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  • pheita
    25.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Things that happened in the Halloween Special so far 1. Sojan being super supportive 2. Lyran being the broody one. 3. Mithelia clearly having fun with being related to a love sick idiot. 4. Ylva is cute and deadly. I like my female OCs like that. She is like the black-footed cat of my OCs. Cute, small, and the deadliest of them all. 5. We need to hug Lyran silly. Or a group therapy for him and Mithelia 6. Did I read it correctly? A straight character? In my WIP? How did this happen? 7. Arritit is..... Arritit. And I just realized she has her moments, I could call her Yen. Ironically these are the moments that make Sojan groan in dispair and Lyran laugh hysterically. 8. We need Kleenex! A big box ! 9. Lyran gets jealous for a moment. 10. Sojan does his best to reassure Lyran he doesn't need to be jealous. Niat helps. No one gets they are a poly triad already. And it will take them another six years till they get it. Thanks to the Great Mother, they are longevity folks. 11. The dorks totally forget in the whole Lyran is jealous moment, that Ylva has the hots for both of them and neither Arritit nor Mithelia will let one of them forget this ever. Like ever ever. 12. No one trusts Liriel. Not even those who did before. Actually, they are just biased because everyone wants to protect Ylva when they should protect Liriel from Ylvas wrath. But that is a story for another day. 13. I think no one understands what it means that Arritit offered Ylva to train her regarding her magic. And these are only the point that lead to the climax of the story. I spare you the silly comment about what kind of scene was the last before the climax. you might be able to guess it now

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  • night-quill
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Message me when you go to bed.

    I wanna know what it's like when you close your eyes

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  • writing-guy
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Writing Prompt #6

    Writing prompts based on songs 

     https://youtu.be/Yqy7_zUKyNQ = Music Video


    The song is called


    By SR3L

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  • storyunrelated
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Flash #3228

    “We really don’t have time for these cynics, I can’t abide them.

    Because the world is awful, yes - and don’t give me any of this backslapping ‘Smile on a kitten and a nice big sunrise’ bollocks, either - and everything good in it is either something salvaged in spite of the awful or something worked on by us here hip-deep in the awful. The  world is not a nice place. We either find nice bits in it or make our own nice bits. The world wants to kill you.

    Which is why I haven’t got time for cynics. The world is already awful. We know! We’re working hard on scraping out a spot in it that isn’t! So stop fucking whining and start fucking scraping! Yes! It sucks! WE KNOW! 


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  • cyndecreativity
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Day 23 - Seige

    Crumble – Hold Me in Your Arms – “This time, do what I say.”

    The peace talks and land distributions aren’t going well as a siege begins bright and early one morning. Idania’s mother-in-law takes umbrage, still, with the presence of a commoner in the royal house and worsens the evacuation by directing innocents into danger. In a fit of rage, she storms into danger and Idania must use her magic to save the former Empress.

    ~1200 words


    The siege came as a surprise, understandably. The Cancer had wheeled in catapults and large siege vehicles weeks ago, a “reminder” that they intended to have their land back at whatever cost. The negotiations had not been going well, but Idania expected the finer details might take time. But the Emperor got called away on urgent business and left his wife and his mother in charge of working on the treaties.

    The Scorpio estate at the edge of the Cancer Peninsula did not have the necessary fortifications to stand up against an attack, let alone one on the magnitude of what the Cancer forces attacked them with. Unfortunately, Idania had been through a similar situation before and took to the halls to calm and direct any servants or other delegates in the manor.

    But, naturally, the former Empress would not be overlooked. Karlina stood beside Idania and called louder orders, older orders that would direct the people into danger. Idania frowned deeply as the Scorpio listened to their former Empress, rather than their current one. Even the Cancer listened to the former Empress.

    “Your Majesty.” Idania shouted over the din of battle.

    Karlina waved her arms and pointed survivors in a direction more dangerous but would lead them to the proper shelter. “What are you doing here, Idania? Should you not be evacuating with my grandbabies?”

    Another impact rocked the building, causing Karlina to stumble against a wall for support. Idania fell with her, but recovered quickly to assist one of the fleeing servants off the floor. “Stay away from the outer walls and make your way to the cellars. You and the others are to direct the delegates and other guests through the tunnels.” The servant nodded and ran off to an inner stair.

    Karlina pushed off the wall. “Idania, the outer stairs are the fastest way-“

    “And the most dangerous!” The current Scorpio Empress clenched her fists and glared daggers at the former. “Our priority should be in ensuring everyone’s safety and some semblance of order during this onslaught.”

    “Which why you should be evacuating with my grandbabies!”

    Idania’s eyes rolled back and a roar escaped her. “I already sent your grandbabies out through the tunnels! I expected you would take them to ensure your safety as well, but instead you stumbled out here to give people wrong directions to safety because your ego is larger than a Leo’s!”

