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  • onceandfuturekingz
    04.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    listening to Will Wood live album moodboard

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  • werenotacoupleyesyouare
    04.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    seems like a great moment to plug my c!tnt duo spotify playlist :)

    from serious to straight up vibes, all the c!tnt duo content you need after these lore streams ;)

    #i see y'all reblogging my week old tnt duo memes #just listen to some tunes and maybe you'll calm down <3 #we got white knuckle jerk by will wood -it will come back by hozier-the masochism tango-even scotty doesn't know #c!tnt duo #tnt duo#tntduo #just to specify even if it should be obvious this is about the CHARACTERS and NOT THE CCs <3 #/rp /dsmp#dsmp#dream smp #c!quackity #c!wilbur #revivedbur#wilbur soot#quackity #tnt duo playlist #dsmp playlist
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  • remuslupininskirts
    04.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    perciver part 3 (part one and two)

    over the summer percy couldn't get oliver out of his head. every time percy tried to distract himself from the quidditch player his mind took him back to the boy

    that when he realised he liked his fucking best friend, the same person that was ignoring him before the sumer. 

    as the summer progressed oliver came over to the house to talk to fred and George about the next year of quidditch ahead of them

    percy watched from the kitchen wishing he had of some of oliver's attention, for him to touch him, for him to-

    percy was thrown from his thoughts as an arm brushed up against him.

    "oh sorry perc didn't see you there" oliver smiled it was awkward and small but it was there

    "oh shit,, percy thought "i'm in love with oliver,,

    well that hit him like a tone of bricks...

    being in love with your best friend was an... experience... not exactly a good one

    but it was one that both percy and oliver were going to experience this year.

    you know when i started this i was like yeah i will just do two posts...

    sorry i feel bad doing parts to things but yeah the 4 part is almost done so will post it soon


    #perciver supremacy #good percy weasley #oliver x percy #gay percy weasley #percy x oliver #percy weasley #gay oliver wood #oliver wood #lesbian penny clearwater #penny clearwater
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  • perapa
    04.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    absolutely devastated over the loss of the original mystery skulls confession simulator video.

    #legendary AND a classic. i still quote it to this day. #it goes down after i s2g it was the bat was confirmed? god what a shame. #i regret not saving the video in some way. finding out it was unlisted was my warning that i ignored. #at least the blog is still around knock on wood #the internet is a constant burning library of alexandria. #msa
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  • ghostbustermelanieking
    04.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    the difference in my mind between tma thobm au and tma fear street au is that fear street au arose out of my half asleep mind making a joke while seeing a post about jon being a character who would survive a horror movie, and it's got me thinking: we should stick the tma crew in more random horror stories. just for shits and giggles. because i think it would be fun... which other iconic horror media do yall think the tma crew would be good in? (is there any way to make a haunting of hill house au work?)

    #the other difference between this aus is that thobm and tma ACTUALLY have thematic similarities while i dont think fear street does #fear street is pretty black and white good and evil whereas tma is so morally grey #also there arent a ton of clear character transfer archetypes w tma/fs like tma/thobm #like i was like who would sarah fier be and my immediate thought was like. gertrude robinson right?? #but that does not work bc u cant idolize gertrude and she isnt a hero #not straightforwardly #like she's not elias evil but she isnt an innocent who did nothing wrong and sacrificed herself like sarah fier #the magnus archives #tma au #OH HELL WAIT i forgot the stupid cabin in the woods joke au i mentioned when i watched that movie asdfgghjkll #(martin is marty jon is dana elias is the corporate fuckheads and thats as far as i got thats stupider than fear street au)
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  • incorrectwaterparks
    04.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #gods favourite boy band #waterparks#otto wood
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  • spideybb
    04.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    alexa, play short kings anthem

    heyo! i wanted to write some *wholesome* best friend!adam x reader. this was inspired by this tweet lowkey. this one’s for you, @daftymoxley​. i hope someone enjoys! i had a lot of fun writing this <3 it’s not the best tbh and mainly dialogue but i wrote it while chilling in my hotel room half asleep lmfao.

