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    #❀ -- And all that I have is this moment ( misc. ) #looks like 10th division is all on its own #woops
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  • i can’t find it anymore but re: the ‘the piece of media you consumed at age 12 is now an irrevocable part of your identity’ post

    i was like ‘nah that’s not a thing’ but then i remembered i got really into d. gray-man in 7th grade and i have to say bitchy drama goths, explosions, and copious amounts of catholic imagery … on brand

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  • I was just thinking about the finale, but the Good Place did a whole 360 from the first to last season, didn’t it? Not just the way we went from not getting the joke in the first season to being in on it in the last. I mean the way they introduced the characters as people they were supposed to be to get in and, in the end, they became them. 

    The most notable is, of course, Eleanor who was supposed to be a charity worker and the kindest person around who always thought of others. She only thought of herself in the beginning and then slowly changed into someone who cared about her friends and then ended up saving all humanity and even her last deed was about helping Mindy who otherwise would have been forgotten into the Medium Place, who could have been her in different circumstances.

    Then we have Chidi who helped them all learn more about themselves (and him about himself in the process) and who put so much good into the world; a moral philosopher who attempted to answer all the questions himself, was tormented about it, and, in the end, managed to find peace with it and an answer that satisfied himself.

    Tahani played at being perfect and flawless at everything, a socialite philanthropist who cared about others. She certainly wasn’t perfect and the seasons played with her insecurities a lot but she grew into an actual architect, placed herself into a position she could do most good and not get recognised for it.

    Jason was the epitome of comic relief, ‘stupid’ and ‘funny’ who was supposed to be all ‘wise’ and ‘zen’ and then wasn’t. Well, guess what? He had his own brand of wisdom and, in the end, even if he didn’t recognise it in himself, he did become the monk he pretended to be at first even if he was unapologetically himself the whole time. He is the one who gave them comfort in the darkest of times.

    Janet was everything for everyone. She still is, only she is even more so now that she understands humans and humanity, and is not just a genie with an infinite number of wishes. She was their guide who became the guide.

    And then we have Michael, who was a Good Place architect and wanted to learn more about humanity, who was a Bad Place architect and still wanted to know more about humanity, who became a Good Place architect and still wanted to know more about humanity, who became, well, human, to learn more about humanity, because the people he knew and loved best were humans. He became the being he first hated and thought inferior, then loved and thought extraordinary, going from fake to real.

    And I think that is the true beauty of the Good Place.

    #the good place #essay#eleanor#chidi#tahani#jason#janet#michael #went deep with it #woops #but the thought didn't leave me alone #I can't be the only one who noticed this? #I went back to watch the very first episode #and there it was #they became people they pretended to be #their very best selves #and I think that was beautiful #well done series #very well done #hali speaks
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  • i got a new laptop, and i’m scared to run sims on it ahahahahah what to do !

    #non sims #its 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD is that okay??? #im worried of my laptop crashing and dying before uni even begins because of the sims #woops #but like its so cool though #but anyway yes #and reSHADE ! #good lord reshade
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  • image

    Jelly and Kirin art that I forgot to post!

    #checked my blog and forgot to post a few things actually #woops#flight rising#art
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  • I just ordered pizza while drunk and I think they noticed oh crap

    #yeah they definitely noticed #woops
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  • image

    In which Zloy steals Pixl’s jacket and stows himself away in the broom closet.

    This is actually a redraw of something I did awhile ago. 👀💦

    #hermitship#zloyxp #i can't believe its more valid to tag zloy than it is to main tag this #I'd honestly maintag if i could do a readmore on mobile #woops#zaka art#zloyriffs #i have a number of zloyriffs doodles 😳
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  • it wasn’t difficult to admit : diao chan was beautiful . she had always thought so , ever since they had first met ; despite her stoic behaviour . it was the sole reason why she was fine with the small and seemingly unsignificant touches upon her armor from her that happened from time to time . why she had overstayed her time here . it was often the two would cross , small encounters  — yet at times it felt like so much more .

    it was no lie that diao chan was stunning right now ; dressed up for a performance . she hadn’t really planned to go watch ; it merely being a chance encounter . but how could she deny , upon hearing her question ?

    hand reached forth , smallest of touch upon her elbow ; as if to make her halt before they had to part again . a touch so small , not even lingering ; for she knew the consequences . knew what lu bu and diao chan were , not even daring to be seen & risk his wrath . her own boots came to a stop , eyes focused on the beautiful woman in front of her .