    Karlina’s head drew back, her tail high. Idania turned back to the fleeing bodies and directed them to the inner stairs with the most structural integrity. “How dare you! I’m worried about these people as much as you! Especially my grandchildren!” She growled and took a step toward Idania. “I never should’ve allowed my son to marry you! I don’t know how he got a taste for a commoner.”

    Idania bristled, her tail curled, but never higher than her waist. “You should know, considering who fathered him.”

    Karlina’s jaw dropped. “You accuse me of bedding a commoner!?”

    A sardonic laugh left Idania.

    “Your Majesties!” A set of guards rushed up the inner stairs, tails high, and surged toward the two Empresses. “You really must get to safety!”

    Idania bowed slightly to them and gestured to the rest of the rooms. “Do a full sweep, if you would gentlemen! Make sure you check in wardrobes and under beds for any frightened children.” She chuckled. “Or otherwise.”

    The men allowed themselves a tight chuckle and the captain of the group gestured for them to get started. He stayed behind, arms out for the women. “My men have everything under control, Your Majesties. This way, if you would!”

    Karlina narrowed her eyes and lifted her skirt, heading the direction she had directed all the others. The captain made to reach for her, but Idania grabbed his arm. He stayed his feet, compelled shouted after the former Empress anyway. “Your Majesty, that way is too dangerous!”

    Karlina pushed her way through the door and out onto a balcony that ran the outer edge of the castle. Idania growled and followed after her, the captain on clanging quickly behind her. Idania had been so focused on getting innocents to the basements and tunnels that she forgot entirely what they might face in the courtyards and on the battlements. The Scorpio of the Cancer Peninsula crossed steel with the Scorpio of the Imperial Guard and the soldiers on the payroll of the castle. The Peninsula forces wore secondhand armor pieces cobbled together into a single suit, mismatched in metal and color and age. They clashed ineffectually against the Crimson Guard and the rest, their armors all single sets, polished, well-maintained. On the walls, archers readied their bows guarded by large knights in bucket helmets that tore down any attackers.

    A shout alerted them to an incoming bombardment. Idania searched the skies, whispering to the Spirits and the waters around the castle’s grounds.

    Screams erupted from along the balcony hall; the bombardment soared directly for the balcony, directly for the staircase occupied by several visitors, occupied by the former Empress.

    “QUICKLY!” Idania roared and water surged from every corner of the estate to blast the enormous rock upward, away from the balcony, clipping the path’s cover and bouncing up onto the roof.

    Water stained the rocks around the path where Karlina stood, dripping and soaked. She spun on Idania and shook herself out. “You did that on purpo-“

    The beams of the walkway crumbled, prompting Idania to shout again, the panic-filled scream tearing daggers through her throat. A waterfall formed as a shield between the former Empress, cowering beneath the debris that threatened to crush her.

    Idania pointed to the captain, then to the former Empress. “Go. Take her. By force, if necessary.”

    He barely hesitated, broken from his stunned terror by a direct order. He rushed forward and grabbed hold of the former Empress’s hands to drag her out from under the debris. She struggled to her feet, clutching at the guard captain. The guard wrapped his arms around her waist and led her quickly away from the danger area, toward the door that led inside. Idania strained against the weight of the debris.

    As soon as Karlina crossed the threshold into the castle, Idania released the water. Water, rocks, and Idania fell to the balcony path, the current Empress panting heavily, her arms quaking. Another shout, warning of another bombardment, pulled Idania to her feet. She muttered thanks to the Spirits and bid them assist in any way they could to quell the battle.

    “Thank you for holding me in your arms, captain, but I’m quite fine now.” Karlina patted the captain’s wrists on her waist.

    The soldier jolted and ripped his hands from the former Empress. “Sorry, Your Majesty.” He glanced to Idania. She held up a hand with a nod.

    “This time, do what I say.” Idania tapped Karlina’s shoulder and gestured for the inner stairwell. “Or do you refuse to listen to a commoner?”

    Karlina’s sneered at the current Empress and squished her way across the carpet.

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  • pheita
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    While checking what asks and short stories I missed in the last week to reblog to the WIP blog of Sojan I realized once again: The dorks took over my year. They even took over my damn blog. Do I love it? Fuck yeah.

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  • izayoichan
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Lucas felt like light, his heart felt light. With a sigh he kneed down and patted the dog's head, giving a quick guilt ridden smile to both the dog and Lucas.

    River: Watch over him. -he looked at Lucas- I'll go get your things so I can take you home.

    With that he walked away, quickly texting his mom and one of his interns to come over because he and Lucas had an emergency rescue to deal with. He walked to the staff prep room and opened Lucas' locker, starting to bag his things. Once he closed the locker, he slammed his forehead against it with a deep breath.

    River: What are you doing, River? You can't go on like this...

    With another deep breath, he headed back to the observation room.

    Lucas lets his hand fall down a bit, just enough so he can reach the good spot behind Lobo's ear, giving the dog a little smile. He felt at ease with Lobo somehow, he did with most animals, but Lobo felt special somehow. 

