni kar'tayli gar darasuum.” 

    “Ni kar'tayli gar darasuum Din Djarin.” 

    Marcus Moreno:

    To say Marcus was worried about getting married again would’ve been a gross understatement. 

    He was downright terrified. 

    You and him had known each other since high school, and had been together for a few years now. You’d been there when his late wife passed, and now he was hoping to marry you. 

    He just needed one thing first. 


    Missy looked up as Marcus slid into her room, looking as nervous as he felt. “Wow Dad,” she said, turning from her desk. “You look horrible.” 

    Marcus sat on the edge of Missy’s bed. “Come here. I want to talk to you about something important.” 

    “Is it (Y/N)?” Missy asked as she sat next to Marcus. 

    “Yeah,” Marcus said. “I love them very much, and I know nothing will ever replace your mother. But, if you’re comfortable with it, I want to ask (Y/N) to marry me.” 

    Missy smiled. “Dad, they make you happy,” she said. “You don’t need my permission.” 

    “I know,” Marcus said, pulling Missy into a hug. “But I want to make sure you’re comfortable with me marrying someone new.” 

    “Well then,” Missy said. “You have my blessing. On one condition.” 

    Marcus smiled. “What is it?” 

    “I get to be a flower girl.” 

    “I think we can arrange that.” 

    That night, Marcus sent Missy down the street to a friend’s house for the evening. She wished him good luck before skipping out the door, following her friend to her house. 

    When you came home from work, Marcus was there to pull you close and kiss you, smiling as you laughed. “Someone’s happy to see me,” you said. “You’re not usually home when I get home.” 

    “I took off today,” Marcus said. “They kept nagging me to take a break, and Missy has off from school too.”

    “Where is the little troublemaker?” You asked, shedding your coat and looking around. 

    Marcus headed into the kitchen, you following him. “Lucy invited her over for the evening,” he said. “I figured we could finally have some adult time. I made dinner.” 

    You gasped, seeing the food on the table. “Marcus! You didn’t have to!” 

    “I don’t mind,” Marcus promised, pulling your chair out. “C’mon, don’t let it get cold.”

    While you ate, you talked about all sorts of mundane things. Work was the first, and then you complained about the deer that were somehow getting into the garden. Marcus agreed that that was a problem, but promised he’d look into it. 

    Finally, he was able to take your empty plate and set it in the sink. “Hey babe,” he said, still standing. “I was thinking earlier today.”

    “Oh lord,” he heard you say. “Marcus, what’s going on?” 

    Marcus fumbled with the ring box as he turned and got on one knee. Everything he’d planned on saying, the speech he’d been reciting in his head all day, it was all gone as soon as he saw your face. All he could muster was a small “please?” 

    “Marcus,” you said softly. “Oh Marcus. Are you okay?” 

    In truth, no he wasn’t. But he cleared his throat and finally found the ability to speak. “I know,” he said softly. “I know you said we would never need a ring, but I think the time is right, and I love you more than anything in the world.” 

    You slid out of your chair and knelt in front of Marcus, so you were on his level. “Marcus,” you said, putting your hands on his face. “Are you ready for this?” 

    Marcus nodded. “I am,” he promised. “And Missy is too.” 

    “Then yes,” you said, smiling wide. “I can’t wait to marry you Marcus.” 

    “And I can’t wait to marry you,” Marcus said, pulling you into a tight hug and cradling you close. “Thank you.” 

    You laughed. “As if I could ever say no.” 

    You and Marcus stayed on the floor until you heard a familiar voice say, “Did you ask yet?” 

    “Missy!” Marcus looked up quickly, surprised. “When did you get home?” 

    “Just now,” Missy said. “Was it a yes?” 

    You opened your arms, tugging Missy into the hug pile on the floor. “It was a yes.” 

    Max Phillips: 

    You loved Max more than anything. He was kind to you, handsome, and an all around good boyfriend. Not to mention the fact that he was undead, which was a surprising perk. 

    However, lately, he’d been acting really weird. 

    It was an unsettling kind of weird. He would spend more time than usual away from you, he was definitely hiding something, and he was so damn jumpy and defensive when you asked about it. 

    Finally, you couldn’t take it anymore. 

    “Max!” You shouted through your townhouse. “Max! I want to talk to you! Now!” 

    Max came up from the basement, which had been named his area for vampire shit, so you never entered. “What’s up babe?” 

    “We’ve been dating for a while now,” you said. “So I know when you’re hiding something from me.” 

    “Babe,” Max said, almost warningly. “Stop.” 

    “No!” You said, finally putting your foot down. “What the hell are you doing? You’re in the basement all the damn time, I never see you, and you always act super guilty around me! What the hell?” 

    Max’s face paled, and he sat at the kitchen table. “Babe. Please, I can’t-“ 

    “Jesus,” you grumbled, already knowing where this was going. “Max! I love you! I love you a lot! But this again?” 

    “I’m trying to find a way to propose to you!” Max snapped, standing quickly. 

    You stopped, mouth open. “Propose?” 

    Max nodded, and you were sure that if he could, he would be crying. “Yeah. Propose.” 

    “Oh.” You felt oddly guilty for yelling now. “I’m sorry.” 