    pairing: best friend!adam cole x gender neutral!reader (platonic)

    summary: you tag along with adam to filming a da party uno episode. antics ensue. 

    warnings: none, just good ole bullying of adam cole <3

    word count: 777 words

    ring, ring!

    the ringing of your phone and the sound of it vibrating against the marble counter startled you, causing you to almost drop your hair brush. you were getting ready to go film an episode of uno for the youtube channel upupdowndown. well, you weren’t going to film, your best friend adam cole was. however, he had invited you and his friends, austin creed, tyler breeze, and cesaro didn’t mind since they loved having you around.

    you picked up the phone. “hello?”

    “hey, i’m outside,” adam said on the other line. “you are ready right?”

    “yeah, yeah, i am,” you said, rolling your eyes. you weren’t ready but he didn’t need to know that. “i just need to find my shoes.”

    “you better hurry,” adam said.

    “yeah, whatever,” you replied before hanging up the phone. you finished brushing your hair and changed into a different shirt before throwing on your shoes. you grabbed everything you needed, which wasn’t a lot, and headed out the door.

    you jogged up to the passenger side of adam’s car and swung the door open. “hi.”

    “hey, loser,” he said with a grin. “ready?”

    you rolled your eyes but nodded your head. adam handed you his phone to play music and you clicked on the usual car playlist you two listened to when you drove. as he began driving, you turned up the radio.

    it didn’t take long for the two of you to arrive at tyler breeze’s house—breeze’s house was the designated filming house. adam parked his car and the two of you climbed out and headed for the front door. adam rang the doorbell.

    the barking of breeze’s dogs grew louder as breeze opened the door, a smile on his face. “hey guys! welcome, come on in. glad you come hang, y/n. ya get to see me beat these three losers in some uno.”

    “yeah, as you should,” you replied. “i’ll be rooting for you, breezey.”

    “damn, it’s like you forgot you’re supposed to be my best friend,” adam said with a roll of his eyes.

    “aw, don’t be jealous, you’ll be okay,” you replied, patting him on his arm. breeze laughed and the three of you walked into the living room.

    “yo, y/n! good to see you!” austin greeted from his spot on the giant bean bag chair in tyler’s bedroom. “hey adam.”

    “hi, y/n. hi, adam,” cesaro said with a smile.

    “don’t sound happy to see me or anything guys,” adam said as he moved to sit down on the couch next to cesaro.

    “hey, we see you all the time. we rarely see y/n,” austin defended.

    “exactly, adam,” you said and laughed as you sat down on the ottoman.

    “you guys are so rude to me,” adam said with a pout. “just you wait—one of these days i’m gonna fight back.”

    “okay, sure,” cesaro said with a laugh.

    “you’re literally a smurf, what do you mean you’re going to fight back?” you asked.

    adam scoffed. “what’s that supposed to mean?”

    “you’re a smurf—nice and like two feet tall,” you replied, turning around to look at him. cesaro, austin, and tyler busted out laughing. “it’s okay though, you’re a short king.”

    “i’m literally taller than you!” adam exclaimed. “i am not short.”

    “no, no, they’re right,” tyler said. “short king.”

    “at least they have the decency to refer to you as a king. they could’ve called you a short loser,” austin pointed out. adam rolled his eyes.

    “how about you guys don’t call me short at all? i’m 6′0,” adam said.”

    “who told you that? your wikipedia page?” cesaro asked. the group busted out laughing. adam crossed his arms over his chest.

    “you know,” you started. “wikipedia pages are editable. just because it says you’re 6′0 doesn’t mean you actually are.”

    “i am 6′0! why would i edit my own wikipedia page?” adam questioned. you shrugged your shoulders.

    “hey, man, i was just saying,” you replied, raising your hands up in defense.

    “you can find another ride home,” adam said, glaring at you.

