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  • rei-colawyeroffice
    24.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Wow! Setahun RI Hasilkan 4,8 Juta Ton Sampah Plastik

    Wow! Setahun RI Hasilkan 4,8 Juta Ton Sampah Plastik

    Ket Foto : Ilustrasi. Kartumerahnews.com – The National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) melaporkan ada sekitar 4,8 juta ton sampah plastik per tahun di Indonesia tidak terkelola dengan baik seperti dibakar di ruang terbuka (48%), tak dikelola layak di tempat pembuangan sampah resmi (13%) dan sisanya mencemari saluran air dan laut (9%). Project Manager di OPPA Duala Oktoriani mengatakan angka…

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  • lesbeanadiamcnll
    24.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    sometimes I feel emotions and my first reaction is to laugh through them. embarrassment? anger? shock? frustration? sadness? loneliness? regret? It's all a comedy show :)

    #is this? thats not good- #anygays #wow this was spposed tobe funny now its a bit fo a downer #<- see what I mean lmao #ok NOW I'm really going to sleep goodnight weirdos ily
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  • youvebeenlivingfictionalreplies
    24.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    #wow!! #it has been a WHILE since i've had insecurities keep ke up past midnight #oh this is........ i don't like this #personal post #pls don't reblog #will delete later #shut up dany
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  • kibibarel
    24.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    i’m feeling nostalgic going through my old art and i think this might be the best thing i’ve ever drawn

    #i feel so disconnected from my creative self...feels like i haven't drawn or written anything in so long #but i look at my old Chespin doodles and i'm like wow. this is incredible
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  • nature-played-a-trick-on-me
    24.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Supreme anxiety this morning send help

    #jab time jab time jab time #i just wanna chill tf out #i WANT to get the jab because i wanna decrease the risk of long covid and spreading it if i do carry it #and i WANT to get it so that i can go places without needing to get tested because they'd straight up have to sedate me #so this jab great but wow i am anxious as fuck
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  • missremember
    24.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    At long last, the next chapter of HoAS is complete! We finally get to meet our main girl Garlude. Be warned, it's longer than every chapter before it, and I anticipate it will end up being the longest chapter in the whole work. Oopsie!

    Thanks again to anyone who's like/reblogged/left comments or kudos! It fuels me! Special thanks to my Discord and irl friends, who've heard me talk about or write this almost nonstop for the past two days lol

    #kirby #kirby right back at ya #Meta Knight #Knuckled Joe's Father #Jecra#Garlude #this chapter took me FOREVER to write and edit #for how proud I am I'm also excited to be done with it lol #I was so excited to write it before #and now I've written it too much #cautionary tale #...probably #kirby fanfic#kirby fanfiction#fanfiction#HoAS#mine #EDIT: Wow so did anyone else know that the link post function is broken?
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  • firemedicdiaz
    24.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #jules answers #my no. 1 fellow gamer mutual #we still have to hang and play WoW sometime #whenever I get around to resubbing lol #I'll even level a Hordie so I can join you!
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  • bisexualnursey
    24.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #is the ship name that bad that u had unfollow me? WOW 🙄 #jk ily GO TO SLEEP #em tag#asks#nurseydexcharm #? #charmnurseydex?????? #polyfrogfarmer??? #FROG FARMER? #obsessed w the visual frog farmer evokes hdjdjssk #anyway GO TO SLEEP
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  • plush-rabbit
    24.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Rescued By A Hero

    Request: Hi Plush!! I love your Shiggy work and I was hoping I could request something (this is soft shiggy anon btw). If you are up to doing Yandere, how do you think Shiggy would react if his darling came back to him after they got “rescued” by a hero? I use she/her pronouns but feel free to use any pronouns in it. I love your work and I would love to see how you feel about this!!!

    A/N: all my mind has right now is Shigaraki (im also using Fatgum for this because I love him)


    Tomura waits patiently in his room. While he’s usually the one to get things done in a timely manner or at least not waste time, he can give you mercy. You had to go out and you had kept your promise of checking up on him every ten minutes. At least, you had, until recently. He waits, biting his bottom lip and tearing off the skin; he’s growing impatient but he’s sure you have a good reason as to why you haven’t been responding to his calls or messages. When you walk through the door, he’s quick to rise, ready to reprimand you and remind you of the deal that you both made, but you hug him with a shaky body, apologizing and holding onto him. He’s startled, arms wide and away from you but he doesn’t know what happened. He waits for a minute, letting the initial shock wear off, until you pull away. You have tears in your eyes and there’s a bandage on your cheek. His gaze darkens, the knuckles of his fingertips ghosting over the bandage. You don’t allow him to ask the question, already explaining that you were mugged- at least a would-be victim until a hero came by to rescue you.

