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    Family Reunion

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    this fic is based on the last part of project 17 episode 6 i cried again watching them get their rings back from their parents. once again, this'll be a long one.

    also, my friend is apart of a dance crew and she asked me if i wanted to dance with them for their next dance cover. oml you have no idea how nervous i am.

    if you wanna know, we're dancing to Purple Kiss Skip Skip!

    italics means they're speaking in english.

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡**♡・゚✧*:・゚✧

    "i don't have your rings." our ceo said. i froze.

    i thought he would have them. what does he mean by he doesn't have them.

    my hands that were stuck together started feeling sweaty.

    i waited for him to say something more. the silences was slowly killing me.

    finally after the long silence he said, "turn around."

    i quickly turned and was met with the black wall, there was nothing but the black wall. i waited for something to happen.

    i didn't understand what was going on.

    then suddenly the black wall started moving up and i saw multiple pair of legs. "what.." i mumbled.

    soon the black wall was all the way up and i started laughing. "wow.."

    standing there was my family. mom, dad, yeona, seojun and minjun.

    "noona!" two young boys said at the same time.

    i got down onto their level as they ran towards me, "hey you two." i quietly said. i closed my eyes as i felt tears form in them as soon as they hugged me.

    "what is this." i said, opening up my eyes and looking at my mom.

    i separated from the hug i had with my two younger brothers and quickly hugged my mom. as soon as i was in her arms though i started crying, letting the tears flow. i also heard some sniffs from my mom and soon she was sobbing in my shoulder. "mom don't cry." i said but me myself was also crying as much as she was.

    "how long were you guys here for?" i asked, crying a bit more as i lean in to hug yeona.

    "like a day or two" she replied, using her fingers to wipe away the tears that were flowing down my cheek. i looked over at my dad and started crying even more.

    "hey sweetheart." he said. i walked over to him and gave him a hug.

    it's been too long since i've last seen him. "how come you never told me you were training?" he asked. i giggled and let go of our hug. "i had no way on contacting you and i had no idea where in korea you lived. what did you expect me to do?"

    "jinae noona!" i heard one of my brothers yell. they honestly sound the same, more especially since they're more grown up.

    "yess?" they both came up to me with a box. i gasped as they opened it. in was my seventeen ring. i started crying again as they asked for my hand.

    i gave them my hand and they put the ring on my ring ringer. i giggled as my mom corrected them to put it on my pinky. "don't cry" seojun said

    "yeona!" i heard one of my members call. i turned around and saw seungcheol come over.

    "seungcheol!" she yelled back and hugged him. i laughed.

    "mom, dad. this is our leader seungcheol oppa." i said, introducing him to them. he bowed to the both of them.

    soon i was able to introduce all of my members to my parents, with me also meeting their parents, some with me already knowing who they are.

    the members, who knew her, were also happy with seeing yeona again after so long.

    after a while, we all got situated and waited for what the staff would say next.

    "the result of this showcase mission of '1000 audiences' is.."

    i bit the inside of my cheek as he paused to look at his paper.

    "the mission.. was a success." he said.

    i let out a small breath of relief as yeona shook me back and forth.

    "yeah noona!" minjun yelled out, jumping up and down. the members and parents around us laughed at how cute my siblings were being. even the staff in front of us laughed before looking back at his paper.

    "with this, you succeeded today's showcase verification mission and SEVENTEEN are set to have a solo live broadcast on may 26th."

    everyone started cheering again. i looked at the ground as i felt the tears show up again.

    i was finally gonna debut after 2 years.

    "noona don't cry~" seojun whined. i shook my head and quickly whipped my tears.

    "what i want to say is," the staff started again, "SEVENTEEN has done a lot of missions but we have never said something like 'mission cleared' or 'verification succeeded'"

    "wow that sucks" yeona quietly said. i held in my laughter as she was softly hit in the rib by our mother.