    Lucas: I like him, you know, your owner.. my boss, he feels a bit like you, like home. 

    He just watched Lobo wag his tail at him, not sure how much a familiar understood, or if they could perhaps only understand their owner. He sighed slightly, trying to ignore the annoying pain in the side of his head, swallowing to stop the slight hint of him throwing up, hoping it wasn't a concussion but he was pretty sure it was, and it wasn't his first.

    Beginning - Previous - Next

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  • violetcancerian
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I feel kinda really bad that I don't actually have a notebook for Tales of Tirinth and most of my notes and stuff is scattered in either google docs comments or pieces of paper I have trouble finding.

    I mean, I do have notebooks assigned for the stories but I haven't actively written on them. So...

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  • safeshadows
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Repeat after me.

    He loves me. He leaves me to

    prove my love for him.

    - A Manipulators Mantra 22.10.21

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  • recapturingsky
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    “How is it that your heartbeat never stopped reaching me?”

    The dead flowers that were never buried,

    Where are you, when you’re not sleeping?

    This tale ended with time,

    The labyrinth of love and echoes of the ones who died.

    Meet me there, at our place,

    We’ll sing to the stars who’ve passed away.

    We’re both dead now, i guess the history isn't always the same.

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  • wantondestructionandsuch
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    For Whom Does Notre Dame Toll?

    The humans have abandoned their temples And retreated into their personal sanctuaries Where escape is sold at a cheaper rate than The charity of mercy or judgement God rents His hallowed grounds to the druids A deed signed with berry blood in good faith

    They seemed curious at the images before them Cathedral glass glowing the stories of the Christ Venerations of saints and gospels of two millennia How did worship peter out into rigid religion?

    A tribute was to be performed for the life Of the man who died for the humans’ sins Throats humming deep the hymns As the moss crept in silent footsteps The flora recognised the old masters’ home And bloomed a beauteous sorrow To mourn the necropolis across His Kingdom

    They were not of the same ilk or clan Nor did they share the same supper But life was sacred to all who walk the dirt Evident was the nature of decrepitude For those pains, they kneeled to the floor And chanted songs to resurrect the hallowed grounds

    O Heavens! O Sky above! Your Earth loves you still! O Heavens! O floating Sea! Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

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  • recapturingsky
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    The world is a lie but everyone is so beautiful, or maybe everyone lies but the world is so beautiful. Contradiction is it true you can manipulate yourself? Do you believe in your truth, Is everyone not lying when they tell you their side of the story? “The art I created in my mind came out to be different in real life. The words I said were stolen from someone else” Does love exist here? Is it conditional or unconditional? Beauty is the scariest for me. If i carve my skin with blades, am I still liked? If everything is ruined, only then do you open your eyes for true love? True Love, why is it even here if no one believes in it? Do we have some roles to play? If not then why is everyone completely hollow inside? Can you allow someone else to have your life? When you've been alone for so long.

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  • recapturingsky
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    Buddha said the key to happiness in life is to not have any desires. But can you truly not have any desires? Even yearning for happiness is a desire. Why do we betray ourselves then? Sometimes even our bodies betray us. Even bodily changes seem to betray our desires. No one is beautiful, and if beauty is a trend then it's safe to assume that we gave up on ourselves. Were we meant to be pretty? If not pretty then good at something that feeds our ego? Why is the world the way it is? We made it this way Because we liked it. Taking part in life long pursuit after all the world would be so boring without it. Too easy and calm seems to be a curse none can afford.

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  • dragon-swords-prophecies
    25.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Frost & Fire: Excerpt 1

    (I'm trying to make this like a weekly thing now, we'll see if I actually do it. I hope I do because I wanna start sharing my writing more)\

    Word Count: 654 TW/CW: Mentions of past death (I think that's it let me know if there's anything else that needs tagged?) Frost & Fire Taglist (Ask to be -/+): @gr3y-heron @writing-is-a-martial-art @golden-eyed-writer@magic-is-something-we-create


    "Oh, I know who you are, Helder-Kromlin. Daughter of the Baron of Halmire, Half-Celestial and Half-Elf. Raised by a Gnome. One twin sister and an older brother named Zibra, who died when you were 19.”

    “So we’re on equal footing then, Mesk. You’re the older one, right?”

    She hesitated. “What do you mean?”

    “So I was right, princess.”

    “Don’t ever call me that again,” She pinned Enna to the wall, dagger against her throat.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t. Just don’t call me Helder-Kromlin. If you must, call me one or the other.”

    “Deal.” Her eyes flashed, but she released Enna.

    Ross had walked up while this was happening, and he looked nervous, like he was debating the merits of leaving now to avoid the two rogues.

    “Hey, Ross.” Signed Enna, speaking as she did it. Ross was almost completely deaf, and Enna was the best at signing, though Dash wasn’t bad. He just had a tendency to mess up and accidentally cast spells while doing it.