    ❝ only because you want me to . ❞ a small smile upon her lips ; a tease , even , said in the softest of whispers , only for her ears to hear . 


    ❝ i won’t keep you any longer , they’re all waiting for you . ❞ she says , another light touch upon her elbow before she turns  —  nod given to female before she resumes walking .

    continued from here | @angereve
    #angereve #v : etro’s knight .  ╱   ✧   —   ‹   she was a warrior goddess . #woops#my hand#slipped
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  • I forced myself kicking and screaming into an actual day off and oops I’ve suddenly started ACTUALLY planning my spiritual reboot after not really engaging with my witchy stuff for ages

    turns out I just needed like two fucking hours of not thinking about the crushing pressure of my life

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  • 23. “I’ll wait.”

    Pairing: Raven and Zachary Zatara

    Setting: Comics

    Age: late teens


    Black hair dropped down her shoulders. A strand of hair that kept falling in her face and that she kept tucking behind her ear as she focused on the book before her. Delicate fingers sliding between the pages as she flipped them over. Blue eyes gently jolting from left to right as she read the words at an impressive speed. Soft breaths, the smallest tug of lips forming into a smile, silent chuckles. A certain warmth filled the otherwise mostly empty room. It was quiet, but not too quiet, mostly thanks to the buzzing of the TV. It wasn’t awkward or tense. It was… nice.

    The remote rested in his hand as he lazily switched between channels. Although he tried to, he couldn’t bring himself to focus on anything lately. Anything but her. It was driving him crazy. He became impulsive and his magic was all over the place. But now that they were both sitting here, each doing their own thing, he felt strangely calm. It was almost relaxing to be here with her, even if she didn’t pay him nearly as much attention as he did to her. He couldn’t help it. His eyes kept wandering over to her like some force was making him do it. 

    She was beautiful, though. Focused. Completely immersed in whatever story it was that she was reading. She looked so stunning when she was focused. Always so serious, keeping to herself, always quiet. But when she spoke, god, it was like music. Her words were always to the point, always truthful and meaningful. If she were to cast a spell on him, he wouldn’t even fucking mind. As long as he could get lost in her voice.

    “Your stare is distracting.” Speaking of the voice. Hearing her suddenly break the perfect silence, Zachary almost dropped the remote, but managed to save the situation just before it actually fell on the ground.

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    #it only took me seeing some zachrae shit to get inspiration for my own #also it's been two years since i last did one of these #woops #so here you go #100 ways to say i love you #{{ 👋 Written by me }} #fanfic#fanfiction#zachrae#raven#zachary zatara #zachary x raven
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  • me? unloveable? it’s more likely than you think

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  • Gwen got a longboiiii!!! :D Am love him.


    No lie, I’ve wanted the White Whittret minion since I first picked the game up again >1 year ago lol

    Now to name him…

    …and I’m stumped.

    My current ideas are: Macaron, Biscuit, Mr. Cheese, Timtam and Bandit.

    Votes or other suggestions welcome!!

    #Guinevere Ashe#White Whittret #Gwen has a canon pet it's decided #other than Duskfeather #is this boi #I meant Timtatm like the Australian cookies #but it occurs to me one of my mutuals has a chara nicknamed Timtam lol #woops #the name will wind up reflecting a quirk or personality trait #like you do #catsnake
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  • My psych sent my Rx to the wrong pharmacy.

    It’s half the price of my usual pharmacy.

    I whispered “holy shit” into the receiver by accident. Then apologized to the person on the line and wished them a good day. Perhaps NO second job??? Exciting.