    "that's because it doesn't matter whether you think you succeeded or failed the mission. as the missions were made so that you could learn and realize that we wanted to see how you all worked as a team."

    "there will be a lot of things that you have to do in the future after you debut and become a star. you have completed all the missions since the first one until now,"

    "you have done very well on all of the missions and we, the production team, would also like to thank you."

    "thank you!" we all said while clapping.

    "i hope SEVENTEEN will keep on getting better and better in the future. now hug your family."

    i turned around and hugged my mom and dad again, they both squeezed me tight as i held them. i felt yeona also come in the hug and 4 small arms squeezing into the hug.

    "thank you so much.." i said to them.

    we let go of the hug and turned around to listen to anything else the producers had to say.

    "also, did you all get your rings back?" he asked.

    i nodded. "yes" i said. show my hand with the ring.

    "we can't just end it here." he said. i raised a brow as he laughed.

    "it's the last mission!"

    i groaned as i heard seungcheol say, "capture the parents hearts."

    "that's right."

    i covered my face as i laughed. "shall you perform 'shining diamond' in front of the parents and family as you wear the rings?" he asked.

    i clapped my hands as i watched all of the parents walk off.

    we all got together to do our signature hand shake.

    "let's make this our best performance."

    "one two three.." hoshi started,

    "fighting!" we all yelled out.

    i turned around to get into position but heard someone still crying. i looked around and there seungkwan was. before getting in my spot i ran over to seungkwan and gave him a small hug. "seungkwan ah, it's okay." i said and wiped some of his tears away.

    he nodded his head and sniffed once again. i laughed and went to my spot.

    soon the music started, the parents were cheering for us. i looked over to where my family was. i saw my mom with her phone recording us and i laughed.

    as it got to my rapping part, i confidently walked forward and pointed at them.

    "whooo!! noona!"


    i watched as hoshi made a huge heart to our parents and i laughed.

    the parents continued cheering for us as the song was finally at it's end. i took in a deep breath and smiled.

    "it was parents day two days ago," seungcheol said. "should we bow down?" he suggested.

    "thank you for making it possible for all of us to gather here, we will bow." seungcheol said.

    i looked at my parents and put my hands together slowly getting onto my knees and bowing.

    "thank you! we love you" we all said together.

    the event finally ended and our families came back up to hug us once more. "are you guys going back already?" i asked them. yeona nodded. "yeah. we go back tomorrow morning sadly." she said. i nodded.

    "i wanna stay longer!" seojun complained.

    "maybe if dad agrees, you guys can fly back over and stay with him for a little bit some other days and come visit me when i'm not busy." i said, looking at him.

    he nodded his head. "all fine with me, just ask your mother."

    soon everyone was leaving, i said goodbye to all the other parents before saying goodbye to my own.

    "take good care of her!" i heard yeona yell at my members before leaving.

    as a whole i heard the boys yell, "we will!"

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡**♡・゚✧*:・゚✧


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    #yes i agree #100%#princewonwoo #the ten to my johnny #the yanan to my yuto #the jaemin to my jaehyun #the rocky to my moonbin #the wonwoo to my mingyu #ten's butterfly princess #property of yanan #jaemin's queen#rocky's sweetheart#wonwoo's darling
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    Rating kpop fandoms pt. 2

    Carats - Seventeen

    - so fucking chill

    - unproblematic

    - went through some bullshit (fck pledis)

    - teasing svt A LOT (LET HOSHI BE A TIGER >:) )

    - sassy

    - rarely (almost not at all except for trolls) in fan wars (which is awesome)

    - dependant on/addicted to going seventeen

    - biggest wish of a carat is to experience "very nice" encore live, because it just never ends

    - sick of justifying why they're "seventeen" when there are only 13 members

    - soft aesthetic tho

    - beautiful fandom colors

    - cousins w nctzens

    9.9/10 my favorite kpop fandom

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    Well hello kids. I like mans and this account is only about mans. Shall we begin? — @kboyzworld