    “It’s fine,” Max mumbled, sitting back down. “I should’ve been more open with you.” 

    You shook your head, moving closer to Max so you were standing between his legs and he could rest his head on your chest. “Max, I’m sorry I yelled. But I don’t understand. Why were you spending so long in the basement to try and propose?” 

    “When a vampire takes a human partner, a typical proposal includes a turning,” Max admitted, his words muffled by your shirt. “I was researching and preparing.”

    You smiled. “Do I get a ring too?” 

    Max chuckled a bit, and you were glad to hear it. “Yeah. I found a nice black one with rubies in it. It’s downstairs.” 

    “You had all of this planned out,” you said, burying your hands in Max’s hair. “Right down to the ring.” 

    “Right down to the ring,” Max agreed with a smile. “I was going to propose officially this weekend.” 

    “This weekend,” you murmured. “I’ll clear my schedule.” 

    On Friday evening, Max finally took you downstairs, clearly nervous. The basement was small, and Max had only made it more cramped by putting what you suspected was a tattoo chair in the room. It had thick leather straps that unnerved you, but from what Max had said last night when he explained turning, you would need them. 

    “Max,” you said softly, sitting in the chair and watching your boyfriend shuffle around. “I’m scared.” 

    “I know,” Max said softly, passing a ring box over and over in his hands. “Here.” 

    The ring inside was beautiful. It was minimalistic, a simple band of black metal with a small ring of tiny rubies that glittered in the artificial lights. “Max,” you said, sliding the ring on. “I love it.” 

    Max smiled, kissing you. “I’m glad. Ready?” 

    “As I’ll ever be.” 

    Max was very careful strapping you down, and when he was done, he kissed your forehead one last time, mumbling out an apology before sinking his fangs into your neck. 

    It was like nothing you’d ever experienced. Max had fed from you before, but this, this burned like someone had injected you with lava. You were sure you were screaming, and then your vision went black. 

    You woke Tuesday morning, a sharp metal taste on your tongue. Max was beside you, reading a book and blinking very slowly. Even for an undead vampire who needed no sleep, days on end without resting was hell, and it showed on Max. 

    “Babe!” Max said, noticing you were awake and standing quickly, abandoning his book. “Are you hungry?” 

    “Yes?” You said, confused. “My stomach hurts, but I don’t want food.” 

    Max nodded, undoing the straps and helping you sit up. “You’re thirsty. Here, try this.” He handed you a bottle and you chugged half of it, feeling a warmth spread through your body. “Feeling better?” 

    You nodded, putting the bottle down. “Yeah. Did it work?” 

    “Yep,” Max said, kissing your forehead. “You’re a vampire, and we’re engaged.” 

    That sent a giddy feeling through you. “We are going to have the weirdest wedding ever.” 

    Max laughed. “I agree.” 

    Frankie ‘Catfish’ Morales: 

    “Babe!” You shouted through the house, knowing Frankie was downstairs. “I’m taking a bath!” 

    “Oh!” Frankie said, and you could hear him thudding up the stairs. “Use this! I found it off Instagram, well actually Benny found it, but he said you might like it!” 

    You smiled, taking the black bath bomb. “This is very Game of Thrones-y,” you said, turning the bath bomb over in your hands. It was black, with a vibrant orange stripe around the middle. The entire thing was egg shaped, with small scales that made you fairly certain it was supposed to be a dragon egg. 

    “Eh,” Frankie said with a shrug. “It wasn’t marketed as a Game of Thrones egg, but I guess it does look really Mother of Dragons-ish.” 

    You laughed, kissing Frankie on the cheek. “Thank you. I’ll use it. But when I stain the tub, you’re cleaning it.” 

    Frankie stuck his tongue out at you, and you scrunched your face at him as you closed yourself in the bathroom. 

    Once the bath was filled, you’d lit a candle, set up a glass of water, and got into the tub, you began to slowly unwrap the bath bomb. The smell was familiar, in a weird way. It smelled like fruit and wood smoke, the same smell Frankie carried on his whenever he went camping and ate an entire pound of strawberries. You smiled, dipping the bath bomb under the water and relaxing as it hissed and bubbled, slowly turning the entire bath black. 

    The bath bomb was mostly fizzed away when you saw something in the bath with you. 

    Your immediate reaction was to freak out, but it clearly wasn’t a bug, nor was it anything disgusting. It was a clear plastic sphere with gold inside. 

    Curious, you scooped the small sphere out and rolled it over in your hands. You’d heard of bath bombs having small surprises in them, and Frankie must’ve not realized. You popped the sphere open, fully expecting a small toy. 

    You did not expect a ring. 

    The ring was gorgeous. The metal was a darker grey, with an upside down teardrop shaped gem in the middle that shimmered in all sorts of oranges and pinks and reds. Circled around the round part of the gem was a tiny dragon, almost like it was defending its hoard. 

    You smiled, setting the ring on the floor and turning back to the sphere. There was one more thing inside. A small slip of gold paper. Written on one side of the paper was care information, the size, the return policy, and on the other side...

    “Francisco Morales I am going to kill you!” You screamed, standing and sending water sloshing everywhere. 

    The other side of the paper read ‘Will you marry me?’ 