    Ross signed back, “Morning. Why are you killing each other barely 5 minutes into the mission?”

    “Because she’s a bastard and an asshole.” Enna said, pointing at Mesk.

    “Because she’s an asshole.” Said Mesk, pointing at Enna.

    “Right.” He signed. “Ready to go?”

    “Yeah. Just waiting for Cerea.”

    “I’m here.” Said Cerea, walking up.

    “Alright. Come on.”

    They grabbed horses from the stables, Dash petting his on the nose nervously. The elf was not a fan of horses.

    Enna’s mare was dappled gray, and Eryn’s was pure black. Dash’s horse was chestnut brown, and Ross’ was a beautiful bay colored horse with a black mane. Cerea forwent a horse, instead shifting into an eagle and flying with them.

    They rode out of the city, and by the time the sun was a quarter of the way on it’s march through the sky they had left the capital long behind them, riding hard and fast for the border.

    If they could make it in five days it would be a miracle.

    The weather that day was clear, nary a cloud in sight. Thankfully there wasn’t any rain for the first three days, and on the third night Eryn and Enna were on watch together.

    “So, why’d you bring up my brother?”

    “Why did you bring up my father?”

    “Fair point. I’m sorry, by the way. I know how parentage can be a sore spot.”

    Eryn laughed mercilessly. “You have no idea.” She tossed her head of thick whote hair, exposing sharply pointed ears. “Half Twilight, see? I’m basically cursed.”

    “Fair enough. I would like to add that my mother died six hours after I was born and was killed by her twin brother, so-o.”

    “Fine. Maybe we’re even. But you don’t have anything on the assholes at court.”

    “Really? We have a former angel, twin thieves, a perpetually pissed off dwarf, and also three advisors who think I should be married off to secure a foregin alliance.”

    “Oh, that’s rough. We have three advisors trying to marry off Ivy, a grumpy Captain of the guard, and 12 counciliars, one of whom is incredibly racist and kinda hates me.”

    “Ah. That’s not fun.”

    “No, it isn’t. At least I’m not the one who’s being married off.”


    Two nights later there was a rainstorm, and they got delayed by a day. While waiting it out Dash came up to Enna and asked, without preamble, “Who was Zibra?”

    Enna shifted, hand going automatically to the daggers at her hip. The dagger Zibra had given to her, specifically. “He was my brother.”

    “Anne named Zebra after him.” It wasn’t a question.

    Enna nodded.

    “Where is he now? Bryn, or somewhere else?”

    “I don't know where he’s buried. Maybe in Halmire, maybe in the catacombs there, maybe in Bryn, maybe at Grandfather’s tower next to our mother.”

    “Why don’t you?”

    “Because I was framed for his death and had to go on the run before his body had even cooled.”


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  • emilyelizabethwrites
    25.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Empty fingers

    My right ring finger is always too swollen, nothing ever fits. My left ring finger is weak and slim. Everything slips away. Nothing ever stays. If that is not enough to prove to you the fate of my matters of the heart. I really don’t know what will.

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  • ghostly-prompts
    25.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Prompt #73

    Hero looked Villain up and down with a confused expression. Usually impeccably dressed, Villain had shown up to battle in fluffy pj pants and a paint-splattered t-shirt.

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  • esperosisdoeswriting
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Monster Part #2

    Back by nobody’s request we have a second part to my Snippet Monster! tbh while nobody really liked the snippet I absolutely love parent/child found family, monster/human sharing a head dynamic, and unfortunate mortals being helped by supernatural entities that break the rules. So at the end of the day this is pure self indulgence for me and I hope you all can enjoy it as much as I do. There will likely be a Part 3 aswell.

    I hope you all enjoy!

    Part 1

    Content Warning: Mentioned character death, mild panic attack

    Word Count: 3616

    Three days after the pair wandered back into town, [Protagonist] found himself on the steps of the Willaim's Home for Troubled Youth. He didn't remember walking back to town, only a police officer kneeling in front of them and asking if he was ok. The friendly officer brought him to the station and gave him food, and a warm blanket, two things [Protagonist] was grateful for.

    They asked him about what happened, and he told the truth, most of the truth. He didn't mention [Monster] was living in his head, still getting used to the creature's presence. The police investigated and asked more questions, especially when they found his mother's body and [Protagonist] told them almost everything. They didn't believe him about the monsters, but they did seem satisfied he wasn't some kind of crazed murder. Just regular crazy, they decided.

    With no living relatives, the focus switched from his mother's body and the strange clawed hand-prints painted in blood to what would happen to the child. None of the orphanages in the area wanted him; they said they couldn't deal with a child with his 'mental issues.' So off he was shipped, off two states away to an orphanage that doubled as an inpatient facility for children.

    [Protagonist] tightened their grip on their backpack’s straps as they trudged up the steps to the front door. [Protagonist] noticed there were flower beds along the steps, their blinding colors a stark contrast to the dirt-caked white steps and cracked stone. [Protagonist] hesitated at the heavy double doors, their eyes wandering to the security camera pointed directly at them.