    His eyes go wide and he’s pulling himself away from you. You continue to talk- your eyes glowing and your speech stuttering as you mention the jovial hero who came to your aid. You don’t seem to sense how agitated he’s growing, the way that his hands have now fisted, compared to yours that flutter to your bicep where the hero had no doubt touched you. He could only imagine what the hero did to you, the way that the hero is known to cushion, to shield people with his own body. He’s glad that you’re safe but you’ve been touched by a hero- something that you welcomed or at the very least, don’t hate.

    Right now, you’re safe, but at what cost? The cost of someone else touching you? The cost of having someone other than him, protecting you? Jealousy and insecurity wraps tightly around him, making him feel sick. He can feel his skin prick, the itchiness that won’t seem to fade, and he resists, digs his nails into his hands to avoid associating you with his habit. He calls your name and it’s then that he realizes that you’ve still been rattling on and on about your encounter with the hero. However, you stay quiet, looking at him and finally seeing him. You frown and say his name in a soft, almost pitiful, whisper.

    Barely in his vision, he can see your hands twitch upwards, moving to hold his that has pierced his skin. You barely inch forward before he’s hugging you tightly, burying his face into the crook of your neck. He wants to rid the touch of the pro-hero, his mouth filling with acid and stomach churning when he can smell something other than your perfume on you. He tricks himself into thinking that it’s possibly the one who had tried to rob you but that makes him feel worse, rather than jealousy, it’s anger that seeps in.

    With the thought of someone hurting you so present in his mind, his arms tighten around you and he pulls away, he tries to mask his anger, but his grip on you is tight and he keeps you by his side. He sits you down, keeping a hand on you as he tries to collect his thoughts. If he’s worked up, it’ll do no good for you to recall the event. You may be safe now, but it could have been part of an organized crime, or even someone out there looking for revenge. He wants the details that you can remember. He needs to hear who it was; he doesn’t care if the one who tried to hurt you had already been arrested, you could still have a hit on you.

    With every word, he grows frantic. His worry rubs off on you, your trembling returns, and he doesn’t seem to notice the way that your eyes grow wet with fresh tears. He ignored the bouncing of your leg, pushing you for further information until you’re sobbing in front of him. You’re mumbling his name, clinging to the bottom of his shirt and shaking your head. He stops, his words coming to a slow pace as you creep towards him and twist his shirt in your hands, begging for him to stop, that you’ll tell him whatever he needs, but you can’t- not right now. He takes a good look at you, seeing the way your clothes are still ruffled, wrinkled and ruined and the bandage that clings to your skin. You’re still terrified, still affected by the incident.

    Rather than anger, guilt takes over. He hadn’t meant to be one of the worries in your life, to cause more trouble and anxiety over something. His arms return around you, his hold strong against you and he’s kissing the top of your head with his eyes wide and unblinking. He doesn’t know how to comfort, and can only mimic you when you comfort him. In an attempt to comfort you, he’ll hold you and apologize, his words genuine as he hadn’t meant to make you cry. You had gone through something rather traumatic and while you were still touched by another, it wasn’t something that he could blame you for.

    While holding you, he has to remind himself that you didn’t want someone else to touch you. You still came to him when you walked into the hideout rather than telling everybody what had happened. You rushed into his arms and had even apologized- for not replying to him or for letting a hero touch you, he isn’t sure- and you were still here with him, accepting his apology and crying into his arms. He holds you, reminding himself that you still chose him in the end. That’s able to make him feel a bit more secure.

    However, no matter what you say to him, he knows that it was his fault in the end. He’s the one who had let you go out. He hadn’t even allowed for him or for another member of the League to watch over you due to your pestering. You had gotten hurt because of his own negligence. He’ll have you take a shower, get rid of the scent of the person- the people- who had touched you. He’s tempted to decay the clothes, but you pull them close to your bare body, shaking your head and tell him that you can wash them. You can drown them in perfume and anything else until it’s only your scent that remains. He lets you keep the clothes, already biting his nails as to how to decay them without arising suspicion. When you come out of the shower, he pulls you close, his hands against your head and back, and he tells you that it’s better if you don’t go out for a while.

    You’re safe, and that’s what matters but you still ran the risk of getting hurt. Tomura can’t let that happen to you, he won’t allow it. Seeing you cry- whether by his fault or that of others- is something that makes his mind scream, thoughts that rage and his vision red. You were hurt- the bruise on your skin, a dark purple with red scabbing taking over- and you came home terrified. You came to him terrified. He keeps you with him, has a hand lingering too close to your neck when he tells you that it’s best for you to rest with him for a while. At least until the man who hurt you is gone- for good, of course. You could have been hurt- badly- and you need to understand that when he keeps you locked in his room, it’s for your own safety. He’ll brush away a piece of stray hair, lean and peck the corner of your lips and will tell you that you understand, because of course you do- you’re smart and you’ll listen to him. After all, he knows best.