    You could hear Frankie laughing on the other side of the door as you quickly wrapped yourself in a towel and yanked the door open. “Explain.” 

    Frankie was sitting on the floor, a huge dorky grin on his face. “You said you didn’t want a traditional ring. And Benny actually did suggest the bath bomb. Really, if anyone should be in trouble, it should be him!” 

    “Good god Frankie,” you mumbled, scoping the ring up and examining it. “It’s beautiful.” 

    “Is it?” Frankie asked, standing to get a better look. “There were ten options. Oh, that one’s my favorite.” 

    You sighed. “Are you also going to get a dragon ring?” 

    “Yeah!” Frankie said eagerly, taking his phone out of his pocket. “Mine’s more masculine, but it has the scales, and the stone is the same.” 

    “You know,” you said, fiddling with the ring. “You never actually asked me.” 

    Frankie’s eyes went wide. “Do you want me to?” 

    Smiling, you shrugged. “If you want to.” 

    Frankie took the ring from you and got down on one knee. “Baby, will you marry me? Even if it is with a dumb dragon ring?” 

    You laughed, nodding and kneeling down so you could kiss Frankie. “Absolutely Frankie. I will marry you. Dumb dragon ring and all.” 

    Jack ‘Whiskey’ Daniels: 

    You sighed, examining yourself in the mirror. You’d chosen one of your favorite formal outfits for tonight, as Jack had asked. He was coming directly from work to pick you up, and you couldn’t wait. 

    You’d known Jack for a long time, and you’d been there for him through thick and thin. When you started dating, he was reluctant and hesitant. But now, five years later, your relationship was as natural as breathing. 

    “I’m home!” Jack called through the house, and you rushed out to meet him, kissing his cheek and smiling. 

    Jack slid a hand down your back as he kissed you properly. “Why hello,” he said smoothly. “Are we ready to go darlin’?” 

    You nodded, bending down to put your shoes on before righting yourself and shifting a bit to get comfortable. “Yep! Ready to go. Still don’t know where we’re going though.” 

    “I want to treat my baby on our anniversary,” Jack explained, keeping his hand low on your back as you walked to his car. “We’re going out to dinner.” 

    It had been so long since Jack had taken you to dinner, and you were surprisingly eager when he helped you into the car. “Where are we going?” 

    “Out,” Jack said, putting his hand on the center console and grinning as you automatically held it on your own. “It’s a surprise, baby.” 

    You pouted playfully, smiling as Jack began to drive. Jack was the master of planned surprises, and you had no doubt that this night would be unforgettable. 

    The restaurant was very nice, something you had assumed considering your current state of dress. Jack even left his hat in the car as he walked out. He had a reservation, and the waiter showed you two to your table with a friendly grin. 

    “Jack,” you said happily, looking around. “This is lovely.” 

    “Five years,” Jack replied, taking your hand. “It’s a big number. I wanted to do something special.” 

    You laughed. “Jack, honey today would’ve been special no matter what.” 

    The waiter came back, and you two ordered dinner, Jack reassuring you that you could get whatever you wanted. 

    For a little over half an hour you two talked, ate, and laughed together. Jack told you about work, making you laugh when he told you about how Tequila, who you’d met exactly once, had tried to use Jack’s lasso to grab a chair and accidentally pulled said chair into his face, giving himself a black eye. 

    Once the food had been eaten and you were considering dessert, you noticed Jack was starting to look nervous. “Jack? Is everything okay?” 

    Jack nodded. “Yeah, baby. I’m fine. I actually have a question for you.” 


    “I’ve loved you for a while,” Jack said, taking your hands. “You make my life so much better and you saved me from living alone and sad. I’ve called you mine in words for fine years now, but I want it to be official.” Jack moved, still holding your hands, and knelt down in front of you. “I know our relationship is rocky, but I love you so much. Will you marry me?” 

    You swallowed down tears, trying not to cry your eyes out in public. “Jack,” you said softly. “Yes. I will.” 

    Jack dropped one of your hands and pulled a ring out, sliding it onto your finger. 

    There was dead silence, and then someone began to clap, starting a tidal wave of noise and congratulations. 

    The rest of your night was spent in varying states of euphoria. Jack joked, as he led you back to the car, that you two could consummate the marriage in the back of his car.

    “Okay casanova,” you said with a laugh as Jack undid his tie and top button of his shirt. “Can it wait until we get home, at least?” 

    Jack smiled, draping his tie around your neck and pulling you close for a kiss. “No, I don’t think so,” he purred into your ear. “Shall we?” 

    You pretended to consider. “Y’know what?” You said softly, leaning in so you were speaking directly into Jack’s ear. “I think we shall.” 


    To say Ezra was a man of many words would’ve been an understatement. He was arguably a man of too many words, each one more elegant than the last. He could come up with elaborate poems basically on the spot, and writing was a piece of cake for him.

    So why was he having such trouble trying to find the right words to propose to you? 

    Ezra sighed, looking at the small ring box with the ring inside. He’d commissioned it custom, so that the stone was one he’d collected on your first prospecting trip together. You were completely unaware of his antics, he hoped. The only thing Ezra had left to do was find the words to propose. 

    Which was proving to be harder than he’d originally anticipated. 

