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    #wow an ask #anon #i wrote something #haircut whump#traumatic haircut#dehumanization cw #human trafficking mention #lady whumper#humiliation #noncon body modification #once again randomly inspired by an ask #i wish i was inSPIRED TO FINISH NMY SALTWATER DAY THING THO #i've got a long car ride today so maybe i will write then #but then mmmmm busy busy weekend surrounded by people so yeah wish me luck in finishing it #its my homie's bachelor party. my personal goal is to go to more bachelor parties than bachelorette parties #because that is Gender #this will make me 1:1 so we'll see how it shakes out #impeccable taste tho anon #kinda turned out very cruel but like. what's new #i always love a good ''make the whumpee unable to stand the sight of themself in the mirror'' #and i am constantly on the noncon body modification train
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    The Sharjah Police Department and the Sharjah Municipal Authority continue to restrict the motorists and doing crackdown against those who do not follow traffic parking rules. Those who order food from restaurants, cafes, and grocery products from supermarkets while waiting in a car parked in the middle of the road and being a reason for traffic jams, Disturbing the smooth flow of traffic movements.

    A police officer said that during the Eid-Al-Fitr holidays that ended on Saturday (May 15) rule violations were raised despite that during festive events the number of police officers throughout the emirate also increased.

    The authorities added that many motorists were warned and some were fined for gross negligence. The authorities also said that the active inspection campaign will continue until the growing threat is eliminated. UAE crackdown on motorists

    To gain services Car drivers have to park their cars in labelled parking spots.

    The police recently launched a publicity campaign on social media and distributed information brochures to instruct motorists and they were ordered to avoid unorganized parking and traffic jam on the streets, especially to those who were going towards mosques, restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores.

    Traffic jams delay access from coming into contact with emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks, which require immediate action to save lives and property.

    "The instructions have been issued to traffic sergeants to begin booking drivers and owners of vehicles that obstruct traffic and are packed randomly across Sharjah, especially in front of mosques during Friday prayers, and near restaurants, cafeterias, eateries, and supermarkets,” he said.

    Drivers and car owners are guided by officials to abide by the traffic rules, consider the safety of road users and promote the smooth flow of vehicles in the emirate.

    Sheikha Shaza Al Mualla, Assistant Director-General for the Public Health Sector and Central Laboratories, Food Control Section, Sharjah City Municipality, said a circular was issued to all food establishments directing them to stop providing services to customers, who wait in their cars and obstruct traffic.

    Khalid bin Falah Al-Suwaidi, Assistant General Manager of the Customer Service Sector, Sharjah City Municipality, said the civic authorities have provided a parking reservation service for commercial establishments in a bid to make it convenient for customers to park their vehicles according to laid-down norms.

    In addition, he said, special parking permits will be issued after the inspection to ensure that there is no traffic jam.

    Also Read.

    WOW is like to take the opportunity to introduce as Electronic Transport Services Company, innovative ride-hailing services like never seen before with multiple different ride features including various riding categories.

    We have recently launched our operations in Dubai, approved and recognized by RTA. As one step closer towards better transportation services among the people of UAE. Majorities of UAE people love to use online transportation services instead to use other public transport options.

    Therefore we introduce the WOW Customer App to bring ease of transportation for the public to book rides from their smartphone within seconds at an affordable cost. WOW ride aims to ease the commuting network from one place to another and have the freedom of timekeeping concentration at their work.

    People can also earn from WOW by registering themselves as WOW Leader, so it’s a golden opportunity for the drivers to earn in their free time or the way they like to earn.

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    What is your opinion about online taxi booking services?

    Most major cities have multiple means of transportation. These means of transportation helped people to move from one place to another more easily. Common modes of transportation include buses, bicycles, trains, and taxis. In most cities, taxis are still a popular mode of transportation and are favored by many people.

    One of the reasons many people like them is the convenience of using them because unlike other public transportation methods, you can enjoy your journey in a taxi because they are not overcrowded.

    Most of them are usually private cars, and taxis are also fast because you don't have to wait until they are full like public transportation, and it is more convenient to access them rather than any other local transport.

    In many countries, Taxis are the most popular means of transportation. Usually, families choose taxis to organize transfers from one location to another, which provides incredible comfort and luxury.

    In ancient times, because there was no concept of commercial taxis and public transportation such as buses, trains, and buses, private cars were also reserved. In fact, in some multicultural cities in the world, commercial taxis were used as private transportation.

    Later, they became more and more popular in these cities, allowing the world to accept them as one of the most important means of transportation.

    Taxi services are developing so fast that they can even be booked online. Now, you can conveniently order taxis online from devices that support the Internet. The online taxi booking system was created a few years ago.

    During this limited time, online cab services have become very popular and continue to grow at an incredible rate, especially for ordinary travelers who often use them for local travel and major airport transfers.

    Choosing the best online taxi service in this era of competition is not an easy task, but with the help of the WOW electronic transport services, passengers can easily go anywhere without any tension.

    In all primary locations in different countries, WOW ride provides the best services, good-quality vehicles, and professional WOW Leader for your travels. Since WOW promises to provide passengers with an unforgettable traveling experience, you can travel comfortably anywhere with WOW electronic transport services.

    The high-quality services provided by ride-hailing apps are very important for becoming a leader in this industry. WOW ride hailing services provides the best online taxi booking service, with more than 42,000 WOW Leaders. Riders can take various types of taxis that are offered by WOW, including VIP, luxury, easy, long-drive economy, and so on. What else do you expect to book WOW ride online easily and enjoy the best transportation service anywhere you are?