    "It's ok [Protagonist]," the police officer gave him a tired smile, "They're going to take good care of you here."

    [Protagonist] nodded, not really believing them as they walked inside. The entrance hall was almost entirely empty without a single soul around besides [Protagonist], the police officer, and the receptionist. The whole place was a mix of subtle greys and browns, only a few plants drawing the eye to anything other than the receptionist. The only interesting thing in the room was the strange smell that felt like ice in his nostrils.

    "Cleaning chemicals." [Monster] supplied, his voice filling [Protagonist]'s mind. [Protagonist] subtly nodded as they shuffled to the front desk along with the police officer.

    "This place seems fun." [Monster] continued sarcastically as the receptionist smiled sugar-sweet at [Protagonist].

    "Oh hello there sweetie! What's your name?" the receptionist beamed at [Protagonist], their smile not reaching anywhere near their eyes.

    "[Protagonist]," they replied flatly, causing the reception's smile to falter.

    "This is the little boy we spoke to you about on the phone. He's very tired from the long car ride; do you think someone can take him to his room so he can rest?" the officer explained, the smile returning to the receptionist's face at full strength.

    "I understand," the receptionist said before turning back to [Protagonist], "Don't worry dear, I'll take you to your new room."

    "Thanks." [Protagonist] said as the receptionist stepped out from behind the desk and placed a warm hand on his shoulder. He suppressed a shudder as they pulled him along, glancing back at the officer who waved him goodbye as they walked further into the facility.

    The walls were grey and stained, and the air was full of footsteps and chatter as they walked. They watched as adults in plain blue clothes and children in soft white clothes milled around, some stopping to look at [Protagonist]. They held their gaze as they walked by, unable to shake the rising unease as the receptionist led them up two flights of stairs.

    "You're right to feel uneasy. This place isn't safe, especially for you." [Monster] said. [Protagonist] frowned in confusion, prompting [Monster] to continue. "A bunch of defenseless children locked in a building full of adults that wouldn't believe them in the slightest if they said they saw a monster. This place is a prime hunting ground for things like me."

    [Protagonist] tensed as they made their way down another hallway, numbered doors filling the walls.

    "Don't worry too much. I'll protect you."

    "Here's your room!" the receptionist smiled before unlocking a small plastic box on the wall, removing a key from it, and unlocking the door. The room was as bland as the rest of the building, if not more so. There was a plain wooden desk with a chair opposite the door, two windows with thick iron bars along the opposite wall, and wedged into the corner was an uncomfortable-looking bed. There was also a plain-looking wardrobe bolted into the wall. The walls were white, the floors were white laminate, everything was white except the brown desk.

    "This is a kid's room? I've seen livelier rooms in prison. God, this is depressing."

    "You just rest now. Someone will come to visit you in a while." the receptionist grinned their false smile as they closed the door behind [Protagonist], the soft click of the lock being the only sound in the empty room.

    "We're locked in." [Protagonist] frowned.


    [Protagonist] shuffled over to the bed and collapsed, cuddling into the pillow. He was right; the bed was uncomfortable. Yet their body felt so heavy the moment they laid down. Still, their mind wouldn't rest as they felt [Monster] slinking around in their head.

    "Do you have to be in my head?"

    "If you want to live? Yes."

    [Protagonist] frowned as they hugged the pillow to their face.


    "Because my kind can feel the cursed blood flowing through you, so as long as you're alive, they can find you. Unless I'm in your head. I can hide my and, by extension, your presence from them. So if you want to live, you're stuck with me I'm afraid kiddo." [Monster] explained.

    [Protagonist] buried his head in the pillow. It made sense, but that didn't mean he liked it.

    "I already promised not to look through your personal thoughts and memories, only looking into your feelings and sensations, so privacy isn't an issue. And I completely tune out when you're in the bathroom, so you don't have to worry about that. So why are you still so uncomfortable?" [Monster] asked, his voice soft and thoughtful, the opposite of his usual teasing.

    "You know everything about me, and you're in my head..." [Protagonist] whined into the pillow, his voice muffled, yet [Monster] heard him clearly.

    "Yes..." [Monster] replied, his voice trailing off as he waited for [Protagonist] to continue.

    "You're a giant scary thing in my head that knows everything about me, and I don't know anything about you."

    [Monster] hummed in understanding, and [Protagonist] thought he could feel a smile on [Monster]'s lips.

    "Then ask away."

    "Huh?" [Protagonist] lifted their head from the pillow.

    "If knowing more about me will make you more comfortable, then ask. I'll answer your questions. I need you to be comfortable with me, so ask me what you want to know."

    [Protagonist] let his gaze fall onto the barred window, the sunlight streaming into the room in soft rays. Even though he still knew nothing about the creature in his head, just the fact that [Monster] was willing to tell him about himself eased [Protagonist]'s mind. So much so it took [Protagonist] a while to actually think of anything specific to ask.