    “Ezra?” You said from the other side of the pod. “Ezra? It’s dinner time.” 

    Ezra sighed, putting the ring in his pocket and pulling aside the divider that separated the pod into rooms. At this point, he was bracing himself for just winging it and hoping he was just as poetic in the moment. 

    “Hey Ez,” you said, turning when he walked into the kitchen area. “Long day?” 

    “Is it that obvious starlight?” Ezra said with a laugh. “Today was a lot.” 

    You smiled, putting a plate in front of Ezra. “Well, at least dinner is done.” 

    Ezra nodded, tangling his feet with yours when you sat down with your plate. “Starlight, I was thinking today.” 

    “Oh?” You said around a mouthful of food. “That mind of yours is truly never idle, is it?” 

    “You know me so well starlight,” Ezra said. “I was thinking about our future.” 

    You raised an eyebrow. “Our future? Ez, what do you mean?” 

    Ezra shuffled his feet, still keeping his ankles tangled around yours. “I was filling out paperwork today for my solo job.”

    Your face fell. Ezra had been offered a solo job that you were unable to do with him. He’d be away for months, and last time you and him had been apart, he’d been marooned on the Green and came back four years later with one arm missing. 

    “Oh starlight,” Ezra murmured, taking your hand. “No, it’s not bad my dear. I was reading the papers again. In the fine print, I found something that intrigued me. There is a way for you to accompany me.” 

    You perked up at that, and he could see the hope in your face. “Really?” 

    “Yes,” Ezra confirmed. “My starlight, I am allowed to bring family members by blood and by law.” 

    “By law?” He could see the confusion take over your face. “Ezra, what are you saying?” 

    Ezra put his hand in his pocket, hoping this wouldn’t all backfire. “Starlight, I’m asking you to marry me.” 

    You were quiet for a second as he pulled out the ring and held it out. “Ezra,” you breathed softly. “Are you serious?” 

    “I have loved you for years, starlight,” Ezra said. “And marriage has always been something I wanted to discuss with you. But this job made me realize I want nothing if I can’t share it with you.” 

    “Oh Ezra,” you said, taking the ring and looming closer at it. “Is this?” 

    “The first stone we harvested together,” Ezra confirmed. “It is.” 

    You swallowed hard and smiled. “Ezra. Of course I’ll marry you.” 

    Ezra carefully put the ring on your finger and pulled you across the tiny table to kiss you deeply. “Thank you my dear. I think you have truly made me the happiest man in the universe.” 

    “Anything for you, Ezra,” you murmured, already looking forward to a future by Ezra’s side.

    Shane ‘Dio’ Morrissey:

    Shane was not a marriage guy. Not in the slightest. You’d asked him once about it, mostly for tax reasons, and he’d immediately told you he wasn’t going to do all that shit for a piece of paper and a ring. 

    So you’d never brought it up again. 

    However, you’d been dating Shane for almost seven years, and you’d only just noticed something peculiar about him. He never really wore his jewelry or any of that around your apartment, mostly because when he was home he wasn’t Dio the goth king of New York, he was Shane the weird but funny boyfriend. But you’d noticed when he was taking his rings off one day that he wore one or even two on all of his fingers except for his left ring finger. 

    “Babe?” You said, sitting beside Shane on the couch while you two watched Jeopardy. “Why don’t you wear your rings in the house?” You’d been playing with Shane’s hand during the movie, and you’d finally managed to ask him. 

    “I don’t want to bring Dio home,” Shane said, curling his fingers around your hand. “I’ve told you that before. Why?” 

    You shrugged, still not looking at Shane. “Dunno. Curious.” You traced your index finger down Shane’s ring finger. “You don’t wear a ring here.” 

    Shane was quiet for a minute before he sighed. “Baby, I don’t want to wear a ring there. Yet.” 

    “Yet?” You asked, apprehensive. 

    “One day,” Shane said slowly. “I’d like to get married. But I’m young, and I’m king, you know.” 

    You smiled. “I can’t rule alongside you?” You asked. 

    Shane laughed, kissing your head. “Maybe one day you can, my dove.” 

    The next day, while you were out, you stopped by a small local business that you and Shane both loved. He got most of his Dio clothes at the shop, and you occasionally found something for yourself, like the patched leather jacket that matched Shane’s. 

    “Hey! It’s the soon to be reigning monarch of New York City!” Marissa said happily upon seeing you come in. “How’s it hanging?” 

    “Hey Ris,” you said, looking absently at a pair of vintage style pants. “I’m doing good, and so’s Shane.” 

    Ris smiled. “Only you could have the guts to call the king of New York by his actual name.” 

    You laughed, leaning on a jewelry case to talk to Ris. “He asked me to! I’ve told you before, he doesn’t bring Dio home with him. He’s a bad influence on my kind, law-abiding boyfriend.” 

    Now it was Ris’s turn to laugh. “Oh honey,” she said. “Now I know you’ve lost it.” She paused, seeing you looking mesmerized into the case below you. “See something you like?” 

    “Yeah, actually,” you murmured, pointing to a specific ring. “That.” 

    Ris pulled the ring out. “It’s Dio’s size,” she said softly. 

