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    26.09.2021 - 56 minutes ago
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  • tetrachromate
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Various types of war guy from ETG. Some quick notes:

    -Ixothori are a federation of tribal groups in Kond who migrated into the area after the western ocean eruption. They come into conflict with Narryne a lot.

    -The Narrinite pictured is an infantryman, horseback cavalry tend to use armour more like on the right but with the retained shoulder/helmet arrangement

    -Khataiphron are a specific class from the eastern regions which exist in a lot of different societies, always the settled and agrarian ones

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  • ajdrawshq
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    After im done(?) binge reading pokespe should i go thru the whole pkmn anime next.. is it worth it

    #with my dogshit internet? probably not #question mark next to 'done' bc its. still going. pokespe doesnt end til pokemon ends #tho the translations take.. a bit #so! idk when ill end that but anyway yeah. literally only interested in studying the worldbuilding n stuff for the anime #also why do i keep getting followed by bots on twitter.. wth #pkmn
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  • ascendandt
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    also im rereading the mainline pern trilogy

    #well im listening to the audiobooks but youknow. #all my feelings come back anew. god i love the worldbuilding in this series (head in hands)
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    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • croesow
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Morality Alignment.

    You are 85% good, 30.8% lawful, making you neutral good.

    People who are neutral good are guided by their conscience and typically act altruistically, with only secondary regard for whether their actions are lawful or in line with cultural expectations or traditions. Neutral good individuals have no problems with what is lawful as such, and nor are they rebels by nature, but they believe in furthering kindness and good deeds through whatever means seem necessary to them. If fostering good means supporting an organized society, then that is what must be done. If good can only come about through the overthrow of the existing social order, then so be it. For many who are neutral good, insistence on either lawfulness or rebellion is seen as detriments to or distractions from the greater goal of promoting true kindness in the world.

    #yep! adreffe is run with the primary goal of helping people; and that sometimes means going against what the major eight regions want/expect #↪ and if your wings are broken; borrow mine until yours can open too | champion siôn #↪ worldbuilding and headcanons.
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  • waterbearable
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    feeling incredibly creative rn but with too many avenues to put creativity into so instead i will scroll through tumblr. sighhhhh

    #ari speaks #write fic? do worldbuilding for my original fiction? plan ttrpg stuff? draw fanart? draw original art? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa #if only i could clone myself
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  • gmfgravitymayfall
    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I’ve been busy with other projects for a while, and I’ve been having a bout of writer’s block that I’ve been trying to push through. And I just got a tablet, so I’ve been experimenting with that for a few weeks. 

    But since I haven’t been posting content for a while, I thought I could write up some random bits of story and ideas I’ve had for this AU. 

    Luz’s original staff was destroyed during the battle against Emperor Belos. It’s Palismen was an otter. 

    Familiars are demons or spirits that you make a contract with and leave some kind of mark on your body to signify the deal. (Such as the tattoos all over Wirt’s body)

    This is important to establish because Palismens are Familiar spirits that are bonded to a staff instead of the witch themselves. However, the Palismen will still only obey the witch who made the contract with them.

    Palismen spirits are generally more generous with the deals they make with witches, and will rarely demand more than a physical body to inhabit.

    However, there are some witches who try to make demons their Palismen. This almost never ends well. 

    Tulip does in fact live with Luz and Amity. Mostly because she burned down her last three apartments and has been blacklisted by every landlord, superintendent, and realtor in Fortuna. 

    After the Emperor’s Coven was destroyed, Amity started working for Fortuna local government. 

    Unsurprisingly, Amity is the breadwinner of the house. 

    Mabel and Wendy actually have a two income house. While Wendy will usually help Mabel on hunts, she also works as an occult consultant for various individuals and organizations; including the police.

    Mabel will often devil hunt pro bono, or the people who hire her are evil themselves and she has to kill them. As such, if it weren’t for Wendy’s side jobs, Devil May Cry would be in constant threat of shutting down. 

    The one time a client refused to pay her, Mabel went full Luke Cage and tracked the fucker down and threatened to beat him to death if he didn’t pay up. 