    Several factors affect the quality score while choosing the best online taxi service. WOW Transportation Services is unquestionably the right application for online taxi booking because it meets all required standards and is the best.

    You can also enjoy discounts by using the WOW pass feature. Book your ride online through WOW to take advantage of all the best premium car booking services in the world.

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    @sensetenou‘s OC Sunset!

    #shes gonna go for a motorcycle ride and is asking saeran if he wants to come with to get ice cream or somethin haha #her hair is so pretty!? how does she maintain those immaculate curls with a helmet lolol #okay WOW coloring this made me realize how insanely light the color palette you use is?? idk how you live like that but its impressive #oc#original character#others oc#mmkart
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    #this is from the halloween event last year because it was absolutely amazing #sso #star stable online #star stable #i did the haunted trail ride so many times and it was just.. wow #i felt really saddened by the ghost unicorn :( it spoke to me
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    12 Types of Transport in Dubai

    Dubai has many attractions to offer. Residents or tourists have many options to learn about the city. There are many widespread public transportation options, such as Dubai Metro and buses. You can also take taxis and water taxis, book cars through the ride-hailing app, and even rent helicopters. Dubai continues to develop and introduce new technical features to make travel more convenient for travelers.

    The Road Traffic Authority (RTA) is the government agency responsible for roads and transportation in Dubai. They are also responsible for transportation, fines, permits, public transportation, NOL cards, and transportation companies.

    Types of Transportation in Dubai

    The UAE is a fascinating country and a melting pot of cultures. They warmly welcome people from all countries and communities. The nervous system that connects everyone is its rich transportation system. The main purpose of writing this to discuss the popular mean of transportation in the country and that is important to keep in your mind while traveling. Though, there are many transportation options to visit different places and locations in Dubai. There are different modes of transportation in the emirate.

    Ride-Hailing Apps

    The emergence of technology has brought many benefits to the world. It seems that it is difficult to find a life field without the influence of technology.

    Ride-hailing services are a modern way of taking a private taxi, not the traditional way of parking. At the bus stop or on the street, a man howled for a taxi to take him to his destination.

    In addition to all means of transportation, the easiest and most popular means of transportation is the WOW Ride-hailing app, you can use it to book your itinerary without worrying about anything else. Your car arrives at your door, you don't have to waste time at the train station.

    WOW is a well-known ride-hailing application that allows you to book your ride to your desired destination. Just download the app and book a private car, and it will pick you up and take you to the destination of your choice.

    Over time, other modes of transportation may emerge. Dubai is rapidly becoming the smartest city in the world and has always been a leader in bringing technology to the daily lives of citizens and residents.

    Therefore, WOW ride is ready to provide first-class transportation services for citizens and foreigners.


    After Ride-Hailing apps there is another means of transportation. More than 1,500 buses travel through the city, making it easier than ever to reach the next stop. The waiting hatch is well ventilated and air-conditioned, so waiting is could be easy. As mentioned above, the Nol card can also be used to purchase bus fares. But to avoid long wait you can use WOW ride-hailing services that are here to help you in your commute to the destination.

    Dubai Metro

    Dubai Metro is the cheapest mode of transportation besides the busses. Since its opening in 2009, Dubai Metro has transported millions of passengers. So there would be rush and may you be late for destinations so to avoid such situation book a ride with WOW transport services. When you click on the fare to access this mode of transportation, you will continue to use the Nol card. At the airport, you can go directly to the subway and then reach famous attractions, shopping centers, and important sights in the city.

    Dubai Tram

    If we talk about transport services in Dubai then the Dubai tram is one of the popular options. This is the fastest mean of transportation by using this you can visit several destinations like Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Towers, and others. But for that, you have to go station and it may take time and tired you in summer so pack your belongings and be there with WOW.

    Dubai Taxi

    In Dubai taxi is popular but it could be tough for new visitors who were not familiar with taxi fares. So get along with WOW taxi booking without worrying about any fraud in rent charges. It might help those who are not familiar with Dubai routes, a taxi is one of the most popular options because they are easy to reach and make it easier for you to navigate. The minimum price is 12 dirhams, you can also call RTA Dubai (yes, Dubai taxis also serve RTA) to make a reservation call at 800 9090, so you can arrange a pick-up and drop-off service as needed.

    Palm Monorail  

    Palm Monorail trains run from Palm Monorail train station to Palm's Atlantis, which is an ideal trip mean. Those who want to walk into The Palm to experience various activities offered there.

    Abra and Dhow Cruise

    Abra and Dhow Cruise Rydan Abra is the original means of transportation in Dubai. It is traditionally a boat made of wood that can help citizens across Dubai Creek. This is the traditional way to bypass the creek, and each trip will cost at least AED 1.Residents of old Dubai still use Abra as a transport mean and it is also a popular attraction among tourists.

    But there are also abras in the Maukat Jumeirah (Jumeirah) open-air market. For larger vessels, there are dhows on the Dubai Creek in Dubai. The Marina and Dubai Canal is your dinner cruises when you visit these areas of Dubai.

    Ferry and Water Taxi

    You can take Dubai Tourist Ferries. See the various landmarks of Dubai from the water. Go to Dubai Canal Station, Al Ghubaiba Station, Dubai Marina Station, Al Jadaf Station, or Sheikh Zayed Road Station to book your itinerary. By using these ferries you can see native attractions and then return to the same train station.