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    Wonwoo & Dicon

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    🧡 ペアルック大好き 🧡

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    Waves Mag. (2021)

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    wonwoo icons <3

    #seventeen#wonwoo#wonwoo icons#mine#m:icons#rcs #idk but i love using pastel colors for my icon <3333 #BUT YEAH #IT'S BEEN AWHILE SINCE 2018 i posted icon again yuuuhu #i'm planning to make more & upgrade the icon page soon!!
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    #princewonwoo #my soulmate ♡ #my partner in crime #the ten to my johnny #the jaemin to my jaehyun #the wonwoo to my mingyu #the rocky to my moonbin #ten's butterfly princess #jaemin's queen#wonwoo's darling#rocky's sweetheart #property of yanan #👀 we will discuss this later #but it felt right
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    from winter to spring | 2 am ramen (3/__)

    ミ★ synopsis: ‘all good things come with a cost.’ mingyu was warned from the beginning of your marriage as it somehow led to your divorce. so at the cost of him divorcing you, what did it mean for him if he found himself going back in time to see your life without him?

    ミ★ word count: 1,655

    ミ★ taglist: @wooziujidoots @escapewriter @coppertrashi @purplehoranghae @brinnalaine @minluvly @wonunuu @suhfluffy @shuajeong @euphorencia @seoulbinz @minghao-will-be-the-death-of-me @jenuubiii @jaeyuni @sunflowergyeomie @cheolliehugs @fallinchan @a-vian @kodzumo @dwcljh @sbnchaos @taeguk-munchkin @w8nuzone @miyuuraiura @semicolorn @haonysus @anissanightyoung @kwonsyoungs @jjyusmile @isa499 @rjsmochii @yoonzinow @omgnctchina @serenadesvt @mingyumochi @junjungsunwoo @allyg-onz @morauvmi @introductionvert @m1ss-foodi3 @happyvitamin @justasoftstan​ @megjoonyeol​ @tmtxtf​ @ingyusart​

    ミ★ unable to tag: @smileyjimvn @adoreateez @toxicangels1-4

    let me or @sunlightwoo know if you’d like to get added to the taglist !!

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    You carefully step out of your dorm room, hands in the pockets of your oversized hoodie as you tiptoe down the hallway towards the elevators. 

    It’s currently 2 in the morning as you enter the elevator, pressing the button to bring you down to the floor with the communal kitchens. You haven’t spoken to Wonwoo since you saw him a week ago, let alone seen him within the past several days. You could’ve texted him like a normal person, but alas, you didn’t get his number that one night you ran into him making cookies. 

    So here you are, hoping to run into him in the communal kitchen again at such an odd time at night when you should really be sleeping for your morning lecture. 

    Stepping off the elevator, you walk over to the communal kitchen and peek your head past the door, feeling your heart sink a bit when there’s no Wonwoo in sight. Pursing your lips, you walk over to the next kitchen, just to let out a sigh of disappointment when you don’t find him there either. 

    “Ah, he must be asleep already.” You murmur to yourself, making your way back to the elevators with a slight pout to your lips. As you press the button, you tilt your head, wondering why you’re so upset at the fact that you didn’t run into the handsome man. 

    “I’ve spoken to him once and it was at three in the morning, why am I so disappointed? Yn, get a grip on yourself. You just liked his cookies… that’s all.” You say, making a fist with your hand as a way to bring your spirits up. When the ding of the elevator door opening captures your attention, you glance up from the floor, only for your jaw to drop when you lock eyes with a surprised Wonwoo. 

    “Wonwoo.” You breathe, and he blinks at you as if he doesn’t actually believe that you’re here in front of him.


    His black hair sits fluffily atop his head, and his round glasses sit on his nose, covering his tired eyes as he stares at you. His unzipped sweatshirt is falling off his shoulder, and he’s wearing plaid pajama pants with slippers matching his fluffy socks. You raise an eyebrow at the package of ramen in his left hand, with a pot in his right hand.