    She has since made it a policy to warn any potential client that she WILL shot them in the face if they don’t pay for her services. 

    I’ve already already mentioned that Mabel and Dipper eventually get out of the Underworld, but I didn’t mention that they basically spent almost a year wandering the Underworld encountering both demons and lost souls, either helping or fighting them depending on who they happen to meet. 

    They also fight each other fairly often. But only when they get bored, or they can’t agree on which direction they should go. 

    Mabel and Eda knew each other before the Emperor’s Coven incident. they had an on going Friends with Benefits relationship for years before Mabel settled down with Wendy. 

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  • time-speculo
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Everytime I watch hermitcraft I get this unbelievable urge to play minecraft and then I do and then I spend the next five hours farming wheat and then I stop for days and then I watch hermitcraft and then I get this unbelieva-

    #what a vicious cycle #last time i tried to get blaze rods for the first time solo and almost died on multiple occasions #no one told me I'll find wither skeletons in fortresses planning my doom #but oh to be in a smp with people and vibe with them and come back online to find a world expanding and worldbuilding lore being made <\3 #hermitcraft is so nice #they just have fun and just like that create such good content bc its fUN OKAY #im rambLinG agaiN #×kiyo talks
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  • oflgtfol
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    we talked abt galaxies in astro club this week and a REALLY interesting topic was brought up that immediatey piqued my interest in terms of applying it to star wars so i think i will finally write that long ass analysis of the sw galaxy’s morphology that i had been thinking about months ago but never posted

    #brot posts#sw posting #thinking many thoughts . #like on one hand i know that galaxy morphology is very pedantic and i dont expect any writer to like #go THAT hard in worldbuilding and stuff #but on the other hand. galaxy morphology actually has SO many implications for a ltieral galaxy-wide society #AND EVOLUTION OF LIFE FORMS IN GENERAL #like its so cool to think about but i know everything abt star wars canon does not align wtih it
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  • harbingers-appointed
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #DemonKingYbAu#DkAsk #sorry this au is still under construction #lots of worldbuilding left to do :) #flauros is full of himself #but hes not wrong♡
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  • twilighthiro
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I’m watching TP and Thoughts about worldbuilding hcs.

    so here’s one: the Palace of Twilight (and the city that surrounds it) are at the edge of the Twilight Realm.

    the Twilight Realm seems to be an artificial place; from what I remember of dialogue, there’s nothing saying the Twilight Realm is a natural Mirror World like Lorule or the Sacred Realm. Instead it seems that it was created as a banishment for the worst of criminals, (kinda like Australia in days of the past, if I remember correctly) and the Interlopers were simply the ones to fill it with an actual civilization and magic.

    it could also explain why the World of Light is one solid piece while the Twilight Realm seems like floating rocks tied together with elevators and such. we just only get to explore the fragments floating at the very End of the Twilight Realm.

    so if Nintendo had wanted to, Link could’ve looked behind the Mirror of Twilight and see mountains and valleys and fields.

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  • tinkering-goblin
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    if you follow me watch out, one day i will betray your expectations of shitposts and just spam everyone with my bad oc’s.

    #this is a threat #shitpost #anytime is see stuff related to oc's #im reminded that i still need to do more worldbuilding #my shitty oc's
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  • minticecreamunderscore
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    mint_magic_system rev1

    so writing my multiverse thing gave me an idea

    for the mechanism of changing reality, it could be more inefficient the more removed the diagram is from real life.

    basically magic distorts reality, and can force reality to run on a model rather than, yknow, reality

    but it takes a lot of work to do so

    so saying "make fire at a spot" would be more inefficient than "rapidly react with oxygen at that point to create heat," but the latter is much more complex

    i never really liked the ancient magic is better than modern magic trope in stories anyways

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  • toomanywebcomics
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Good evening, I have decided to tag every The [Color] Fairy Book available as ebook at my local library in order to figure out how fairytales—and the fantasy genre by extension—work.