    “Oh Ris,” you mumbled. “Shane and I were talking about marriage yesterday. He said he wasn’t ready yet, but he had that look in his eyes. Y’know the one where he’s hiding something from me.” 

    “Honey,” Ris said, cutting you off. “If you feel the time is right, go for it. Don’t wait for him to ask.” 

    That afternoon, you went home with the ring in your pocket. It truly was a very Shane ring. You’d feared it would be overly simple and lost among the heavy and ornate rings Dio wore all day, but the small skull made from a gleaming pearl that was set into the band of dark metal was the perfect balance between Shane and Dio.

    All you had to do now was ask. 

    You planned to ask during dinner, but Shane wasn’t home for dinner. He’d left with his long leather coat, so you could only assume he was out doing Dio things. So, instead of eating dinner with Shane, you ate alone, the ring box growing heavier and heavier in your pocket with each passing minute. 

    Finally, about halfway through Jeopardy, which you hated watching without Shane, he came home. He looked exhausted, falling onto the couch without taking his rings or coat off. His eyes blinked closed and he let out a long breath. 

    “Shane?” You asked, scooting and pulling your boyfriend’s head into your lap. “Long day?” 

    “Too fucking long,” Shane agreed, a smile pulling at his lips when you began to rub his temples, hoping to clear away his headache. “How’s Jeopardy?” 

    You shrugged. “Boring tonight,” you said. “No good categories.” 

    Shane yawned, and you carefully took his hands, beginning to take his rings off. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” He asked, opening his eyes so he could watch you as you lined each ring up on the coffee table. 

    You smiled, putting a ring with a heavy bird skull on the table. “How do you wear these all day?” You mused, mostly to yourself. “These rings must weigh a few pounds, at least.” 

    “You get used to it,” Shane promised, rolling so he could wrap his arms around your waist. “C’mon, I wanna snuggle.” 

    “Alright,” you said, abandoning the rings. “We can snuggle.”  

    The next morning, Shane had to leave again, but he was able to delay it so you and him left at the same time when you left for work. As he got dressed, you looked over his ring lineup. Slipping the one you’d bought yesterday into the line, you perked up as Shane came out of the bedroom. 

    “Looking good,” you said happily, seeing Shane in your favorite, a tight pair of leather pants and a black tank top. “C’mere, I wanna see if I remember where all your rings go.” 

    Shane sat on the couch, holding out his hands and grinning. You mirrored his grin, starting on his right pinky finger and working your way in. It was easy, considering you’d put them in order yesterday. When you reached his left hand, you started to get nervous. But there was no backing down now. 

    “And one more,” you said, sliding the skull ring onto Shane’s left ring finger. 

    He looked down at his hands, confused. “Babe, I’ve got an extra.” 

    “I know.” 

    Shane lifted his head, meeting your eyes. “Are you proposing?” 

    You shook your head. “No!” You said, maybe a bit too quickly. “No, I just, I wanted you to have something to remind you of me while you were out, and-“ 


    You stopped, voice failing at Shane’s single word. “Yes?” 

    “Yes,” Shane repeated. “I’ll marry you if you want.” 

    It took a minute of dead silence for you to understand what Shane was saying, but when you did, you couldn’t hold back the tears. “Shane.” 

    Shane was equally as emotional as you, his tears running black and making you laugh. “Shane,” you giggled. “Your eyeliner.” 

    “Oh.” Shane touched his cheek and began to laugh. “Dammit! I’m gonna have to fix that.” 

    You smiled, pulling Shane in for a kiss. “What if we stayed home today? To celebrate?” 

    Shane scooped you up, holding you tight against his body as he carried you to your bedroom. “Y’know what? I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

    Javier Peña: 

    Having Javier home was the greatest gift of all. He’d been in Columbia for so long that you’d almost forgotten him, the way he laughed and cried and spoke. And then, by some miracle, he came home and to you. 

    Which was where you were now, home in Texas while Javier received phone call after phone call, and you occasionally caught snippets of the conversations, something about Cali and Columbia. You were scared to ask what that was about, but at the same time, not knowing was killing you. 

    “Javi,” you said slowly one night, while you were making dinner. “What was that latest  call about?” 

    “Work,” Javier grumbled, coming up behind you and pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. “I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now, you’re not stupid, but they want me to go back.” 

    The thought of that chilled your blood. “And they still won’t let me come with you?” You asked hesitantly. 

    “Probably not,” Javier said. “Circumstances are, if you can believe this, worse than they were when I left.” 

    You made a face, pulling a pan off the heat and sighing. “Javier,” you said. “What if we got married?” 

    Dead silence. You almost regretted asking, but you needed an answer. 

    “No,” Javier said finally, voice sounding strangled. “No. If we were married, you’d be able to come with me, but I won’t allow that.” 

    “Why?” You were sure he could hear the heartbreak in your voice. 

    Javier shook his head. “Because what I saw down there was enough to scar me for ten lifetimes!” He said loudly. “And I don’t want that to happen to you.” 

    You trembled, nodding your understanding. Javier slowly got closer, wrapping you in a hug. “I’m sorry I raised my voice,” he said gently. “But you must understand. It’s not that I don’t love you or don’t want to marry you. But I can’t risk you getting hurt, okay?” 