    “rude!” you exclaimed.

    “then stop calling me short!”

    “okay, okay, break it up. we should probably start filming if we wanna get everything we have scheduled done,” austin said, checking his phone. he stood up from the bean bag chair and clasped his hands together.

    the rest of you stood up and started towards the room the boys were going to film uno in. as tyler and cesaro walked in front of you, you wrapped an arm around adam’s waist. “you know i love you, short king.”

    adam groaned and flicked you in the forehead. you laughed.

    “i hate you.”


    #adam cole #adam cole x reader #adam cole imagine #adam cole headcanon #adam cole one shot #wwe imagine#wwe#nxt#wwe nxt#tyler breeze#da party#upupdowndown#austin creed#xavier woods#cesaro#cesaro wwe
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  • benhasdrowned
    04.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago


    [ TW : cigarette mention. ]

    Just like everyone else, Proxies have specific scents!… Here’s what they commonly smell like in the blog:

    BEN; cigarettes, musty lake water, oui’d, soaked leaves.

    Jeff; stinky mans smells like ripe week old socks. But he can also smell like hotel shampoo and body wash… and wet dog.

    Sally; strawberry scented slime buckets specifically sold at your local arts and craft store in the kids section. When she’s upset she reeks of iron and sulfur (mm rotten eggs).

    Liu; second hand cigarette smoke and rain. Also smells faintly of burnt wood and campfires.

    Leaf (Abandoned Loneliness); wet dog and cave water. Usually you can’t smell her though, she showers obsessively.

    Masky; cigarettes and stale coffee. The mans lives off nicotine and spite.

    Hoody; autumn apple spice and cinnamon. No one knows why.

    Toby; maple syrup and the forest; yummy leaf scent.

    Slenderman; no scent. Mans just smells like the forest that surrounds him.

    Zalgo; nothing but ASH… and sulfur if he’s pissed.

    Smile Dog; dog… and hotel shampoo. His breath stinky though.

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  • aefward
    04.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago
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  • i-am-okay-just-ask-tyler-joseph
    04.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Taken Saturday 7/31/21 at 5:04 PM. #Flower #Flowers #Flowering #FloweringPlant #WildFlowers #WildFlower #Grass #NotWeed #Leaf #Leaves #DeadLeaves #DeadLeaf #Focus #Blur #Wood #Branch #Twig #Summer #PureMichigan #MichiganAwesome #Michigan https://www.instagram.com/p/CSK3xgtMnN9/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • rocket-prose
    04.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Original Jack Kirby / Wally Wood art for the 7-2-59 Sky Masters of the Space Force daily strip (George Matthew Adams Service, Inc., 1959).

    The auction site that sold this (it sold for nearly 6 grand) has an informative write-up: A conflicted contractual deal soured Kirby on his near-masterpiece of the 1950s, Sky Masters -- but the feature itself fared well for a short run, especially when Wood was applying the inks in attunement with Kirby's robust pencilling. Commissioned for the syndicate by an editor at DC Comics while Kirby was producing powerhouse work for the old-line kingpin publisher, Sky Masters relates the adventures of an astronaut in predictive terms somewhat ahead of the real-world space program. Wood was Kirby's choice to handle the ink-finishing chores -- a dream-come-true for fans of both artists. (The Wood byline at lower right serves a manifold function, referring as well to scenarists Dick and Dave Wood, no kin to Wally.) A misunderstanding over royalties caused a falling-out between Kirby and DC editor Jack Schiff. While continuing Sky Masters through 1961, Kirby defected to Marvel (Atlas) Comics, setting the stage for his landmark projects with writer Stan Lee. In practical respects, Sky Masters is a bridge between DC's Challengers of the Unknown and Marvel's Fantastic Four

    #Jack Kirby#Wally Wood #original comic art
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  • albusthefakepitbull
    04.08.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    finally dropped to a reasonable temp so we got out !