    Car on rent

    If you want to rent a car it could be a simple process. As long as you have a valid international driving license and a valid credit card, the qualifications are the lowest. To avoid such hectic requirements use the WOW Ride-Hailing app for transport. However, if you want to travel in a stylish way, then you can also book a luxury car through the WOW Ride-Hailing app, so you can visit your various favorite place.

    In just 20 minutes, you will receive a confirmation of your prestigious car rental in Dubai. Some agencies can even provide your car at the location for free. These are extra convenience facilities that other cities cannot match with other countries.

    Yacht Rentals

    You can also rent yachts for specific destinations in Dubai. You can rent a yacht and admire iconic landmarks such as Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel, and Palm Jumeirah. This mode of transportation is more suitable for those who want a private cruise and experience In Dubai.

    Helicopter and Seaplane

    You can hire a helicopter to take you from the airport directly to Burj Al Arab. This might be a costly means of transportation and is mostly used by celebrities and VIPs. This option is more suitable for VIP and selected guests' private luxury travel. However, helicopter and seaplane tours are suitable for incredible tourists who want a bird's-eye view of the city. So to save your money travel with WOW that offers perfect transport services at a reasonable fare.

    Bike Rentals

    There is one more type of transport that is cheap than others. In some places, you can rent a bike exclusively in Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. You can rent a bike for few minutes for a whole day. Please note that it might be risky to use a bike both in summer and winter. Therefore I recommend booking your ride through WOW to dodge the harshness of the weather.

    #wow#wow ride#dubai#travel#transportation#ride hailing#ride sharing #Book your Ride #Taxi Booking App #book your ride with wow #wow dubai
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    Should I take Uber or Lyft?

    Better or worse depends on your point of view. In some ways, Uber is better than Lyft. There is no difference in the services provided because they are almost the same for everyone. If one company changes, another company will pay close attention to him to stay competitive.

    But there is one more ride-hailing app in a competition that is the WOW ride app.

    While discussing the best travel booking services, WOW electronic transport services are worth mentioning because they have all the facilities and comfort you need during your trip. With WOW you can enjoy the safest, fastest, and tension-free rides. WOW guarantees that your trip can be booked within a few minutes to cherish your time.

    WOW is a platform that provides the latest, most advanced, and innovative electronic transportation service in most cities in different countries, expanding from one region to another. WOW transportation service aims to make your travel easier and a good experience through the modern and latest transportation technology and services.

    You can book a ride from your preferred pick-up location through the WOW app, and your WOW Leader will take you to your destination safely and at an affordable price.

    WOW provides a wide range of services and is the best online ride-booking service operating in 5 countries, with more than 7,000 WOW Leaders and 10,000 passengers, providing you with all the convenience you need.

    WOW, Reward, WOW Pass, WOW Wallet, WOW Pass, WOW Ladies, getting Rewards, booking online rides are all the features of the best online ride-booking company you should take advantage of when visiting any location.

    To avail of all these amenities, book your ride with WOW and relax in the backseat of one of the most comfortable cars in Dubai. To take advantage of all these amenities, book your trip through WOW and relax in the back seat of one of Dubai's most comfortable vehicles.

    WOW, Transport Services charges are relatively lower than traditional taxi services, so this means that in all transport services WOW provides the best journey to your destination at cheap prices.

    If you only compare Uber and Lyft, Lyft is cheaper than Uber on short-distance routes, but Uber can be used on long-distance routes.

    However, WOW is usually a good choice, whether you are traveling long distances to Abu Dhabi or other northern emirates at a fixed price, visiting all the tourist destinations in Dubai, or taking the elevator to your hotel.

    You can book your journey through WOW in 4 simple steps, and your car will arrive at your door soon. All trips are monitored in real-time, the vehicles are comfortable and orderly, and standard operating procedures are strictly implemented during the pandemic.

    WOW, Ladies is an option only available to female executives. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for women, so women can book wow ride online and choose the woman wow option to feel safe.

    If you have any questions about the fare of the booked ride, you can check the estimated fare of the various vehicles on the trip on the WOW app and its website before booking. However, booking travel through WOW is an economical and safe option for local and outstation transportation.

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    Loki running after a 153789% done mobius is literally like a 5 year old running behind their dad telling them a neverending story

    For reference:-

    #Loki#😂😂😂 #loki: and then there was a huge dragon and I was riding a unicorn and swept down and killed it and saved the prince- #mobius in a monotone voice: wow #loki season 1 #loki spoilers#loki series #loki episode two #loki ep2 #loki episode 2 #loki (marvel)#loki laufeyson#loki friggason
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    #wow this was a ride... #I hope you're enjoying all the tswift content I'm putting on your dash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #😌#asks#liamisthesun
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    10 ways to tackle the language barrier when travelling for work

    We communicate with other people through dialogue. Though it doesn’t matter either we are traveling or at home, in restaurants or parks, we communicate with other people through dialogue.

    This is how we understand other's points of view, it’s how we define our needs and interests and can help others by communicating.

    This does not mean that you cannot communicate without speaking. There are a lot of pantomime "dialogues" and can express our needs while traveling.

    However, if you can talk to someone, it will help you establish and deepen connections. It’s great whether you travel or not.

    English is the most commonly spoken language as it is spoken in many international countries as among them 67 countries' first language is English and 27 countries speak English as a secondary language. It’s not always like English is sufficient to communicate properly while traveling in a foreign country.

    Business travel could be stressful and hectic anyway, without having to overcome language barriers. It may be difficult for oneself to understand or communicate in a country where you don’t know the language of that country. This is especially true if the letters are different, that is, he does not recognize anything written and cannot read aloud.