    "How old are you?" [Protagonist] finally settled on.

    "My age cannot be accurately determined by any human calendar. The closest that I can guess is somewhere around several million years."

    "Wow..." [Protagonist] breathed, "You're really old."

    "Rude." [Monster] laughed.

    "Why are you helping me? Don't all your friends want to kill me or something? And why do they wanna kill me so bad?" [Protagonist] asked, unable to stop himself from asking everything on his mind at once now that the dam had broken.

    "They aren't my friends, but yes, they do want to kill you. As for why they want to kill you, that's sort of complicated, but I'll try and simplify it." [Monster] said

    "Before humans existed, we monsters roamed the Earth. Then, humans evolved and grew, and there was a fight for dominance. Monsters were arrogant and weak from years of being at the top of the food chain, and eventually, they were defeated. However, some of us, such as myself specifically, were too strong to be killed. So they locked us away, deep in the earth, sealed away by seven locks that can only be broken by the willing sacrifice of an accursed human. That's you, by the way."

    "Humans guarded this seal for centuries, but eventually, they grew complacent, and eventually, they forgot about us entirely. Now the seals have weakened, and some of us have escaped. They searched for the accursed humans, breaking their spirits and sacrificing them to free the rest."

    "You said there were seven locks, and six people have already been sacrificed..." [Protagonist] swallowed hard. "Does that mean that..." his words petered off, dread choking his voice.

    "Yes. You are the only thing standing between humanity and the apocalypse."

    [Protagonist] shuddered as he curled in on himself, fear and dread washing over him in waves. The room suddenly felt so much smaller than before, the walls so much closer, the light so much dimmer. Everything seemed to spin as [Protagonist] felt his heart beating faster and faster in his chest to the point he feared it would burst.

    "I-" [Protagonist] screwed his eyes shut as tears soaked into his pillow- "I can't do this."

    "You can [Protagonist]."

    "No, I can't! I'm-" [Protagonist] cut himself off with a sob as he trembled.

    "You can, and do you know why?" [Monster] insisted as [Protagonist] violently shook his head, "Because you have to willingly sacrifice yourself, you understand? You have to do it willingly. And are you ever going to do that?"

    [Protagonist] shook his head.

    "Are you ever going to willingly give yourself over to the monsters that have tormented you your entire life?"

    "No..." [Protagonist] whimpered.

    "Then you're gonna be ok. Because all you need to do is hold onto your desire to live. I can handle the rest. I swear to you I'll protect you, ok?"

    "But I still don't even know why you're helping me!" [Protagonist] cried.

    "Right, I didn't get to that part, did I?" [Monster] hummed, "Here, I'll tell you why I'm doing this if you promise to calm down, alright?"

    [Protagonist] took a few shaking breaths as he wiped at his eyes, nodding slowly after a long moment.

    "That's a good boy [Protagonist]. Now, I told you that I'm several million years old, yes?" [Monster] began and [Protagonist] nodded. "Well, 99.9% of my life has been lived before humanity was even in its' infancy. Yet, the .1% of my life I've spent alongside humans has all the memories worth remembering in it. For the longest time, I've either been wandering around the wilderness aimlessly or locked away behind that seal. But ever since I broke out twenty-seven years ago, I've experienced so many new things because of you humans. You all make so much! Art, books, music, movies, theme parks, there is more to do in this world than any human could dream of doing in their whole life!" [Monster] explained.

    "It's so dumb and ironic that you humans in your finite lifespan have made eternity worth living. The least I could do to repay that is to save your asses from the idiots I'm forced to share a species with. I mean, really, they do nothing but eat and kill, they don't think about the future, hell they barely think at all! So I'm left having to 'betray them' or whatever in order to not go back to that hideous existence I've had to call life for the past several million years." [Monster] concluded.

    [Protagonist] mulled over his words for a moment, letting what [Monster] said wash over him as he processed.

    "So... you're bored?" [Protagonist] asked, causing [Monster] to howl with laughter in his head. [Protagonist] flinched at the sudden loud noise as [Monster] continued to laugh.

    "Wow! you really have a way with words, kid. Yes, ultimately, I'm doing this because I'm bored or was bored. But it sounds so much worse when you put it like that." [Monster] snickered as he stifled the last of his laughter.

    "I guess so," [Protagonist] smiled softly.

    "Was that all you wanted to know?" [Monster] asked.

    "Two more things," [Protagonist] admitted, listening to [Monster] hum in response, "You said you needed me to be comfortable with you. Why?"

    "Because if you're comfortable, I can possess you more efficiently and work towards being able to partially possess you."

    "Partially? Why would you wanna do that? And wouldn't that be easier than full possession?" [Protagonist] asked.