    #incoherent screeching into the abyss #and yes I’ve got fifty Wikipedia articles memorized or kept in mind #i dont know how to worldbuild properly but I’m gonna figure it the fuck out #this will probably not help
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  • multiversequeen-blog
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Thought I may as well put some of the world building on the species in my “untitled wip”



    Gallagos are a very diverse species in fur color. A long mane runs down the back of the head and the neck, sometimes even into the torso. They have triangular shaped tails which function like a paddle, medium sized snouts and long fangs. They are semi aquatic, mainly inhabiting freshwater like swamps. They are rarely ever seen near the sea.

    Gallagos have a certain degree of telepathy, which is used when pack-hunting. Those with stronger bonds are easier to speak to. Strangers are hard to read. Whilst Gallagos have sabre-like fangs at the front, they’re mostly pescatarians. Their sabre-like fangs produce a venom like their non sapient relative the Sabre which can be used to stun large game and kill small things like fish.

    Gallagos all worship Zalphey. Their government is constitutional monarchy and their entire province is ruled by a king and queen (or in this case, two queens since gay rights) The queens enforce the rules while the people vote. Majority rules.

    Gallagos can live up to 1000 years.

    When Gallagos are born, they are blind and vulnerable. They are then cared for by their family. They become incredibly active as toddlers, learning many of their survival skills. Then their adolescence is spent learning the laws of the land, culture and the skills they wish to pursue.

    Despite their high intelligence, they are easily the most impulsive species. If you erased their memories and reduced them to instinct they would act like animals, very evasive and territorial.



    Lomunes are an interesting species. Their continent, Shaog Glain, is a spiky, rock-filled mountain range. There are two main parts of the continent and two main species of Lomune: Mossback Lomunes and Stoneback Lomunes. Both species are capable of nibbling on a certain type of crystal.

    Mossbacks live in a mossy mountain range. Their fur is short and coarse.

    Stonebacks live in a high mountain range and are much fluffier. They are usually gray furred and have shorter ears. Long horns protrude from the head and individuals with longer horns have notably more curly horns. Stoneback fur is almost always curly.

    The Stonebacks live at the bottom of the continent and at the bottom of the mountain range. Mossbacks live in the top of the continent and in the top of the mountains.

    Stonebacks are capable of sensing ores while Mossbacks are capable of sensing the emotions and physical states of wildlife and sapient beings.

    Mossbacks are healers and farmers and refuse to take part in war. They are neutral parties, usually healing both parties in a war unless one scorns them enough. Stonebacks are the more confrontational, taking part in war. However, usually Stonebacks don’t instigate one, instead only aiding the people they agree with.

    Lomunes have two hearts. Their stomachs are large and capable of digesting meat and plants, being a fifty fifty split diet wise. Their teeth are sharp, but it’s mostly for show, as they use their front teeth more for offensive purposes. The back of the mouth is usually used to grind plant matter.

    Lomunes live up to 150 years.

    At 20, Lomunes both mature and unlock their Berserker form through a ritual. Their family gathers around and they change for the first time. This is only maintained for a few seconds, before they change back.

    Baby Lomunes are basically hairless, resembling werewolf skinny pigs. Their fur comes in slowly, leaving them covered in ugly patches of fur for the first weeks of life.


    Stonebacks are the more combat and honor heavy of the two Lomunes. The two Lomune societies are split. While some Lomunes cross the border into the other society, most stay in their own territory.

    Dragons are revered in Stoneback culture and the army is mainly composed of Dragonriders.

    Stoneback weapons are incredibly heavy and serrated at the blade. They are greatswords with large, curved blades.

    Stonebacks are also miners, as their territory is covered in precious minerals. Many of these minerals are traded. However, Arminion, a bright, translucent blue material is used for weapons. A lot of Stonebacks are also masons.

    Both celebrate the spring, having large feasts.

    Mossbacks are incredibly peaceful and are mainly herders.

    Courting: Lomunes court in very interesting ways. Stonebacks will court their mates with shiny rocks and brilliant weapons. Mossbacks, however, will court with brilliant feathers, taken from Currentbirds.