    Although communication barriers are challenging, there are some strategies for overcoming language barriers so that you can express yourself and meet your needs.

    From downloading maps for offline use to using technical travel solutions, we have shared some tips to help you safely and confidently travel internationally without upset about language barriers.

    Keep in contact with your officials

    These are the most important little things when traveling on business, and being able to communicate with them in their language when they encounter problems is one of them.

    When you are flying alone, the feeling of isolation is the worst. Therefore, please ensure that you have the communications infrastructure to fully support your official trip.

    Time zones can make effective communication impossible. Therefore, working with a travel company that provides staff with 24/7 live chat support should be a priority on your priority list.

    Use Ride-Hailing services for traveling

    You want to use the best transport services for your travel journey and you are in an unfamiliar country, so using a ride-hailing app the online booking car app will be the best option.

    WOW Electronic transport Services Company is providing the best ride-hailing services. You do not need to worry if you are in an unknown country and don’t know routed just download the WOW ride app and online book your ride.

    WOW, the ride is safe, secure, and offers to relax environment. WOW leader are well trained and professional. To come over language barrier you no need to struggle hard while using WOW just ON the location open the WOW ride app it will fetch your pickup location by using the latest technologies then select your car, enter your destination location, and at last confirm your ride. That’s all you have to do for a secure ride.

    Body language comes first

    It is generally believed that 93% of communication is nonverbal, so this is good news, isn't it? Of course, this can be tricky when you find yourself in a situation and want to communicate simply without the correct language.

    Body language varies extensively from culture to culture, so doing some homework is enough. However, what is most easily overlooked is that knowing how to interconnect nonverbally (in any culture) is a skill in itself.

    I would say that when you want to talk, it is always worth communicating because it can be very helpful when you are surprised by your skills. If you can do it once, you can do it a thousand times!

    Create helpful travel cards

    Writing some useful sentences can relieve your anxiety when traveling abroad. Sentence Such as "Can you speak English?", "Can you help me find my hotel?" or "Where is the toilet?" can help you prepare for your next trip.

    In advance practice the pronunciation of pre-written sentences. Before you know it, you will feel confident when you find yourself in a difficult speech environment.

    Explore the culture of the visiting country

    Needless to say, but please remember that different countries have different cultures and customs.

    Before going to a new country, familiarize yourself with its customs and traditions. You are human, so you may misunderstand when talking with locals: keep calm and quiet; all you can do is try to do your best.

    You will find that if you are polite and show that you are working hard to learn their language to make progress, most countries will forgive visitors.

    Get rid of Slang

    Even if someone speaks a little English, it doesn't mean they can understand everything that is said in English.

    For people whose native language is not English, Sentences like "I'm pretty good", “what’s up?” Can be confusing.

    Instead, stick to simple, jargon-free ways to say what you want, so that people are more likely to understand you.

    Try to speak slow and accurate

    There is always a joke when traveling to other countries. Just speak slowly and loudly, with the appropriate accent, and by this people will understand what you are talking about.

    Although you don’t need to raise your voice, speaking slowly and confidently pronounce the words is a great help for communication.

    Install offline maps

    This is better than wandering around to locate the exact destination. It’s helpful to download maps using the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection so you can easily explore the area without asking for directions. Download the map to give you more peace of mind when exploring.

    To download Google Maps, please make sure you are signed in to the Google app and select Google Maps. Find your destination and click on the destination address on the map.

    Next to the options including directions, save and share location, there should be an option called download. Then you can place the map area you want to load. It should be downloaded in the background immediately.

    If you’re using a trusted ride-hailing app for traveling then you won’t need to use your map to navigate to meetings. WOW a ride-hailing app is a trustworthy ride app you just need to install, sign up and then book an online ride and the WOW leader will be at the pickup location.

    Keep Google Translate with you

    To be honest, what would we do without Google? If you have never used it, Google Translate is an excellent free tool that allows you to communicate in any language.

    Write down what you want to say and choose the language you want to translate. This is a good choice if you want answers to basic questions, but if you need to get answers from someone other than yes or no, they also need to use Google Translate to translate your answers.

    Acting Confident Is the Secret

    The easiest way to feel safe and confident when traveling alone is to act it, even the language of that country you can’t speak properly or feels unreachable.

    All you have to do is to walk, smile, nod, wave and wave purposefully. This will make you friendly, confident, and most importantly, make you feel in control.

    Travelers always worry that thieves or crooks will attack them because they stick out like a sore thumb.

    The point is that even if you don't know what you are doing, you have to look like you know what you are doing. If you practice self-confidence and show that you can speak at least a little language, the rest will follow.

    You must completely overcome the language barrier to be confident. This is a myth. Even the slightest understanding will give you an advantage over the world around you. Traveling will be more successful and you will feel like you’re stumbling around underwater and less uncomfortable.

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    What are the benefits of booking cabs in advance?

    We are all told to plan and book in advance is always a correct and beneficial thing to do. Everyone needs to take a taxi on time to get to one or another place of their choice. Not only because you don’t have your private cars, a chauffeur, or because you don’t have the requisites to drive down to your destination.

    Booking a ride in advance would pay in this situation, the reason is that it will save you the stress and time of doing the same with the time you need to prepare for the event. But certain benefits could make your ride much more exciting and comfortable if you plan and book in advance. See for yourself if they’re worth making an effort and take a little risk.

    It Saves Money:

    Booking your taxi on time can save you a lot of money by ordering regularly. Sometimes there are discounts, especially for those who book ride online in advance. When these discounts are collected and evaluated, they are a huge amount.