    “What are you doing down here?” He asks, stepping off the elevator so that he’s standing in front of you. You blank for a moment, trying to come up with an excuse as to why you’re down by the communal kitchen at 2 in the morning. 

    “I, uh…” 

    “You, uh…” Wonwoo repeats, and you scowl at him, making a warm grin come across his features as he stares at you. Instead of teasing you any further, he reaches over your shoulder and points in the direction of the kitchen, before holding up the pot in his hand, “Want some 2 am ramen?” 

    And now here the two of you are, standing by the stove as you wait for the water to boil. You lean against the counter behind Wonwoo, listening intently as he talks about his lab from earlier this morning. 

    “Your classmate set something on fire?”

    “He absolutely set something on fire, which was insane to me because we weren’t even working with the bunsen burners?” Wonwoo tells you with a grin, and you giggle along with him. You step over besides him as you open the ramen package, placing the noodles into the boiling water. 

    “You think one package is enough for the two of us?” You ask as Wonwoo places the lid over the pot, and the pretty man shrugs his shoulders in response. “Probably not, but I wasn’t that hungry to be honest.” 

    You raise an eyebrow as you take hold of two chopsticks, placing it onto your lips while you stare at him with a questioning look on your face. “Then why did you come down to make ramen at two in the morning?” 

    Wonwoo stays quiet for a moment as he prepares the seasoning packs, and you tilt your head when you notice the tips of his ears turning pink. You open your mouth to ask what’s wrong, only to pause when he cuts open the seasoning pack and says, 

    “I was hoping to see you again.” 

    Silence fills the air between the two of you as you let his words sink in, the sound of the water boiling in the background not being enough to distract either of you from Wonwoo’s confession. Your face is warm and your heart is going feral within your chest as you look down at the floor, while Wonwoo is currently regretting everything he’s said when he sees your reaction. 

    “I-I’m sorry, you can forget everything—”

    “I was hoping to see you too, considering that I didn’t get your phone number a week ago.” You confess, and Wonwoo’s eyes widen, relief flooding him from the fact that he didn’t mess everything up. The two of you smile shyly at each other, before turning away to look back down at the boiling noodles.

    “So… ramen?” Wonwoo says, effectively changing the subject. You let out a laugh, one that makes Wonwoo’s heart warm as he stares at you. Nodding your head, you point towards the boiling water, “Ramen.” 

    You walk back to your room with a happy heart and a full stomach, remembering how Wonwoo had given you his phone so you could put in your number. Letting out a sigh, you place your hands into the pockets of your oversized sweatshirt, only to pause when you see a guy sitting down in front of his door, head hidden in his knees. 

    You tentatively walk over, knowing that it obviously can’t be comfortable considering the fact that he’s sitting on the hard floor. Reaching out with your foot, you prod his ankle until he stirs, and he groggily looks up at you. Your mouth drops open in recognition when you see his face, “Mingyu?” 

    You watch as a sleepy smile takes over his features, and he reaches out to grasp your hand, making you squeak when he rests his forehead against the back of it. Warmth floods your face from the action, and you just stand there awkwardly as you’re unsure of what to do.

    “Uh… Mingyu?”

    “I missed you.” Mingyu murmurs sleepily, and your eyes practically bulge out of the sockets from his confession. Ignoring the way your heart is hammering in your chest, you bend down and pat his head repeatedly, “Mingyu, please. You’re half asleep.” 

    The latter’s eyes open at your words, and he immediately lifts up his head from your hand, locking eyes with your own as a cold feeling washes over him. Now remembering the situation he’s in, he lets go of your hand, allowing him to stand up as the two of you awkwardly stare at each other. 

    “I-I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking—”

    “Nono, it’s okay. Don’t apologize, you were half asleep.” You reassure him, waving your hands around for emphasis. He lets out a small smile, nodding his head as he turns towards his door. You tilt your head, eyes following his line of sight, and you finally put two and two together.