    “Okay,” you mumbled. 

    Three weeks later, you waved goodbye to Javier, tears pouring down your face. He looked equally as torn, but he kissed you firmly and promised, just as last time, he would be home again. 

    And home again he was. 

    For months, you tended to your house, waiting for the day when you’d hear Javier’s car pulling up on the rough gravel driveway. You almost lost hope more times that you could count, but the promise of having Javier home kept you going. He called, of course, and he wrote letters you put on the fridge. But nothing was the same as having the real Javier beside you.

    It was the dead of winter when he returned home. Of course, Texas weather meant that it was still nice and warm out when you heard the car in the driveway. Perking up, you tried to remember if you’d invited anyone to visit. 

    Peering through the peephole in the door, you sighed, seeing Javier’s oldest sister coming up to the house. “Hey Maria,” you said as you opened the door. “How’re you?” 

    Maria shrugged. “Good. Missing my little brother, but what else is new?” 

    You smiled. “Yeah. Come on in. I didn’t know you were coming today.” 

    “I wasn’t planning on it,” Maria admitted. “But I was in the area and figured I’d drop by to see how you were holding up.” 

    “Yeah,” you said slowly. “I’m doing fine. Javi wrote last week, and I’m so sorry, but the AC is completely dead. Do you wanna go outside?” 

    Maria nodded. “That works. Sucks about your AC.” 

    You tugged open the sliding door, looking back at Maria. “Eh. It’s fine. Simple fix, I just can’t do it myself.” 

    As you turned, you felt your stomach drop to your shoes. “Javier?” 

    Your boyfriend smiled, standing nervously in the yard. “Surprise.” 

    After a second of stillness, you launched yourself at Javier, laughing and wrapping him in a tight hug. “You’re home!” 

    Javier hugged you back, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “I’m home,” he murmured into your skin. “And I have a surprise for you.” 

    You pulled away, watching Javier take a small box out of his pocket and dropping to one knee. “I’m so sorry,” he said as you gasped softly. “I should’ve asked before I left, and I should’ve taken you with me. I was just scared you’d be hurt, and I didn’t want to risk that. But I see now, I don’t want to go anywhere unless I can have you beside me. So please, my love, will you marry me?” 

    “Yes!” You said happily, falling to your knees and pulling Javier in close. “Yes. I will.” 

    Javier smiled, kissing you gently. “I figured a late proposal was better than no proposal at all,” he said. 

    You laughed. “I agree.”

    Maxwell Lord:

    Max took a breath, trying to calm his racing mind. He’d been doing this periodically for over three hours now, as the clock grew closer and closer to five PM. 

    Five PM. When he was supposed to pick you up and take you out for the night on a simple Valentine’s Day date. He’d take you to dinner, and then you two would walk around the reflecting pool, taking in the sights of DC at night. Hopefully, Max would work up the courage to get down on one knee then, but with the way things were looking right now, that wasn’t going to happen. 

    “I’m a coward,” Max groaned into his hands, looking at the clock again. Four thirty. 


    Max immediately sat up, smiling wide as Alistair walked into the room. “Hey!” 

    Alistair looked at Max’s desk and the ring box sitting next to his lamp. “What’s that?” 

    “This,” Max said, pulling Alistair into his lap. “Is a ring for (Y/N).” 

    “Like a wedding ring?” 

    “Exactly like a wedding ring,” Max said, throat growing tight. “I’m going to ask them to marry me today.” 

    Alistair smiled. “Will they say yes?” 

    “I don’t know,” Max admitted. “I hope so.” 

    “They love you a lot,” Alistair said. “They told me so!” 

    Max paused. “They did?” 

    “Mhm!” Alistair nodded. “They told me last night that they love you a lot and they want to spend every day with you.” 

    Suddenly, Max’s anxieties over proposing melted away a tiny bit. “Thanks for telling me,” he said, kissing Alistair’s cheek. “That made me feel much better.” 

    At five, Alistair waved good luck to Max as he went to go pick you up, and Max waved back, the ring box heavy in his pocket. 

    You were waiting on the couch when Max entered the house, still in your pyjamas. “Maxie?” 

    Max immediately rushed to your side, seeing your lidded eyes and the green tint to your skin. “Babe? Are you okay?” 

    You nodded, and then shook your head quickly, leaning over and dry heaving into a bucket by the couch. Max rubbed your back, suddenly worried. “Babe?” 

    When you resurfaced, you looked incredibly guilty. “I’m so sorry Max,” you said softly. “I know you had a lovely date planned out, but y’know how I told you one of my coworkers brought us takeout yesterday? Well the chicken I ate wasn’t good, and me and the other person who ate it have food poisoning.”

    Max made a noise of sympathy, shedding his coat and undoing his tie. “Don’t feel bad,” he said. “I’ll reschedule the reservation, and we can go out next weekend.” 

    You smiled weakly. “Thank you Max.” 

    Max left you on the couch while he went upstairs to put his pyjamas on. As he changed his pants, the ring box fell out, and Max’s breath hitched. Well there went his plans to propose. He could totally do it next weekend, when you felt better. 


    Max’s head snapped around, seeing you in the doorway, looking at him with confusion. “Babe!” He said quickly. “Why aren’t you on the couch?” 