    It saves you time:

    Nobody likes to spend precious time waiting. Unfortunately, standing in a bus station can often become a part of daily life especially if you are traveling during the high season. Pre-booked rides mean you can avoid those tedious hours of waiting for local transport and save your time to enjoy the relaxing ride.

    The wider choice to customize trip:

    The best time to finish the work is when we take it slow and don't chase someone or someone to start.

    Booking taxis or rides is pretty much like this. When relaxed, you have better options to make the best custom booking options, whether it's a WOW Luxury, a WOW Easy, or perhaps a WOW Ladies, better ideas flow in automatically from different angles.

    WOW ride:

    With more than 5 countries and 43+ cities, you can book your ride all over the world with WOW Electronic Transport Services soon enough. You can also schedule rides beforehand, as well as booking a ride from any airport or far-off city location is quite easy and convenient with WOW.

    Simply enter the pick-up location and your end-point location in the WOW app and choose one of the WOW vehicle categories that best suits you.

    You can follow your WOW leader by watching the live navigation in our app, and he will be at the pick-up point as soon as possible. Book WOW ride online and WOW Leader will pick you up in Dubai and anywhere in several countries of the world within minutes.

    Schedule a WOW ride:

    With the “Schedule a ride” function, you can book a WOW ride for your next trip, which is an important point that needs to be integrated into the ride-booking application. With scheduling a ride feature, passengers can quickly and easily travel from one place to another without wasting time or waiting. You can do many things with the WOW Electronic transport service.

    You will not only enjoy a ride across the city but use the same app to schedule rides and book airport transfers. Booking an online ride with WOW is very convenient and fast. After following a few quick steps to book your ride through WOW, you can follow your WOW Leader to see when he will pick you up.

    #wow#wow ride #book your ride #book your ride with wow #wow leader#dubai#travel#transportation
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    Main Causes of Accidents in UAE Always Safety Comes First!

    Police additionally cautioned about the perils of diverted driving.

    Diverted driving and speeding are among the main sources of genuine road accidents detailed during the principal quarter of the year, Abu Dhabi Police said.

    "Drivers off-base and forceful practices and inability to hold fast to traffic rules and guidelines are quite possibly the main sources of genuine mishaps," the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police said as a component of the Arab Traffic Week held under the topic: 'Mishaps are not destiny, yet disregard and Failure'. As per police, diverted driving, abrupt turning, entering a street without guaranteeing that it is clear, closely following and speeding without considering the street conditions has caused genuine mishaps so far this year.

    Police likewise cautioned about the threats of diverted driving, such as sending a message or talking over the cell phone, eating and drinking, utilizing online media stages, taking photographs, fixing cosmetics, fixing your dress, or anything that takes consideration from the street and prompts path deviation and mishaps. In January a year ago, Abu Dhabi Police had conveyed a Smart System to identify the tailgaters. In February this year, police uncovered to have fined 35,000 drivers for not leaving sufficient distance between vehicles. Cops and keen radars got the violator.

    Also Read...…..

    WOW is like to take the opportunity to introduce as Electronic Transport Services Company, innovative ride-hailing services like never seen before with multiple different ride features including various riding categories. We have recently launched our operations in Dubai, approved and recognized by RTA.

    As one step closer towards better transportation services among the people of UAE. Majorities of UAE people love to use online transportation services instead to use other public transport options.

    Therefore we introduce the WOW Customer App to bring ease of transportation for the public to book rides from their smartphone within seconds at an affordable cost. WOW ride aims to ease the commuting network from one place to another and have the freedom of timekeeping concentration at their work.

    People can also earn from WOW by registering themselves as WOW Leader, so it’s a golden opportunity for the drivers to earn in their free time or the way they like to earn.

    #wow#wow app#wow ride #book your ride #travel#transportation#wow dubai#dubai #book your ride with wow
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    14.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Is there a competitor to Uber and Lyft?

    Travel has become an essential part of everyone living in the city, and we spend at least 10% of our lives on the streets. Due to the high traffic density and large population, traveling to any city has always been a challenge.

    With the influx of app-based taxis, travel has become easier. You don’t have to waste plenty of money on other people who are driving, you can make the most of your time. Compared with Uber and Lyft, another equally good application will compete for attention, and that is the WOW Ride application.

    WOW is one of the first companies to provide services such as peer-to-peer shared travel, ride-hailing transportation service, WOW wallet, and WOW chat system. The company is headquartered in Dubai and operates in 5 countries and more than 43 cities.

    With the latest and updated transportation technology, WOW electronic transportation service has all the functions built into artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has completely changed the productivity and functions of travel.

    Many aspects of artificial intelligence, such as deep learning, predictive analysis, and deep learning, aim to improve WOW ride-hailing in all aspects.

    WOW, Transport Service Dubai Tariff Calculator uses only artificial intelligence to calculate your travel expenses. Artificial intelligence analyzes the distance between destinations and other factors that may affect travel time, such as traffic, road closures, changing weather conditions, construction work, etc.

    As a WOW leader, have you ever wondered when you have to go home at the end of the day, and why you get rides the same way? This is all thanks to the integrated artificial intelligence technology. To this end, WOW Online Taxi Booking will send promotional notices based on your itinerary. As per your Preferred ride duration and desirable location.

    WOW has artificial intelligence algorithms and technology to help and support you to book an online ride through WOW.

    Artificial intelligence technology can better capture traffic timetables and times. It enhances the rider's traveling experience by providing predictive traffic information, real-time convenience, traffic light time, etc., reduces the rider’s journey time, and focuses to improve the rider’s comfort and safety through the online WOW ride.