    Many Lomunes entertain themselves by sailing across the sea and catching fish. They’ll take mollusk shells (or any shells really) and throw them around.

    Stonebacks and Mossbacks both have a true democracy where they vote on the laws. All Lomunes worship Vela.

    Stonebacks wear heavy armor and masks in battle. When spring comes they wear brilliant, blue masks.

    All Lomunes believe that the Moon phases shape one’s personality, with those being born on new moons being more stoic and those born on the full being more emotional and it scaling on those in between (a half moon would be a midpoint between emotional and stoic). The moon phase a Lomune is born on will be the moon phase they transform on for their first time. Lomunes don’t transform on moon phases like werewolves but turn for the first time on their born moon phase.

    Last names are not related to family but to their moon phase.


    Drakins live in Oscia. They are scaly and have bat-like wings. They are the only species with an elemental power: fire breath. They are incredibly isolated and only let other cultures and species in to study at their magical academies.

    Some Drakins are feathered while others lack feathers entirely. Some have incredibly long manes of feathers adorned their backs and necks.

    Drakins are hunters and have bred an entire domestic species of Sabres to help them hunt. They consider themselves noble and are split into two classes: hunters and nobles. The nobles are the ones in charge of the government and are royal blooded. Most nobles are female, and those who aren’t are considered of less worth than the females. Nobles are part of an oligarchy, making the decisions for the Drakin people. The hunters are everyone else. Drakins get everything else from trading, as they are a big trading center of meat and pelts.

    Sports consist of watching those who have broken the law fight to the death. To betray a noble is the worst kind of crime, and those are sentenced to fight to the death. Those who survive must publicly apologize and serve the nobles in some great task.

    Drakins are also Dragon Hunters, usually shooting down what they consider “lesser” beasts, or copies. They will then skin these dragons and make armor and clothes from their scales. Dragon-meat is incredibly valuable and so is dragon-made clothing.

    Drakins have primitive guns, however these are only handed to the military. The guns must be taken great care of, since they are the “last resort” of the Drakin species. Drakin warriors mainly use crossbows and catapults in combat and will shoot down Dragons with Sabre venom laced arrows, bolts and darts.

    Some Drakins, of higher hunter status, will wear skulls and bones of their prey. High military officials have bone-like designs to their armor. Lower military officials have armor that resembles more scale-like designs.

    Drakin anatomy is very interesting. Their bones are incredibly strong and dark, but hollow. Their blood is toxic and burns to the touch. Some people harvest this blood and use it as a weapon. Their hearts are large and so are their lungs. Also, they only eat meat.

    Drakins have incredible eyesight and great spacial senses.

    Drakins have an affinity towards gold and precious metals. A lot of the more noble Drakins have golden necklaces.

    Drakins worship Apedak. They live for 500 years.

    Baby Drakins are pale compared to their older years. As a Drakin matures, it gains more vibrant patterns and colors, as they are strong enough to fend for themselves and lack a need for camouflage.

    #writeblr#worldbuilding#untitled wip #I just realized I really need to develop Gallago culture. I'll probably update this post when I develop it #also some of this probably needs updating. Idk
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  • springvaletales
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ((This city won’t even be on the player’s radar until at LEAST the end of Session 4, but I got a burst of motivation and finished the maps anyway.))

    #OOC #((worldbuilding! yay!!))
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  • bard-llama
    26.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Arthurian Legends in the Witcher ‘verse

    Those who know me know that my first and truest love is to Arthurian Legends and everything else comes second. Like... it’s the special interest that stays while hyperfixations come and go (tho uh, been with the witcher for a WHILE now, though have changed fandoms within that). I did a study abroad in England while in college just to study Arthurian Legends. Spent my 19th bday at King Arthur’s birth place in Tintagel. Everything I know about medieval(ish) warfare and city planning and history and shit is ‘cause of King Arthur. Hell, my entire concept of leadership is informed by my version of Arthur. So yeah, I’m big into King Arthur.