    "You would think so, but no." [Monster] replied. "Partial possession is harder because it requires your mind and my body to be able to balance myself between in and outside of you. And balancing between two extremes is a lot more difficult than falling to either side. As for why, that's quite simple. If a horrible monster is coming to hurt you, would you rather defend yourself with your weak baby hands-"

    "I'm not a baby, and I don't have baby hands!" [Protagonist] huffed.

    "You're basically a baby."

    "Am not!"

    "Are too! What are you? Like, five?"

    "I'm ten!"

    "Whatever. The point stands, would you rather defend yourself with your weak ten-year-old hands or with my giant awesome muscular clawed arm?"

    [Protagonist] remained quiet, refusing to answer.

    "Hmmmmmm???" [Monster] hummed in his mind, his smirk shining clearly through his voice.

    "Your arm." [Protagonist] finally admitted.

    "See, that's what I thought." [Monster] said and [Protagonist] could imagine his smirk, "Now, what was the other question?"

    "You said before you can make me see things."

    "I also said I won't do that to you, but yes, I could."

    "Well, could you make me see you?" [Protagonist] asked.

    "You mean like a hallucination of myself in the room with you?" [Monster] clarified.



    "Because it's weird talking to nobody." [Protagonist] admitted.

    "Is this better?" [Monster] asked, and this time [Protagonist] didn't have to imagine the smirk on his face because he could see it. Sat across from him at the desk was [Monster], or the human version of him.

    "I figured this would be easier since my true form is a bit... bigger."

    "Yeah, it is better." [Protagonist] smiled at the strange man as his exhaustion finally caught up with him.

    "Get some rest kiddo, I'll make sure you're safe. Just count on me."

    "Okay..." [Protagonist] mumbled as he succumbed to darkness.


    [Protagonist] woke up to a quiet knocking at the door. He wiped his bleary eyes as the door quietly opened, a woman in a long white coat stepping into the room.

    "I'm sorry for waking you [Protagonist], my name is [Doctor], and I wanted to welcome you to your new home."

    "Hi." [Protagonist] said as he sat up.

    [Doctor] smiled gently at him as she took the chair at his desk and turned it around to face him. [Protagonist] subtly looked around the room, their eyes landing on [Monster], who was leaning against the wall next to his dresser.

    "How are you feeling?" [Doctor] asked.

    "Tired." [Protagonist] said, his eyes flicking back to the woman.

    "Is that all?" she asked.

    "Yeah." [Protagonist] replied.

    [Doctor] noted something down in her book as she continued, "You've been through a lot these past few weeks. Is there anything you want to talk about?"


    "You said you saw monsters and that they've been following you and your mother since you were born." [Doctor] continued.


    "Are there any monsters here?"

    "No." [Protagonist] lied, forcing his eyes to remain on [Doctor] and not to flicker over to [Monster].

    "Do you feel safe here?"

    "Sure." [Protagonist] shrugged.

    "That's good. We want you to feel safe and comfortable here, so if you ever feel unsafe, let us know."

    "Unless it has something to do with a monster trying to kill you, then we'll just calm you down as it comes to kill you." [Monster] mused sarcastically.

    "Okay." [Protagonist] said.

    "We're going to have dinner soon. Are you feeling well enough to join the rest of the kids and me?" [Doctor] asked.

    "Yeah."[Protagonist] frowned.

    "Perfect, I'll come to get you in around fifteen minutes, ok?"

    [Protagonist] didn't really want to say 'yeah' 'okay' or 'sure' again, so he just decided to nod instead. [Doctor] smiled at him as she quietly exited the room.

    "Wow. You're an encyclopedia, aren't you? I think you said a total of five different words that whole interaction."

    "Shut up!" [Protagonist] huffed as he flopped down on the bed, "If she wanted interesting answers, she should have asked interesting questions!"

    [Monster] just laughed at him as he pouted, "Well whatever, I bet she's just glad you're not bouncing off the walls or trying to kill her or something."

    [Protagonist] rolled onto his side facing the bed.

    "I see how it is!" [Monster] smirked as he sat on the bed directly behind [Protagonist], "first, you ask to see me, and now you don't want to. You're so petulant, you know that?"

    "I don't know what that means." [Protagonist] grumbled.

    "It means you're a brat."

    "Yeah, well, you're a jerk-face."

    "Oh no! My poor feelings, how will I ever recover from being called a jerk-face." [Monster] lamented through a face-splitting smirk.

    "Actually, that's a question. Do you know how to cuss, kid?" [Monster] asked.

    "Cuss?" [Protagonist] asked, looking over his shoulder.

    "Yeah, like swear words, which do you know?"

    "I know suck, stupid, and jerk." [Protagonist] frowned as [Monster]'s eyes gleamed.

    "Oh-ho-ho kid, we've got fifteen minutes. I think it's about time to expand your vocabulary." [Monster] grinned down at [Protagonist].


    It was an educational fifteen minutes between when [Doctor] left and when she returned. [Protagonist] knew quite a few new words now and only knew what half of them meant as [Monster] would only say 'you're not old enough for that, just know it's bad' with a smirk on his lips.