    Mobility is the core issue of every city; whether for schools, universities, colleges, and offices, or any other purpose, citizens use WOW ride-hailing services to travel in the city. Using artificial intelligence technology for citizens can save riders time and make cities smarter.

    WOW set a goal to achieve traffic efficiency by minimizing traffic problems. Paying for taxi fare has never been easier, but now WOW's electronic transportation service uses the latest technological algorithms to provide different driving options.

    The creation of online payment systems and electronic receipts makes travel charges safer and faster. With WOW transportation services, passenger data is kept safe and stable by using the most modern and reliable payment gateway.

    To provide complete proof of safety, WOW Taxi Booking will evaluate the entire experience of our top WOW Leader candidates. WOW needs to fully understand your driving data and vehicle information through trustworthy and reliable reports.

    Using taxi scheduling software, you can effectively prepare your company for productivity by providing up-to-date tasks and statistics on all transactions with customers, drivers, and fleets.

    Through the WOW ride app, passengers can book WOW ride online for themselves and others. By booking for others, you can save yourself the trouble of picking up children or other family members.

    #wow#wow ride#wow app #book your ride #dubai#travel#transportation #book your wow ride online #wow taxi booking online
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  • brieflygorgeouss
    13.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    #listen…a couple of guys from work invited me to bbq today and i was so reluctant to go bc there was this one guy that i was so intimidatedby #but i went #and it was so chill?? wow #they were all very cool! i thought the intimidating guy didnt like me but turns out hes a very nice person #he drives a fucking tesla and gave me a ride home i was like WHAT goes on #anyway #had a nice day with my colleagues :’) didnt make an idiot out if myself that much :’) could have been much worse #life is wild
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  • irussellwilson
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago


    Question: I live in the United Arab Emirates and my parents are in that country on visitor visas. Due to the deterioration of the Covid situation in my home country, I have extended their visit visa stay.

    My question is: Is there a limit to the number of visa extensions that can be taken? Is there any method to get a visitor visa valid for more than three months? Thanks in advance.

    Answer: Based on your inquiry, please note that in the UAE, a 30-day or 90-day visitor visa can be issued to individuals. A 30-day visa can be unnecessarily extended for 30 days twice and for extending a visit visa you no need to travel out of United Arab Emirates.

    When applying for a visitor visa, the maximum length of stay for a single-entry visa is 90 days. In this situation, if people who already hold a visa to enter the UAE intend to extend their stay for more than 90 days or after two extensions, they may have to leave the UAE and return to the country on a new visitor visa for more than 30 days or 90 days.

    Article 12 of the Federal Law No. 6 of 1973 Concerning Immigration and Residence as amended under Law 7 of 1985, Law 13 of 1996 and Federal Decree Law No. 17 of 2017 states: “Any foreigner entering the Country with visit visa or permission shall have to leave the Country on the expiry date of such visa or permission either through cancellation or expiry period thereof - unless he has obtained a residence license.

    “Any foreigner who is exempted from the requirement of obtaining a permit or visa in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 2 of this law must leave the country within a period not exceeding thirty days as of the date of entry into the country unless he obtains a permit to stay during this period.”

    Do you know the law? Can I work on a visitor visa in the UAE?

    Though due to Covid-19, visitors can extend their visit visa for more than 90 days, or they can obtain a new visit visa by paying definite charges to GDFRA without leaving the UAE.

    WOW is like to take the opportunity to introduce as Electronic Transport Services Company, innovative ride-hailing services like never seen before with multiple different ride features including various riding categories. We have recently launched our operations in Dubai, approved and recognized by RTA. As one step closer towards better transportation services among the people of UAE.

    Majorities of UAE people love to use online transportation services instead to use other public transport options. Therefore we introduce the WOW Customer App to bring ease of transportation for the public to book rides from their smartphone within seconds at an affordable cost.

    WOW ride aims to ease the commuting network from one place to another and have the freedom of timekeeping concentration at their work. People can also earn from WOW by registering themselves as WOW Leader, so it’s a golden opportunity for the drivers to earn in their free time or the way they like to earn.

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  • irussellwilson
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    What are the cheapest and most efficient modes of transportation in any given countries?

    Efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness depend on multiple factors: where you live, the size of your population, the distance you travel, your concerns about costs, your time issues, and many other factors that are difficult to communicate.

    For daily transportation services, passengers in different countries prefer to use local public transportation to save some money at the end of the month, but in the end, they spend more when it comes to time and services.

    The private Transportation market has several options, but WOW electronic transportation service has its reputation and customer preferences and is the most efficient and economical transportation method.

    Travel booking service can be used as an alternative to save your time and get exclusive services for your daily travel. WOW is an online ride-booking company that provides the best monthly transportation service from your home to the office or anywhere when needed.

    For daily transportation users, WOW Electronic Transport Services Dubai has launched an exclusive WOW Pass, offering a variety of subscription discounts to meet your needs.

    There are 3 different categories of WOW Pass, including a 1-day discount, 3-day WOW pass, 7-day or weekly subscription, and for corporate customers, monthly or 30-day WOW pass.

    When you book a trip after registering for a WOW Pass, you will get the best discounts and offers, and ultimately become the cheapest of any online ride-booking service. The best thing about WOW Pass is that no matter how many days of discount you have purchased; your pass is valid for up to one year.

    This means that for your convenience, the time of purchase is not important, and it will be considered valid once activated.

    Therefore, when you register for any of the above WOW passes, please book your WOW ride online to meet your daily driving needs.