    Which OBVIOUSLY means I need to bring Arthur into the witcher. And because I’m a nerd, it’s gonna be very informed by reality to give it a little depth. Soooo:

    Arthur of Undvik (aka Skellige is Wales now)

    Okay, some folks may not know this, but the original (insofar as we can say) Arthuriain Legends come from Wales, not England. In fact, the invaders Arthur was fighting off were the Anglo-Saxons. This is really important context because the ‘original’ Arthur wasn’t a king - he was (we think) a war chieftan. It was only later when England (and later France) adopted the legends that things became more... imperialistic? Sort of? There was always an element of war, but originally, it was in the context of uniting the Bretons in order to fight off the Saxons. But when Christianity was brought in later, a lot of stuff was added and changed to align with that. Arthur became a wealthy (blonde, white) king with knights in shining armor to command. Those knights had Christian chivalric values and were noble and brave and went out searching for the holy grail and killed non-Christians, ‘cause that was the “right” thing to do. I mentioned imperialism because this is where it starts to come in - instead of uniting to fight invaders, the knights fight in holy wars (there was an obsession with placing Arthur directly in history when he’s probably actually an amalgamation of many people and originates waaaaaaayyyy before England or Christianity), and they spread their values wherever they go, because Camelot is PerfectTM and Moral (nevermind that the stories are mostly about the hollowness of some of those morals). tl;dr - the parts of the Arthurian Legends you’re probably most familiar with were additions made MUCH later by peoples who had technically stolen the legends from Wales. Those peoples were primary England and France. (Like Lancelot du Lac? Yeah, as you might be able to guess, French invention, because the tales needed more romance)

    Okay, so how does this relate to the Witcher? In the Witcher world, I say that Arthur is the jarl of Undvik and is legendary in Skellige because he united the Isles to fight against invaders from the continent. To your average Skelliger, Arthur is Theirs and also he’s a warrior, not a poncy ass king.

    But the legends weren’t confined to Skellige and as they spread across the continent, changes were made. Most especially, the Toussaintois people fell in love with Arthur and claimed him as their own - and gave him all those trappings of “civility” like a crown and a dazzling breastplate and knights in shining armor who live up to all the ideals of a romantic hero. 

    The Knights of the Round Table

    The Knights of legend actually are quite similar to the Toussaintois knights (which is not incidental). So it would absolutely make sense for Toussaintois bards and poets and storytellers to invent their own versions (think fanfiction, but on a socially acceptable scale; King Arthur IS public domain, for the record) and those would spread based on which the audience likes best. Take a couple generations and it’s easy to claim that it’s “the true story” of Arthur, not that Skelliger wild man. Plus, their version has all these awesome quests with noble knights!

    What I’m saying is: there is AT LEAST one Skelliger who is ready to fight that Toussaintois twig over who owns the Arthur legend.

    Anyway, this all came up because I was looking for a theme to name all of the Strays of Spalla’s dogs (of course the Duke of Dogs travels with a kennel!) and @useless-empty-brain suggested Arthurian knights. So obviously I had to make the legends canonically exist in the Witcher!

    This also seems a good time to remind people that bards weren’t just musicians! They were oral storytellers and documenters of history. So these tales would probably be published, because the Witcher world seems to have a printing press (& I made Gaunter its owner) and mass produced books. But the main way people would hear about the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table would be through story and song. Each region probably has its own versions where they’ve substituted themselves in for the Skelligers or the Toussaintois, because what kid wouldn’t want to play King Arthur and pull the sword from the stone?

    Holy shit, I’ve just realized that while I can play with historical versions of the legends, I can make my version the canonical Witcher one!!!! Heads up, yo, Arthur is not Christian, not straight, and actually thinks that commoners are people! (but no for real, I’m working on an original Arthurian legend novel and Arthur is trans and pan and a socialist)

    Hmm, what would the impact of the continent’s own history have on the legends? Are some of the knights nonhumans? Or are most stories pretty notably anti-nonhuman? I shall have to think on this...

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