    “I had to use the bathroom,” you said, coming closer. “Is that a ring?” 

    Max took a breath. No hiding it now. “Yeah,” he said slowly. “It is.” 

    You winced, and Max helped you sit on the bed. “Were you going to propose tonight?” 

    Hesitantly, Max nodded. 

    He heard your breath hitch, and then you started to cry, big hiccuping sobs that broke his heart as he pulled you into a hug. “Shh,” he comforted, rubbing your back as you cried into his bare chest. “Shh, it’s okay.” 

    “But it isn’t!” You sobbed. “I ruined your proposal!” 

    Max shook his head. “You haven’t ruined a single thing, my love,” he promised, rocking back and forth the same way he did when Alistair was crying. “None of this was your fault, okay?” 

    You still cried for another ten minutes, and when you were drained of tears, Max still held you close, allowing you to slump against his body. 

    “Babe?” Max finally breaks the silence. “Are you okay?” 

    “No,” you whimpered against his chest. “Feel bad.” 

    Max sighed. “Physically?” 

    You nodded. 

    “How can I help?” Max asked, kissing your forehead. “Do you need water?” 

    “No,” you said hesitantly. “Just wanna stay here.” 

    Max smiled, smoothing a hand over your hair. “Okay. We can stay here.” 

    Late that night, after the sun had set and midnight had come and gone, you were still awake, throwing up as Max held your hair off your face and rubbed your back. “Oh babe,” he said, seeing your face stained in tears. “Hey, I’m right here. I’m never leaving.” 

    You breathed heavy as Max helped you lean against his chest, your shoulder blades pressing against him, but he wasn’t about to complain. “Max?” 


    “Are we engaged now?” 

    Max blinked a few times. “What?” 

    You turned, so he could see your eyes. “You had a ring, and said you were going to propose. Can we skip all the fancy shit and just be engaged now?” 

    “Oh,” Max said, smiling. “Of course. Engaged. I like the sound of that.” 

    Taking a breath, you fell against Max’s body, limp and exhausted, but oh so very happy. “Engaged,” he heard you murmur. “Sounds good.”

    Oberyn Martell: 

    (We all know Oberyn isn’t about to ever marry anyone. So I present, the next best thing) 

    You sighed, leaning back against the soft bed and even softer pillows. Ellaria was on your left and Oberyn on your right, both holding you as you breathed heavy, still shivering from the ecstasy they had both just put you through. 

    Oberyn turned your wrist over and kissed it gently, likely feeling your pulse beneath his lips. “My sun,” he murmured, making your pulse jump. “I was hoping to ask you a question.” 

    Ellaria smiled, running her fingers gently over the warm expanse of your bare chest. You let your eyes flutter closed, leaning into her touch. 

    “Ellaria,” Oberyn chastised, a smile in his voice. “Let the little sun focus.” 

    You hummed. “I can listen,” you promised. 

    Oberyn nodded, tucking himself closer to you. “My sun, I was hoping you would accompany me and Ellaria to King’s Landing in a week’s time.” 

    The destination confused you, and you opened your eyes. “I thought Doran was to go to King’s Landing.” 

    “He has fallen ill,” Oberyn said, tracing the knuckle of his index finger over your temple and down your cheekbone. “I must go in his place.” 

    Ellaria continued to work her fingers across your skin, her hands dipping low onto your belly and her face curling into a smile as she saw how you reacted to her touches. “The prince would not take you if he thought there would be danger, my sun,” she reassured. “And I’m attending as well.” 

    A sigh released from your lungs, and you nodded. “I will go,” you decided. “Only if I can have this for as long as I live.” 

    Oberyn grinned, cat-like and mischievous. “As long as you live?” He asked, sitting up and back on his legs. “Ellaria, do you think we can manage that?” 

    Ellaria pulled you into her lap, so your back was flush with her stomach, understanding where Oberyn was going. “My prince,” she purred. “My sun. I do believe we can.” 

    “What do you say, little sun?” Oberyn asked, tracing over the ornate golden collar with the sun charm that you wore. “Shall we worship you forever?” 

    You nodded, glad Oberyn had given you a chance to say no, you were too tired for this right now. But you weren’t, so you just eagerly accepted his touches, keening when Ellaria’s expert hands joined in. 

    Oberyn, glowing in the light of the sun that filtered through the curtains, leaned down next to your ear, biting at your earlobe and smiling. “Forever, my sun.” 

    You gasped, feeling Ellaria’s fingers pinch at your chest. “Forever, my prince.”

    Pero Tovar: 

    Traveling with Tovar and William was nothing less than hellish. The days and nights spent sleeping on sand without any water to wash your throats or bodies, the constant attacks from enemies you didn’t even know you had, the way your stomach rolled when you ran out of food, it was all enough for you to want to stay at whatever town you stopped at and never travel again. 

    And then you remembered why you’d started traveling with the boys. 

    Tovar had been your deciding factor, his grumpy face and seemingly insatiable appetite drew you to him, and while it took a while, you were finally able to break through and find his softer side. 

    You’d been exploring this unknown softness for years now, and although marriage wasn’t something either of you wanted, or in Tovar’s case even knew much about, you had considered asking once or twice. 