    High-quality services, affordable tariffs, cozy journeys, and luxurious vehicles are the reasons why WOW Electronic transportation services have become one of the best ride-hailing transportation apps in the world.

    WOW provides all of you with the world's best, most efficient, and most convenient shared transportation service. Whenever you travel, WOW will ensure customer satisfaction and meet your driving needs. WOW focuses on facilitating riders by providing safe and cozy journeys.

    Wow, Electronic transportation services provide an efficient, modern, and inventive passenger transport network that extends from one region to another in most cities in the world. Wow, transportation providers are always ready to bring you technology and new and updated mobile transportation services.

    Using the WOW app, you can book your itinerary from the pick-up point, and your WOW leader will take you to your endpoint as safely and easily as possible at the best fare.

    Some of the best features of online ride-hailing apps include WOW Wallet, WOW Pass, WOW Reward, and WOW Ladies. Book a WOW tour online and relax in the back seat of one of the most luxurious vehicles in your country. Take full advantage of all these conveniences.

    You can also use WOW's “Schedule a ride" feature to book a trip for future trips, so you can easily organize and book your trip in advance.

    Using this WOW function brings you more convenience and simplicity. No need to wait for public transportation, easily plan your trip.

    #wow#wow app#wow leader #book wow ride online #book your ride with wow #book your ride #transportation#travel#dubai
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  • vuliyshenanigans
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Stormwind people when seeing a bird: I have no opinion on this bird. I do not see it.

    Duskwood people when seeing the same bird: Hmm I don’t trust that. I am going to fight that. A bird killed my entire family I am going to throw hands with a pigeon. I WILL attack an owl on sight. Anyone else feeling judged by that crow? I need to throw something at it right this instant or I am going to combust. Nothing that says ‘ca-caw’ is up to any good. I am going to taunt it. I will insult it with my very human words. Look at it just sitting there it’s plotting evil I can feel it in my bones.

    Then again Wicker is a hella suspicious bird. He keens forgetting that beaks don’t grin. He has been killed once after a demon hunter lulled him into a false sense of security by ignoring him for a little more than an hour then suddenly throwing a fel net at him without warning. Entire town got together to stab the demon to death it was a bonding experience.

    Second time a gnoll that he tried to eat once as said gnoll was bout to die remembered his face and sicked the guards on him. He got away that time but just barely. A warden hit him with a blessed chain like some kinda exorcist Indiana Jones it was amazing. Wicker got away by turning into a plant and burrowing into the ground. Hey may have shocked a human into never trusting birds again in the process.

    #wow#doodles#wickerhorn#birds#druids #have a lil story time outside of the tags for once since I am feeling nice and less shy than usual #I love me some Duskwood shenanigans where else can you experience the thrill of knowing anyone could stab you at any time #full of so many edgy folks its fantastic #especially when said edgy folks decides that a bird cawing at them is a grave insult that justifies trying to set said bird on fire #all while some less edgy folks watch in horror #warlock fella with snake eyes on a horse with horns rode past #wicker cawed #dude turned around and declared me evil (because of my wicker aura note in my rp profile so it was fair game) #and my friend that's playing a druid guy from dnd that got dropped into the wow universe through Shenanigans TM had to first process that ye #there are demon horses #and two these demon horse riding folks will 100% pick a fight with a random bird #he convinced the dude not to set me on fire then nearly got attacked instead for being a smidge sassy it was beautiful #edgy man went on an entire ramble on how he'd like to crack druid man's ribs open and tear his heart out or something #and druid is standing there like 'whomst the fuck is this and why is he so ready to brawl I was just having a friendly chummy conversation' #then the gnoll snitched on me and shit went down #I love duskwood #things are never chill there you'll always find SOMETHING going down somewhere #it is great fun #and oops I rambled in the tags again #rambling is fun tho TwT #anyway behold the smug crow
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  • queerkarkat
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    a dynamic between a bi girl with a male preference and a bi guy with a male preference who might just be gay is immeasurable

    10/10 i love it very poggers

    #gay #yes this is a related to the last post GAKAH #we went on a ride like 20 times or so together just to look at him he was so geeky and nerdy and pretty and handsome and wow *gay* /lh /g #bisexual #im a simp
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  • irussellwilson
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    How WOW leaders can earn more tips

    Want to be a good driver is a skill that is acquired through experiencing thousands of completed WOW rides and a lot of hard work. To help you become a better WOW leader, we first want to share some important tips with you that will help you to improve your driving skills. A good experience not only increases the chances of getting more tips, but it also leaves a positive experience for passengers, so they keep coming back to take more taxis.

    Provide your passengers with a high-quality WOW electronic transportation service by paying extra attention to them. They can only pay you for more!

    Here are our top tips to ensure your passengers will have a great experience throughout your trip.

    Here are 10 tips for WOW leaders to get more tips!

    Greetings: Always try to greet your passenger at first with a smile and say hello using their name that is shown in the WOW app rather than informal greetings. Personalized greetings show that you treat them as a person, not some other opportunity of fare.

    Comfort of rider: After that as passengers settled in your WOW car, ask them if the temperature, legroom, and the type/volume of music that is playing in the car are comfortable for them or they want any changes. Again, this is easily overlooked for a simple reason-you are comfortable in the car, but your passengers may get dressed according to the outside temperature, so they may feel swift changes. When it's cold outside, hope that your passengers dress warmly and keep the thermostat a few degrees higher than the outdoor temperature. The same applies to hot and humid outdoors increase the temperature of the air conditioning unit by a few degrees and rotate the fan at a constant speed. You can always ask your customers if they are willing to change it, but most people will be satisfied with these modest settings.