    #shigaraki x reader #tomura shigaraki x reader #tomura shigaraki imagine #shigaraki tomura x reader #tomura shigaraki#shigaraki tomura#bnha fanfiction#bnha headcanons#bnha shigaraki #bnha shigaraki tomura #bnha shigaraki x reader #mha shigaraki#shigaraki headcanons #shigaraki x you #i hope you like it!! #sorry for the wait #motiviatvtion is slowly returning #wow #i splet that word really wrong #and spelt too #thank goodness for the red squiggly #and autocorrect
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  • relatable-pictures-of-julian
    24.06.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #oh wow#rc9gn#julian#julian rc9gn#rc9gn julian #randy cunningham 9th grade ninja
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  • himbocampus
    24.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Gay girls with guitars really rule the world huh?

    #wow the alliteration in this sentence!!! #but no really they do
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  • shadwraidr
    24.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    i.... i was literally blocked by a personal blog that makes lara croft gifs & now i can’t access their gifs anymore.

    #what... the actual.... fuck?? #i feel personally attacked by this #like honey all i was doing was reblogging your gifs #not like i was stealing them or taking credit for them or stupid shit #i might make a whole new blog just so i can reblog their gifs again bc wow #how shitty of them #i wonder if that means i can't access all the gifs they made that are sitting in my likes #i'll have to check #i just can't believe lmao #woooow #➴  ────  ooc 》 the love of my life walks on four paws #negative /
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  • greatshell-rider
    24.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    i really really really gotta reread inda quartet to rehash the terms of fox’s deal with detlev cuz. i think. now that i know more about norsunder i will understand more of what fox got himself into. which is very important to me now. fox what did you get yourself into. fox,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    #i have been looking for him to show up again ever since banner of the damned tricked me good #but i don't know if he will actually show up #it might be too soon sldfkjsldfksjldfksl despite the centuries it's been #cuz like #detlev being servant to norsunder is comparitively new and he's an ancient sartoran slkdfjsldkfsf #depending on what fox's deal was his arc might be much more tragic than i'd initially read it as #upon reading inda quartet i thought to myself ah classic fox. messing around with dark and evil magics to be an annoyance and menace <3 #but now im like 🥺🥺🥺 what did you get yourself into sweetie #what did you sacrifice to help inda out :( #guess it also depends on fox's opinion of the whole matter lol #maybe he's enjoying selling his soul to norsunder #in which lol iconic #but if he's more like detlev who seems to have like. regretted all his life decisions but is straight up doomed now without choice really #then :( #i am Very eyes emoji about detlev anyway #the more i learn about him the neater he gets #what was the name he went by in inda quartet.....ramis. ramis old buddy #this dude is OLD like wow. he must be. So. tired. ha #inda quartet #a sword named truth #sartorias-deles
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  • wuackitys
    24.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    no yeah im ready for the 30 day smp to break my heart exactly like unus annus did

    #maybe not as hard cause like. wow #i found my ua beanie today while cleaning my room and like. teared up #bout to DO IT ALL AGAIN W THIS SMP LMAOO #mars speaks
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  • elektrosonix
    24.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    #elk's asks#🚗🚪💕#GIGGLES #yeah but who gave no name the right to actually be good #like. #wow
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  • writingbitch
    24.06.2021 - 39 minutes ago


    #alecs' ramblings #i very much enjoy this manga wow #black clover
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  • clown-manifestation
    24.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Crush 40 Really Said ‘Come Into My House and I’m Going to Serenade You and Unlock the Little Door in Your Head That Releases the Violently Good Chemical’ and the Keyhole is shaped like Live and Learn. 

    #Too Tired but Wow... I could Cry #Happy Birthday to Little Blue Hedgehogs everywhere #THERES A FACE SEARCHING SO FAR ND WIDE!! #THERES A PLACE YOU DREAMED YOU'D NEVER FIND!! #SCREAMS!!!
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  • idonteffaround
    24.06.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Bruuhhhh this is the epitome of privilege last time I checked people don’t choose their skin color

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  • zebruh-codakk
    24.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    the good news: i've finished looking at all canon zebruh content and have written an obscene amount of notes on him, as one does.

    the bad news: in the process of taking my notes, i’ve figured out exactly how why and where a nicer zebruh would branch off and now i desperately want to write a oneshot about it

    or maybe that’s all good news...

    #soapbox rambles #me when i started this blog: 'wow i wanna punch zebruh' #me when i looked at fanon zebruh for a second too long: 'wow i wanna punch zebruh but in a way that makes him better' #me when i finished reviewing canon zebruh content: 'wow i wanna punch zebruh and really make it hurt but like' #'also in a way that makes him a better person' #'and then write about it' #anyway hello group chat i see you and dw. i am coming soon. step 1 done step 2 is figure out specifics and step 3 is write them #but im good to go as soon as i finish step 2 #my zebruh coming tomorrow??? you fucking betcha
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  • akaashiscupofwater
    24.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    kiyoko has great gaydar but its literally just which guys do and dont drool over her 

    #bc kiyoko pretty okay #and she knows it😌 #training camp talking to akaashi whos sneakily sneaking glances at bokuto only half listening to their convo and kiyoko in her mind is like #wow hes off the charts haha #kiyoko#kiyoko shimizu#haikyuu
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