    #see this is another reason to be on my meds #woops#okay #sachi yells into the void
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  • Local woman discovers how to properly use her off-camera flash after a year of not reading the instructions because “It’s just a flash how hard could it be”

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  • Uh oh I guess I was wrong for thinking I wasn’t still horribly upset about a situation from my past :)

    #woops #i guess i never talked about it #so that makes sense #idk.. #batty blogging
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  • .

    #woops #I hate tumble mobile
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  • just realised my description still said I was 20 despite the fact I’ve been 21 for 5 months

    #woops#shutitstem #i might redesign my whole mobile theme bc it is NOT very angelfire #its the werewolf but without the website :(
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  • i want to do one of those positivity posts but since I barely know anyone and I’m also really sick and super doped up on meds now, I just want to toss it out into the ether that I really appreciate everyone I’ve chatted with, everyone who has RBed my posts and everyone who has followed me. Y’all are all real cool cats. 

    And to the people out there feeling some type of negative way. I’m sorry. I’ve been there. It sucks. If you want to talk to someone, you can DM me to vent or rant or just idk, talk about something else. (I can’t promise my reply will be coherent right now, see med comment from above) 

    Also to the people who started the positive post stuff, thanks! That was very cool of you. And a big hug to everyone who mentioned me. And I really like these posts because it’s giving me a short list of ppl to follow. 

    #i can tell i'm feeling that prescription strength sudafed yall #positivity #but im gonna take a lil nap and see how i feel #tomorrow is a sick day and a dr day #but my regular dr called in meds for me and i have an appot tomorrow and thursday #apparently a month long lung infection is not normal who knew! #(we all knew) #but yeah #thanks and big hugs and fist bumps to ppl who prefer not to be over the internet hugged #also im really just bad at networking right now because of medication #woops#lol
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  • @heartscribed​ [x]


    Riku looked at Sora before he turned away and closed his eyes. Sora wasn’t even upset with him with what happened a few years ago? That definitely surprised him. He sighed with his eyes still closed. “Sora….” he began. “Are you sure you aren’t still mad at me for….a few years ago?”

    #heartscribed #dark keyblade wielder ; riku #woops #i was very late #sorry about that #maybe tomorrow is a better day ; queue
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  • My mom’s old school friends planned a meeting at a nearby café, and she didn’t have anywhere to leave me or anyone to babysit me, so she took me with her. This guy, that we will call Paul, came to pick us up. We got in his car; my mom with her classy clothes and chic shades, and me, with my worn out jacket and my toy spider; a small wobbly tarantula I loved to carry with me. 

    We got to the place, and when we had to get out of the car, I left my wobbly spider hung up from the grab handle in the car’s ceiling. Bad idea.

    Anyway, so the meeting went through, I could only see adults laughing hysterically at inside jokes and dirty puns I couldn’t understand yet. I then remembered my dad finished his workday at 5, and it was already 5 and a quarter, so I asked my mom for her phone so I would call my dad.

    But my dumb, infant brain didn’t remember I left the toy spider in Paul’s car. The upcoming days I was desperate for my lost spider, but eventually I forgot about it.

    The story was apparently over… Until 5 years later.

    I asked my mom: “Do you remember my wiggly spider I had when I was younger?”

    She looked uncomfortable but she couldn’t help letting out a giggle. A nervous giggle.

    She then told me, as you would guess, I left the spider hanging from the ceiling handle. I thought they would only have a small scare and then they would laugh and leave it there, but oh how fucking wrong was I.

    Turns out Paul’s son was HIGHLY arachnophobic. 

    Yep, you probably guessed already how this is gonna end.

    Long story short, they picked up the poor kid from his swimming class or some shit like that, the kid saw the overly-realistic soft plastic spider in the car’s ceiling, got a panic attack and opened the car’s back door, attempting to escape. Luckily, her mom grabbed him before he jumped out of the machine and pulled out a *yeet* to the toy spider.

    Nothing very serious happened, but I got scared of how this story would’ve ended if his mom missed grabbing the kid. 

    I still think of that until this very day.

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