    Entertain passenger: Ask them for their choice regarding music as they have any music request like their favorite singer or songs and try to accommodate them. Feasible always starts with soft jazz or calm classical music. Because after getting a WOW ride if you were playing some rocking music just might ruin your chances of the tip. Ask your customers if they would like to have a water bottle, gum, mint or they want to charge their phone during the ride. So if you can accommodate them try your best.

    Inform about duration: Tell passengers how long the WOW ride will take to reach their destination. It can help your customers know what to expect. The safety of the driver is extremely important. Don't speed up like rushing to pick up the next passenger. Don't stop or speed up suddenly.

    Tidy vehicle: Passengers will always expect a clean car so make sure your car is clean and in good condition. Always keep yourself and your car clean and fresh. Avoid eating messy or smelly food in your car that might ruin your vehicle seats, your clothes, and your face. This all is important because your customer does not get feeling that they were in some messy and dirty kitchen. Make sure they are in a clean fresh odor and relaxing environment.

    Relax environment: Remember, you are not only providing customers with a journey from A to B but also providing a relaxed, comfortable and safe service and environment. Usually, you have to greet the passengers in the car as if you were giving a helpful WOW ride to a friend.

    Ask rider about prefer route: Follow good WOW etiquette and show yes behavior at work. Keep a close eye on your passenger's requirement if he wants to adopt an alternative route to their destination, or ask a few small queries, always show a yes attitude and try to accommodate them. Small things like this can do wonders for your wallet and ratings. When you want the fastest route, a team of excellent satellite navigation and experienced drivers is hard to beat, but people just appreciate this attitude. Make things clear the moment you take over as the driver, do yourself a favor because it will be uncomfortable when you miss a corner because they let you know it too late.

    Keep away odor: That’s one of the important points to keep eye on, good hygiene must be maintained. Keeping the exterior and interior clean and smells good will increase your chances of getting a good tip. If you think you don't need it, you will know that if you sit on it long enough, you will get used to the unpleasant smell. So your car may smell bad, you may not notice, but your passengers will! To make feel them fresh try to Use deodorants, rather than strong perfumes or colognes and carry mints or chewing gum with you after meals. The air-conditioning vents will radiate toxic odors to the rear seats and directly to the faces of the front passengers

    Help passenger: As well said “No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted” so Help your customer to load and unload their bags or luggage. That act of kindness is always valued.

    Act as per rider mood: I kept this to end it because it is the most significant. As a driver, you must not forget that you and your passengers are traveling in a very small metal box.

    Your excessive conversation can have a negative impact on the passenger experience. Most passengers want a comfortable and usually quiet experience.

    If the passengers did not initiate a conversation, please do not disturb them. There is nothing wrong with traveling long distances in silence. You always start your journey with "Hello, how are you?" If you get a lively answer, you will talk about it; if not, you have to leave the rider alone.

    At the end of the trip, you always ended with "Have a nice day (or night or weekend)". Make a good impression at the beginning and end of the trip. This is what most people remember when they think of tips.

    If your client wants to speak, please be a good listener. If they ask you questions about yourself, please answer them politely and enthusiastically. If you feel that they just want to sit, relax, work, or don't want to talk, please don't force them by Talking too much. Sometimes silence is golden. wow leader can earn more tips.

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  • irussellwilson
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    How can transportation costs be reduced?

    When transporting goods or people, transportation costs may be an important expense factor, because transportation costs increase with the increase in fuel prices and are allocated to the value of the goods, which are then allocated to customers.

    The companies hope to reduce transportation costs. If you are a little careful about certain things, you can save the amount you reserved for transportation.

    The city of creativity and sustainable development in Dubai. Many countries continue to expand their borders from large shopping malls to luxury hotels along the coast.

    Palm-shaped islands, huge skyscrapers, and indoor ski resorts are all very much like examples of a city that is never afraid of imagining. And In this gorgeous city, it is sometimes difficult to find an affordable and cheap way to travel.

    However, the cheapness of public transportation does not necessarily match the times and needs. In contrast, Dubai’s WOW transport service is the best choice because it provides quality services most cost-effectively.

    All travel charges for WOW services are very cheap, economical, and simple. If you compare their prices with other online taxi services in the world, you will find a huge difference in prices.

    WOW, taxi bookings are available in all regions of the Emirate of Dubai and also in many other countries, so you don’t have to worry about WOW’s tariffs and WOW vehicle availability.

    By using the WOW ride app you can save your money as well as time, it is the best mode of transportation at a very economical price. Therefore By booking an online WOW ride you can reduce your transportation cost.

    WOW, Ride-Hailing Services provides a variety of affordable and reasonably priced luxury vehicles. WOW, the ride has many categories to select as per your need such as WOW easy, WOW luxury, WOW Ladies, and many more, and all charge reasonable fares. No matter where you want to be picked up, WOW can take you to your destination at the lowest price.

    If you are a tourist and still have a long way to go to your destination, then you don't have to worry about tolls.

    Just book your ride with WOW and forget everything else. All your safe journey responsibilities are now on WOW. And in the end, compared with other transportation services, the travel price will be the best.

    Moreover, if you are concerned about the cost of your journey, no need to worry while booking your online ride with WOW, you can check the estimated fares of your ride before booking the ride.

    WOW invites its customers to estimate travel expenses in advance and make a decision before starting the journey.

    #wow#wow ride#dubai#transportation#travel #book your ride #book your ride with wow
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