    Now was one of those times. William was in town, bartering for supplies, while you and Tovar remained in the single inn room. It was something you did often, share a single room between the three of you. You and Tovar fought for space on the first small bed, and William took the second one. If there was only one bed, William usually took the floor. 

    You sighed, carding through Tovar’s hair. He’d been complaining about the length, but you’d told him there was nothing you could do until you reached a town. Now that you were in a town, you were able to sit your grouchy Spaniard down and trim his admittedly overgrown hair. 

    “Pero,” you said, tossing another mangled chunk of hair into the fireplace. “What do you want from life?” 

    “You’re getting awfully philosophical,” Tovar noticed, wincing when you tugged on a particularly stubborn hair mat. “Why?” 

    You shrugged. “Sit still,” you said firmly. “I was just thinking, you bastard.” 

    Tovar grumbled a bit, squaring his shoulders and doing his best to stay still. “I don’t know,” he finally admitted. “What I want.” 

    “A lover?” You asked cautiously, and Tovar jerked in surprise, causing you to nick his ear with your scissors. “Christ! Pero! I could’ve cut your ear off!” 

    Tovar pressed a hand to his ear, stopping the flow of blood. “Well don’t surprise me like that!” He countered. 

    “Oh I’m sorry that the notion of taking a permanent lover scares you!” You yelled back, standing and walking as far from Tovar as you could get in the small room. You wrapped your arms around yourself, feeling a dreadful emptiness in your stomach. 

    “Hey,” Tovar said softly, stepping closer. “Are you okay?” 

    You sniffled, trying to stop the tears. “Yeah.” 

    Tovar put an arm around you. “Don’t lie,” he murmured, pulling you close. “What’s wrong?” 

    “I just,” you said, voice wavering. “I don’t want us to be a mystery Pero. I want there to be a word for us.” 

    “Like married?” 

    Tovar’s words caught you off guard, and you couldn’t stop yourself from nodding. “Yeah. Like married.” 

    “Amor,” Tovar said softly, running his hand down your spine. “I love you, you know. I love you a lot. But marriage, it’s hard for people like us. No priest worth his salt will bless us, and I cannot afford a ring.” The best I can offer you is me.” 

    “Pero,” you breathed. “All I need is you.” 

    You and Tovar remained in each other’s embrace for a while before you finally pulled away to treat his bleeding and finish his hair. You were working on a really knotted section on the back of Tovar’s neck when William returned, smiling at you two. “Look what I found!” 

    He spilled the contents of a small leather coin purse onto his bed, revealing a few coins, two small blank rolls of parchment, and a glittering ring made of gold. 

    Tovar picked up the ring and handed it to you. “You wanted a ring.” 

    The ring didn’t fit your fingers by any means, but you laced it onto a strip of leather and put it around your neck, smiling. “Thank you Pero.” 

    You turned Tovar to the fire once more, determined to finish your job. As you stood between his legs, working on his fringe, he leaned forward and kissed the ring where it rested on your sternum. “I suppose this means we’re married.” 

    “I suppose it does,” you agreed, stepping back and tossing the last chunk of matted hair into the fire. “Looking good.” 

    “Good enough to marry?” 

    You laughed. “Yes Pero. Good enough to marry.”

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    Paul Renaud - Suprman and Wonder Woman 

    #paul renaud #superman and wonder woman
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    A lot can happen (and change) within a day.

    #wonder woman#diana prince#steve trevor#wondertrev#chris pine#gal gadot#my gifs #this always hits me okay #like they're being all lovey dovey and everything at night and then during the day the touching stops #i know it's because she's upset and it doesn't stay that way forever but #it still hurts #he can't even gently touch her face :( #gif#gifs
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    Day 20 - Cuddling/Superbat OTP Challenge

    Dialogs made by my friend dcfanart02 on IG

    Clark and Bruce have invited Diana over the mansion for a couple of days 

    Clark: Honey, Diana will be here in a minute. You ready? *opens the bedroom door to see Bruce putting on his shirt*

    Bruce: Yes, just finished. Did she text you, saying she's on her way? *combs his hair in the mirror*

    Clark: No, I heard her taxi. She'll be here in a few minutes.

    Bruce: *chuckles* Super flexing as always.

    Clark: *walks to the window to see Diana's taxi pulling over* SHE'S HERE!

    Bruce: So excited... Should I be concerned? *smirks*

    Clark: Get your ass down now! *laughs, blows a kiss to Bruce and flies over to the main hall*

    Diana: Clark!!! *hugs him tightly* It's been too long!!!

    Bruce: Long time no see, Princess. *comes down the stairs smiling*

    Diana: Bruce... *smiles and hugs him*

    Clark* jumps on them* Group hug!!!

    Bruce: *groans* Clark...

    Diana: Still grumpy as ever I see!

    Clark: *slips between Diana and Bruce to hug his husband* Grumpy but cute!

    Bruce: *kisses Clark on the cheek as Diana hugs them both* How did I get so lucky?

    Diana: Enough with the sweet talk, guys! Let's kick these days off with a big hug!

    Who knew the world's greatest heroes were into cuddling!

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    My most shifty finds from a recent trip

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    ☆ dc wallpapers

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