    “Ah, you got locked out?” You ask, and Mingyu nods his head with a sigh. 

    “My roommate is asleep in there, and he sleeps like a rock so he won’t wake up no matter what I do.” He mutters, a hint of annoyance in his voice that makes you chuckle softly. Nodding your head, you pull out the bobby pin that you had in the pocket of your sweats, and Mingyu raises an eyebrow. 

    “Don’t tell me…” 

    You just grin evilly, “Watch and learn.” 

    Mingyu watches in awe as you bend down in front of his door and shove the bobby pin into the lock, twisting and turning before the sound of the latch unlocking is heard. You stand up from the floor and push open the door, and Mingyu gasps when he sees the inside of his dorm. 

    “There! Now you can sleep in the comfort of your bed, or beat your roommate’s ass. Either one would work, I think.” You joke, and Mingyu just smiles softly with a nod of his head. 

    “Thank you, I’m sorry for keeping you up longer than you should’ve been.” Mingyu says, and you shake your head, “It’s fine, really.”

    Hearing a loud snore come from Mingyu’s dorm, the two of you share a look, before bursting into giggles. You point towards the end of the hallway, taking it as your leave, “I’m gonna try and get at least three hours of sleep before my lecture, you should sleep too.” 

    He nods his head in agreement, and you smile fondly at him, waving your hand as you say, “Night night, Mingyu.”

    Mingyu bites the inside of his cheek at your words, before letting out a smile as he mutters, “Sweet dreams, yn.” 

    And with that, the two of you go your separate ways, with you hearing the sound of his door closing the further you walk down the hallway. You come to a stop right in front of your door, turning your head to glance over in his dorm’s direction with a frown on your face, remembering the smile he gave you when he said goodnight. 

    His smile was bittersweet almost, traces of sadness in his gaze as he had looked at you.

    Pursing your lips, you just shake your head, letting out a yawn as you unlock your door. Stepping into the dorm, you close the door behind you as you tiredly climb into your bed, shutting your eyes as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

    The last thought on your mind before falling asleep is the memory of Mingyu resting his cheek onto your hand, muttering that he missed you. 

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    Seventeen: when you give them a handmade bracelet



    thanks you and asks you to help him learn so that he can make you a bracelet too: seungcheol, hoshi, seokmin, seungkwan

    thanks you and keeps it forever, it's now his lucky charm/fashion item: wonwoo, woozi, minghao, vernon, seungkwan

    learns to make a bracelet then makes one that matches the one you gave him, then gives it to you: jeonghan, joshua, mingyu, chan


    Seungcheol, Jun, Hoshi, Seokmin: These guys appreciate every little effort that you put in things for them! They find it especially special when you give them handmade things! They would ask you to help them make one. They want to tell you that you're just as precious to them by spending time with you and making you a bracelet too. They aren't doing this (making a bracelet for you) as payment for the bracelet you gave them; they sincerely love you and want to show you that they appreciate you!!

    Wonwoo, Woozi, Minghao, Vernon, Seungkwan: These guys are probably not the type to create something in return (though some of them may be) and since it's a beautiful bracelet you made, they would keep it on their wrist forever. They would treat it like a lucky charm and seeing it reminds them that you're always by their side. They would pair the bracelet with their outfits and wear it often, showing their appreciation and how much they love it.

    Jeonghan, Joshua, Mingyu, Chan: These guys would learn and make a bracelet on their own. They don't want to bother you, they want to make it like a surprise! They would give it to you as a present and tell you in the sweetest ways possible that they love you and appreciate you a lot! The bracelet would be matching with the one you made them and it would be almost like handcuffs, holding you two together.



    © serenityseventeen

    time finished: 8/2/21 - 10:25 pm

    a/n: OUR LEADER'S birthday is coming up!!!! I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow...(a bit scared lol). + I used to make bracelets when I was younger, it was like a trend back then?? Making bracelets out of small rubber bands, like I used to have a whole kit for it. I used to make bracelets with string too.

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