    Now [Protagonist] found himself down in the cafeteria surrounded by children. Most of them seemed well behaved, but some were running around, screaming and covered in food as the adults in blue chased after them.

    [Protagonist] quietly ate his food alone, watching the other kids laugh and play. He caught the gazes of a few of the adults sometimes, watching him before darting their gaze away.

    "They're sizing you up." [Monster] said, "You're new, so they're trying to figure out how to handle you, not that we'll be staying here long."

    [Protagonist] hummed in confusion as he took another bite of his food.

    "We're gonna need to break out of here soon if we want to stay ahead of the monsters chasing us. They'll figure out what happened soon and come after us."

    [Protagonist] hid his mouth with a napkin, "I thought you said you can make them not be able to sense us."

    "Sense us, yes, but that doesn't mean they'll stop looking. They'll check local hospitals and orphanages first, then they'll break into the police station to find any information on you. Then, finally, they'll find your transfer papers over here, and they'll come to find you."

    [Protagonist] swallowed hard as he mumbled into his food, "So I basically just trapped myself here by talking about the monsters."

    "Not at all. You've actually bought us a lot of time. Two weeks I'd say, so we have a week to plan our escape since we'll want a head start. You did good kid, I can break us out. For now, just keep your head down."

    [Protagonist] gave a slight nod.

    "Hey!" someone shouted near [Protagonist], but he ignored it, letting it muddle with all the other sounds of the cafeteria.

    "Hey, you!" the voice called again, closer this time. [Protagonist] stopped and looked over at the voice, another kid smiling at him.

    "You're new, right?" the kid beamed, [Protagonist] nodded.

    "I'm [Kid]! What's your name?"


    "Nice to meet you [Protagonist]! How old are you?"


    "Oh wow! You're adorable for a ten-year-old. I'm fourteen." [Kid] beamed.

    "Thanks..." [Protagonist] flushed slightly, unused to the compliment.

    "I heard you can see the monsters too."


    "I heard the nurses talking about how you said you saw monsters. I can see them too!" the kid whispered conspiratorially.

    "You can?" [Protagonist] asked.

    "Yeah! There's one living in the building!"

    "Where?" [Protagonist] asked warily.

    "The vents! I can hear it at night scuttling around, so I always cover the vent in my room, so it won't find me. Everyone does, the last kid who didn't..." [Kid] trailed off.

    "What happened to them?" [Protagonist] asked.

    "The nurses said they got transferred, but everyone knows what really happened."

    "[Kid]..." a warning voice sounded from behind [Protagoinst], causing both children to spin around. A stern-looking nurse stared down at them with their arms crossed.

    "What did I tell you about scaring the other kids?"

    "It's true!" [Kid] insisted.

    The nurse huffed as they began to usher [Kid] away, "I'm sorry, just ignore all of that, ok?"

    [Protagonist] nodded as he watched [Kid] get dragged away by the nurse, who began scolding them as soon as their back was turned.

    "What do you think [Monster]?"

    "You know what I said earlier about this being a prime hunting ground?" [Monster] replied as he looked to the ceiling, "Well, I think we might need to keep our guard up and get out of here as soon as possible, kid."

    [Protagonist] nodded as they shoved another bite of food in their mouth, preparing themself for the battle to come.

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    Writing Prompt #463

    The woods rustled and creaked constantly, but that had never bothered the girl. She'd always been comforted by the sounds of life around her. It wasn't until the forest fell silent that an icy fear crept into her chest...

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    Concept: a young vampire inviting a friend over for a big do-up and a meal with the whole family and everyone scrambling to cover up their undead origins

    The family has really red wine that they don’t want you to drink since you have to drive home

    You mention your grandma used to cook the exact same style of pasta as them, only with garlic and everyone is immediately repulsed

    There’s a conspicuous lack of mirrors in the entire house

    The house seems much, much older than any other on the street

    More than once, you’ve seen a bat fly in and out of the attic, almost purposefully

    You hear someone call an older looking fella “great great great granddad”

    Your friend absolutely refusing to let you go into the kitchen, insisting it’s their duty as a host to help you out, when they really just don’t want you opening the wrong cabinet

    Your mention of the Halloween vampire teeth that someone had left in the bathroom (”someone likes Halloween!”) is met with nervous laughter and a brief mention of “great granny loving the holiday”

    The upstairs is strictly off limits, cordoned off to make sure you don’t see their complete lack of beds

    More than once, you see a baby sneeze and puff into a tiny, furry little creature, before abruptly changing back, but their parents just insist it’s an old family trick

    If someone accidentally smiles too wide, they immediately rush to cover their mouth and when you assure them of their wonderful smile, they chuckle shyly and back away

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    I’m currently an engineering student (so yeah, could definitely use some help getting through college), but making it as a writer is my actual end goal. Ko-fi support goes a long, long, long way to helping this dream become a reality, and any support at all you could give me would be beyond brilliant!

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