    we did 2 trials, first one was 2.5 miles flat way too easy, only saw one dog and he was fine to get snacks off the trail. i sat in a little shelter after for a bit to eat a snack and he was happy to settle

    next trial was also 2.5 but was wayyyy tougher, my iphone said i climbed 42 flights of stairs. saw a few hikers but he’s ace at ignoring people.

    overall a solid day and we both really needed it

    #personal#albus#it me #i am so depressed #about the horses rn #and i forgot how much the woods make me happy #he’s such a great hiking partner
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  • losstinspace
    04.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    rules: google/search your name + your favorite color + the word “aesthetic.” take the first 4 (non-collage) photos and voila you have your aesthetic moodboard!

    tagged by @inigomontoya

    #hmmm i wont tag anyone whoever wants to can do it #my name rarely gets results LMAOO #when i first did it with just green there was barely anything #this is what i get after specifying my favorite shade of green #which you can probably guess is forest green #i do love the woods though #even if it’s mostly theoretically since i rarely go #also bugs are horrible
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  • hellololla
    04.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Midsummer beauty.

    On nights like this we used to swim in the quarry,   the boys making up games requiring them to tear off  the girls’ clothes   and the girls cooperating, because they had new bodies since last summer and they wanted to exhibit them, the brave ones   leaping off  the high rocks — bodies crowding the water. The nights were humid, still. The stone was cool and wet, marble for  graveyards, for buildings that we never saw,   buildings in cities far away. On cloudy nights, you were blind. Those nights the rocks were dangerous,   but in another way it was all dangerous, that was what we were after.   The summer started. Then the boys and girls began to pair off   but always there were a few left at the end — sometimes they’d keep watch, sometimes they’d pretend to go off  with each other like the rest, but what could they do there, in the woods? No one wanted to be them.   But they’d show up anyway, as though some night their luck would change,   fate would be a different fate. At the beginning and at the end, though, we were all together. After the evening chores, after the smaller children were in bed,   then we were free. Nobody said anything, but we knew the nights we’d meet   and the nights we wouldn’t. Once or twice, at the end of summer,   we could see a baby was going to come out of all that kissing. And for those two, it was terrible, as terrible as being alone.   The game was over. We’d sit on the rocks smoking cigarettes,   worrying about the ones who weren’t there. And then finally walk home through the fields,   because there was always work the next day.   And the next day, we were kids again, sitting on the front steps in the morning,   eating a peach.  Just that, but it seemed an honor to have a mouth.   And then going to work, which meant helping out in the fields.   One boy worked for an old lady, building shelves.   The house was very old, maybe built when the mountain was built. And then the day faded. We were dreaming, waiting for night.   Standing at the front door at twilight, watching the shadows lengthen.   And a voice in the kitchen was always complaining about the heat, wanting the heat to break. Then the heat broke, the night was clear.   And you thought of  the boy or girl you’d be meeting later.   And you thought of  walking into the woods and lying down,   practicing all those things you were learning in the water.   And though sometimes you couldn’t see the person you were with, there was no substitute for that person. The summer night glowed; in the field, fireflies were glinting. And for those who understood such things, the stars were sending messages:   You will leave the village where you were born   and in another country you’ll become very rich, very powerful, but always you will mourn something you left behind, even though   you can’t say what it was, and eventually you will return to seek it.

    - Midsummer, by Louise Gluck

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  • bastillemxfans
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Woody, Moss Kena & Matt Wills at Latitude Fest

    📸 Matt Wills

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  • seanrogan
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nothing Trumps a Trumpublican's Feelings

    Nothing Trumps a Trumpublican’s Feelings

    There is nothing more important than a Trumpublican’s feelings. For them, and for you too. Their feelings weigh exactly the same as your facts. Equally applicable and equally valid. Trumpublican’s feelings are facts because they give rise to firmly held beliefs. If enough people have the same persistent, strong feeling, that represents an indisputable fact backed by the empirical evidence of a…

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